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Dollar General: Windshield de-icer, marked .40, but rang up .05 each! #dgpennydeals #pennydeals #pennyitem #pennyitems
dgpennydeals - pennydeals - pennyitem - pennyitems -
12345kidsintx : Thank you @itz_lotto and @nomileigh05 for the heads up on these!
dawnie4ever24 : DAYMN πŸ‘Š
12345kidsintx : Yes, I need these bc we get so much ice here in south Texas @dawnie4ever24 😁😁😁 bahaha!!
nomileigh05 : Hahaha omgawddddd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you got some too! @12345kidsintx that's too funny!
12345kidsintx : I seriously can't pass up a good deal! @nomileigh05 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
alkajohn - naturalcouponer45 - couponsare_worthmoney - annietj -
Dollar General: Pocket tape measures. A penny!! #dgpennydeals #pennyitem #pennyitems #pennydeals
dgpennydeals - pennyitems - pennyitem - pennydeals -
anniern78 : Where are these located in the store or were they in clearance? Tia
12345kidsintx : They were in the automotive aisle hanging in a little clear plastic container off of the end of a shelf
12345kidsintx : @anniern78 πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
couponingwithlaura - qponme - alkajohn - laura0129 -
Dollar General: Penny item!! It says it's rock salt so I'm gonna try it in my ice cream maker! #dgpennydeals #pennyitem #pennydeals
dgpennydeals - pennydeals - pennyitem -
ucancallmemzwhite : @msboss0926
prefl : @millyluz2000
nomileigh05 : They had a bunch of that in the back for 0.40 cents but I bet it was a penny also.
12345kidsintx : I bet it was @nomileigh05
jazzy_camille_qpon - marinegrlsu - michelleladino - yuli_reyes_ -
A penny each at dollar general. Look for them by the checkout if you stop in. #pennydeals #pennyitems
pennyitems - pennydeals -
kris_koupons : They wouldn't sell me the Krave cigarettes they wre .02
clearancewhore : @kris_koupons apparently they were recalled by dg. So I know they were not supposed to sell these. (At least that's what I heard)
kris_koupons : Oh ok well if they were recalled then I could understand that
stvgeh32 - couponer_706 - iheartqs505 - ul_coupons -
15 cents for all this ! #pennyshopping #pennyitems #pennydeals #dollargeneral #dollargeneralpennyitems #savingmoney #greystar
pennydeals - greystar - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoney - dollargeneralpennyitems - dollargeneral -
flawless95 - amylynneeeeeeee_ - nascar272 - morgandevlin22 -
19 bbq tools. 8 sew kits. 2 glitter nail file. 19 mini tape measure. s13 flowers. 4 pop out castle. glow stick star. 3 s13 yellow dot purse. 4 personal grooming set. 2 three pack document frame. Disney princess stool. Multi tool wallet set. Jumbo caterpillar. 2 Christmas throw. 2 hunting rifle blue star f11. Wild western gun set. 71 items #pennyshopping #pennydeal #bluestar #pennyitems #pennydeals
pennyitems - pennydeal - bluestar - pennydeals - pennyshopping -
zander_momma : @biqheart_curves
biqheart_curves : Luckkyyyy You got goood shit !
zander_momma : I have so many bbq things it is insane. But i will not pass it up. What i am really looking for are the flip flop plates. I am having my 30th bday party on the 3rd and I am hoping to find some. I have not found any yet.
biqheart_curves : Me either. Those are old though ? From last summer.
biqheart_curves - broganmarieswenson - zaymarlem5m - _lile2011 -
Paid 91 cents total for all this ! β™‘ #pennyshopping #dollargeneralpennyitems #pennyitems #pennydeals #dollargeneral #greystar #bluedot #greydot #tapemeasures #savingmoney
pennydeals - greydot - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoney - dollargeneral - greystar - bluedot - dollargeneralpennyitems - tapemeasures -
zander_momma : Whats the info on the cell phone wallets?
biqheart_curves : Ocala fl. Grey star. @zander_momma
donsspe : wow. You find really good stuffs. What sign on handbag purses and on cloths?
biqheart_curves : Grey star mostly. Blye dot & grey dot. @donsspe
donsspe : Thanks.
donsspe : Are these gray star purses of last year series or this year like S13/F13 or S14/F14?
biqheart_curves : Anything before 14. @donsspe
donsspe : ok. Thanks.
aaron_theartist95 - knottybabywear - vero_vc1208 - niques_that_girl -
Dolls and knife set were a penny and the e-cigs are .02 at DG #pennyitems #pennydeals
pennyitems - pennydeals -
something4nothin : The dolls =)
jen2swt : Dolls were blue star @something4nothin
something4nothin : Oh idk what that is. We just got a DG here and I've only been there once
jen2swt : Its a color symbol on the price stickers @something4nothin
something4nothin : Awe ok. Thank you!
kris_koupons : Hey Hun were the e cigs behind the counter
jen2swt : @kris_koupons no in the CIG case on bottom shelf
kris_koupons : Thanks!!!
reagan1213 - kris_koupons - mistydavis15 - cnycouponingmom -
Paid $1.06 for 53 #Ecigarettes ! .02 cents each ! #pennyshopping #dollargeneral #pennyitems #dollargeneralpennyitems #pennydeals #savingmoney #smoke #ecigs #krave #tobacco
pennydeals - ecigs - tobacco - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoney - ecigarettes - dollargeneral - smoke - dollargeneralpennyitems - krave -
bricken13 : Damnnn
biqheart_curves : We got 73 total. I got 20 more after I took this pic. @bricken13
pinkteacups : Guh all the Dollar Generals around here have already pulled them.
biqheart_curves : Damn. I had got all these at 2 diff stores. & 20 more not in this picture from another store. @pinkteacups
jonchams0714 : Can I buy some .25 a pack and pay for shipping.
jonchams0714 : @biqheart_curves
dianaf0710 : Wow that's not bad
lacyyvonne - bricken13 - kimberlyy722 - get_slim_shy -
Paid $1.61 for all this ! The #candle #waterfall was 90 cents. The #knife sets were 30 cents each & everything else was a penny. #pennyshopping #pennyitems #pennydeals #dollargeneralpennyitems #dollargeneral #hawianpunch #savingmoneyismyaddiction
pennydeals - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoneyismyaddiction - dollargeneralpennyitems - dollargeneral - waterfall - hawianpunch - candle - knife -
lilly213 : Where at
aaron_theartist95 - emmeline_oliver - maggie_maae - _cmb2205_ -
Penny at home depot got 2 #pennyitems #pennydeals
pennyitems - pennydeals -
lobsterunicornscoupons : Wow!!!
qponmummy : @jen2swt glitch?
jen2swt : glitch just clearance and discontinued from their system @qponmummy
qponmummy : Dayem! Good one sis!! @jen2swt
crystalrichie1 : They didn't give you a hard time? The people at Macys won't sell penny items
crystalrichie1 : especially the diamond rings
crystalrichie1 : and how did you know
klairheathman : @pamelacullum
buffalocouponer - tripletsmomplus2 - missmikaj - mrz_finau -
#pennyfind#pennyfinds#pennydeals#pennyshopping#micheals#pennyhaul πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒhappy dayπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ˜‹
pennydeals - micheals - pennyfinds - pennyhaul - pennyfind - pennyshopping -
nessaqpons916 : @mdcoupons
jen2swt - alondra_art7 - mggghk - saschmier -
255 penny items!!!! Not even attempting to get the glitter ones out of the bags such a mess!!! #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennyshopping
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennyshopping -
buffalocouponer : @n0ryg wow!!!! So amazing!!!
nessaqpons916 : @mdcoupons
chellokitty : Awesome! I suck at penny hauls. Lol
buffalocouponer : @chellokitty im still learning!!! I also have quite a few stores near me!
chellokitty : These are awesome patterns too. Ive tried imitating penny hauls i see on ig but when i go it doesnt ring up a penny or is pulled from the shelf. :(
buffalocouponer : @chellokitty yea 3 stores near me have price checkers which helps me with the stores that dont but I definitely missed probably 100 more because I couldn't double check. A few stores already pulled them but it doesnt hurt to check. Keep trying though its all in good fun- the luck and hunt!
chellokitty : @buffalocouponer lucky! None of my stores have a price checker. That would help so much!
clipshopsave : So glad I found you/you found me...I need a good penny person to follow!!!
tigerbaby1027 - couponsandmakeup - felikittle - couponjamie -
Calenders & Valentine's cards one penny at dg! #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponing101 #pennydeals #pennystuff #pennyitems
pennydeals - couponing101 - extremecouponers - pennystuff - pennyitems - extremecouponing -
coleen69 - tx_pwoww - felikittle - lindseyhall0517 -
Penny items at dg! #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponing101 #pennyitems #pennydeals #pennystuff
pennydeals - couponing101 - extremecouponers - pennystuff - pennyitems - extremecouponing -
smscoupons13 : @omgeeitsher I miss penny shopping πŸ˜₯
smscoupons13 : @hotmamahannah πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
hotmamahannah : Thanks girl ;) @smscoupons13
i_qpon10 : How do u know which are penny items??
hotmamahannah : @i_qpon10 I keep a check on like 5 dgs weekly and some stuff u can tell thats been there a while ends up being a penny. I always get them to scan all kind of stuff and I keep a check on ig allot
i_qpon10 - tx_pwoww - beckicoupons - kokonutfitness -
Still finding toys with the blue star be on the look out there a penny!! #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponing101 #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennystuff
pennydeals - pennyitem - extremecouponers - pennystuff - extremecouponing - couponing101 -
buffalocouponer - kherbacious_ness - tx_pwoww - lindseyhall0517 -
Look for these cute one penny gift sets at dollar general! #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponing101 #coupon #couponers #pennydeals #pennystuff #pennyitems
pennydeals - pennystuff - couponers - coupon - pennyitems - couponing101 - extremecouponers - extremecouponing -
poshonabudget - kherbacious_ness - tx_pwoww - alondra_art7 -
First Michaels Penny haul!! #ilovepennyitems #pennydeals
pennydeals - ilovepennyitems -
kileydmercer - ocsisters5150 - _a_con_ - sweetie_toki1 -
Penny items video with hillarys help! ;) #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponing101 #pennys #pennyitems #pennyfinds #pennydeals
pennydeals - couponing101 - pennyfinds - extremecouponers - pennyitems - extremecouponing - pennys -
jen2swt - reagan1213 - chelbyjean85 - marytx_2013 -
This is the longest penny item list I have every had from one store lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #pennydeals #pennyfinds #pennystuff #couponing101
pennydeals - couponing101 - pennyfinds - pennystuff - extremecouponers - extremecouponing -
mellyxiii10 : @tinachanggg
cmarie2003 - oxolindaoxo - tstevenson_ - theshoalsapp -
Michaels penny scrapbook paper all a penny. Got 85...Wooten #pennydeals #pennyitems
pennyitems - pennydeals -
magallanescarla : Great find I have only found 6 penny items lol and each time it's a rush
jen2swt : @magallanescarla clearance and on spinning rack
tiffanaaayyy : @b_m_mo
sarahayling95 : @jen2swt how do you first figure out what is a penny item?
jen2swt : @sarahayling95 just go by what other people are getting. Someone tries something and spreads the word.
_cmb2205_ : @lo_jams
_cmb2205_ : Good find!
couponamebizall : @jadiral @nickismixx @lneqqqqs @gazalissa penny items
clackore - happycraftyme - lindseyhall0517 - jelliott002 -
All penny items total 57 cents!!! :) #extremecouponers #extremecouponing #couponers #couponing101 #pennyitems #pennydeals #pennyitem #pennystuff #pennyfinds
pennydeals - pennyfinds - pennystuff - couponers - pennyitems - pennyitem - couponing101 - extremecouponers - extremecouponing -
amharris1990 : @hotmamahannah I had a wee tad of a hangover that day you came to town. I got out of bed around 6 pm. Lol. How do you figure out if something is a penny? You just have the cashier scan it?
hotmamahannah : @amharris1990 haha thats ok. Yes thats what I do :)
garciialucy : Which one did u go to?
hotmamahannah : In Trussville Alabama
tx_pwoww - amharris1990 - theshoalsapp - smscoupons13 -
Lol...I have to post this. Someone just asked this on a fb group..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜±
pennyitems - pennydeals -
jen2swt : #pennyitems #pennydeals
magallanescarla : Jajajajaja
thrifty_kiki : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚which fb group @he n2swt?
tripletsmomplus2 - queenalyssia - liz_robertson11 -
Block this snitch twit #pennydeals #pennyitems
pennyitems - pennydeals -
jdizzlenunyabizzle : Want do they take it so personally? Lol
perfectstorm77 : @jdizzlenunyabizzle I dont know at all do they think that these corporations really care about a darn penny???
adventurewith_k : Lol she needs a life πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ
jen2swt - jdizzlenunyabizzle - adventurewith_k - cupseycakesy -
Block this hating twit #pennyitems #pennydeals snitches get stitches
pennyitems - pennydeals -
_cmb2205_ : Done. Geeze
adventurewith_k : πŸ‘Œ
n0ryg - adventurewith_k -
The thrill is real #pennydeals #pennyfinds ⚠️⚠️ This is not a run deal for #newbies ⚠️⚠️This is discontinued merchandise at DG that was mistakenly not removed from shelves...aka a scavenger hunt for Miss Coupons!! Haha no #coupons #couponcommunity #flcouponers #flcouponing Pictures coming soon!! Follow Me & Happy Hunting!!
pennydeals - newbies - flcouponers - pennyfinds - couponcommunity - coupons - flcouponing -
lovingmeandmines06 : How do you know what to look for? Is there a group to join? Great deals. I would love how to shop like this! Please help @couponlikeme
couponlikeme : @lovingmeandmines06 It's really exciting I know, but the anxiety kicks in when you get to the register! There are no price check machines and some cashiers are not friendly! It really depends on the store. The cashier in the last store had to call the manager to ask permission to sell it to me. He was cool though and said yes. There has been conflicting information as to what their actual policy is and whether or not they can sell it all to you or if you can only get 1 item. Needless to say, trying it is not for the weak! LoL I will DM you the group that I follow. They get all the credit!!
mirdlc79 : Can you send me the group too please? @couponlikeme
couponlikeme : Sent @mirdlc79 πŸ˜ƒ
nichellelynaa : I'd like to know that group too please @couponlikeme ! :-) us teachers need to save as much as we can! Lol
couponlikeme : Sent @nichellelynaa
thrifty_kiki : @couponlikeme great haul! Can you dm group info also? Thank you!
couponlikeme : Sent @thrifty_mamak
lovingmeandmines06 - cindyy_cruzz - pewpew_clipclip - sherriberta -
Your looking at 331 #pennyitems I just got in 1 single store. I hit the #motherload #DOLLARGENERAL #dollargeneralpennyitems #pennydeals #pennyshopping #omg #imaddicted #savingmoney #whatsretail
pennydeals - omg - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoney - motherload - dollargeneral - dollargeneralpennyitems - imaddicted - whatsretail -
zander_momma : You wouldn't happen to know what the deal was with the 5 off 25 to be used with?
biqheart_curves : 5 off 25 ? @zander_momma
zander_momma : Yes i remember seeing a scenario using the 5 off 25. I cant find it now and wondered if you knew
biqheart_curves : With penny items ? @zander_momma
zander_momma : No just normal sales stacked with coupons. I penny shop as well.
zander_momma : Do you know if any new penny item dropped yesterday
biqheart_curves : They said winter clothes. But not in fl. I checked. @zander_momma
zander_momma : Yeah that is what i heard but i have only seen one person get it and that was in MO
thequeenchaching - felikittle - nectali619 - sweetie_toki1 -
#pennyitems #pennydeals all at DG..woot
pennyitems - pennydeals -
magallanescarla : & you just take the stuff and hope its a penny @jen2swt
jen2swt : @magallanescarla yea and if its not tell them you don't want it
magallanescarla : @eubankerica basket stuffers
kerryandpat81 : What r some of the fb groups for penny stuff
crystalrichie1 : can you name a couple of the items
ksaurrr : Hi :) are you apart of the michaels penny shopping and more FB group? This pic looks familiar :) lol. If so, I have a question!
jen2swt : @kathasaurrr I
ksaurrr : Nice! Lol. I'm so mad at myself. While posting a picture on the timeline I think I accidentally left the group and now I can't get back into it because they recently changed it to a secret group :/
thabrooms - lobsterunicornscoupons - _cmb2205_ - newbiecouponermanduh -
Your looking at 107 #pennyitems ! Paid $1.07 total. This stuff retails $1 each normally. #pennyshopping #dollargeneral #dollargeneralpennyitems #pennydeals #angrybirds #bazooka #ringpop #savingmoney #whatsretail ?
pennydeals - angrybirds - ringpop - pennyshopping - pennyitems - savingmoney - whatsretail - dollargeneral - bazooka - dollargeneralpennyitems -
reagan1213 - shop4free - caitycroft - sgpytel -
Penny deals at DG today! All christmas gift sets a penny starting today! Go get en!!#instacollage #couponcommunity #extremecouponers #pennydeals
instacollage - pennydeals - couponcommunity - extremecouponers -
ljdub13 : @awellington224 @ablair6510
jad3d69 : How do I know what's a penny?
tsmalls86 : @jad3d69 just look for the gift sets from christmas- red displays with snowflakes- they will most likely say gift sets on the display somewhere- kind of a guessing game really:) good luck!
njcubana - nycbossladi - lilmansmoma - haitianmamma509 -
I am in LOVE with Penny Shopping!! #pennyhaul #pennydeals
pennydeals - pennyhaul -
donsspe : are all those girl's gift sets are also penny?
cmarie2003 : No, 90% off.
donsspe : ok thanks
lil_couponergurl : Where at @cmarie2003
xococo : Hi I'm new to couponing and just wondering how do you know that these things are a dollar before going to the register??
cmarie2003 : @xococo I follow a couple groups on FB and they help me
buffalocouponer - jcouponer7 - kileydmercer - gabypoore -
I scored 39 bottles for .01 at DG. #pennyitems #pennydeals
pennyitems - pennydeals -
babysuch1990 : I was told my dg doesn't sell the penny items, they throw them out! :(
jen2swt : @babysuch1990 if you find them they have to sell them you. Its policy
adventurewith_k : Finally found a ig buddy #pennyitems
couponjordan : @jj9814 @toyajoi
jen2swt : Sounds good @growingupwith_k
macyknowsit : Thanks to these sites we can go and check back on what we missed :-) just love it when penny shoppers come up and ask us to ring items up and its not one that is discontinued then complain how it was a penny at the store down the road but 1.50 here… People these days are just stupid … We are not owned by the same managers and every district is different no matter what corporate says : P and besides when the little so-called smart money shoppers show up and get the wrong items… we know which ones to look for and which ones are actually discontinued so that we can go and pull them :) and I think it’s working too :-)
jen2swt : @macyknowsit you do that :) we will still continue to find items employees don't pull. Good luck with that.
perfectstorm77 : @macyknowsit clearly you work at dollar General. .and nothing else needs to be said. Its a penny well I guess when you make $7hr every penny count .. blah (but did you die though????) This twit @jen2swt
steph_qpons - buffalocouponer - tigerbaby1027 - jdizzlenunyabizzle -
While on vacation passed a michaels and had to stop in!! #pennyfinds #pennystuff #pennyitem #pennydeals #pennyitems
pennyitems - pennydeals - pennyitem - pennyfinds - pennystuff -
chicoupongirl : Haha Anywhere I go I ALWAYS stop by a nearby Michael's. It's an addiction!
jdizzlenunyabizzle : I don't understand how you can tell what is a penny?
buffalocouponer : @jdizzlenunyabizzle I just go by pictures or names from what other people post!! If your store has a price check that's super awesome so you can check to make sure or try other items.
buffalocouponer : @chicoupongirl it really is!!!!
veemariesoontobee : @fourxblessed
jdizzlenunyabizzle : Thanks @buffalocouponer !!
gmkguzman - chicoupongirl - qpon_bee - momderiesal -
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