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We may need more than a single cup this morning.
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avictoriousfeast : @lyndseymueller 😳😍😳😍😳
marcia_m_amaral : @peetscoffee Please, go to FL also!!! ✨🙏✨
lyndseymueller : @avictoriousfeast GIRL. This has to happen. 😍
avictoriousfeast : @lyndseymueller I mean. We need to dedicate a whole day to this kind of magic.
justincrowell : I bought some of this. It's the best kCup hands down. I think it's too expensive though @peetscoffee
auntie_gella : I want!!!
valval27 : We have a @peetscoffee at my school, but they don't carry almond milk 😔 #missingyouralmondmilklattes #canthavedairy
2maamr : Did you see my pic 👀
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#peetssinglecups #peetscoffee
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lccotter : My fav
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Introducing our new medium roast #PeetsSingleCups—Brazil Minas Naturais: smooth, full-bodied and sun-dried sweet with natural notes of hazelnut.
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sarahisawriter : ☕💛
fabulousfruean : THANK U!!!
thiagoblopes : Being Brazilian, I'm sure I'll try it!
rodolfito14 : To bad is only available has a single cup .
myra_alcoran : @peetscoffee I'll have to check it out! Thanks :)
kevinkelleherphotography : @peetscoffee Just saw the collage y'all just had made. Which location in SF will it hang...the new store on Cole?
sam_ayyyyy : @z_a_r_o long story short I had the office manager order me the kcups and now the whole office is addicted and they have to Order pounds each week and it's expensive as balls so they are kind of mad at me lol
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it's a good mornin... #coffee #caffeine #wakeup #sunshine #peets #keurig #dayoff
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lanisky143 : Haha I just had coffee from my Keurig too!
sharifaleephotography : This reminds me, I need to buy more cups for my Keurig. I'm running out. 😓 lol
earldeanphotography : #peetssinglecups
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Just got a Single Serve coffee brewer? If only you could smell this video.
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peetscoffee : #PeetsSingleCups #coffee #singleserve
dcjohnson96007 : I love my Major Dickason blend in my Keurig!
cellycelestina : @toddfuture_ You have those Keurig things right? I can hook you up.
jay_rupe : @icefaery2030
beautifulblues77 : I am not a fan of single cups in those mesh filled non recyclable plastic items!
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Mornings with the Major. #PeetsSingleCups
peetssinglecups -
seanlowery : @brownshooz the Major and the Commander!
gabedahl : Parents just got me a k-cup thing and these cups! Was skeptical, but it's really good!
karinagrace : I ❤the major!
brownshooz : @seanlowery nice!!
ed_gala_ : @peetscoffee do you recommend #PeetsSingleCups or should I just stick to my French press?
peetscoffee : @edgala Depends on your situation. If you have time for the Press Pot, use it and enjoy. If you need coffee now, the Single Cups still deliver great flavor but quickly and conveniently.
glockvegas : This is my new Day Off coffee! Sooooo Good!! Thanks for being around!
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Mornin'. Trying to get myself organized today with my new @maaypaperfreak planner. Also thinking I might actually blog today. It's been like two months. Think they missed me???
peetssinglecups -
aubreyplays : I love planners!
fairlyfabulous1 : Think I may blog today, too :) it's time. Love @maaypaperfreak planners. If I was more organized about actually writing things down I'd snag one!
sewchatty : @sahmaegan and a Sharpie pen. It's a very good morning.
sewchatty : @fairlyfabulous1 I write things first, then they go in the phone. Using this planner mostly for blogging though.
sewchatty : #peetssinglecups
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Happy Saturday 💛 @peetscoffee at home is not a bad way to start the day.
peetssinglecups -
severyeverafter : I didn't know they make Peets kcups!
amycornwell : Dying over that beautiful!
sewchatty : @amycornwell Anthro!!!
sewchatty : @severyeverafter they're new!! They sent them to me to try so I'm not sure if they're in stores yet!
keeshgord : I had #peetscoffee in Dallas!
sewchatty : #peetssinglecups
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New blog post up this morning
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adri4j : Holy heck cutie patootie
tiameghan : #blog #blogger #blogging #morning #coffee #caffeine #kcups #peetssinglecups #negativespace #sunflower #portrait #losangeles #california #santamonica @peetscoffee
meenerzlee : Love this photo
tiameghan : Thanks @aja92 @meenerzlee
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We're bringing new #PeetsSingleCups to grocery and club stores across the country! What stores and cities should we go to next? Ready...Vote!
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nerol_someones : ATL... for a marauded boy from Berkeley!!!
jegill21 : INDIANAPOLIS...obviously :)
ceres47 : Louisville!!!
courtney_tarnow : @stephenieannetarnow #bestnewsever
krystlelizabeth : Rochester NY!!
patrolfes : Brew them in Cafejo's My French Press for the best results! #cafejo @cafejocoffee
rocker_chica : @peetscoffee=Costco ''D
kim_in_wanderlust : @peetscoffee can you make them for the keurig vue also? Please please please 🙏
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Do you give a cup? @PeetsCoffee now has single serve cups!! To celebrate they're running the #GiveACup social sampling experiment AND giving away a Cuisinart Single-Cup Brewer #ontheblog! Head over today! #ad #linkinprofile #PeetsSingleCups
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redbirdblue : Love Peet's!
mydisorganizedlife : Have never had Peet's but can't wait to try!
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We don't have enough coffee places in Sonoma so Peets showed up....have not tried yet, what do you think? Do tell #coffee#drink#peetssinglecups
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mommyrunfast : I like Peets!
ladyredsox : The BEST coffee everrrrrrrrr
nglass3 - seattlevj - mommyrunfast - nfsisters -
Come see us today for FREE #PeetsSingleCups before the @SFGiants game outside of AT&T Park in Willie Mays Plaza.
peetssinglecups -
rayyvann : I didn't know you guys made these!
hannahnicolejackson : WOHOOOO!!!
dbldbl : Will you be going to other venues?
patrolfes : Cafejo's My French Press brews Peet's kcups the best! Get on on Amazon only $29!
bmarasigan : Ramadan
supermandan : @peetscoffee i was there!! By far the best giveaways I've gotten outside any sporting event!
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Any day is made better when this shows up on your doorstep. For a limited time, save 15% and get free shipping on the #PeetsSingleCups 5 Box Sampler! Use promo code 13FS40MW at
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medinak7 : Can these be used on a Keurig?
iadrana : Yes! @medinak7
alpal_mcnugget : woah
peetscoffee : @medinak7 Peet's Single Cups are compatible with Keurig® K-Cup® machines and Keurig® K-Cup® compatible machines. Hope this helps! Cheers!
sleeper692 :
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Double tap this photo if you're in need of a strong French Roast Single Cup (or maybe two) this Monday morning.
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rainee_lynn : Yes. #lovepeets
trexosaurus : I love and was raised with Peet's, but you guys need more shops in the South Bay.
therosethatgrewfromconcrete510 : I start my day w/ Peets. I love te garuda blend. Mmm☕
therosethatgrewfromconcrete510 : *the
ladyredsox : That's beautiful
jsayoob : That's my daily morning blend!
laurpaiken : I really wish you guys would come to fresno!
fa_schifo_cancro : Can I double tap 1,000 times??? YUM!!! @peetscoffee
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On my 2nd one for the morning already: #PeetsSingleCups. Free samples today! They're #SpotOn, love'em! @Peets_Tweets. #Bakelife #SweetLife #SecondJob #Kcups @Keurig #Coffee #Addict #Caffiend
coffee - caffiend - secondjob - kcups - spoton - sweetlife - peetssinglecups - addict - bakelife -
thedodgerhater : Peet's KCups!
peetscoffee : Great picture,@mela9ie! We would love to connect with you. Can you email us at Thanks! -AW
lizuh108 - jnettiie - marbella101721 - kerrrstine -
Tomorrow, 5/4, is FREE Single Cup day at your local Peet's! Stop by and pick up a sample to brew at home! #PeetsSingleCups
peetssinglecups -
kpedz123 : Dear peets coffee. You messed up my order AGAIN today. This is the 3rd time at one location: Walnut Creek Peet's. What are you going to do?
valtejeda_writer : Dear Peets Coffee. You guys make the best coffee! I go to your store everyday and my order is always perfect! Thank you so much for making such a great product and providing excellent customer service. I can't get through the day with out my Peets!! ❤
dhgutz - randallp123 - meganono - kyouhouse -
Stop by your local Peet's this Saturday, 5/4, and receive a free Single Cup sample to brew at home! #PeetsSingleCups
peetssinglecups -
lindsey_sun : @carysun
jennstaller : Woo hoo!!
eyezapp : We serve @peetscoffee at our ZBistro @ zappos :)
mikefasano : @fredbydeath
j0eangel : I have to pick some up
fa_schifo_cancro : This is the best!!! @peetscoffee
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We’re proud to introduce Peet’s Single Cups – it’s the same Peet’s you love, roasted by the same roasters, and treated with the same craft and care as the rest of our coffees. Now available at your local Peet’s and at, coming soon to grocery. #PeetsSingleCups
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richardbcarter : Sometimes I have to K-cup it at work. Will keep a stash of these.
smarckx : Dang it. I got all excited because I thought that was pudding.
beautifulfreak20 : @goldenstatemusic look!!!
denheen : @jamie_meow @kelly_heenan
ldlphoto : @awrightwin new! 💛💙💜💚
awrightwin : Yummo! @ldlphoto ☕
mykjenn : Got mine!!! ☕
patrolfes : Brew your Peet's single Cups with Cafejo's My French Press! Fantastic was to brew. @peetscoffee
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