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So organic they had to use #papyrus. #typesnob#papyrusmustdie
typesnob - papyrus - papyrusmustdie -
thsdmnkds : So cliche
gennimae : #Barf
splashg : Lmao. Miss you and your jokes!!
cambrksv : Bahhha!
louiselao : Haha I tofal
louiselao : *totally noticed this today too and mentally shook my head
chartar : Lmao. Hate that typeface!!
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#papyrusmustdie @tayfife
papyrusmustdie -
tayfife - itsgrissyboop -
Last night my GPS, iPod dock and portable DVD player were stolen from my car. However, I think we can all agree that the real crime here is Papyrus font on this police website.
papyrusmustdie -
killerotter : @iteach It's just stuff. I was upset at first, but I'm not going to dwell on it. Glad I made you laugh. 
mandyatlarge : Ahh.. Completely unstyled links drive me nuts! I hate that blue color!
simply_brooke : @killerotter you definitely did. therefore, that makes you good in my book :p
katjetson : Ha! Comic Sans would have been especially... laughable.
donnagem : Bwahaha sorry to laugh but you're so right about papyrus. I love that font but there's a time and a place :)
dustinart : Lmao, worst font ever.
steadythere : gross.
prettydreamy : :( i'm sorry matt.
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