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Banana with a smear of homemade nut butter (almonds, pili nuts and a pinch of cinnamon and salt). Marries peeeeerfectly with a bottle of PS Nut Mylk made from sprouted almonds and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla bean! πŸ’• #nutbutter #almonds #pilinuts #nutmylk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #vegan #vegansofig #vegetarian #cleaneating #eatclean #healthy #banana #fruit #breakfast #hongkong #hkig
dairyfree - vegan - fruit - cleaneating - breakfast - nutmylk - nutbutter - vegansofig - healthy - hongkong - vegetarian - refinedsugarfree - hkig - almonds - eatclean - pilinuts - banana -
maus_from_mars : 😍
katyamdm : Ohhh that but butter drop! πŸ˜‹
pureswell : πŸ™‹ @maus_from_mars
pureswell : ✌️ @katyamdm
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Breakfasty oats smoothie 🌰 all the listed ingredients blended in the Vitamix. 1 whole litre of oaty goodness mmm πŸ‘… oats are so good for lowering cholesterol. The cashew nut butter and oats provide a great amount of protein, the building blocks of life (not just muscle. Think skin, hair, nails, cells, neurotransmitters) protein is the most satiating macronutrient meaning that out of complex carbs and fat it is the most satisfying so it keeps us full and stabilises sugar levels that help keep our energy consistent throughout the day 🌟
nourish - love - almond - healthy - vegan - oaty - goodness - mylkshake - breakfast - nutmylk - protein - healthspo - oats - smoothie - vegetarian - mylk - loveyourbody - nutty - health - eatclean - fitness - milkshake - almondmilk - feelgood - banana -
frucktor : Change the color of the text on picture hard to read
cattrin2 : But isn't this so so filling? Are you supposed to have in one go?x
atablefor1 : @cattrin2 I usually drink it within a 30 minute window, it keeps me full enough until lunchtime but not too filling so that I can't finish it. I like to hydrate in the morning that's why I go for 1L (hydration is essential for proper cell function) give it a go, if you find it too much save the rest for later, it might take time getting used to or maybe your body won't need that much but try it out :-) xx
atablefor1 : Cheers @frucktor noted for next time!
yfaghani : @atablefor1 looks delicious!
atablefor1 : Thank you 😁❀️ @yfaghani
eatingfortheweekend : so nice to see a fellow UK girl eating realll food and caring about themselves and the world :) love it!
kokopuffs14 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Strawberry vegan ice cream made with cashew mylk. #nutmilk #nutmylk #healthyliving #livingfood #fruits
livingfood - nutmilk - nutmylk - healthyliving - fruits -
martinez1113 - thecucumberqueen - xotilweod__ - elisemichellexx -
Home from work. Feeling kind of mentally foggy and SO ready for Juice #5: White Knight around 5pm. This is a vegan cashew nut "mylk" with cinnamon, vanilla, and agave nectar. #onedayjuicecleanse #gardenofflavor #juicecleanse #nutmilk #nutmylk #raw #vegan #certifiedorganic
juicecleanse - nutmilk - gardenofflavor - raw - certifiedorganic - 5 - vegan - nutmylk - annarbor - onedayjuicecleanse -
meggoesnomnom : @buffy317 thanks! I can't lie. I can't wait for solid food tomorrow.
meggoesnomnom : @gabriellejohnson it's really yummy and luscious! Calorie counts are on all the bottles. If you do the one day cleanse and drink all six juices it's about 1200 calories total. This cashew milk is the most indulgent, providing me with some fat, 14 g protein, and 440 calories. Much needed at this point in the day! Feeling a lot better after consuming this.
meggoesnomnom : @tmsgirl00 In #annarbor they are available at Hiller's! In the Garden of Flavor website you can find other locations as well! They are a Cleveland-based company.
mythyhuynh : @meggoesnomnom I am a texture eater which I could never get into smoothies/shakes/protein shakes. Plus the foodie aspect πŸ˜‰ Props to you!
lennonphotography : Thanks for sharing, @meggoesnomnom
meggoesnomnom : @justcallmebella__ very soon they will be offering this, according to their Facebook page!
meggoesnomnom : @lennonphotography πŸ˜€
meggoesnomnom : @mythyhuynh I totally feel ya there though I am a sucker for smoothies. But thank you - it's been fun to try and the juices are great!
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My plan for the day is to drink #smoothies/#juices until I get home tonight and then have a huge salad. So I prepared these #beverages to take with me to work. From left to right- almond #nutmylk sweetened with a little stevia, carrot, apple ginger #juice and orange, spinach, cilantro #greensmoothie
greensmoothie - juicefeast - runner - juices - workout - beverages - cleaneating - juice - juicing - vegan - smoothies - nutmylk - cleanse - fruitsandveggies - paleo - detox - plantbased - fit - raw - smoothie - wellness - runnergirl - fitchick - healthy - mealprep - health - eatclean - fitness - healthyfoodshare -
plantbasedrunnergirl : #juicing #smoothie #fruitsandveggies #juicefeast #raw #vegan #plantbased #paleo #healthyfoodshare #healthy #health #wellness #workout #fit #fitness #fitchick #detox #cleanse #eatclean #cleaneating
plantbasedrunnergirl : #mealprep #runner #runnergirl
lowfatrawvegan : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜what a wonderful plan
fitbody365 : πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’•
poolsidestore : 😍
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@modesportif enjoying our FAV @luckyyoucleanse #nutmylk πŸ’› #luckyyoulovesyou x
nutmylk - luckyyoulovesyou -
modesportif : πŸ’›
jamilaweise : Wonderful
la_lorraine - indiannaroehrich - leishxoxo_99 - alxjpa -
W e s a w t h e b u z z. S t o p p e d t o c h e c k i t o u t. S o. G l a d. W e. D i d. #raw #combi #berrybeloved #raspberry #blueberry #strawberry #acai #lucuma #proteinpowder #coconutflesh #banana #nutmylk #superfoodsmoothie #melbourne #secretspots
lucuma - nutmylk - banana - combi - secretspots - proteinpowder - superfoodsmoothie - berrybeloved - acai - blueberry - melbourne - raw - raspberry - coconutflesh - strawberry -
terriisarah : @j1mmmmmy . You'll love this place! Taking you!
j1mmmmmy : Yummmmm!! You know me so we'll hehe can't wait to go @terriisarah πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
samg25 : @terriisarah where's this at?
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Banana Mylk shake: 🍌 Homemade almond mylk 🍌 A banana 🍌 Some dates 🍌 A hint of vanilla SUPER YUM!!!
healthbreakfast - widzzy - mylkshake - dairyfree - instahealth - breakfastsmootnies - raw - tasty - smoothies - nutmylk - healthysmoothies - uaefitnessmovement - rawfoodshare - yummy - plantbased - healthy - nutrients - almondmylk - uaehealthmovement - nourishing - livingfoid - instafood - health - rawfood - plantpower - banana - rawsmoothies -
widzzy : #uaefitnessmovement #uaehealthmovement
eng_gemini : Ψ¨Ψ§Ω„ΨΉΨ§ΩΩŠΨ©
nalsharafi : Try Chico whenever they're in season .. Much yummier than banana
widzzy : Yummm.. Good idea πŸ‘πŸ‘ @nalsharafi
widzzy : @eng_gemini Allah y3aafeech ☺️
widzzy : #widzzy
fatmamazrui : From where u got this cup!!!!!!!!
widzzy : @fatmamazrui Lakeland Mirdiff City Centre. The lid is from @ecojarz via Amazon
rawanmk_ - 2003_samar_2003 - fatmarecipes - amberjemvegan -
We are in awe with your response towards our #matcha #almond #nutmylk! Thank you all😊 Time to replenish our matcha supply! Only at #gorillapressco #superfoods #matcha #antiaging #antioxidant #caloriefree #antiinflammatory #stressreliever #caffeinefree #dairyfree #japanese #delicious
nutmilk - delicious - gorillapressco - stressreliever - antioxidant - almond - japanese - antiinflammatory - dairyfree - caffeinefree - matcha - superfoods - nutmylk - caloriefree - antiaging -
gorillapressco : #nutmilk
pardonmyfrxnch - mille1000x - errleesha - linminchi -
And here's a healthy addiction! ❀️ smoothies ❀️ Blood orange Cashew Nut smoothie: Cashew nut mylk (homemade) Blood oranges Mandarin Mangos Raspberries Vanilla Maqui Berry powder Mangosteen powder
maquiberry - fiber - fitfam - cashewmylk - nutmilk - cleaneating - uaefitnessmovement - raw - healthychoices - smoothies - nutmylk - uae - fitspo - breakfastsmoothies - dubai - rawfoodshare - vitamins - healthyoptions - livingfood - uaehealthmovement - eattolive - fitnation - health - rawfood - sharjah - plantpower - healthspo - healthyfoodies - eatclean -
vegansmoothiesandjuices : I've yet to make cashew mylk just a big batch of almond mylk, this is an interesting combination
suhaila7 : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ
widzzy : @vegansmoothiesandjuices thx. It was the only option I had. My almonds weren't presoaked and I didn't want to use packaged coconut milk. The cashews were activated so thought I'd give it a shot. Almond mylk is still my favoriteπŸ’š
widzzy : @suhaila7 😘😘
widzzy : #smoothies #nutmylk #nutmilk #cashewmylk #smoothies #breakfastsmoothies #cleaneating #eatclean #eattolive #healthyfoodies #healthyoptions #healthychoices #health #maquiberry #fiber #vitamins nutrition #uaefitnessmovement #uaehealthmovement #uae #dubai #sharjah #fitfam #fitspo #healthspo #fitnation #plantpower #raw #rawfood #livingfood #rawfoodshare
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Short for time in the mornings for a nutritious breakfast? We love to soak oats in our Nut Mylk (made from sprouted almonds and spiced with cinnamon and vanilla bean) before heading to bed. It means we have breakfast all good to go in the morning! Tonight, we're soaking oats, chia seeds, bee pollen and fresh strawberries in our Nut Mylk. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow morning!! Have a good evening!😘 #breakfast #overnightoats #oats #breakfastofchampions #strawberries #chiaseeds #beepollen #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #nutmylk #almondmilk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #wholefoods #cleaneating #eatclean #hongkong #hkig #nightnight
almondmilk - dairyfree - breakfastofchampions - vegan - hkig - cleaneating - overnightoats - nutmylk - breakfast - plantbased - oats - hongkong - vegetarian - refinedsugarfree - chiaseeds - nightnight - beepollen - eatclean - strawberries - wholefoods -
_pathtorecovery_ - eatcreativelyclean - janelfung - mvnaturals -
Spiced macadamia mylk!
organic - spicedmylk - clean - healthy - macadamiamylk - nutmylk - vegan - cleaneating -
healthyvegfood : #macadamiamylk #spicedmylk #vegan #organic #healthy #clean #cleaneating
healthyvegfood : Instead of using normal water I used chai water (chai tea without milk) then I added more cinnamon and nutmeg as well as some organic maple syrup and natural vanilla essence. 🍢🍼 #nutmylk
mond_eule - plvnted - behappy_veggiyogini - walkersalmon -
Here at Smiths Organic Market we make fresh #nutmylk daily, we choose activated nut milks to use in our coffee, smoothies and breakfasts as it is a far healthier option than soy or packaged milks. Soy milk contains antinutients and phytates which inhibit the absorption of minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium. Soy is a goitrogenic food which means it inhibits the uptake of iodine by the thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for temperature control, metabolism and energy. So if it's not working you're in trouble. Soy also contains phytoestrogens which bind to oestrogen receptors and mimic oestrogen. Excess oestrogen is a common problem amongst young women leading to PMS, pcos and other hormonal imbalances. It is also a problem for men too as it can cause man boobs πŸ™Š(very scientific terminology). I'm sure you get the point soy is BAD don't drink it!! #soydangers #nuts #organic #fresh #soyistoxic #thyroid #oestrogen
thyroid - paleo - organic - soyistoxic - nuts - vegan - oestrogen - soydangers - fresh - nutmylk - dontdrinksoy -
smithsorganicmarkets : #vegan #paleo #dontdrinksoy
zed_iris : @annatuyetle interesting facts
flowertree_healthfoods : πŸ‘ thats a great clear summary. We use hemp milk with a tad of vanilla... Its heaven in a glass.
annatuyetle : @zed_iris scary stuff!
smithsorganicmarkets : Thanks for taking the time to read @flowertree_healthfoods
sjpyke : @hunterharmony @juliettearent
niki_pi : @smithsorganicmarkets I guess this also applies to tofu?!
emmysmithy - _thenutritionista_ - fitnessfashionandfood - jonowarren2745 -
In a word - YUM! A fabulous start to the day from @sashah92 😍 #luckyyoucleanse #balance #lifestyle #luckyyoulovesyou #nutmylk
balance - lifestyle - luckyyoucleanse - nutmylk - luckyyoulovesyou -
sashah92 : 😘😘
maisy_mary : @bridgette_b_murphy can I try one of these ones the milky ones
alexpatterson89 - incrediblem - curreypuff - rosavera -
Feeling peckish - PS Pick Me Up (raw cacao, maca, mesquite, lucuma, dates and almond mylk) + edamame! πŸ˜‹ #peckish #pickmeup #raw #rawcacao #nutmylk #refinedsugarfree #dairyfree #vegan #vegetarian #wholefoods #plantbased #healthy #cleaneating #eatclean #snack #hongkong #hkig
dairyfree - pickmeup - vegan - raw - hkig - cleaneating - nutmylk - peckish - snack - plantbased - refinedsugarfree - healthy - hongkong - vegetarian - eatclean - rawcacao - wholefoods -
oliviacaetano - jennpang - mvnaturals - chanc86 -
Strawberry, Banana & Walnut Milk πŸ“πŸŒπŸŒ° Scientists say that walnuts contain the highest level of antioxidants compared to other nuts - but to be honest I really don't eat enjoy eating them! We've been experimenting with lots of different nut milks recently so thought we'd give walnut a whirl and then use it in a smoothie to disguise the taste.. It worked perfectly! We used up all 750mls of freshly made walnut milk and blended with two ripe bananas and a handful of frozen strawberries so its more of a milkshake than a smoothie.. A loved it! ❀ #organic #vegan #raw #milkshake #smoothie #strawberry #banana #walnut #walnutmilk #nutmylk #whatveganseat #clean #eatclean #eatplants #fitfam #mummy #mommy #mum #mom #daddy #toddler #healthy #nutritious #homemade #fresh #youarewhatyoueat #nuts
nutritious - fitfam - youarewhatyoueat - mommy - vegan - raw - mom - fresh - nutmylk - daddy - organic - eatplants - walnutmilk - strawberry - smoothie - mummy - nuts - walnut - healthy - whatveganseat - milkshake - eatclean - homemade - mum - clean - toddler - banana -
jojobeanful : Yum!
blakeandbella : It was πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ xx @jojobeanful
laimalimes - aliciafeather - dette_raisinghunter - secretlittlestars -
Seriously. @wearecombi leaves you jaw dropped on so many fronts! This is their 'Shine On' smoothie, with coconut flesh, banana, mango, chia seeds, passion fruit, spinach, mesquite, raw fermented vanilla protein powder, probiotic powder and house made nut mylk. So beautiful, so tasty and made with an abundance of love. This will nourish you on so many levels. We're proud to have Combi a part of our soon to be launched Nourish Melbourne Membership program, Melbourne's ultimate health and wellness Membership, launching 13 May 2014. See 'Membership' at for more, and to express interest in our limited number launch Membership price. #combi #wearecombi #superfoods #superfoodsmoothie #raw #vegan #glutenfree #protein #goodfats #coconut #chia #mesquite #nutmylk #nourishing #nourished #choosenourishingbenourished #nmmembership #nourishmelbourne
coconut - wearecombi - vegan - raw - mesquite - nourished - superfoods - chia - nourishmelbourne - nmmembership - nutmylk - glutenfree - superfoodsmoothie - nourishing - goodfats - combi - choosenourishingbenourished - protein -
weezy_e : @lynleymcdee it's a date LALA xx
bodyevolutionsecrets : Yum!
lynleymcdee : So in @weezy_e !
happiness_is_this : Goodness gracious that looks delicious.
a_bop : Next time you're in melb we should go here @bisforstyle
bisforstyle : @a_bop done deal.
zcastran : @lucylucycook πŸ™β€οΈ
lucylucycook : @zcastran neeeeed
nourishingfitness - isla00777 - happiness_is_this - akokobayashi -
Breakfast this morning was #banana #cereal with caramalized #buckinis and #raw #cocoanibs with #homemade #cashewmilk πŸ’š Homemade nut milks, they are sooo creamy!
dairyfree - nutmilk - vegan - raw - fruit - cleaneating - cereal - cashewmilk - nutmylk - breakfast - whatveganseat - organic - plantbased - vegetarian - buckinis - mylk - cashews - homemade - banana - cocoanibs - fruitarian -
krystleshealthylifestyle : #nutmylk #mylk #nutmilk #cashews #raw #organic #breakfast #vegan #dairyfree #vegetarian #plantbased #fruit #fruitarian #whatveganseat #cleaneating
yogalaide : Yum!
krystleshealthylifestyle : Thank you @yogalaide it was yum! Will be making this again for breakfast tomorrow πŸ‘
rollednyc : πŸ™Œ
nourishingfoods : πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™
fitnessfoodieforever - nourishnotpunish - blondierecovers - kristymaree49 -
Making almond milk is so easy! All you need is a blender and a nut milk bag. That's it. And with the same almond pulp you can make marvelous guilt free raw deserts and cookies. Don't buy the crappy pasteurized versions with a bunch of oils at the grocery store, make your own! Your body and tastebuds will love you for it :) #nutmylk #yum #diy #rawfoodshare #almondmilk #rawvegansofig
rawfoodshare - yum - diy - almondmilk - nutmylk - rawvegansofig -
bosa3000 : #nutmilk
bosa3000 : @mmarlonious
v_dincecco : Do you have to make it everytime you want to drink some? I've heard it doesn't last very long in the fridge.
consciousnourishment : @v_dincecco I usually finish a 32 oz of this within 2-3 days, equivalent to a medium sized glass mason jar. I like adding it on my smoothies. If its not meant to last, drink it fresh. Better than buying almond milk with preservatives that lasts longer :)
v_dincecco : Yea you're right :) @consciousnourishment
raw_vibrations - diy_or_diy - vivirestrepo84 - luna_tikka -
Chocolate cashew mylk. Vanilla cashew mylk. And the greeny thingy is lettuce, zuchinni, pineapple, starfruit. #day8 #simplegreensmoothies @simplegreensmoothies #stillgoingon #30dayssmoothieschallenge #30dayschallenge #greensmoothies #eatraw #eatgreens #eatclean #cleaneating #homemade #cashewmylk #cashew #mylk #nutmylk #nondairy #nondairymilk #nondairymylk #carobpowder #proteinsource #calcium #calciumsource #plantbased #organic #organicveggies
30dayschallenge - eatgreens - cashewmylk - cleaneating - nondairymylk - carobpowder - nondairy - calciumsource - greensmoothies - nutmylk - simplegreensmoothies - 30dayssmoothieschallenge - organic - plantbased - day8 - cashew - mylk - stillgoingon - calcium - eatclean - homemade - eatraw - proteinsource - organicveggies - nondairymilk -
heartandfood - youresoulbeautiful - ceritalmira - martafabrizzi -
Easter is fast approaching... And I seem to be doing lots of entertaining, which I love! Made little Cacao mylk chocolate custards with goji and buckini crumble! So yum, so easy & soooo nutritious! #cacaocustard #raw #rawfood #health #goji #sugarfree #nutmylk #goodness
goji - cacaocustard - sugarfree - raw - health - rawfood - goodness - nutmylk -
paullaroid : I would love to taste it... I heard you gonna come in Europe... Maybe I will have the chance to get you here in Salento for a weekend during the summer? Lets dream... @tianjinhealth
tianjinhealth : Aunty Ann's table decorations of course @bowerbirdemporium. She has the most beautiful things!
tianjinhealth : @paullaroid !!! Yes!! We will be so close soon in Europe! Will have to visit :-) and do yoga and foodie things! Xxx hope it is going well in Italy?
paullaroid : @tianjinhealth... It is going well here... I will be here till the end of the year... I will be in Belgium end of july... I can plan to spend a weekend in Amsterdam... Let see... Big hug to both of you
bowerbirdemporium : Lucky ducks x
documentajb - petahannam - lundmark_julia - juliahanley -
LOVE making simple healthy nut mylks. So easy, so tasty and so creamy! #healthygoodness #nutmylk #soeasy #rawfood #clean #nourishing
soeasy - rawfood - healthygoodness - clean - nutmylk - nourishing -
sare_herbert - christykramer - itsallaboutbeingfit - jdmeier79 -
A classic combo of oats, banana and blueberries with PS Nut Mylk (sprouted almonds, vanilla bean and cinnamon) for breakfast after a cardio session at the gym! Enjoy the sunshine today! β˜€οΈ #breakfast #almondmilk #nutmylk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #hongkong #hkig #vegan #vegetarian #healthy #cleaneating #eatclean #oats #oatmeal #fruit #fitfam #nutrition #classiccombo #unbeatable #starvinmarvin
nutrition - fitfam - dairyfree - unbeatable - vegan - starvinmarvin - hkig - cleaneating - breakfast - nutmylk - refinedsugarfree - healthy - hongkong - vegetarian - oats - oatmeal - fruit - eatclean - almondmilk - classiccombo -
allanlaumatia_athlete : You're doing well, keep inspiring! @pureswell
tongtong523 : πŸ™πŸ™nice
pureswell : Thank you 😊😊😊 @allanlaumatia_athlete @tongtong523
marmuntanerreig - chanc86 - jennpang - mishelloo -
Raw almond and cashew nut mylk #raw #vegan #nutmylk #thegoodlife #wholefoods #madewithlove #gratitude
gratitude - raw - thegoodlife - nutmylk - wholefoods - madewithlove - vegan -
finish_ed - omgblends - blake_sg - angelinaland -
Homemade cashew milk with nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom! Recipe coming soon!
vitamix - veganmilk - homemade - cashewmilk - nutmylk - vegan -
becksr : #homemade #cashewmilk #nutmylk #vegan #veganmilk #vitamix
_thehungryelephant : Love it!
destinysnutrifit - aprilsteiner - chispagram - _thehungryelephant -
We have a new juice pack at LYC!! Our Cashew Nut Mylks are a great sauce of magnesium essential for energy metabolism & nerve function. They also help to make Serotonin - the feel good hormone. Order now at #cashewnuts #nutmylk #nutmilk #singapore #luckyyousingapore #serotonin #magnesium #lactosefree #detox #vegan #yummy #healthy #healthsingapore
cashewnuts - yummy - singapore - healthy - detox - nutmilk - vegan - serotonin - magnesium - lactosefree - nutmylk - luckyyousingapore - healthsingapore -
flowerheadvintage - veganvibe - erinannegray - sallyjanemullen -
Good morning sunshine! With minimal prep the night before, this chia seed breakfast is 90% ready - all you have to do is cut up some fruits in the morning and you're good to go! Chia seeds are considered a superfood and those tiny seeds deliver a big nutritional punch! πŸ‘Š We've soaked ours in PS Nut Mylk (sprouted almonds, cinnamon and vanilla bean) and topped it with figs and blueberries! Yumyum πŸ˜‹ #nutmylk #almondmilk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #chiaseeds #fruit #healthy #nutrition #raw #rawvegan #vegan #vegetarian #breakfast #cleaneating #eatclean #hongkong #hkig
nutrition - dairyfree - rawvegan - vegan - raw - fruit - cleaneating - breakfast - nutmylk - refinedsugarfree - healthy - hongkong - vegetarian - chiaseeds - hkig - eatclean - almondmilk -
irisvankerckhove : That looks soooo good
angie_lcc : πŸ˜‹ I had exactly the same thing for lunch yesterday 😁
yangepange : @pureswell that looks amazing!!!!
pureswell : Yay high five! πŸ™‹ @angie_lcc
pureswell : Thanks @irisvankerckhove @yangepange!! Super easy to make! Give it a whirl! 😊
pippo_stella : please add them to all of your bottles ☺️☺️ i had them for dinner last night and going to have one for brekkie now πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
denvylo - thegreencrown - janelfung - theunpopularpea -
A much needed afternoon snack after a day of meetings and running around - rooibos tea with PS nut mylk, blueberries and raw pili nuts. Yum! We picked up the pili nuts from our Bali trip - we've never seen them raw before! #nutmylk #almondmilk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #rooibostea #choicecooperative #pilinuts #blueberries #raw #vegan #vegetarian #healthy #cleaneating #eatclean #snack #hongkong #hkig
choicecooperative - rooibostea - dairyfree - vegan - raw - snack - cleaneating - nutmylk - blueberries - refinedsugarfree - healthy - hongkong - vegetarian - hkig - pilinuts - eatclean - almondmilk -
denvylo : Oooh, raw pili nuts! How does it taste?
pureswell : @denvylo they're really creamy, not much crunch and a bit bland to be honest! We'll probably toast them next time ☺️
crystalnicolemarcano - mvnaturals - chonny_v - misscarrien -
🌴 TURMERIC NUT MYLK , SO SO GOOD🌴just experimenting with flavours, for Monday!! #combi #organic #nutmylk #elwood #turmeric #sogood
combi - elwood - organic - turmeric - nutmylk - sogood -
organikahair : πŸ‘πŸ‘
krystenegan : @sktempler
sezdeezy : @rhianogram 😡😡
rhianogram : Ooooo let's try @sezdeezy
steffejung : 😍😍😍
johannaclarknaturopathy : Sooo good for you!
puroslo : Yummmm
ange_sarpi : @justine_sarpi
buckinisaboutcacao - ohlive_ - inniq8gnip - johannaclarknaturopathy -
Picture perfect.. The LYC Cashew Nut Mylk makes for a great dinner replacement for those on the run & is oh so yummy! #nutmylk #love #regram @basebodybabes
regram - nutmylk - love -
oliviaangelikalondon : @natashatotman
denairedfern : Are these only available in Sydney? @luckyyoucleanse
thenathanv : My latest addiction! These are phenomenal!
bjellis90 : @nataliahawk
luckyyoucleanse : @denairedfern at this stage yes. Please stay tuned for future delivery developments! πŸ’š LYCx
nourishnotpunish : YUM
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Wish I could say these jars were empty because we drank all the goodness....just tipped these homemade nut milks down the sink after spending the last 24 hours with the worst shoulder pain as my body worked to rid itself of far too many nuts! Thank goodness for my medicine man @dairerussell for teaching me to LISTEN to my body when it speaks to me. After drinking that nut milkshake on Sunday I was snappy (& since being 100% clean my snappiness had left the body;) AND the pain began...hello hormonal problem! A trip to @magisterdaire & a whole lot of info later, my shoulder is fixed & I now KNOW that large amounts of nuts mixed with water is NOT a good recipe & wreaked havoc on my small intestine πŸ˜” Listen to your body friends & follow @viasystem for simple health/life information that works! #nutmilk #nutmylk #nutpulp #notgood #hormones #pain #listentoyourbody #viasystem #pure #knowledge #health #wellness
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staceysullaphen : hmm the only extra info I could add is that I had given up dairy & was not replacing it. I foolishly decided on Friday to have a hot cacao nut milk. I then had a nut milkshake on Sunday, as well as some crackers made out of the pulp....that's a lot of nuts not to mention with water, and it resulted in shoulder pain & snappiness (tied into hormones). I'm not sure I could explain any more about the physical impact than I have above, without being concerned I am not 100% correct... @dairerussell would you be kind enough to expand on the nut milk issue for @Rebecca a_gilmour ?
staceysullaphen : @rebecca_gilmour ⬆️
staceysullaphen : @magisterdaire @rebecca_gilmour sorry likes didn't work, pls see my comment above ⬆️
dairerussell : Nature's bounty is made to be consumed as it has been made The plant concentrates that are used for healing are pure and untouched But the plant needs to be used in its natural form not in extract or isolation The whole plant works in symbiosis The excessive consumption of food extracts in daily diet can lead to imbalance Sugar is one of these product but so are many of substitutes Nature is a perfect package It can not be improved upon Daily use of almond and rice milk can block you up and cause constipation Simply the body is made to eat food and drink liquid Cereal and nut liquid extracts are equivalent to eating large amount of dry product Both can play havoc with small and large intestine disruption Many plant products are phytoestrogens that when eaten in natural form are harmonious but when concentrated become problematic Almonds in large amount can disrupt the liver which in combination with the colon can exaggerate existing hormonal problems That is the short answer, better expressed and understood from a basic understanding of Traditional Medicine @rebecca_gilmour
staceysullaphen : @dairerussell thank you for taking the time to provide an answer, I appreciate your wisdoms & generosity to help others πŸ™
staceysullaphen : @lucysylvester more info from Daire above 😘
dairerussell : A pleasure
wholesome_homemade : Thank you for this @dairerussell & @staceysullaphen I'll definitely do some more looking into it. I limit my dairy intake to milk in cooking, butter, and small amounts of cheese. I then just have almond/rice milk at breakfast and maybe if I have coffee (rarely). Very interesting to look into. : )
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Finally bought me a #nutmylk bag - gonna make me some home made additive free #almondmilk 🍼🍼🍼 #howdoyoumilkanalmond!
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Rainy Sunday means hibernating at home and spending the afternoon baking! About to put our buckwheat, banana and coconut bread with PS Nut Mylk into the oven πŸ˜‹ #nutmylk #almondmilk #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #bread #glutenfree #plantbased #wholesome #wholefoods #lazysunday #vegan #vegetarian #hongkong #hkig
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jennpang : Sounds yummy!!
angie_lcc : Looks good! May I have the recipe?πŸ™πŸ˜Š
pureswell : Still want to make some tweaks to the recipe πŸ˜‰ once we perfect it, we'll post it on the blog (will let you know!) 😊 @angie_lcc
angie_lcc : @pureswell Thanks dear😘
pureswell : Of course hun ❀️ @angie_lcc
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