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#friends #throwback #Tbt #special #diverseAbilities #alljokes #dontblamethem #nottheirfault #myotherRoommate #original #loveya
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so apparently there was a fire in the apartments today. #fire #firefighters #cops #apartmentfire #emergency #potheads #nottheirfault #egyptianneighbors #accidentshappen #elmwoodapartments #thuglife #smoke #itsallgood
thuglife - itsallgood - emergency - egyptianneighbors - fire - firefighters - elmwoodapartments - cops - nottheirfault - accidentshappen - smoke - apartmentfire - potheads -
holly_hesketh - _suuusie - carrra_12 -
Amen πŸ™ #truth #users #nottheirfault #societiesfault #quote #lifelessons
nottheirfault - societiesfault - users - truth - quote - lifelessons -
shaunac9 - eva_capasso - amykeane_ - megan_a_oconnor -
Freaking A!!! #workoutgonewrong #orangetheory #nottheirfault #stillbestworkoutever
stillbestworkoutever - nottheirfault - workoutgonewrong - orangetheory -
elizabeth_mendoza : That was an "acknowledgement" like...not an "I like that you killed your foot"! πŸ˜‰
elizabeth_mendoza - phxmario -
nottheirfault - alldogsgotoheaven - missthem -
awilso89 -
#stop#bullying#rude#please#why#hate #justhuman#notokay#nottheirfault#wehavefeelingstoo#nobodydeservesthis
rude - notokay - please - stop - nobodydeservesthis - bullying - wehavefeelingstoo - nottheirfault - justhuman - hate - why -
_mistosaaa_ - ayo_datsphatphat - justinbieber_fans_fans - gorgeous2x_ -
In the 70's they blamed the Doberman, in the 80's they blamed the German Shepards, in the 90's they blamed the they blame the pitbull. When are they going to start blaming the humans?#InstaSize Don't bully the breed just because one dog messed up. It is in fact ALL about the environment the dog was raised in. I've had four pits in my life two of which were bred to catch hogs, and none of them have ever bit, attacked, or even merely aggressively barked at a person. If you had to fight for food, lived in a dirt pile, got beat, and'd be alittle mean too.. Don't blame the dog, blame it's owner. #dontbullyourbreed #pitbullquotes #nottheirfault #wayyouraisethem #doberman #germanshepard #bluepitt #rednose #pitbull
germanshepard - pitbullquotes - wayyouraisethem - nottheirfault - instasize - dontbullyourbreed - bluepitt - pitbull - doberman - rednose -
4always_n_4ever : @hannahjoygourley @silversam13 @crnavarro18
emeraldjane25 - trip_n_fall9 - kissmyyellabootybitch - camryn_dykes -
Done! @baloupink10 .. Please everyone take 1 minute to help these kitties get justice. And all the other helpless animals that are on the site who need our help. Greatly appreciated! #petition #help #cruelty #animalcruelty #justice #kittens #donate #sign #helpthem #helplessanimals #nottheirfault #sad #poorbabies 😟🐈🐱😿
helpthem - help - kittens - justice - sign - cruelty - sad - nottheirfault - helplessanimals - poorbabies - animalcruelty - donate - petition -
baloupink10 : Thank youβ™‘
repralexi - mollymoozers - whisker -
I gotta keep reminding myself... Some ppl just don't know no better smdh #nottheirfault
nottheirfault -
q_malik17 : This is great quote ! πŸ‘ @marciab3
ladyexec - dreadcutie - plain_ole_shellz - tink_302 -
Carnival stuck in port #carnival valmagic#notgoinganywhere#worstvacation#nottheirfault
nottheirfault - notgoinganywhere - worstvacation - carnival -
mrs_sanchez22 - ms_dredre - loved_am_blessed - sillygarine -
#Lmao #nomore #girlsnightout for them #nottheirfault #crazyshithappenswhenyourdrunk @marlene909 #thisiswhyimsingle
nottheirfault - lmao - nomore - girlsnightout - crazyshithappenswhenyourdrunk - thisiswhyimsingle -
marlene909 : Lmfao @amaliamarie88
_imj35s_ : Omg lol this is soooo funny!!! :D @amaliamarie88
emlumm - joellenalani - sabrinabaybee_xo - kittyherb -
#springbreak #travel #sbsw #bands #music #omam #bmth #cte #atilla #iktpq #loveeverybody #thegiants #tdwp #neckdeep #somanymore #rain #cold #sad #nottheirfault #hashtagparty #judgeme #ugh
iktpq - ugh - bands - judgeme - rain - sad - nottheirfault - bmth - cold - atilla - thegiants - hashtagparty - loveeverybody - neckdeep - tdwp - travel - cte - shsw - music - sbsw - somanymore - springbreak - omam -
vasilievgroove : (β€’.β€’) @karasaba
karasaba : #shsw
qboaz3 - ameliandollars - excusablepenny - the_purest_strain_of_hate_ -
#what #people #put #their #dogs #through #nottheirfault
their - what - through - people - put - nottheirfault - dogs -
vegangiant : Aw. The best postcard ever!
vegangiant : #thenmyfriendyouarealmostasgoodasyourdog
nicole_carle_x : Mum said to see if you still remembered @vegangiant
vegangiant : Of course I do! I sent it to her a long time ago :)
nicole_carle_x : Well can't be that old, it can't be as old as you!!! @vegangiant
vegangiant : Cheek!
nicole_carle_x : Ha
hey_its_eliya_xx - elephantandtiger - awesomeizzy5 -
Not a truer word was spoken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #allmen #fucktards #nottheirfault #nohopeforthem #males
fucktards - nottheirfault - nohopeforthem - allmen - males -
emmajanelang - miniorangebubble - charlottemayjohnson - brydieandarabella -
Because I don't judge and I hate it when people judge others for who they are. #dontjudge #people #for #being #gay #nottheirfault #beyourself #imstraightlol #dontthinkwrong
gay - for - people - being - dontjudge - dontthinkwrong - beyourself - nottheirfault - imstraightlol -
_lynnbaby_ - shinelikeastar30 - _smile_life_is_beautiful_ - miranda_pls -
???? πŸΆπŸ˜” #awareness #savedogs #nottheirfault
savedogs - nottheirfault - awareness -
meli_babyy07 : HahahahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fernandoguillen15 : Coconuts do that?! @lpv17
creativero - amber_vanessaa - maldo_r14 - kimberlywimberly -
#depression #yourlife #YOLO #yourfault #yourchoice #you #nottheirfault
yourchoice - yourlife - yourfault - you - yolo - nottheirfault - depression -
han_needs_a_life - xxunlovedwritersxx - hackedprofilelol - __skittlehead_ -
Stop setting expectations for people and then when they don't meet them now you're walking around mad. They didn't let you down - you let yourself down. #YourBadd #NotTheirFault #GetOverIt #KeepItMovin #ItsLife #ItllBeOk #expectations
keepitmovin - yourbadd - nottheirfault - itllbeok - itslife - getoverit - expectations -
mixmike415 - ryanprentiss - nicolejpierce - live_love_train -
By @sharifahsofia "WORD! #autistic #autism #nottheirfault #haveaheart" via @PhotoRepost_app
nottheirfault - haveaheart - autism - autistic -
amanda_g_miller - iryanieaziz - arehashim - auptimism -
WORD! #autistic #autism #nottheirfault #haveaheart
nottheirfault - haveaheart - autism - autistic -
queenbeautyhealth : πŸ‘πŸ‘
naufal_babystore : Anak2 autistic sbnr nye lg bijak cerdik pndai...
nyep10 : i hv a son with autism. tq 4 posting this :) #autismawareness
nadshusain : @feeralistic β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
feeyalicious : tQ @nadshusain #touching
nadshusain : @feeralistic #strongmom in the house ya'll
sham_adzhar : I have 2son with autism... bless them
ben_syam : Never looked down on autism, they'd proven to be great people.
norakmaabrazak - qaiserdarussalam - fatynizra - afrzainal -
Something I should remember #parentmanipulation #nottheirfault
parentmanipulation - nottheirfault -
The rebooking line at #clt. This picture doesnt even do the horrible situation justice. #usairways #americanair #nottheirfault #stillfrustrating
clt - stillfrustrating - nottheirfault - usairways - americanair -
libbykrah : Godspeed.
onlyme_sc : CLT is always ridic with their there is a huge pain!
suellemssouzaa - alexleuchert - kjotino - milanomateo -
Not a good way to start my morning. Got rear ended in the fog :/ #nottheirfault #hellafoggy #damYoufog #everyonesOkay
damyoufog - nottheirfault - hellafoggy - everyonesokay -
blak_d421 : Danny always figure something out @misslilsusie ... I kno rite @angeldwight12 good thing everybody was koo.!! Thanks @esmerlove559 I hate the fog too!!
blak_d421 : Yup! AgaiN! @audy19 somebody out there want me dead haha jk yea im glad everyone was all good.!! FUkk Robby UOENO Brooo im hatin the POLICE rite now!! The accident wasnt my fault n they still puttin a 30day hold on my car :((( $$$$ down the drain @Rob b_solo90
blak_d421 : @robb_solo90
robb_solo90 : Ahhh wtf thats bullshit bro.they would do some fuck shit like that! @blak_d421
apulido_xoxo : Dude I saw u!!! Lol
blak_d421 : I kno bro some bullshit! Its kuz I got suspended Ls!!! @robb_solo90
galvin_klein : Bro... People just love rear ending u huh?? 😐
blak_d421 : I kno rite wusup with that @galvin_klein do i got somethin on my ass
judy22dc - my97ek_kris_09 - robb_solo90 - anacortez_17 -
Maddie if you ain't on #teamplaystation then you ain't where it's at @maddiiiiex3_
teamplaystation - nottheirfault -
maddiiiiex3_ : Says the one "this play station is too slow" #getatme @capparelli13
capparelli13 : Never said that. I said the Gta V loading screens are crazy #nottheirfault @maddiiiiex3_
maddiiiiex3_ : Whatever. #xboxnation @capparelli13
specialk4180 - jordan_cahill3 - kiaraaa_omggg - marissa_xobabe -
Who in the world could ever be afraid of that face or say she is a vicious dog just because her breed has a bad rep because of bad people? #mishka #mysweetbaby #misunderstood sweetdog #nannydog #badreputation #badpeople #nottheirfault #itsallhowyouraisethem #cuddlebug #pitbullcult #pitbulllove #pittyfamily #pitbullpuppy #pitbullsofig #pitbullofficial #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbullsareagirlsbestfriend #noonebulliesmyfriend #dontbullymybreed #bullybreed #averysprotector #mysecondchild
mishka - pitbullcult - itsallhowyouraisethem - mysweetbaby - averysprotector - nottheirfault - nannydog - noonebulliesmyfriend - badreputation - mysecondchild - pitbulllove - pitbullofficial - pitbullpuppy - bullybreed - cuddlebug - pitbullsofinstagram - pitbullsareagirlsbestfriend - pittyfamily - badpeople - pitbullsofig - dontbullymybreed - misunderstood -
alymac3 - bojangling101 - angelnicoleeexo - tishababyyx3 -
This documentary hurt my heart.. Really makes you reevaluate things 😒 #Blackfish #Orcas #TruthHurts #PoorWhales #NotTheirFault #WatchIt
poorwhales - blackfish - truthhurts - orcas - nottheirfault - watchit -
alexiss_ann3 : Especially when they took the baby whale from the mom and she cried :( @nicolebeccs
nicolebeccs : @alexiss_ann3 that part was the worst of all,&& they didn't even care.
alexiss_ann3 : The old man cried and I cried.. He cared but it was so sad :( @nicolebeccs
nicolebeccs : @alexiss_ann3 they all did.! I give those former employees props for talking about the reality of it. At least they want to make the change.
alexiss_ann3 : Yea, it was so sad to see the sadness in their faces and voices. Like they know it's so wrong. @nicolebeccs
mindee_123 : @alexiss_ann3 It's an important documentary. And we are lucky to have seen it. When your mom and I were growing up, we didn't have access to this type of information. It makes my soul happy to know that our children will be more informed, not just about the truths, but the injustices in this world. And in turn, you will all become better people with gentler souls and greater education. Knowledge truly is power. This documentary, specifically, enlightened my entire family. I will no longer be a monetary supporter of these types of "abusement" parks. And I will encourage anyone I know to join me. If it's sea life you wish to see, take a stroll down to Strand. The break walls are teeming with organisms. I never want to be forcefully removed from my home and forced to live in an environment that isn't cohesive with my heart, so why do we allow this to happen to our oceans, rivers, valleys, mountains, etc.? Nope. I've been educated and as a free American adult, the knowledge I am now armed with enables me to decide where my money will be spent. Companies supporting abuse, murder, and lies won't be the beneficiaries. And with that said, I'm hopping down from my soapbox.
leof209 : Hey Alexis, is it okay if I put you down as a reference for a job?
leof209 : Thankyou! :)
vikz23 - kailaniranoa - nicolebeccs - spiceyluv -
MUST READ!!! #advicetoparents #foryourkids #nottheirfault #theyarehalfofeachofyouboth #verytrue #dontbeselfish
nottheirfault - verytrue - advicetoparents - foryourkids - dontbeselfish - theyarehalfofeachofyouboth -
losbadboys : #rp
immaalwaysbhis1girl : @losbadboys Dale primo!
vanessallanos - ilovemyfamily06 - jessica_officiial - maricsgarcia -
by @photomedic_816 "Everyone be careful out there! This is how a lot of us get killed. #unskilled #notmytruck #nottheirfault #bummer #accident #EMS #emtlife #emslife #paramediclife #ambulance #wreck" via @PhotoRepost_app
emslife - accident - ems - wreck - nottheirfault - unskilled - paramediclife - bummer - ambulance - emtlife - notmytruck -
abdulaziz_almoamri - drew_grunwald97 - mooijmanloic - 911_response_usa -
Everyone be careful out there! This is how a lot of us get killed. #unskilled #notmytruck #nottheirfault #bummer #accident #EMS #emtlife #emslife #paramediclife #ambulance #wreck
emslife - accident - ems - wreck - nottheirfault - unskilled - paramediclife - bummer - ambulance - emtlife - notmytruck -
photomedic_816 : @ems_pursuit @emergency_responders
markjanowicz : Sad
photomedic_816 : Thankfully no one was seriously hurt @markjanowicz but it is a sobering reminder of how dangerous this job can be
areganid - janenojane - e_m_t_p -
My thumb is FREE#finallyfeelit#gross#smells#hospitalscrewups#theyputonthewrongsplint#dumbfucks#nottheirfault#gotaniccastwithasling#nowineedfood#gunnahavesurgery#coupledayz#needaciggarette
gross - gunnahavesurgery - finallyfeelit - hospitalscrewups - nowineedfood - needaciggarette - dumbfucks - nottheirfault - theyputonthewrongsplint - gotaniccastwithasling - coupledayz - smells -
colinike : Lolol
bunkassbrittany : :/
sweettgirl12 - colinike - haleybobailey16 - lil_gill_ -
I couldn't have said it better. Can't wait to use this! #poorinnocentwaiter #nottheirfault Thanks @brittakurtz for making my day!
poorinnocentwaiter - nottheirfault -
brittneytattonsmith : Ha ha ha... @stephperrysmith I LOVE that you did that!!
amberwilding : Ha ha ha! This is my favorite!!! And so true!
championofjustice : Thanks for the line. USU has now gone Pepsi - I may not be able to donate this year - there needs to be some consequences!
shellyaneilson : @championofjustice i agree! Just donate Monopoly money.
kerriwinegar : Ha! Love this!
camillesmith4 : Pure awesome.
staceyannkeller : Haha! @championofjustice you're hilarious! I heard about that at USU from some friends! Seriously, Pepsi over Coke?! That is seriously ridiculous! Aren't you glad you retired before it all went downhill?!;)
dancerleslie : So true!!
amjhurst - ellenbielinski - modernmare2 - kimballmae -
MIAMI, FL- AGAIN, THIS AMAZING BREED TAKES THE FALL FOR DESPICABLE HUMANS FIGHTING THEM! Some of the beautiful dogs confiscated from the fighting ring in Miami, now in the shelter. ALL 20 Dogs are RESCUE ONLY, and need all the exposure possible! Follow everyone tagged in this, and consider donating towards their recovery. by @bane_the_pitbull "These are some of the dogs from the confiscation! Tomorrow @dontbully_mybreed and I will be going to the shelter and looking at them and hopefully pulling a couple. Please find it in your hearts to donate towards for vet care and foster care. The link is in my bio as well as @dontbully_mybreed @bslsucks @instagrampitties @must_love_bullies bios. If every person that likes this picture were to donate just $1 we would reach the goal. Thank you all the Pitbull community never let's me down" via @PhotoRepost_app #pitbullsofig #instadog #shelterdogs #monstersarentrealbuthumansare #help #bslsucks #dontbullymybreed #tattooedandbullied
sobe - oceandrive - help - rehab - endbsl - monstersarentrealbuthumansare - tattooedandbullied - miami - artbasel - beach - instadog - nottheirfault - pitbullsofig - southbeach - shelterdogs - decodistrict - donate - bslsucks - dontbullymybreed - shelterpets -
vimophanstar : #nottheirfault #donate #shelterdogs #shelterpets #rehab #endbsl
ellen_charlotte : πŸ˜”
vimophanstar : #miami #beach #southbeach #sobe #artbasel #decodistrict #oceandrive
mylittledocmacstuffins : @clegit5 @pitbullkissesrescue @bayarea_bullies can we help check this out im so hurt that we as humans can inflict innocent babies pain 😭😭😭
mozes_thebest : Makes me feel sick. Almost ashamed to be human. So sorry for these angels, hope they will find a forever home with lots of love
jazzyxoxo13 : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ angry and so sad they had to go through this but I'm overjoyed that they're out of that miserable situation I pray they get beautiful homes and a great life gosh they deserve it πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸΎπŸ‘ΌβœŒοΈπŸ™πŸ‘πŸ™Œ shared
denambride - oscarc121 - carlylittle14 - dont_judge_a_dog_breed -
As someone who was born in this country, I have not and will not have to go through the hardships that many of my students have already gone through. It brings me great joy that my students may be able to go to college one day in order to make something of themselves and contribute to this country positively. Don't let their talent go to waste. #SupportTheDreamAct #NotTheirFault #ProudESLTeacher
nottheirfault - supportthedreamact - proudeslteacher -
beezyybad : Hey! I work for Puentes New Orleans now, we totally need information on ESL classes. Can I send you an email for some more information?!
kat_julissa : @beezyybad Yes you can! I don't know how much help I'll be though cause I actually teach math at a middle school to ESL students, but you can email me at Btw, what do you do there?
beezyybad : I'm assistant to the Executive Director. And anything workin in the Latino community counts
beezyybad : #latinapower 😁
kat_julissa : @beezyybad That's awesome! I'd really like to get more involved with that organization.
beezyybad : Well I jut typed in your email into the database the other day lol did yu receive the newsletter?! There a lot of upcoming volunteer events. Ill send over an email and we can talk about how you can get involved !!!'
kat_julissa : @beezyybad Awesome! I'll go ahead and check if I got it and see what I can sign up for since I have more free time this semester.
beezyybad - johnbalbuena1000 - mamiwota - cindymami504 -
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