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One more just because Graveyard melted faces at the vinyl the other night. #merkwined #hailsweden #lairlife #hearteyesforgraveyard
hailsweden - merkwined - lairlife - hearteyesforgraveyard -
diccfartinez : My head and neck are still fucked up
marcelfilms : Graveyard kills
smo_town - joe_mob - ladyywinter - deathxmachine -
When @choualan meets diaper burger @tylerbenevento #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
scottyzaletel : love at first bite
rxcorey - nev6732 - truemanhooker - pharmacymikey -
Wish I had more videos, Graveyard was amazing. @drediapers @junkyardboogie @smo_town #LairLife #merkwined #graveyardband
merkwined - lairlife - graveyardband -
rxcorey - __m3rmaid - piranha_face - stogss -
GRAVEYARD was amazing tonight! Hopped on stage and gave them love
hailsweden - merkwined - lairlife - graveyardband -
drediapers : #merkwined #lairlife #graveyardband
drediapers : #hailsweden
smo_town : Fuck yeahh dude
jeslugo : killing it
classic_zee - pretty_barb18 - matt_sabbath - marcelfilms -
Get to see GRAVEYARD tonight! #graveyardband #merkwined #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife - graveyardband -
dreeewv : Where at?
drediapers : @dreeewv at the vinyl bud
marcelfilms : So sick have a good time
dreeewv : Damn I'm in town for only couple hours
drediapers : @dreeewv whaat? Dude go its at 7!
dreeewv : Leaving at 7
drediapers : @dreeewv fuck :/ change ur plans! Im jus kidding
taylordeewatson - _shiksa_ - pretty_barb18 - iannemagna -
@drediapers @junkyardboogie 😈.. #graveyard #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife - graveyard -
jeslugo : Sick!! have fun guys @junkyardboogie @drediapers
marcelfilms : So rad!
moonhowlers : Oh shit you guys
junkyardboogie : Sooo exxcite!!
chairman_connor - austinsquire - david_ryann - deathxmachine -
Artwined X @idealhandmades. Go follow for more amazing handmade one of a kind goods. Thanks for letting me paint this frame! #artwined #ideal #merkwined #lairlife
artwined - merkwined - ideal - lairlife -
junkyardboogie : Ohhhh! fuckin cewl
sensimmia : Dope
diccfartinez : Fuck yeah nailed it
dreeewv : Wouldn't follow me back or sponsor me. πŸ˜‰
scottyzaletel : dude so good!!!
dreeewv : Sent him like a million sponce tapes too
matt_sabbath : This is killer!
drediapers : @matt_sabbath fuck yes thanks dude
brooklyn_gal82 - idealhandmades - sashaonelove - fekeesh -
Close but no cigar with.. #HoustonReynosa.. #LairLife #merkwined #fuckduckcreek
houstonreynosa - fuckduckcreek - lairlife - merkwined -
sam_on_the_gram : Fuckin had it!!
drediapers : Dude..he said for satan
deathxmachine : boy, he's wiiild..
stogss : Yeee!
_phil_94 : This kid is dope I chilled with him in havisu !
see_no_evi1 : Dude that's why you get a motorcycle and a rope haha Hmu next time I'll pull him in
jalendanner : Popular page !!!!
diccfartinez : @see_no_evi1 fuck yeah dude that'd be sick
harvei_lee - josettastone_ - _phil_94 - greg__oreo -
Listen to GOAT.. #worldmusic #lairlife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife - worldmusic -
spacekace69 : πŸ‘
taylordeewatson - booooby - pretty_barb18 - brotherdaryll -
@diccfartinez just got my cosmic skull drawing on him for eternity. Thanks dicc im honored to have my art on you. #merkwined #artwined #lairlife #1713
artwined - merkwined - 1713 - lairlife -
taylordeewatson - pretty_barb18 - junkyardboogie - pop_tarttt -
Finally got my @drediapers tattoo. Thank you @kylemontoya you nailed it.. #LairLife #merkwined #bestfriendsforeverclub
bestfriendsforeverclub - merkwined - lairlife -
__m3rmaid : Yeeeeeeeee
tony_b_low : Nice cuhh
marcelfilms : Heavy!
omicronpersei8 - brotherdaryll - deekthasneek - pharmacymikey -
Little doodle from a guy named Bob Dylan #LairLife #merkwined @drediapers
merkwined - lairlife -
drediapers - austinsquire - stogss - desireesanti -
One more because she fucking rules..#Lunathepup #LairLife #merkwined
lunathepup - merkwined - lairlife -
jessicaachantal : Adorable ❀️
d0lly_dagg3r : ahhh!!!
_jyselle - ello_james_ - willpousant - jeslugo -
Welcome to the family.. #Lunathepup #LairLife #merkwined #merkdog
lunathepup - merkwined - merkdog - lairlife -
sydneytrejo : Omg 😍
mfkyle : Who owns the pup?
diccfartinez : @mfkyle the lair
ashtronomerrr__ : He's got that ruthless vato look to him! β€’_~
solllunaa - tatikeepsitreal - louie_prizz - pharmacymikey -
Thank you everybody for being the best family/friends i could ask for and to everyone that showed up. Last night was fuckin wild #lairlife #merkwined #family
merkwined - family - lairlife -
stogss : Try to tag everyone hahaha
junkyardboogie : Luvv
willpousant : Happy bday dude. I totally forgot. I had to take a online traffic class last night and spaced it
dreeewv : Hope you had a good one bud.
jess_b_low : I had fun:) till the next time
joe_mob - acidqueen561 - m_ackerman - madmax2317 -
Only picture from last night, Chavz killed it on the foot long tweesst @drediapers #LairLife #merkwined #whotookmyfuckingcellphoneman
merkwined - whotookmyfuckingcellphoneman - lairlife -
stogss : So gnarly
long_legged_beast : Aww I ain't him in sooooo long !
ambleeezer - mike__white - jessicaachantal - junkyardboogie -
@no_shoes_no_cares new ✌️pipe is sick πŸ› . #LairLife #merkwined @tylerbenevento @blowgarian @jeslugo
merkwined - lairlife -
martrif_ : You must embrace it
jessiephusaurus_rex : #peacepipe ❀️❀️
mfkyle : #animalbonner
bleedingumzmurphy : Wuuut I want
hood_beesh - bumfromhell - david_ryann - stogss -
Brothers and sister, @b_smoooth @moonhowlers not pictured. #siblingday #LairLife #merkwined @blowgarian @no_shoes_no_cares @drediapers @tylerbenevento @junkyardboogie
merkwined - siblingday - lairlife -
moonhowlers : πŸ’šπŸ’™
taylordeewatson - onthat666adam - cam_white702 - moonhowlers -
Thanks to whom ever lost a hundred bucks at @pharmacylv, promise I wont waste all of it on beer and weed. @blowgarian @rxbfk @pharmacymikey #goodkarma #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - goodkarma - lairlife -
easyriderrecord : Sick
tony_b_low : I want to skate again
diccfartinez : @tony_b_low lets go you won't
tony_b_low : I might start piecing a complete together real soon @diccfartinez
marcelfilms : Hey i lost a hundred! Lol just playin
marissaely : Haha we should have some drinks soon haven't seen you since middle school :) we got the same habits tho πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸπŸ»πŸ• @diccfartinez
sensimmia : Baker easyrider vol4 and a Pabst
blowgarian - willpousant - moonhowlers -
@drediapers blunt pull in. @tylerbenevento @blowgarian #LairLife #merkwined #letsleavevideo
merkwined - letsleavevideo - lairlife -
bumfromhell - greg__oreo - marcelfilms - _jyselle -
Haha we totally planned this out.. I swear were not gay @tylerbenevento πŸ“·:@zachbox #merkwined #lairlife #1713
1713 - merkwined - lairlife -
tony_b_low : My niggggggsssssss @drediapers
scottyzaletel - taylordeewatson - arianalovescakes - breebreefresh702 -
My step mom fucking rules πŸ‘ good looks on the @thrashermag blacket..#LairLife #merkwined #mystepmomrips
mystepmomrips - merkwined - lairlife -
junkyardboogie : Ahh jelly
taylordeewatson - chris_baehr702 - martineznicole28 - stogss -
@easyriderrecord @easyriderrecord @thegorgeousgeorge look what my friends spoiled me with for my birthday. @tylerbenevento @diccfartinez @junkyardboogie thank you guys so much, i didnt expect to get so much shit, fukin love you guys. #merkwined #lairlife #myfriendsrip #ridingeasyrecords
ridingeasyrecords - merkwined - myfriendsrip - lairlife -
drediapers : @flex10armedrobberies fuck off! Haha
ladyywinter : That fucking king diamond shirt πŸ‘
drediapers : @ladyywinter i know right! The back of it kills it off haha
drediapers : @uprisingmfg
killoepfer : Yes I am!
matt_sabbath : Happy birthday bud!
drediapers : @matt_sabbath duck yea thanks dude
bumfromhell : Happy (Late) Birthday, man!
drediapers - jeslugo - ___razer___ -
Happy birthday to this art fag and one if my best friends @drediapers. Love you Dre, don't catch itis to early tonight. #bestfriendsforeverclub #LairLife #merkwined #myfriendsrip
bestfriendsforeverclub - merkwined - myfriendsrip - lairlife -
b_smoooth : #DREDAY
drediapers : @diccfartinez fuck yea dicc thanks for being such am awesome homie dude, love you lets boogie till we puke
jessiephusaurus_rex : Happy announcer say of live dre!!! 😁😁 I'll bring some cookie brownie by you guys later tonight!
jessiephusaurus_rex : @drediapers
drediapers : @jessiephusaurus_rex fuck yes please do! Thank you!
nehtoe59 : Happy birthday juggalo @drediapers haha
drediapers : @nehtoe59 hahahaha thanks fool you should come to my party next weekend
long_legged_beast - cheyannefierro - brotherdaryll - ariellejane666 -
Well its your boys day of birth today. And it looks like nothing has changed. #merkwined
merkwined -
desireesanti : Happy Birthday Andre!!! 😊
drediapers : @desireesanti thank you desiree! Hope life is treating you well!
joe_mob : Happy birthday bros.!! Let's try and get together tonight. @drediapers
drediapers : @joe_mob fuck yea of course bud!
squeakyloop : I can't man I'm driving to texas but ill hit you up when I get back man we will cheif a blunt
drediapers : @squeakyloop well im havin a party next saturday when jake cones back so ur comin
squeakyloop : Hell yeah ill be there for sure have a good birthday man!!
lightskinhendrix : Most def bro! I'll be back in May, tell your fam I said hi too
bigfranksdank - jayreubs - deathxmachine - desireesanti -
Oh you know, jus wit my side girl at carlitos. @diccfartinez @ltinezzz @tylerbenevento @mfkyle @moonhowlers #merkwined #lairlife #sidebitch #whoopigolberg
lairlife - prettybitchnation - merkwined - prettybitch - sidebitch - whoopigolberg -
drediapers : #prettybitch #prettybitchnation
irvinmartinez_ : Interracial at its finest so happy for you dude
drediapers : @irvinmartinez_ fat bitches need love too craig!
___razer___ : Older the berry, the sweeter the juice.Β  Man, it's the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.Β  Yeah, well she blacker than a motherfucker too.
coathangerstrangler : Lol ^^
brotherdaryll - armani_tsunami - mfkyle - rxmini -
Sorry no sound @drediapers is killing it #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
rxmini : @junkyardboogie I think you got some competition hahahaha
junkyardboogie : @rxmini he hates me anyways
rxmini : @junkyardboogie well I don't think he's down with the BBBW clique ethier lol
drediapers : @rxmini dont underestimate me mini lol
drediapers : #gigginwitmysidechick
b_smoooth : Hahaha @drediapers "that's all?"
drediapers - mfkyle - deekthasneek - ___razer___ -
@drediapers pulling all the beezyz at Carlitos... #yousureyouaintgay? #LairLife #merkwined #carlitosrips @tylerbenevento @mfkyle @ltinezzz @moonhowlers
yousureyouaintgay - carlitosrips - lairlife - merkwined -
irvinmartinez_ : Is that Whoopi Goldberg?
moonhowlers : Omg hahaha sugar mama ima tell oprah @drediapers
drediapers : @moonhowlers naaww fuck that i got somethin good going with her lol
ashtronomerrr__ : #teeeeeeth *-*
ltinezzz : @ashtronomerrr__ braces!
drediapers : @ashtronomerrr__ you got a teeth fetish? Lol
ashtronomerrr__ : Hellz yah with a Z! @drediapers :P
ltinezzz - coathangerstrangler - ashtronomerrr__ - breebreefresh702 -
Rock and fuckin roll, this is what its about right? Thanks again @radiomoscowband for melting my face. #merkwined #lairlife #radiomoscowband #shepdawgs
merkwined - radiomoscowband - lairlife - shepdawgs -
joe_mob - deathxmachine - moonhowlers - bloodymanevixen -
Selfish bitch πŸ“· @drediapers @stognar #LairLife #merkwined #merkmission #fuckthisspot
merkmission - merkwined - fuckthisspot - lairlife -
tony_b_low : Make merk stickers so I can rep it at the shows mane @diccfartinez
blowgarian - _alyssanewman_ - oldirtyblownt -
@drediapers @tylerbenevento doing lines. #LairLife #merkwined #merkmission
merkmission - merkwined - lairlife -
armani_tsunami : Hell yeah @drediapers spot looks fun! This in sd?
diccfartinez : Nah some where in LA
bumfromhell : Swag!
armani_tsunami : Damn I should have came hahah
drediapers : @armani_tsunami its in gardina!
brotherdaryll - _alyssanewman_ - ladyywinter - ___razer___ -
My face is still at black box thank you @radiomoscowband @shepdawgs. #LairLife #merkwined @tylerbenevento @drediapers
merkwined - lairlife -
pinkiepie666 - sensimmia - aaronkm - nev6732 -
@radiomoscowband and loom fuckin destroyed last night. @diccfartinez @tylerbenevento #merkwined #shepdawgs #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife - shepdawgs -
pinkiepie666 - dreeewv - deathxmachine - moonhowlers -
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