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My story in the Belgian magazine "Goed Gevoel". #promotion #organdonation #magazine #goedgevoel #lungtransplant #secondtransplant #beanorgandonor #donor #lungs
secondtransplant - goedgevoel - lungs - lungtransplant - magazine - donor - promotion - organdonation - beanorgandonor -
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# donatelife #lungtransplant #organdonation #thewaitinglist #whatareyouwaitingfor #georgeclooney #lemomade
thewaitinglist - georgeclooney - whatareyouwaitingfor - lungtransplant - organdonation - lemomade - donatelife -
suzib66 : #donatelife
jojoegaray - donors1 -
FROM GUEST EDITOR ANGEL BOSTON, WAITING FOR A LUNG TRANSPLANT SINCE 7/02/13 @anangelfish #mychildhood #nationaldonatelifemonth 4/23/14 i couldn't run away even if I tried. I've got my IV, my tube for my feeds and of course my oxygen holding me back. #donatelife #lungtransplant #endthewait #thewaitinglist #wechildrenalsowait
thewaitinglist - mychildhood - donatelife - nationaldonatelifemonth - lungtransplant - wechildrenalsowait - endthewait -
mygreatvermontlife : Praying you are free of all those tubes soon! ((Hugs))
prosers : Thinking of you every day, @anangelfish.
aisboston : Thank u @prosers ☺
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#happyday #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #Poland #happy #instafoto #instagood
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Made this. Sometimes all we need to do is breathe. #breathe #lungtransplant #dontworry #itsokay #relax
breathe - dontworry - relax - lungtransplant - itsokay -
laurenkmcgregor -
Still rockin his ninja turtle pjs. #UPMC #hospital #Pittsburgh #cysticfibrosis #cf #lungtransplant #transplantpatient #hesacfer #fightforthecure #purpleribbon
hesacfer - fightforthecure - cysticfibrosis - purpleribbon - upmc - pittsburgh - transplantpatient - hospital - lungtransplant - cf -
justbreathe129 : @hashtagemilyabagail how long ago did he get his lung transplant? I received mine a little over 3 years ago:)
hashtagemilyabagail : He got his two years ago in December! @justbreathe129
___ladydee___ - sunnyyy_deee - cf_awareness - americaleja -
#medicine #pill #pills #breakfast #dexcom #gluco meter #tslim #insulin #linulinpump #truth #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #diabetes #strength #life #live #fighters I always try to ignore the idea of how my meds keep me alive. People around you are normal. They live their typical life every day no pills no inhalers no masks no blood sugar checks no shots no tube feeds no IV medications no trouble getting anywhere, a perfectly functioning body. They think life can be hard and it can't get worse. But what we can do is show them what's true. We can do just as much as them, if not more. We can spread the word change the thoughts on how others think about us. WE ARE STRONG! OUT TO TO ALL US FIGHTERS. And i got the dexcom it's great and really accurate it checks you sugar every 5 minuets I recommend it.
life - truth - linulinpump - lungtransplant - dexcom - fighters - breakfast - pills - diabetes - gluco - strength - hearttransplant - live - insulin - tslim - medicine - pill -
matt_wyffels20 : Hey ive got one of those
matt_wyffels20 : Dexacoms are nice
maskedyaiba : We LOVE you!!!! πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š
tangerinetea : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
pranp75 : Well said my good friend! I live on 15 meds everyday, and if I miss them I have renal failure. You stay strong dude and know that I'm fighting with you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
theresadurso3 : Cellcept, valcyte, Bactrim, tacrolimus, diovan, prednisone, aspirin, Junel FE, Lasix, pravastatin, nystatin, norvasc, Zantac, Zoloft, klonopin, magnesium oxide, oscal d, multivitamin, humilog as needed... I feel ya!!! Keep it up tx warrior!!!
theresadurso3 : And temazepam
theresadurso3 : I feel like I'm forgetting some but whatever
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I am now #Officially on the #OrganDonor List!! #NHS #SavingLifes πŸ˜πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ’œβ˜Ί
body - givesomethingback - love - help - lungs - give - lungtransplant - mind - back - 11months - donated - nhs - savinglifes - savelives - organdonor - helpout - save - strength - savedmydad - organ - giveback - soul - misshim - live - health - lung - donor - donate - officially - hospital -
kerrimilner_hair : #donate #donated #live #love #save #savelives #health #savedmydad #11months #misshim #lung #lungs #lungtransplant #organ #donor #help #givesomethingback #body #soul #mind #give #back #giveback #hospital #strength #helpout
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There is a #BreathingForLaura fundraiser at #Legends2Salon this Sunday #April27 from 12:00-3:00. This will be a #Raffle and #CutAThon and all proceeds will go to Laura and her family! Please stop on in if you need a #haircut in the #SouthOC area! All haircuts with be $25 and I'm sure the stylists would love to share Laura's story with you! #LauraBrock #Donate #OC #RanchoSantaMargarita #LungTransplant #Support
raffle - lungtransplant - legends2salon - laurabrock - breathingforlaura - support - haircut - oc - ranchosantamargarita - southoc - april27 - donate - cutathon -
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THIS was the face of the girl whose chest X-rays came back NORMAL!!! No air leak. No pneumonia. Praise The Lord and his infinite mercy!!! #100daysofhappiness #omgimhappy #praiseJesus #lungdisease #lungtransplant #interstitiallungdisease #dermatomyositis #oxygen
lungtransplant - dermatomyositis - oxygen - lungdisease - omgimhappy - praisejesus - interstitiallungdisease - 100daysofhappiness -
sonnyblowdro : yeeeeee!!!
robynlashun123 : Amen!
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FROM GUEST EDITOR ANGEL BOSTON, WAITING FOR A LUNG TRANSPLANT SINCE 7/02/13 @anangelfish 4/21/14 #mychildhood My sisters Destiny and Belle. One day I hope to have a normal childhood and be able to do stuff with my sisters. #mystory #photoproject #lungtransplant #donatelife #wechildrenalsowait #endthewait #thewaitinglist
mystory - donatelife - whatareyouwaitingfor - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - photoproject - thewaitinglist - mychildhood - wechildrenalsowait - organdonation - endthewait -
the_waitinglist : #endthewaitinglist #whatareyouwaitingfor #organdonation #thewaitinglist
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Day 49: Ran up these stairs 8 times. #legshurt #lungsdidnt #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #poser #ididittoo
lungsdidnt - cysticfibrosis - legshurt - poser - lungtransplant - ididittoo -
soniadebrito : I'm coming next time
lovelydinosaur_ : Tomorrow after work @soniadebrito
cassiejahn : Woooohh... I'd die if I tried this now!
cassiejahn : Go Matthew! @codwallaperfarqua
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My boyfriend is cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidose). He is again here thanks a lung transplant. Unfortunately it was a very difficult period and I have depression. this depression takes ana in my life.. Lau'. #ana#mia#anorexie#anorexia#recovery#muco#mucoviscidose#skinny#hospital#cystic#fibrosis#lungtransplant#greffe#transplantationpulmonaire#skinny#boulimie#sad#depression#depressed
ana - lungtransplant - sad - transplantationpulmonaire - anorexie - skinny - depression - anorexia - recovery - mia - hospital - greffe - depressed - muco - mucoviscidose - boulimie - fibrosis - cystic -
recoveringstars - _dxnnie - stayfit2014 - no_thigh_gap_here -
facetime with mommy while she's in Pittsburg waiting for her lung transplant ! πŸ’› #littleyellowduckproject #lungtransplant #cantwait #missher #facetime #mommy
facetime - cantwait - mommy - lungtransplant - missher - littleyellowduckproject -
kayla_king1121 : Awwwh I love her so much!
laken_king - squishy_bruner - lexiiii26 - kaitlin_stevens0821 -
If I didn't have cf & 2 double lung transplants I might have been a world champion by now? But if I didn't have cf I wouldn't have been as determined and probably gave up long ago, I wouldn't understand my body the way I do and might have injured myself by now, if I didn't have cf I wouldn't be trying to push boundaries and achieve fitness beyond everyone's expectations, if I didn't have cf I might never have started pole to improve my lungs, if I didn't have cf well who cares I do, I'm here I'm trying and I'm achieving. I have cf iv had 2 double lung transplant, learnt to walk and talk regained fitness over and over again. I get frustrated that I have to learn again and again but ultimately I still learn something about myself every time. If I didn't have pole I wonder if I'd still even be here? A lot has contributed to me being alive today, doctors, nurses, friends and family most importantly my donors but my fitness got me through a heck of a lot to, I might have been sicker earlier, I might have been to weak for ecmo my fitness was a huge contributor to putting me on it, the list goes on #cysticfibrosis #transplant #lungtransplant #doublelung #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #organdonation #poledancng #polefit #fitnesspole #fitness #strength #survival #life #fitnesspolefdancing #piccollage
secondtransplant - life - cysticfibrosis - survival - lungtransplant - polefit - transplant - strength - doublelung - doublelungtransplant - fitnesspole - fitness - poledancng - organdonation - piccollage - fitnesspolefdancing -
graciebabyyyyy : Keep going! @ktbutterfly you are amazingly strong! Best wishes xx
chopitap : You Rock!! @ktbutterfly
dannii001 : Amazing xx
katiealieshx : Definitely an inspiration @ktbutterfly πŸ’•
ktbutterfly : Thank you @graciebabyyyyy @chopitap @dannii001 @katiealieshx xx
beforefirecouldcatchme : Wow.. You're such an inspiration!
lisasandberg - abigordon17 - tanyaclaire23 - egyptiankangaroo -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
wibblewobble_lurex : Omg!!! That is trust if I've ever seen it! X
weeone1215 : I love this!! Such talent.. and hard work. Good job and keep it up!!!
ktbutterfly : Thanku @weeone1215 @wibblewobble_lurex xx
indipolewear : Great shape!
aaliyahspicegold - jessie_winterscream - indipolewear - minibulle_ -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
lovelydinosaur_ : I'd love to try this but am sooo inflexible!
ktbutterfly : @lovelydinosaur_ there is flexibility aspects but that's part is more advanced, pole is about strength and fun anyone can do it. While you build on strength your flexibility will improve to x
kelyvon - strysin - jxssicaxx - mishymoshymoo -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
nimssamillion : I would love to be able to do this but far to body conscious and not the most flexible. You are a inspiration though. @ktbutterfly xxx
ktbutterfly : Thanku @nimssamillion x
alejandravillarroel : @barbaro1988 mira !!!
barbaro1988 : Genial @alejandravillarroel podriamos intentarlo
alejandravillarroel : @barbaro1988 siiii hay q hacerlaaa!, y para el campeonato jijii someday
strysin - marianacontreras16 - ciapersempre - shaynebabe -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
justbreathe129 - 21lex21 - tkd540 - mariahcaisee -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
justbreathe129 - 21lex21 - tkd540 - loganbraz -
Poling with @sassysaffy 8 months after my 2nd double lung transplant #transplant #cysticfibrosis #recovery #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #secondtransplant #poledancing #pole #fitness #fitnesspoledancing #doubles #doublespole #polefitness #strength #polefit #poledancing
secondtransplant - strength - recovery - cysticfibrosis - polefitness - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - poledancing - pole - doublespole - fitness - fitnesspoledancing - doubles - polefit - transplant -
margaragamboa - justbreathe129 - swimlark - tkd540 -
One of my #awesome #doctors! #alivebecauseofthem #recovery #LungTransplant
awesome - lungtransplant - recovery - alivebecauseofthem - doctors -
ladyston3 - blancsworld - mommah1316 - nimbusclouds93 -
My awesome doctors! #alivebecauseofthem #recovery #LungTransplant
lungtransplant - recovery - alivebecauseofthem -
ladyston3 - mommah1316 - alley_katzz - ashleeymoore -
FROM GUEST EDITOR ANGEL BOSTON, WAITING FOR A LUNG TRANSPLANT SINCE 7/02/13 @anangelfish #tbt #mychildhood me and my sister @sparklybee31 at Sanibel Island Fl a couple of years ago. I don't remember what it's like not to have my extra oxygen. #donatelife #organtransplant #mystory #photoproject #lungtransplant #wechildrenalsogetsick
mystory - donatelife - organtransplant - endthewaitinglist - whatareyouwaitingfor - lungtransplant - tbt - photoproject - thewaitinglist - mychildhood - wechildrenalsogetsick -
the_waitinglist : Thank u @prosers from @anangelfish
ashley_bischof : Angel
the_waitinglist : #endthewaitinglist #whatareyouwaitingfor #donatelife #thewaitinglist
the_waitinglist : I love the work @anangelfish does; it is inspiring and powerful. I want to try to expand this photo project to include other children also on the organ transplant waiting list. So if your child would be interested in participating, in using photography to express, understand and hopefully cope with their experience with illness, please email me at: DYL
prosers : I find all of your pieces moving and therefore makes the message all the more powerful but @anangelfish's story is another one that really reaches out to me @the_waitinglist. @anangelfish needs to get back to the business of being a young child/person, playing on the beach with her sister or doing ordinary things. I'm thankful she was willing to share so much with you. #organownerbecomeadonor
the_waitinglist : @prosers I agree with you. If I had three or four more @anangelfish, I can only imagine the powerful portfolio of stories we would produce... You have to thank her mom @aisboston for letting her participate. DYL
prosers : @aisboston, thanks so much for sharing your daughter's story here. It is hard to read sometimes and hard to look at the pictures but it has never made me turn away. Your daughter is so young, her spirit is so strong and I want to see her get her chance to live a full life. I also admire her feistiness, it will serve her well. Thanks for letting us in on this very difficult phase of all of your lives.
aisboston : Thank you @prosers speaking for myself, sharing Angel's story alleviates some of the anxiety l feel. Life on the waiting list can be torturous at times. Wondering if we'll ever get that call haunts me every day.
davidylee - makyo9 - savebigbird - bctransplant -
The first picture was taken in October 2013, one month after Michael's #doublelungttansplant. The second was taken this March, celebrating Michael's 30th birthday. My goodness how things can change in just 6 months! #blessed #organdonation #cfboss #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #miracle #mydarkknight #Godsgotthis #Christcenteredmarriage
fatty - cysticfibrosis - mydarkknight - cfboss - lungtransplant - doublelungttansplant - blessed - miracle - christcenteredmarriage - godsgotthis - organdonation -
sdrake2004 : He's gained about 30lbs since the first pic. #fatty
jklobuwski : Γ‰norme pensΓ©e pour toi @drakethedrummer1 depuis la France ! Tu es un warrior !
kelaynneh - jklobuwski - rndmcrftygagrl - drakethedrummer1 -
I've never been shy or quiet about my struggles with my lung disease. This morning... At 9:02am on Thursday April 17th, New York Presbyterian called me for my first transplant appointment. I'm on my way to getting on the organ list. I can't really express how or what I'm feeling. But I know that God reigns supreme and He will get all the glory. Love someone. Mean it. Pray for me and my family. #100daysofhappiness #omgimhappy #lungtransplant #lungillness #lungdisease #dermatomyositis #MCTD #organtransplant
lungtransplant - dermatomyositis - organtransplant - mctd - omgimhappy - lungdisease - 100daysofhappiness - lungillness -
thebrownking : πŸ’™πŸ™
nikkilove421 : This made me smile with my whole heart. Praying that everything works out in your favor!
ashlyinwonderland : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
wildhairdontcare : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
katrice820 : Smiling with tears of so happy Tash!
mem1481 : I'll be praying for you!! God is the ultimate healer and physician.
rdbuttrfly : πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‡πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒSo happy for you. Certainly will keep you in my prayers.
mem1481 - buntymhk - katrice820 - _ilovequotes24_ -
6 month post #lungtransplant bronch the other day! Still waiting (not so patiently) for the results! #cysticfibrosis #transplant #blessed
lungtransplant - blessed - cysticfibrosis - transplant -
pinger_genguin - rineaglejr - urban_emoe - mayerarts -
Got my itinerary for tomorrow.... #backAtItAgain another full dayβ˜€οΈ of #LungTransplant testsπŸ“ˆπŸ“‰#HoustonMethodist 🏩#testing. My Favorite part of all this is #BreakForLunchπŸ΄πŸ• of course‼️eeeek--> Full PFTs 😭whahhhh‼️ #pulmonaryFunctionTest πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜·πŸ’¨I absolutely hate that stupid tank thing πŸ˜·πŸ‘ƒπŸ’¨and arterial Gasβ€ΌοΈπŸ’‰πŸ™…I'm already tired just thinking about itπŸ‘ŽπŸ’€ but I gotta do what I gotta do..πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ#lifeonthetransplantlist πŸ“β™»οΈ #MyLungsSuck‼️#CantBreathe🚫 #OxygenNeededπŸ’¨πŸ˜·#sclerodermaπŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ #pulmonaryfibrosisπŸ‘Ž#gastroparesis πŸ‘Ž
pulmonaryfibrosis - mylungssuck - gastroparesis - pulmonaryfunctiontest - lungtransplant - backatitagain - breakforlunch - testing - houstonmethodist - cantbreathe - oxygenneeded - lifeonthetransplantlist - scleroderma -
kortiz428 : Be strong love πŸ’™πŸ˜˜
cleaver_penny : LOVE u
jojoegaray : @kortiz428 yes, I am!πŸ’ͺ πŸ’‰
jojoegaray : @cleaver_penny ❀️❀️
totallylovelife : @jojoegaray #YouGotThis girl! I hear ya on the PFT..wipes me out too! And that darn arterial gas... #ouch! 🌻🌸
margaragamboa : The best for today @jojoegaray HOPE!!!
irishnell : You can do this !
mctd_support : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
margaragamboa - mrsjennmorgan - jayrey511 - totallylovelife -
I love all of you Cyster/ Fibro and blessings to y'all! #awesome #amazing #loveit #photographer #countryboy #countrylife #justbreathe #cysticfibrosis #cyster #curecf #fightcysticfibrosis #65roses #followme #follow4follow #smile #supportive #staystrong #lungtransplant #proudofmyself #best #shoot #vscocam
cyster - countrylife - proudofmyself - countryboy - cysticfibrosis - staystrong - loveit - awesome - lungtransplant - 65roses - follow4follow - supportive - fightcysticfibrosis - best - shoot - photographer - curecf - amazing - justbreathe - smile - vscocam - followme -
dpirc65 : Love u back buddy..wink @mccunejd_199
rineaglejr - jamesmccunejr - aye_itzjazzy - mp_photographie96 -
So, Ive been sober for 6 months now. I decided that I needed stop doing things that aren't good for my body, like drinking, smoking and other things. It's been a struggle but I need to be healthy... I'm having a lung transplant at Cleveland clinic and I had an evaluation done ... just waiting for them to approve it from when I went the hospital. I thought that now was the time! Please respond and or like this post if you're proud of me. Thank you and may God Bless all of you! #awesome #amazing #sober #loveit #photographer #countryboy #countrylife #justbreathe #cysticfibrosis #cyster #curecf #fightcysticfibrosis #65roses #followme #follow4follow #smile #supportive #staystrong #lungtransplant #proudofmyself #best #shoot
cyster - lungtransplant - proudofmyself - countryboy - cysticfibrosis - staystrong - loveit - awesome - countrylife - 65roses - follow4follow - sober - supportive - fightcysticfibrosis - best - shoot - photographer - curecf - amazing - justbreathe - smile - followme -
misskaneylayne : Great job.
queenofthewoods_f250 : Awhh 😊😊 @mccunejd_199
mossyoaklove : <3 ur shirttt n uuu
calimama19xx : Thats so awesome for you to ita very hard to do my friend zack who passed in oct with cf had been cleanand sober for almost two and half years to get healthy and take his meds and I was so proud of him and he could still hangout with his friends that drank he was a strong man and one I looked up to alot hes now breathing easy and looking down on all his fellow cfers soldiers keep it up im proud of you!
varnaiagnes : Hi! I am a 20 year old Hungarian girl, 6 months ago I got a new lungs, I am a CF patient I was nine months on the list. Endurance ! You're strong, I can see in the pictures! :)
suechelle_chelly910 - ashhleybrookke - lilhippie29 - suittoofresh -
Time has flown by...6 months with a second chance at life. I honestly am beyond grateful with how my life has turned out. I'm thankful for everyone who are there for me before and after I got this amazing gift. Pre-transplant I was at 96 lbs, 18% lung function, and 4 leaters of oxygen. Now 109 lbs, 84% lung function, and 100% room air. #lungtransplant #donatelife #cysticfibrosis #fighter
fighter - donatelife - cysticfibrosis - girlswithink - girlswithtattoos - lungtransplant -
_barnes_s : #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos
abby_blythe - speed_bag_flash - a_redden19 - coopsnoopy -
Pain is Temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take it's place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever x❀️o If you keep Hope alive, it will keep You Alive ll Spent the morning at the Pain Management Clinic. Felt like I had one of the most productive appointments in a long time! I loved my Doctor and he came up with a great plan! Starting with an ultrasound of my back, neck, and shoulders to aid with the injection of trigger point shots. Trigger point injections will temporarily relax my muscles and numb my nerves in order for me to fully benefit from physical therapy. Physical Therapy will hopefully improve my posture and back in hopes of breathing easier and a better quality of life. I am also going to try acupuncture and learning how to slow my heart rate. For my pleurisy pain just a dose of medication that will block my brain from perceiving/recognizing pain. Sooo hopeful this all works! I need some relief more than I tend to complain about. #muscles #pain #nerves #lungs #lungtransplant #health #cysticfibrosis #curecf #fight2breathe
muscles - pain - lungs - cysticfibrosis - lungtransplant - curecf - health - nerves - fight2breathe -
lifeofaspoonie : Acupuncture is incredible. It has helped me so much, but I dont have cystic fibrosis. Hopes it works as great for you as it did me :)
jbug1128 : @fight2breathe massage therapy has really helped me, but it's pricey. I'd go every two since I can't work ..I haven't been able to go. Maybe I can get a referral for something like you are doing. I get some major knots in my shoulders and neck from coughing. I'm trying to better my posture with stretching and yoga too. Keep it up love, we can do thisπŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ’œ
sheryllgrogan : I love Accupuncture. It has worked wonders for me, I pray the same for you πŸ’•
hilarina79 : @fight2breathe I highly recommend this, they also make a junior size
hilarina79 : (it's a back buddy, similar to a theracane for massaging knots urself)
suepizzo : @fight2breathe I've gotten Accupuncture and it's helped a great deal!
jj_totheworld : Have you tried meditation? I found a whole load of good introduction videos on #yogaglo .com when I started yoga this year. If you check out the website, the 1st 2 weeks are free. Not sure if yoga itself is an option for you also, but talk to your doc and see what he says. Personally, I love it.
xxprincessmickeyxx : Keep it going girl you got this!!! :) xoxo xoxo <3 love u loads girly!!! Keep on holding tight!!!!!!! @fight2breathe
babyfacebone - living_lalaland - jelsa_forever_97 - cindy_waterhouse -
It's a Great Day to be Alive ll Can't wait to one day see my future beautiful new lungs when they look healthy and clear black in an xray! For now here's a side view πŸŽ₯ #xray #lungs #lungtransplant #hospital #lungdisease #cysticfibrosis #curecf #WhosThrowingThePartyWhenWeSeeClear #CantWaitToBreatheEasy
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lovetobreathe : Lets throw a huge party!! It will be black tie... Pun intended πŸ˜‰
tlshoemaker519 : I couldn't sleep last night, you were on my mind. Said lots of prayers and positive thoughts for new lungs. Was really hoping they would come last night!
damnitdana : Praying for you!
fight2breathe : @tlshoemaker519 Thank you for thinking of me but let's both try to nap! I was up as well ❀️
fight2breathe : @damnitdana Thank you πŸ’œ
fight2breathe : @lovetobreathe It's a must! LOVE your idea
megganmyrra : This might sound dumb but how will a lung transplant help your cf? Will it make the cf go away or kinda just give your lungs a fresh start maybe? I know nothing about the disease, sorry!
ashbone023 : Sry for the stupid comment but I see a face and I know what it's like to have cf I don't have it but my cousin did and she passed away from it
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