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{Beneath a moonless sky} Sif moaned softly as Loki kissed her neck. "Loki..." She squirmed slightly when he pressed his hand against the small of her back. "Yes?" Loki muttered in her ear as he pressed their warm bodies together. "I need you." She gasped. "As do I." He held her tightly. Sif kissed his temple and threw her head back in ecstasy. She lovingly wiped the sweat from his brow. The dark wrapped around them like a blanket. Beneath a moonless sky, a match made in the heavens expressed their love for each other. The next morning, before the sun could greet the land, Loki rose and gave Sif a tender kiss. "Oh my love, how I wish we could be together freely. But, alas, you are a beautiful and pure angel. I would only taint your beautiful innocence. By only touching you..." He sighed and stroked her hair. "Goodbye my love." Loki whispered to a sleeping Sif. After some time Sif woke. "Loki... I love you." She blindly groped the space beside her. "Loki?" Tears ran down Sif's cheeks. He had used her, lied to her. -4 years later- "Mommy, why don't I have a daddy?" Sif closed her eyes tightly as her daughter voiced her innocent question. She turned to look at her little angel. "Come here Astrid." Sif picked her up and sat her on her lap. Big green eyes blinked up at her. She placed a kiss in Astrid's thick black curls. "Well, darling, your father was a dashing prince..."
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mischiefandmagic : Once there was a night beneath a moonless sky. Too dark to see a thing. To dark to even try. I stole to your side to tell you I must go, I couldn't see your face, but sensed you even so. And I touched you, and I felt you, and I heard those ravishing refrains. The music of your pulse, the singing in your veins. And I held you, and I touched you, and embraced you, and I felt you. As with every breath and every sigh, I felt no longer scared, I felt no longer shy. At last our feelings bared beneath a moonless sky.
mischiefandmagic : That musical>>life.
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Chapter 31: Rebecca's Point of view: I wake up to a pair of emerald green eyes Starring at me. "Good morning Love." Loki gleams with joy. "Morning weirdo." I say as I kiss his sweet lips. "What's a weirdo?" Loki asks confused. "It's a word mortals use to describe someone as not ordinary." I state as I get up off the bed. "So that's what that means. The avengers on earth always called me that when I was down there." Loki says getting off the bed as well. I forgot that I was naked and so was Loki. Remembering what happen last night makes me blush. "We need to freshen up." Loki states as he grabs my hand and leads me into the bathroom. While Loki gets the shower ready, I look at the mirror. Seeing that I have marks all over my body from Loki. My hair is a mess and my legs are sore. Everything is sore. Loki wraps his arms around me and his head rest on my shoulder. "How do you feel?" Loki asks as he looks in the mirror as well observing my body. "I feel sore every where." I say as I put my arms on his arms. "A hot shower will help with that." Loki insists. He leads me into the shower with him. His shower was big enough to fit 10 people in here. The shower head was very large. Shape like the waterfall shower heads but bigger. The water was hot on my chest. I put my hair under the water and Loki puts shampoo in my hair. He massages my head. It feels nice I close my eyes, feeling like I could fall asleep again. I wash the shampoo out of my hair. Loki stares at me with lust in his eyes.
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Evil ass little grin....πŸ˜˜πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š - - - #loki #tomhiddleston #theavengers #hailloki #lokid #thebae #themeyes #liferuiner #hesbeautiful #lokifeels
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Loki and Frigga. #loki #lokifeels #lokilover #lokitumblr #lokisdirtywhispers #thor #thor2 #thorthedarkworld #lokisarmy #chrishemsworth #tom #tdw #tomhiddleston #thiddy #thiddleston #tumblr #tumblrfeels #talklokitome
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Got a new Marvel shirt!!!!!!! Loving it!!! Also how did everyone like the last chapter? #loki #lokiarmy #lokisarmy #kneel #thor #lokid #thor2 #thorthedarkworld #theavengers #avengers #tomhiddleston #twhiddleston #hiddleston #lokifeels #thorki #thiddleston #twh #follow #lokilaufeyson
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😢.... FEEEEEELLLSSS! - - OMG! - - I love this though! #lokifeels #lokilaufeyson #feels
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My feels are dead... - - #feels #lokilaufeyson #lokifeels
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So many feels... Like I can't! I CANT! - - #imadethis #loveyaloki #instaframe #loki #lokifeels #lokilaufeyson #thor
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Chapter 30: Loki's Point of View: Her eyes turn back to blue when she sees me. I remember her mothers were black as well when she had the Aether in her. Rebecca begins to cry. Her eyes turning a dark blue and it thunders. The oceans are hitting the palace. The weather is controlled by her feelings. I hug her tight in my arms and she hugs me back. "Loki it was so real." She mumbles. "What was real?" I ask while I wipe the tears off her face. "The nightmare. Thanos he... He killed you and I couldn't save you! Your blood was all over me!" Rebecca cries. "Rebecca I'm well can't you see that? I'm fine. It was only a dream." I reassure her. "I don't want to ever have a dream like that again Loki. I can't even think about loosing you." "And you won't Rebecca." "Wait where is grandpa? Did he..." "He is fine Rebecca. He just has a few scares. Odin has to rest." I interrupt her. She shakes her head and she seems more calm. I kiss her and she kisses me back. "I love you Rebecca." "And I love you Loki." Thor walks in with the healer. The healer moves me out of the way and went to look at Rebecca but as soon as he touched her, he flew backwards. Rebecca's eyes widen and her mouth wide open. "What...what just happened?" She asks confused on what just happened. "The Aether. It's protecting you." Thor says while touching her shoulder but he flew back two. "DAD! I'm sorry I didn't mean too." "It's okay Rebecca. It's just your powers. The Aether thinks everyone is harming you. Loki touch her." Thor demands. I went to touch her and nothing happens. Rebecca and I smirk. "Well... That hurts." Thor says. "Sorry dad."
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lokis_bitch : Loki looks at me while he rubs it and I look away from him. "Look at me when I touch you." Loki demands. I look at him and his eyes are dark. He rubs it faster. I couldn't think straight. I moan, "LOKI" "That's right darling. Say my name." Loki slips his fingers inside me. I moan even louder, unable to control it. Loki stops and I look at him confused. He gets back on top of me. Kissing my neck and whispers in my ear, "No one else shall touch you but me. You are mine and mine alone." His words send chills up my back. Loki snaps his fingers and our clothes disappear. I take my hands to hide my body but Loki smacks them away. "Your beautiful dear." Loki's eyes observe my body. I feel my cheeks warm up. He takes my hands into his one hand and pinning them over my head. Taking his other hand on my left breast. Rubbing my breast then pitching my nipples. His cold wet tongue licks my nipples. I moan in sweet Ecstasy. I look at Loki while he is licking my nipple.
lokis_bitch : His tongue going fast making me move my hips wanting him to touch me again. Loki sucks my other breast giving it attention as well. "Loki... Loki..please." I moan wanting him inside me. "Beg for it. Tell me what you want Rebecca." He demands. "I want..." I mumble to embarrassed to say what I desire. "What was that?" Loki says while putting his hand off my breast to my clit, teasing it. I couldn't take it anymore. "I want you to fuck me!" I yell. Loki's smile only grows bigger hearing how badly I wanted him. Loki stands up and gets off of me. I admire the view I'm having of Loki. His is very lean,has abs and a v line. As my eyes trail his body I look at his penis, wondering how the hell that was going to fit inside me. Loki notices my concern and insists, "Don't worry dear. I'll be gentle." Loki puts my legs on his chest and puts his penis inside me. I bite my lip holding in the pain. Loki starts to thrust into me slowly and gentle like he promised. At first it hurt but now it's getting better and better every time he thrust into me. Loki gets on top of me, getting closer to me until we were chest to chest. Him going deeper inside me. His thrust start to go faster and I moan his name over and over again. I put my arms around him and my legs around his waist.He kisses me slowly and passionately. Loki moans, "Rebecca." "Loki." I yell. The next thing I knew, we both climaxed at the same time. Loki lays next to me looking at me and I turn to his side so I can look at him to. We both couldn't speak. We are so out of breath so we just stared at each other and smiled. Loki broke the silence by whispering, "Who would of thought a monster could love." "Who would of thought a weapon of destruction could learn how to make peace and love someone." I whisper back while kissing him on the cheek. Loki smiles at my comment. I sleep on Loki's chest that night. Listening to Loki's heart beat that slowed down. For the first time in my whole entire life I felt like myself and I have Loki to thank for that.
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Feels!!!! -#feels -#loki -#lokifeels
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Hahah he like bitch what you say??? Well today I got lots of shit to do! Like usual! Welcome to high school where your teachers think you don't have a life!!! QOTD: What ideas do you guys have for a Marvel Party? Jw cause I'm having one #loki #lokiarmy #lokisarmy #kneel #thor #lokid #thor2 #thorthedarkworld #theavengers #avengers #tomhiddleston #twhiddleston #hiddleston #lokifeels #thorki #thiddleston #twh #follow #lokilaufeyson
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lizzyluvdw : Pin the horns on Loki
lizzyluvdw : And have a piΓ±ata and use a big hammer like Thor's to hit it wuth
lizzyluvdw : And some iron man stuff. And cap. America
lokis_bitch : Those are really great ideas! Thanks girl! I'm dressing up as Rebecca from my fan fiction but doing it in Loki colors!! @lizzyluvdw
labrathors : maybe a best costume award?? idk that's what I'm doing aha
ellieloves_loki_1d_severus : Oh happy birthday when it comes bec, did u get the dress sorted?
lokis_bitch : Thanks and yes we did measurements last week and now the lady is finding the material to use. @ellieloves_loki_1d_serverus
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