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Lol Liam really hates fake accounts 😝 But yeah, it seems like he's confirming him and Sophia. P.s. I think I like Sophiam the best, what do you guys think? || #liampayne #sophiasmith #sophiam #siam #lophia #onedirection #1d #liamrumor #liamupdate
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sunshine_of_alyssa : Aww Liams too perfect! x)
chloeeoo : If they were childhood friends where was she when he was being bullied and rejected, she suddenly pops up again when he's this famous. Wow seems odd to me
hurting_ourselfs_deep_inside_ : HAHAHAHAHAH lmg
miluburbanom : Omg my baby omg he is just omg too much too much @upandrea
xculvertacresx : Omg LIAM stop he is perfect perfect!! Xkskxlajc and no my heart is payzer forever like i respect his relationship but dont support it @miluburbanom
lolnarrytho : @chloeeoo exactly
chloeeoo : Thank god someone agrees with me I thought I was on my own with that @5crazy_1derful_mofos
tomlinsow : he's British it should be mummy
everlastinghoran - alissonnicole123 - callystajames -
(cred: @h0tlikemalik ) Okay, so Liam just called out a fake Sophia account, one that a lot of people believed was her (@/SophiaSmithXox), which seems like a sort-of confirmation that they're dating. I'm really happy for him, from the few pics I've seen of them together, they seem like a cute couple. No one send her hate, seriously, it's literally one of the worst and horrible things to do. Liam does so much for us, I'm glad he's with someone who makes him happy. Also! Any accounts under her name are probably fake, since she's most likely private. And take all rumors with a grain of salt! Anyone know what their ship name is? πŸ˜‹ || #lophia #siam #sophiam #couple #liampayne #liamrumor #liamupdate #liampaynegirlfriend #sophiasmith #onedirection #1d
liampayne - sophiam - onedirection - liampaynegirlfriend - couple - liamupdate - lophia - 1d - siam - liamrumor - sophiasmith -
thoselarryshippers : Sophiam... I think
kwirkkz - fareeda_wonderful - sparklingmfz -
Does anyone else think this account is a fake? And I'm not saying this because I'm in denial of Liam dating or some shit like that because honestly if he's happy then I'm happy but like this chick posts a lot about 1D constantly. It's a little fishy 🐑 like don't you have better things to do than tweet all day? Like maybe a job or hanging out with friends or Liam? And Also, Liam doesn't even follow her. Honestly I think a Directioner made this acc for attention because I doubt she would suddenly make an account after the rumors of them dating just to get hate? Like it just doesn't make sense. #liam #liampayne #liamsgirlfriend #sophiasmith #twitter #liamtwitter #onedirection #onedirectionrumors #rumoredgirlfriend #girlfriend #liamrumor #1d
liampayne - rumoredgirlfriend - liamrumor - sophiasmith - onedirectionrumors - liam - liamsgirlfriend - 1d - girlfriend - onedirection - twitter - liamtwitter -
nothingisiimpossible : I think it's supper fake
lovelylou__ : It is! The real Sophia Smith has denied even meeting Liam. Apparently it's a different model that's rumored to be dating him; possibly people mistook her for Sophia? IDK but those accounts claiming they're her and talking about Liam are fake. @nothingisiimpossible
nothingisiimpossible : Omg I hope he isn't dating anyone!! And if u look t the pictures closely the girl doesn't look the same the one in the car looks much older
lovelylou__ : Yes I've noticed that! I'm sure if Liam was dating someone we would know by now or he would tell us. @nothingisiimpossible
nothingisiimpossible : Yeah I'm sure he would of said something by now Im just hoping she's fake
samccarrick : yea it's a fake. her real one is @/sophia_xox
spheiv : @malauguzman hmmm caption, tu a dices?
editguide : There are so many Siam shippers and Sophia fan pages she's following O.o they don't even know about her.
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Another picture of Liam's new girlfriend! 😁 She's purty, and I'm happy for Liam. Do we know her name yet? || #liampayne #liamrumor #liamupdate #liamgirlfriend #liamsgirlfriend #onedirection #1d #1drumor #1dupdate #1dgirlfriend #1dgirlfriends #girlfriendclub
liampayne - liamgirlfriend - 1dgirlfriend - girlfriendclub - liamupdate - liamsgirlfriend - 1dupdate - 1d - liamrumor - 1dgirlfriends - onedirection - 1drumor -
reileydrake : I'm just waiting till Liam confirms who she is.
hitattoohazza : @reileydrake Ah, thanks!!! πŸ˜„
reileydrake : No prob! But I looked Sophia smith up and there's some ancient lady from like the 1800s and then there's a pornstar...πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ umm idk hahah
hitattoohazza : @reileydrake Lololol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : Someone said her name was Penelope
hitattoohazza : @_leprechaun_ Ok, thanks!! πŸ˜‹
whitelinesxx : No, her name is Sophia. She was a back up dancer for the BSE video.
itspaynetrain : @cuban_babe1991 it is something whit Liam and Girls who Dance :/ Think I'm going start dancing
babywhoo - maciesavanna - ourmota -
This is Liam's rumored new girlfriend! Idk, I'm happy for him if they're together. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• || #liampayne #liamgirlfriend #liamsgirlfriend #liamupdate #liamrumor #onedirection #1d #1dupdate #1drumor
liampayne - liamrumor - liamupdate - liamsgirlfriend - 1dupdate - 1d - liamgirlfriend - onedirection - 1drumor -
m0llygriffin : I'm happy if he's happy, but I'll tellin ya now, she better love him for Liam Payne, not Liam Payne from One Direction.
itsdianaaxo : She's so pretty!
hitattoohazza : @music_ismy_life13 Agreed
m0llygriffin : I doubt it. @blakandwhit
m0llygriffin : when @blakandwhit
m0llygriffin : like when and where did someone film it? or is it a romour? @blakandwhit
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