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finally decided to smash the piggy bank and pull the trigger on a serious upgrade for myself.. def the sexiest camera ive ever held... #mamiya6 #analog #filmphotography #killyouriphone
filmphotography - mamiya6 - killyouriphone - analog -
reubenzuazua : Nice. How much
400nc - raw_film - engjoneer - www_josefvostarek_cz -
#KillYourIPhone by @lotterybillz and @youngworm187. Feelin' like a million
killyouriphone -
flashyoungin : признавайся в чем подвох ниггер)
chizibaby : It's probably an empty case right?))
lotterybillz : @chizibaby yes, because the second piece of this phone is already crashed! I just jugged this case hahaha
chizibaby : Lol I noticed that u didn't show d screen so I guessed so lol
kalenova_liza - dragonetteunknown - alina_lankmiler - tanatorrr -
#art and #music at Brisky #gallery during #artbasel. Don't miss Ben Wash #djing on Dec 3rd, 7th and 8th. Art by Ewen gur. #frenchart #snobrock #killyouriphone
art - killyouriphone - artbasel - music - frenchart - snobrock - gallery - djing -
momoleshiva : Can't wait ☺
skocarpio - momoleshiva - jillybeanrudman - therealbeckysmith -
Sad day cracked my phone :( #killyouriphone
killyouriphone -
supremesquid : I'll crack mine too so we can match
ttfkack : @supremesquid I'm so bummed
zandapandax3 : Awwwwwwwww ;(
thesecityrooftops : Homo.
yohaunk : Upgrade to the 5 @ttfkack
missvitran : I have felt your pain before <\3
tung0119 : Bring it to OK and ill fix it for ya.
ttfkack : @tung0119 You're the best Tung :) but yeah I could fix it myself but I don't wanna wait for shipping I might just get it fixed in a shop tomorrow
datguy_duma - yohaunk - lilsortygirl - missvitran -
Broke and soaked. RIP. had a great time being off the grid for three days on the @boneswheels #grandcanyontrek but its good to be back! #killyouriphone #hottubmishaps
hottubmishaps - grandcanyontrek - killyouriphone -
niggaaalert : @randyploesser
randyploesser : @coopertrooper_ you need a paperweight?
randyploesser : @elisabethellis yeah this one was cracked for a month, I had a new one but I decided to ride it out. The hot tub sealed the deal.
opticdnb : Landed wrong?
niggaaalert : @randyploesser yea actually help a kid out
niggaaalert : @randyploesser would you consider mailing it to me through a envelope? ill send a 20
tfletch1 : #screenshot
stewstew : Lord, when I go, let it be from #hottubmishaps
jaydiebel - javierbazz - themostfunthing - geoffcamp -
@horsey69 #killyouriphone should only count if its used as a ashtry to. @sendxhelp #rememberthehigh5
killyouriphone - rememberthehigh5 -
lauren0connell : MY PHONE GUYS
bindixo - therealariel_ - lauren0connell - kimportch -
#headshot #drank #faded #smoke #monday #am #ererydamday
smoke - lion - drank - monday - headshot - faded - killyouriphone - ererydamday - am - everydamday -
tottglobal : #everydamday #killyouriphone
bigfootone : Rick griffin is the fuckin king!
tottglobal : @snoopdogg like a #lion
headlockstudio - elektrobadoo - tigerblitz -
killyouriphone -
jessetargett : What kind of board is that
sea_bee : We should get a bowl of chili next time we link up? @evanjohnson
0fash0 : #highfiveskateboards
fullyclaired - sea_bee - smellasue - richins_ -
killyouriphone -
anthonylmoore : Who's iPhone?
srhlevi : damnnnn
_kelseyconnor : Is that yours?
_cas : #killyouriphone
istevebaker : D: ...whose phone is that?
_cas : my brother in laws
lbennish - guillo_tine_kun - deederbop -
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