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Chapter 2: "senior year" The screaming girls were running right at us but before they could get to us the guy that was on top of me helped me up and shoved me in a janitors closet with him. The closet was dark and smelled like soap. "God those girls are crazy!" He said breathless. "What's new?" "Haha sorry about falling on you and every moment after" "ha it's okay I have a brother I think I can take a fall." "Right, I'm Josh by the way". "Hazel." "Nice to-" he got cut off by the door swinging open and the girls screaming. I got pushed to the ground and was being kicked with everyone's shoes. I eventually made it out of there and to the hallway. It was all most time for class so I need to go find my new locker. When I stand and start to walk pain shoots up my legs to my hole body. ๐ŸšซMORE IN COMMENTS๐Ÿ‘‡
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hutcher_fanfic : But I make my way to my new locker and my first class is English so I get everything I will need ready. I get there just on time right when I sit down in my seat the bell rings. Mrs. Harper starts talking about who knows what. After 5mins of bordom some kid comes in and says sorry I'm late. His voice sounds familiar to me. "Everyone this is our new student Josh" "hey" he says awkwardly. "Josh go sit by Hazel will you?" He looks around and his eyes land on me and he smiles and says "ya of coarse". The rest of the day flew by that I forgot to ask my my friend Cami for a ride home. I start to walk home until I here Josh say "ya need a ride home?" "Ya sure" when he pulls up to my house he says "you can't get out till you give me your number!" " fine gosh bossy!" Then I walk inside and go straight to my bedroom. I feel all happy but I don't no why. Because of Josh? Do I like Him in that way? #joshhutcherson #joshhutchersonfanfic #joshhutchersonimagine
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We're Almost There chapter 45: Mary's pov- I wake up in a hospital bed and my head is killing me! I see beside me my mom and dad. They see i'm awake and call a doctor in the room. They look so happy to see me. "Mom, Dad, wha- what happened?" They have a concerned look on their face. "Honey, you were in a car accident." My mom says. The doctor then walks in and says, "Glad to see you awake Mary. Now what is the last thing you remember?" This takes me a moment to answer. "Uhh i got up this morning and i was heading to school in my car. Thats what i remember last and then i woke up here." The doctor also has a concerned, but sympathetic look on his face. "What day is it Mary?" He asks me. "Monday, May 22nd" "What year is it?" "2009" Now he looks even more concerned. "Mary it is August 3, 2014. You are 24 years old, and you have already graduated high school, and college." I pause for a moment "What? No I'm eighteen." "Mary, you were in a car crash. You were sitting in the passenger seat. The driver ran a red light and a truck hit your side of the car. You have a sprained wrist, and you had some brain damage but we managed to fix it. You also have a couple bruises. You are now experiencing memory loss. You have forgotten the past 6 years of your life." I pause a moment, taking in all this new information. "How long have i been asleep? Who was driving the car?" "You have been asleep for 4 days. And the driver is your fiancรฉ, Josh." "Josh..." "Hutcherson" he says. (More in comments)
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_joshhutcherson_2 : "Oh i think he goes to my school....he's MY fiancรฉ?" I ask with disbelief. "Yes he is in the waiting room now." "When will i regain my memory?" "I'm not sure, it could take either weeks or maybe years to remember everything. We have no exact time when you will remember." I nod and the doctor leaves. I continue talking to my parents and they start telling me about my life, i guess its my life, i don't remember. Suddenly the door to my room bursts open. Standing in the door way is a man, looks to be about 25 or so. "Mary! You- you're awake!" "Um hi, yeah i guess i am, um who are you? How do you know my name?" He has a hurt look on his face, he looks like he is about to cry. "You- you don't remember me?...Its me Mary, Josh. Your fiancรฉ" I look at him intently, trying to remember who this man is. Then it hits me. "Oh i know who you are!" I say. "You're that kid that goes to my school, the famous one. Whats your name? Um... Wasn't it Josh?"||comment what you think below!||
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[*important* I left out that Juliet and Josh are engaged. So, that might make things clearer in the chapter.] Chapter 3 {Juliet's POV 1/2} I casually walked my way onto the set of Josh's upcoming movie, โ€˜Paradise Lost.โ€™ I got greeted by a few actors, and makeup artists, as I walked to Josh's trailer. When I realized he wasn't there, I backed away, and saw, Maryline, an editor of the movie. โ€œDo you happen to know where Josh might be?โ€ โ€œActually, I just saw him. He was with Hallie by the river practicing a few lines.โ€ โ€œThanks Maryline.โ€ โ€œNo problem, hun.โ€ I started walking to the river, in hopes Josh wasn't too busy for lunch, as we had planned. I was about to turn the corner, when I saw Hallie, rubbing her hands all over Josh's neck and shoulders. There were no cameras around, so this definitely wasn't for the movie. I kept watching them both mutter a few words to one another, before they captured each other in a kiss. That no-good-for-nothing-backstabbing-son-of-a-bitch. I watched until I just couldn't watch anymore, that had killed me, broken me in two. I looked down at the ring, shining brightly from my finger. What a fucking joke? That's it. I was about to blow up, maybe just give them both a big piece of my mind, but I stopped. Josh should tell me. I shouldn't confront him yet, let's see if he's really a man, or just a scared asshole. We'll see.
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chapter 10 (Josh's POV) โ˜€ After five minutes, Jessica opens her apartment door and gives me a hug. Her arms are wrapped around my neck and I do the same by putting my hands around her defined hips. She breaks loose and says, "Sorry I don't look very presentable. I hope we're not going anywhere fancy!" Jessica turns to lock her door and leads me down the main stairs to the parking lot. "I think you look adorable! The sweats show off your nice butt." She jumps a little when I give it a slight slap. "Josh!" While walking, she turns her head to me and gives me a playful glare. "I'm just kidding!" I hold up my arms in a surrender position and wink. I grab her hand and run with her. "Hurry up! My car is right there," I say pointing, "We've gotta go!" We hop in my car and drive away. "Where are we going?" Jessica asks. "Not sure actually." She laughs and shoves my shoulder. "You up for some fast food?" She says. I agree and we drive to the McDonald's drive through. "What do you want?" I ask, turning to face her. "I'll take a hamburger and a thing of small fries," she says. I turn to the speaker and tell the employee our orders. We decide to eat in my car, so I find an empty parking spot at the end of the lot. "Thanks for this, Josh, but we need to talk," Jessica says, looking me in the eye.
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Chapter 1: first day of school "Senior year". I woke up to a buzzing sound. At first I thought it was in my dream but then I realized that it was my alarm to wake up for school. I slowly rolled out of my bed and started to get ready for school. After I got out of the shower I went to my closet to get something to wear. Since it is still nice out side I am wearing light wash Jean shorts and a white lace tank top and my black vans. I blow dry my hair and leave it naturally wavy. Then I put on some simple makeup because I don't need to do anything special because it is just school right? After I am all done getting ready I walk down stairs to get some breakfast. I and up eating waffles with peanut butter that is the best way to eat waffles. I hear Chase coming down the stairs and I say "Chase can you give me a ride to school? Mom and dad are out of town." "No!! This is what you have a car for! " "No my car is in the shop! " "Okay fine! But we need to leave now I do not want to be late to work" when we are in the school parking my I ask Chase if I can go hang out with some friends tonight. He said yeah sure have fun. Before I opened the door I took a deep breath. Right when I opened the doors to the school I was knocked to the ground! ๐ŸšซMORE IN COMMENTS๐Ÿ‘‡
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hutcher_fanfic : Someone was on top of me but I could not see who it was. I saw girls screaming and running towards us. What is happening? #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutchersonfanfic #joshhutcherson
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I'll Find My Way. Part 91. I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face. I was smiling nonstop since last night. It still feels so unreal to me. I was in one of Joshs oversized tee shirts and my pajama shorts. I still had my make up on from last night so I went to the bathroom to wash it all off. I heard Josh mumbling in the kitchen so I walked in there to see him on the phone. He smiled when he saw me come in. "Hey mom,I got to go." he said through the phone. "Yea,I will. K. Love you to." he hung up. "There she is!" he lifted me up from my waist and sat me down on the kitchen counter as I wrapped my legs around him. "Was that your mom?" "Yea. She's so excited." "That makes ย two of us." I said and he laughed alittle. "She already has...lots...and lots of ideas." "Oh really? Like what?" "She wants us to get married on your birthday." "My birthday?!? That's almost 6 months away. You need time to plan a wedding." "Yea but with both of our moms,Stephanie,and Jennifer...they'll be done by next month." he said and I laughed in agreement. "Your probably right." "Of course I am." he said and I rolled my eyes and nudged him lightly on the shoulder. "I hope it doesn't take a while though. I want you officially mine!" he said and I smiled. "I'm still...overwhelmed. I never thought my life would turn out like this." I said and he kissed me gently. "Ive spent my whole life thinking about who my future wife was going to be. It took me three years to realize it was you." he said and this time I kissed him back. "Juliette Hutcherson.." I mumbled as he smiled. "Sounds perfect." he said as I nodded. The name Juliette Hutcherson kept repeating in my mind. Hutcherson. I'm going to be Juliette Charlotte Hutcherson. Josh and Juliette Hutcherson. It feels like a dream. If it is a dream...don't wake me up.
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chapter 9 (Jessica's POV) โ˜€ This morning is just like any other, except that I'm in a great mood and cant wait to start the day. So, this morning is very different actually. I get in the shower at 11:30 and play music from my phone. Right now, Counting Stars by One Republic is playing, but its interrupted by a phone call. I turn the shower nozzle all the way to the right, wrap myself in a green towel, and answer the phone. The screen doesn't have a name, only a number. "Hello?" I ask. "Jessica? Is this you?" I know that voice. It's Josh! Immediately, the imagine of him comes into my mind. His big biceps, brown short hair that's spiked sometimes, his glowing smile and caring eyes. "Hello? Jessica? Are you there?" "Oh, ya, sorry. I guess I zoned off for a little. I was thinking about something." "What would that be?" I can picture him smirking on the other side. "You," I say in a flirtatious tone. "Really? you have feelings for me?" He asks in a completely serious voice. "Maybe." "That's great because I feel the same about you," Josh says. I let a grin take over my face. (MORE IN COMMENTS)
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alwaysjhutch : "Anyway, I called to tell you that you got the part!" I let out a small squel and yell, "Really? I'm so happy!" "Do you want to celebrate? I'm already driving to your house because I wanted to tell you in person, but I called because I couldn't wait!" He says. "I just got out of the shower. I'm wrapped in a towel," I respond. Right away, Josh says, "I wouldn't mind seeing that." I laugh and say, "Josh! We just met and we aren't even a couple. You'll just have to wait until the time is right," "Well, hurry and get dressed because I'm standing on your porch." Then I realize something and get confused for a moment. "Um, Josh? How do you know where I live?" He lets out a small chuckle and says, "It was on the forms you turned in." We say our good byes and I hang up to get dressed.
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alwaysjhutch : Sorry it's not very good! I didn't have much time to go over it because its getting really late. #joshhutcherson #joshhutchersonfanfiction #joshhutchersonfanfic #joshhutchersonimagine #rememberme
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I walk into the Restaurant and look around. I don't spot any of my friends so I walk up to a waiter. "Excuse me. I think there is a reservation for Efron." He looked at a little book at smiled at me. "Yes. Would you follow me please?" I nod and he brings me to the table. He pulls out a chair for me and I sit down. "Thank you." I say. I take out my phone and scroll through Twitter. As I look up again Josh is standing in front of me. "I'm gonna use the toilet." I say and stand up. I begin to walk but Josh grabs my wrist. "Chloe, we have to talk. We can't keep going like that." He says ans looks me in the eyes. Oh how I love his eyes! I snap out of my gaze and pull my wrist out of his grip. "What do you want me to do?!" I whisper/yell. "Pretend that nothing happend?! No kiss?! No feelings?! No 'I feel the same way'?!" He shooks hia head. "No. Talk about our feelings and our actions. Talk about US." #joshhutchersonimagines #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutcherson #jhutchimagines
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Prologue: Senior Year My name is Hazel Hays, I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I guess you could call me popular in my school even though I don't know why. I live in the boring state of Kentucky with my mom, dad, and brother Chase. He just graduated from college and is living with us till he finds a house for himself. I can't wait to get out of this place and be apart of this world. This year is going to be great......I think
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I'll Find My Way. Part 90. **Juliettes pov** **1 month later** Tonight is the night of the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere. Josh's stylist was helping me get ready. I put on a long,red dress with sparkles going down across my back and down behind my shoulder. I loved it. My hair was curled with a braid going through it. I walked out the room and saw Josh standing in the living room with his hair slicked back and in a tux with a red tie,matching me. He was holding and looking at something but put it away quickly when he saw me. "Wow..." his eyes widened and was starring at me head to toe. "What?" I smiled. "Your to beautiful." he kissed me. "Alright you two,the red carpet is waiting!" Joshs manager rushed us out the house. "I have a surprise for you to." Josh said as we got in the car. "What is it?!?" "You'll see when we get there!" he said and I rolled my eyes in annoyance. We arrived at the premiere and as soon as we got out of the car,fans went crazy. Josh went to go sign some autographs. I even signed some to. They all like me for some reason. "Juliette!" I heard Josh yell my name. He was a few feet ahead of me. He pointed to the beginning of the red carpet and I saw a familiar face getting out of a car. My brother. I left the screaming fans and ran up to him. This must've been the surprise. "Oh my god,what are you doing here?!?!" I ran into his arms. "Josh invited me." I turned around to see Josh walking towards us. "Wheres Faith?" "My parents have her." Stephanie said as I nodded. "Feels so good to be back!!" Stephanie yelled and started strutting on the red carpet. We followed her as everyone started screaming out names. (more in comments)
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I'll Find My Way. Part 89. **JOSHS POV** "Do you really have to go?" Juliette was helping my put on my jacket. "It's only for a couple days." "Why can't I come with you? Wherever you go,I go." "I don't want you in all that chaos. I'll be back in a couple of days." I kissed the top of her forehead. "...ok. Just hurry back." she said and I laughed. "I will. Love you." "Love you to." she said back as I got in my car and drove off. Juliette thinks I'm going back to Atlanta for some press interviews for Mockingjay. But really,I'm going to Virginia to get her parents approval of me marrying her. I got to the airport and finally a boarded the plane. I put my headphones on and relaxed for the long flight. I landed in Virginia that night and caught a taxi that took me to Juliette's parents house. I walked up to the front door and knocked and Juliettes mom immediately answered. "Hi Josh!! What are you doing here?!?" she hugged me. "I just felt like I had to talk to y'all." I walked in and saw Juliette's dad sitting on his chair and didn't expect to see Juliette's grandma here to. For some reason,I was really nervous. "Do you want something to eat?" "N-No thanks." I sat on the couch beside her grandma as she hugged me to. Her dad wasn't really interested in seeing me. "Wheres Juliette?" her mom asked. "She's at our house in California." I said and her dad let out a groan. "New York now California. That girl is always doing things I don't like. What's next? Marriage?" he took a sip of his beer. I swallowed hard and my palms were getting sweaty. "Actually...that's what I came here for." I said and all 3 of them shot their heads up at me. I took the ring out of my pocket and her mom gasped. (more in comments)
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I'll Find My Way. Part 88. **7 months later** I woke up early this morning to make Josh breakfast. I made about 5 pancakes and stacked them all together and covered them in syrup. I made a little kiddy smiley face with whip cream on top of them and put a few pieces of bacon on the plate with some eggs. Suddenly,Driver came running in barking loudly. "Sshhh!!" I gave him a piece of bacon. Driver started running down the hall as I followed him,with the tray of food in my hands. He jumped on the bed and started licking Josh's face and it instantly woke him. "Happy Birthday!!!!!" I yelled and handed him the tray. "Oh,you didn't have to do this." "Yes I did!" I sat down beside him as he took a bite. "Delicious." he said and kissed me and our lips stuck together from the syrup and we laughed. "I'm going to go take a shower." "Alright." I got up and went to the bathroom. Instead of a shower,I filled up the tub with water to take a bath. I cut on the jets the tub had and then relaxed in the water. "I'm coming in!" Josh opened the door. "JOSH!!" "What?!?" "There's another bathroom!" "I wanted to come in this one!" he was taking off his shirt. I rolled my eyes. "Only because it's your birthday." He took off the rest of his clothes and then jumped in with me,making water splash on me. I splashed him back with my hand. "Oh no you didn't." "Oh yes I did!" "Ok,that's it!" he attacked me playfully ad we both went under quickly and laughed when we got back up. He grabbed my waist and pulled me on his lap as I started making out with him. I started pouring more water on his hair and played with it and he laughed lightly and was moaning. "Hey,what time is it?" he asked. I dried my hand off with a towel and grabbed my phone. "10:30." "Crap!" he started getting out of the bath. "Where you going?" "Um...I--I have to go to Avans. He said he had something for me." it sounded like he was lying. "Oh...ok." He put his clothes back on and left. (more in comments)
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I'll Find My Way. Part 87. A long 3 days went by. We stayed in a hotel once a night and woke up early again and hit the road. We arrived at California that third day in the afternoon. I got excited when we got there. It's my new home. Josh pulled into his house,that I haven't been to in months. He unlocked the door to his house as we both walked in. The first thing I did was crash on the couch. "You tired?" Josh kneaded down beside me as I nodded. "Go get some rest. I'll get your stuff." "I'll help you--" "No,go get some sleep. It's been a long couple of days." "...ok." I was already dozing off. I woke up acouple hours later in Josh's bed. He must've brought me in here. All my boxes were stacked up in the corner of the room. I went out and saw Josh sitting at the table. "Oh good your up!" he took his last bite of a sandwich. "Go put this on." he threw me a tee shirt. "The Lakers?" I asked confused. He smiled and held up two tickets. "Were going to a Lakers game?!?!" "If you go hurry up and get ready!" he yelled excitedly and pushed me lightly on the shoulder. I laughed and ran back to his room to slip it on and then some jean shorts. I walked out to see Josh putting on his hat and grabbed his keys. I ran outside to his car and jumped up and down until he unlocked it. I was really excited. I haven't been to a basketball game in forever. "Someone's excited." "I am!" I yelled as he laughed as we got in the car. We arrived at the big basketball stadium as I grabbed Josh's hand and went inside. (more in comments)
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I'll Find My Way. Part 86. **1 month later** Josh and Dylan carried my last few boxes downstairs. I stayed in my room for an extra couple minutes. I walked on the hardwood floor,making small echoes in the empty room. But this room will be filled in again with baby things. I looked out the window,looking down on New York City. I'm going to miss this place. I'm going to miss going to sleep with city lights shinning through my window. I'm going to miss waking up to loud car horns and people talking and sometimes music playing. Who else gets to say they lived right on Time Square? I'm lucky I had the chance to live here. But through the good,and even bad,memories I had here,I'm glad I'm going to live with someone else I love. I heard Josh's footsteps walk up behind me and then grabbed my hand. "You ready to go?" he asked. I looked out into the city one last time before nodding my head yes. I walked downstairs and took one last look at the apartment before leaving. We got outside to the parking lot to see Dylan and Stephanie waiting by my car. The whole trunk and backseats were filled with boxes. "All packed and ready to go." Dylan said as I nodded. To avoid looking in his teary eyes,I gave Stephanie a hug and told her bye first. I gave Faith a small kiss on the head and cheek. "Well..have fun." Dylan said and I laughed alittle. "Thanks." I said and gave him a long hug. "Dont forget to call--" "I'm not." "Stay safe." "I will,I will." laughter was in my voice. "Take care of my sister." he said to Josh as they did the 'bro hug' bye. "I'll do everything in my power to." he said and I smiled and rolled my eyes lightly. We both hoped in my car,except Josh got on the driers side. We waved bye to them as we drove away from the apartment building. When we were far away from them and they were out of sight,I laid back and relaxed for the long,3 day drive to California
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I'll Find My Way. Part 85. **2 months later** "UUGGHH Faith,what do you want?!?!" Stephanie was complaining to Faiths crying. She tried sticking her pacifier in her mouth but Faith would spit it right back out and cry again. "Dylan,make a bottle." "K,hold on.." "DYLAN,now!!!" she yelled. Dylan was to stuck to his computer. He was looking for a physical therapy job,since that is what he went to college for. He couldn't really find any jobs when he was stuck in a hospital bed for 7 months. "Hold on,I said!!" "So your going to let your daughter starve!" "Oh my god,I'll do it!" I yelled and went to the kitchen. I made the bottle quickly and picked up Faith from her baby swing and gave her the bottle. She started drinking it fast. "This living room is a damn wreck!" Stephanie was cleaning up toys. Josh helped her pick up a lot of stuff and did the dishes for her. "We need a bigger house!" Stephanie finished cleaning,and suddenly Dylan got interested in what she was saying. "What?! No we don't!" "It's to small! Faith needs her own room! I'm tired of toys and bottles and other things making the living room a mess!" "Put them in our room!" "Our room already has her crib in it! It doesn't have room for anything else!" "Well were not moving." Dylan said seriously. "This apartment is to crowded! What are we supposed--" "I'll leave." I spoke up. I got everyone's attention,even Josh's. He stopped washing dished and walked up to us. (more in comments)
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Have a nice Easter tomorrow everyone. Enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated by me///// Right as he starts to tip it over I stand up and make it splash all over himself. "Oh your gonna pay for this Ohela!" I start to run down the beach and I can hear him catching up to me. Then I feel his arms wrap around me and he picks me up and swings me around then sets me down. Just like when we were on our first date. I look back at him. "Can you let go of me now?" I ask. "Nope." He picks me up and starts to walk towards the water. "Your not going to do this!" I scream and flail around. Then he drops me in the water. "Now we're both soaked" he says. He's standing right on the edge of the water. I stand up and grab his shirt hem and pull him in too. "And that's payback" I say. "Even soaked your adorable" he says. He smiles and I do too. Then he grabs my waist and pulls me close. I don't ever want him to let go. "I don't ever want to forget this day" he tells me. "Neither do I." We get out of the water and he hands me a towel from his car trunk. "Good thing I brought these." "Yeah wouldn't want to get your precious car seats wet." We go and sit back down on the bench. "So my birthday party is tomorrow. You gonna come?" "Oh yeah the big two-one. Of course I am." I smile and lean my head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around my shoulders. "Happy one month-aversary" he says. "Wow it's really been that long." Josh drives me back to my apartment and he walks me to my front door. "I had a great time tonight" he says. "Me too. Now remember to come at eight. It's in the Great room downstairs." He nods. I start to twist the handle on the door then Josh puts his hand on my cheek and pulls me toward him and the next thing I know our lips are touching. #adventuresimagine #joshhutchersonimagine #jhutchimagine
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I'll Find My Way. Part 84. *Juliettes pov* It's been a week since I've seen Josh. And I honestly dont know if or when he'll come back. He's probably mad at me and left to go be with his little fake girlfriend. If that's what he did,fine. I could care less. That just proves how much he "loved me". But whatever. Now I can focus on my career. Since I'm no longer working at the studio,I'm going to start finding more modeling jobs. I'm glad I had the distraction of Faith this past week. If I didn't,I would probably be depressed about Josh. Faith is literally one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. She had light brown hair like Dylan but dark,chocolate brown eyes like Stephanie. Shes always holding my finger with her little hands and looking up at me,which makes my heart melt. I imagine me holding my own child one day. Hopefully it'll like me as much as Faith does. I was sitting on the couch now,rocking her to sleep. "Glad she likes you. We need a babysitter." Dylan said as I laughed. "Don't leave me alone with her. I might take her." I said and we both laughed. "You have nothing to worry about though. I'm not going anywhere." "Well I hope your not planning on staying here the rest of your life. I eventually need a sister-free zone." he said jokingly. "Oh no. I'll be out when she turns 18." "Faith ain't going nowhere when she turns 18!" "Oh,so your one of those dads." "Damn right." he said as I started laughing. Suddenly,there was a knock on the door. (more in comments)
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chapter 7 (Jessica's POV) โ˜€ Josh backs up right when it was heating up. "I'm sorry. Not right now though. We just met," he says. I shake my head, "No. No, you're right. I shouldn't have gone this long." There's awkward silence between us until he says, "What's your favorite color?" "Um, I'm not sure actually, but I hate red and orange!" We share a laugh and josh asks, "Why?" "I honestly don't know. I just never have." Josh and I question each other back and forth until the sun starts to set. "It's getting late. I should go home," I say. We get up off the couch and watch back upstairs. "Do you want me to-oh my gosh!" Josh yells. "What?" I ask. "Your car! It's still at the restaurant!" I place my hands on his shoulders and say, "Josh, chill. I took the bus." I give him a small smile and he reaches his hand into his pocket. Josh pulls out a twenty dollar bill and says, "I hope this is enough. Call me when you get home." He gives me a hug goodbye and I Ieave with a huge smile on my face.
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Chloes outfit :) #joshhutchersonimagines #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutcherson #jhutchimagines
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*two weeks later* I didn't talk to Josh since the day he proposed to Vanessa. We ignored each other completely. But today him, , Vanessa, Zack and I are having dinner together at a really fancy Restaurant. So I begin to get ready. I take out a dress and lay it down on my bed. I hop in the shower and wash my hair and body. I called my mom and asked if she could do my hair. When she is done we drink a coffee together and she leaves. I told her about the whole thing with Josh and she said I should do what my heart tells me to do. I do my make up, put the dress on and jump in my BMW. I start the car and look at my hands. They are shaking! #joshhutchersonimagines #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutcherson #jhutchimagines
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His eyes grow big and he touchs his cheek. "Autsh!!! What was that for?!!" "What?!? That was for kissing me, telling me you have feelings for me and then proposing to another woman!!" "Oh please!! I saw you in the arms of another man today. It didn't look like you ment anything you said." "What are you ta-" I was cut of by Vannessa coming down stairs. Dressed all black, as always. She gave Josh a passionate kiss and I wanted to pull Josh away from her. They endet the kiss and Vannessa shoved me out of the door. We spend the whole day looking for dresses, flowers, rings and wedding locations. And as I closed my Apartment door behind me i sink to my knees and let the tears flow down my cheeks. #joshhutchersonimagines #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutcherson #jhutchimagines
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Ill Find My Way. Part 83. **JOSHS POV** I finally landed in Panama this afternoon and found the car outside the airport that was waiting for me. I told the driver to take me to my directors house. My director for Paradise Lost. I called him yesterday so he knows I'm coming. I told him to invite Claudias manager to. I need to work things out with them. Their already mad at me for missing the premiere here for the movie. The driver pulled in the large driveway as I grabbed my duffle bag and got out of the car. I walked up the big steps to the large mansion and knocked on the door as he immediately answered. "Hey Josh!" he yelled and shook my hand firmly as I walked in. "Hey." "So...why the sudden visit?" he asked. I saw Claudias manager sitting on the couch so I said hey to her before I answered. "I just...need to talk." I sat on the other couch across the other one. "How long are yall planning to keep this "relationship" going?" "That's what I figured this was going to be about..." Claudias manager said. "Yea. You and your actual girlfriend look real close." "We are...and she sorda found out about this whole fake relationship with Claudia thing the other day. She's really mad. I--I can't keep lying to her." I explained. They both shared a couple of glances. I broke the silence again. "So I was wondering how long is it going to last?" "Well Josh...people are already disappointed that you didn't make it to the premiere to show you and Claudias connection. That threw us way off our planning." "Well I pretty much got her noticed in America. Can we end it now?" "What about you?" "I don't care about being known here anymore. I have another life, another future to be thinking about!" (more in comments)
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chapter 6 (Josh's POV) โ˜€ "Here we are!" I say enthusiastically. "I thought you said it wasn't very nice. This is the fanciest house I've ever seen!" Jessica says, opening the door to get out. "Just trying to be humble." I guide her to the door and unlock it. She walks in and with each step, slows down. "Are you okay?" I ask, standing at her side. "This is...amazing, Josh. The 64" tv, leather couches, high ceilings, large windows, granite counter tops, and it's so spacious! There are no words to ever describe this," she says, pointing everything out as she walks by it. "What else do you have?" She asks. "A basement, upstairs, theater, game room, three master bedrooms, a sun room, an outdoor room, and a secret room." Jessica turns around on the heels of her sandals and says with attitude, "Cocky much?" I laugh, trying to make her laugh. "I was kidding! It's no big deal. What I have doesn't matter." "How about those get-to-know-you games? Can we go to your basement? It sounds pretty cool!" I turn around and start walking. "Follow me," I say when I realize she's not behind be. We walk down a spiraling staircase and when we reach the bottom, I continue walking over to the cream-colored couch. "Come sit by me." Jessica agrees and sits with one leg touching the ground and the other folded on the couch. "I have a question for you," she says in a voice reminding me of my mom when I was in trouble. (MORE IN COMMENTS)
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alwaysjhutch : "What did I do?" She giggles and covers her mouth. She lowers her hand and says, "Why did you want to get to know me? Why did you invite me to hang out?" I smile and say in a happy tone, "Well, for a couple reasons." What seems like flirting, Jessica says, "And those would be...?" I scoot forward and answer her question. "First, because you seem like a really cool girl. I don't mean to be moving too fast or to make things awkward, but my second reason is because I you." Her eyes widen as if surprised. "But, Josh, I'm just a regular girl. Why would you like someone as normal as me?" I take a moment to think of my response. "That doesn't matter, Jessica. I don't care about things like that. Anyway, you know something happened when we kissed. That wasn't just acting." She smiles and says, "I was thinking that too. Do you want to practice that part again? Ya know, in case I get the part." She smirks. We both lean in until our lips meet and it's even better than the first.
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Chapter 2 โ€œJuliet, I'm home,โ€ I called out to her. โ€œJosh?โ€ She questioned, popping her head out from our bedroom. โ€œYes, sweetie?โ€ โ€œI missed you so much,โ€ Juliet said, running into my arms. Fight the guilt, Josh. โ€œI missed you too, baby.โ€ She dragged me into the living room on the couch, and asked, โ€œSo, did anything interesting happen today?โ€ I had a sudden urge to blurt out what I had done, but I contained it. I shared a story about how two girls in the cast got into a big argument that turned into physical violence. โ€œIs that all?โ€ โ€œYeah, pretty much.โ€ Today of all days, she had to go into 20 questions. โ€œWhat scenes did you do today?โ€ โ€œI had a few scenes with Hallie today, but nothing huge. I mostly was just missing you.โ€ Not a complete lie, she was on my mind, just obviously not when my lips were on someone else's. โ€œYou were mostly on my mind too.โ€ I held her in my arms, the guilt slowly eating away at me. I can't believe what I'm doing, maybe I should just tell her. I turned to face her, but I received a slap on the face, before I got any words out.
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fabfiercefanfics : Hey! Would you mind reading chapter one of my first imagine and let me know what you think? Thanks! Xoxo Taylor ๐Ÿ’•
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One day I delete my imagines account, then another day I come back and they appear to be no longer popular. Just me? ๐Ÿ˜ณ #joshhutcherson #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutchersonimagines
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Part 7 All I see is white. The color is surrounding me, blinding me. Barely being able to see gives me a headache, so I close my eyes. I come to consciousness when I feel my self choke on water. It burns in my throat and I squeeze my eyes even more shut than they already were. I sit up quickly and continue to cough. When I finally realize what happened I look up to find bright hazel eyes staring at me. The man sits back and I see relief in his eyes. "What happened?" I ask with a scratchy voice. He clears his throat. "Your body was shutting down. You weren't responding to anything. So I gave you some water, you haven't had it in 4 days. It's a miracle your still alive." I look at the ground. "Oh" is all I can get out. "You need to eat." I look up to his eyes. They aren't filled with strength like I expected. They're filled with worry, worry towards me. It's a look I've grown a stranger too, even before I was taken. I look down to see him holding an apple out. I take the apple and exam it, questioning if I should take a bite or not. He rolls his eyes. "It's not poisoned I promise." He says with one hand over his heart and the other in the air. I smile a little and take a bite. I can feel the juice burst as my teeth bite into the fruit and hear the snap of the chunk I pull off. I usually don't like apples, but this is the best thing I've ever tasted. I can see the man smile as I take another bite. When I finish chewing I ask, "so am I aloud to ask your name?" He laughs before answering. "Since when do you follow the rules?" I let a little laugh out. " I don't. I was just trying to see what I've gotta do to get a shower. I smell like a dead animal." He leans closer and sniffs me jokingly. "Yeah, you do." We both just laugh. I'm surprised I'm holding a friendly conversation with a man who kidnapped me, but as the conversation continues, I find he's not all that bad. He's actually really funny and cute. We both just sit there awkwardly after I finish my food and water. I pull my hair from behind my ear and start to pick the ends. "Wow, I think this is the oiliest my hair has ever been." I say laughing. He just smirks. "You know you could take a shower.."
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_imagineme_101 : He says catching my attention. I look up from my hair and put a questioning look on my face. "You would just have to promise to be a good girl." I look down at the ground, knowing it'll be hard to fight the temptation to run. "Okay" I say looking towards the ground. He leans in closer with a mischievous look on his face. "Promise?" he says with a smirk. "Pinky." I hold out my pink and he hold out his. We lock our tiny fingers together and he laughs pulling the keys out of his back pocket. I hold out my hands with my chains connected and he unlocks them both. He takes one of my arms and helps me stand up. I take a step forward and almost fall to the ground. "Whoa.." He says putting an arm around my way to steady me. I just let a little laugh out. "Are you sure there wasn't vodka in that water?" I ask sarcastically. He laughs "no, you just haven't walked in a while, so your body's not used to it. I nod and take another step. He lead me out the door and supports most of my weight. Outside my room, or "cell", is a normal looking house. Were in a hallway with about 4-5 doors. We turn the corner and the back wall of his gigantic living room is all window, looking out to a forest. "It's beautiful" I say looking out the window. He smiles, "yeah, just like you." He looks over to me and I blush looking at the floor. I look up to see him staring at me smiling. Not in the creepy raper way, but in the cute adoring way. I blush even more and keep on walking. He opens the door to a huge master bedroom with a beautiful king size bed and a flat screen tv. "Wow" I say under my breath, but he heard me and says "I know right."
_imagineme_101 : I smile and he smiles. He opens the door to the bathroom and I stumble to a chair. He turns the water on and adjust the door so I'll easily be able to walk in. "Left is hot, right is cold and the towels are under the sink." He says pointing to the cabinet under the sink. I nod and he walk out the door. But before he shuts it I quickly say, "Hey," he turns around and looks at me. He's so cute. I smile at my thoughts and say "thank you." He smiles and nods then shuts the door. I look at my self in the mirror. I look like I was run over. My dirty blonde hair is knotted and I can see dried blood on the side of my face. My short black dress is torn and I have dirt all over my arms and legs. The only positive thing about my appearance is that my make-up isn't smeared. I stand up steadying myself on his counter. When I think I've gained enough strength, I reach back and unzip my dress, leaving me in just my bra and underwear. I stumble over to the shower door and unhook my bra. I sit down in the chair in front of the shower to take off my underwear because lord know I would've fallen if I tried to take it off standing up. I slip off my underwear and stand up to get in the shower. I walk in and shut the door, feeling the steam on my skin.
_imagineme_101 : I step under the water and let it flow through my hair. I stand there for a little bit and take in the feeling. I shampoo and condition my hair and wash my body. I turn off the water and walk out of the shower to grab a towel. I brush my long-curly hair and wash my face, reveling my freckles along my noes. I look around the bathroom when I notice I don't have any clothe so I open the door into the bedroom. I find the man sitting on the edge of his bed, and he quickly turns his head to find me in only a towel. "I-I don't have any clothes." I say looking at the ground trying to avoid eye contact. "Oh yeah!" He says as he walks over to his closet. He hands me a long-blue button down shirt. "I don't think I have any pants that will fit." He says will laughter in his voice. I show I small smile. "This is fine." I go back into the bathroom and shut the door. I drop my towel and put on the button down. It comes down to right below my butt. I look in foggy mirror one last time and walk out. The man skims my bare legs and then sits on the edge of his bed. I join him. Sometimes it's easy to forget that he kidnapped me. The way he's friendly and funny and how he doesn't hurt me but worries for me. It just confuses me more. Why would he take me only to be nice to me? "Oh my." I turn my head towards him "what?" I ask. "Your head!"
_imagineme_101 : He's looking at the spot where he hit me to knock me out. I put my hand up beside it "oh yeah." I say keeping my head down. "Let's get that cleaned up." He walks into his bathroom and then comes out with a damp rag. He dabs my wound lightly but I still breath in from the pain every once in a while. "I'm sorry." He says regret-tingly. I know by the tone in his voice that it's not just because of the pain from him dabbing, but it's from giving me the wound in the first place. For everything he's done. I turn to face him, but my heads still pointed towards the ground. I look up at him, his face inches away from mine. Close enough for our lips to touch. Close enough to where I'm scared he's reading my thoughts. "Why'd you take me?" I ask in a whisper. "I had to, it's something that can't be explained." He replies. I can feel his breath on my face. All I want to do is lean in and kiss him. But I refrain. I swallow my lust and lean away. "Try me.#joshhutchersonimagines #joshhutchersonimagine #joshutcherson #imagine #illbefine #readme #followme
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chapter 5 (Josh's POV) โ˜€ It's 3:10 and Jessica isn't here. I'm nervously scanning the restaurant until I see her standing in the entrance. She looks puzzled and then I remember why. The paparazzi has been really persistent lately; following me everywhere, taking pictures of everything I do, and trying to question me. Before I left my house, I put on a Red Sox baseball cap, gray sweats, and a red sweatshirt. Jessica slowly walks toward me, looking around with every step. "Josh? that you?" She asks, taking the seat across the table. "Ya, sorry about that. The paparazzi has been really bad recently." "Oh, well I'm sorry," she says, speaking tenderly. "Do you want to order?" I ask, still keeping my head down. "Only if you'll take off the hat. I don't like getting to know someone when I can't even see their face." She laughs and reaches to take it off. "If the paparazzi sees me, then we're going to go somewhere else." She agrees and we order our food. Halfway through our meal, people and cameras surround Jessica and I, blinding us. "Josh!" She yells. I grab her hand and respond with a simple, "Come on!" We run the opposite way of the group of men and hop in my car. When we're safe in the car, we are both breathing heavily and she says, "Is that how it always is? I don't like it." "It's not usually this bad. Wanna head to my house? We can play get-to-know-you games" I ask. "Sure!" She giggles and we drive away.
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Chapter 12: Ellie and I were about to close up Hatfield's when someone with real guts walked through the door. I already told Ellie all about Josh. "Hey Pancake." He said. "Hey!" I said with a smile. "What are you doing here? You know I'll get fired." I warned. "I know. I just wanted to ask you on another date." He said. "Alright." I said. He was about to turn away when I said, "Josh." He turned to me. "This is Ellie, my best friend." I introduced. They shook hands. "I'll call you, Cairenn." He said with a smile. "Ok. Bye Josh." We sneaked a quick peck on the lips and Josh left. Ellie turned to me. "So." She said with a grin. "Are guys like an official couple or what?" "I guess. I mean we go on dates and kiss." I say. Then it hits me. I have a boyfriend. Not just any boy, but a celebrity. I hate celebrities! "You need me to plan the wedding and the engagement and every thing else!" She said. I looked at her. "I don't know if he's the one Ellie." I say thinking of Josh being my husband.
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Part 6 I'm restless the next night. Not just because of the fact I was kidnapped, but because I'm not tired. After all the sleeping I've done the last couple of days, I don't think it's even possible for me to be able to sleep. I stare at the moon, or at least the parts of it I can see. I do this every night but it never gets old. Someone, somewhere safe is looking at the exact same moon. That gives me hope, that I'll get through this. I hear a coyote howl at the moon, which means I'm most likely somewhere in the country. I feel my body getting weaker. I don't know how long I've been here, but I haven't eaten since the party. Funny to think that what seemed like the end of the world then is now the least of my worries. The man must've known I wasn't able to sleep because he walks comes into my room, which he never does at night. I look over at his shadow in the doorway. He shuts the door behind him and makes his way over to me. I return to my gaze at the moon. "You know," he says before sitting down, "you have to eat and drink to survive. Your body is going weak, it's craving water." I sit there for a second before responding without breaking my gaze at the moon. "Who says I want to survive this? I'm chained to a wall. I'm in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea why I'm here or why your even here. I mean you don't seem to want to be here either. I've been locked up for days. Who says I want to live to see the day when these chains come off and I finally see the reason I was brought here for? Because I'm pretty sure I wasn't brought here to sit and rot." He takes a second to process what I just said. "Wow, I guess I was wrong about you." I turn to look at him. He's siting in the rays of the moonlight so he's able to be seen. He has his knees pulled to his chest and has his arms draping around them with his head hanging down. "What were you wrong about?" I ask. He brings his head up to meet my eyes. "I thought you were a fighter." He finally says after a few seconds. I look in his eyes for a moment, then turn away. Resuming my gaze at the moon. I can hear him stand up and walk away. The door shuts indicating he's gone.
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_imagineme_101 : I rest my head against the wall. Why am I here? What does he want? Why can't he just answer my questions? He says things in a way where I'm not scared of him. He's not threatening or cruel. I'm obviously not wanted dead or else he would've killed me already. If I'm going to get tortured for answers, what do they want to know? And how am I supposed to know it? If he wanted to rape me, he would've done it already. So why on earth am I here? These thoughts along with millions of others race through my mind as I lay down, feeling my body go limp. I probably should eat or drink. I'm going to die if I don't. But the real question here is, do I care? #joshhutchersonimagine #joshhutcherson #thehungergames #imagines #illbefine #readme
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So I go home and sit on my front porch with a bottle of Cola and I think about what happened fifteen minutes ago. I said yes, on a whim, to a dude I hardly know. And then I feel like my life is a cheesy movie. I sigh. I know how stupid this is to be going, but I know he's decent. I just figure I can turn up, and everything will be okay. --- I have to leave for this dude's in two hours. I realize that I don't even have his address - I haven't spoken to him since yesterday. I text him quickly then go back to curling my hair. He answers back as I finish off a piece of hair. I read it and finish off my hair before moving onto makeup and clothing. --- I glance at myself in the window of the house the address took me to. My grey dress, knee length and sleeves to my elbows, looks darker in the windows. I feel uncomfortable in it, but it's probably one of the nicer casual dresses I own. A quilted Chanel rests on my side. I reach for the doorbell, but right before I ring it, the door swings open. "Hi there. Who are you?" a young guy asks. "Um, I'm Hannah." I answer. "Is this Josh's residence?" The words tumble out of my mouth before I realize how stupid they sound. The young man makes a "eh, no, not EXACTLY" face but stands to the side and lets me in. I'm shocked to find more people than I expected. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn around. "He's in the back - and by the way, my name is Connor." Ugh, apparently the boys in my town have a thing for touching shoulders. God, what a weird thing to say... I head towards the back door and find a few more people on the back porch. I seek out Josh from the group and walk slowly, careful not to intrude on a conversation. Josh lights up and glances behind me. "Connor, you can go." I look behind my shoulder and Connor is already gone. Josh dips his hand around my waist. "My brother." he winks. I cringe at his touch and he lets go. He introduces some people to me, all names that I forget as he pulls me from person to person. ---comments---
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joshiimagines : He finally sits down with me in a quieter area of the house. "I'm glad you decided to show up." he smiles. "Um, yeah, no problem." I force a smile back. "You look great." he says shyly. "Can I get you anything?" Flustered by his compliment, I stutter out a reply for water. "Come with me. I can introduce you to my family. Remember these names." he warns, with an added wink. I feel like he guessed that I didn't absorb any of the names from before. He gestures to three people. "Michelle, Chris, Connor." I nod and shake hands with them all. They all stare at me and then Josh and then back at me and then back at Josh and then finally they just stare at Josh. Michelle is the first to speak up. "Help yourself to the food." I nod and smile innocently. I wasn't really hungry - way too nervous for that - but I would later eat something anyway. Michelle disappears and Chris lingers off after her, leaving Connor. Connor looks at Josh. "So," he starts. "Is she your girlfriend?" he smiles. I choke on my cup of water. Josh clears his throat loudly and shakes his head. "What's the matter? I can't have friends?" he hisses, clenched teeth. I glare at the floor, embarrassed, and wait until Connor walks away with a "I was just asking." ---more---
joshiimagines : Josh apologizes profusely and leads me away to a couch where nobody is sitting. I sit awkwardly on the corner and he rests his arm on the back of the couch. His voice is quiet, almost too quiet I can't hear him over the buzz of everyone else. "Anything I can do for you?" I shake my head. He looks at me intently. "Your eyes are a lovely shade of blue." he says. I blush and thank him. I'm starting to think we're not going to get along - I can't think of a single thing to talk to him about. Eventually though, he breaks the ice with a clean cut and has me rambling away. He sits there, smiling, the entire time. I cover my mouth eventually. "Did I just - oh God, I'm so sorry." He laughs and shakes his head. "Keep talking. You're interesting." I talk until we've both run out of stories and there's a few drunk people stumbling into the living room. The designated drivers look tired as hell. Josh stands up. "I guess it's time for everyone to leave." He heads to the front door with everyone and I trail behind him, coat in hand. "Nah, don't leave." he says as he sees me. "There's some more people staying, and you should too." He swiftly turns me around and back to the couch. "It's getting kind of late." I comment quietly. "Who cares, why not have a little party? Sleep over type thing?" ---more---
joshiimagines : "That's kind of weird." I say. "I know you now, and your stories too, but..." Josh looks offended. "Well, alright. I'll let you go." I feel kind of guilty, but I know he's working the puppy dog eyes so I refuse to give in. "Maybe another time." I wave and head for the door, Josh trailing behind me. He opens the door for me and closes it behind him. "Wait, but... Before you go." He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear and gently brings my face closer to his. "I like you, and I hope I can see you again." Before I can reply, his lips are on mine. What I do next is basically the source of my regret for the next few days.
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