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Today is Fashion Revolution Day. 今自分が着ている服は誰が作ったのか、服を裏返して考えて見る日にしてみる。 #insideout
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Fashion revolution day! Turn your clothes #insideout and check where their made! #ellaandknox are proudly #australianmade & #australianowned 👌 #ek #fashion #fashionrevolution #ethics #awareness #worldwideawareness #style #onlinestore #onlinefashion #melbourne #madeinaustralia #morningtonpeninsula #perth #Adelaide #australia #supportlocal
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Fashion Revolution Day... A day to #inspire & a day to #remember #Whomadeyourclothes #insideout @fash_rev @asos @wheels&dollbaby @amychet @toppaddock
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#tommorow! #insideout @fash_rev
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Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the factory collapse in Bangladesh. We invite you to join us in FASHION REVOLUTION DAY by turning your clothes inside out to spark the question "who made your clothes?" Let's start a revolution! #whomadeyourclothes #insideout #wearwhatmatters #fashionrevolutionday
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Today is Fashion Revolution Day! I am wearing my shirt #insideout because I want to ask @espritofficial Who Made Your Clothes? On this day last year more than thousand factory workers lost their lives in the #RanaPlazaDisaster in #Bangladesh.... Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough, let's spread the word and promote fair trade conditions for those who make our clothes... @fash_rev @fash_rev_ausnz #whomadeyourclothes #esprit #ethicalfashion #fairtrade #fashionrevolutionday #goodcause #ethical
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Who made your clothes? #insideout @fash_rev @fash_rev_ausnz
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Today is #fashionrevolutionday! Turn your clothes #insideout and ask 'who made my clothes?' to raise awareness on exploitation in supply chains @fash_rev_ausnz @fash_rev
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Wearing my VGen fairtrade t-shirt inside out to raise awareness about slavery and child labour. Do you know where your clothes came from , how they were made and who made them? Revealing the production line behind clothing can help consumers make better choices and avoid supporting the exploitation of children. Take a selfie wearing a piece of clothing inside out and help raise awareness about the injustice. @Fash_Rev #InsideOut #FreeTo #VGen2014
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Today is the day to wear your clothes #insideout and ask brands "who made your clothes?" Check out @origenimports for some special deals on CAKE and some stories from our staff in #India. #ethicalfashion #ethicalclothing #cakeclothing #melbourne
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Fashion Revolution Day @Fash_Rev #InsideOut #zoeodesign
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#FashionRevolutionDay, a day to raise awareness about who makes your clothes. #Cue is the largest manufacturer of women’s wear in Australia and proud to be accredited with #ECA! Get involved - wear your clothes #insideout today and be part of the #FashionRevolution! @Fash_Rev #WhoMadeYourClothes
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hooneybooney : Def something to be proud of! 👏
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Do you know who made your clothes? Today is Fashion Revolution Day, to honour the 1133 people who were killed and the 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh this day last year. This factory supplied some of the biggest clothing chains in the world, and was not unlike those that supply brands such as H&M, Topshop, Uniqulo, and Zara. Fast fashion is a huge environmental and human rights problem that needs to be addressed much more openly than it is now. @fash_rev is calling for transparency from clothing brands - which I am more than happy to be part of. When you buy something from Hopeless, it was most likely sewn by me, right here in my studio. If not - it was made by one of my sewing helpers here in Melbourne - @lulabuxomberry @mummylarue @anita_ov Kasia, or Amelia. And nearly everything is cut out by my main cutting lady @diana_the_whovian . Never stop asking questions, challenge the big brands, support the transparent ones. #fashionrevolution #insideout
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expat_erin : @britdisarming 👍
megzferal : Thank you for bringing awareness to this it's such an important and often overshadowed issue 💕😪💕
littledolll : 💕💕💕💕
dullife_lingerie : And yet another reason why yer just pretty much my super hero 🙏💕
avalondesu : I never knew about the accident in Bangladesh that's awful 💔 awesome post xx
chelsealeifken : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💕
ahsantesanah : 👌
pickell : Thank you!!!!😊
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@fash_rev where are your clothes being made #insideout #supportlocal #eco #designer #fashion maxi skirt made by @tess_barbieri
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tess_barbieri : Love your edit! 💋👊🙌💋
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Who made your clothes? Today is Fashion Revolution day. I am wearing my clothes #insideout to proudly promote my support for conscious consumerism & my want for change. Next time you are about to purchase a new item of clothing, check out the label or ask the store where the garments are constructed. It is important to remind ourselves that people make the clothes we put on our backs, not machines. My heart is with all of the people who lost their lives in Bangladesh on this day last year. Hopefully my conscious decisions make a little bit of impact on this heartbreaking industry. Steer clear of Zara & Forever New. These stores are not supportive of the cause. Or check out to help guide your way!
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silverdoor : And follow @fash_rev to get behind it!!
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Undress team member Ashleigh is getting behind @fash_rev Fashion Revolution Day today. Turn our clothes #insideout and challenge #whomadeyourclothes
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Sneak 👀. Raffling this #vegan babee off on Thursday night. Many other beautiful items too! #FashRev303nyc
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freedomofanimals : ❤️
helpsyheart : #insideout
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Getting so excited for Fashion Revolution Day! Get in on the action. Wear your clothes #insideout tomorrow. @Fash_revUSA
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tabiijust : @Fash_rev
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On April 24th last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, #Bangladesh. #FashionRevolutionDay will be held each year on April 24th to keep the most vulnerable in the supply chain in the public eye. The victims of Rana Plaza and all the other tragedies that have occurred in the name of fashion must never be forgotten. Please join us tomorrow on Fashion Revolution Day and wear your clothes #InsideOut to take a stand against the unfair garment industry! #ShopDifferent #ShopForGood #FairTrade #ComeTogetherTrading
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@fashionrevolution look at this storefront!
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waldo_ty : #insideout
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Ro from @highteawithmrswoo is such a great sport - she happily turned her clothes #insideout for us this morning. She's wearing Australian made pants by her label High Tea With Mrs Woo. @fash_rev
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Last year on this date 1133 people died in the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This building was where a great number of the cheap fashion items we love so much were manufactured by thousands of men and women. Fashion Revolution aims to highlight the importance of buying closed that are #wellmade, #longlasting and have a place in your wardrobe. Fast fashion contributes 9 tones of landfill to our globe yearly. Today we ask you all to wear an item of clothing #INSIDEOUT to show the label and ask 'Who Made Your Clothes?' @fash_rev #peoplematter @fash_rev_AusNZ
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crazal : #upside @the_upside #quality
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#INSIDEOUT@FASH_REV One Colour made my clothes
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Loved talking to the folks with Fashion Revolution & love my new shirt supporting socially responsibly fashion. #becurious #insideout #100happydays #kimshappydays #day23
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Regram @pearlsofwillsdom who admits to putting on her sorella wrap #insideout occasionally while fumbling around in the dark during late night feeds with her bub. Although an unintentional #insideout pic, I thought it would be a good one to share for today's #insideout Fashion Recolution Day - the campaign by @fash_rev to ask 'who made your clothes?' The sorella sleep & loungewear collection is made with certified organic and fairtrade cotton from India, and made in both Melbourne & Fiji. Why Fiji? We believe it's important for Australia to support our pacific neighbours, and for us that can be through generating secure work and income for Fijian women. This in turn can have a direct impact on the reduced likelihood of a woman experiencing domestic violence, her children being educated, and health care being accessible (see AusAID & IWDA websites for more info). The family-owned factory holds the 'Make it in Fiji' certification by the TCF council of Fiji for ethical manufacture & social responsibility - meaning they provide a safe working environment for staff and fair pay & conditions. Although our contribution is perhaps considered small in the big world of community development, it's important to remember that small counts. EVERYONE can make a difference. #ethical #sustfasf #sleepwear #organic #fairtrade #pregnancy #maternity #men #women #whomadeyourclothes thanks to @pearlsofwillsdom for inspiring this post! Check out her hilarious blog on
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Getting ready for my all-American @fash_rev day tomorrow. #insideout
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Please join us as we host with @sumzine this crazy fun but equally important party for the first annual international #FashionRevolutionDay. It's the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza and a time to reflect, celebrate, and encourage huge changes happening in the #fashion industry. Repost, share, spread the word!! (Also rsvp 😻) #FASHREV303NYC
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helpsyheart : #ethicalfasion #greenfashion #sustainablefashion
factory45co : @seamlyco
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fashionfightsback : Love!
nettiekentjewel : 🙌🙌🙌
helpsyheart : #insideout
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Loving this @fash_rev tee. #organiccotton Regram @bhavastudio Get yours on Thursday at our event @louieandchan! Rsvp: #fashrev303nyc
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helpsyheart : #insideout
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Stay tuned tomorrow, crazy sales and chances to win free stuff on my blog: All in celebration of Fashion Revolution Day!
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tess_barbieri : #insideout #insideoutproject #fashionrevolutionday #fashion #fash_rev #fashiondesign #fashionblogger #fashioninspiration #eco #ecodesign #ecofashion #contest #sustainable #tessbarbieri
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Today I'm wearing my clothes #insideout for fashion revolution day @fash_rev
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U better watch your local TV station tonight Dunedin. Just been interviewed for @fash_rev #insideout #senoritaawesumo
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Today my #ootd #flatlay is all #insideout thank you team @cleancut_fashion and @fashion_rev for making me aware and asking the question of who made my clothes. #whomadeyourclothes? #fashionrevolution #cleancutfashion #ysl #gucci #michaelkors #ralphlauren #happysocks #nudiejeans
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hashtagmred : @fash_rev
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Today is Fashion Revolution Day! I'm wearing my clothes #insideout to show my support for @fash_rev. Bonus they're #handmadeinsideout so the only blood, sweat and tears in them are my own!
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