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A quick run through of the #inrl craft using sparkly yarn, a glue gun and an empty cookie tin. Took less than 20 minutes and the best part? Those buttons are magnets, so I can keep changing them around :) Can't wait to put the finishing touches on it on Saturday!
inrl -
jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam : Oh my word!! So cute!
crystalstine : @jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam I can't believe I didn't think of using a tin - this was a total happy accident - and now I have all the options for changeable decor!
jennmpeterson : Oh so cute!!
lovedbykev : Oh...@cpearl12 aren't these lovely...we must!!!
traciveek : Very cute, Crystal!
cpearl12 : @lovedbykev oooo!!!!!
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And the @incourage #inrl prep continues. Photo backdrop, nametags and bookmarks. Thanks for tackling this with me @tristaroque :)
inrl -
weheartedu : WOW WOW WOW!!! It looks amazing!!
incourage : woah! so many pretty things!
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Pinterest, today is one of those day where I *heart* you!!! Love my new skill... tissue paper flowers. Getting read for #inRL
inrl -
angieryg : I have yet to master that! ! #preschoolteacher
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"The only way we’ll see the common themes of our lives, and the crossroads of our passions, is in the sharing of our stories." -Renee Swope // #inRL begins in just two days! Will you be joining us?!
inrl -
iambleah : Thanx for this! !!! I'm writing a book right now and this just encouraged me!!!! @incourage
floyds07 : I can't wait!
iam_blessedup : I think of my Bible study sisters. We are all on different life journeys but we walk, hands woven together as daughters of THE KING! ♥ #kindredspirits
incourage : @iambleah how exciting! @floyds07 neither can we!
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It's officially #inrl time!! Woot!! Who else is tuning in this weekend? (It's not too late to register for FREE!!
inrl -
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Making gift bags for Saturday's #inrl conference! #excited #LiverpoolMeetUp
liverpoolmeetup - excited - inrl -
Starts Friday - everywhere. Sign up today! #inrl
inrl -
cottageintheoaks : Looking forward to it!
robsbabe3 : Hosting in Richmond Hill, Canada Sat April 26, 2-5pm @robsbabe3
incourage : @robsbabe3 woohoo!! make sure to tag us in pictures :)
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I was tired of browsing for an hour so now all your banner making needs are in one free printable. Three alphabet fonts, templates of varying shapes, circle banner, hearts and more. 90 pages! #DIY #inrl #easypartyplanning
easypartyplanning - diy - inrl -
auriegood : Love!!! Thank you :)
jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam : @auriegood you are so welcome :)
allyoumag : So cute! Love this idea
incourage : ah, thank you Jen!
martysmusings : Love these!
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We really wish we were going to #inrlmn! We are celebrating our Easter instead, since we were all sick this past weekend. We will be watching online though! #inrl
inrlmn - inrl -
laurapankratz : I'm not able to make it either. Wishing I could but timing didn't work out. :(
incourage : we'll miss you!
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It's beginning to look a lot like #inRL So looking forward to hosting my very first @incourage meet-up!!!
inrl -
lisajobaker : whoooo hooooo
annvoskamp : Exciting times
annvoskamp : :) !!!
whimsywords : I need a you in my neighborhood!!!
incourage : yay! can't wait'!
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Some of the decor we're craftin' up for @incourage #inrl this weekend. #yourstorymatters
yourstorymatters - inrl -
weheartedu : Wow! I can't wait to see it all put together. Exciting!
incourage : woah!!! love that!!!
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What today looks like! Tissues, tea, and me on the couch. #sick but #grateful between the coughs and sneezes! #inrl this weekend...heal me, lord!
grateful - sick - inrl -
mychaosandcoffee : oh no!! get well soon!! ❤️
We need your story! Our #inrl conference starts this Friday! Join us! - @incourage
inrl -
abeymer2 : @nboss07 @criketlyn xoxo
the_davis_momma_ : @noelleryanne @kenutty_
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Beginning house prep for my #inrl meetup this Saturday! So excited! All local lady friends (girls only) are invited. Need deets? @dayspringcards @incourage #gratefulheart
gratefulheart - inrl -
incourage : woohoo - so soon!
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#Repost from @incourage. Needed. #faith #trust #patience #healing #onestepforwardtwoback --- #inrl - no qualifications needed. Just come as you are. April 25-26
onestepforwardtwoback - healing - faith - repost - trust - patience - inrl -
jessfit654 : ❤️
ladyspinderella : Thinking of you xxoo
jolene1079 : @jessfit654 @ladyspinderella thank you ladies ❤️
incourage : thanks for sharing! :)
jolene1079 : @incourage your words always inspire!
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#Repost from @incourage with @repostapp --- #inrl - no qualifications needed. Just come as you are. April 25-26
inrl - repost -
jennmicks : I agree, but the laundry does have to be caught up in my house, otherwise it will pile up and take a week to finish, lol ;-)
incourage : thanks for sharing! :)
jennmicks - pasil007 -
#inrl - no qualifications needed. Just come as you are. April 25-26
inrl -
inneractivefit : @floyds07 😘
dawnpaoletta : That's a relief!
neighborstable : Yes, willing - love this!
sewms310 : @elisabethtblair
floyds07 : @inneractivefit :-)
danigachester : @linds_mill truth :)
linds_mill : @danigachester I'm excited to see where "willingness" takes us :) the adventure of a lifetime!!!
imprintskatie : Love this! My laundry is usually clean but hardly ever put away.:)
dudlebug4 - smileydd23 - glimpses128 - jennlyons -
We need your story! #inrl starts this Friday! Join us!
inrl -
soulyfit : Can't wait! 💕
khutton14 : @dobbinat0r @adingtj
amartin1023 : So seriously needed this #Godhug this morning. Thank you!❤️
kellylackey7 : @jencrane @lynfelsman
christinaauman : Needed that reminder
jennlimb : @ju1iagrace @therealsavyfaith
incourage : @soulyfit we can't either :) @amartin1023 "God hug"? Love that!!
knowloveobey : 💛
hollylj - auntmishie - tiffanysworld808 - glimpses128 -
Dying #Eastereggs #inrl is a little messy #makingmemories #3under5
3under5 - makingmemories - eastereggs - inrl -
kristentonne : There was also an egg-tastrophe...May Becker's egg rest in peace! 😢🐰
vvnorman - calbryn - emilydevere - chiaraleah -
"Jesus said to her, 'Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?'... Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, 'I have seen the Lord'" John 20:15,18 #Godsnotdead My God is #alive. #inrl
godsnotdead - alive - inrl -
incourage : thank you for sharing!
nessa_shante - nessagirl4 - cann0nskorn - abbykkk -
Little #thankyou #gifts and wrapped #prizes purchased from @dayspringcards all in preparation for #inrl next Saturday. All that's left now is a little food prep and then friends to arrive and connect! #community
gifts - thankyou - prizes - community - inrl -
sarahjoknits : Too cute! You're such a great hostess :)
happygostuckey : #yourewayaheadofme
barbieswihart : I want to come to your house! :)
dawnpaoletta : I barely have had time to prepare, just looked at site today. Hoping tokeep it simple. Yours look great.
incourage : yeow so pretty!
happygostuckey - josephpmartinez3 - amypboyd - lehuahiialo -
For God so loved...#inRL #grace #goodfriday
goodfriday - grace - inrl -
adorehimaslord - littlemissshy1 - jusme_mrsb - brittknee1030 -
"If we don’t have both your story and my story, then we don’t have the whole picture, the picture of lives made significant through the brush strokes of His grace. Your story matters. You matter. Your life is an extraordinary masterpiece that God uses to point others to Himself. He connects us in order to fashion a greater story." We could not love this more, especially because we are only eight(!!!) days away from #inRL!
inrl -
aboothby90 : I needed to hear this in the first week of my blog!! Thank you for sharing 😍❤
incourage : Oh that's so exciting, @aboothby90!
diane777 - robsbabe3 - jtkpadgett - sonyamacdesigns -
Seriously small world. I was scrolling Instagram when I see @alisakeeton 'a photo and to my surprise it's a graphic written @jessicaleighhoover such awesome encouragement from some amazing women. I love my social media feed filling up my spirit! #inRL @ricireid how awesome right?
inrl -
jessicaleighhoover : Thanks friend! Humbled, seriously. So glad to offer my little. Thanks for sharing.
incourage : love!!
kylashoe - staystrongtravellight - jessicaleighhoover - marthabaird -
Getting ready for our #inrl conference!! @incourage #Focus52 #GodAware @elisapulliam
godaware - focus52 - inrl -
incourage : fun stuff!
crystalstine - incourage - jules__michelle -
We need your story. The one you think is too boring. Too ordinary. Too risky. We need to hear how God is showing up in your life, and how we can use the gifts God has given us to encourage you. Join us for #inrl - the free virtual women's conference hosted by @incourage April 25 & 26. (gorgeous necklace by @Lisaleonard, prints available at @dayspringcards)
inrl -
itsjustemmy : I love that @lisaleonard necklace! Lisa, is it available for purchase anywhere??? I didn't see it in your shop.
crystalstine : @itsjustemmy it's on - just search for "bench" 😘
itsjustemmy : Thanks Crystal!
incourage : This photo is awesome! Only 8 more days. :)
karina268 - contempojewels - alizalatta - readwritesing -
@incourage My prayer for today. #inRL #faith #bebrave
bebrave - faith - inrl -
msmoozysopenhouse : Though of some awesome women with reading this. @houseofbelonging @mary_krause @farmgirlpaints @lemonademakinmama
msmoozysopenhouse : @only1sally
houseofbelonging : @msmoozysopenhouse ..xo @inallthesethings @jeanneoliver @seeking_refinement @honeyholden @jennysimmonsmusic
only1sally : Love it and thank you for thinking of me 💛 @msmoozysopenhouse
msmoozysopenhouse : @only1sally You are most welcome, glad to have you around. :-)
incourage : oh yes.. love this.
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Let's live bold #inrl
inrl -
iam_blessedup : Running in the dust of THE RABBI!♥ #happilybreathless
crystalstine : Love this @biancaolthoff quote and her heart for women :)
missmae1992 : LOVE this
biancaolthoff : @crystalstine Thank you, doll! You're the best and I can't wait to see you again. The last time we connected it was so busy we really didn't get to chat. Thanks for all you do!
crystalstine : @biancaolthoff looking forward to it :)
dorinagilmore : Yes, why are we obsessed with safe in our culture when we could be focused on racing brave after glory?!? Love this message!!!
mrsgrly : Sounds like @jenniesallen to me :)
incourage : @missmae1992 @dorinagilmore oh girls, we love this too! That @biancaolthoff is a wise woman.
kskin11 - imprintskatie - noyes_ca - mitzi_joy -
@incourage #inRL
inrl -
incourage - polynshandy - margee551956 -
Working on an #inrl craft tonight. Tell your story bracelets. @incourage
inrl -
incourage : Awesome!!!
karina268 : @cwillard76 Impressive!
incourage - karina268 - jennmpeterson - karlaleighwood -
I'm hosting an #inrl meet-up again this year. The @incourage conference is a great way to connect with women in your community. Are you going?
inrl -
incourage : Woohoo can't wait!
incourage - karina268 - annieathome - rebeccalevans -
Blogged about the (in)RL Conference. #inRL #incourage #faith #community #linkinprofile
faith - community - linkinprofile - incourage - inrl -
msmoozysopenhouse : @incourage
incourage : yay we are so excited!
incourage - ramblesahm -
This is so true, I feel God's love through my friends. @incourage #inRL
inrl -
incourage : For. Sure.
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