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The look on your face when your professor tells you to come to her office before class MY CLASS IS AT 8 O'clock. ...smh got up tp early she is not here ...#ijustwantalilhelp #thishoelied #icant #imoverit #ishouldbeather...... #icantbelieveshewouldlie #thissomebs #MANIDESERVEAGRADEOFA .... #SHETRIEDIT
ishouldbeather - manideserveagradeofa - shetriedit - icant - thishoelied - imoverit - thissomebs - ijustwantalilhelp - icantbelieveshewouldlie -
simplytabitha : *to
mrfuller803 -
sleeping pill wore off too early.. cant go back to sleep so im waiting to exhale until its time to get up for work in 30min #imsleepy #imirritated #imoverit @stephaniedsteward
imirritated - imsleepy - imoverit -
careevents -
#doggoneit #absfromlaughing #onedaykid #livebydog #really #mybad #iactuallyloveanimals #imoverit
absfromlaughing - livebydog - doggoneit - imoverit - iactuallyloveanimals - mybad - onedaykid - whysoserious - really -
gildo4000 : #whysoserious
devious_minded -
#cops #Coachella #andydick #imoverit @andydick
cops - imoverit - coachella - andydick -
djhansvanbiets - andydick - onestowatch - danaareilly -
Calm feeling came over me earlier this evening, even took me a min to understand maybe I woke up or maybe my spirit is saying enough is enough. But you know for a fact your over something when you don't even get angry anymore. Im actually really good & I just discovered exactly why. Ask and you shall receive. #Imoverit #ifeelgood #Forward #Grateful #Creation #Itsmyturn #GoodNight #Vylaness #RedQueen
itsmyturn - ifeelgood - creation - vylaness - goodnight - grateful - imoverit - forward - redqueen -
bionicvee : MUAH xoxo ur an angel @mental_mayhem
mental_mayhem : Back at cha babe I got you Mammas
vylaness : I know u do same here im riding wit u thats a fact @mental_mayhem
mental_mayhem : @vylaness as I'm riding with you
sliceboogiered : Thats real @mental_mayhem #Respect
kingcarolina30 : Keep ya up shawty @vylaness
queentrinilo : It's ok to be over it just don't go bk to it. Have the funeral for whatever situation it is. And you are excellent at having funerals lmao hint hint lol sweet dreams gorgeous @vylaness
kingpitogator : #RESPECT #REDQUEEN
ladiiseduction - danyelcash - thevirginhairdealer - mrdouble_hb -
Whenever your having a bad day atleast you don't have to live with this asshole! I am hoping that this dog will be good karma in a sense I don't get a bad ass kid like this Rotfl #dammitshaggy #imoverit #shaggy #badasskid #doesthisonpurpose #digginginthetrash #evildog
badasskid - shaggy - dammitshaggy - doesthisonpurpose - imoverit - digginginthetrash - evildog -
thatvampirechick - skeeter6969 - sessiemonster -
I should've known your instructions came with bs written all over them...I'm just tired of this game #tired #letmecry #imoverit #imoveryou #imjustdone #bs #alwayshappens #liar #icanttakeitanymore #letmepunchyouintheface #ireallywantto #asshole
imoveryou - liar - alwayshappens - tired - icanttakeitanymore - bs - imjustdone - imoverit - asshole - letmecry - ireallywantto - letmepunchyouintheface -
stroseftcat - sandraa_deee - chelleeemabelle - celene_702 -
Im done #stolen #imoverit #done #lp
stolen - done - lp - imoverit -
based_german - simply_ruben_ - shiet_24 - duhh_wain -
I'm just done fighting for something that doesn't want to be fought for! #imoverit ✌️πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜’
imoverit -
ohyouhatemetoo : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
clochegiuliani : Rp
prettyt_tm : How I'm feeling ..
bkny__ : Follow my music page @brooklynyuth
coolerthanthat : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jsttatyana : couldn't have said it any better!
bubbleszg : @dlsupersavage
vicslick24_ - xobrea - _loveeetori_ - dailyfix_ -
First final is tomorrow... #ImOverIt #PantherPrep #IJustWannaPass
ijustwannapass - pantherprep - imoverit -
thatgammabel : "I just want to go to sleep" 😴
thatgammabel : @lottator318
lottator318 : -__- lol @thatgammabel
thatgammabel : " oh hey!" @lottator318
thatgammabel - marquitos_colorican - sweetsixteen90 - team_bebe -
Life is like a camera turn and ignore the negatives as you make and create a positive #positive #camera #negative #elementarydrama #drama #rumors #gossip #imoverit #imdonewithcertainpeople
drama - rumors - positive - negative - elementarydrama - camera - imdonewithcertainpeople - imoverit - gossip -
_marrsai - skate_all_day1123 - grantwilliams99 - brazilian__swag -
My lucky pen #finalweek #imoverit #chemistryhaunting
chemistryhaunting - finalweek - imoverit -
jobojelly - winniepoooh - its_nu_winn -
been having a weird feeling for the past few days, just haven't got down to what it is, and now reading this just kinda puts the icing on the cake... πŸ˜³πŸ˜’πŸ˜€ #trentshelton #dontbeused #rehabtime #itiswhatitis #saywhatyouwant #iknowwhosloyal #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #dontjudgemethenexpectsomething #ifyouaremyfriendyouaccepteverythingaboutme #imoverit #wheredoyoustandinmylife
actionsspeaklouderthanwords - trentshelton - imoverit - dontbeused - iknowwhosloyal - wheredoyoustandinmylife - saywhatyouwant - itiswhatitis - ifyouaremyfriendyouaccepteverythingaboutme - dontjudgemethenexpectsomething - rehabtime -
josephinealonzo : remember: don't ever feel like you need to explain yourself to people. those who don't like you, won't believe you, those who are your friends won't need it. Simple as that.
ahmarishaun143 : @josephinealonzo thanks babe! ☺️ you're always the one to tell me the truth, and what a real friend should be.. I really appreciate you for never judging me and always telling me what it is!
pretty_yellowbone : BF WHATS WRONG @ahmarishaun143
ahmarishaun143 : @pretty_yellowbone my bf be on it quick! & you texted me fast! Lolz! I love ya bf! 😘
pretty_yellowbone : I love you to bf we all we got 😍😘😍 @ahmarishaun143
marleyrocz - josephinealonzo - joyceluciana - jwhitereturns -
I look like poop and soo touristy but hey, im in times square #NYC ILOVENEWYORK
nyc - imoverit -
brittanydacosta : ahh so jealous !! hope you have fun!! be safe , love ya πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
brittanydacosta : @mdsnoeys
mdsnoeys : @brittanydacosta i will! Ill seeya soon!!! :) xo
amburr : Lol like how the girl beside you is posing the same #tourist #lol #loveya
mdsnoeys : @amburr lol camera around the neck to #imoverit love you!!
chelseyvanos : mal this is so cute,hope you have funn:)
chantellyxxx - kenziedesa - nagel_julia96 - haylayg -
Maui the chameleon, Austins pride and joy #imoverit #drawing #charcoal
charcoal - drawing - imoverit -
evan_mcnair39 : "Just posted a photo. #veiledchameleon"
j_straty : LOL^^^ @evan_mcnair39
m_adkins12 : That turned out so good!
a_warner23 : Its not nice to make fun @evan_mcnair39 @j_straty
bungbung675 - robinortega_ - baymac23 - keil_guerrero -
It's like... Trying to rationalize with a kid about grown up stuff. It Never Works Out. 😐 #shootmeinthelegalready #picoftheday #noeresmaspendejonadamasporquenoeresmasgrande #fuckitshithappens #imoverit
shootmeinthelegalready - noeresmaspendejonadamasporquenoeresmasgrande - picoftheday - fuckitshithappens - imoverit -
wendytoocutee : Haaaa Omgg Trueee
_capz : Seriously!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wendytoocutee
mayruhh_ - smile_in_lifeeeee - dianadeanda10 - wendytoocutee -
Hey would u look at that ! I got my first hater lol . I didn't let it get to me . It actually made me smile . I don't do it to lose weight but to stay healthy in every way possible 😊πŸ’ͺ I'm going to keep at it no matter what ❀️ #haters
haters - endofstory - imoverit -
elove_26 : Btw you look great!!! Motivation for people who are on a journey to better their life too. 😊😊😊😊 keep up the awesome work!!! The only comments that matter are those who are supporting you to reach your goals!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
healthyme4life : @marlena_s83 oh piece of cake . You got this !!!! πŸ’Ÿβ€οΈπŸ’Ÿ
healthyme4life : @elove_26 thank you ! You are so sweet πŸ’ž! IG friends and fam help me keep pushing ! Thank you for the support πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
dellasday : @healthyme4life phaha obviously hasnt been following your account or progress too a healthy life??!!! Ppl like that tick me off.... Girl you work dam hard too get your body in the shape that it is.... HOT btw...... Dont listen too the #haters they jelly that they havent got the motivation too get up and train no doubt!! 😘
healthyme4life : I didn't know she was following for a while now . She blocked me after I posted this but I'm not mad ... See πŸ‘‰πŸ˜¬πŸ˜Š lol . Thank you ! You are amazing for it all . @dellasday very supporting 😘
dellasday : @healthyme4life lol! 😊 πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ no probs my little super star! 🌟🌟
dawnmgb : Your commitment shows. Keep rocking your fit. Love ya. 😘
healthyme4life : @dawnmgb πŸ˜ƒthank you ! Xoxo 😘
misslivia92 - mrs_geisler26_2 - maigang360 - peee_dro -
Anyone have $5,000 I can have #imoverit
imoverit -
xgn_versailles -
Been waiting for this all day long!!! 😴😴😴 #yesiknowitsmisspelled #englishmajorissues #imoverit
englishmajorissues - yesiknowitsmisspelled - imoverit -
d_londono : Good night
misscee_19 : Thanks... Have a good night as well! @d_londono
tania_garriga : Passed the bar
misscee_19 : Oh emm gee Alex!!! We need to celebrate!!! Congrats!!! I'm super proud of you!!! @tania_garriga
tania_garriga - jorge__mario - jsttatyana - _dinaax3 -
I have no idea what I would do without @mariah_alexus143! She's always been the one there for me, & she's more of a sister to me than a cousin.. lol and don't bother to mess with me because she's pretty protective over what's hersπŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹, lol we have some of the best/dumb memories together and I'm so blessed to have you in my life, thanks for everything and always sticking up for me πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ.. Oh and #ImOverIt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
imoverit -
mariah_alexus143 : Lmfao I love you so muchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
abby_gaile3 - dolores_grigg - lindsey_kendall - diego_sauceda23 -
New mod #ecigerette #vape #smoke #vaporize #fattclouds #chill #imoverit #mod #crazy
crazy - vaporize - vape - fattclouds - smoke - imoverit - ecigerette - mod - chill -
mrseedz : Oh god!
veebaybee - blondiedinero - tattoos_n_models - imeldapgnn -
wanna fuck a skinny model right before her runway show, shes the one in the back nose runnin from the blow #drunkinlove #howthehell #didthisshithappen #ohbaby #xoxo #fuckem #actup #geterased #hatetheworld #approachme #imoverit #sorrynotsorry #iwillshowyouwhatsup #ha #FUCKYOU
didthisshithappen - iwillshowyouwhatsup - ha - fuckyou - drunkinlove - xoxo - actup - ohbaby - howthehell - fuckem - sorrynotsorry - imoverit - geterased - approachme - hatetheworld -
sebastiangaskin - baileymilner - erkelly14 - hunter_mccluskey -
I am walking on very thin ice, I can hear it crackling. #fml #sodone #imoverit #illbeastripper #whereismysugardaddy #reportforduty
reportforduty - whereismysugardaddy - imoverit - sodone - illbeastripper - fml -
cali_kid17 - zurcher_angie - _ashkapash - fabbulisz -
#neverleave #youfuckingleft!!! #imoverit #liars
neverleave - imoverit - liars - youfuckingleft -
rodeogirl2040 - rayanncassidy - raven_rashelle - brittany2331 -
I love the song and all but... #pharrell #happy #pharrellhat #happysong #imoverit #meme #pharrellmeme #batmanmeme #Batman #slap #funny
meme - funny - pharrell - batmanmeme - pharrellhat - slap - imoverit - batman - happysong - pharrellmeme - happy -
jituigeorge : @peace_duchess
machinegun_cali : @haleyyj_xo
julzc3 : That damn hat!
yadi_721 : Gina get him he is slapping ur husband!!!! @ginagx33
nattyy___ - lotusfarbomb - lesliegamez3 - superior_pill_form -
thanks everyone who spammed and followed😍😍 β€’ β€’ My mom was yelling at me *rollong eyes* I'm the hated child of the family with out a doubt β€’ β€’ Well my mom likes me the least my dad like me probably 2nd β€’ β€’ #huh #sigh #sad #jk #idc #imoverit #haha #likes #textpost #text #post #laugh #smile #okay #funny #awkward #ilysm
okay - sigh - huh - sad - likes - laugh - jk - post - textpost - funny - awkward - ilysm - text - imoverit - haha - smile - idc -
stevenlettnin : awesome :P
leahzvib - burning_dandelions - helluciinate - cyber_pimp -
Don't Disrespect me and expect me to respect you✌️ #likethis #tagsforlikes #imoverit #ctfuu #likeforlike
tagsforlikes - likethis - ctfuu - likeforlike - imoverit -
lauren_yennior : Thank you😽 @ryan_makowicki_
miss_paigiee : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
lauren_yennior : 😽😻 text me! @miss_paigiee
_kassidy_1313 : Your eyes are gorgeous babe!πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
lauren_yennior : Thank you but your gorgeousπŸ’• @_kassidy_1313
_kassidy_1313 : You're welcome!😚Aww your a bæ☺️thanks!!
mrcool321 : Dang Lauren you are beautiful
lauren_yennior : Thankss(: @mrcool321
_kassidy_1313 - mrcool321 - mlely14 - nike_soccer41 -
This song is f-ing annoying, I heard it once coming to work & twice at work . #ImOverIt #SlapHim
slaphim - imoverit -
sir_gram : Chill girl be happy!!! Lol
yessicaax0 : @sir_gram 😜
tinamarie1783 - breangy72 - jessnj1808 - sulyvirula -
Embracing the city of love with a gnome. #imoverit #gnome #paris
paris - gnome - imoverit -
ivy_mc : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thehuebs__ : OmgπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
_emiily_may - caitlin_jaaaaay - nadinehamilton - jayden__12 -
Love my new lashes!! Best lashes I have ever had! #sothick #soft #imoverit #dollfaceeyelashes
dollfaceeyelashes - soft - sothick - imoverit -
dollfaceeyelashes - julieanswer - katiepops6 -
I love getting drinks from you it makes my day 😊❀️ @mmeg_ #starbucks #whitegirl #imoverit
whitegirl - starbucks - imoverit -
natashameeboer - ashhleexo - aidwillknow - sofyaaa123 -
#JustBeinReal #ImOverIt #Done
justbeinreal - done - imoverit -
born_u_n_i_q_u_e : I love this so much. Thank u finally I'm not alone.
dat_nigga_meezie - 1andonly_tomigirl - m3no18 - angelxlegilimens -
I think I'm beginning to get stir crazy from being out of work.. (I never thought I'd say that) #rest #drsorders #blah #stupidshoulder #imoverit #stircrazy #selfie #stupidhashtags #ohwell
stircrazy - drsorders - stupidhashtags - selfie - ohwell - rest - stupidshoulder - blah - imoverit -
junior__diaz - justhe_4_ofus - shelleyyy92 -
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