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We will round off today with a bit of #GITrad before we go and #TurnUp β€’ We love the colours of the traditional African outfits and how much their love shines through β€’ Photocredit @spicyteee #GroomInspiration #Groom #Bride #NigerianWedding
bride - groominspiration - nigerianwedding - gitrad - turnup - groom -
spicyteee : Thanks for the love πŸ‘
elyn3 - officialcpepper - coymistress_09 - studio91mx -
We couldn't help but post this β€’ love is such a beautiful thing, from the kiss on the forehead to the smile on both their faces β€’ and the beautiful African traditional wear β€’ Photocredit @temiteeee #GroomInspiration #GITrad
groominspiration - weddingphotography - gitrad - groom - africanwedding - bride - london - wedding - nigerianwedding -
groominspiration : #AfricanWedding #NigerianWedding #Wedding #WeddingPhotography #London #Groom #Bride
wofaii : #GITrad that Hashtags brings joy to my heart
temiteeee : @groominspiration thanks!! Glad you like
bbtayo - gemogi - okuzuandra - duveramedia -
#party #friday #gitrad #heyladies
party - friday - heyladies - gitrad -
thelmm : #cocky
jonnyfrontside : @cockfightskateboards
mindsovermatter - wheresthemap - rbateson - jonnyfrontside -
Happy independence to @kojojones and all our Ghanian friends around the world β€’ we love the complete 'kente' outfit β€’ #GroomInspiration #GIGroom #GITrad
ghana - groominspiration - gigroom - gitrad - ghanian - independence -
bosolamustapha : @kojojones πŸ‘πŸ‘
mortsandmore : Ghanaian* 😎
mohyean__jv : @marsbed
doroletino : Yummy
mofya : @doroletino what is wrong with all of you? πŸ˜’
doroletino : @mofya but his yummy looking nawwww. *covers face*
mofya : @doroletino smh! I'm ashamed of all of you, thirsty women I call friends πŸ˜’
yellowwcheese : I'm moving to Ghana. 
callmetiatequila_ - cocoaesque - jkfolarin - ms_tobz -
Wedding tinz with my Bro Chumzo! Before we hit the dance in our trad. #mrandmrsnzenwa #weddingflow #weddding #feyichuma #igbo #chumafeyi #groom #groomsmen #day1broski #gotloveforthisbro #gitrad #trad
trad - groomsmen - weddding - gotloveforthisbro - igbo - feyichuma - groom - mrandmrsnzenwa - chumafeyi - gitrad - day1broski - weddingflow -
olanike_k : This pic is guys definitely represented!
mrderu : You ladies also represented!! πŸ‘Œ @olanike_k
opepraise : Awwwwwwwwww❀️❀️❀️
mr_yega - naomi_deru - r_roso -
What up Friday! Get me away from Netflix! #facesofmeth #gitrad
facesofmeth - gitrad -
smashleyrichel : I'm so proud to call you family.
gracephillips : Haha
jpixmorrison : Wow.. I do not claim you.
whoamkm - lindseyleehyde - distant_stations - kristinsmetanko -
Love the mix of culture, nature and love | tag your traditional outfits #GITrad | Photocredit @phototrendyonline | #GroomInspiration #GIGroom
groominspiration - weddingphotography - love - gigroom - gitrad - couple - engagement - wedding - esession -
groominspiration : #engagement #esession #love #weddingphotography #wedding #couple
mr_ochonogor : Cool
topbridal_couture : Pls follow back
phototrendyonline : Thanks much @groominspiration
beautiful971 - arinzeey - teddyvirgo - doubleoheight -
This image explains why we have decided to invest more in our traditional groom outfit feature, #GITrad | traditional outfits are always so beautiful and we would love to showcase different groom outfits from around the world | thank you @obisomto for sharing this 'exclusively' with us | #GIGroom #GroomInspiration #GITrad
trad - groominspiration - gigroom - gitrad - groom - groomsmen - culture - wedding - nigerianwedding - bellanaijaweddings -
groominspiration : #nigerianwedding #bellanaijaweddings #groom #groomsmen #culture #wedding #trad
molaraakande : Very nice .
eventsbydoyin : Nice!
suguain : @papaomisore πŸ‘Œ
jaclynodinka : πŸ‘
lushibk : @drlabambam
lollylolzy - iamlatyf - lord__farquaad - rebeccaolu -
Aftermath of #woodward2014 #gitrad
woodward2014 - gitrad -
nickmurawski -
Abit of #GITrad | just because it's Sunday | we love the colours and that location!! | anyone know where this is? | Photocredit @alakijastudios | #GIGroom #GroomInspiration
groominspiration - engagement - gigroom - gitrad - alakijastudios - groom - bride - photoshoot - couple -
mysignaturewedding : Ikoyi Bridge πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
ollarposh : Ikoyi Bridge? I thought that was Eiffel TowerπŸ™€πŸ™ˆ Nice Niceβœ”
prestigeaffairs : @dignatoledophotography
mmdiya : Lekki-Ikoyi bridge
philipa133 : Lekki to ikoyi link bridge
theycallmeweezy : @_dataku nd @ejetflyer πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
oneveganfatty : Love!
groominspiration : @mizzcoupe @mysignaturewedding @ollarposh @mmdiya @philipa133 thanks guys. We thought it was Paris
enitan_1982 - the_mayowa - simplykejai - errymonroe -
Road trip with #shirtlessgeorge! #woodward #skateboarding #gitrad #skateordont
woodward - shirtlessgeorge - skateordont - gitrad - skateboarding -
liftlineclothing - magicwax - seanfoxwell - loganhcross -
Just because it's Saturday | traditional outfits are always so beautiful | we need to feature more of these | Photocredit @jideodukoya #GIGroom #GITrad #GroomInspiration
trad - groominspiration - groom - gigroom - gitrad - nigerianwedding - groomtobe -
groominspiration : #nigerianwedding #groom #groomtobe #trad
isiyand : Lovely compo
shonucca : @fitness_junkie87
adeleyearoloye - vanessa_fearless - shonucca - fitness_junkie87 -
Wedding off!!! Late post
gitrad -
shogggy : @turpemixmagazin @olu_mix @papaomisore
flo4eva : Nice...
shogggy : #gitrad
harry_willy02 - jamesmartins2 - bulbbulbbulbb - yomiflash -
So I finally pulled off the Agbada. It was a fab thanksgiving Sunday. Thanks mum for Ileke (mohits). #GITrad @groominspiration #dressDown #thankfulBro looking good fo 100 days.
thankfulbro - dressdown - gitrad -
amthebaldone : Lol @mr_dabiri and yes baby girl @lepaciousbukki
laoyin_ok : 😍😍😍 very nice!! Wole off!! .. Plus how do you know @mr_dabiri !?
amthebaldone : @laoyin_ok me n @mr_dabiri come way back.... We hommies nah
laoyin_ok : Lol that's not the answer to the question? How not how long oh sir! @amthebaldone
amthebaldone : Sorry nah @laoyin_ok ermmmmm somehow sha...we sha met
laoyin_ok : Lol smh, you are actually a problem! @amthebaldone
mr_dabiri : @laoyin_ok @amthebaldone Wole is my boy!!! Lol
projectstev : Follow back my boy lol
sureladyb - _user47 - laoyin_ok - freesp1rited_ -
This is @kayodea. He is the 'dansiki wearing lawyer' We love the complete Nigerian traditional attire topped off with the bright yellow hat. This is perfect for the groomsmen at the engagement ceremony or the wedding guests at the wedding. Please continue to tag #GITrad or send your picture to our email as we will feature our male followers traditional attires throughout today. #GroomInspiration
groominspiration - gitrad -
laolutubi : Yo @kayodea check you out lol
kayodea : @laolutubi seen it bro πŸ˜ƒ
laolutubi : @kayodea πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
_funlola_ - jennyfah_xo - sun_in_splendor - seuncutie -
#firstofallintroduction #groomsinspiration #isoko #urhobo #wadoo
isoko - firstofallintroduction - urhobo - gitrad - groomsinspiration - wadoo -
i_rep_waffi : #GITrad
swayyzeswizzle : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ashmicah1128 : Where's my invite?!?! Nawa for u
groominspiration - msjanelove - naijaswag - anitamissdiva -
We will be launching our #GITrad hashtag tomorrow to celebrate a week of our existence. #GITrad will showcase our male followers traditional/cultural outfits. Thanks Sheun for sharing with us. Please continue to send your pictures to our email and tag #GITrad in your outfits to church tomorrow #GITrad #GroomInspiration
groominspiration - gitrad -
stilldapper : @viceroysg
jocelyne_lisa - emmanuelakintunde - dolapodebby -
#GITrad (the preview) πŸ‘‘πŸ™Œ Our new hashag #GITrad will be launched tomorrow to celebrate our 1 week birthday.πŸ˜„ #GITrad will feature traditional/cultural outfits from our males followers all around the world. Please tag #GITrad as you rock your traditional attires to weddings today and church tomorrow πŸ™Œ #GroomInspiration
groominspiration - gitrad -
badboiibonez : @its_lynxxx lynx utunu πŸ‘
fiyin_faajs : @tolufiz your wishes have come trueπŸ‘†. Where the agbada at?😐
tolufiz : @fiyin_faajs Hahahaha. We dey observe ☺️
levequej : @_chernise_
eunicedavidta - felixodo - naylahcampos - afropolitan_ezza -
Thanks to everyone for the tags and sending their pictures. We have tried to post as many as possible without clogging everyone's timelines. #GIFriday will continue next week πŸ™Œ We came across this photo captured by @atilary_ and we are considering launching #GITrad in the future to showcase different cultural outfits πŸ‘‘ In the meantime, we will return to posting dapper grooms and groomsmen. #GroomInspiration #GIFriday #GIGroom #GITrad
gifriday - groominspiration - gigroom - gitrad -
queenie_30 - ms_kitty2pointoh - abudullahi - c_omari -
If u aren't an avid kitten rapist and don't listen to double chainz and wiz wayne singing about "shawtys" thrn buy GitRads second album. Dislodged brainstem, spoiled meat mayhem, and cracked out babies. #pussymoneyweed #gitrad #420blazeit #toddthecat
420blazeit - pussymoneyweed - toddthecat - gitrad -
arkaid_ : Ill support this. How much?
fuckinblake : Thats not todd...
ranch_666 : Anything u wanna give man! @arkaid_
ranger_raney - carltylerkills - bumscraggin - drunkmouse -
Retagit just emailed me recommending I buy this! Anybody wanna buy my triumph chopper or volare so I can buy it?!?!? #carbed #corvette #letsrace #gitrad
corvette - carbed - letsrace - gitrad -
theroberta : you and your girl would look really cute spooning in that
leighvictoria : Gurrl let me show you my car... Bed..
jpixmorrison : @theroberta..And they said buying him car-bed rims for Christmas was a dumb idea.. #Spooninginstyle #letsgitweird
laurenhotpantz : Then you can get a radio and talk to other race car beds.
wrencompton : @corvettefans this is the one with the rare options right?
lunarlimelight - laurenhotpantz - corvettefans - a_atwell -
#gitrad sighting. Mad jablowme @reeddrescher
gitrad -
loseec429 : Skynyrd
luke_olver - carltylerkills - i_am_shredwards - fighttoliveclothing -
Blunt Airwalk to fakes. #coffinriders
iwannabearaddog - coffinriders - gitrad -
brandonburleigh : Hell yea!!
scurtoff : Sick!
earlygrabs : πŸ‘
welcomeskateboards : Rad garrett
dirtycatkills : #gitrad
dirtycatkills : @stickyshit
dirtycatkills : #iwannabearaddog @totonier
ranch_666 - cloudygoldmind - ashley_michelle108 - comandercody -
@treverhollenbeck films so nice!
gitrad -
swavy_potato : Did u hear about kyle cummingd
haleybouk : I need to know something important...
dirtycatkills : Okay. What is it?
dirtycatkills : ? @yourfriendhaley
haleybouk : It was about alva yesterday hahah
dirtycatkills : Oh.. Hahaha well, he was there! :]
dirtycatkills : #gitrad
dirtycatkills : @stickyshit
willpless - bolognancheese - sebaskatelove - shippystyle -
Ryan playin some Jeffrey Lewis.
gitrad -
swavy_potato : Hey come to etnies nowww
dirtycatkills : Be there at 5:20-ish..
dirtycatkills : #gitrad
kvtebrannick - seanistasty - skellytwat - thehomiecloud -
I've got no spunk, no same, and zero game; I'm passive aggressive and I know I'm lame.
doodles - bald - gitrad -
sarahshreds : πŸ™†
dirtycatkills : #gitrad #Doodles #bald
psychiclover : i love your art! its ballzy :)
dirtycatkills : Haha you think so? Thanks! @salamigarcia
psychiclover : yea, it's different and originial :)
dirtycatkills : :] I've never been told that before; he'll yeah!! @salamigarcia
ab_derz - scurtoff - welcomeskateboards - aandrewbrown -
#Doodles #gitrad
doodles - gitrad -
ranch_666 : No its not and I need polly too
kvtebrannick - chauntaeishere - scurtoff - littledanielita -
Hollie goes ginger! #strawberryblonde #stylist @brittanycanchola #colorist #gitrad
gitrad - strawberryblonde - stylist - colorist -
dashx73 : @beecanchula I like this!
tigermoon_ : @dashx73 thanks!
silverstaticnoise : Kaaaayoot!
lazamor7 - texascactuss - meowzebub - jenbean13 -
If I ever have a kid he better be as rad as this one.... #sweetjumps #forevertwowheels #gitrad
sweetjumps - forevertwowheels - gitrad -
deltronicus : @moonlite_metal πŸ˜‰
gracephillips : Haha this kid is amazing
_surfnturf_ - wheresthemap - gracephillips - zakcolburn -
GiTRaD. our first album! Who wants to enjoy one? @dirtycatkills #gitrad #jackn'thecat #ryanmcewan
jackn - ryanmcewan - gitrad -
katfatpartymix : No not since that time I bummed you a stoge @jesus_christ_allin
jzundel : Just listened to it! So sick!! Very impressed
ranch_666 : I have in house all day tomorrow. Are you going to be at school? @neyduhhh
ranch_666 : He'll yeah thanks doooooooooood!!!! @jzundel
logvnwhite : Lemme get one
ranch_666 : Alright I'll bring one tomorrow @mvod_white
logvnwhite : Sickkk
ieapparel : We should make u niggas shirts
taylorprints - howheavythisaxe - haleybouk - michaelbean_ -
Bring on the metal! #ridetoruin #gitrad #dudes #otsc #beer
beer - neonwarship - gitrad - ridetoruin - dudes - otsc -
wrencompton : #neonwarship
lunarlimelight - missypeeps - adam_peck -
waiting for Mr. Grabby McHands to go to bed so I can #GitRad. @wrencompton, come over and play!
gitrad -
tiptothetop : #oneshot
special_occasion_fem - clevelandgooner - tat2dbettie -
Christmas night cruising. #mopar #volare #gitrad
mopar - volare - gitrad -
cappuccinofrosting : Sexy.
lunarlimelight - zakcolburn - arletteland - ryan_martin -
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