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My view.... #gallbladder #gallbladderproblems #gallbladderprobs #gallstones #hospital #er
gallbladder - gallstones - gallbladderproblems - gallbladderprobs - hospital - er -
irishatl81 : i will pray for u...hope u feel better
melvincederlof - living_warrior - tonysuriani -
Wow. Well I just had this awesome concoction for my dinner! Found it on Pinterest: It's one of the yummiest things I've ever eaten! Thank you @vegangela_food for the recipe, fantastic! #vegan #cleanliving #vegetables #gallbladder #healthy #love #picoftheday
love - gallbladder - healthy - vegetables - picoftheday - vegan - cleanliving -
dannykg8 : That looks epic! Xxx
amalthea1983 : @dannykg8 babe it was sensational. Have some left for my lunch tomorrow too! Yay! We can make it on Sat :) you'll love it xxx
lenixp - ilovetea28 - exploringhealthyfoods - healthingyou -
Still in the hospital but I'm ok and I leave today πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ surgery went WELL
gallbladder -
i_heard_u_mad : Are u ok @jasmine_williams93
jasmine_williams93 : Just a little pain but yes thanks !! #gallbladder removed
____totss : Get off then hospital wifi
justjtate - i_heard_u_mad - 3j_black0 - layidebhugg_12 -
Guess who's in the hospital for emergency #gallbladder surgery? #stmarys #luckyme
stmarys - gallbladder - luckyme -
greta_mary - annatavster -
When your anatomy lab graduate assistant laughs at your answer because you can't remember what stomach folds are called. #anatomy #stomach #folds #rugae #quiz #stillacedit #5points #hilarious #funny #digestivetract #pancreas #gallbladder #cysticduct #portalvein
rugae - 5points - stomach - stillacedit - funny - folds - digestivetract - quiz - anatomy - gallbladder - portalvein - hilarious - cysticduct - pancreas -
laurennstanley11 - kateep - angeldownam - x_oceandust_x -
In the hospital. I'm finally going to get this damn thing out. Wish me luck! #gallbladdersucks #ifeellikepoo #morphine #funny #bleh #gallbladder
funny - ifeellikepoo - gallbladdersucks - morphine - gallbladder - bleh -
beccalynn526 : Good luck!! Best feeling ever. So much relief
brandii1020 : "I maked these" bahahah 😘
greta_mary : @beccalynn526 Thanks Becca!
angelsrainbowbottoms : Oh dear god I have stones too
babygrllili : Oh no!!! I'm not gonna see you today :( good luck girl!! See you when you get out!
babygrllili : That is a funny pic though
greta_mary : @babygrllili awe I know! 😒
_ponieup_ - mao1026 - bashley_97 - angelsrainbowbottoms -
#red #sunburn #redbelly #fatbelly #bellybutton #scars #gallbladder #surgery #deformed #faketan #fakebake
deformed - scars - redbelly - gallbladder - bellybutton - sunburn - faketan - fakebake - surgery - red - fatbelly -
tobikirsch -
Ugh, I hate hospitals.
pain - hospital - emergencyroom - cmc - thisshitsucks - iv - gallbladder - hospitals - er -
dubby420 : Idk man, honestly they don't know what's wrong with me. I've had CT scans, x rays, ultrasounds, MRIs... Everything is negative. But all my symptoms point to gallbladder disease. Being shipped off to specialists to be put to sleep and have cameras shoved down my throat. @bigjermjones
_mellowminded : Alot of young girls are having theirs taken out. Its strange. My lady had hers taken out. It ended up being pushed against her liver. I really believe its the GMOs and the stuff in our food. Our bodies can't deal with fake.
dubby420 : I eat clean and local. I make sure I don't have tainted food. I'm so careful. @_mellowminded :/
dubby420 : It hurts so bad.
maconlovesit_legalizemarijuana : Feel better @dubby420
dubby420 : Thanks man @maconlovesit_legalizemarijuana
melanado : Sending good vibes your way sweetie @dubby420
maconlovesit_legalizemarijuana : Yup
blueish_skies - mellowkittyxo - justmejenniferl - linsayreegrr -
Please let this be the beginning to my recovery! I have been sick for 2 weeks 😞.... The doctor thinks it is Gallstones in places they shouldn't be. Just cut them out!!! πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ’‰πŸ’‰ #gallstones #gallbladder #worstpainever #imabigbaby
gallstones - worstpainever - gallbladder - imabigbaby -
jesspyet : :/ get better soon!!!
kenziehaack : 😩😞😭I just died!!!!!!
tappefamily : :( I love you. I hope they get their asses in gear & help you be better.
tappefamily : I hate finding this out on instagram.
kalamae : Get better K!! We love you!!! 😘😘😘
whimsyandlife - stacy_cha6 - sprightlyamyanne -
After surgery selfie. I am being released in just a few minutes! Day 135.5 of 365. #selfieadaychallenge #surgery #gallbladder
surgery - gallbladder - selfieadaychallenge -
eschuman : Glad your surgery went well. Hope you are feeling better soon!
livitup13 : Feel better soon @nicoleonthegogo
michidakilla - gsuhokie - jordanthemostwonderfulest - _nauticalnonsense -
Hoping my tummy lets me have it. #ProteinShake #Yummy #HealthyEating #Gallbladder sucks!
healthyeating - yummy - proteinshake - gallbladder -
leturkle - moniebabiee - ohhchica - azct3cwxrrior -
Consultation :( #gallbladder #surgery #consultation #myface ! Lol πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
surgery - consultation - gallbladder - myface -
_missyrissy : Oh thank you! @calypsosphotography
calypsosphotography : Sorry my comment got deleted (I accidentally do that a lot), but no problem!
mivws_v : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ cool
Made use of leftovers for brunch yesterday.
pancreatitissucks - pancreatitis - foodgasm - foodporn - sweet - t4l - t4t - fitness - lunch - gallbladder - r4r - foodie - breakfast - foodpic - weightloss - paleo - yummy - gallstones - delish - hungry - instagood - instafood - amazing - eating - eatclean - homemade - s4s - dinner - yum - postpartum -
0fficialalyssa : #foodporn #yum #instafood #T4l #yummy #amazing #instagood #eatclean #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #t4t #s4s #r4r #foodie #delish #eating #paleo #weightloss #fitness #foodpic #homemade #hungry #foodgasm #pancreatitis #pancreatitissucks #gallstones #gallbladder #postpartum
lovejacksontravis - gqrlh - im_nessa_rawr - florathetty -
Ready for surgery selfie. Funny thing I keep trying to hashtag surgery and my phone keeps changing it to Hunger Games. Not sure if that is some sort of sign! Day 135 of 365. #selfieadaychallenge #HungerGames #surgery #gallbladder
hungergames - surgery - gallbladder - selfieadaychallenge -
vaderandlukefan16 : Good luck, Ms. Hevener! @nicoleonthegogo
br00kie84 : @nicoleonthegogo good luck !
nicoleonthegogo : @vaderandlukefan16 Thank you Sammy!! And Thank you @br00kie84
vaderandlukefan16 - empressdl - jordanthemostwonderfulest - _nauticalnonsense -
#lesmillscombat #combat30 #21dayfix 10 min abs #shakeology #darkchocolatealmondmilk #beachbody #fitmama #strongisthenewskinny #summerisalmosthere #getbeachready #dedication #addiction
strongisthenewskinny - combat30 - ovariancysts - kidneystone - darkchocolatealmondmilk - 21dayfix - fitmama - summerisalmosthere - gallbladder - lesmillscombat - beachbody - addiction - dedication - shakeology - getbeachready -
tiffany0811 : #kidneystone #ovariancysts #gallbladder issues are not gonna slow me down. Haha well unless they decide to remove my stupid gallbladder. Grrr
fitnuzz - booyakazam - porcha_gets_fit - leneboxrn -
#Surgery went well, no more #bummed #Gallbladder :) and I get free #meds :P
bummed - meds - surgery - habs - gallbladder -
bscootm : @stupidreckless yeah that's like the best part 😝
sassy_fras : Awwww, at least you will feel better now! Speedy recovery darling! 😘
bscootm : @sassy_fras Thank you Sarah! 😊
194angellstreet : *Best wishes on a full and speedy recovery.*
crazysyrianna : oh wow ! get well soon 😊
bscootm : @crazysyrianna Thank you! I'll be ready to cheer our be
bscootm : @crazysyrianna beloved #Habs in Round 2! πŸ˜€β˜β˜
crazysyrianna : ohhh you better be ! 😜✊
_lizziie - littlemissbabushka - 194angellstreet - sassy_fras -
More smoothie action! Almond milk, banana, blueberries, raspberries, ginger root and nutmeg. More Mean Green to be had later today. #vegan #fruit #cleanliving @joethejuicer #juicecleanse #juice #gallbladder #healthy
juice - fruit - gallbladder - healthy - juicecleanse - vegan - cleanliving -
b1essings - sfennn - amanddaaasmith - designermarleneoliveira -
BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL TODAY!!! And what am I up to..? I'm back in Philly headed into @DrexelUniv today for more #ketamineinfusions. Hoping to knock out the pain caused by my #gallbladder. xx #wishmeluck! #RSD #CRPS #chronicpain #chronicillness #nervedisease #invisibleillness #hahnemann #neuropathy #faith #love #blessed #sosososoblessed!
chronicpain - nervedisease - hahnemann - love - invisibleillness - rsd - neuropathy - blessed - wishmeluck - sosososoblessed - crps - ketamineinfusions - faith - chronicillness - gallbladder -
trinipit : Good luck dans
kbear9986 : I've got mine in NYC this week
mldougherty : Good luck and lots of love! XX
frannycakes : Good luck today!
heidibethpatterson : You can doooo it!!! ☺️☺️☺️
theproject3x5 : Thanks for the love y'all! I have the most wonderful friends and support system! And GOOD LUCK to you @kbear9986. As @heidibethpatterson says, "you can doooo it!!!!" πŸ˜‰πŸ˜·πŸ˜Œ
ritzymac : Ah Danni - and you doooo it with such STYLE! And SMILE(s). Always. So proud of where this journey has taken you. You truly do inspire us xxx
theproject3x5 : Auntie @ritzymac, where would I be without you and your endless faith, yes?!? Thank you x Infiniti. So blessed to have been partly raised (and fully loved) by you. xxxxx
meg_addison - laurahotz - corywturner - js_andersson -
Quando a inspiração para escrever para o blog vem, não hÑ sono que segure! Me empolguei. Tem mais post essa semana pra falar de vesícula e vias biliares!
anatomy - osteopatiacampinas - vesiculabiliar - osteopathy - blog - osteopatia - spinalmanipulation - hvla - physiology - gallbladder -
rodolfoaborges : #osteopathy #osteopatia #blog #osteopatiacampinas #vesiculabiliar #gallbladder #anatomy #physiology #spinalmanipulation #hvla
guhmattosinho - renanpivetta_osteopatia - cconsulin - beatrizfer -
Thankful to be home. Me and fat fat cuddling on the couch with my post op busted lip. #thankful #gallbladder #surgery #babies #love #son
thankful - love - gallbladder - babies - surgery - son -
stephoster : Sending lots of well wishes Shanise! Glad you're home!!
stephoster - niknak_p - ladyl23 - wolf_mcfabulous -
I laughed way too hard at this:P The little gallbladder is so cute though! #comic #funny #organs #liver #gallbladder #anatomy #physiology #science #biology #sciencenerd #physiologyjokes
funny - biology - science - comic - anatomy - sciencenerd - liver - physiologyjokes - organs - physiology - gallbladder -
iilygraciie : Awwww I actually feel bad for the gallbladder lol
stokesanator : @iilygraciie I do too!! He's just so cute with his little sad face! Lol
hannahgarciae - jasmine_curran - the_sprinkle_lady - rosticles -
Dissected kitty#stomach#smallintestine#largeintestine#liver#gallbladder#kidney#pancreas#haveigrossedyoualloutyet?πŸ˜‰
stomach - smallintestine - haveigrossedyoualloutyet - liver - largeintestine - pancreas - kidney - gallbladder -
candicedelong : Mmmmm I remember doing this. Barf
kaylalaababy - travelingtheworldd - carmasmomma - summerw0721 -
In the hospital. 😣 #Liver #Pancreas #Gallbladder #Inflamed πŸ˜’ I hate throwing up!
liver - gallbladder - inflamed - pancreas -
k8tlyn_jade - mackenzieketron0169 - ricfuller - bettyjo37 -
Gotta see my lil sis today! @acheypaige20 About the only good thing from the day. Pain has been bad today and the doctor didn't show up either. Which definitely frustrates me! I've only gotten like 6 hours of sleep the last 2 days because of the pain. After talking with my mom and my nurse I'm really gonna push to get my gallbladder out because it's the best fit for ALL my symptoms. #atleastigottacuddlewithmysis #painpaingoaway #feelingrough #abdominalpain #chronicillnessproblems #digestivetractparalysis #gastroparesis #gallbladder #intestinaldysmotility #mybodyiscrazy #nausea #spoonielife #
spoonielife - feelingrough - gastroparesis - abdominalpain - mybodyiscrazy - gallbladder - chronicillnessproblems - intestinaldysmotility - painpaingoaway - nausea - atleastigottacuddlewithmysis - digestivetractparalysis -
mtackett23 : Sorry you're having gall bladder issues!! Mine was suuuch a PAIN until I got it out.. I was in misery until the thing was out! And was in such relief of that pain being gone that the surgery barely hurt! I really hope that if it is your gall bladder that you get some pain relief dear! πŸ’šπŸ˜˜ stay strong! πŸ™
alexhunterus : I had mine removed. For me, it was mainly nausea but the pain did get very bad. The surgery didn't really help though :/ it doesn't always help.
acheypaige20 : I love you turd!
m_shelley19 - dragonflyfarms - gumchewingfreak - ellesharp -
Had to get out of the house this AM. #gloriajeans #icedtea #greentea #raisintoast #breakfast #pretendtoeatit #sick #sook #postop #gallbladder
raisintoast - sick - sook - postop - icedtea - gallbladder - pretendtoeatit - greentea - gloriajeans - breakfast -
deadrabbit69 - fit__n_curvy - sssarah23 - doeboywon -
My view for the past 2 hours... #hitascan #gallbladder #alwayssomething
gallbladder - alwayssomething - hitascan -
ari_cable : Holy cow what happened
paygielane : My gallbladder ):
heatherhomer : Hugs for you @paygielane
ashsalz : Poo, I was going to tell Cameron if it wasn't your appendix then gallbladder or cyst on ovarie. Glad they figured it out. When do you have surgery
ari_cable - itsstephnicoole - freefallmatthew -
Not a great week so far! 😒#gallbladder#emerg#needlesπŸ‘Ž
needles - gallbladder - emerg -
alexmacbeath : Feel better soon cutie! #loveya #cheerup
Couple battle wounds😷πŸ’ͺπŸ™…πŸ˜¨πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€πŸ™πŸ’ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ #dontmindmytummyouthere #hopinforasixpackaftersurgery #haha #justjoking #swollen #puffed #painful #recoveringnow #wanttofeelgoodnow #paintedme #cutme #imbleeding #stitchedgoodoljdup #bandagedheruprealnice #destructionofthebeast #killer #gallbladder #gallstones #bye #worstpainever #nofuckingjoke
cutme - justjoking - killer - haha - dontmindmytummyouthere - puffed - gallbladder - paintedme - wanttofeelgoodnow - recoveringnow - stitchedgoodoljdup - imbleeding - bandagedheruprealnice - gallstones - destructionofthebeast - worstpainever - nofuckingjoke - hopinforasixpackaftersurgery - swollen - bye - painful -
sararankinxo : Lmao I must have been hammed I don't even remember that, but I'm known to whip the scars out when intoxicated ;P Honestly man one week I was good! Just stay in bed as much as possible, less movement less scaring!! Smoking weed helped to when the pain acted up..just be careful and maybe do a Joint over bong for a week! You got thisss! Andandand my scars are almost gone meow besides the rib area one so no worries there chicky!
jdera_ : Lmao they looked cool yours and they're just mini ones. I forget why we got into it. Pretty jokes though, I was DownπŸ’―πŸ‘ your a hoot🎯😘 @sararankinxo that's cool that there almost gone, and I am trying my best to stay just chillin out here. It's hard but I'm in so much pain I hate getting up and laying back down I just wana stay laying. And yes smoking some has helped me a bit already. But maybe I'll switch to the jays for a week or so. Thank you so muchπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’˜πŸŽ―
tiffssmith : Aww fuck girl hope you feel better sooon !! <3
jdera_ : Your a sweetheart😍😍, thank you so much!πŸ˜˜πŸ™ @tiffssmith
memersweets : Hope your okay!
jdera_ : πŸ™†πŸ™† @memersweets thank you so much!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜
preciouspd : Battle wounds!! Now that's one tough chick. Love you & hope all is good now πŸ’•πŸ˜˜βœŒ
jdera_ : Thanks a lot pd babyπŸ’‹ your such an angel, love & miss you terriblyπŸ’―πŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Š @preciouspd
ra1er - hnjr13 - michellesac - bobbiiejanee -
#A&p2 #nursingstudent #dissecting #pigsissecting #nursing #anatomy #physiology #kit #knives #pigbrain #brain #kidney #intestines #heart #pancreas #gallbladder
dissecting - nursing - pigsissecting - kit - anatomy - brain - gallbladder - pigbrain - physiology - kidney - pancreas - a - nursingstudent - heart - knives - intestines -
crazyneal - youngqueenv - shayynizzle - james_mikulait -
Went to Phoenix Children's Hospital for my check up. Hopefully the scan results come out good.... Or else I'll have to get my gallbladder removed. πŸ˜” #Scan #Gallbladder #Hospital #PhoenixChildrensHospital
phoenixchildrenshospital - hospital - gallbladder - scan -
anahi_livingrooms18 - miram_fabiola_vasquez - _smilezz_18253_ - jocelyne_ponce -
Finally get to go home! I miss my babies #yayme #finally #fourdays #gallbladder #surgery #thankyougod #thankyoufamily #missmybaby #missmyhubby #homesick #downeypih
downeypih - homesick - yayme - thankyoufamily - thankyougod - missmybaby - finally - missmyhubby - gallbladder - surgery - fourdays -
bibi___21 : Haha @lyssamoniques I kind of got a feeling for that last night I'm literally peeing like crazy! And it's always after I drink something I'm going to buy myself adult diapers in that case haha I'm kidding. Is the recovery fast?
lyssamoniques : Yes it sucks so bad, not really i was out of work for a month. Two ppl had to sleep with me at night to get me up because i could not get up because those stitches hurt so bad. I still suffer from the flushing of everything i consume and its been two years.
bibi___21 : Wow! I hope I can recover fast
lyssamoniques : Oh ans lastly everything will weigh really heavy on your stomach for about a month, so try not to eat too much greasy foods. The greasier the food the more of a tummy ache you will get.
bibi___21 : Oh my! I'll stick to soups and salads lol thanks for the tips
lyssamoniques : No problem, good luck!
anaiscamacho_ : 😱😱😱 glad you're okay now.
sha_alv : Yay !!! Bri... ill be there soon!!
diamondcoronel65 - tam_tam_xo - endyyyt - gennydvarelaa -
Mean Green by Joe Cross from 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead''s got an awesome kick! Starting to feel so much better. #joecross #meangreen #fatsickandnearlydead #juice #juicecleanse #gallbladder #healthy
juice - gallbladder - fatsickandnearlydead - healthy - meangreen - vegetables - juicecleanse - vegan - joecross - cleanliving -
amalthea1983 : #vegan #vegetables #cleanliving
preservation_nation - destinysnutrifit - drnbss - gosweetandskinny -
This sweet young lady @miss_nikki84 is preparing for surgery this morning. Love my wonderful daughter! All prayers and good thoughts, etc much appreciated. #sick #surgery #gallbladder #stones #hospital #pain #painful #sweet #pretty #picoftheday #painmedicine #photooftheday #natureza #natural #filter #noedit %daughter #female #love #family #pray #mercy
stones - natureza - love - sick - family - sweet - gallbladder - female - pain - surgery - mercy - natural - noedit - pray - hospital - filter - pretty - painmedicine - picoftheday - painful - photooftheday -
juan_uq : My very best wishes to your daughter. God bless her.
abbyfreeman2 : @juan_uq Thank you so much my dear friend. She came through surgery well and we are finally home! I am so blessed to have you for my friend.
abbyfreeman2 : @dianasauer2014 <3
winterfelll : πŸ’–
abbyfreeman2 : @winterfelll <3<3<3
tu135 : Speedy recovery
stroseftcat : Get well soon
abbyfreeman2 : @tu135 @stroseftcat Thank you so much for the well wishes. It means so much.
wonderstruck84 - 910ladymilla - bkbuffkin - naxeem -
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