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Custom Bridal Flower Ready to Ship to the Bride-to-Be~ #bridalbouquet #santabarbaraweddings #bride #handpainted #ming #canary #sun #citron #babouche #pastel #16inchflower #largebloom #weddingbackdrop #fancifuldesigns #rose #spring2014 #beautifulthings #quality #frenchpaper
frenchpaper - spring2014 - babouche - handpainted - santabarbaraweddings - canary - ming - bridalbouquet - largebloom - sun - quality - beautifulthings - pastel - 16inchflower - citron - fancifuldesigns - bride - weddingbackdrop - rose -
ktlester - allieleigh88 - allo1217 - sbgiftingsuite -
" SPLASH" @ BYRON BAY IN MAY ..... Post a NEW picture of SHELLS!.... & WIN a seat at one of my workshops making paper prawns ! Tag #shellsshellsshells @jimmieg2 WINNER announced next Sunday ! @atlanticbyronbay @paperrunway ....OR JOIN A FAB CLASS WITH SIBELLA COURT OR THE GIRLS FROM COOLEDIES @janefroshstylist @lucytweedstylist @sibellacourt
paper - frenchpaper - cutpaper - shellsshellsshells -
countryfarmhouse : Wow!
whimsicalitys : Angst!!
annetics_ : Happy EASTER @jimmieg2 You are a legend xxx
fluxahedra : @mchristensenjennings !
sharonlouisesmith : Amazing! You r so creative!
eatreadlover : So clever. These look tricky. Looking forward to 'attempting' making these prawns soon at #splash @jimmieg2 x
mumlittle : Hi there πŸ‘‹ Just wanted to let you know I checked out your workshop, it looks fabulous, and I think a paper prawn or two would be right at home here 🐚 But I am unable to come as I have my 2 year old home with me on Thursdays πŸ˜” I hope you all have a fun day!
jimmieg2 : #paper #cutpaper #frenchpaper
gwenbaker - mccartneyk - nbonython - davidanthonyobrien -
Helped print these up today with @outhowl . Really happy with the outcome. Will show some detail shots later on. #2ps #screenprint #busscards #frenchpaper #black #gold #pruple #invisible
2ps - frenchpaper - gold - screenprint - busscards - black - pruple - invisible -
caliiluv91 - hfscreenprinting - louieleeweiyi - wirosatan -
Detail shot of a #tourposter #gigposter we #screenprinted on #frenchpaper for @katemyersmusic this week. Tell me this illustration isn't beautiful! Check out Kate and #margotandthenuclearsoandsos on tour starting Saturday!!! #goodnightsweetprints #theprintlife #katemyers #mustardyellow
katemyers - frenchpaper - tourposter - gigposter - mustardyellow - margotandthenuclearsoandsos - screenprinted - theprintlife - goodnightsweetprints -
jeremyfriend : This looks damn good.
katemyersmusic : Stoked!
goodnightsweetprints : Thanks @jeremyfriend ! This is one of my favorite jobs yet! And you should be stoked @katemyersmusic because the shirts look even better!!!
yocaseycasey : Did Kate perform with Margot at RSD?
goodnightsweetprints : Yeah @yocaseycasey . She's the blonde with great shades and an amazing voice! You were there right?
yocaseycasey : @goodnightsweetprints yessir. Couldn't see anything but enjoyed listening from the alley.
d_ferren : @jvmuylle nice work!
mrsmedleys - hebnifong - ecrossprints - krissyjones02 -
This was a fun project we recently did for #onelinedrawing and #thunderbeardrecords. Random swirl #vinyl #records with random colors of #screenprinted #frenchpaper ! The sleeves are amazing and the record is even better! #handprintedwithpride #goodnightsweetprints #theprintlife #jonahmatranga @yocaseycasey
frenchpaper - onelinedrawing - jonahmatranga - handprintedwithpride - records - vinyl - thunderbeardrecords - screenprinted - theprintlife - goodnightsweetprints -
1wylo1 - bluepretzelstudio - syd_mcgee - _hichan -
Now & Later. #AllNighter #FrenchPaper
allnighter - frenchpaper -
marycaswell - flynnstigram14 - jamie_douglas - artgirl80 -
Insane artwork by @flatteryleadstoruin... Always a great experience printing for him. #screenprint #ramonapress #frenchpaper #twocolor #handpulled
screenprint - handpulled - frenchpaper - ramonapress - twocolor -
flatteryleadstoruin : Hooray!
lauren_rockett : His stuff is crazy good! That's beautiful!
ramona_press : Very true! @lauren_rockett wait til you see the whole thing!
jonathanrebo - croome21 - stsang - andybutcher -
silkcreen - frenchpaper - poptone - screenprint - beardedladyscreenprints - seri -
reaganometry : Love this! More encouraging than ol' vanilla manila
beardedladyatx : been sittin on off cuts from a record sleeve print since '09. #frenchpaper #poptone grape jelly 100Lb cover. @frenchie_fry @okpaperco #screenprint #seri #silkcreen #beardedladyscreenprints
ftlonesome : Dude I want fancy time cards! Awesome!
jillyzuko : wow! when do I punch in boss?
beardedladyatx : you're late @jillyzuko
beardedladyatx : maybe you should come out if squeegee retirement @reaganometry
reaganometry : @beardedladyatx I definitely miss pulling a squeegee. Jane Fonda's got nothin on the squeegee when it comes to abs of steel!
vegetalovesgoku - lapulgita - hillbilz - adamrhatley -
11x17 #wedding #poster #gold on #frenchpaper #razzleberry #letterpress #filetterpress
razzleberry - gold - wedding - poster - letterpress - filetterpress - frenchpaper -
thelanguidlion : Love the razzleberry!
ericvonzip - marylinpetrovits - oldcitypressandco - prestongrubbs -
Short run, #wedding #poster 11.25x17" #gold foil prints on #frenchpaper #razzleberry going right on through a 10x15 #heidelberg #windmill #letterpress #filetterpress
windmill - razzleberry - gold - poster - filetterpress - wedding - colorpop - letterpress - heidelberg - frenchpaper -
shpmcreative : How are you able to print foil on a press? There's a fixture---or what are talking about πŸ‘†up there? Sounds very intriguing...: )
fi_letterpress : @shpmcreative For a second there, I thought you were giving me the bird. :) Foil stamping can be added to any press, really, and there are attachment kits available for most kinds of presses. Though they can be quite pricey. The pieces that make up the kit are a foil winding unit either electrical or mechanical (advances the foil each impression--the "up there" part), a heated base/chase (heats up the foil stamping plates), and a tensioned rod to hold the foil roll. Just give search foil unit and your press type. Something will come up.
shpmcreative : Hahha! I wouldn't dare! ; ) I've been fighting getting a full hot foil set up, so this is a great alternative. Thanks so much for the info!!!
car5olina : I am amazed that you can run paper that long thru your 10x15! I think 16 is the longest I've gone but then it starts smashing into everything and getting banged up and dirty! I actually bought a foil attachment for my windmill but have yet to forgive it out! Are u in the NYC area? I am in dumbo. I would love to pick your brain!
car5olina : I meant figure it out!
fi_letterpress : @shpmcreative haha never know! Haters be hatin' everywhere these days. And you're welcome for the info, any time.
fi_letterpress : @car5olina Sadly, I'm not close. I'm in Florida. Otherwise, I'd totally pop in and help you set it up. Is it the factory system for the red ball w/ lockouts?
fi_letterpress : @car5olina oh, and yeah 17" is pushing it. Ran 11.25 and trimmed 1/8" off each side. Which does away with where the sheet hits the pole. I did have to wipe the press down well to keep the sheet clean. Also, remove the delivery guides for a cleaner delivery. It'd also delivery a little cleaner if you run without gauges. It's not something I do on a regular basis. But, the print requires foil, and I designed it at those maximum sizes. If it was ink, would've run it on the cylinder.
ericvonzip - oldcitypressandco - basigon - ikickmydog -
2nd #wedding #menu #gold foil on #frenchpaper #razzleberry ready for gold #edgepainting #letterpress #filetterpress
razzleberry - letterpress - menu - edgepainting - wedding - gold - filetterpress - frenchpaper -
stephanie_tama : OOOH I just received my #frenchpaper #razzleberry for an upcoming project too.
fi_letterpress : Yay, razzleberries for everyone! Haha Do share when you get to it.
jinphilips - districtdogsdesigns - luhveras - adventurestoreys -
Test print. #screenprint #ramonapress #frenchpaper
screenprint - frenchpaper - ramonapress -
the_docholliday - masondax - gideontsang - chrisandrewjohn -
New.. A bottle filled with nightmares #neon #primroseyellow #fluorescent #poster #artwork #bottle #screenprint #zeefdruk #dreams #nightmares #paper #handmadepaper #frenchpaper
zeefdruk - frenchpaper - handmadepaper - poster - screenprint - neon - primroseyellow - nightmares - paper - bottle - artwork - fluorescent - dreams -
goodnightsweetprints : This is sooo great! I love the paper and the primrose!!!
pinipiru : @goodnightsweetprints Thank you very much :-)
ierdwyfke - cpeirano - gonna_wreck__this_journal - eye_coco -
#frenchpaper #love #graphicdesign #beauty #soexcitingiwannapoop
soexcitingiwannapoop - graphicdesign - love - frenchpaper - beauty -
goodnightsweetprints : It's like Christmas in April!
designincisionsofficial - donalddesign - 2lablove23 - weprintforyou -
Gem form sculpture in progress...layered paper, onto the base to get this sucker vertical!
frenchpaper -
kristahoef : #frenchpaper
finnthundercat : Omgggggggg
francesprintmaker - beckysillery - andreasherlag - um_wtf -
Gem form sculpture detail...I love French Paper!!! #frenchpaper
frenchpaper -
andreasherlag : I LOVE THESE!
kristahoef : Thxs @andreasherlag !!
lizcraney - finnthundercat - andreasherlag - um_wtf -
#fixies and #frisbee that's how I roll! #frenchpaper #sunshine
sunshine - fixies - frenchpaper - frisbee -
vs_customs - naughtygogi - diecast_sandiego - eriiinn89 -
French children's book...beautiful illustrations! #vintage #vintageillustration #vintageephemera #vintagebook #frenchpaper #childrensbook
frenchpaper - vintagebook - vintage - vintageephemera - vintageillustration - childrensbook -
trudysstore - alteredme - helenepeters - tiggyandto_ -
Let's trade prints! #screenprint #art #fluorescent #psychedelic #mlb #nhl #nfl #baseball #hockey #football #chicago #bears #whitesox #blackhawks #cincinnati #reds #letstrade #trade #frenchpaper #blacklight
reds - blackhawks - art - frenchpaper - nhl - screenprint - football - trade - baseball - blacklight - fluorescent - psychedelic - mlb - chicago - bears - nfl - hockey - letstrade - cincinnati - whitesox -
blackhawksnation20 - newgenerationsnapback - _fancypanda_ - ladyblackhawks -
These turned out awesome. Go Reds! #screenprint #frenchpaper #fluorescent #baseball #mlb #blacklight #reds #cincinnati #mrred
mlb - reds - cincinnati - frenchpaper - mrred - screenprint - baseball - blacklight - fluorescent -
unforgettaballs - lancaz_ - brianlock16 - hayleemarie113 -
Bears prints! #psychedelic #nfl #bears #chicago #screenprint #fluorescent #frenchpaper #blacklight
frenchpaper - chicago - bears - screenprint - nfl - blacklight - fluorescent - psychedelic -
trippy_views - nikki226516 - cpeirano - schultheiscj -
Custom cards & summer colors for our friends @AlpineInspirations #pantone #frenchpaper #letterpress #climb
letterpress - climb - frenchpaper - pantone -
randyjuggler : I may want to order some custom cards. Where do I sign up?
slacklinepaperco : @randyjuggler email me with thoughts or call me
slacklinepaperco : Also have a custom quote form on my site if you'd like to fill it out
randyjuggler : Ok. It's on my to do list.... πŸ˜€πŸ˜³πŸ˜œ
ascentclimbing : Those came out great!
ascentclimbing - nancydeloresco - thisname - thesaltyslug -
Starting to make progress on this brand revamp. New cards: handmade by myself + @astrongarm #vscocam #handmade #organic #wholefoods #vegan #recycled #diy #makesomethingnow
organic - frenchpaper - makesomethingnow - handmade - vegan - recycled - diy - wholefoods - vscocam -
a_seasidesoul : The leaf.
jordanvoth : πŸ‘Œ
alexislynnellis : Love this!
noahsahady : #frenchpaper
theiceman289 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
kaycheech : @noahsahady Beautiful!
jimchan__ - mikefodella - sweetpoppergun - jassetiva -
Business Cards: #Pantone 871 is looking classy on @FrenchPaperCo 140lb black muscletone
varnish - uncoated - colorado - frenchpaper - metallic - design - thickstock - pantone - ink - craftbeer -
mattvarnish : #colorado #design #varnish #craftbeer #metallic #ink #thickstock #uncoated #frenchpaper
mayyeighteenthh - ryanotisbrome - iamredbeard - poison_salad -
Sketching before bed and practicing hair. That s*it is not easy but slowly getting better but shoulda used the fine side of the paper. #prismacolor #mixedmediapaper #frenchpaper
mixedmediapaper - prismacolor - frenchpaper -
beatrizrybandt -
3"x3" business cards for Old Glory Co. on 100lb kraft french paper. I'd like to do more business cards, posters, wedding invitations, etc so contact me if you need anything! #OldGloryCo #screenprint #screenprinting #solventinks #diy #hashtag
oldgloryco - diy - hashtag - screenprinting - screenprint - solventinks - oldgloryprinting - frenchpaper -
oldgloryco : #oldgloryprinting #frenchpaper
bennydabear - gjprjct - ronistyles - shuggaxshane -
This paper is bigger than me! #frenchpaper
frenchpaper -
goodnightsweetprints - pi5t0lpete -
French Paper 4 Life @frenchie_fry @frenchpaperco #FrenchPaper #NilesMichigan #CSADesign #MattePaperForTheWin
csadesign - frenchpaper - nilesmichigan - mattepaperforthewin -
gold0359 - sarahyoungquist - mattvolenec - britt_loar -
Dat paper. #FrenchPaper #vsuarts @vsuarts @frenchpaperco
vsuarts - frenchpaper -
vsuarts : dat. paper.
can_i_drawyou - ri_inspireddd - __ch_ico_ - demenarts88 -
Okay folks. I'm pleased to present to you the first copies of the spring line of journals. Hot off the press. Coming soon to an etsy shop near you. #letterpress #journal #alphablox #makeshitup #writeshitdown #handmade #maker #frenchpaper
makeshitup - frenchpaper - letterpress - journal - handmade - alphablox - maker - writeshitdown -
nsiemens : So good.
clawhammerpress : Now available on the Etsy shop. @zachpillow @addemkay @kevinmrowe
clawhammerpress : @natalie_gerber That's the plan!
clawhammerpress : @cacomixl @wpprint @nsiemens @punkypress Muchos Gracias! Can't wait to start my next Alphablox project.
zachpillow : Just picked one up on Etsy! :)
clawhammerpress : @zachpillow @kevinmrowe whoa... you guys don't waste no time. I'm gonna trow a little surprise into the first few of these orders. Thanks!
kevinmrowe : @clawhammerpress so well done!
clawhammerpress : @kevinmrowe @zachpillow your notebooks are done and clamped in the book press for the weekend. They'll be in the mail on Tuesday.
patricksperry - ericvonzip - bristolletterpress - tinybirdpress -
Printed this 24" x 36" beast for @greymatterart. Art by @randyortizdtd, 6 colours on #frenchpaper. #screenprinting #grindhousereleasing #cannibalholocaust
screenprinting - grindhousereleasing - frenchpaper - cannibalholocaust -
princeinkco : Killing the game!
holliocalypse : This is amazing!!! Awesome movie! Great print!
djpuddinpops - massacrevideo - chrisedgar89 - hfscreenprinting -
Starting to letterpress my own business cards
art - vandercook - letterpress - businesscards - printmaking - design - ink - print - atlanta - graphicdesign - frenchpaper -
defy2define : I see why they spoke of urs first. These are Beautiful
sarahroseandrew : #brooklyn
macsnotes : Big kahuna
macsnotes : Butt kite
macsnotes : Bitch kills
macsnotes : Bomb knob
space__camp : Boob knuckles
sonnebusenhammer : Booger king
ericvonzip - taybisanzio - jackelopeslim - inkprintrepeat -
#made #myown #bookcover #frenchpaper #diy #mybible
made - frenchpaper - myown - bookcover - diy - mybible -
_carolpark : Beautiful!
mojujojo : You are talented sis
fionness - _carolpark - mojujojo - camilajinahn -
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