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One of the best (and most random) parts of co-founding Foxfires was stumbling on the art of Aimee Stewart ( @foxfires ). She is incredibly talented and it always blows me away how much her art matches the vibe of some of our music. Give her a follow if you love rad art. Foxfires love alive and well. #foxfires #foxfire
foxfires - foxfire -
joevoee : I like this
nickodrums - hellodearwnd - tuttleep - adrian5150 -
Eyyy, three shows left coming up. See you soon RI, NJ, CT! #foxfires
foxfires -
big_chris_goodnight : @joshualyford pumped to play with you guys after so long, see you on the 26th!
joshualyford : @big_chris_goodnight stoked as fuck man!
ebellz - misskitteh86 - 8bitsteph - alexleith -
I puked my brains out last night but haven't puked at all today. Which is a good sign because we're playing this show on Saturday and puking is no fun. #greenery #manners #setsuna #foxfires #aftermath #arcagency
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minghagmccarthy : πŸŒœπŸ²πŸŒ›
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This Thursday. Providence, RI- we're coming back for you. #foxfires
foxfires -
stephan_cmhc : See you there B)
greg_doliber : See you there f
joshualyford : @stephan_cmhc @greg_doliber fuck yessss 😘
jutwagner : video dead
ricardobane : Sick!!
innapropriatexhardstyle - jutwagner - travisedge - rickkkxfaded -
Climbing everything on our Maine adventure en route to Windham. #foxfires
foxfires -
papakillinit : What's that noble light?
_louie86_ : This is a painting @joshualyford
csquiggle : You focus
csquiggle : That was supposed to say you fucks. I apolog
websterjake : There is a really good skatepark in windham
splodgee : Oooo some where I've been to. Beautiful.
natverardi : oow, is it thee paradise?
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Things got weird in Dover last night. Artistic Photo by @_deepestblues Good hangs with @cmrtti on the lake last night. #foxfires
foxfires -
cmrtti : Brandy is good
resident_one : @joshualyford Dover is sketch man
amazingthemike : Weird? More ska bands?
anna_ac - eternalbeard - maxjgru - mike_quinn -
Big thanks to his holiness @diggingforfire for letting us transplant all the oxygen in his apartment with fart. #foxfires
foxfires -
fiightffyrdmns : #fartfires
tcuptina : @fiightffyrdmns #hysterical
diggingforfire : Haha, always awesome see you dudes
joshualyford - calvinphilley - jerkbadfriend - stephan_cmhc -
Larkin's texts are the only texts I want to receive for the rest of my life
foxfires - pickingupchange -
badsceneemilysfault : #pickingupchange #foxfires
chelseahmontani - jamienealjackson - scout22o - tytydannyb -
April 18th Dover, NH - $5 5PM w/ #foxfires #backandforth April 19th Worcester, MA - $5 10:30PM w/ #goodtimes #bignoise #senzu
bignoise - backandforth - foxfires - senzu - goodtimes -
countblackulah : Omg first follower 😍😘
senzuband : @countblackulah βœ‹βœŠcaught itπŸ˜‰
mentalstimulation -
...and so it begins. Foxfires Spring Tour 2K14. See you tonight Burlington, VT. W/ Government Flu (Poland) and Back and Forth (NJ). #foxfires
foxfires -
joshualyford : @maxxvick yes sir. FYI we actually left at noon but my damned iPhone tweaked out
maxxvick : Dooooopppe
joshualyford : @nicholasadam haha dude never fails
gostradergo : The Suburrrrbs. Touring in luxury. Love that thing. Just don't get it towed. Not fun.
jahfrancis : Yeeeeeee
sweeetneet : Wow that looks a lot better than I thought it did
stairwaytodevin : πŸ™Œ
mikepenney : Good luck guys. Have fun
popcornqueen_ - onotnh - adam_ohh - dead_by_miyuki -
New video up on youtube! Link to my channel is in my bio! Please go check it out! #donkey #kong #donkeykong #youtube #nintendo #1981 #donkeykong1981 #mame #arcade #classicarcade #classic #original #originaldonkeykong #mario #barrels #foxfires #xsplit #sonymoviestudio #sony #fightstick #classicarcadecontroller #arcadecontroller
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Foxfires // Back and Forth spring tour starts this week. #foxfires #escapistrecords #escapistfamily #backandforth
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Another enlightening #foxfires gig! @joshualyford @bradsquad @chobbstagram
foxfires -
wolforbewolfed : Seeing you babes in two weeks
ianvan : Band that's playing must be ground breaking !
bradsquad : #21/2men
ryanphishpics - nicholaskanex - banh_mi_me - dogfeetomeara -
Me with the three women in my life β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ†πŸ˜¦ See everyone at the #Foxfires show in Montclair tonight!! #chooselove
foxfires - chooselove -
shananana33192 - cescatess - d0vahfinn - spookygoonz -
Coming up at the end of the month! Maine is a no go, if anyone has a show we can hop on, we promise not to piss our sleeping bags. #foxfires
foxfires -
tuttleep : Come to richmond lol
ebaunics : I don't see Ohio any on there πŸ˜•
lizabethha : @scoober1013 check it out, Foxfires is coming to CT yo
weeganlife : You're touring with back and forth<3333 I had no idea. Kayla booked them at the panty house last year, so good!
americanbarber : Funky Jungle
misskitteh86 - gonataliego - chelseadolan - ceri_anne_jones -
My jacket's almost complete... Mostly because I'm running out of room - not good bands to feature #iamtheavalanche #brandnew #breakingbad #bayside #leftovercrack #leathermouth #cancerbats #comebackkid #modernvinyl #silverstein #thewonderyears #ralphwiggum #thesimpsons #petsymmetry #foxfires #reelbigfish #takingbacksunday
comebackkid - thesimpsons - thewonderyears - leathermouth - takingbacksunday - silverstein - cancerbats - petsymmetry - bayside - reelbigfish - leftovercrack - ralphwiggum - modernvinyl - breakingbad - brandnew - iamtheavalanche - foxfires -
lizabethha : NOT good bands, eh?
scoober1013 : Yeah, running out of room, not running out of good bands to feature. That's what I meant at least, now that you mention it, it doesn't really read that way
electric_century - lovehopestrengthfoundation - thismagnificent - hiideous -
That was a great show! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! More pics of the show to come! #swag #am #annihilatingmailboxes #annihilate #annihilation #mailbox #mailboxes #music #great #first #show #local #rocklandcounty #rockland #nyackvillagetheatre #nyack #nothingpersonal #cd #release #show #brianmilligram #kamasutraforkids #spacecadette #christiandiana #foxfires
spacecadette - annihilatingmailboxes - show - great - foxfires - am - mailboxes - cd - rocklandcounty - mailbox - nyack - rockland - swag - annihilate - nothingpersonal - kamasutraforkids - nyackvillagetheatre - annihilation - christiandiana - music - release - brianmilligram - local - first -
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Foxfires - "S/T" on orange. Some great #cmhc they don't get half the attention they should #foxfires #vinyl #vinyljunkie #nowplaying #worcesterwiggle #radskatepark
radskatepark - vinyl - nowplaying - foxfires - cmhc - worcesterwiggle - vinyljunkie -
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Foxfires April Tourdates! #foxfires #escapistrecords #backandforth #poorsoulrecords
escapistrecords - foxfires - poorsoulrecords - backandforth -
joshualyford - meninzach - eddymarflak - radbdesigns -
Foxfires April your dates going up today! Stoked. #foxfires
foxfires -
joshualyford : @sam_cmhc that is the fine gentleman we've been speaking to!
joshualyford : @davebrady81 just our two EPs, we're writing a full length now
sam_cmhc : Make sure you pester the fuck out of Stephen King and go to the underground sex shop (; @shanesucks207
sam_cmhc : And he rules. He'll take good care you you guys
davebrady81 : @joshualyford I look forward to hearing the full length buddy.
rsb1010220 : Come through the Midwest I'll hook it up with shows
amazingthemike : ☺️
stonefoxdetroit : @joshualyford no Midwest yet...gimme a break babe): imy
gostradergo - caraaarose - bronsonlino - andyb_jenga_science -
Foxfires 7inch!! #foxfires #vinyl
foxfires - vinyl -
joshualyford - finisterraz - joemallard - dead702 -
New month, new #Foxfires tour dates! Be on the lookout for our first #Connecticut date, and the debut of "Spring Equinox" on the 21st! Check out the new music video for Common Culture as well! Photo credits: @cescatess #ChristianDianaAndTheFoxfires #ChooseLove #Departure #LiveMusic #brooklyn #hamden #ridgewood #warwick #nyc #atlanticcity #woodlandpark #newjersey
woodlandpark - livemusic - christiandianaandthefoxfires - atlanticcity - newjersey - foxfires - departure - hamden - ridgewood - brooklyn - connecticut - warwick - nyc - chooselove -
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Day 22: Compilation or Soundtrack. One H.E.L.L. Of a Compilation. Featuring @brianmarquis #converge #foxfires #ourlives @vannaboston and #thereforeiam . #februaryrecordaday
ourlives - foxfires - thereforeiam - februaryrecordaday - converge -
markbritain - brianmarquis - dkisreal - kastilloooo -
Aurora In Latin #sunrise Roman #GoddessOfDawn Finland #FoxFires Norway #spirits #dancing Scotland #TheMerryDancers Anishinaabe #GreatFires The ultimate energy source of the aurora is #solar wind flowing past the #Earth. The #AuroraBorealis seems to be composed of a mass of electric matter, resembling in every respect, that generated by the electric galvanic battery. The mass of the aurora rolls from the horizon to the #zenith. Aurora can generate noise such as claps, crackles, and static sounds. These sounds come from the solar particles associated with creating the aurora.
spirits - zenith - dancing - foxfires - greatfires - auroraborealis - solar - themerrydancers - earth - goddessofdawn - sunrise - bigfun -
senzablehealth : Great chatting with you today Morgan! 😊 #lightcellar #best #friends #laughs #love #superfoods
morganmaher : Yes !!! @senzablehealth #BigFun ;)
chicreature - jaguar_wisdom - siljeelisabethi - naturebalancelove -
This Friday. We are playing the South Shore, so of course our name is Foxfire for the night. Come hang loose/get weird. #foxfires
foxfires -
thejeffkennedy : Had this band called Angela Rose, we played at some vfw and the flyer had us as Angela's Rose. #stupidheads
dannypoulin : God, I'm gunna get so weird
amazingthemike : Only one Foxfire. Acoustic crooning by J. Lyford
greg_doliber : Gahaha
weeganlife : What is this a benefit for?
weirdjesse - rsb1010220 - bethlucasmusic - greg_doliber -
Merch Blowout Sale - $5 shirts: Sweet Weapons, Foxfires, Harvey Pekar, Light Years, Territory. PLUS free shipping when you use code "FREESHIP" at checkout. (Discount only applies to shirts but you can still add vinyl to your purchase.) #escapistrecords #sweetweapons #foxfires #lightyears #territory #harveypekar
escapistrecords - harveypekar - sweetweapons - foxfires - territory - lightyears -
austinxwho : @bobbylight13122 @blakehops @cameronhops let's all have matching SW shirts.. 😘
tonygreve : is this still happening? :)
escapistrecords : @tonygreve No longer free shipping but shirts are still super cheap!
tonygreve : Oh, ok.
mymouthisthedaniel - hitdabrickz - nowspinning - ice_kingxxx -
Ugh so sexy. #mcm #ginger #tattoos #fys #foxfires #love @joshualyford you are hott.
tattoos - mcm - love - fys - foxfires - ginger -
joshualyford : You're too kind!
coldmanjackfrost - thegingermicah -
New riff time. #foxfires
foxfires -
giant_flying_insects : @joshualyford I was just whizzing under the walkway and heard aforementioned jams. Sounds good dudessss
aykdanroyd : Yessss
jillblesener : #cometompls
negarey : This is the worst picture ever.
joshualyford : @negarey you aren't wrong
negarey : @joshualyford gimme a better one
insta_doobz - ace_bizzaro666 - thatkidpuppy - godagodagoda -
Hey @joshualyford you are kinda the best part of my morning right now. #foxfires #nowplaying #music
nowplaying - foxfires - music -
joshualyford : Hell yeah!
joshualyford - escapistrecords - tiffanithegreat - handsy70 -
@heatherdbs chillin at Ralph's... #foxfires killed it tonight! #worcester #ralphs #hxc
hxc - foxfires - worcester - ralphs -
joshualyford - yettttti - murrietatx -
#Foxfires fucking killing it!!! @joshualyford
foxfires -
petersonsays : Do I spy @omg_mfg_eighty666 ?!
joshualyford - escapistrecords - mizzviciouz -
#foxfires are just fucking great
foxfires -
mbsmth : πŸ‘
1958fury - i_am_nuno - ametterville - jamie_dube -
TONIGHT! Don't miss this show ya donkeys. Good homies and debauchery guaranteed. #ralphsrockdiner #worcester #smartbomb #foxfires
foxfires - worcester - smartbomb - ralphsrockdiner -
stayceebird : *Ghost Ocean is playing now instead of Fucking Invincible
krstycrlss : See you maybe!
joshuaedwardcarr : Wish someone from boston was heading that way:/
ilivefaster : Stray Bullets are back?! Fuck yes!
radthompson - harryswitzer - team_up - sweeetneet -
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