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moniquereitz : Que lindaaa!!! Adorei!
caravannyc : Beautiful @sexyhair @herbanessential @kryolanofficial @zoyanailpolish
mahvarajao : AH, PARA!!!! MUITO GATAAAAA!!!! ARRASOU, AMIGA!!!! 😘
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Meryl streep in JULIA (1977) #Tbt #FilmBuff #FirstFilm #MarylStreep
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natural_briizee : You are so my film soul mate!! Geez...
r3ll3_on_films : @natural_briizee you know it!!!!
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George Clooney in RETURN TO HORROR HIGH (1987) #Tbt #Horror #FilmBuff #FirstFilm #GeorgeClooney
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#30daymoviechallenge Favourite movie series? #StarWarsSaga
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jamestalkalot : Day 11 btw.
jamestalkalot : #starwars #darthvader #movieflick #moviejunkie #movienight #moviebuff #filmjunkie #filmbuff #MayTheForceBeWithYou #Geekout #Geek #thedarkside FTW ;D
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Tom Cruise in ENDLESS LOVE (1981) #Tbt #FilmBuff#FirstFilm #TomCruise
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Denzel washington in DEATH WISH (1974) #Tbt #DeathWish #FilmBuff#FirstFilm #DenzelWashington
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Fast and the Furious. Not the whole collection but starting at 4 when the story really begin to take off, the street racing series became an entertaining thrill ride about a group of outlaws trying to clear their names, chase one last score and get out of the game rich. The Rock joined the series as an agent tracking them down in the fifth movie which I think is the best of the series. Fast Five has some excellent action set pieces and the Rock really gives them something to go up against. The sixth movie would see them team up to take down a common enemy and saw the return of Michelle Rodriguez but didn't quite live up to the high of the fifth film. The series is kind of up in the air as to where it goes from here after star Paul Walker's death with a seventh movie coming next year. They've had a good run the last few years so hopefully they can figure out a way to move on without him. It will be interesting to see what they do from here.
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forfashiontv : MUCH <3 FROM FFTV!!
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#NowWatching... #RuggeoDeodato's #CannibalHolocaust. Seeing the trailer for #EliRoth's #TheGreenInferno got me in the mood for some #cannibal good times!
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grootbekkie : 😨😨 THAT Looks Disturbing!
marcusadelaide : It most definitely is, @grootbekkie! Hi Honey, I'm Dead this is not! Haha
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Finally made it to number ten. So many movies I could have thrown here to round out the top ten but I decided to go with my all time favorite action flick Die Hard. John McClane is one of the best action movie characters ever and Bruce Willis plays him perfectly. We've had two lackluster sequels in the last few years but nothing beats the first one. So that's my top ten favorites, thanks for following along. I'd love to see some of your top ten's now.
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cinefile : Is that Alan Rickman??
polishmoviezoee27 : @blu_world_order that's alot! Awesome! :D
blu_world_order : Yeah, he plays the bad guy in this one.
blu_world_order : @cinefile
boony200 : Awesome :)
cinefile : Oh duh😦.. Of course! I forgot!! That's where I fell for Rickman's evil baritone voice 😍!! Nice capture of him!! 😎👍
piratemuz : Best film of all time
theisatollah : Does it sound like I'm ordering a fuckin' pizza?!
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This film looks dope #edgeoftomorrow #livedierepeat #tomcruise #emilyblunt #allyouneediskill #poster #posterboy #film #movie #moviebuff #filmbuff #cinema #epic #scifi #action #igers #followers #likes #love #dope
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bravowstar : #mech #suits #robot #mechwarrior #mechsuit
stratofortrezz : A local friend of mine worked on his frame suit. They were disappointed that it did not have clear ammo storage at the time. I got a lucky sneak peek ;). It does look fun.
lonewolfsnoop : 😒: I don't mean to troll on your post but I'm like.. so done with Tom Cruise flicks. That Oblivion movies did it for me. "Never" in my life have I slept through a movie.
bravowstar : @lonewolfsnoop lol no worries oblivion wasn't that bad but the trailer for this looks fire check it out
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Now, I don't fap over #steelbooks like a lot of people on here, but when I saw this, I HAD to have it! #Eureka's #MastersOfCinema release of #FWMurnau's classic #Nosferatu. This thing is so fucking slick.
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narflethegarthok : Not a huge steelbook fan either, but there are some great ones out there and this one is a beaut!
marcusadelaide : What are some of your other faves, @narflethegarthok?
narflethegarthok : @marcusadelaide arrow video makes some nice ones, I would love to get the Demons set. I have big trouble in little china and the king of New York from them. The Raid and the Thing are also really awesome, I'm not sure what company produced those but I've seen a few people on IG who have them. I can't stand any of the Disney ones though lol
papernap : Cool ;)
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Almost finished, I realized I had no Batman on this list so I'm going with Batman Returns, probably not everyone's favorite choice and certainly not the best but I've always loved this one. The performances are top notch and it's just a fun movie. The seriousness of Nolan's Bat films make me enjoy the spirit of Burton's more. And this Catwoman was far more sexier.
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blu_world_order : Just the regular one. @miguel_martinez19
miguel_martinez19 : Oh ok thanks :)
brose_22 : My favorite out of the original Batmans @blu_world_order
enive_gambino : Mines also @brose_22
sergiosouza23 : She's 'The Catwoman' man. She's awesome. Love both of Burton's movies.
blu_world_order : I love both of them too. They just feel more like what I think Batman should be. @sergiosouza23 @brose_22 @enive_gambino
enive_gambino : I feel ya on that one. I HATED all the newer batman movies
blu_world_order : I can't say I hated them, they were good. I just prefer Burton's vision more. @enive_gambino
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Christian Bale took up smoking to help him curb his appetite when he was crash-dieting. He wanted to drop down to 100 pounds, but the filmmakers were strickly against it out of fear that his health could be in too much danger. Bale drank one cup of black unsweetened coffee & ate one can of tuna or one apple each day which is approximately 55 to 260 calories a day for over 4 months prior to filming. Bale found that his weakened condition caused problems when it came time to shoot his "physical scenes" he had trouble  running because he litterally had no leg muscles left. He then started eating both the apple & tuna on days he were shooting a phyhical scene. His 63-pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. Bale said that he actually enjoyed losing so much weight because his euphoric state helped him with his character. Director Brad Anderson had planned on using some CGI to thin Bale out and was shocked & impressed when he saw Bale's appearance on the first day of shooting knowing he wouldn't need CGI. Bale extreme weight loss made him able to deal with the very hot July and August temperatures in Barcelona much better than the rest of the crew. He later regained his original mass, plus an additional 60 pounds through weightlifting and proper eating, in preparation for his next role in 2005's Batman Begins.
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movietrivia99 : ◆◆ Fyodor Dostoyevsky◆◆ In the DVD commentary, screenwriter Scott Kosar states that he was influenced by the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel (The Double) The Double centers on a government clerk who goes mad dealing with internal psychological problems. The main character repeatedly encounters someone who is his exact double in appearance but has  confident, aggressive, and extroverted characteristics that are the polar opposite of himself ◆Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) is shown reading Dostoyevsky's (The Idiot) early in the film. Two of the characters in The Idiot are Marie and Nicholas◆When Reznik is riding the "Route 666" attraction, one of the faux marquees reads (Crime and Punishment) which is the title of another Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel. ◆In Dostoyevsky's (The Brothers Karamazov) the character who is visited by a devil is named Ivan. In the 1969 film adaptation of (The Brothers Karamazov)  Ivan and his devil are played by the same actor◆  Scott Kosar wrote this screenplay on spec straight out of film school. The Machnist was the first film Brad Anderson directed that was not based on one of his own screenplays. The first café scene had a CGI inserted plane taking off in the background. The time of 1:30 AM is significant throughout the movie. Trevor often notices something out of the ordinary at this time. During the 1 hour 30 minute mark in the movie, the major plot twist is revealed. Roque Baños' score is a deliberate homage to the work of Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Hitchcock's favorite composer.
movietrivia99 : When Trevor stops his car to drop Marie and Nicholas home after the carnival- the junkies visible through the driver's side windows are real and were actually shooting up heroin. Ivan's license plate number (743CRN) is the reverse of Trevor's number (NRC347). While talking to Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh) Trevor says, "Nobody has ever died from insomnia." The exact same line is said in Fight Club, another film about a man who suffers from terrible insomnia. The character Jones potrayed by #RegECathey also appeard with Chritian Bale In American Phycho. He was the homeless man Patrick Bateman stabbed in the ally. Trevor Reznik is named after Trent Reznor, the founder of Nine Inch Nails. "Reznik" means "butcher" in Czech language. Brad Anderson and his screenwriter Scott Kosar were turned down by virtually every American studio and producer they approached on the grounds that the screenplay was "too weird". Anderson shot most of the film either on crutches or from a gurney. Hhe had torn his Achilles tendon & his back gave out on him during filming. Miller (Michael Ironside) says to Reznik, "I need a hand" 1 minute before losing his hand in a work place accident.  When looking through the photo album Trevor sees a picture of himself in a child sized red car. That same car is in the hallway when he collapses outside Stevie's apartment◆Because the film was shot in Barcelona, Spain, the production designers had to painstakingly re-create the look and feel of Los Angeles with many "everyday Americana" items in both interior AND exterior shoots. This included cigarettes, alcohol, street signs, traffic signals, public telephones, retail signage, automobiles, license plates, and also shooting in what writer Scott Kosar called "some of the worst areas of Barcelona".
movietrivia99 : #TheMachinist Directed by #BradAnderson Starring #ChristianBale #JenniferJasonLeigh #AitanaSanchezGijon #AnnaMassey #MichaelIronside #LawrenceGilliardJr #FyodorDostoyevsky #Dostoyevsky #Trivia #MovieTrivia #FilmTrivia #MovieBuff #FilmBuff #Cinematographer #Cinematography #DirectorOfPhotography #BehindTheScenes #Screenplay #ScreenWriter #FilmMaking #MovieMaking
movietrivia99 : #TrevorReznik
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Return of the King is my choice at number eight, or really any Lord of the Rings film as I see them as one whole film, but this one is my favorite. I'll never forget seeing this in the theater because I'm not a huge reader and had never read the books but I managed to stay spoiler free. I didn't know how it would end and was on the edge of my seat as it was coming to it's conclusion. It was a fun experience. Peter Jackson crafted a masterpiece and it definitely belongs in my top ten.
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blu_world_order : #lordoftherings #lotr #peterjackson #returnoftheking
starwars_xwingpilot : NICE
hulksmashloki_pics : My #3 best of all time
afc823 : My #1 all time.
generalzod87 : @blu_world_order I am no man.
minimal_prints : 👏
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Vincent Schiavelli played the subway ghost who teaches Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) how to push things as a ghost.  In real life both men died of cancer at the age of 57◆ The horrific sounds made by the "dark shadows" are really the sounds of babies, played at extremely slow speed◆ Molly tells Sam that he "leads a charmed life." This is a line from William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Macbeth also claims to lead a charmed life - meaning he cannot be killed. Immediately after Molly makes this statement- Sam is killed after seeing a production of Macbeth with Molly◆ The very first scene shot for the film was when Molly is at the police station◆ When passing through solid objects, ghosts appear to absorb some of the material they are going through. Jerry Zucker had some difficulty explaining what he wanted this effect to look like until he illustrated it by dipping a napkin into coffee◆◆Geena Davis was offered the role of Molly but dropped out to do "Thelma & Louise". Madonna Turned down the role of Molly Jensen, due to scheduling conflicts. Kim Basinger, Molly Ringwald, Mary Steenburgen, and Kathleen Turner all turned down the role of Molly. Nicole Kidman auditioned but lost to Demi Moore. Demi got the part of Molly largely because she can cry out of either eye on cue. She came up with rolling the jar with the penny in it down the stairs instead of throwing it as she was suppose to◆
screenplay - movietrivia - 90sfilms - movienerd - specialfx - jerryzucker - vincentschiavelli - visualeffects - ilovemovies - whoopi - swayze - samwheat - ilovefilms - 90smovie - filmnerd - tonygoldwyn - ghost - moviegeek - specialeffects - demimoore - filmbuff - odamaebrown - ilovethe90s - totally90s - patrickswayze - cinematography - moviebuff - whoopigoldberg - trivia - filmtrivia -
movietrivia99 : Patrick Swayze said that Sam Wheat was the hardest role he ever played in his career, mainly because he had to be an observer to the action, and not a participant. For years after the movie Patrick Swayze had women coming up to him asking him to say Ditto. Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin wanted Patrick Swayze to play Sam Wheat after he saw an interview Swayze gave. When Swayze brought up his father, he burst into tears. Rubin thought if the macho guy from (Roadhouse) could cry over a loved one, he'd be perfect for Ghost. Director Jerry Zucker felt that Swayze was completely wrong for the part. 13 actors were offered the part but all turned it down feeling that playing a ghost would be cheesy. Those actors were Paul Hogan, Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Mickey Rourke, David Duchovny, Johnny Depp, Kevin Costner and Alec Baldwin. Zucker then decided to audition Swayze thinking he would blow the audition. To Zucker's surprise, Swayze did a great audition and he was cast immediately in the part◆ Bruce Willis referred to himself as a "knucklehead" for turning down the role of Sam after seeing Ghost become a huge success. 9 years later he said yes to playing another main character who is dead most of the movie - but doesn't know it in (The Sixth Sense) which also went on to become a huge success◆Tony Goldwyn (who plays Carl) is currently starring in the ABC drama Scandal, as Fitzgerald Grant III, President of the United States.
movietrivia99 : The role of (Oda Mae Brown) was not written with Whoopi Goldberg in mind. Singer Patti LaBelle auditioned for the part of Oda Mae Brown but the part went to Whoopi. Patrick Swayze who was a fan of Whoopi convinced the producers that she would be right for the part. Shortly before production began, Whoopi Goldberg was not sure that she was going to be able to put this movie into her work schedule. The part was then verbally offered to Jackée Harry who accepted. However, at the last minute Goldberg was able to do the film and Harry was dropped. Oda Mae Brown is screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin's favorite character, of all the one's he's written. Whoopi Goldberg won the awards for Best Supporting Actress for her role◆ Bruce Joel Rubin wasn't sure at first if Jerry Zucker should direct his script, what with Zucker coming from a background of screwball comedies like (Airplane). Sondra Rubin who plays the nun who faints over the size of the check that Oda Mae endorses is screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin's mother. Charlotte Zucker who plays the bank officer is Director Jerry Zucker's mother The interior of Molly and Sam's finished loft apartment was actually the home/studio of artist-sculptor Michele Oka Doner, located in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. The song Sam sings relentlessly to Oda Mae to get her to agree to help him is (Henry the 8th, I Am) When the movie was first released on VHS in 1991, the tapes were light or "ghost" gray. The film's general storyline is expanded from an old urban legend dealing with a spirit of a recently deceased trying to warn their loved one of an imminent danger. Ghost cost 22 million to make but went on to gross over 500 million dollars. In November 13, 2010, Paramount and Shochiku released a Japanese remake of Ghost, titled (Ghost: In Your Arms Again) In this version, the woman plays the ghost◆ In November 2013, it was announced that Paramount Television is developing a television series adaptation of Ghost.
movietrivia99 : #Ghost Directed by #JerryZucker Starring #PatrickSwayze #DemiMoore #WhoopiGoldberg #TonyGoldwyn #VincentSchiavelli #Swayze #SamWheat #OdaMaeBrown #Whoopi #Trivia #MovieTrivia #FilmTrivia #MovieBuff #FilmBuff #ILoveThe90s #Totally90s #ILoveMovies #ILoveFilms #MovieNerd #FilmNerd #Cinematography #VisualEffects #SpecialEffects #Screenplay #90sFilms #90sMovie #SpecialFX #MovieGeek
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Rewatching the original Spidey trilogy. On to Spider-man 2 tonight. Haven't upgraded to Bluray for this one either, but I do have a cool Limited Edition DVD box set. It's a 2 disc version, with a mini issue of Spiderman No More, a concept to screen portfolio book, a comic book artists portfolio book, postcards and it's in a cool black box. Decent!
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jackjeckel : #Spiderman #Spiderman2 #SpidermanTrilogy #SamRaimi #PeterParker #Marvel #Superhero #DVD #dvdcollection #moviecollection #filmbuff #moviebuff #cinefile #limitededition #SpidermanNoMore
_nick_greco_ : Nice pic!
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🎥🎊🎉Happy Birthday Jack Nicholson!🎉🎊🎥
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Came home to a few packages today, really looking forward to double-billing The Sorcerer with Wages of Fear. Il Sorpasso digipack is my first digi in ages to arrive with a dent😩. Such is life! #criterioncollection #criterion #bluray #bluraycollection #dvd #dvdcollection #digibook #film #filmfan #filmlover #filmbuff #movie #movielover #moviebuff #moviefan #cinefile #cinema #worldcinema #filmcollection #moviecollection
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sergprotection : After Hours tho 👌. I'll be getting those top two pretty soon as well. I need some more Friedkin in my life.
rjane531 : Love Sorcerer
twistedmovies : After Hours is a great film
twistedmovies : How much does that Jean Luc Godard blu ray costs you ?
baz_supreme : @twistedmovies Enough😉
guillaumewolfheyhey : Cool!
cinemashoppe : Yep the JLG is pricey, but it looks good and puts all other versions to shame.
bobfett11 : @baz_supreme @twistedmovies it's annoying they go out of print just ordered Le cercle rouge over inflated prices but what else can you do Pierrot le flu is a great JLG film
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So fitting for @imblkd and i. Haha. Tagging the Series Freak couples too @ilabnela and tipsyD, @giannuzzzi #graph #tvseries #GameofThrones #movies #filmbuff Disclaimer: Photo's not mine
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kishiduhria : Your*
giannuzzzi : haha sisingitan ko ng medschool
ilabnela : Totoo!! Pipilitin pa matapos isang season sa isang araw 😂
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Bring it on!!! #theamazingspiderman2 #geek #gamer #movies #films #moviebuff #filmbuff #cinema #bluray #spiderman @spidergeek
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spidergeek : Ahhhhh spider-man 🍆💦💦
tomisokreally : Get ready
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Coming in at number seven is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I can't ever get enough of this movie and the brilliance of Johnny Depp and Benicio DelToro. I've read the book and it's a perfect adaptation, or at least as good as possible. The movie is always funny with many memorable lines. I saw this when it first came out and have been a Depp fan ever since.
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martincthehorrorguy : The ether scene and Dr gonzo in the bath tub's awesome
tobbesfilmhorna : We can't stop here, this is bat country! :^) Oh I love this movie.
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To the movie nerds. This knife was used in Hitchcock's "Psycho." #history #museum #art #film #filmhistory #movie #moviebuff #filmnerd #movienerd #filmbuff
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To the movies nerds. This sculpture was in Orsen Wells' "Citizen Kane." #history #museum #art #film #filmhistory #movie #moviebuff #filmnerd #movienerd #filmbuff
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To the movies nerds. This gear was in Charlie Chaplain's "Modern Times." #history #museum #art #film #filmhistory #movie #moviebuff #filmnerd #movienerd #filmbuff
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At number six I'm going with The Big Lebowski, which is still one of the funniest movies to me. I laugh just as hard every time I see it. The Coen's have always been one of my favorites and this isn't their best film by far, but it's the one I could easily watch over and over. The Dude abides.
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ashathehutt : The rug really brings the room together.. 👌
thefilmsiveseen : Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.
blu_world_order : Hahaha, that is one of the best lines. @thefilmsiveseen
cinefile : Jesus!!!
piratemuz : GREAT FILM 'give us the money Lebowski'
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I've not been thinking of #themortalinstruments a lot lately - but I'm so excited for #cityofheavenlyfire !!! #cityofbones #mortalinstruments #cassandraclare #lilycollins #jonathanmeyers #shadowhunter #fanboy #fandom #fanguy #fangirl #booknerd #bookworm #moviebuff #filmbuff
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After seeing The Amazing Spiderman 2 today, I've decided to go back and watch the original trilogy. Probably should have upgraded to bluray by now, but oh well, at least it's the 2 disc version. Plenty of special features and an audio commentary ;-)
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The music that plays during the Art Institute scene is the instrumental version of the song (Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want)  by The Dream Academy. There is a music video of the full song with lyrics on youtube. The song originated from and was a remake of the British rock band (The Smiths) hit 1984 song of the same name◆ Ferris has younger siblings that are never seen. This is revealed in drawings on the fridge and a family photo seen in his dad's office. Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey got engaged in real life after this movie. Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, who played Ferris's parents, married in real life after filming wrapped. The hallway scenes which you see a student collecting money to save Ferris are the halls from (The Breakfast Club) Rob Lowe, John Cusack, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael J. Fox were all considered for the role of Ferris Bueller. Eric Stoltz auditioned for the role of Ferris but was turned down. Anthony Michael Hall turned down the role of Cameron to avoid being typecast. Emilio Estevez also turned down the role of Cameron. John Candy auditioned for the role of Cameron but producers thought he was too old for the part. Most of the license plates are all abbreviations of John Hughes movies. For example Jeannie's car plate is TBC (The Breakfast Club) To get the desired drugged-out effect for his role as the drug addict in the police station, Charlie Sheen stayed awake for more than 48 hours before the scene was shot. Sheen's character's name is Garth Volbeck. The Volbeck's was the family that Ferris's mom was showing the house for sale. The tow truck that towed Rooney's car was from the Volbeck's Wrecking Service. The painting that Cameron admires during the Art Institute scene is called (Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte) by Georges Seurat. It is still on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.
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movietrivia99 : Cameron's father's Ferrari was fake and made with a fiberglass body. The final scene in the garage was shot in early Fall, so each of the leaves on all the trees outside had to be hand-painted green every morning before shooting. The movie was named after John Hughes' life long friend Bert Bueller. Cameron was based on someone that John Hughes knew in high school. Alan Ruck was 29 years-old when he played Cameron. Ferris wears a different outfit in each scene before he and Cameron go to pick up Sloane. Whenever Mr. Rooney and Ferris have a conversation with each other, only one of them speaks throughout the entire conversation; the other is completely silent. Grace the Secretary pretending to be Ed Rooney during the phone call from Cameron was improvised by the actress. A key moment that was created in the editing room was when Jeannie kicked Roonie three times in the face (only one kick was actually filmed) The Parade scene was filmed during the (Von Steuben Day Parade) An annual event in Chicago. The people seen dancing (including the construction worker and the window washer) had nothing to do with the film. They were dancing to the music and John Hughes found it funny so he filmed it.
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m0br13n : One of my personal favorites
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Rounding out the top five is another Tarantino film, Reservoir Dogs. So two Tarantino films and two Spielberg films in the top five, I need to branch out I guess. But I had to put this one in, it has almost as many great, memorable lines as Pulp and never gets old. I love how he could craft an excellent movie out of virtually one main location. This film oozes cool and has always been one of my favorites.
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willso28days : I think the best thing about this movie is the acting from Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen. I just thought that the acting from them was superb. Well that's just my opinion.
blu_world_order : Definitely, Tarantino always gets the best out of his casts. @willso28days
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