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My stitches aren't busted open or torn Thank God after I fell on it today I'm very thankful .. BUT I'm still in pain #shoulderprobs #pain #shouldersurgey #fallingsucks
shouldersurgey - pain - shoulderprobs - fallingsucks -
Dirt. #crash #fall #dirt #CallAnAmbulance #RIP #BikesArentFun #FallingSucks
callanambulance - crash - fallingsucks - dirt - fall - bikesarentfun - rip -
ridermalyavka - kickihanden - mpscw1982 - ksnb_torpedo -
Taking a spill ... And trying new stuff #bmx #fallingsucks 🚲🚲
bmx - fallingsucks -
collinwillard : R u pro??
collinwillard : First one was clean
ryan_baker12 : R u pro ? πŸ˜‰ that's the question @collinwillard it sucks
nick_s_112 : Perfecto πŸ‘Œ
ciaragay_ - max_j13 - bumgator008 - aileengonzalezz -
I πŸ‘€ the light at the end of the tunnel! #48hours2go #wannaridesodamnbad #fallingsucks
48hours2go - wannaridesodamnbad - fallingsucks -
raddad629 : Where you going this weekend?
squints625 : Sra sunday!?
brianshutt : Come over and mini moto at the house right when you get it off
chet_fair - lachycurtis - _mattydowell_ - nickwould -
6:48 am departure for skiing boarding trip with hubby! Wish me luck! Skiing after 2 1/2 years after a major fall in the mountains & fractured a couple bones. #skiingrules#fallingsucks#qualitytimeinthemountainswithhubby#happygal
happygal - qualitytimeinthemountainswithhubby - fallingsucks - skiingrules -
carajhirsch : Love the A&W! Have fun xoxoxox
aura_chua : @carajhirsch lol breakfast for champions :)
aura_chua : Missing u we will be reunited in aug :)
instatam__ : Mike was just there and he said the snow was πŸ‘Œ. Be safe @aura_chua
_gracetorres - carajhirsch - rrochellee - zmughal -
Unsuccessfully attempting the tight rope... #brighton #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - brighton -
payalsharma14 : Dear big, I miss you mucho. Love, little 😘
bmott726 - toya1788 - reh_ukani - qalyssa5 -
All banged up...but my fuzzy nurse helps. #fallingsucks #roadrashsucks #cat #catnurse #norunningforawhile #rungonebad
rungonebad - catnurse - fallingsucks - roadrashsucks - norunningforawhile - cat -
babeverly - ao123321 - scott1598 - maeberin -
I bit it....but I got back on the bike and rode home. #fallingsucks #finishingstrongrocks #phil413
finishingstrongrocks - phil413 - fallingsucks -
_katiebarnes : Trooper!! πŸ‘πŸš΄
sarahmohageri : Geeeeez
kathyhilton7 : Ouch
aggie_alex - _haileyrsmith_ - 1neon_soccer1 - jennacatherinek -
Toss back when I fractured my elbow riding and could only skate #bmx #fallingsucks #skate #longboard #sk8
bmx - skate - longboard - fallingsucks - sk8 -
cylertrockett - savannahsolverson - austin_stapleton43 - alexaluvvv -
Watching old clips and shit eats and blasting music. #EatShit #FallingSucks #SoOld #Bmx #Bikes #EveryoneDiesInUtah
soold - eatshit - everyonediesinutah - fallingsucks - bikes - bmx -
robertsbmx : That bike in the first clip doe πŸ‘
_hllb : I can't agree bc you're my friend and I wouldnt want that so okay greg. @premiumkid21
premiumkid21 : Yea it's a dope bike @robertsbmx and okay @heatherlynnaz
cookie_balls : Nipples
premiumkid21 : Fucking nipples lol
jasonscoots11 : Damn that slam
bush_baby69 : Fuck you got your head hard
premiumkid21 : Yea lol it was ringing for a couple hours @jordan201615
jc_rides_bikes - its_miguelitz - joeymcclain_ - tanner_rowe346 -
My new edition to my bruise collection!!! #rinkkisses #ouch #fallingsucks
ouch - fallingsucks - rinkkisses -
jennanobles3 - uluz1 - danirae05 - jocelyn_forever02 -
So my toe is deformed and very bruised... Taking bets... Is it broken or dislocated or both? #bigfeetproblems #fallingsucks
bigfeetproblems - fallingsucks -
billie_the_bitch : @elexis98
Sad clip from yesterday #eatshit #gingerfucker #fallingsucks #betterlucknexttime #alamoheights
alamoheights - betterlucknexttime - eatshit - gingerfucker - fallingsucks -
ethansalas : heightsπŸ‘Œ
nicogarza_10 - amirvz - chrislovesbabys - slimshadybrady_ -
Snowboarding fun in Mammoth! #snowboarding #mammoth #fallingsucks
snowboarding - mammoth - fallingsucks -
justin_vittum7 : Cute!
jaredthatsmeok : Righteous I wanna go 😩 lol
rainluv24 : Yeah you should! The snow was perfect! @jaredcwjames
rainluv24 : @justin_vittum7 Thank you :)
clarkhubbs : So sick! Wish I could have gone!
rainluv24 : Seriously @clarkhubbs you and Robin should go next time!
mrs_pp_jr - shantah_ - tech_illin - phxyn -
#tbt to #fallingsucks but at least my undies match my shoes and #skateboard ha!
skateboard - tbt - fallingsucks -
rokeoskate : Ohh what a moment to catch!
she_thrasher : Omg....I love this!
kekoa11 : Lol #girlproblems
gibsonsk8s : I like the shadow ha!
pam_dragon - gibsonsk8s - herroelana - pslay18 -
Had a fun time at the ghee this past weekend. #demtits #ifsa #fallingsucks
ifsa - demtits - fallingsucks -
ellmartin - kit_kat_120 - rohrer56eliza - ayden_armstrong_ -
@glen_eden season is over. Gotta stay active! #nofilter #gopro #spring #kelsoroad #fallingsucks
spring - gopro - nofilter - fallingsucks - kelsoroad -
whitetigergolf : Skateboard
beccafel - gopro_boss - eduardjordana_gopro - brodieslife -
One of the things that I've learned about skateboarding is that it can be very cruel at times and anything could happen. This is a very good example of it. Thanks for recording and laughing you guys are the best πŸ˜˜πŸ˜’ #FallingSucks #embarrassed #WhatWasIThinking #NeverAgain #SkatingHurts #funny #LifeSucksSometimes #ILoveHateSkateboarding #Idlaughtoo #Hashtag @verduzcoo @urserper @whodatkidbernie
funny - whatwasithinking - lifesuckssometimes - fallingsucks - skatinghurts - hashtag - idlaughtoo - embarrassed - neveragain - ilovehateskateboarding -
jazminthekid : K cool
filmerrauda : Please tell me what the hell was the point of that haha what were you trying to do? (x
thelegendof_red : @filmerrauda I thought I could pole jam..... It wasn't a pole... And I couldn't jam...
filmerrauda : You jammed down to the fucking floor dude haha holy shit were you okay after? (x
filmerrauda : My hip woulda been bruised for daaays
thelegendof_red : @filmerrauda just my dignity was bruised for days....
thelegendof_red : @filmerrauda hahaha yeah I was on the ground for a cool minute though xD
filmerrauda : Haha(x you lost your man hood(x
regeebun_ - buffalosouljer - baitshop54 - _jimenez_anthony -
Yay for falling...... #fallingsucks #fallsarefunny #funny #ouch #sarcasm
fallsarefunny - sarcasm - ouch - fallingsucks - funny -
tokleynickie - esbenshaderocio - andreadanielllle -
My butt hurts #fallingsucks
fallingsucks -
glittersmiles77 - shay_michaela - becca_f14 - krista1712 -
I ride the tailgate better than my bike :) #lovingmybike #learning #fallingsucks #husbandisagoodrider
lovingmybike - husbandisagoodrider - fallingsucks - learning -
vickidykstra : Anna you are doing it backwards.... John bought me one when we were dating!
jeannievr : "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?? I'm impressed Anna!!
jessmeninga - bkmulder - amandarose479 - cherikingma -
Throwing my scooter is karma!! Look at my feet I wasn't faking it!!! #karma #fail #like #fallingsucks #eatingshit #scootering @manuel_cuhh @ruben_bmx @zach_mcflurry @cody_mcdonald69
scootering - like - fallingsucks - fail - eatingshit - karma -
aannngel_ : Im going
aannngel_ : Do u have a kik
_ivanmorales_ : Yea ivanmoral6 @aannngel_
_ivanmorales_ : @aannngel_
_ivanmorales_ : Ivanmoral6
aannngel_ : Yur scooter hates u
_mark_ps : Fake
ritaanlad : Omg
thatscooterrider - mmankong - 078_max - blakebailor -
Meet Sepia #yamaha#yzf#easyparking#antitraffic#red#2wheelnation#fallingsucks#helmets#boots#angrycars#Adrenaline
helmets - angrycars - fallingsucks - yamaha - antitraffic - easyparking - boots - 2wheelnation - adrenaline - yzf - red -
chocomari12 : Is that yours?
8c8j8c8 : No I rent it every morning @chocomari12 :}
chocomari12 : Dang you might as well buy one :) @8c8j8c8
8c8j8c8 : No I like paying double @chocomari12 :)
chocomari12 : Nooooo! That doesn't make sense! You'll save money by buying one duhhh but I guess to each their own. @8c8j8c8 Lol
8c8j8c8 : Well you do gots a point there somewhere, I think about it @chocomari12 lol
ericg_818 - aeng3l - thehandsomeguy_ - orkka -
Skiing down Alyeska in our underwear!! Only for a contest!!!! #jmluckyunderwear #fallingsucks #makeitbeworththepain #ouch #sunshine #eek
sunshine - eek - fallingsucks - makeitbeworththepain - jmluckyunderwear - ouch -
manderhanley : Oh boy..
skiercrow_ak : Are those actual underwear?
bpski907 : Ya.. I felt VERY self couscous and awkward @skiercrow_ak
mojoleach : Well my ass still burns and is still swollen and I am I'm so Mitch pain it is unreal
mojoleach : Much*
bpski907 : Make sense!! @mojoleach
sawybear : I hope no guy got boner. And no girl was on her periodπŸ˜‚
bpski907 : It was to cold for a guy to get a boner @sawybear
danirue13 - anja_skis_ak - devinsquires - tou162 -
The best and worst thing about these stairs is that there's a rock wall to stop you when you fall down them. #ouch #fallingsucks
ouch - fallingsucks -
brinleeanne : @kmorton101 hahaha! I fell yesterday too
missy_lu_lu : Ouch!
natsan88 : Oh no! Did you get hurt?!
kmorton101 : @natsan88 Yeah :( I somehow slipped and landed on my upper back/neck/shoulders/upper arms. I'm really sore. I don't think I injured anything badly, just bruised and muscle tenderness.
suzie_m : :(
amymbaarstad - mathiasencora - _surrendering_ - v1ck5 -
burns - red - fallingsucks -
keo29 : Pussy
josemm_818 : I like it @keo29
chrisssm : @keo29 lol
ivanthenotsogreat : Bitch nigga @josemm_818
shortty_traviesa - babyblazzwadup -
Everyone like this pic!!! This kid can shred and it's a shame what happened... Give him support!!! Hope your iight bro! Hopefully you'll wrist will heal fast! Keep on shredding and come back soon! πŸ‘Œ @tristan_945 #snowbarding #fallingsucks #brokenwrist #keepshredding #support #jumps #feelbetter
snowbarding - keepshredding - fallingsucks - feelbetter - jumps - brokenwrist - support -
j_short123 : We're you even at cbk today?
tristan_945 : Thanks an I'm in the hospital right now
itsalysontho_ - djrio33725 - _sara_hj - jballister15 -
Yesterday's Wall ride mess up #cut #scrached #blood #bmx #wallride #wall #ride #bike #bikes #fall #fallingsucks #sucks #oww
bikes - wallride - cut - fallingsucks - wall - ride - sucks - bike - blood - fall - bmx - oww - scrached -
studionumber5 : You did that to yourself w/ a cheese-grader @noahlee127
miakelly123 - snowaristi - kirstenkilledpunk - we_are_outnumbered -
Out at san jose skate park today with steven and dylan. #skating #fallingsucks
skating - fallingsucks -
trishybear - fabii_pov - deadpixelproductions - dooskate -
Great ride 🚴 today...up until u took a dive 38 miles in! But thankfully no damage to my bike...and yeah none to me neither πŸ˜’...just some minor road rash and bruises. Thanks to the fellows for looking me out! Even after the fall we still road another finish with 59 miles today...not too shabby 😁 #cycling#lovetoride#specialized#venge#sundayrides#ihatefalling#fallingsucks
venge - cycling - sundayrides - fallingsucks - lovetoride - specialized - ihatefalling -
nvsmkvi : I just took a nasty spill today myself. Lol
nvsmkvi - h_payo - leovillar - raulijao2mia -
Shoot me…
fallingsucks -
_royjaimealdaco : #thebae❀️
original_nigga23 : #Fallingsucks.
_royjaimealdaco : #lmfaoo
jizzelslutchez - zamora_bri - lori_forever_lyn - merary_flores -
First time hitting the slopes! It was amazing! #Snowboarding #SevenSprings #Pennsylvania #FallingSucks
pennsylvania - snowboarding - sevensprings - fallingsucks -
sarcasmsaves7 : Glad you finally got a chance to go bud!
jr14marquez : @sarcasmsaves7 yeah same here! It's tough! Haha.
moe_xoxo007 : Hey punk I hope you're doing good! :)
jr14marquez : @moe_xoxo007 eh could be better but I'm still here haha. hope you're doing good. :)
moe_xoxo007 : Why could you be doing better? I am thanks :) I'm kinda tipsy right now πŸ˜„
jr14marquez : @moe_xoxo007 text me haha. I tried texting you but I have the wrong number I guess. Embarrassing!
moe_xoxo007 : Aww lol I changed my number! Do you still have the same one??
jr14marquez : @moe_xoxo007 yeah I do.
vbiros33 - tonidani0413 - abby_orte - tatamae08 -
Yup. Chillin in the hospital lol that's what I get for not using a ladder πŸ‘ #dumbass #fallingsucks
straightstupidass - dumbass - fallingsucks -
shelby_branham14 : It definitely looks like it!! Poor thingπŸ™Š
afrye523 : #StraightStupidAss πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @shelby_branham14
shelby_branham14 : #YouGotThatRight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
afrye523 : Hey now, be nice πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ @shelby_branham14
shelby_branham14 : Hey, you said it not me! πŸ˜„
afrye523 : Finee, you win 😊 @shelby_branham14
shelby_branham14 : Sounds good to me! πŸ˜πŸ‘
afrye523 : Yeah yeah. You got lucky this time πŸ‘ @shelby_branham14
captaincourtneyy - quentingill9 - miss_shelbyjo - hunterjstone -
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