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CΓ­clope y yo os damos las gracias a todos por el apoyo brutal, sois cojonudos #emotionalshit#friends #hortalezaenelmapa
hortalezaenelmapa - friends - emotionalshit -
garandc : que pasΓ³ pirri? @pirrako espero qtodo este biennn!! πŸ˜”
romlu - victorclnbiso - juanramaverde - frok_htz_ -
It's easier that way. I'm getting so worked up that he's not replying πŸ˜°πŸ˜“ why is he not replying! Argh fuck it all #emotionalshit #anxiety #broken #selfhate
broken - anxiety - selfhate - emotionalshit -
xxwaiting_for_deathxx - all_those_relatable_posts - grace_rosalie111 - daintyhearts_ -
In the space of a month, I've gone from giving up all hope of achieving anything in life to realising everything actually does get better. I've got an amazing boyfriend who puts up with all my bullshit, I've finally been accepted to photograph for a magazine, and I managed to get a job after over a year of applying non stop. If you'd ask me how's my life going two weeks ago, I wouldn't have answered because I hated it so much, now I fucking love every bit of it. When people said to me "things will get better" I never believed them, now I realise no matter how long it takes, shit actually does get better. #emotionalshit
emotionalshit -
roxaspritch : Good on you girl
georizzle : @roxaspritch :)
charlzzzzzzzzzz : <3 this makes me happyy
roxaspritch - nia_elin - lottieloop17 - the_disenchanted -
School nurse is like a fucking hospital. I'm ill. Going home 😷 #ill #hospitallike #hateit #anxiety #alone #broken #ednos #emotionalshit
anxiety - emotionalshit - ill - ednos - hateit - hospitallike - alone - broken -
tumblrsuicidal - und_du_sagst_game_over - tryingsomethingnew_ - veronicasiata -
#eww #emotionalshit #cringe
cringe - eww - emotionalshit -
jessfors_ : wear all black
evillevii : ⚫️ Life motto ⚫️ @jessfors_
hayleymavis : EMO
evillevii : Aha @hayleymavis leave me alone in going through a phase 😭 *flips fringe to the side*
jessfors_ - boyinmanchester -
And so it continues #selfharmmm #selfhate #pain #emotionalshit #suicide
selfharmmm - suicide - pain - selfhate - emotionalshit -
doyouwannatakeapicture_ : Please stop
itssemmmma : if you ever need someone to talk to my kiks the same as my usernameπŸ’•
those_who_self_harm - _wearysoul_ - _asdfghjulie - cutonmyhand -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RETAINER FACE :) you are finally 17 and can drive (I think) anyway if you do start driving there is no way I am getting in the car (not that I don't trust you or anything after all those stories of nearly crashing your dad's car :p) have fun on your birthday 'studying' and party hard with your text books :p sometimes I worry about you I mean have you seen the top right picture that is definitely not normal hahaha. You are lucky I decided not to embarrass you that much :p you better be awake right now waiting for my long happy birthday message. (notice how I spelt everything properly because I know I don't I will get a long lecture from you later πŸ˜› I think my messages long enough so yea bye 😝 #bestfriends #happybirthday #emotionalshit #strangechild
happybirthday - bestfriends - strangechild - emotionalshit -
erin_allen9 - cheese_taco01 - cornanlee - mimihorrell -
Can't believe it has already been two years since one if the best days ever! 😭😍🎢 #onedirection #1D #myboys #firstconcert #bestday #emotionalshit #fangirl #omg @stephaniew853
bestday - omg - emotionalshit - myboys - 1d - fangirl - firstconcert - onedirection -
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Don't leave me girl lmao !!! Turnttttt up!!!!!! Queens bound ✌️ #emotionalshit #tomuchenergy #4am @bitoness92 @jocywatt
tomuchenergy - 4am - emotionalshit -
la_loca11 - ninakay_ - la_nena_chula1 - miss_u_143 -
#haim #muthaphuckers #emotionalshit #valleyvillageborn #sfv #coachella2014 #dontsaveme @dyelllla @haimtheband
coachella2014 - addisonstreet - dontsaveme - emotionalshit - sfv - muthaphuckers - haim - valleyvillageborn -
homeboyiggy : @babyhaim
homeboyiggy : #addisonstreet
sstephanie_urbz : 😁 awesome πŸ’›
poisonkidd : That lead singer <3
amandavldz : #valleyvillageborn !!! 😜
homeboyiggy : @amandavldz they told the audience they grew up there I was like "ME TOOOOOOO"
nat9100 - nissasmile - dannieltostes - amandavldz -
Thanks Laz!!!! #peanutbutter #banana #honey #sandwich #emotionalshit #falleninlove #foodporn
honey - peanutbutter - sandwich - foodporn - emotionalshit - falleninlove - banana -
zeinabharz - nourishnotpunish - taleitalei - ameliie34 -
#fbf when matching was necessary... #wecute #blondehairdidntexist #foe #goodtimes #toomuchtodrink #emotionalshit #onlyweunderstand #getonourlevel lol too many random hashtags...
wecute - getonourlevel - emotionalshit - goodtimes - babycanyoustandtherain - foe - fbf - toomuchtodrink - onlyweunderstand - blondehairdidntexist -
ashanicedavid : Ahhh. This is a BIGGG pic!! Lool love yah sis. #canwestandtherain 😁😘
fatimmms : #babycanyoustandtherain lord, I can't deal right now.. Lmao! Love you too sis!!! @ashanicedavid
dneiro19 - duhlove4music - mannyhagan - _christina_8 -
She's crying because a tulip has grown in her garden #emotionalshit
emotionalshit -
emilybradders - alicerosehowells - anouskacraig - riwhitehead93 -
#UTS cup winners!! #emotionalshit #champion #buzzing
uts - buzzing - champion - emotionalshit -
jayodonnz : @leefudge
leefudge : We are bosses mind
ryjones95 - courtjenkins_ - jorddsummers - paigeharris2 -
#ouuut #rommies #friends #shessuchacooler #lastnyttogeather #emotionalshit #limerickciiiity
limerickciiiity - lastnyttogeather - emotionalshit - shessuchacooler - ouuut - friends - rommies -
edelmurphy94 - insight_katie - leannem2 -
sheeesh wes
emotionalshit -
joelythinker : Jesus Wes!!
wesfromny : something different, got off the mpc for once lol @joelythinker
ace_mia__ : this goes hard
wesfromny : good loooks guyyyy @championace_
joelythinker : Good shit !
wesfromny : you alreadyyy #emotionalshit @joelythinker
joelythinker : #EmotionalShawties
ysllulu - coden0ir_ - cornierthancorn - rellbk -
My phone wallpaper... #emotionalshit #seniors #forevermybrothers #willbemissed
seniors - forevermybrothers - willbemissed - emotionalshit -
majek_02 - saenzmariah - daychelle_14 - rlopez224 -
D.a πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜₯ #emotionalshit #feelingmeh #tbh #likemyshit #followme
feelingmeh - tbh - likemyshit - followme - emotionalshit -
bngox3 - xjrosario4x - theviewthroughhiseyes - emmakelly21122 -
GOOD JOB, MAN! NOW IM CRYING! #feels #crying #emotionalShit #jellal #natsu #OurOnlyHope
feels - natsu - crying - emotionalshit - ouronlyhope - jellal -
otaku_fansite : @chaotic_neutral13 what episode
chaotic_neutral13 : The nirvana thing. This is the episode where natsu is fighting brain, er, zero. And then jellal comes to help~😊 @otaku_fansite cant remember which number tho
otaku_fansite : Oh ok
chaotic_neutral13 - when_life_gets_ - fairy_tail_anime - excoriators -
Thibault's last day of school awee
me - demfacestho - bestfriend - tearswereshed - posers - emotionalshit - staypositive - pics - photobombing - afterschool - adamslastday - stunnahs - adam - liam - mary -
mary99mc : ..we so stun hun
murtagh2000 : @mary99mc aw stop don't I know it lioke πŸ‘Œ
mary99mc : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kl081196 - namedtenzin - mustafa_awamleh - ellendoran -
This is what my dad. Some serious shit. #EmotionalShit
emotionalshit -
geoffreyy21 - freshcityboy -
Bomb #nofilter #emotionalshit kind of agree
nofilter - emotionalshit -
daig_and_nault : Go to bed
maddie__owen : ^ lol @daig_and_nault
lexlensing : I would respect that, if it wasn't 11 still
lexlensing : And ive spent all night finishing that bottle @daig_and_nault
lexlensing : That you were too cool to bet on
abileggate - heatherhalbachhh - pipersierra - cheekyirony0_o -
The chorus of this song is so sad and beautiful god damnit #soad #mesmerize #sadstatue #emotionalshit
soad - mesmerize - sadstatue - emotionalshit -
thelaurel98 - crownthenipples - sawlucien - gioxchavez -
Perfect way to end a day! Thank you @bhwrd 😘 #emotionalshit #benhoward
benhoward - emotionalshit -
nperspectiv - _kirbycraig - nicxlehill - clairedonald -
emotionalshit -
coco_mcc - jack_king5 - brendaan_stevenson - megan43_x -
I Never Really Do This But My #MCM ((Derrick)) 😍😍 We May Not Be Together And We May Argue And Beef More Than Any 2 People I Know ! But Not A Day Goes By That I Don't Pray For Him And Thank God For Him, Cuz Even Through The Chaos He's The 1 Single Person In My Life Able To Lift Me Up When I'm Lower Than The Lowest Point Possible. A lot Of People Who Know Me, May Not Know About All The Darkness In My Past And All The Insecurities And Pain I Carried With Me For Years... Then I Met Him And He Was The First Person To Give Me A Genuine Feeling Of Joy And Laughter. And He's Done It All Without Even Noticing The Importance Of His Role In My Life. My MCM .. My MCE ... My EBF lol #DiddyBop 😘 #EmotionalShit #HeHatesIt lol #OhWell 😘😍
mcm - ohwell - diddybop - hehatesit - emotionalshit -
bettycr0cker : πŸ˜ͺ😒 this is beautiful ❀️
_jstbeing_fay : Owee Why I Ain't Like This ??!!??!
randomaxxweirdo : Y u scrolling through my shit is the question lol @_jstbeing_fay
_jstbeing_fay : Lol u know im not nosey like @bettycr0cker I catch shit late BOL @randomaxxweirdo I ain't read that long ass shit doe lol I just knw its real mushy !!!
randomaxxweirdo : Kill yo self lol @_jstbeing_fay
_jstbeing_fay : Nope !! Lol @randomaxxweirdo
schoolboy_tony : Oop! Lawwwwwd!
randomaxxweirdo : Wat chyle ?! Lol @schoolboy_tony
got_me_gone_ - hijabsneyeliner - goof_ball_yoyo - slimthug25 -
#nomannocry #rebound101 #emotionalshit #loveisamotherfucker
loveisamotherfucker - nomannocry - rebound101 - emotionalshit -
thuynh0708 - ellennar - m33shell - kristymaruno -
I don't know what drove us to this... Bieber Time is the best time #biebertime #inspired #emotionalshit
biebertime - inspired - emotionalshit -
juliamankowska : If this is to do with Justin Beiber - i have just disowned you
zofiamankowska : Hehehehe it was a beautiful movie...couldn't make it to the end though...just too much swag for me to handle
addelayd - laurahickmott - zuzam1524 - tommy062099 -
Im about to go bananas on somebody uff they better pray to god I dont find out who it was! #lmfao #fatboy #emotionalshit #getsmemad #uff got me on a fucken mission searching for that shit!
lmfao - getsmemad - emotionalshit - uff - fatboy -
david_chevy_572 - alexajharo - franciscomeneses_ - fawknangel_ust -
What our lunch times consist of πŸ˜‚ love you rendy roo 😊 #bestfriend
bestfriend - emotionalshit -
steph_rendell : love you too kiddleβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’
hannah_kiddle : #emotionalshit @steph_rendell πŸ’πŸ˜‚
steph_rendell : #youknowit πŸ˜‚πŸ’
sillylilypooper - chilli2018 - the_neve - katyemmarandall -
#takeabow #teddybeargear #gobigal #soproudofthiegirl #loveyoulots #emotionalshit #hockey #allirelands #katerussel @allisoncaldbeck πŸ’•πŸ’•
teddybeargear - allirelands - takeabow - emotionalshit - gobigal - katerussel - hockey - loveyoulots - soproudofthiegirl -
allisoncaldbeck : This is a hideous picture, I look so short and fat πŸ˜‚ but thank you πŸ’•
andreeaparr : I think this is the single greatest photo I have ever taken πŸ‘Œ best friends eh @allisoncaldbeck 😍
allisoncaldbeck : Hahahahahaha definitely πŸ˜‚
sharon_eager - debbiey123456789 - vanessa_curran16 - meghan__osullivan -
Dem feels 😭 #pokemon#pikachu#truefriends#emotionalshit
truefriends - pikachu - pokemon - emotionalshit -
akaashraf : Pokeman gotta catch em all!!
itsbatmansgirl_ : YupπŸ‘Œ I only like the original 151 Pokemon tho .. Low this new ice cream looking ones coming along .. No thankyou. @akaashraf
akaashraf : Lmao the new ones are cap miss the old old ones haha pokemons fab coz everyone you beat you win a badge!!
stickman_lyk_raja - hattystaarten - kazz_1 - zain_hx -
2 years of this. Breaks a girl. It still haunts me. #ugh #exes #nightmares #sad #pain #stupid #emotionalshit #baggage #broken #damaged
damaged - ugh - pain - emotionalshit - sad - nightmares - baggage - stupid - exes - broken -
alan_wolf11 : There is someone for everybody, just have to be patient :) @xshinziex
observantoflife : Just do you:) ain't about what others think. None of that matters. It's all about you.
raspberryyjam : You'll find someone who can appreciate how amazing you are. Just hang in there. Love you ❀️ @thescaryblonde
straytheneko : you need to follow the Stray rule...
joshualeyva : Hi
shinthemera : @joshualeyva hi lol
brittcallahan66 - jazpach93 - adoranunez - straytheneko -
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