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They even make weed gummies! wow #food #foodporn #gummies #gummycandy #420 #vancouver420 #vancouver #igersvancouver #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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As we continue our 420 Rally food coverage, we see that things just continue to get more interesting! These potheads literally come up with hundreds of ways to get stoned! It never ceases to amaze me lol. What I find even more interesting is that these people are hardcore foodies and they really let their recipes do the talking. Pictured above are salted caramels laced with weed. If you have ever done any serious candy making, you know that it is not easy. To take it the next step and lace it with enough weed to get you high while simultaneously keeping food and weed costs under control is amazing! Pothead cooks! What will they think of next? #food #foodporn #caramel #saltedcaramel #420 #vancouver420 #vancouver #igersvancouver #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Two bite weed brownies! With vanilla weed butter cream on top! Too bad I had to drive home or I would have had one! #food #foodporn #brownies #weedbrownies #420 #vancouver420 #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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fightingforfit : I know... But still. I want to eat those. So hard.
dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit Better make sure you're not driving and you get leg day out of the way because after eating one of those, you ain't going nowhere! lol
fightingforfit : HAHA TRUTH
melllllllllllllllo : You were there?
dwightsrecipebook : @melllllllllllllllo I was researching recipes
rowenaanne : Well anyway when you do make them share the recipe brahπŸ‘
risscle : Yummmm #420
dennysmith : Dont worry about driving.... remember how we used to do back in the day.... eat it.. tgen 45 mins later u r baked... just enough time to get where u r going... lol
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Sinagang baboy. Where I come from, we eat this for breakfast. #sinigang #baboy #sarap #filipino #dwightsrecipebook
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ladychanz : My favourite
piarro : πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›
acacia_leibka : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
miljoy20 : Sarap!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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The best way to cook fish is to deep fry it! Well, to be honest, these are actually pan fried because the halibut pieces are not completely submerged in oil. I seasoned them with salt and pepper before dredging them in Italian 00 pizza flour (yes, it does make a difference). Crispy skin, moist meat, that's the way to do it! Another reason why I buy Halibut bones is because parts of the bone become crispy and edible. We're not talking the needle like back bone but the bigger bones around the head. And you can even suck the juice out of the bones! Delicious! If you have ever had beef bone marrow spread on toast, this is the fish version! Even more delicious, in my opinion. Anyways, I had it with a nice salad at the end. I posted the pics on my VSCO Grid, so mosey on over to to see how it turned out! #food #foodporn #halibut #halibutseason #VSCOcam #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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roseolee : @dwightsrecipebook that's the only way sav will eat fish!
jerkchickenman : @dwightsrecipebook now I've got to buy a halibut
dwightsrecipebook : @jerkboss just the bones bro what a delicious snack
roseolee : @dwightsrecipebook with a side of haricots verts almondine?
dwightsrecipebook : @roseolee that's right
jerkboss : @dwightsrecipebook looks incredible! Sorry had something going in the smoker ;) pics soon come!
dwightsrecipebook : @jerkboss A halibut in the smoker?! No way
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Dwight's Recipe Book has a VSCO Grid! With all this VSCO (pronounced *vis - co*) madness going around these days, I decided to get the app! I ended up spending the $5.99 to get the whole set of presets and it was worth it! They also have this VSCO Grid that is kind of like Instagram, but they do not tell you how many followers you have, nor can you interact with them! What I am doing with my VSCO Grid is to put out a lot of photos but with no recipes. Just a short blurb and a hastag or two. It's about the photo and not the food. And fist on the list is a celebration of Halibut season in British Columbia! Being the frugal Filipino I am, I didn't buy the expensive meat, I picked up some bones from the local fish and chip shop and deep fried them! That is them above getting dredged in some Italian 00 pizza flour minutes before hitting the hot oil. Delicious! So follow me plz! And don't tell me if you did because that would ruin it! #food #foodporn #VSCOcam #delicious #halibut #halibutseason #vancouver #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : Oh I forgot the adress!
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Spring is here! To celebrate, @trevhink bought a new grill! I swung by the other day after work to help him break it in. Problem was, we only had four ingredients: beer, onions, sausage and a loaf of brown bread. Stay tuned to see how I solved the problem! #problems #food #foodporn #sausage #onions #beer #bread #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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trevhink : Good ingredients @dwightsrecipebook πŸ‘Œ
dwightsrecipebook : @trevhink like those ingredients
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Cooking longanisa requires technique and patience. The way to do is to sear your sausage off in a medium heat pan. Let it get come colour and then flip. Once the other side has some nice colour, add enough water to cover 3/4 of the sausage. Bring to a boil and turn the heat down. If you let the water boil out of control, the ends of each link will look like a frayed rope. Not delicious. Low and slow is the way to go! Let the water reduce until dry. Pictured above are longanisa that have very close to being done. You have to be careful at this point because the sauce is a lot of sugar in it. The goal here is to make a delicious meat flavored caramel in the sauce! This takes a lot of patience and I actually overboiled the above and had to add more water to keep the sauce from burning. Remember, once the sauce is ready, take the pan off the heat. Sugar continues to cook even after it is done, so always remember to take it off the heat pronto! And remember not to clean out that pan right away! Use the longanisa drippings to cook your garlic rice for an exquisite longanisa experience! #food #foodporn #longanisa #sarap #Filipino #longanisaburps #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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music_lover888 : Yummy
dwightsrecipebook : #sausage
rowenaanne : Rookies clean out the pan πŸ‘
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne Like that eh? lol
_thispinaycancook_ : β€οΈπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’›β€οΈlonganisa
dwightsrecipebook : @_thispinaycancook_ Ro, I can tell you are a woman with exquisite tastes lol
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Longanisa! The quintessential Filipino sausage. Just like any other Filipino recipe, it will differ from region to region. Where I come from, the recipe includes fatty ground pork (the best kind!), cane sugar, garlic, salt and anato seed. Most Filipinos are used to the bright red colour of store bought longanisa, but home made versions do not have this quality simply because they do not use ridiculous chemicals! The sausage pictured above I got from one of my Dad's buddies who sells longanisa. It is delicious and slightly sweet. In the next frame, I will go over the cooking technique! #food #foodporn #longanisa #sarap #Filipino #longanisaburps #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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shawnaka : πŸ˜‹
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I know this is not food related but with all the Church's Chicken I have been eating has gotten me real nostalgic about being Filipino. I also got a job covering events for a fledgling Filipino magazine called Absolutely Filipino Magazine (don't you love the name?!). This past weekend I have had the opportunity to photograph a few events; the most notable of which was the Boy Katindig @boykatindig concert in Vancouver, BC. This man is a legend; one of the greatest jazz pianists the Philippine Islands have ever produced. On vocals, he requested the services of none other than Ms. Joey Albert. She is the kind of artist that requires no introduction in the Philippines. She is a legend in her own right, a Filipino icon. And I got to photograph it! And hang out after the show! Fantastic! Pictured above is a little something I did with my phone. I will post a couple more phone pics on ny @ dnnfanclub feed as well. If you want to see the pictures I did with my real camera, you'll have to wait until the first issue of Absolutely Filipino Magazine come out! #joeyalbert #boykatindig #jazz #concert #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #edgewatercasino #dnnfanclub #dwightsrecipebook
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One of the best feelings you can have as a Filipino child growing up in Vancouver is coming home from school and seeing a box of Church's on the kitchen table. So this is my homage to all those carefree, youthful times. All those days when I used to skip out on class to go hang out at the mall, then I would come home early and tell my Mom it was a Pro D day...... those were the days! (sorry, Mom, lol) On days like that, there was rice or my Mom's pandesal on the table and I would have the tough choice of deciding which one I should eat my chicken with. Sometimes I would have both, but not today. I feel like it is a pandesal kind of day! So I had some romaine lettuce sitting in the fridge. I made a little dressing with mayonaise, #bagoong, chilli and a little garlic. Toss your romaine in that and set aside. The thigh is my favourite part of the chicken and I took the time to pull the meat off the bone into bite sized chunks. Make sure to keep the crispy skin on! Then, put that together with your salad and a little more dressing in some fresh baked pandesal and you got a sandwich! Serve with a little mango and you have what I think is the quintessential Filipino-Canadian lunch! That's definitely one to grow on! #food #foodporn #churchschicken #friedchicken #chicken #delicious #filipino #filipinofood #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : #pandesal
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This is what a good day looks like #churchschicken #delicious #filipinofood #vancouver #dwightsrecipebook
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on_reee : @dwightsrecipebook is church's Filipino owned?
dwightsrecipebook : @on_reee I'm not so sure
annapetisidoro : I haven't seen Church's In a loooong time. Goggle time.
leangels : My favorite fried chicken!!
rowenaanne : πŸ˜‹ church's biscuits
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne Biscuits?! Churchs up here doesn't do that
cassandranicole___ : Sometimes I go just for the biscuitπŸ˜‹
rowenaanne : They are buttery small domes with a baked honey glaze on top that makes it crunchy. Now you have to go to a different church's to try!
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Here I am at Church's Chicken at 2304 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC. As you can see, I am quite happy. Just like every Filipino person in the Lower Mainland, I have been eating Church's all my life. This may seem funny to all you Americans out there, but Church's is a Filipino institution here in Vancouver. I have no idea why that is, but if you go to any Church's location in Vancouver, 90% of the people there will be Filipino. It is not just the customers, it is the staff too. We fucking LOVE Church's Chicken. As far as I am concerned, it is Filipino food. For the longest time, I thought it was a Canadian company. Boy was I wrong. Back in 2006, the year after Hurricane Katrina, I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. There are Church's Chicken locations everywhere there! It blew my mind to find out that Church's is not from Canada, but from the South! Louisiana is a long way from Vancouver, and I was feeling a little homesick, so I went to Church's for a little taste of home. I was expecting to see a bunch of Filipinos, but I almost shit my pants when the restaurant was full of black people! It was quite a culture shock (there are almost no black people in Vancouver), but I still felt right at home. That Southern Hospitality is something else! So here's to the South, to Vancouver and one of the only things we have in common, Church's Chicken! #food #foodporn #churchschicken #friedchicken #delicious #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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_snk7 : That's awesome! Love Church's chicken!
nakba : In the Middle East, they call it Texas Chicken instead of Church's. No idea why. πŸ˜‚
dwightsrecipebook : @nakba wow
laurenmarieparker : Amazing post
dwightsrecipebook : @laurenmarieparker Thanks, Lauren lol
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These #macarons were filled with an Earl Grey butter cream. Delicious! #food #foodporn #french #macaron #delicious #cookingschool #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - foodporn - food - french - igershawaii - delicious - toronto - igersvancouver - cookingschool - hawaii - macarons - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
toothbrushtravels : that sounds amazing - i love earl grey!
miljoy20 : That, I am positive, was delish!!
dwightsrecipebook : @erikaloaf @toothbrushtravels @miljoy20 They were pretty good lol
mishpishboutique : I wantttt
1986_0822 : 😻
rowenaanne : I missed the macaron show!!
rowenaanne : Earl grey!! Ooooh my!
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne it was pretty good lol
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Silly me, I forgot to post pics of macarons! #food #foodporn #french #macaron #cookingschool #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - toronto - igersvancouver - cookingschool - foodporn - food - hawaii - french - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - delicious - instafamous - igerstoronto -
dwightsrecipebook : This one here is filled with a raspberry butter cream
sossomademoiselle : Mmmmmm
rowenaanne : Oh I didn't miss it! U forgot haha
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I added a poached egg. Because breakfast. #breakfast #friedrice #tandoorichicken #dayoff #mealprepmondays #delicious #dwightsrecipebook
mealprepmondays - dwightsrecipebook - delicious - friedrice - breakfast - dayoff - tandoorichicken -
_thispinaycancook_ : damn 😩
dwightsrecipebook : @_thispinaycancook_ Still not as good as you lol
acacia_leibka : I need to learn your poached egg ways, mine never turn out that pretty 😍
dwightsrecipebook : @acacia_leibka The secret is to have your water at a really low heat. Hot enough to burn your finger but with no motion in the water. Rolling boil is too much, you want to see very tiny bubbles in your water rising very slowly. Crack your egg into a bowl before you drop it into the water. Then leave it alone for 3-4 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to remove it from the water and make sure you drain the egg thoroughly before serving.
acacia_leibka : Thank you! For the most part that's what I do but I've never let the egg sit for a couple minutes before transferring it!
bearer_tomb_lovers : Omg 😳 now im hungry...
dwightsrecipebook : @bearer_tomb_lovers Then my job is done!
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Good morning! It's Monday and I got the day off! It is very rare that I get a day off. It's definitely not Friday night, but I will take it! So what does Dwight do on his day off, you ask? Well, first Dwight brushes his teeth and heads to the kitchen to make some breakfast! As many of you know, I don't eat like a normal person. It has to be sexy and it has to be delicious! So I have had some leftover chicken marinating in my tandoori rub for the last couple days. I also have some leftover purple rice. The rice is from my Uncle's farm on the island of Siquijor, Philippines. It's whole grain, organic (we can't afford fertilizers on the island), slightly sweet and fucking delicious! To start, I got a big non stick pan, got it smoking hot, added some coconut oil and about a handful and a half of frozen corn. Then you shake the pan and spread the kernels around in the oil. Let them sit and do not move them until they get some good colour on them. Once that happens, remove then from the pan and onto a plate. Turn down the heat, add some more coconut oil and add your chicken. Sautee until half cooked then add one smashed garlic clove and your rice. Sautee on medium heat until chicken is cooked thoroughly and and rice is warmed through. Return your corn to the pan, season with salt and Tobasco and finish with finely chopped cilantro. Best fried rice EVER. #breakfast #friedrice #tandoorichicken #dayoff #mealprepmondays #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - igershawaii - igersvancouver - friedrice - dayoff - hawaii - instagood - mealprepmondays - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - delicious - instafamous - breakfast - igerstoronto - tandoorichicken -
dinorita126 : @buhnitapplebumm 😍 #foodporn #goodeats
dwightsrecipebook : @dinorita126 I think that this dish needs some eggs. What do you think?
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Oh I forgot an important step! Once the batter is piped out and before the skin forms, hit the pan on the counter. This will ensure that there are no large air bubbles in your macarons. After this step, you can let them sit and wait for the skin to form. #food #foodporn #french #macaron #cookingschool #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - toronto - igersvancouver - cookingschool - foodporn - food - hawaii - french - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - delicious - instafamous - igerstoronto -
rowenaanne : @donnelynmae yes, we know this already :)
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Eye of the tiger #cookingschool #french #macaron #delicious #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - dwightsrecipebook - delicious - cookingschool - french -
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Let's get back to the macarons! This is how the batter is supposed to look like when it is ready to pipe. It does not have much structure, it is a bit tighter than pancake batter. The crew at The Professor and the Pigeon gave us a stencil that goes underneath the wax paper so we can get a consistent size for each macaron. Genius! After everything is piped out, you are supposed to let them sit for a half an hour or so, or until a skin (!) forms on the top. This is another bit that goes against everything I learned in cooking school. You never let a skin form. Skin is bad. Not here! Letting a skin form is essential in macaron production; it gives the structure needed when they are rising in the oven. Without the skin, your macarons would crack and you would not get the sexy shape macarons are famous for! #food #foodporn #french #macaron #cookingschool #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - toronto - igersvancouver - cookingschool - foodporn - food - hawaii - french - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
spek1 : @thefoodburrgler
christina_tran : @mich_tran
rowenaanne : Yes let's!
rowenaanne : Hmmm ok so the skin is what makes me love the texture so much! I have to pass this onto my friend so she can make more when she gets backπŸ˜‰ @donnelynmae
rowenaanne : #makunat texture haha
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne lol put her to work!
wardrobeinventory : I've got to try this!
mrsalvibe : Took the same class and have the same stencil! Lol
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NEWSFLASH: #BAGOONG AND ROSEMARY ARE DELICIOUS TOGETHER While walking my dog this morning, I decided to pass by the local community to see if there were any daffodils I could photograph. I found all kinds of flowers, but what really caught my eye was the overgrown patch of rosemary that fillled up one of the plots. Don't tell anyone this, but when no one was looking, I bent down and stole some! lol So I decided I was going to make home fries when I got home. I started with some finely chopped onion sauteeing in coconut oil and added finely chopped rosemary and a half spoonfull of #bagoong. I had some parboiled potatoes left over from yesterday, so I cut them into cubes and added them to the pan. It is important to add your potatoes soon after your rosemary and #bagoong. They can burn in a blink of an eye and adding the potatoes will cool the pan and prevent burning from happening. Now the potatoes are already cooked, so as soon as they are warmed through and have a little colour on them, they are ready to go! Now all you need is some bacon and eggs! #food #foodporn #bagoong #breakfast #rosemary #homefries #filipino #sarap #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
bagoong - foodporn - food - homefries - igershawaii - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto - rosemary -
trevhink : English please @dwightsrecipebook
catsegovia : Omg. Yes.
dwightsrecipebook : @catsegovia it was pretty good lol
rowenaanne : That is breaking news I will try!!
sossomademoiselle - rowenaanne - bacon_is_art - therealnatesimon -
The reason why I find french macarons so interesting is because they go against almost everything I have learned in cooking school. Say you are baking a cake and it is time for you to fold your dry ingredients into your freshly whipped egg whites. Usually, you would add your dry ingredients in portions. Add 1/3 and fold it in ever so gently, making sure that you keep all the volume you worked so hard to create. Then repaeat until your dry ingredients are well incorporated. In French macaron production, you add all your dry ingredients at once! Then you fold it in and smash everything together with each fold, making sure that almost all the volume is taken out. Crazy! Apparently, this is what gives the macaron the rise in the oven. If you do this right, you will also get the "pied" or foot that is so important in the macaron process. That explains why my previous attempts never worked, lol. Baking lesson #1: Always follow the recipe! #food #foodporn #french #macaron #cookingschool #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - igershawaii - igersvancouver - cookingschool - foodporn - food - hawaii - french - instagood - 1 - toronto - vancouver - dwightsrecipebook - instafamous - igerstoronto -
yajun83 : Recipe please :)
dwightsrecipebook : @yajun83 Sorry, but you'll have to take the class!
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Like many recipes, the basis of a french macaron is whipping your egg whites to stiff peaks. If you look to the right frame you will know why they call them stiff peaks! The gel food colouring is added towards the end of the beating process. Book your class today at #food #foodporn #macaron #french #cookingschool #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
macaron - toronto - igersvancouver - cookingschool - foodporn - food - hawaii - french - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
sabakandi : French macarons are my favorite !!!!!
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I would like to think that I am a pretty good cook. I went to cooking school and have worked in some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. My up and coming wedding photography business does not allow me to cook full time and that is the biggest reason I do food photography. It keeps my skills sharp and it makes every day of my life delicious! I haven't made a cent off of Dwight's Recipe Book, I probably never will, but it doesn't matter! I don't care if you are @jamieoliver, every good cook has their weaknesses. The key to being good at cooking (or anything else for that matter) is to identify your weaknesses and work on them. Aside from chopping onions ridiculously fast, my biggest weakness in the kitchen has been baking. It is a science; a discipline that requires measurement, technique and patience. I have also found that I learn more effectively when someone is teaching me. I am a self taught photographer, but I had no idea of all the bad habits I picked up until I started working with more experienced photographers. So with that in mind, I have started taking baking classes at small cooking schools. The first one I took was a french #macaron class at The Professor and the Pigeon, which is a small cafe slash cooking schoot out near the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Pictured above is @roseolee showing off her piping skills! French macarons are really hot right now and are really difficult to make. The reason being is that the technique goes against almost everything they teach you in cooking school! I will show you in the next couple frames why. If you live in Vancouver, take the class! I learned a lot and had a ton of fun! They even give you champagne! Book your class at #food #foodporn #french #macaron #cookingschool #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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jerkchickenman : I see that Monster Kitchenaid lurking in the background.
dwightsrecipebook : @jerkchickenman they had 3 of them!
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It must be mango season in whatever country they grow mangoes in because every time I go to the grocery store here in Vancouver, there are decent mangoes! It's not like being back in Oahu, but any port in a storm right? Anyways, today I got a long day of lifting heavy ass weights and editing photos, so I'm going to have a really good breakfast! Mangoes with oatmeal, cinnamon and BC honey is a pretty good way to start the day. What do you think? #food #foodporn #mangoes #oatmeal #honey #breakfast #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : sup Angeli @geliibear
trevhink : Where do you get your mangos from @dwightsrecipebook and how much?
dwightsrecipebook : @trevhink Costco. Cheaper than Thrifty's
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Brownies made with real chocolate. No cocoa powder. For the recipe @jemmajemma #cupcakejemma #brownies #chocolate #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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kiley_sunshinee : Tbh I don't know you but food is the best
dwightsrecipebook : @kiley_sunshinee thank you
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Making brownies @jemmajemma #cupcakejemma #chocolate #brownies #dwightsrecipebook
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cjbl79 : Bring some to me slant @dwightsrecipebook
trevhink : Lol @cjbl79 @dwightsrecipebook
roseolee : @cjbl79 can you eat now? I'm making macarons tonight. Will save some for you.
cjbl79 : I might be able to eat solids tonight @roseolee I would love to have those..... Mmmmmm I'm hungry now = (
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Butter and chocolate melting in a bain marie according to @jemmajemma 's instructions! I really and truly think that Cupcake Jemma's brownie recipe is the sexiest brownie recipe in the world! Not just because it looks sexy on YouTube, but because it really works! I made it (and photographed it, lol) and I have given it the Dwight's Recipe Book OFFICIAL seal of approval! And it just so happens that there is a prize for this prestigious award: a night out on the town with me! So Cupcake Jemma, make sure you're on the next plane out to Vancouver, because this is a prize you won't want to pass up! #cupcakejemma #brownies #baking #chocolate #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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chandranavarro : πŸ‘πŸ˜
_thispinaycancook_ : pfft mines better LOL jk
dwightsrecipebook : @_thispinaycancook_ uh oh, looks like we got a competition!
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You know it's a good brownie recipe when it calls for real dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder! @ jemmajemma doesn't mess around! The chocolate above I bought bulk at an expensive, high end grocery store. I don't usually shop at these kinds of ridiculous stores, but it is only the ridiculous stores that sell the ridiculous chocolate. When melting chocolate, it is important to do it slowly and gently, which is why I am doing it over a bain marie. This involves putting a metal bowl over a pot filled with an inch deep slowly simmering water. This gives a gentle heat and will keep from burning or splitting the chocolate. Also, make sure that your bowl is completely dry before adding the chocolate. Chocolate and water don't mix! #food #foodporn #cupcakejemma #brownies #baking # chocolate #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : @jemmajemma
dwightsrecipebook : #chocolate
_thispinaycancook_ : i orefer chocolate instead of powder
dwightsrecipebook : @_thispinaycancook_ I would expect nothing less lil
dwightsrecipebook : Lol
roseolee : I love recipes that use real chocolate! Makes it so fudgy!
dwightsrecipebook : It sure does @roseolee
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Man, wedding season started early this year! I shot my first wedding of the year over the weekend and was it ever a blast! But weddings aren't all about booze and bridesmaids! Just like my food, I put my wedding photos up to a very high standard! Now that I have most of the editing done we can get back to sexy food! Today, I am making brownies! This is the recipe of none other than Cupcake Jemma, YouTube's newest baking phenomenon; and a part of @jamieoliver 's Food Tube team. You can find her here on IG @ jemmajemma. Her recipes are really, really sexy (and she's not bad either, lol)! Make sure to check out her YouTube channel! Search up Cupcake Jemma and everything is good! #food #foodporn#cupcakejemma #brownies #baking #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instafamous #instagood #dwightsrecipebook
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What a great way to start off Saint Patty's Day! After this I'm headed to Granville Street! #primerib #breakfast #granvillestreet #vancouver #dwightsrecipebook
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ryanderthal : #reupman
dwightsrecipebook : #steak
dwightsrecipebook : I don't know what that means slant @ryanderthal
ryanderthal : Re-up man as in hurry up man. @dwightsrecipebook
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I love love LOVE Saint Patty's Day because it is totally a day of ridiculousness! It is a day where you play hooky from work, throw all your responsibilities out the window and worry tomorrow about what you are about to do tonight! Ahhhh, if only every day could be like that! So let's get to breakfast! Usually my buddies and I head straight down to the pub for a satisfying breakfast of bangers and mash! But this is gonna be a hard, hard day of drinking and I was thinking that we needed something more substantial. So prime rib it is! This baby is going on top of some charcoal! Happy Saint Patty's Day to one and all! Get in lots of trouble tonight and post it all on FB! I wanna see it! #saintpatricksday #primerib #breakfast #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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torontofoodbwoy : Nice cut!
dwightsrecipebook : @torontofoodbwoy Thank you sir! Bought a whole roast. Cut it into separate 1 bone roasts individually wrapped in the freezer. Perfect for #primerib emergencies lol
trevhink : Bangers n mash eh @dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook : like that bangers and mash @trevhink
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Real guacamole is made in a mortar and pestle! If I was making a traditional guacamole, I would have very finely chopped some red onion, chilli and cilantro. Then I would have taken some black peppercorns and grinded them up. Put the black pepper aside and add your peeled avocados and all your chopped vegetables and then mash the works together. Remember, texture is very important in guacamole and it needs to be chunky! Lime, salt and pepper are used now to season. Go easy on the lime, avocados have a very delicate flavour and can be overpowered quite easily. Now that we've got that cooking lesson out of the way, let's get to the all important Filipino twist! Well, I for me, it's not really a twist because almost anywhere in America where Mexicans have settled, I guarantee that you will find Filipinos! So when you think of it that way, it makes perfect sense to combine the two. I started with one of the greatest Filipino combinations of all time, mangoes and #bagoong! Start mashing both of them up before you add all your other ingredients. Remember you want chunks, not paste, so don't get carried away! Add everything else as mentioned above you're headed to guacamole heaven! #food #foodporn #guacamole #mangoes #sarap #Filipino #Mexican #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood#instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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acacia_leibka : Mmmmm yes πŸ‘Œ
erikaloaf : @dwightsrecipebook you put bagoong in EVERYTHING. Where could I find it?
dwightsrecipebook : @erikaloaf at any Filipino store! Big Asian grocery stores will have them too
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