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Trying to get a good shot at a circuit assembly in Brazil. Photo shared by @daii_jw
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alwaysurnana : It's beautiful just like it is
yaremi_g : Beautiful dresses!!β™₯β™₯
tiffany70chanel : Bellissime!!!
ktmsamuel2 : @tspudnik
caemmany : Beautiful sisters! !!
alexag____ : Me too the dresses are so pretty!!πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ @yaremi_g
hereisdaniel : Post my picture please :( @jw_witnesses
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Enjoying a tour of World Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Photo shared by @trevino_garcia
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international_tourist : Bonitas @trevino_garcia @brenders94
pioneercloset : beautiful!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
bunniejohnson : πŸ™‹β€οΈDetroit
avrcro : Bellooo
trevino_garcia : gracias :) @international_tourist
trevino_garcia : Thanks for sharing! @jw_witnesses
brenders94 : @international_tourist aww thank you :)
international_tourist : You're welcome @trevino_garcia @brenders94
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@lizcpitre had some nice pencils made up that she'll be giving away at an International Convention this June.
lil_debbie_snackcakes : Do u know where they came from i wanna do ink pens @jehovaswitnesses
fishlady18 : Cool.
izi_king : Great idea
lizcpitre : @smileyhadi πŸ˜‰ lol
morg_nh : Love this! I'll be going to the international Dallas convention in June.
onemorespark : @lizcpitre lol I don't know why I got so excited to see this but I am!! These are so cute ps.
gailredlobster : @tcjag
anethaney : Nice thought!
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Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson, New York. Photo taken by @antonio_pellegrino
tizidame : Beutiful i have been there some years seems to be in the new world.greetings to all the brothers and sisters wirking there from italy
halinely : Maravilhoso Lugar ^^ bellissimo ^^ Beautiful place
halinely : Gostaria de fazer uma visita...tambem em Betel de Roma ^^
jeremiastudios : Till now it's the most beautiful bethel place :)
roxy_jw : Che posto meraviglioso!! Riflette la pace di geova!! @jw_witnesses
heartandthread : Lovely
sueanne_b : Beautiful !!!
anethaney : Wow! It's beautiful!
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On top of the Towers Building in Brooklyn, New York overlooking the World Headquarters. Photo shared by @kelseynotsoinnocent
giuliama91 : Sweet!
sarahe25 : @andreagalovic look who got featured on @jw_witnesses
ismaeljhasett : @ortzestefania @dlma_28
sharlight : @kelseynotsoinnocent Love seeing cute n stylish couples. ;)
bethnorc : Hey I know you two 😊@kelseynotsoinnocent
ortzestefania : Super!! Ahi nos tomamos la foto @dlma_28 @ismaeljhasett
ismaeljhasett : Yep !! Lo se 😊 !! Por eso las tag !! Esa foto quedo super bonita ☺️ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ !! @ortzestefania @dlma_28
lunifoxymom : Hey ,I know you two as well!!!
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#tbt purple pen doodle of my little nephew sleeping during the disctrict convention. #timmy #throwbackthursdsy #doodle #pen #purple #sketch #sleep #mynephew #Tim #districtconvention #sosleepy #lol #ilovemynephew
sketch - purple - doodle - tbt - lol - timmy - throwbackthursdsy - tim - pen - sleep - mynephew - ilovemynephew - sosleepy - districtconvention -
armirr : Cool
d52mahoney - okusenman - rockstar_92 - livilivilivilivilivi -
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obethito : @jw_stylefashion
jw_inspirational : Great Job, BIG responsability!
obethito : Yes.. I was nervous.. But Jehovah helps ")
gee_salas : Felicidades mi hermano! Que Jehova te siga bendiciendo!
obethito : Gracias @gee_salas .. bendiciones para usted tambiΓ©n
obethito : Inmerecidamente @erikafernandezz gracias a JehovΓ‘
someseriousnonsensequotes : Very best!
obethito : #jw #jwonly #jehovah #jehovahswitnesses #watchtower #tj #regionalconvention #nwt #jwfriends #districtconvention #circuitassembly #ministry #fieldministry #bethel #service #kingdomhall #awake #witnesses #testigosdejehova #publicwitnessing #fashion #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #fancy #stylish #elegance #jwfashion #jwstyle #jw_elegance
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Table witnessing in Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas, USA. Photo shared by @mandyleenee
gesseylo : my beloved sisters*-* love so much !!!
dandtwe : Nice display
desi_girl_123 : nice sisters
desi_girl_123 : good job
pioneercloset : great!
pioneercloset : 😍😍😍
teslafir3 : Hello Auntie Doreen !! Love from Seattle
garzondel : Buena idea...en el aeropuerto
moruin - bleachingmylife - kmar1s - kenni_purple98 -
Well that escalated quickly πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ I love this photo it shows JW's zeal in following what is require of us in Mathew 24:14 May Jehovah be with us always, AGAPE!
kesha307 : That is so awesome!
frenchcountrygal : This has been one of the most amazing blessings Jehovah is speeding up the work it gives me chills we are so close wow
mmhackney : Wow
princess_diannejemima : Thanks, you're right @cheladapsn
cheladapsn : Yw my sister :) @princess_diannejemima
_mariele_1996 : Wow *_*
elva_b_king : This to Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bubbly_bubbles15 : Nice. Jehovah is always there for us
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Little Galilea preaching in Texas. Photo shared by @nazareth_55
neryrod43 : She look so cute.
wackywhites : Precious!!
pioneercloset : sooo cute!!! ☺️☺️☺️
jessichinanunziatina : @marcellamalivindi
mettebroberg : So cute😊❀️
cartoonfeet : Too cute! 😚
heartandthread : Aawww so sweet πŸ‘œ
garzondel : Futura precursora..!!!!
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@amber_harper_6's son Ethan from Texas wrote this for an assignment at school. Very nice. Photo shared by @neseyisa_qt10
awaitingthereallife : @amber_harper. What a beautiful example you have set! How old is Ethan? Young brother you keep up@that good work. We are proud of you!
carolinakouridou : Yes sweet!! @mariakouridou
pmcnonna : So precious ❀️❀️❀️
pioneercloset : awwwww 😍😍😍😍
amber_harper_6 : @awaitingthereallife, Ethan is 6 years old! Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I've shown him all the comments!!!!! Love to all of you, my sweet brothers and sisters! ❀️
amynicole_miller : @amber_harper_6. I was reading this to everyone last night! Didn't realize it was your baby
amber_harper_6 : @amynicole_miller aww!!!! Yes! I just was told last night it was posted here! A sweet sister from my hall shared it with @jw_witnesses!!!
pachekz17 : @papichekz
harrifine - memocam - strawberryblues - michie1981 -
Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ™ŠπŸ‘Œ Lol
_pattiecakez_ : Lol!
divina_aurore : ahahahha it's always a seat war !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jemimah_rose5 : @candacef92 lol reminds of the announcement last night
vickievell : so true
svpass : @jw_witnesses_ This is good
frenchcountrygal : LOL
jw_witnesses_ : @svpass good morning! Umm this is sad hahahaha πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ happy Thursday😊
svpass : @jw_witnesses_ Good in the sense that it closely depicts what takes place in a comical way. It made me laugh, so that was goodπŸ˜‚
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#Tbt who cares it isn't weds #jw#ny#districtconvention#convention#2012
ny - convention - 2012 - jw - tbt - districtconvention -
asherbanks26 : @mikebarrett_mb1 nice pic :)
mikebarrett_mb1 : @asherbanks26 thank you very much ;)
markydarky05 - asherbanks26 - cory_d - young_mechanic -
Enjoying the ministry in Sheffield, England. Photo shared by @andytingle
edquaye : @ashardey_q loooooook!
ashardey_q : @edquaye Liked this pic time ago. πŸ˜‰ Looks like a G. 😎
jennilily73 : Fantastic to see, Jehovah's organization just keeps on giving.. Love from Arnprior, Canada..
bethmay94 : Made me smile when I saw it your grandad's famous lol @edquaye @ashardey_q
velisse57 : Bless all my brothers ;)
lindaswim : Faithfulness! So Encouraging! ~PHILIA~ From S of Chicago!
emsmith78 : Go greystones!!
sarah_guineagirl_juhasz : Loving the caps bros.hi from sunny Leicester
judgegreen1125 - carolinagfcoach - lr4girlz - stineheggoy -
Moses and the Ten Plagues on Egypt drama put on by the teens and young adults of the Beach Congregation in La Habra, California, USA. The frogs were all played by the little ones in the hall plus a few that are young at heart. Photo shared by @parkers__mom
naomicottitta : Hermoso
lisajopowless : Haha! Love the frogs!
wilkesmamaof3 : Love this!!
gatjat : Very nice! Love from Westerville, OH
madelinehogue : Looks like it was a lot of fun. So very good for the young ones to have fun while learning about Jehovah.
khinx2 : How wonderful, love from Aus.
jazzlquidthrpy : Cool!!!
almadlc : @pennibags @christijetmore @dplumms we should do something like this with the kids for this year's talent show!!
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At a Kingdom Hall construction site in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo shared by @stefanuus
qallunaatsiaq : see you 2015 πŸ˜‰
gatjat : Great work...thanks for sharing @stefanuus 😊 Love from Westerville, OH USA
aniniko66 : Warm christian love from Melbourne Australia
jasminerebecka : SΓ₯ coolt :D @stefanuus va duktiga ni Γ€r!! @danieelkoc
aborebjao : @ludmilaalnashi kΓ€nner du nΓ₯n? 😳
ludmilaalnashi : Haha ja typ alla 😬 @aborebjao snygga grabbar!
aborebjao : @ludmilaalnashi 😁
charterfeber : Hilser fra Norge
debbiemoore21 - gioiettabertulli2000 - thamarafidelix - mikejwas -
This is Brother Roni giving a talk on the Theocratic Ministry School in Askelon, Israel. He's using a gas mask as an illustration because everyone can relate to it. They are quite close to the Gaza Strip and are easily affected by any violence that erupts there. Photo shared by @gabi_david
jojojw67 : You bro's and sis's are so encouraging to us. Keep up the good work!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜€
naomicottitta : Hello im from Italy
dklang12 : Agape from Springfield, Missouri!!!!
byronbop : Amazing. Helps us to keep our own issues in perspective !
beccablue77 : Much love from New Jersey USA
khinx2 : Please give our love 2 all the bros/sis from Australia, u r in our prayers! Xox
diggamozee : We love you!!! And are always praying for you!!
psibisi : Wow
promo_diddy - kef_12 - sancinimarco - pateccles -
Touring the Bethel facilities in New York and enjoying all the flowers. Photo shared by @mo9976
susannebirgitta : Lovely pic
thestefoknee : @colochabeth look at u. Lol.
irbarrag : Beautiful!
mark_stipp : @alethea_d
hampshirerose51 : What app was that photo made with? Brilliant
a4marmie : A little taste of paradise!
mo9976 : @hampshirerose51 I used insta collage
hampshirerose51 : I must look at that one, thank you. All adds a bit of fun!
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The young people of Pipestone, Minnesota Kingdom Hall. Photo shared by @heymynameismadi
instaprincess30 : Awwwwwwwwww how cutie!!!
soniatuu3 : I'm glad I'm not the only one who pulled faces like these at the kingdom hall. Hehehe
nataliejane72 : Beautiful Happy Faces :) Jehovah loves everyone of Us xx
beccablue77 : Beautiful bunch. Hello from New Jersey
khinx2 : Tongue in cheek? Hello from Aus.
pmcnonna : So lovely ❀️❀️❀️
pioneercloset : cute!!! 😍😍😍
cartoonfeet : This proves Jehovah is a happy God, look what he created!!! πŸ˜„ lots of love from England x
promo_diddy - mymowery - x_ugly_duckling_x - kef_12 -
Praising Jehovah before lunchtime in Meridian, Idaho. Photo shared by @ti5hap
borisula : Mi mi mi
dancarlaj : Awesome beautiful
vanja48 : πŸ’–πŸ’–
lindaswim : Preciousness! Well trained!~PHILIA~ from s of Chicago.
naomicottitta : 😍
pmcnonna : So precious ❀️❀️❀️
jo_anna2 : Beautiful pic😍
heartandthread : 🎢Anytime anywhere I can pray & Jehovah will hear what I say...🎢
kbo12342003 - clarita_torres - kef_12 - pearlywhites89 -
@irianramirez is a young brother from Texas, USA. His goal is to be able to use his drawing skills for the Watchtower and Awake! This is his most recent art piece.
be_art104 : Wow that's cool @_katarazynea
khinx2 : Looks like your on your way, love from Aus.
auntie_momma_pam : awesome job @irianramirez keep up the great work and continue to focus on your goal
maya_selburg : That is amazing!! War, pestilence and death!
pmcnonna : Wow, that's great!!!
pedrot56 : Love Jehovah
dannyroxe18 : OMG! is amazing!!!!!!
pioneercloset : w😍w
lele_ma2020 - amos__m - pearlywhites89 - sancinimarco -
On a tour of Brooklyn Bethel @yasminsilje saw this pile of documents and research material. It was for just one issue of the Awake! A lot of preparation goes into our magazines.
naomicottitta : Ciao
slyfoxsam : The Bowie muhuhahaa @sinewaver
danneinkk : @smashingpuffins research! haha
coll_mccabe : Amazing! #grateful
danielandlana : Wow !! Amazing thank you brothers and sisters who do this job πŸ‘
roxxirob : Thanx 4 that info !
jarydpaul : Amazing but not surprising! All the hard work and research that goes in to even one article of the Awake! and Watchtower is why we can put our complete trust in what we read and teach with others. Thanks for all the hard work, friends!
pioneercloset : yesss!! eow
debbie_clarke - lemyers54 - kef_12 - italianllama95 -
Bethel branch in Ecuador. Photo shared by @majitointriago
riverseverleighmom84 : We have a pic of you and jay sitting thereπŸ˜ƒ @papaandyayamc
beccagleahsmom : Beautiful!
lottiecoll94 : I went to our bethel yesterday. It was very nice!!
smoothyboovy : Woah!!!!!!!! Thats crazy!!!! Like something out of a movie! Haha wow, i cant believe how close that was! Were you worried? I would have been! Haha πŸ˜– its a really exciting story for you to leave England with though! Hehehe @baraziklova
_jasmine94 : ❀️😍
baraziklova : I know! It was really crazy. Lukas was quite nervous and I was worried too.. But i could not help myself and laughed:D but then when we had just a few minutes to go and i was still there trying to get the money from the cash machine my hands were shaking and i even could not insert my card into the machine! At least we had some fun. We almost missed the flight because of some silly dog:D when did you come back to barlick? @smoothyboovy
smoothyboovy : Hahaha!! Soo funny!! :D Its so typical that it was a Dog causing all the trouble! Hehe maybe it was Mark, walking his dog.. ;) haha 🚢🐢 and we got back about 6.30 i think, then we had our meeting at 7. So that was a rush..although its nothing compared to what you had to go through! Haha πŸ˜“πŸ˜„ @baraziklova
sunshinearp : @helveticahero @malbusygirl I hope to take a picture there soon
ginareneeburson - ikebond - lemyers54 - annalauraprado9 -
Family Worship with four families in Springdale, Arizona, USA. Photo shared by @jamakin5
jessisme80 : How did they make the manna?
jessisme80 : Sorry nevermind I was finally able to scroll through the comments. Oops lol
lisatonksy : How do you make manna? @jamakin5
dino_rad : @jeffburger91 here's it is a promised... Family worship idea
khinx2 : Lovely 2 c, love from Aus.
sunshinearp : @vero_larra maybe we should try this with the kids manna with worms yummy
pioneercloset : great!! manna!
vero_larra : LOL - I read this and thought what a neat idea--- not sure about worms😁 I know kids would love this πŸ˜‰ @sunshinearp
h2ofall4 - ivy_ruby - katorah15 - heartandthread -
Enjoying a tour of World Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Photo shared by @thatcutechinita
zandergov : So cool that this was in the popular page
raider3791 : Was there today. Such a beautiful place and enjoyed the tour and people we met.
jw4everand : How AWSOME!!
adrianavhappy : πŸ’œ
rose09_30_11 : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘
evandawood1984 : Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
brandii2012 : It's on the popular page!! This is awesome πŸ˜‰ @_whathadhappenedwas_ @jmac4547 @tia_cha
tia_cha : Ooh yay!! @brandii2012
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Out in the ministry in CamboriΓΊ, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Photo shared by @victortibirica
georgia_72 : 😍 πŸ’›
gatjat : Love this pic @victortibirica Greetings from Westerville, OH USA
_abigailgil : Beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
lainepink : Lindas!!abracos de Virginia USA!
panz_k : How cool is this photo @yroagirl @scarzcious @maboo02 should get one in Bolivia like this one :)
yroagirl : I think we have some ahe @scarzcious @maboo02. @panz_k you need to come and be in it!
timotheelarriere : @sarahfeddak Brazil !!!
beccagleahsmom : Fantastic! We love you!
laylasaldanha - h2ofall4 - ikebond - annalauraprado9 -
@jy1122choi and his group were able to take a picture with the Watchtower as the background inside Bethel in Japan.
samiii0411 : すごい!β”Œ(β”ŒοΌΎoοΌΎ)┐
floydall : Cool
phoebecanon : @professoriversong
hazeljessie : @gailthegr8qt
yulissadall : So cool :)
dee_archetype : @tokyodreamer
lindaswim : Awesomeness!
barbella9 : This is so cool!
maplechick61 - mymowery - dereckvogas - blondiefornow -
Visiting a Spanish congregation in Marbella, Spain. Photo shared by @jaredmoor
valaranda : @alexamafian "testigos cristianos"
cmccaffrey65 : With love from Costa Rica!
derekraeburn : Greetings from Singapore!
lauder1995 : testigos cristianos? Para mi tiene mas sentido: Salon cristiano de los testigos de jehova :). Greetings! from Florida.
me_xd : ?? Cristianos?! Whaaat u sure?! En alemania una secta llamada los nuevos testigos de JehovΓ‘ asesinaban gente Dx y son muy peligrosos en alemania...
scarlyland : @charlottelane2013
yara19ofmars_ : se nota que son espaΓ±olesjejeje
sistersirloin : @lisalovestheocean and others - thank you for your comment. I think many were asking about the sign not because it is "wrong", just different. I love this page because I learn so much about what is going on in Jehovah's organization and how things are done differently to meet the laws of the land and accomplish the ministry.
laylasaldanha - h2ofall4 - raymondthe810 - annalauraprado9 -
Happy to be visiting the Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson, New York. Photo shared by @_lowkneerowmarrow
beautynlaughter : I really want to go visit again haven't visited since I was ten or eleven. I guess a road trip is due.
adrianavhappy : πŸ’œ
_xyd : Lony! You look so cute!! 😘 @_lowkneerowmarrow
pattyduckly : Nice picture idea :-) Love the tour :-) due for another one.
point_blank_pow : Just wanted to say this was on my explore tab ☺️☺️ #jw
_lowkneerowmarrow : Thanks Yaz β˜ΊοΈπŸ’– @_xyd
dandtwe : Wonderful place we enjoyed it
abstract_life80 : I'll be there Tuesday!!!!!! Yay
mikygir - silversigner - gelliott0709 - raymondthe810 -
Say hello to some of our brothers from Tokyo, Japan. Photo shared by @hiro_oyama
bunnybear0208 : Hello from dinuba california
jtmamys7 : Hello brothers from Manchester England
nonibury05 : Love the smiling faces.
instaprincess30 : Awesome!! I love Japan and Japanese everything!!
mara_vielman : Hello from Chicago USA!
per0nia : Hi from Florida, US
dino_rad : @kodamayuri hey toy know any of these?? Probably not but HELLO anyway!!!
khinx2 : Hi from Aus.
febriana_s - dereckvogas - pioneercloset - raymondthe810 -
Posing on top of World Headquarters in Brooklyn, Bethel. These brothers are actually brothers. @mattdpark_ is on the left and @yellowboytim is on the right. Matt was on the cover of the March Public Edition Watchtower.
adrianavhappy : πŸ’œπŸ’œ
iamthejavi : Jajajajajjajaja PSY
ebonyhairbeauty : Oh my goodness!! I thought it was PSY for a minute!!! Lol
eunice_gd : βœŒοΈπŸ˜„
lucidlolaa : Popular page !
m_bobowicz14 : @yellowboytim ^.^ lookin fly as always my dude
will_ill95 : @yellowboytim timmmy lol
yellowboytim : My boy! @will_ill95
pioneercloset - abibabby12 - cyclista_12 - lene773 -
@fauxlina (in the middle) giving her experiences at the Special Assembly Day in Richmond, Virginia, USA about using JW.ORG in her ministry. She has started three Bible studies that way and they have been studying for several months already.
musical_heart04 : Thats the assembly hall i go to.
birds_for_g4 : Haha @_portraitofagirl
kathypospisil : Wow I thought we in ASL were the only ones who have huge video screens at our assemblies! That's impressive.
jtmamys7 : Well done sis greetings from Manchester England
instaprincess30 : Impressive indeed, so encouraging
khinx2 : Happy 2 hear how well the JW site is doing, love from Aus.
kevinsito_pace : @kathypospisil they are actually adding those to many assembly halls! Its amazing! They are making orders to have our assembly hall upgraded to these screens so that the friends may have the best learning opportunities. Its exciting times sister!
theartofbeinglydia : @fauxlina I know you!! Say hi to your parents Maria and Tom from Lydia from California!!!
karinaarumsari - ryanitas - lookoutitsdes02 - raymondthe810 -
Harbor witnessing at Subic Bay in Olongapo, Philippines. Photo shared by @greenteatsinett
_glendaleboy_ : @lizardbrains2005 you're in Austin Tagalog? Do you know Sis. Sharron Vezia and the Chapmans? I think they're supporting the Tagalog group there.
potoulakounoupi : Very nice, my husband and other brothers from our Greek speaking congregation visit the ships here in Montreal,Canada!
adrianavhappy : πŸ’œπŸ’œ
those3asians : Great photo! :) @jw_witnesses
desifreshh : @greenteatsinett πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lizardbrains2005 : Yes! The vezia and chapman families are very good friends of mine!! :)
ten4214 : I'm a part of the Philadelphia Pa harbor witnessing group and we have the best success with the Phillipine sailors.
funsize_2u : Love to read about this in last year book. Keep up the good work.
marsintauli - roxxirob - lene773 - abibabby12 -
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