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D.I.Y. Writing Workshop Tip #3 from #jessicazafra What's YOUR #discomfortzone in #writing?
3 - discomfortzone - jessicazafra - writing -
ultramarine1013 -
Getting crusty with some tshirt designs feat. evil cloaks #oldfaves #illustration #bandart #tshirtdesign #cult #cvlt #discomfortzone
cvlt - discomfortzone - oldfaves - cult - tshirtdesign - bandart - illustration -
carver187 : As a Funeral Director I greatly appreciate this
alexeckmanlawn : @carver187 this is the greatest compliment I could ever hope for
tommyhotpants : I want this shirt
alexeckmanlawn : @tommyhotpants I could probably make that happen
tommyhotpants : @alexeckmanlawn we'll let me know if you have any printed up where are you these days? Philly? I work around Philly during the week here and there we could meet up!
alexeckmanlawn : Yeah im in the fairmount area these days. Totally down to meet up when youre around!
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Ok so I'm a little late with this. #day1 was actually Friday but I want to share with y'all. Friday marked the first day I've ever worked with a trainer. Ever. I'm super proud of how far I've come over the last 3 years of YouTube tutorials, Jillian Michaels videos and trial and error. I've managed to make serious changes both mentally and physically when I honestly had no clue what I was doing & I think I actually got some of it right. BUT, like most women I want more!! #givemeallthemuscles I'm ready to push myself and enter the #discomfortzone The funny thing is that ultimately the destination to which this journey will take me is unknown. I have no freaking idea what I want in the end but what I do know is that I want to be well rounded, I want to try things that scare the hell out of me, I want to be a wicked strong mom and I definitely want to share it all with you crazy kids. So.....let's grow! #6monthspostpartum #newgoals #newjourney #newme
newjourney - 6monthspostpartum - givemeallthemuscles - discomfortzone - newme - newgoals - mfpsisters - twinsies - thismamaknowswhatsup - day1 -
thefitchiros : @coral_forfitngiggles that's awesome! And you're lookin great!!! ๐Ÿ‘
rockhardangel : That's so awesome babe!! Excited to watch you go!!
jugilove : Way to keep pushing yourself! You looking so freaking amazing now but can't wait to see what the future brings. Your post constantly keep me motivated to never stop pushing, reaching & achieving new goals! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
postpartumathlete : I love my trainer. Definitely worth it.
swilson0929 : Love this! @coral_forfitngiggles Can't wait to watch the changes! #workitmomma We'll be right here with ya cheering for you!
judysaprincess : Gawh you look AMAZEBALLS C! #dowerkkkk #ithinkineedtoputmybellyringbackin #icantwaittoseetgechangeseitherwowwwwww
mommyrox05 : You rock lady. I know you will do awesome.
bump2buff : Get it, guuurrrlll!! Can't wait to follow along on your awesome journey๐Ÿ’ช
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My attempt at the school-wide art project #discomfortzone
discomfortzone -
kwhipple77 : I love it!
stephanie_penfield - angp70 - cindylitwin - ang_p70 -
Viikko 10, kirja 9. #jonathanfranzen in omaelรคmรคkerrallinen novellikokoelma kasvuvuosista St. Louisissa ja lintubongauksesta. #discomfortzone #52kirjaa52viikkoa #52bรถcker52veckor #52books52weeks
52books52weeks - jonathanfranzen - discomfortzone - 52kirjaa52viikkoa - 52bรถcker52veckor -
lasofty -
Love this #discomfortzone
discomfortzone -
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Outside of the school where I'm learning Arabic! #teacherishardcore #Igotmadhomeworkonday1 #discomfortzone :-)
teacherishardcore - discomfortzone - igotmadhomeworkonday1 -
brklyn_belle : Dope!
yinksana : so cool youre learning arabic. that i soooo cool!!
aeljee : @yinksana @brklyn_belle thank you!! I'm excited too!!
tony320v : I miss you to
mommybryce2012 - yinksana - brklyn_belle - rcinbk -
ร„sken ei hymyilyttรคnyt #newshoes #running #asics #discomfortzone
newshoes - discomfortzone - running - asics -
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Insomnia induced technique... not my style but... I'll deff try more like this #illustration #conceptart #discomfortzone #hatching #art #technique #shading #markers #ink #woman #afro #illzart #artfidovideo
conceptart - woman - art - technique - illustration - illzart - artfidovideo - markers - hatching - ink - shading - discomfortzone - afro -
mr_chidi : Nice, pls what pencils are that @mr_illz
words_on_longbeach : Kffb @mr_illz
morrisogbowu : @mr_chidi the first pencil is a mechanical pencil.. The second was a black maker... The last was a fine tip inker(very tiny)
mrayo95 : You are really good! Nice job
mr_chidi : Thanks @mr_illz
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Pre run warmups on Sunday #train #tri #triathlon #ironman #discomfortzone #swimbikerun
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#Readeth : 25.01.14
discomfortzone - bookmark - readeth - readeth2014 - jonathanfranzen - yoda -
jayetch : #readeth2014 #jonathanfranzen #discomfortzone #yoda #bookmark
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Success in running, but really, success in LIFE. Learn to love your discomfort zone. #success #progress #discomfortzone
progress - discomfortzone - success -
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๐Ÿ“– n โ˜•๏ธ time ๐Ÿ•ข
reads - discomfortzone - coffee - breakfast - jonathanfranzen -
jayetch : #reads #breakfast #coffee #jonathanfranzen #discomfortzone
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"If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done." โค๏ธ #discomfortzone #flipagram
flipagram - discomfortzone -
originalwhiskeycharlie : I love jumping there!
ellieoop - steffchao - serenitysmomy - jonskeonerism -
Best part of my day so far... #paris #discomfortzone #champaigne #reallife
paris - reallife - discomfortzone - champaigne -
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Everyday. ๐Ÿ‘Œ #running #dailyrun #workout #training #discomfortzone #temporary #progress #results #gettingbetter #motivation #noexcuses #persistence #determination #nike #justdoit #freerun #worthit #myescape
motivation - temporary - workout - dailyrun - results - running - determination - myescape - gettingbetter - training - discomfortzone - nike - noexcuses - justdoit - worthit - progress - freerun - persistence -
fendalene : I'm going running. Wish I had you to motivate me
coreeeyj : Just picture a donut at the end boo! @fendalene
fendalene : Nope . Didn't work!
coreeeyj : You got ice cream! @fendalene
errrrp - jacobbyrne94 - angelatilden - bob2k5 -
Toughgirl bootcamp with Coach Dawn! Weigh in day. 137#. Lost 1.5# this week. Every foodie cheat, I ended up having to #superbeast my workouts. Fitness test next week. 2# more and my ultimate goal is set. Still making more goals for myself. #trainhard #playhard #toughgirl #bootcamp #bjj #jiujitsugirls #journey #cleaneatstrainmean #discomfortzone #superbeast
trainhard - discomfortzone - teamfitphoenix - operationcherriebomb - bjj - bootcamp - playhard - toughgirl - jiujitsugirls - cleaneatstrainmean - superbeast - journey -
chubbeezy : #operationcherriebomb #teamfitphoenix
msangelaashley : Keep up the good work sister...your doing amazing #dowork
msangelaashley : Lol
daaaisybaby_ - stelleilabanana - jaydenjosephto - lazyberries -
I'm trying to get better and knowing what I'm feeling. Doing the #intimacylab in such a short timeframe is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. Feel the need to try and capture these feelings. #DiscomfortZone #IntimacyLab
discomfortzone - intimacylab -
redjotter : Great idea. I could join in...feel like #discomfortzone is my middle name right now x
theanke : I just bought a ticket.
alicealicealice - redjotter -
Push your limits. #yousetthem #comfortzone #livelife #discomfortzone #go #grow #positive #motivation @coreycitron #gogetter
livelife - motivation - discomfortzone - gogetter - positive - comfortzone - go - grow - yousetthem -
djrubberduckie - bastsgirl - mauison - amandadg -
Sometimes I choose a color that's totally not "me" - whoa crazy! #pinktanktop #discomfortzone
discomfortzone - pinktanktop -
thepunctuator : The equivalent of that for me is lavender.
haptix : I've been trying to branch out if my blue & gray only gym wear. So far, I bought a green shirt... nowhere near pink, yet. Baby steps!
thepunctuator -
I feel weird without my glasses :/ #notusedtomyface #discomfortzone #lotsofblinking #contacts #nomoreglasses #sinlentes
lotsofblinking - discomfortzone - contacts - notusedtomyface - sinlentes - nomoreglasses -
steph1281 : Now you look even more like me haha you all about that Twinkie life now guuuuh! @sweetpete127
sweetpete127 : @steph1281 Twinkies4Lyfe! hahah my face just feels massive!!
sweetpete127 : @steph1281 also, I have like three spidery looking lashes haha
steph1281 : No it doesn't! Your too close to the camera! Your lashes are looooong @sweetpete127
timmy1029 : @sweetpete127 "spidery looking lashes" what?? Haha!
celenamp123 : I feel the same way when I take off my glasses. Haha
ericryansoto : Tas bien purrrty friend
momness : You may feel weird but you look AMAZING!!!
sedelgado - klaryssanicole - sarahcee28 - celenamp123 -
Yung totoo, minsan pa lang ako nakapagtalk sa malakihang audience/PYC, back in 2010 pa *can't breathe* #notOA #discomfortzone
discomfortzone - notoa -
vanjtaguilaso - dimpledjivi - prutashatgulay - martariririt -
Go see @mquezzz_tbl @cindyemery for #piercings voted best #piercingsalon in the #NewTimes #Miami #TattoosByLou #TBL #TBLKendall #TBLfam #TBLcrew go get tatted by some of our artists as well @lenny_rodriguez @ozzyelexperez @marcelotat2 #congrats #gothere #iwontsaywherenottogo #usethegrape #therewillbeblood #nopainnoscars #discomfortzone #ittakespaintogrow
piercingsalon - troythefuckinglane - tblkendall - tattoosbylou - necessarypain - iwontsaywherenottogo - tblfam - troylanetattoos - japanesetattoos - nopainnoscars - traditionaltattoos - piercings - usethegrape - gogetatattoo - discomfortzone - gothere - miami - gotdumpedbyyourboufriend - tattoos - congrats - solid - tblcrew - therewillbeblood - comegetstabbed - gogetapiercing - ittakespaintogrow - newtimes - irezumi - boldwillhold - tbl -
stevenadkins : #necessarypain #gotdumpedbyyourboufriend? #gogetatattoo #gogetapiercing #comegetstabbed
stevenadkins : #TroyTheFuckingLane #TroyLanetattoos
stevenadkins : #tattoos #traditionaltattoos #japanesetattoos #boldwillhold #irezumi #SOLID
lesliedeeexo : we got best hair salon in the new times! @peteroflondon CONGRATS! ^.^
greeneyehorse : Today Miami, tomorrow the world.
stevenadkins : @greeneyehorse @lesliedeeexo hahaha thanks :)
stevenadkins - dctattoo_cfs - laurenincharge - tina_mari3_ -
Joe and I socializing #painful #discomfortzone
discomfortzone - painful -
sabine_g : @josephgetty
carocarosd : @sabine_g #soundsfamiliar
ahejailan - klausgeorgs - naguissatajan - aaminahque -
#teamfortress2 #tf2red #tf2soldier #tf2loadout #red #soldier #loadout #discomfortzone
tf2soldier - discomfortzone - loadout - tf2red - teamfortress2 - soldier - tf2loadout - red -
kitfortress_soldier : This is my worst soldier loadout, 'Discomfort Zone', i hate those weapons i hate the begars bazooka i wish tf2 wil remove it. The concheror sucks alot u wil no. N the pain train these weapons tf2 pls remove them. 1 of my friends love begars bazooka n y? Cuz his a nerd. He kiled me wif a crit wif his begars while i kiled him wif NO crits wif my default, its WORTH it.
the_official__spy : Still better rocket launcher than the Original! ))
xxreubenexx : @official_spy original is better
joel4johsson : The original is fucking amazing @the_official__spy
the_official__spy - meetthecyborg - the_engineer_egbert - bass_aka_forte -
What do I do this? "Because I Love It." I wanted a fast but hard workout and that is Insanity. #insanity #firefly5k #fun #painful #discomfortzone
fun - firefly5k - discomfortzone - painful - insanity -
truenorthrunner : Thinking of getting this. Do you need a lot of space? I only have a small area near my TV!
runnermom76 : @truenorthrunner Not really, most of the time I do it in my room. As long you have space to do burpees or push-ups side to side, you are ok. ๐Ÿ˜‰
sherbertski : Basketball drills, GO! Lol, gotta love Insanity :)
stripedturtle - runnermoni - vk_davies - missyme30 -
What to do on a firedrill: check out books from #lbestseller #lala #discomfortzone windowshop
discomfortzone - lbestseller - lala -
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Tandem peeing in the #hutongs of #beijing #discomfortzone instant bffls @sunflowerstatelady @hokayy
beijing - discomfortzone - hutongs -
hokayy - mashupsports - sunflowerstatelady -
Did you workout today? Insanity Max Interval Circuit was exhausting! These floor switch kicks are tough. My motivation to get through these next few weeks is bathing suit season! Only 3 months away.. Whatt? ๐ŸŒŠ
motivation - discomfortzone - fitspo - fitspiration - fitcoach - selfie - igfitness - insanity - bathingsuitseason - push - bodytransformation -
ashleyplutafitness : #fitspo #fitspiration #bathingsuitseason #push #discomfortzone #bodytransformation #selfie #insanity #fitcoach #igfitness #motivation
ytgtakeover - dzpeee - chilltyler -
Let me show you my point of view.... #Hipstamatic #Foxy #KodotXGrizzled
hipstacombioftheday - ic_hipsta - hipstamatic - hipsta_crazy - hipsta_junky - hipstagram_hub - instagramhub - igersholland - discomfortzone - ink361 - makebeautiful - hipstaroll - insta_crew - foxy - purehipstamatic - hipstastyles_gf - hipstaconnect - kodotxgrizzled - hipstachallenge - ig_anarchist -
hipstarranas : #hipstaconnect #purehipstamatic #hipstaroll #instagramhub #hipstagram_hub #ig_anarchist #ink361 #hipstastyles_gf #ic_hipsta #insta_crew #hipsta_junky #hipsta_crazy #makebeautiful #igersholland #hipstachallenge
hipstarranas : #hipstacombioftheday
hipstarranas : #discomfortzone
alsmix : Cool.....architecture must be in the wind today!!
flyingpenguinseekingmadaussie : Sharp shot :)
hipstarranas : @hipsta_shooter Thanks! I wouls like to get better in shooting buildings...
hipstarranas : @alsmix Thanks Al! In the wind?
hipstalazy - not_so_sweet_ - instawalk010 -
Embrace your #calling #discomfortzone
discomfortzone - calling -
francisco707 : Mmmm.. calling all the way
francisco707 -
FOUND HIM!.... #amsterdam #igersholland #building #nemo #renee59 #renee59_holland #discomfortzone #greenmeetsblue
building - greenmeetsblue - discomfortzone - nemo - renee59_holland - renee59 - amsterdam - igersholland -
e10onphotography_fu : Awesome there :)))
edu_sardinha : Zeer mooie kleuren!!
gattaraantonia : You found Nemo ? How cool is this ? But where ?
montymax : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
mus_nl : Mooie hoek! En prachtige kleuren natuurlijk... ๎Œซ ๎Œช ๎€Ž
robdizony : This is awesome! I like it a lot!
leogawa : Awesome lines and angles! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™
romax48 : Beautiful! Great gallery, will enjoy it exploring๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Ž
ori_sher - irvingzamoranonuncio - wnddi - irisha705 -
Out of my comfort zone: money in Dortmund.
discomfortzone - b2b_parallel_lines -
lidyvps : Thanks, Helene. I think I'll return soon to usual (or maybe not) ๐Ÿ˜œ @helene435
lidyvps : Thanks a lot @genie688 @biechann ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜
onlyliz : Gaaf!
qansje : Wauw... โœจ Ik zou er duizelig van worden!
lidyvps : Dankjewel @onlyliz @qansje Ik werd ook wel een beetje duizelig, klopt... ๎„…
renee59 : Errug mooi! Heb hetzelfde gevoel met gebouwen. #discomfortzone ๐Ÿ˜‰
lidyvps : Haha, ja, en ook met mensen! bedankt @renee59 #discomfortzone ๎„…
lidyvps : #b2b_parallel_lines
toscaruijs - h_riv - haveman1976 -
AMSTERDAM FACADE... #amsterdam #holland #igersholland #architecture #ilovebaretrees #no_edit
discomfortzone - holland - ilovebaretrees - amsterdam - renee59_holland - no_edit - igersholland - architecture -
tikig : Awesome angle, Renee!
akuaten : Seems like the wind would rip this shutters right off if you don't close them in time?
lidyvps : Prachtig, heel mooi!
renee59 : @tikig Thank you!
renee59 : @lidyvps Dankjewel Lidy!
renee59 : @zootshoot Thanks Cindy, you are always so kind!
renee59 : @akuaten Indeed Rich! Though we are not familiar wirh tornados here, only a normal hard wind a few fimes a year!
renee59 : #renee59_holland
carmen_melo - angelscarlett - prothom_shishir -
Night blossom
batfish_design : @tikig WOW!!!
laysnegrini : Love this!
cmvanderhoof : Beautiful
epicdan : Looks alive is magical sweet colors
ijapes76 : Very nice!
mrschu : Ok I'm all caught up....great images as usual!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—
adca : I LOVE IT...!!!๐Ÿ‘
kevinkuster : Sorry to blow your feed up! But u have huge talents
adindakinasih - kevinkuster - bellatrix81 - scull_o_steel -
POWERWALKING IN THE MORNINGMIST... #holland #fog #mist #dog #indiansummer #renee59 #renee59_holland
renee59 - fog - fogporn - holland - mist - dog - indiansummer - renee59_holland -
omg_its_maggie : Wow you were up early!
renee59 : @evagolightly ๎๎๎’๎’๎’
renee59 : @paintmynails Yes! Going to an ig walk in Amsterdam!!
omg_its_maggie : @renee59 have fun, lady! Maybe next time we'll meet up on IG meet ๎–
renee59 : @paintmynails Do you live in Holland?
yoshee : That's why I prefer iPhone camera over don't need to think too long on a shot
renee59 : #fogporn
_shamus_ : Fogporn legporn
asyadesigns - through_debs_eyes - norbertvannunen - papa_sas -
JUST FOLLOW THE LINES, WILBUR.... #ant #instinct #leaf #light #line #perspective #discomfortzone #nature #wilbursworld_challenge @musiccityace
leaf - nature - light - wilbursworld_challenge - ant - 100likes - perspective - instinct - discomfortzone - line -
renee59 : @eli116 Thanks Eli!
renee59 : @zhaovicky ๎Œฎ๎๎˜๎˜
renee59 : @juancarlosvela ๎Œฎ๎๎˜๎˜๎˜
alunedward5dmkii : Fantastic DOF Renee ๎„†๎„†๎„†
renee59 : @alunedward Thanks Alun!
ptrei : Love this shot! ๎€Ž
renee59 : @ptrei Thank you, Peter!! ๎Œฎ๎๎˜
yoshee : Eye just wants you to look at fullscreen and like it
blortblort - nsantanita - david73_ud - _dib_ -
#discomfortzone #abstract #plant
abstract - discomfortzone - plant -
alunedward5dmkii : @whitesuiter @franamsterdam @glasgowrendell they aren't shadows lol I set timer for 2 seconds and zoomed in with lens whilst shutter was open ๎…
whitesuiter : Ah ha! Zooming- very clever!! How silly of me not to spot that!!!
glasgowrendell : Oh, you clever sod!!
alunedward5dmkii : @glasgowrendell @whitesuiter lol ๎”
frangipani_amsterdam : Wow, Nice trick! Won't manage that with my compact or with my iPhone, haha, but I'll try and remember once I upgrade to a real camera at some point! Are you a pro alun, actually? And did you study photography? :-)
alunedward5dmkii : @franamsterdam ๎”๎ haha no not a pro hunnie. Would like to go that direction tho. I study by reading books and mags and practising. I have some e books that I buy and have downloaded from Internet. Why you ask Hun? You want I do some pics for you ๎”๎
tine_t : Cool shot ๎—
q0p : Fantastic experiment Alun
m_town_dan - masatoooo0 - kateu - oldtictacdass -
COME, AND I WILL GUIDE YOU... #germany #russelsheim #tunnel #light #guide #life #discomfortzone @tikig
life - discomfortzone - russelsheim - bestofrenee59_2011 - mimejorfoto - light - thescruber_depth - tunnel - renee59counting - germany - guide -
geyman : ๎‰Œ๎ˆ”
renee59 : @geyman Gracias!!! ๎Œฎ๎๎€Ž
renee59 : #thescruber_depth
jaaana : Great shot as well ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ
renee59 : @jaaana Thanks! This is one of my favs. ๎Œฎ๎๎˜
renee59 : @jaaana But now i see it was in my discomfortzone also... Happy to see the zone gets smaller... ๎’
renee59 : #renee59counting 800 followers
renee59 : #bestofrenee59_2011
salimaximus - jaaana - jr_06 -
#stairs #van_gogh_museum #Amsterdam #hipstamatic #lights
lights - van_gogh_museum - stairs - amsterdam - hipstamatic - itsybitsy_stairchallenge -
evagolightly : ๎„†๎„†๎„†๎˜๎˜๎˜I know who is gping to like this!!! @renee59
alunedward5dmkii : And why would our @renee59 like this Eva? @evagolightly ๎–๎˜ my mrs paolo lol
evagolightly : @alunedward Because both love ban Gogh, and guess where I will be in 2 weeks???๎‰๎„†
alunedward5dmkii : @evagolightly home ๎’๎’๎’๎€Ž I guess u be at this museum? ๎”
mzro_nmylife : Cool shot! I've been to Amsterdam, but totally missed the museum and we went to the Red Light District instead. Very "interesting" place. Lol!
renee59 : @alunedward Nice photo Alun. Who knows we will go there... @evagolightly
q0p : V graphic
alunedward5dmkii : @itsybitsy_blackwidowspider #itsybitsy_stairchallenge
natttii07 - poodog - ariannefaye_ - shhush -
#water #abstract #discomfortzone
water - abstract - discomfortzone - abstractwednesday -
tine_t : Yes, I remember. It was a really great picture!! But I also like this one because you have to invest a little in it before it makes sense. The blurry front makes it a bit abstract but the clear water in the background makes the eye want more. Hm.. Am I making any sense?! ๎’
alunedward5dmkii : @tine_t yes you make sense ๎•๎– will see what else I have hidden in phone for you lol
peds08 : Very creative bro ๎Œฎ๎ ๎Œฎ๎•
tikig : Amazing perspective on a fountain. Love!!! ๎„†
brightnails : Awesome
alunedward5dmkii : @tikig thanks Lisa. Happy you like it ๎˜
alunedward5dmkii : @jubika lol not at all hunnie. Thank you ๎˜
alunedward5dmkii : #abstractwednesday
karatovkarat - alesa - missliss -
#stairs #spiral #steps
steps - itsybitsy_stairchallenge - hipstamatic - stairs - spiral - teg -
joel_hughes : Lovely one ;)
tikig : ๎Œจ๎Œจ๎Œจ
alunedward5dmkii : #teg
alunedward5dmkii : @itsybitsy_blackwidowspider #itsybitsy_stairchallenge
alunedward5dmkii : @norbertvannunen some of m y stairs
norbertvannunen : My fav for the serie. If I've seen them all..?
alunedward5dmkii : There are one or two more but deep in the stream. I'll search them when my film ends and tag you. @norbertvannunen
norbertvannunen : That is what I just did. But my eye will catch more and all will go in your direction. -/:0)โ€ขโ€ข end
j_higgs - ariannefaye_ -
Spiral Staircase Spiral Staircase is like my life. Plenty of obstacles block my path. I ponder how far to the top. Rarely do I not look back. At one point, I am overcome by severe depression. Lord helps me to dissipate this great oppression. Spiral Staircase is like my life. Pausing midway up the steep staircase, I take some time to catch my breath. Rarely is each step easy. A life of missed opportunities, lasting forever. Laboring ever onward, I shall endeavor. Spiral Staircase is like my life. Permeated with sharp twists and turns. In every tough step I do take, Rarely do I not stumble. At the top of the staircase, I reflect upon my life. Learning to adjust to periods of great strife. ~ Richard Baron
popular - itsybitsy_stairchallenge - ace_pop - pop - teg -
giantangel : Wow! Nice shot and great edit! ๎€Ž๎€Ž
tikig : Amazing amazing parallel lines. Love the composition here.
alunedward5dmkii : @tikig ๎—๎–๎„†๎„†๎„†๎„† your making my day ๎”
alunedward5dmkii : #teg
q0p : Awesome play of lighting
glassfabrikat : Nice !
alunedward5dmkii : @itsybitsy_blackwidowspider #itsybitsy_stairchallenge
alunedward5dmkii : @norbertvannunen
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Something #blue for @joshjohnson #jj_forum_0163
blue - jj_forum_0163 - discomfortzone - steps - hipstamatic - abstract - stairs - iphoneography -
tine_t : #steps #stairs #hipstamatic #iphoneography
alunedward5dmkii : Love it ๎–
tine_t : @alunedward Thanks ๎– This is actually quite out of my comfortzone - been using some filters I rather dislike... ๎
alunedward5dmkii : #discomfortzone tag it this if your not comfortable with it ๎… also abstract. I like it ๎–๎˜
tine_t : @alunedward Yeah, took me forever to actually put it on ๎• #abstract #discomfortzone
alunedward5dmkii : In the morning I'll post a similar one just for you lol. ๎˜
tine_t : @alunedward Cool! Can't wait to see it ๎—
marthaclewlow : great shot. love it!
steelfinger - groovision - gdrago - rawpiqs -
#abstract #discomfortzone #spiral
abstract - discomfortzone - spiral - abstractwednesday -
dibella : Very nice! ๎€Ž
renee59 : Nice Alun!
tine_t : Cool shot! What is it? ๎—
alunedward5dmkii : It's a spiral stair case lol @tine_t
alunedward5dmkii : @instagramaniac_gf lol thanks Francis
alunedward5dmkii : @pepechulo_gf thanks Joe ๎– ๎€Ž
tikig : Yes! Love it!
alunedward5dmkii : #abstractwednesday
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Filterless study: shadows and light
70likes - 60likes - 50likes - 40likes -
tikig : #40likes #50likes
joannenugas : Wooow! I love the lightning...this is perfect!
postconscious : hello from Canada! nice photo.
tikig : #60likes
tikig : #70likes
hightree19 : Gorgeous pic. Love love your stream.
tikig : @hightree19 thank you...seeing your note this morning made me really happy. Heartfelt-what a great way to start the day. Many thanks.
morningstar111 : @tikig Love this!
joyceethu - gaijinda_gf - ratona70 - venuschantel -
WAVING REED #abstract #discomfortzone #iphoneonly ~ @tikig
abstract - iphoneonly - discomfortzone -
renee59 : @evagolightly ๎ˆฒ Goodmorning Eva! You were my inspiration to wave with my phone. ๎„ฟ๎„…
alunedward5dmkii : Well I would hang it on the wall. Really love it. ๎˜
renee59 : @alunedward Thank you Alun! You are so positive! ๎
el_puto_guiri__gf : Buenas tardes Rene !!! Buenรญsimos colores llenos de vida !!! ๎˜๎˜๎˜
renee59 : Buenas tardes Frank, muchas gracias! ๎Œฎ ๎  ๎„†
evagolightly : Cool, Renee!! Great work!!!! ๎Œง๎Œง๎Œง๎€ŽRushing! Just charging my iphone and downloading pix. Going out now. How are you, my love!!! Another rainy day!!๎…๎„๎„
elcharrua : Jo tio una pasada!!
j_higgs : LOVE that
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@tikig @renee59 #discomfortzone is this #abstract ??
abstract - discomfortzone - gang_family -
tine_t : No, I haven't bought it yet. Maybe when I get home from my holiday ๎Š It is much easier with the precision framing so I hope to post something nice today ๎—
pureblending : Nice! (i love green) ;)
alunedward5dmkii : Cool ๎– I look forward to it. And if you left shake for random on that's a good thing lol @tine_t ๎˜
tikig : Haha Alun I have to learn how to use it is too much camera for me!!! I got the 24-70 2.8 and 16-35 2.8 with a very cheap $125 prime 50 for when I go to Disneyland! Was going to get the 24-105 f4 but I kept reading that despite the weight the 70 was the best allaround walkaround zoom bc of the shallow dof. the wide angle I got bc I wanted to really take advantage of the 5d's full frame. All in all it was in the mid 6's in terns of price. Time to get a second job at mcdonalds! ๎๎๎
alunedward5dmkii : No wonder it cost you some dollar ๎‡๎„‡ 3 lenses as well as body ๎„† I would be a kid right now with all that. How was the 50 so cheap??? @tikig
tikig : It's plastic...but 1.8! Takes decent photos and I don't have insurance on my big lenses so I figure I would throw it in. It was cheaper than the extended insurance on the body, so why not!
alunedward5dmkii : Really? Wow insurance there is not cheap hey @tikig ๎ƒ
alunedward5dmkii : #gang_family
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LIVE SLOW! #discomfortzone #abstract @tikig @alunedward @hautemarne @evagolightly
abstract - discomfortzone -
takipon : nice composition! my dear๎–๎˜
q0p : Awesome abstract
renee59 : @q0p Thank you!
tikig : Wow!!! Was ist das?? Very cool.
renee59 : @tikig Lisa! Don't tell me you don't see it!
tikig : Snail?
renee59 : Yes, i doubted because it whas so obvious. Made a new one yesterday, therefore I was late. Still impressed by yours!
renee59 : @deenamae That is good, because the caption wasn't finished yet. It is: live slow, die ( or grow ) old... ๎…
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Anatomy of Animus (ref.previous shot) #digitalcanvas with #cameraplus #juxtaposer #photoFX and #photoforge. For @apeacefulwarrior and @janeburbank my fellow insomniacs and night experimenters
photoforge - photofx - digitalcanvas - 50likes - cameraplus - juxtaposer - 40likes -
tikig : #40likes
jeffstamps : This is really good!
tikig : #50likes
devalier_ : @creativeaxe
ratona70 : You have an AMAZING feed!! I love your gallery!๎Œง๎Œง๎Œง
tikig : @ratona70 Thank you so incredibly much for your supportive visit. You have me smiling ear to ear! And thx for going so far back in history! ๎…๎Œจ๎Œจ๎Œจ
ratona70 : @tikig yw, if I had more time I would like to see your entire gallery! I really love what I saw!๎Œง
devalier_ : double like
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Animus Rising
digitalcanvas - 50likes - 40likes - 60likes -
proxyone : Pure art. ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ
nickjuanhella : absolutely beautiful!
tikig : #50likes
tikig : @nickdubb thanks! ๎๎๎
tikig : @proxyone thank you Erik! It took a while but nothing compared to real mix media and oil! ๎–
jeffstamps : Super cool!
tikig : #digitalcanvas
tikig : #60likes
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#discomfortzone #abstract ?? Lol @tikig @renee59 so this is my attempt. ๎’๎’๎’ #nofilter #gang_family
discomfortzone - abstract - pop - gangfamilypop - popular - ace_pop - nofilter - gang_family -
alunedward5dmkii : @giantangel ๎”๎˜ I will see what I can do hunnie. Looks like I'll be busy in the park later ๎•
takipon : beautiful!!๎„†Hi Alune!! nice--๎˜
debbie_ss : H I'm not Good at abstracts!!! Good attempt hunnie! ๎˜๎˜๎˜๎€ข๎€ข๎€ข
alunedward5dmkii : I was asked to post somthing I wouldn't dare lol @debbiess
tikig : Alun this is amazing!!! I want more abstracts from u!
alunedward5dmkii : @tikig ok lol thank you ๎”. I'll see what I can conjure up for you ๎˜
janske : ๎Œซ
jecka_lee : Really great!!
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Disgusting Purple Thing
abstract - discomfortzone - jj_challenge -
renee59 : I really like it!
hautemarne : #jj_challenge
orderinthekitch : This is so cool!!
renee59 : How did you do it?
hautemarne : @renee59 Took an old pic, then pushed it through 2 apps. Can you see what it was?
hautemarne : @renee59 I think I used autoadjust to mess with the colour then pic grunger for the texture.
renee59 : @hautemarne I think it was a poppy, after losing the flowerleaves...
hautemarne : @renee59 Just because I do so many poppies!! No-it started life as a champagne glass.
stevemundane - mario1307 - paleospirit -
FANNING OUT! #abstract #discomfortzone
abstract - 100likes - discomfortzone -
bvangarderen : ๎Œˆ๎Œˆ๎„˜๎”ˆ๎–๎–๎–๎–
renee59 : @bvangarderen ๎๎„…๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€๎Œต๎„†
tikig : Again ...amazing work. Thanks for the detail behind your art! Very interesting.
through_debs_eyes : Just beautiful, Renee! Btw...I've been in Vegas. I'll be back on tomorrow! Love u!!!๎€ข๎€ข๎€ข
dching65 : ๎Œจ๎Œจ๎Œจ๎Œจ๎ŒจAmazing pictures !!
gingie915 : This is a beautiful picture!!!!!!!
renee59 : @gingie915 Awe.. Thank you so much Paige! It was an exploration to my discomfort zone. Glad you like it! ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎ ๎ ๎˜
renee59 : #100likes
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Spun Gold
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tikig : #60likes
tikig : #70likes
cn52 : Looks like fire!
tikig : @cn52 wow, thanks for visiting! I am honored. Interesting that this looks like fire since it's h2O...iPhone editing apps are truly amazing.
cn52 : They are. As someone well versed in photoshop, sometime I feel the phone made what it did a little obsolete. Still great for professional use when designing or edit but for everyday use...
cn52 : I read in you Disney quote you work in marketing. What do you do?
tikig : @joshjohnson's #jj_forum_0167 water
alicat6 : Nice
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The Journalism grad is doing math. Alright, general requirements, I get it. #discomfortzone
discomfortzone -
missmegxoxo_ -
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