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Yay! I'm healthy! (: Lol. #health #diastolic #systolic #bpm #yayuhhhhz
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ssbmj666 : Better be healthy I need you. Lol
alapocky : Ha. Gayyyy! @ssbmj666
ssbmj666 : So
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#hypotension #lowBP #toolow #systolic #diastolic
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#Monitors #monitoring #bp #heart #heartrate #hospital #impatient #systolic #diastolic
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r5er2017 : Omg im so sorryπŸ’” @carolblondon
carolblondon : It was my newborn baby grand daughter born 4 weeks ago. Thankfully she is home now xxx
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#30DayVeganChallenge Completed 😊 Results: 1) Lost 15 lbs 2) My blood pressure dropped: #systolic went from 125 (hypertension) to 114 (normal). #Diastolic went from 83 to 79 πŸ˜ƒ 3) Have a ton of energy 4) I feel better & lighter πŸ˜„ Will I continue? Hell yes. Thank you @colleenpatrickgoudreau @vegucated for your encouragement along the way and @sgorchynski for hash tagging #TheWat and helping me discover that #ErinRed was #vegan. Literally changed my life. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŒπŸ™πŸŽπŸπŸŠπŸπŸ’πŸ Mango smoothie as a treat to myself and off I go! Good Morning folks!
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igranny : Congrats lovie!
l3ilani : Awesome!
vegucated : Very very welcome :)
charliesenpai : Send me what you did on fb pls pls! I'm going on a vegan kick for at least 2 weeks n working out extra hard! 😣
sgorchynski : @yessenia__c goodness me, this is so inspiring! AMAZING for you! Congrats!!! XOXO ...Did you manage to speak with Red about your transition?
yessenia__c : @sgorchynski Thank You!!!! And I sure have! She's been guiding me the whole way! Whether through recommending books, suggesting documentaries, conversation back and forth, etc. I'm truly beyond thankful to be able to speak w/ her as frequently as I do. AND her podcast ROCKS :-) BUT-- none of that would have been possible if not for you first hash tagging The Wat and then Erin Red :-D So THANK YOU!! Because of that hashtag, I finally learned the name of the super tatted woman at the gym who was a complete badass. And then, with this new knowledge, googled her name and discovered a speech she gave at a university which blew my mind and made me have to confront her in person about her switch to Veganism. It all took off from there 😁 I actually do have to notify her that I've completed the challenge though :) Thanks once again :-D
sgorchynski : I am BEYOND words at your accomplishments, and the connectivity of all this; Red and I (if you don't already know it) are dear friends - and each others' doppelgΓ€nger it seems! - and on our recent trip to SF filled CPG and I in on your progress, so I have also been following you through your journey from behind the scenes. Red and I are connected through & through, so I'm grateful our connection has inspired you as it and she inspires me daily too. If I can do anything more, do not hesitate to ask. XOXOXOXO (...I just saw your tweet to her - I also let her know this AM... Talk about synchronicity!)
yessenia__c : @sgorchynski Just keep posting! And #hashtagging πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
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#healthy #fitness #systolic #diastolic #pulse #heart #heartrate
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My blood pressure. #bloodpressure #systolic #diastolic
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balanceatl : Get healthy B
southernroadgeek : @balanceatl: Yeah, getting there. My blood pressure is usually around this range. I go to the doctor and they say, "You have the blood pressure of a teenager." LOL
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The lowest reading I've taken #bloodpressure #highbP #lowbp #reading #fitnessgoal #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #diastolic #systolic #pulse
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This is a 1 day difference .. #fluctuation #bloodpressure #diastolic #systolic #highbP #monitor #healthychoice #fitnessgoal #lifestyle #changes #challenge
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triserg : Nice!
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#Blood #pressure #low #PT #Fitness #104 / #52 #gym #systolic #diastolic #fit #progress #CV
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Ugasih se... #systolic #diastolic #pulse #bloodpressure
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Hari Ini Pnya Reading! #bp#systolic#diastolic#mmhg
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sue_4690 : Bkpo hok ats tinggi terrr..hok bwh rndh sgt
quwekosong : xtaw lah kak. pade serow xsedak tubuh nie...
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New toy at work! #bloodpressure #heartrate #diastolic #systolic
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Alright! You can bp yourself now. You can do it with yourself now. No disturb. Ok?joke*Hahaha!! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ #systolic #diastolic #automatic #ipreferdmanual πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
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Not sure how I feel about the #systolic number, that's a little higher than usual for me, but the #diastolic looks about normal for me and that is new record low (by five) for my #resting #heartrate, if I didn't work out so much I think I would technically have #bradycardia. #bpm #health #fitness #cardiovascular #cardio #bloodpressure
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Learned to do BP today & had a good amount of practice. Exciting! #bloodpressure #systolic #diastolic #MA245D #clinicals #irritating #before #funfunfun #after #lol #yay!
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karuuuh : I'm the best nah nah (:
bc__nm : We the best, nah nah. I am. Nahhh nah, lol you da you da best! @karuuuh
raneeee3 : We are going on to taking blood we just finish that it's fun but auuuhh I have hard time hearing it cause I have bad hearing !!
bc__nm : Thats how i was at first! @___ranee3ks but then it got easier.
brex3clint : Omg! That thing is really irritating. Idk if it was my hearing or if my partner jus wasn't alive lmao.
bc__nm : Haha, same here!! @brex3clint
momo112083 : It's fun huh?
bc__nm : Yes aunty! Took a little getting used to at first tho. @momo112083
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β€πŸ’™ #bigheart #heart #cardiac #cardiovascular #muscle the #strongest muscle we have. It is working 24/7 365. The #heart never takes a day off. I think we have to take care of heart better. We have to feed it good, and Nourish it. Don't give your heart to just anyone because they can #stress it out. Is #diastolic #Systolic #strokevolume #strokerate #HRR #heartbeat my rating heart reset is 72BPM. If you want to #strength your heart, cardiovascular training will help you. But if you have #highbloodpressure or any heart #conditions Make sure you speak with a #doctor first to know the level of #intensity you can #train at! #rookie vs #elitetrainer you want to know more about this hit me up
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terrywhitejr : #Anatomy #nerd
da_bricks : Give them that knowledge
jrami26 : I have strengthen my heart. I have BPM of 46. I never get tired!!! WHOOO!
terrywhitejr : @jrami26 Mann I want to be like you then
terrywhitejr : @da_bricks yes sir
terrywhitejr : @e_shedoes_it #virgo visit
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highbrow1 : My bp is double that! @triathalon_babe
triathlon_baby : Gotta do a bit more clean eating and exercise probably @highbrow1
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highbrow1 : My bp is double that! @ehlimana91
ehlimana91 : Wow! Well I hope you are either on anti-hypertensive therapy or are planning on getting on it ASAP! Blood pressure that high is a strong indicator of a medical emergency/possible stroke! @highbrow1
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ludawgg : So proud of YOU!! 😘
monicawhiting : You are adorable
mckayjohnson : I miss cousin kimmy. πŸ˜”
kimistocco : Thanks mama Lu!!! 😘😘 @ludawgg Thanks Monica!! You are so sweet @monicawhiting
kimistocco : Yo yo!!! Miss you too cousin!!! @mckayjohnson
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highbrow1 : My bp is twice that! @realmissebony
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Do you know your normal blood pressure? Do you check your blood pressure regularly? You should!! High blood pressure or Hypertension is not called "the silent killer" for nothing. Check your blood pressure regularly and if it's not where you want it to be, make some lifestyle changes. πŸˆπŸ€πŸš΄πŸŠπŸπŸŒπŸ…πŸ‘πŸ“πŸ†πŸ‰πŸif you're not sure what's the normal range for blood pressure, GπŸ’gle is our friendπŸ‘ I am not on blood pressure meds and never have been but I check my blood pressure regularly and so should YOU!πŸ‘‡#highbloodpressure #hypertension #systolic #diastolic #silentkiller #fitchick #fitwoman #blackfitness #blackgirlsworkout #blackwomenfitness #blackgirlsdoworkout #blackgirlsworkouttoo #exercise #workout #veggies #eatclean #cleaneats #lifestyle #healthyliving #ebonyfitness
highbrow1 : My blood pressure is double that! @smoniquec
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nkaonou : Very nice
nkaonou : U should sell it
donnachi17 : 😱 ur soooo creative
nayoweme : Very very nice!
lillym4 : Thank you @donnachi17 n @nayoweme
lillym4 : @nkaonou thanks but I don't think im that good yet to sell stuff lol after enough practices...maybe
xcindylou : How did you make it?
lillym4 : @i_am_squishy first, I found a picture I liked. Second, I used a wire of my choice (for this I used a 16 gauge wire that is lightweight and easy to work with) and started manipulating the wire with pliers until I was satisfied with the results. Third, i used clamps and other jewelry materials to make the bracelet so that I can put it on or take it off.
lillym4 - payingmoney - urpongyue - xcindylou -
tatumwill : Uh what's going on
tatumwill : Nevermind I see, kind of confusing
ninice2babi : U prego lol 😜
camclarke17 : Let the beat drop
abgoble87 : Nice heartbeat ;-)
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crissyeelliott : That's awesome!!!!
gemh1234 : Thanks! 😁 @crissyeelliott
alissonlimaenf : @ddessa_lopes
alissonlimaenf : @fernandanicodemos
samanthadickie12 : I love the nails gemma :D xx
gemh1234 : Thanks Sam xx @samanthadickie12
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darriuss91 : What's that @sam80
sam80 : Blood pressure / pulse monitor, @darriuss91 πŸ₯
biancamonahan : Haha you're the same as me! #vampires
highbrow1 : My bp is double yours! @sam80
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