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Long, but beautiful Saturday<3 biked a total of 20 miles, made our own pancakes, and went paddle boating...well the guys paddled while Elsa and I went along for the ride lol<3 #StetsonUniversity#GreenBikes#DeleonSpring#Friends#Done#CarryOn
carryon - done - greenbikes - deleonspring - stetsonuniversity - friends -
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#idiveflorida #DeLeonspring #spring
spring - idiveflorida - deleonspring -
logan_conlon : @idiveflorida
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#boys getting used to the cold #springwater #florida #deleonspring #statepark #beautiful #coldwater #blue #kids #family #familytime
beautiful - blue - kids - family - florida - boys - springwater - familytime - statepark - deleonspring - coldwater -
ethompson913 : OMG that water looks amazing!!!!
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Deleon Springs on a Wednesday afternoon #DeLeonSpring #Wednesday #EarlySchoolDay #JustBecause #chillin #ItsEmptyInHere
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Tanning with da girl at #deleonspring
deleonspring -
shagmista : @dakotagalvin hater
shagmista : @peteybrohan haha yeah, too bad the game sucks ass now! Oh well, was the best of times
nikole1426 : @shagmista idk wow is changing all the characters like healers are being downgraded close to 75% but then I believe mages are being upgraded
shagmista : Yeah, the game is just shit now, which is so unfortunate. But it can't be great for ever and it had a great run! @nikole1426
nikole1426 : @shagmista I wish my bf thought that way
shagmista : Haha what do you mean? @nikole1426
nikole1426 : @shagmista I like wow well old wow but he plays everyday and I get home and he's on wow and I'm just like HELLO NAKED WOMAN OVER HERE!!!! Lol
shagmista : Hahahaha!!! @nikole1426
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Fish we caught saterday #deleonspring#15 Fishing#like#coldwater
15 - deleonspring - like - coldwater -
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