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Yo!!! ATTN!! #ClassOf05
classof05 -
nmoss1 - brotha7714 - siebaby15 - _blackchina_doll -
#ClassOf05 #NJShowMeAGoodTime
njshowmeagoodtime - classof05 -
mr_smitty_x : micheal clark wheres ya world
mr_rightn0w13 : "Down by the riva" @mr_smitty_x
quanastylez - woyoung18 - god_kamit - ur_areelove -
#classof05 #jtchs #selfie #dramaqueen #jersey #stillfits #winteriscoming #imisshighschool
imisshighschool - dramaqueen - classof05 - selfie - jtchs - stillfits - winteriscoming - jersey -
kayla_cleary97 - chmodica - marabrabs - urbenator -
Decided to wash up the old high school ride! She's been in the family since new. #1970 #nova #350 #2ndowner #highschool #classof05
classof05 - 2ndowner - highschool - 350 - nova - 1970 -
chainsawmike1 : This and my 71 Blazer. Still have both.
4runnerguy_86 - taylorelisetrotter - colbyeyman - justintschaeffer -
Think I'm going back closer to this color at some point this summer... Maybe even a little more blonde. #hair #throwback #highscool #graduation #2005 #classof05 #ImOld #longhair
imold - highscool - classof05 - graduation - hair - 2005 - throwback - longhair -
hillary_kelly : Nice!
0to26point2 - hillary_kelly - mommy_2_elijah -
me - classof05 - fbf - graduationday -
mtgrl0681 - mama_aka_kai - brittneylarkins - ashlynrc -
Feeling super old finding this...Mister Umass Contest...yes we were escorts...across the stage! #tbt #classof05 #umassamherst
umassamherst - tbt - classof05 -
groovedrm - jonathandoyle - jaimed331 - cdunn0524 -
I was heavy in them streets but one thing for sure I never put them books down. Now that's a throw back. What your paper work looking like??? #classof02 #classof05 #igotem
classof02 - igotem - classof05 -
shaunacouture : βœ…
goya_gyal : Congrats!πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰
itsme_gabyyy : Yay congrats!!
mrs_outstanding - kingamari_princecamren - msnext_bigthing - fatz_mcfly -
Tbt#classof05#bogie#medicalmagnet#magnacumlaude#yeah# beauty&brains!!!!
bogie - magnacumlaude - yeah - medicalmagnet - classof05 -
thedrwillteachu : Awwwww
leatherhines : I have this with my yearbook stuff still!
leatherhines - mrs_simmons2u2014 - queen_bee1123 - ms_bigbee -
gradnight - classof05 - bogie -
most_congenial : Yes I remember bout that chicken!!!!lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @fresh_and_relaxed
fresh_and_relaxed : @most_congenial πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ his dumb ass wasn't slick enough and @coachdillard5 started some shit that night lol
most_congenial : We had a ball dat night I wish we could all link up and go do something like that again for our 10 year anniversary!!!! @fresh_and_relaxed
fresh_and_relaxed : @most_congenial trueee lmao I'm down
fresh_and_relaxed : @most_congenial I remember y'all seen the other niggaz there and ignored us until we got back on the bus y'all ain't shit lmmfao
most_congenial : Lol. We sho did!!!! @fresh_and_relaxed
coachdillard5 : @jocko907 got caught stealing chicken smh and gone throw my name in it smh
most_congenial : Lol. @coachdillard5
most_congenial - erinnicole1986 - mzjacksonifya_ - lacie_2_cute -
#TBT #Classof05 #YehDude Good times!!
yehdude - tbt - classof05 -
cwalch3 : Youngins!
tmacsmack : Lol yeah we were 😎 @cwalch3
cwalch3 : I've sen recent pics - you still are ;)
natalica_kocica - jordan_gross96 - cwalch3 - danielpeanut29 -
#TBT....So many memories, one of the best times in my life. #PassaicHigh #ClassOF05 #PassaicCountyChamps #IHatedBergenCatholic #WhiteBoyWasOnLock #ChuckWasNotDenyingTheBall #JamahlAndSlapBlackAsHell #RIPMsLisa
passaichigh - whiteboywasonlock - classof05 - ihatedbergencatholic - tbt - jamahlandslapblackashell - ripmslisa - chuckwasnotdenyingtheball - passaiccountychamps -
aitchofumg : Son u and @therealchadb verse me n @loopadell . Guaranteed we kick y'all ass
therealchadb : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
a_gifted_ruler : Lol u sure bout this slime ? @aitchofumg
a_gifted_ruler : πŸ˜‚
loopadell : Bird ass
lil_john86 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ word!!
xsaymahx : Lol I'm reading these comments and now I can't help but to believe you ass
a_gifted_ruler : Don't believe the hype slime niggas kno what it is @xsaymahx
nevashyy - me_shell86 - zeebo86 - aceondeck -
Wowwwwwwwwww got this from @top_statusz wow omg so long ago I look so young and skinny #tbt#longago#classof05#timeflies
timeflies - tbt - longago - classof05 -
migs2k - dmarcuri - skeet_young - wjilldmann -
Beach High Days!! #throwbackthursday #classof05 😜 #reunionisnear!
reunionisnear - throwbackthursday - classof05 -
coachdaryl : Lmao!
ayedayy : When was this? Freshman or sophomore year
wesmiami33 : Wow
ms_biank : @ayedayy had to be freshman cause mike is there
nathaliefcb : Awww look at little Steph!
jess_jessa_jr_matt - jessy_2006 - dmyke21 - brigisms -
2005 south rob prom #shewasnicebackthen #rememberthemdayz #classof05
classof05 - shewasnicebackthen - rememberthemdayz -
qmacb15 : U was skinny lol
stephmykel87 : I know right!!!! I ate my old self!!! Lmao!!
qmacb15 : Lls
stephmykel87 - jasmineses - qmacb15 - vanillawafer09 -
#wbw Since we never actually took a prom pic lmaoo Mia is such a great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ photographer! #littleblurry #itwilldo #classof05 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #CachetesDeQuico
littleblurry - wbw - cachetesdequico - itwilldo - classof05 -
lingmz : Que piernas!! Haha! U guys didn't take a picture por que no quisieron! Andaban de calientes lmao!!! @evyluvsmia
evyluvsmia : πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Freaken Lin! I freken regret not taking a pic 😳😭😭😭😭 lol @lingmz
stephy13b : Hahahahah this is so cool hahahsh nice legs chow tell beto bernie texted him lol
evyluvsmia : Thanks Stephy!!! 😘😘😘....Lol he's prob with Mia lol! Will do! @stephy13b
sharon_d_12 : Lol lol omg
crazyboy23_ : Sexy legs
_nashy_nash_ : Dem legs doe! ❀❀❀
mmarvins - stace2231 - crazyboy23_ - dianau87 -
Where have the last four yours gone?! #schoolleavers #classof05 #bishops #goodmemories
schoolleavers - bishops - goodmemories - classof05 -
kitcatcole - emmaargyle - kenkenco - peter_boxall -
Found my #highschool #yearbook that brought back so many memories! Those were good times; when u walked around w/out a care, except for wut would u wear the following day! #classof05 #leuhouse #leuzingerhigh #teenagerdays
leuzingerhigh - classof05 - yearbook - highschool - teenagerdays - leuhouse -
ricorigs - yesi1705 - lilyfriiiend - claudia0223 -
Cleaning out my room and found these. Real OGs will remember the meal tickets! #bolles #classof05
classof05 - bolles -
sdwarren2 - orlnole -
My boy D.Black came to visit. 10 years ago, this guy was the first person to show me around when I came to U.S. He took me to the mall first time. My first American party. Put me on my first American girl. He let me cheat off him in every class. Always kept my crazy ass out of trouble. We won Texas state championship. And both of us got scholarships to play ball in college. Without him I prolly wouldv never made it. 1 thing he couldn't stop me doing was buying all the G-Unit clothing. LOL. He was telling me it's not cool to wear that in the U.S. But I was on my european shit and didn't listen. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Now he's a doctor, helping people, changing their lifes, just like he lelped and changed mines. #10years #wheredidthetimego #day1 #broforlife #cca #colleyville #tx #classof05
tx - classof05 - wheredidthetimego - 10years - day1 - colleyville - broforlife - cca -
euro_e : Hahahahah. Man I thought I was really doing it back then. Headbands and all that lol
euro_e : @vinnyray26
vinnyray26 : You need to get us with a throwback πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. I went through it too, Wasn't rocking the headband tho
b_smooth785 : Damn that's what's up right there EZ!!! Lol all we showed you how to do was chug beers in Oklahoma!!!
euro_e : @b_smooth785 not just beers, u showed me how to pop lock, and gang banging LOL
euro_e : @vinnyray26 hahahah man I need to go find some of those pics. They prolly at my parents house in lithuania
niablackmason : Awww my brothers!
b_smooth785 : Hahaha that's true!! #EastSideRiderGang
loverinchuso - niablackmason - xvanessa_deanex - entou_reg -
Clearly need to do laundry #nqhs #classof05 #Bacardi #OBEY
bacardi - nqhs - obey - classof05 -
clinicallyflynnsane - k_dunnie - instakayla87 - flynnnicole -
It's been 10 years too long since you've been gone my brother. Every year this day I sit here and think all good times we shared together. No matter how hard I try to hold them back the tears roll down my face because I miss you. God received a great angel when left this earth Chase. We will continue to celebrate your life until we reach the holy gates and see you. #CCK #Classof05 #brother4life #MIDDIESTRONG #shotofjackondeck
brother4life - shotofjackondeck - middiestrong - cck - classof05 -
cristenjohnson22 : CCK. Miss him all the time
judo_kayla - wifeyedwards - krat86 - bobby_fatsacks -
I did my part #Spelman #SpelmanCollege #classof05 #thebestclass
thebestclass - spelmancollege - spelman - classof05 -
jnewlove : You never post on here sis!
mecrendes : I know. I'm trying to do better
jnewlove : I'll help you ☺️
mecrendes : Lmao! Great!
ishootfilms - jnewlove - prettyprettydee - jamiereesegooden -
#classof05 #goodtimes #missed them! Gunna have to do it again ! @mommy_shearer @god1st_thenme_imrandy @candisp3722 @cblevai @justwhitney26
missed - goodtimes - classof05 -
katesterz87 : I was trying to put everybody in the picture but I couldn't :( ...
cblevai : Love you all. Can't wait to get together again
monterrarachele - cali_grown__420 - let_the_lens_do_the_talking - mommy_shearer -
It was a beautiful wedding! #Letsgethitched2014 #chickenandwaffles #photobooth #friends #bride #wedding #classof05
bride - friends - photobooth - classof05 - chickenandwaffles - wedding - letsgethitched2014 -
tebreze : Those biscuits though!! Lawd!! #HappinessIsTwoBiscuitsAndSomeButta
allnach_ural : @tebreze True happiness! LOL
turquoisenichols - so_cyncerre - laceyrai_ - miss_paparazzi_1 -
Reunion at Foxwoods!! #classof05
classof05 -
arosekitz - ocampochris - simsouthall - mandielees -
the morning atmosphere hurts my eyes & yes, they're rolling back. #raybans #sunglasses #NoSun #stpaul #sphs #classof05 #protein #vanilla #pb2 #week2 #day13
raybans - sunglasses - pb2 - nosun - vanilla - classof05 - sphs - day13 - protein - week2 - stpaul -
elisajoy35 - juju7esp - mcornejo5 - uno_mom -
Plaza with my friends from high school before work! Friends for life! #friends #jhs #classof05 #forlife #tomanystories #laugh @twhitejusdoit @the_swat_guy06 @lookbook8 @ursh_will
forlife - jhs - laugh - classof05 - tomanystories - friends -
ceeleeya3 : This is going to sound strange and maybe creepy, but your friend in the front on the left...I feel like I know him for some reason. Is he in the Navy by any chance? It's gonna bother me til I figure out where I've seen his face before lol
dredock67 : @ceeleeya3 yes he use to be lol
ceeleeya3 : What ship and how long ago?
dredock67 : I Dk to be honest lol
ceeleeya3 : Ok. I guess I can let it go since I kinda know why he looks familiar lol. Thanks. And sorry for being weird.
pretentious__naa : Aww this is nice!!
ingin34 : That's not fair!!! I'm not close enough to get to you guys anymore :'(
perfect_imperfection414 - mz_amber09 - so_bashful - nia_amor -
them Gonzalez' tho! 😍 #STINGARETTES #Stings #ClassOf05 #SENIORS #MiamiHigh #Idasso #flashbackfriday #2005 i wish i could back to these days! life was perfect back then!
seniors - miamihigh - classof05 - stingarettes - stings - 2004 - 2005 - idasso - flashbackfriday -
dpatricia_26 : @idis_lady
dpatricia_26 : 😘😘
idis_lady : Lmao 😘
fordy__water : Were you a flag dancer!?!?!
dpatricia_26 : @fordy__water yep! & rifle too.. thats what got me thru high school!
dpatricia_26 : @idis_lady mentira, we were Juniors for this.. so it was #2004!
idis_lady : Yea, this was junior year
rubybitchezz - pankonpiojo - tmoney0515 - zayboh247 -
#tb graduation pin from primary school #classof05 #primaryschoolyears #slc #IAmASpecialist
slc - tb - iamaspecialist - primaryschoolyears - classof05 -
candybeardance : Miss chote baiii 😿 my sis went da skl,, da princi nt ez
dije_wije - slctotheworld - __trinigyal - candlelighthomes -
#tbt #classof05 #centalhigh #bballlife
centalhigh - tbt - bballlife - classof05 -
laddyybbugg : Wow I remember this pic bro!!! #memories right ...
deanna_octavia : Wow...
tynisha1217 - jadasmommy0906 - cut_from_adifferent_fabric - yourceorobg -
#tbt #ehs #classof05 ..... I told you it would do it... It's all love 😽 @sandita419 πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹ @miss_me_oh_my @effort_less87
classof05 - ehs - tbt -
miss_me_oh_my : Oh My Goodness !!!
faithfullypatient : @miss_me_oh_my yesssss, we thought we was the πŸ’£! Lol
miss_me_oh_my : We did lol. I just deleted a pic of us in nc remember we went
faithfullypatient : @miss_me_oh_my good job! πŸ‘πŸ‘
effort_less87 : Omg throw back
kaia_babii : Lmao I have Mr. D on fb
effort_less87 - lenny_e - noweaponformed2014 - joey_0113 -
Man i miss these wasnt so stressful #tbt #highschoolgraduation #classof05 #2005 #damnimold #gownwashellabig #highschool
highschoolgraduation - classof05 - 2005 - highschool - gownwashellabig - damnimold - tbt -
luckiest_mama2012 - genevieve_duncan - cali_4_ia - laydi_tee -
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