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#insidious #chapterone #loveit #besthorrormovie
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Thank You for introducing me to his music, thought I had to share this, gotti is about to kill it, 2014 is gonna be a good year for rap music. #cmg #kingofmemphis #chapterone @jackin_jake @duff305
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Some Real Shit #yogotti #kingofmemphis #beenthruitall #chapterone #realniggasonly
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No corkage fee?!?! No problem! #tbt #chapterone #2bottlesdown fun times best friend!!
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onepeacepoet : You can't TBT from yday brahh #latergram
sande410 : Really, no corkage fee? Good to know!
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S.P.Y. - Back To Basics Chapter One on 12". Played all four plates and I'm blown away by it. Amazing album, go get it!!!! #spy #backtobasics #chapterone #hospitalrecords #wax #vinyl #vinylisalive #12" #huge #love #dnb #music #etee
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ilovepizzandnb : So good
etee_dnb : @ilovepizzandnb stand alone is a TRACK!!!
etee_dnb : Riding The Void is a big tune too. Fuck it they all are!
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#chapterone #chapter #newkingz
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•Fyn• Getting up in the morning was one of the hardest challenges of the day. After sleeping through four of my five alarms set I got up. The sun was shining through my window, hitting my pale skin. The sudden warmth sent shivers down my back, the birds were tweeting, kids were outside were walking to school. Wait... School? "Oh no" I muttered I sprint to my dresser and put on my usual clothing, a white dress shirt, a black vest, black pants and shoes. I skipped breakfast cause I was in a hurry. I run to my garage to get my longboard, just to get to school faster. When I see the school in the distance I start going faster. I bring my right foot on the board to check the time. 8:59 great one minute to get to class. When I was nearing the school gate I see a girl and her friends walking, obviously late as well. One of the girls caught my eye, she had light blue/white hair with cute pink eyes. She was a little shorter then me. "Those eyes" I think to myself. I keep staring until her gaze meets mine. I feel my face heat up. I've been caught. The gaze lasted for a good few seconds, the next seconds after that I found myself on the ground. "Smooth move" I cursed under my breath •Chloe• I felt eyes staring at me. I look around me for a second and see a cute boy on the other side of the road. He seems about my age and is a little taller then me. I saw him blush and look away. Aww I made him blush. Right as he looked away he ran right into a tree. I look back at Lola and Zoe and they start laughing hysterically. "Girls! He could be hurt." I say We ran across the road and I crouched right beside him and gazed into his light grey eyes. Those eyes. •.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.• So ya. A book I'm posting on Instagram called "Dreamer". I did do a girls Pov. And I won't do them often. I just think it helped start the story :) • Ill be starting rps soon! #rp#oc#rper#followme#follow#followforfollow#follow4follow#tagsforlikes#nofilter#yolo#swag#f4f#fushigi#fin#chloe#dreamer#book#chapterone#chapter1#follower#anime#manga
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#ChapterOne May 2014 , @blmnwave @snootiewild @yogottikom @zedzilla1
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😍😍 So Am I The Inly One Exited Or Nah? #YoGotti #ChapterOne #CMG #May2014 #ICantWait
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Team jenjalan yang baru. 😋😋😋🍔🍟🍦 #CarlsJr #ChapterOne #JagungManis #AbgJagungManis #AbgBaik #KucingJalanan
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WHEN IT ALL BEGAN... CHAPTER ONE... THAT DJ LIFE! #tbt #djdavid #dj20209 #chapterone #thatdjlife #aintworriedboutnothing #ofy
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Oh you know...just hanging out at the Oval Office catching up on The Story. // Don't forget to read Chapter 1 before the weekend, and to post a creative pic of yourself reading The Story! Use hashtag #ccvsocalthestory and tag @ccvsocal. Best pic will win a Story t-shirt on May 3rd! #ccvsocal #thestory #readheardiscuss #chapterone #obama #whitehouse #ovaloffice #thepresident #jeffvines @jeffvines
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joker_chapterone : ใช่พี่มิ้นท์ปะคับ ผมชอบรถพี่มากเลยคับ dc5 @mint_chapterone
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We are going to intern. But first, Let us take a selfie!😁😂✌️👋 #ChapterOne #24042014 @kahchun0629 @elisechoonmin @evonneeeeee #internsoon #selfie #goodluck haha
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The beastie boys fought for my right to party and god damnit I shall #thebenderbegins #chapterone
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REVIE shoe project keep your eyes peeled! X
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Always on repeat. Love me sum @mrmayd 😍🎶
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bayolayto : Lovly track
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#YoGotti #BeenThruItAll #ChapterOne rs
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#newmusic #listenup #hiphop #rap #BeenThruItAll #YoGotti #CMG #ChapterOne #single #mixtape #Memphis #audio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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#Ghost #ChapterOne
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#ChapterOne #PrideAndPrejudice #JaneAusten #OrgulloYPrejuicio
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I am OFFICIALLY on Wattpad as a writer. I'll put a link in my bio. Only got Chapter One so far, but I'm excited. 😄 #WattPad #Story #excited #chapterone #juststarted #checkitout #yo #amicoolyet #loveyouwinkyface #hashtag
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About to devour this delish goodness #bondi #breakfast #chapterone #sydney #travel
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ー 【“you were a chapter in my book; and i was merely a line to yours.”】 ー 「chapter 1.5」 - Fear. - It's an obnoxious feeling. - It was suppose to not be created. Back then, humans didn't know how to fear. - But later in the future, we learned if anything was bad or wrong. We divided each activity to a section of pros and cons. We kept score and records to anyone who broke the laws. - We learned how to fear the wrong and bad things. - We learned how to fear. - But I wished I didn't. ------------------------- - Akane stared with widened eyes that spelt anxious at the male in front of her. His question still continued to ring throughout her ear system, mesmerizing exactly what he said, word to word. His voice sting like venom of a snake in the dreary desert, wishing to kill the prey in front of it. - Akane was the prey. He was the snake. - That's what it felt like in her core, the deep abyss of feelings she has uncovered and yet discovered. It was aching and full of anxiousness, nervousness, and fear. - Akane pursed her lips, as she chanted the words that she didn't had the power to say out loud. They still rest inside her head, for only the girl to hear. - "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself, " Akane whimpered and balled her fists, turning her knuckles white. - “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. There is nothing to fear...but fear itself.” - The words kept replaying and replaying inside her head that was filled with worries. She remembered the sight of their blood still running down from their flesh and skin. The sound of torturous screams from children she didn't knew. But there was of course one fact she did had knowledge of them. - They were dead, and didn't had the chance to escape. Escape from their grasping hands and the squeezes of their clasping claws. Their long nails that was abnormal to be human. The crimson orbs that can put you to sleep in seconds, only if you were lucky. 「Continuing in comments ☟」
roleplaying - blackandwhite - osaka - sad - chapterone - monochrome - animeoc - fear - otaku - anorexic - depression - anorexia - story - suicide - rp - animegirl - angst - owncharacter - writer - oc - roleplayer - writing - edit - poetic - rper - anime - fanfiction - disorder - insecure - akanephotos -
i_have_trust_issues : 「continuing ☟」 ー You would rather die without no pain. To see eerily blackness, only because of a knock-out. But there was a logical statement once you look into their eyes, and faint. - You will not wake up. - You won't see the red skies that were once azure blue, you will never hear the birds chirping "hello" in the morning. No. You'll never sense anything living in front of you. Death was the end. End is final. - That's what it felt. It felt exactly like the thoughts that was swarming in her brain, in her body. She felt numb after staring at those crimson orbs. This is the end. - And then, she reached it. The final point towards her treacherous life. Sixteen years and still waiting for a change of her mediocre days. But the change was violent, and not what she wanted. - Akane wanted to escape this battlefield for so long. Glee and relief escaped from her gut. A smile covered it all, as she closed her eyes and saw black. She knew that the man will never let her live. Their mission was to eliminate Japan and the residents, and they will win. - There is no hope. - There will be no fear. - It's the end. It's the end. It's the end. - Blackness was all she saw, and she felt like the smile continued to grow, even after she was knocked out. - There was a new chant in her brain that replaced the one from the beginning. It kept ringing throughout her mind, as she smiled. The chant was comforting. It caused her to have a lonely, but lovely death. ー “Sleeping at last, I hope to never wake up. Sleeping at last, I hope to never wake up.” ー 【“Dying at last, I will never wake up.”】 ー 「just a short chapter from the previous one. i didn't want to start chapter 2 like this, so this will be chapter 1.5! i hope you all enjoy, i appreciate feedback eheh ^^」
i_have_trust_issues : #akanephotos#anime#otaku#animeoc#oc#owncharacter#angst#suicide#depression#writing#writer#roleplayer#rp#rper#roleplaying#sad#animegirl#edit#fanfiction#osaka#anorexia#anorexic#insecure#fear#disorder#poetic#blackandwhite#monochrome#chapterone#story
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Jammin to Yo Gotti's new single on #mymixtapez #cmg #beenthruitall #chapterone #yogotti #instalike #Instajammin #jammin #new #single #hiphop #music
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Dessert story mango and shaved ice creamy ice. Yummeh #mango #food #dessertstory #chapterone #foodies #melbourne #instafood
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emmaroberts91 : 😱 KLC this is such a good book. I literally couldn't put it down! Enjoy!
kerrileeconnor : @emmaroberts91 just finished the first chapter, already hooked. Always a good sign! Thanks love xxx
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