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Woooo... About 6-7 years ago?? I can't remember! At Manda's wedding- check out that bleach blonde hair πŸ’πŸ’#chipmunkcheeks #blondesdonthavemorefun #icanvouch #tbt
blondesdonthavemorefun - icanvouch - chipmunkcheeks - tbt -
nickimcauley - mustanggggirl - mrsmessenger - ashleyvillarosa -
Yuh girl back.
hairdid - blondesdonthavemorefun - justmoresplitends - darkside -
jd_laurenzio : Huge S/O to @stephaniee_annxox who stayed after at work to help with my last minute impulses. I love. #HairDid #DarkSide #BlondesDontHaveMoreFun #JustMoreSplitEnds
stephaniee_annxox : Looks awesomeeee... Dark is def you πŸ”₯😍 anytime love @jd_laurenzio
caradise__ : @jd_laurenzio yeass you look gorg😘
sassybennington : Fuck yeah
alyssaschondel : Dude @stephanie_annxo does my hair too!!!! She rocks
lindsaymua : Hahaha πŸ˜‚ #JustMoreSplitEnds #truthh
jd_laurenzio : Thank you thank you my ladies! @stephaniee_annxox @caradise__ 😘😘 @sassybennington the vamp life in full effect once again 4 eva 😈
lalipstickbeauty : Gowwwwwgeous!!!
thattrillpill - tiffanynelan714 - meghan_elizabeth_xo0 - danneees -
Yay my sis is finally back from Peru! with a new hair color (she hates it). #blonde #blondesdonthavemorefun #ombrefail
blondesdonthavemorefun - blonde - ombrefail -
kbalaguer : I like it!
fadedass_nessy - umedwardsays - streez_franco - taniaapolancoo -
The New Summer-do 😎#summasummatime #blondesdonthavemorefun #dipietrotodd #summerfun #newlook
blondesdonthavemorefun - newlook - summasummatime - summerfun - dipietrotodd -
marlenaj : πŸ‘
sanami13 : :)
jesuisvanchi - possiblythe - riz_khalifa - heathersfeathers7 -
#beforeandafter #goldwell #red #cutandcolor #colorspecialist #salonambiancegresham #janae #shinyhair #depth #youthful #blondesdonthavemorefun hair by @janaerattley
colorspecialist - janae - beforeandafter - goldwell - cutandcolor - blondesdonthavemorefun - shinyhair - depth - youthful - salonambiancegresham - red -
marcosfitness0 : Wow!
jennyb_from_the_block - janaerattley - averyheyer - cakenissevermean -
Ehh #morefunbrunette #brunette #again #byeblonde #blondesdonthavemorefun #lies
blondesdonthavemorefun - again - brunette - lies - morefunbrunette - byeblonde -
qhalibra - jeffwhite67 - hennerzman - jefherzon_morales -
New hair, don't care ❀️ #butido #goingdark #layers #blondesdonthavemorefun
layers - blondesdonthavemorefun - goingdark - butido -
kaelimarieee : Yes they do.
chloethoward - alexkula - kichinarbon - lau_estrada -
The footy with my gal πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ‰ #knightssuck #blondesdonthavemorefun 😜 #brunette4lyfe @emmawilson71
blondesdonthavemorefun - brunette4lyfe - knightssuck -
95nickryan : you're πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
teeganjayne : You're a 10/10 babe here MJ! πŸ‘πŸ˜
reneeleigh : Woooohhhh god I'm good !πŸ’@emmawilson71 this hair on you.... @maddieeej you girls look smoking.....
missalycev : Miss mads you are a hottie! And emmas hair looks soo nice brown!πŸ‘Œ
oreydorn89 - tomosland - kvharris - trapa88 -
Umm soo I'm now ranga, lol #red #hair #blondesdonthavemorefun
hair - blondesdonthavemorefun - red -
jeffphory - willadsett - ralphygo - jennii0419 -
#TBT #Throwbackthursday, to the days when I was a #blonde. #Whatamistake, #BlondesDONThavemorefun, #myhairisstillrecovering, #neveragain.
blondesdonthavemorefun - whatamistake - neveragain - throwbackthursday - blonde - myhairisstillrecovering - tbt -
jamie0813lynn - kayesays - melmm18 - marcemonsterr -
#imbackbitches #brownhairdontcare #blondesdonthavemorefun #rainynight #sweats #hamiltoncollegeplug #couchselfie #nyc #ues
blondesdonthavemorefun - sweats - couchselfie - imbackbitches - rainynight - nyc - hamiltoncollegeplug - ues - brownhairdontcare -
rp029 : @reggie1216 I like the brown
reggie1216 : @rp029 I couldn't stand the blonde, I never wanted all that blonde in the first place, but I had to have it for a couple months otherwise my hair would have been like straw! But I'm def better brown! :)
rp029 : @reggie1216 some people get better with practice or age you get better with your natural hair color. Yeah life's fair
reggie1216 : @rp029 hahaha thanks
musclemilk32 : Love it!!!
reggie1216 : @musclemilk32's kinda messy now but the old me is way better than that blonde moment I had! Lol
musclemilk32 : Your hair always looks amaze balls!! Blonde or brown!!
reggie1216 : @musclemilk32 u too woman! Now if only I had baby blues like you!!! U biatch! Lol
steincat - jhanley221 - andreapinero - fdnydos -
Last picture as a blonde and first picture as a brunette. It's okay I didn't have that much fun anyways. #BlondesDontHaveMoreFun
blondesdonthavemorefun -
joey_mikkers : Well we do have more fun tho
i_am_a_waffles : @joey_mikkers then that means brunettes are smarter! 😜
joey_mikkers : @i_am_a_waffles true, but i dont mind ;D
jordy805 - sayuumsam - markk805 - baileymadisonn_ -
Twins Game!
blondesdonthavemorefun - strange - idkwhyimblonde - ihateit - wtf -
itshollyr : #idkwhyimblonde #blondesdonthavemorefun #ihateit
ceceamanda : Why are you blond though??
ceceamanda : #soconfused
itshollyr : Idk last time I messed with the color it got lighter.. But in pics it was WAY lighter. #strange #wtf
xerxesdog - madmel2331 - stephaniecouture - kspence06 -
OOPS! I went a little hair crazy today! Haha.. Spring fever got to me and I whipped up some magic in a bowl.. I've never been all blonde, not will I be, but I like to play with placement and tonality when it comes to my lighter hair colors.. I didn't even use a drop of lightener! #framesi2001 #framcolor #blondesdonthavemorefun had to take a #selfie #boredom #npccompetitor #npcbikini #fitnessmodel #fitmom
fitmom - fitnessmodel - framcolor - selfie - blondesdonthavemorefun - npccompetitor - framesi2001 - boredom - npcbikini -
pollutioncontroll : The only thing missing is a pretty bow.
coral_forfitngiggles : Super cute!
mrs_ricker : That was meant to say *nor lol
mrs_ricker : @pollutioncontroll if I had one!! @coral_forfitngiggles thanks mama! I went a little selfie overboard, but hey, it's good to get a little crazy at times! Haha
coral_forfitngiggles : #selfiecrazytrain #toottoot
mrs_ricker : @coral_forfitngiggles πŸ˜‚ hahah!! So true!
mylifefit : I like it!
mrs_ricker : @mylifefit thank you! ☺️
savysav7 - ericpromer - lindsayfit - lostpoetb24 -
Change hair βœ”οΈ
hair - hairdye - brunette - blondesdonthavemorefun -
mmelonhead : #hair #hairdye #brunette #blondesdonthavemorefun
chaebutter20 : Love it
chaebutter20 - londono_nicolle - leggz_4_daze - knotters_411 -
Stage two of #ombre completed. I feel like myself again with dark hair. πŸ’the actual ombre will be the next phase. Feels so good to be me again. #naturalblonde #blondesdonthavemorefun #brunette #brunettesarefab #defyingnature #longhairdontcare #curls #noheatcurls #headbandcurls #hairgrowth #hairjourney #bslhair #hair #longhair #toomanytags #goodhairday
brunette - defyingnature - hair - headbandcurls - noheatcurls - brunettesarefab - hairjourney - naturalblonde - longhair - longhairdontcare - bslhair - curls - goodhairday - hairgrowth - blondesdonthavemorefun - toomanytags - ombre -
lamaalbisher : Do you have kik? β˜ΊοΈπŸ’“
mellefinch : @lamaalbisher no, why? X
obvifrozen : How do you do it?
valecanariotighe - missmisanthropic - itsyaquelynn - rolandeack -
Blonde no more. Stayed tuned! @soniaanjos @themanorsalon #hair #toronto #fashion #oribe #blondesDONThavemorefun
hair - toronto - oribe - fashion - blondesdonthavemorefun -
heartshapedshades : LIES!
jessicazgela : @heartshapedshades see you tonight and you owe me a drink for calling me a liar!
missslucylu : Ohhh I want a pic as soon as your done!!!!
heartshapedshades : 🍹🍷🍸🍺
chriztyna : For real? No way!
alessandragal - missslucylu - katiembugg - acolajacks -
#FlashBackFriday to greasier, blonder times with my friends at the 5th avenue theatre in ROCKY HORROR in Seattle. #AryanCyborgAlien. #BlondesDontHaveMoreFun
aryancyborgalien - blondesdonthavemorefun - flashbackfriday -
julian_fuentess : I love the makeup and the wigs!
voicewise : @loganmmoore17 @mattybfierce @somewhereinlife @zachrosing
kevinsurma : Of course you played him! 😜
freerosestudio : #betyoumissedcarbs ;)
zynger : Daymmmmm :)
popstar28 : @brendan_irving
branner85 : I saw that performance!
ash_lively : OMRH!!!!!!
osvaldo_barragan - jukary_xne - _king98_ - germyllescas -
πŸ’ #blondesdonthavemorefun #fact #flashbackfriday #homo #gayboy #lovemachine #nowivelusciouslongbrownlocks #melbourne #haaalpmeimskinny #haygurlhay #denim #bones #handlebars #instagay #whatareyouevensayingabout #ohnoshedidnt #f4f #follow
handlebars - gayboy - denim - haaalpmeimskinny - blondesdonthavemorefun - homo - bones - follow - haygurlhay - flashbackfriday - instagay - ohnoshedidnt - melbourne - f4f - whatareyouevensayingabout - nowivelusciouslongbrownlocks - lovemachine - fact -
emily_jay_ : So babe'n here Yianni 😍 @hej_stranger
hej_stranger : @emily_jay_ 😘 thnx guurl
_ritzy_ : Blue steel ain't got nothing on this!
sim_anthony : Ohhhh guuurl I miss those twinky days πŸ’‹
mazziistarr : Forever baben'
hej_stranger : @burnsi oh me 2 guurl.
sim_anthony : *flicks* hair πŸ˜‚
mrsamiiii : Loooolllllll your hash tags πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
dolmathes - jenniferterezia - sandypantz - itsbrittanybi_ch -
Returning to the dark side πŸ’€β™ οΈ #backtoblack #heynewhair #blondesdonthavemorefun
backtoblack - blondesdonthavemorefun - heynewhair -
beccyleahy : Oh you girls 😘😘 @bluebell95 @nickerssmith
lharley01 : Ugh so sexual! #turningstraight
beccyleahy : What? You drunk baby? @lharley01
lharley01 : I may have had some alcohol >_> @beccyleahy
lharley01 : But seriously looking fine πŸ‘Œ
beccyleahy : Well thanks babe! Miss your face, lets go out soon 😘 @lharley01
micahjey : Beautiful!
brittcroucher : Looking pretty perf my girl! πŸ‘Œ
al3xho - jodeelouise__x - k8tie_j - alexgawthornee -
#Selfie #BackToMyRoots #Literally #HairDid #BrunetteBaby #BlondesDontHaveMoreFun #Lol
hairdid - blondesdonthavemorefun - backtomyroots - literally - selfie - brunettebaby - lol -
1rhianna : @tcastle2 thanks girl! ☺️
1rhianna : @theknoxie thanks boo! 😘
1rhianna : @sonny_928 good eye cousin! πŸ˜‰
livinglife916 : Look at you... so cute @1rhianna
1rhianna : @rodriquezluvs3 thanks girl! Trying to be like you! πŸ˜‰
racheloflinzel : Loooooves it!!!! 😍
1rhianna : @racheloflinzel thanks best! πŸ’πŸ˜˜
cecehealthcoconut : @1rhianna πŸ˜‚blondes don't ...looks gorgeous!!
lashaunmacon - chivyveasna - sonny_928 - cecehealthcoconut -
I have fun no matter what color my hair is. πŸ’ #tbt #theblackside #lastyear #blondesdonthavemorefun #ihavemorefun #happythursday #imjustchillinoncloud9 #haveagoodday
imjustchillinoncloud9 - theblackside - tbt - ihavemorefun - blondesdonthavemorefun - haveagoodday - lastyear - happythursday -
mgourley51801 : So beautiful...
mgourley51801 : @ashleydanielle26
ashleydanielle26 : @mgourley51801 Thank you pretty lady!!!! 😍😘
helloyellow81 : Love this!
jadamsiii : #givethemsomethingtotalkabout
ashleigh_phillips : IT LOOKS SO PRETTY 😘😘
rephlexx - wcarter26 - erica_spencer - aiimsss -
blondesdonthavemorefun -
scotty_edwards : Ahhhhh idk about that. Depends on who you ask
jcmoore71 - kimberly_b_joyner - jorrdddann - knewsome69 -
#throwback #iwantmypinkhairback #blondesdonthavemorefun #WearPinkWednesday
throwback - blondesdonthavemorefun - sofetch - wearpinkwednesday - iwantmypinkhairback -
jassuee : #buuyou
ainoe : @jassuee #sofetch
jassuee : #kakspΓ€ivÀÀ πŸ”žβœˆοΈπŸŒƒ
ainoe : @jassuee jesvittu πŸ‘ΈπŸ’žπŸΉ
siniyy : Aino onnea myΓΆhΓ€ssΓ€!! Millo tuut ouluu ? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
ainoe : @siniyy kiitti! ☺️ Ei kyl mitÀÀ tietoo. Mul on muutto parin vk pÀÀstÀ nii siin on kaikkee sÀÀtââ. EhkÀ kesÀllÀ vasta 😱 mut millon sÀ tuut tÀnne!!!
konalankuningatar - huddieking - jamichristian - suiza69 -
RIP Ultimate Warrior .. You will be missed. @mikethesak #mymakeupskills #wherespaulbearer @instanownow
blondesdonthavemorefun - frenchfryhair - mymakeupskills - neveragain - wherespaulbearer -
bellapolizzi : #blondesdonthavemorefun #neveragain @instanownow #frenchfryhair πŸŸπŸ‘ΈπŸŸ
instanownow : LOLLLL riotsville you deep fried princess. Tho its not your fault that fried blonde and Laguna Beach were fashion staples I'm 2006 lmfao still got us into dem couple parties tho ;) @bellapolizzi
bunny_boo_xoxo : @bellapolizzi @instanownow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ this is so funny
bellapolizzi : Hahahah ctfu 2006 πŸ˜‚ so true and omg remember those Drexel days @instanownow "No guys allowed. Oh you're with Elaine Polizzi? Why didn't you say so? Free cup for you come on in boys."
instanownow : Hahahaha #truth my girl knew how to work it in her north face jacket ROFL @bellapolizzi @bunny_boo_xoxo hahaha miss u <3
bellapolizzi : @bunny_boo_xoxo I have too many memories with your brother hahah but he always let me know when I made extremely bad fashion choices . Best big brother ever.
a_maugeri : Drexel days were classic! @bellapolizzi
bellapolizzi : @a_maugeri I miss it so much! The first night when we all got sick on a handle of captains Morgans.. Your inflatable bed that permanently stayed in my room.. Late night California pizza runs.. @mikethesak getting us into trouble there stealing pizza and starting fights everywhere else hahah And my fav-The time you got in a fight at 3210 Bahahah "slap me bitch go ahead, slap me." As you extend your cheek out to the jerk
bunny_boo_xoxo - michaelamato - a_maugeri - paigeyfratts -
Yep, still hate it. #blonde #fakesmile #hatemyhair #blondesdonthavemorefun
fakesmile - blondesdonthavemorefun - blonde - hatemyhair -
ebb9359 - iamsetch - southernbodywraps -
#throwbacktuesday #transformationtueaday #blondesdonthavemorefun #imu @bb_bran
blondesdonthavemorefun - throwbacktuesday - transformationtueaday - imu -
gold_foxxx : 😍😍!!
ingileif_life : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ free mustache rides!
bb_bran : Good times! I miss you, and the body I once had. Haha. β™₯ you!
narissa__ - b3nnyb00m - bb_bran - skylar_cheyenne_storm -
Well hello blondie #2007 #blondesdonthavemorefun
blondesdonthavemorefun - 2007 -
mamareaper - rcalderwood -
#shewokeuplikethis lol πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š @nafenb #littlesister #missher #blondesdonthavemorefun
blondesdonthavemorefun - missher - littlesister - shewokeuplikethis -
biturbodeuce : #FreeNafB lmao @nafenb
nafenb : Lol oh I'll be having more fun this weekend #birthdayweekend in Dubai... Have to stay optimistic
nurkarca - mais_q_ - jmhurel - lalida_ -
Back to basics #blondesdonthavemorefun #natural
blondesdonthavemorefun - natural -
ebonyj4 - livv_wells - fetulimacanning - stefenee_kouroulis -
If it ain't broke don't fix it #blondesdonthavemorefun #humanagain #thatswasfun #not
blondesdonthavemorefun - not - humanagain - thatswasfun -
sandywenb : BeAutifu l
teremcr9177 : I love this color 😘😘😘 Beautiful!!!
carolineburt : Love it but hay we do have fun tho 😘
rocker_panda : Loved the blonde but love you more as a brunette 😘❀️
samuelarmyofgod777 : Brunette looks perfect β™₯
shailerchii : So cute ~
corpsysucubus : platinum hair looks more matured on you and brunett looks gorgeous innocent lady ;)
6h34min : I love you in this waaaay
tragedy_massacre - abdallahthiago - arielpate - 13thgravegypt -
Tis the truth! #blondesdonthavemorefun#pinkhair #pinkhairdontcare #pinkhairhasmorefun #girls #girlswithtattoos #woman #womenwithtattoos #chickswithtattoos #tattooedwomen #barbie #itsbarbiebitch #sugarloves #sugarsugar #kbye
pinkhair - woman - barbie - girlswithtattoos - girls - sugarsugar - womenwithtattoos - blondesdonthavemorefun - kbye - itsbarbiebitch - tattooedwomen - chickswithtattoos - sugarloves - pinkhairhasmorefun - pinkhairdontcare -
jessicashawn1988 : πŸ’‹πŸ‘
jessicashawn1988 : @sugarmamma86 truff with two F's
mystikal78 : real talk!! πŸ’œ
sugarmamma86 : @mystikal78 I can't wait to see you
mystikal78 : me too!! I'm working on my hair game as soon as I get home tonight lol πŸ˜ƒ
sugarmamma86 : @mystikal78 ooooooo what color?
mystikal78 : well it should be violet! my friend got me the good pravana stuff. it's just bleaching out the 5 different colors my hair is now lol. so we'll see. If wearing a hat tomorrow it's because my hair feel out πŸ™Š
sugarmamma86 : @mystikal78 oh that feeling I know well. The pravana won't damage it anymore. It's more of a stain
tminshew5 - voxxylove - ralei82 - mystikal78 -
#tbt To the summer I was borderline blondeπŸ‘Έ πŸ™ˆ ohhh those fraternity formals #throwbackthursday #brunetteshavemorefun #girls #friends #formal #frat #fraternity #blondesdonthavemorefun #igers #igdaily #memories #fun #instafun #igaddict #ignation #college #parties #instamood #photooftheday #picoftheday #smile #happy #instapic
fun - instapic - tbt - blondesdonthavemorefun - igdaily - frat - college - igers - parties - brunetteshavemorefun - instamood - friends - formal - happy - throwbackthursday - memories - girls - picoftheday - fraternity - instafun - smile - igaddict - ignation - photooftheday -
zekeshowtime : Aww don't call me stranger πŸ˜–. I'm doing great as well. Traveling and playing ball. Enjoying life. U married with kids yet
rkcraven : @zekeshowtime married with kids?! πŸ™ˆ no way!!!
zekeshowtime : Lol sry just asking πŸ™Š. I have to catch up see what your up to these days. πŸ˜„
rkcraven : @zekeshowtime what about you, mister? Got any little ones runnin around? πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
zekeshowtime : Haa nooo. Not that I know of πŸ˜† jk.
rkcraven : @zekeshowtime πŸ™ˆI hope not!
zekeshowtime : So you missing college I see. What you doing these days now?
rkcraven : @zekeshowtime back in Chatt... Just working πŸ˜©πŸ‘Ž I see you're doing it big πŸ™ŒπŸ€
lalyles26 - zekeshowtime - gandalf_on_world_tour - i_am_lus -
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