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#WCW goes to my hubby! My heart and soul, my everythaaaannngg! πŸ’œ yewww @bubbas80
blondeproblems - wcw -
chey_babyyyy : Women crush??? Lol ur crazyyyyy.. @keithasullivan
mistravis : He needs to say your his #WCW @keithasullivan @bubbas80
mistravis : This is a good picture. Think I know the girl take took it! Lol! @keithasullivan
_sullivan_04 : Your supposed to do that on Mondays @keithasullivan
keithasullivan : I realize I mixed this up haha if that tells u what kind of mind frame I have at the moment ;) #blondeproblems
bubbas80 : She is my wcw and my wctX2 and my wcf and my wcsX2 and my wcm
peachyduke - samanthalech - _alyxallen - maryja89 -
Fave edit everrr πŸ’• Well I fell down the stairs today. Go me. Bahahaha I don't think you've ever felt embarrassment until that happens to you. But you know. I'm laughing so... #yougoglencoco #accomplished #iknow #blondeproblems @_fionaxoxo_
yougoglencoco - accomplished - blondeproblems - iknow -
_fionaxoxo_ : Then u were just like "I'M SITTING ON THE STAIRS GUYS"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
riggsbrown22 : What is your #
__maemaeee__ : Hahahahaha @_fionaxoxo_
__maemaeee__ : 719-494-9101 @riggsbrown22
__maemaeee__ : TEXT ME DUDE I NEED TAH TALK TO YOU @riggsbrown22
gsciocchetti - toni_rizzo19 - mia_gml - _eeeema_ -
Damn roots #blondeproblems
blondeproblems -
susieq0804 - dylancoull - rhiannecaldwell -
Sooo I asked to borrow a lighter from a random flyer in the hallway for work and apparently that translates in guy code that I want your number too lol so after asking for a lighter I get a guys number and a wink... Hahahaha so I learned from all of this, flyers are comical!!! ^_^ #wtf #crazy #weirdpickupline #funny #workplacepickups #lifelessons #blondeproblems #tatt #tattooedchick #tattooedmilitary
funny - crazy - tattooedchick - weirdpickupline - workplacepickups - tattooedmilitary - blondeproblems - wtf - tatt - lifelessons -
alexbutler169 : Don't hate on us!
johnsjen105 : Haha not hating at all! Just merely stating a fact ^_^ @alexbutler169
alexbutler169 : Hahaha alright I guess we are funny then @johnsjen105
25tolifeclothing - lowrytattoos - emgrace1221 - garciao_0 -
Natural curls, that's new? #curl #beauty #blonde #blondeproblems #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings
blonde - beauty - girlswithtattoos - curl - girlswithpiercings - blondeproblems -
wolfantlers - b_moneybray10 - oscarlberg - kurtispollock -
I keep forgetting I'm blonde and then I look in a mirror and startle myself. #blondeproblems
blondeproblems -
kfweekley - ishopchanel - jamiryan_ - alittlelittlelover -
Real tired of your shit caboose.
gta - ialwaysdiecuzshedoesntknowhowtoopenfuckingdoor - noforealshesafuckingdumbass - endrant - blondeproblems -
soulkicksta : AHAHAHA !
young_marcel009 : LOOL dont kill me xD, ima try nd come on tonite
fenixx_ : Ayyt, ill hook u up with this sick mission. Mad rp and $$ @young_marcel009
fenixx_ : @vinzanity_ after we got stuck in my garage-_- for fuckin 10min o m g
fenixx_ : Unless it was dwight that was on LOL @vinzanity_
vinzanity_ : @fenixx_ ha twas me brother . I might play tonight
fenixx_ : U guys should wear different things and cars so we can tell whos on-_- LOL ayyt lemme know when yall come on:) @vinzanity_
pedraza : LOOOOOL!
soulkicksta - ilham69150 - young_marcel009 - rchlzxo -
Rise & Shine! This girl needs coffee! #pnw #cozy #snugglin #countrygirlproblems #coffeetime #bosslady #singlelife #blondeproblems
snugglin - cozy - singlelife - countrygirlproblems - pnw - bosslady - blondeproblems - coffeetime -
rajkotrojanovic : Kik @desiree_field
renatino1976 : Great T Shirt πŸ‘Œ
desiree_field : Thanks 😚 @renatino1976
she_is_my_raindrop : Kik??
renatino1976 - philipcrown - kizzy_von_clay - bizzybentheboss -
The sad thing about this quote is that I kept reading it because I couldn't find the third kind of people...#smh #blondeproblems
blondeproblems - smh -
tiansheaaa : What's the third kind though?
kate95_2013 : It's talkin about how people are bad at math. They only put 2 kinds but they said 3. They are bad at math. Lol @tiansheaaa
tiansheaaa : Okay now that makes sense Lol. People really shouldnt make these.....
kate95_2013 : I know lol I read it 4 twice before I figured it out and was like wow the stupid blonde awards goes to Leigha Maher! Lmao! @tiansheaaa
countryboy_cam13 - countrygirl_love97 - tiansheaaa - hairdresser_19 -
When your split ends have split ends #blondeproblems
blondeproblems -
sheenlv : Beautiful πŸ’•
tiinahbbz : Says you! πŸ˜πŸ’• @sheenlv
fenixx_ - samanthamros - _erinhowitt - niina_bmth -
Becoming blonde obsessed! Who wants blonde hair this summer? @redken5thave #cosmosguide #notaboxblonde #redken #cosmetology #blondeproblems #beautyschool @hairbyginnette
hairworld - cosmosguide - beautyschool - notaboxblonde - cosmetology - hairstylist - blondeproblems - intsagood - intsamood - redken - idohair -
hairbyginnette : #intsagood #intsamood #idohair #hairstylist #hairworld
audralucas - _yvetter_ - m_menchaca - funkmasterlex -
Picked up this fab new #SilverShampoo the other day in @SiodaHairandBeauty in #Spiddal , I've only used it twice and already I'm in #love , Sp by #Wella range. Would definitely recommend this to any #blondes #BlondeProblems #Sioda #Thedream
blondes - love - spiddal - sioda - blondeproblems - silvershampoo - wella - thedream -
chiara94cn - ninameiler - wellaeducation - pafimakeup -
Not enjoying this pain. #blondeproblems #bleachforlife #myscalpmightbebleeding
bleachforlife - blondeproblems - myscalpmightbebleeding -
destructivesinner25 - flavajay27 - robertmayor - mandyjenco -
πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜“got the wrong key stuck in one of the fitting room doors #walkedaway #yankedmyneck #screwtoday #workflow #ineedabeer #wasstuckforagoodmin #wrongkey #blondeproblems
screwtoday - yankedmyneck - workflow - walkedaway - ineedabeer - wasstuckforagoodmin - blondeproblems - wrongkey -
taratsong : Where u work now @palomanoma
palomanoma : @taratsong Tommy Hilfiger
yea_________whhatever : Lol perfect face for that lol
j_nnunez : Wah! When did you leave att?
meech_24_ - silvannette - bcegueda12 - josuejruriel92 -
Someone needs to get their hair done! #roots #blondeproblems #asap #selfie
selfie - blondeproblems - roots - asap -
haleypraterrr : Supermodel
buckifyouknuck : #BeBadForHim
anusbomber : 10/10
xxkringusxx : Definitely @buckifyouknuck
anaisnussbaumer - hugging_spree - woffow00 - sarahwallis29 -
POLA ... my lips are super dry :*(
blondeproblems -
korbelbowers : πŸ’•
giacomoweelink : Wauw schat mooi meid ben je #beautykiller #fierce #amazing
pith1 : Lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sabinecozijnsen : @guilva96 My name is Sabine though haha. Or whom do you mean?
pith1 : Hi @sabinecozijnsen hahah lindaaaaaa = beautiful !!!!!!! β™‘β™₯ (:
pith1 : Gorgeous....... @sabinecozijnsen
sabinecozijnsen : Upppssyyy #blondeproblems haha! Thanks a lot @pith1 :-)
pith1 : @sabinecozijnsen hahah ;-) β™‘β™₯
floatxiaoqincai - waudb - luxessies - julietkeen -
Hair salon #selfie. Gotta fix these roots & revamp the ombrΓ©. #blondeproblems
selfie - blondeproblems -
asteinwachs : @leahnwagner those shoes!! 😍😍😍
oliviadoneff : Tell that diva I said I loveeeee her @leahnwagner and send pics of your bombshell hair
andrewigori24 : Your are banging
britharpole : Come see me next time for your πŸ’πŸ’‡
leahnwagner : @britharpole where do you work?
alliekkinney : WHY are you so hot.. goddddd
andrewigori24 - hannahczingler - pwillyyums - j0e418 -
Touch up Tuesday, keep that hair fresh πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ’΅πŸ’΅ #cosmetology #professional colorist lol #blondes #blondeproblems @lysssabs
blondes - professional - cosmetology - blondeproblems -
dorinche : NiceπŸ˜„
juandvigoya : Yasss
just_jo0416 : Bahaha!! I just did the same thing. #touchuptuesday
meriiveth : Supper cute
czipffy318 : Lol nice face @jennycage729
chiara94cn - juandvigoya - jen_holguin - lysssabs -
It's hard trying to make this look cool :) #blondeproblems
blondeproblems -
My hairs finally getting to a decent length! Can't decide wether to go blonder, darker blonde or keep this shade though! #hair #blonde #blondeproblems
hair - blonde - blondeproblems -
hajiramirza1 : This shade is supah purrrrrrfect no need 2 change!
chloesway : @hajiramirza1 it's actually a terrible example as it's dim lighting and has a filter so it looks darker here haha! I do like it as it is now though and no change means no damage πŸ˜‰
zoeolma : Darker blonde! (How it looks in this picture, it looks so nice!) xxx
hajiramirza1 : @chloesway OMG I can't believe U replied btw ur mah fave blogger Of all da time & you inspired me to start my own blog!!!!!! I love U a lot Chloe!!!!!!!!!
hajiramirza1 - danniannie - georginalucyy - coppergarden -
πŸ’™βœ¨And you'll never see what you've done to me, you can take back your memories, they're no good to meβœ¨πŸ’™
ihavethem - itsoktoberatchet - dontlaughatmyfatrolls - everythingaboutthisisrandom - itsokay - blondeproblems - idontthinkimfat - usedafliter - randomphotoshoot - justkidding - ihaveproblems - tooclassytofunction - randomlyrics - dontcare - notreally -
allisonayers_ : DAT BOOTY DOE πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
captainsparkliness : #randomlyrics #randomphotoshoot #everythingaboutthisisrandom #itsokay #tooclassytofunction #notreally #ihaveproblems #usedafliter #itsoktoberatchet #dontcare #dontlaughatmyfatrolls #justkidding #idontthinkimfat #blondeproblems #ihavethem
captainsparkliness : @allisonayers_ ..... Thanks babe πŸ˜‚πŸ’™
beastlyx10 : Haha i guess you were right to fear that everyone looks at your butt xD
captainsparkliness : @beastlyx10 OMGGG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
beastlyx10 : But ya can't blame em ;D
forxfinity : hottie 😘🌴
captainsparkliness : @forxfinity πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
skpstrr - kourtneekillenem - gauravrealg5 - samscrazylife -
I look so lost lol. #blondehair #blondeproblems #blueeyes #lost #confused
lost - blondehair - blueeyes - blondeproblems - confused -
lolle_lowkss - nanaaalove - roysacannibal - jassminn__18 -
When your hair blends in with the background... πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ #PlatinumBlonde #BlondeProblems πŸ‘Έ #NewJob #Nametag #ERnurse #RN
ernurse - rn - platinumblonde - nametag - newjob - blondeproblems -
funny_nurse_shirts - hilluhreee - carlacorne - drunklilbee -
New nail polish! And I'm gonna try out the malibu treatments any tips ive never used malibu!?
hair - hardwater - malibu - help - blonde - blondeproblems - treatment -
emililynn : #malibu #hair #treatment #blonde #help #hardwater #blondeproblems
laurenella93 : They're amazing I love them just put a cap on and use heat!
calebftb - devenportc - ecfionda - dr_vuhjayjade -
If No-brow November were a thing, my light, nearly invisible brows would win. #ForgotMyBrowPencil #BlondeProblems
forgotmybrowpencil - blondeproblems -
jimpossible09 - katiefaken - liizzn - gustavo_a_dimateo -
Thought I won $50, actually won $2. #blondeproblems scratch offs can be confusing.
blondeproblems -
s_hornerr - kayla_fitz - itspronouncedbadass - _j_o_n_42 -
Say bye bye to janes diabolical roots everyone whoopπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰ #blondeproblems
blondeproblems -
grawnibhroin : Ruth mernagh
janemernagh : Not your best work gra, still made me chuckle though πŸ‘Œ@grawnibhroin
hadleyhadley20 : Bye bye Janes diabolical roots
mparky17 - ilovebigmacsxo - aoifkehoe - bridf95 -
Just dying his mo... #blondeproblems #moustache #dye
dye - moustache - blondeproblems -
jordan__leee : What even
islafc - razorhater - _samharris93 - michaeltym94 -
Catching up with @picochu_
blondeproblems -
picochu_ : πŸ’–πŸ’ž
schizoiddurwin : @picochu_ it sucks that @joshcamahort goes MIA! Haha.
joshcamahort : Hahaha we'll go out when I come back promise!!!
schizoiddurwin : Haha. Swear that on River Nile @joshcamahort βœ‹hopefully by that time @moshiquin will be around. And it would be better if @carlonikko will be there as well. Ugh when will be we be complete?!
joshcamahort : Diba River Styx? Lol. Yes I want us all to be complete!!! Diba @picochu_?
schizoiddurwin : I wasn't really sure which river was it. #blondeproblems haha you know me naman. Hahaha yeah dapat mean girls lahat haha
carlonikko : See you all soon!! Miss ko na kayo!
moshiquin : @carlonikko subukan mong di magpakita. Haha
shnlrys - erwinmappatao - joshcamahort - picochu_ -
Ahem....Hailey xD #happenstoher #dork #blondeproblems #thoughtofher
thoughtofher - blondeproblems - happenstoher - dork -
hailey_boland : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kai_luvs_yuh : Lmao
the_black_johnny_manziel : Fail
teagan_puckett82 : I know lol xD
teagan_puckett82 : @the_black_johnny_manziel
chchchchia_013 - alexflores3720 - _niiiccole - _yasssmin -
#roots #redye #sad #blondeproblems #filter #bored #easter
filter - roots - redye - bored - easter - blondeproblems - sad -
abby_cadabby21 : Sooooooonnnnnn
samanthamank21 : Yesss I love youuuu
abby_cadabby21 -
Sunday Selfie πŸ’„ #sunday #selfie #blonde #blondie #blondeproblems #roots #redlips #wavyhair #blackandwhite #monochrome #piajewellery #vintage #retro
piajewellery - blackandwhite - vintage - selfie - wavyhair - sunday - blondeproblems - blondie - retro - monochrome - blonde - redlips - roots -
lfclancer : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ xx
lili76photo - estheridades - popscene01 - shirinfamil -
πŸ™ˆ That's embarrassing.. Because sometimes I don't think when I'm texting. #Easter #BlondeProblems
easter - blondeproblems -
bball4life_25 : Don't feel bad. I was about to tell someone happy thanksgiving today too. 😒 Lol @leexii18
leexii18 : It was so embarrassing! I didn't even notice! πŸ˜‚ @laken_b3
justindowler97 : Hahaha that's hilarious! πŸ˜‚
leexii18 : Bobby's response kills me! πŸ˜‚ @justindowler97
justindowler97 : @leexii18 Ohh my gosh YES! Happy whatever this is! πŸ˜‚
justindowler97 - kalebstrock2015 - little_kin_kin - vitaminwatur -
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