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moonfluff . #fish #betafish #colors #water #bamboo
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#ThrowbackThursday to when I brought Feffari home with me over Christmas and kept him alive!!!!! #tbt #FeffariLovesMe #BetaFish #KalisFish #Pet #ImGreat
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jennifermeshach -
R.i.p. Lola tbt 2010-2014
betafish -
boobenefitz__007 : #Betafish
Warriors. ๐Ÿ’š #betafish
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Neptune(named after Neptune in RE1) hunting #betafish #pets #residentevil
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Presents are awesome. Except when left by your brother unexpectedly after he's moved to London with a sticky note and its something you have to keep alive. @philostrate8 I cleaned the tank and you owe me big time!! #surprise #betafish #marsthefish #hopeidontkillit #damnyou
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roxdiculous : Hahaha nice Phil!
colin102782 : #maybeapuppyisntsuchagoodidea
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Scuba Steve! The blue fighter fish! #Betafish, #blue, #scuba, #fishtank
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I โค my ๐Ÿ  #beta #fish #betafish #blub #lol #love
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Beautiful tulips from my gf at work. She has a beta fish on her desk & I feed him when she's away. Hence the ๐Ÿ  on the sticky note #tulips #loveflowers #spring #friendship #ilovetohelp #fishie #betafish #purple #burstofcolour
purple - tulips - fishie - loveflowers - ilovetohelp - burstofcolour - betafish - spring - friendship -
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His place is in front of a mirror. He likes it :) #betta #bettafish #beta #betafish #pompeii #fish
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avengedkitten : He needs a tank with a heater. He'll die in a bowl.
bad_wolf93 : @avengedkitten I promise you this is better than the Tupperware cup with an inch if water he was in. This bowl is only temporary.
avengedkitten : Oh okay. Well I have a friend who did a test because bettas put out a pretty large amount of ammonia. In just one day of being in 1/2 gallon of water there was .5 ppm of ammonia. There should be 0 ammonia. I'd recommend doing a water change every other day till you upgrade to prevent ammonia burns and other sickness :)
bad_wolf93 : @avengedkitten I have been doing my research ever since I rescued him. I will get a better tank with a filtration system and heater but right now this is all I can do last minute.
malkiawasimba : I would just put a top on what he's in. Bettas have been known to jump. And congrats on rescuing!
bad_wolf93 : @malkiawasimba I'm eventually going to get a live plant that floats it will cover most of the surface area
malkiawasimba : Ok. Live plants are hard. Most of mine died. But you might have netter luck then me
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@headdies I'm Pretty damn excited for this ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ˜ #teamheaddies #headdies #betafish #comingsoon
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Whoops sorry Hebert #betafish #overfed
overfed - betafish -
jenesaispasjulie : He shall feast like a king
cherries_kenia : Oh :/
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What shall I name this little dude? ๐Ÿ  #aquatic #fishy #betafish
aquatic - betafish - fishy -
chelbygerbz : Mr Red Legs
jordansfirstchoice : @chelbygerbz that is amazing
surrahfitbbycakez : Alfanzo
jacojucutan : Luthor Poondragon!
apassingfancy : @jordansfirstchoice peatree
ima_distraction : Jody beta
jlln - apassingfancy - jacojucutan - brianrtw82 -
Meet Pompeii! He's my new fishy pet! #beta #betafish #pompeii
pompeii - beta - betafish -
cherries_kenia : Amazing *-*
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#friends? #fish #cat #food #fishfood #catpic #animalfriends #betafish #catsofinstagram
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New fishy!! ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ #fish #betafish #love #socute #fishy #red #and #white
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talaloren : My fish died and I have a cool bowl you can have for him if you want ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜„
talaloren : Or a giant Masson jar that makes for a cool fish tank! :)
ezria_aleeya : I'm gonna put him in a mason jar:) @talaloren
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#betafish #marvin
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Our newest additions to the family๐Ÿ  Sky the beta fish and (name yet to be determined) beta fish. #betafish #nonamefish #fishy
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nicrene121 : You could have taken ours!! I've tried to get rid of it for a year now!!!!
eglaeh : Are you serious!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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Because eyeball #eyeball #eyeballselfie #bored #eyes #ugh #sleeptimenow #pointlesshashtags #mangos #fruitsalad #betafish #chopstick #hiya! #instawat #instawho #booyouwhore #green #chopsuey #teddybear #hashtag #penguin #socks #gummyworms #weird
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#betafish #nonewfriends #vic
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Everybody meet Fredrick!! My new work pet ๐Ÿ  #betafish#beautifulwarrior#chinesefightingfish#workpet๐Ÿ 
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katiefricke8 - avery_oja - mirandaatwood - carleemagers -
#spartacus #beta #betafish #crown #crowntail #crowntailbeta #fightingfish
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Spartacus is being crazy #Spartacus #beta #fightingfish #betafish #crown #crowntail #crowntailbeta
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My awesome early birthday present from Michael! #betafish #birthday #present #yay
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He's freaking out. Lol. #betafish #mtndew
mtndew - betafish -
sorrakitkris -
He's been staring at my pop for 10 minutes now.. #betafish #mtndew
mtndew - betafish -
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Two goldfish and two beta charms for sale, $15 each (plus shipping). Polymer clay, eye pin, pearl ex pigment and glazed. #polymer #polymerclay #handmade #handpainted #handsculpted #pearl #pearlex #jewelry #fish #beta #betafish #goldfish
polymer - jewelry - polymerclay - handpainted - fish - handmade - handsculpted - pearl - beta - pearlex - goldfish - betafish -
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Good morning from the Cap :) #bettasplendens #betta #bettafish #fish #beta #betafish #pretty
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Meet my roomate. Tikka the fighting Beta. Named him after a kebab haha. My first animal purchase from Cartimar. #BetaFish #fightingfish #CartimarFinds
fightingfish - betafish - cartimarfinds -
nicoleasensio : Awwww I miss mine :( hello there lil blue dude!
theginolopez : @nicoleasensio I think you should get one again haha and then breed them and let them fight lol
jazpertiongson - lorraine_margaux - nicoleasensio - annegorriceta -
Good morning Little Dragon #beta #upcloseandpersonal #betafish #bigeyed #redbeta #ilovemybeta
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"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." Khalil gibran @irenafantasia thanks for being a friend~ #morning #heart #laughter #friendship #bettafish #betafish #beta #Jupiter #red #cherrh #quotes #quoteoftheday #quote
heart - laughter - quote - morning - quotes - beta - betafish - cherrh - jupiter - quoteoftheday - friendship - red - bettafish -
irenafantasia : You're welcome~ same with you friend :)
irenafantasia - alancmalik - only_esther_ - nachos_the_artist -
I do not watermark my photos. I don't like the way it looks (and maybe I foolishly believe that my followers are better than theft.) There has, unfortunately, been some uncredited reposting of my photos latelyโ€”which probably means that there's more that I don't yet know about. The short of it is this: If I find one of my photos on your account, with no credit given, I will not ask questions. I'll just block you. That's not cool. It's taken me a year and a half for this to happen and the instances are few, so to those of you who are kind enough to use my pictures and either mention or tag me in them, thank you! You are the best!
beautiful - bettasofinstagram - watermark - fish - bettasplendens - water - photos - beta - betafish - aquarium - theft - bettafish - betta - credit - reposting - usage - repost - fishtank -
bettasofinstagram : @kiefthewaterdragon I know what you mean! The community is pretty cool, otherwise I'd just be surprised that it didn't happen sooner.
calypsosapocalypse : I have also dealed with stuff like that, but I was the one who was blocked! It is very annoying and wrong when your own pictures are taken and not credited. After my incident, I've always wondered whether or not I should watermark, but I honestly hate the way it looks too.
gmllphotography : I had issues like that in the past too, now I watermark. I hate that I have to, but unfortunately some people just dont understand the amount of work that goes into a photograph.
bettasofinstagram : @gmllphotography Instagram is frustrating because, if the watermark isn't right on top of the subject, people will find creative ways to crop it out. It baffles me that it's so hard for someone to mention you in a caption.
bettasofinstagram : @calypsosapocalypse I've toyed with the idea of watermarking since day one but in the end it's too much work for a final product that I do not like.
splendidbetta : Had it happen to me a few weeks into my betta account. How annoying.
ninahollins : People need to seriously grow up... I had one of my pictures taken and it upset me so much. I had to almost bully them to take the photo down. She took a picture of my hamster and said it was hers. I was angry.
jordan_andres_forever : I hate when people take pictures without asking ๐Ÿ˜ 
animedrawer013 - lovelybettas - ane_pvieira - jordan_andres_forever -
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