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Second session with @artofgunnar , one more to go and it should be complete. I couldn't be happier with the way my piece is turning out. Go follow him at @artofgunnar or
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ulekstore : #ulekstore #artofgunnar #wip #workinprogress #blackandgrey #dreamscene #family #tree #owl #raven #dog #guitar #moon #stars #wolf #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #plugs #instapic #ink #instagood #freshink
alahnaray : Looks awesome!! @ulekstore
ulekstore : @alahnaray Thank you ;-)
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Tomorrow I'll be heading back down to Columbus, OH for my second session with @artofgunnar Still a lot of work to be done on my full wrap half sleeve. @artofgunnar such a talented individual... I can't wait!
tattoos - family - owl - freshink - blackandgrey - ulekstore - wip - plugs - workinprogress - tattoo - tattooartist - sleeve - halfsleeve - dog - ink - artofgunnar - dreamscene - raven -
ulekstore : #ulekstore #ink #freshink #wip #workinprogress #sleeve #halfsleeve #artofgunnar #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #dreamscene #owl #raven #dog #family #blackandgrey #plugs
stormbreeze : @ulekstore this is sick work ! πŸ‘πŸ‘
ulekstore : @stormbreeze Thanks :-)
alahnaray : I love it!! @ulekstore
ulekstore : @alahnaray Thanks cuz. :-)
johnnygee_iicc : proper!
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As instagram begins is descent, much like that of MySpace and Facebook, please note offers updated posts, a full gallery of work old and new, video interviews and COMING SOON educational videos and a full online store. All powered by @thetattoocloud . #bigbusinessdestroysallgoodthings #stayindependent #websitesarestillpure #ARTOFGUNNAR
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Thank you so much Troy and Gwen Scott of TGRexotics wildlife park in Spring, Texas for purchasing the "Forlorn party" oil painting. #hellcity #hellcitytattoofest #tattoo #art #oilpainting #artofgunnar #painting
hellcity - tattoo - art - artofgunnar - hellcitytattoofest - painting - oilpainting -
philbjohn : Lucky guy!...
jimelitwalk : Great painting!!
kgierhart : One of my favorites!
troyscott5315 : Thanks Gunnar for the opportunity to purchase an amazing piece of art, the first but hopefully not the last to be added to my collection.
lindseyfredell : Good choice that is my favorite! I hope they enjoyπŸ˜ƒ
ryan_tattoo : Great piece. Thanks for the compliments today. You are an inspiration.
artofgunnar : @troyscott5315 thank you, hope ya made it hope safely and the new art is being enjoyed:)
nicoletteboyd2 : Hey! I emailed you from your website, stupid me.. I should have used gmail @artofgunnar
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Rad piece by @artofgunnar done at #hellcitytattoofestival ! #artofgunnar #wolf #tattoo #steadfastbrandartist #steadfastbrand #SFB #ITB #inkisthickerthanblood
tattoo - steadfastbrand - inkisthickerthanblood - itb - wolf - artofgunnar - hellcitytattoofestival - sfb - steadfastbrandartist -
jordanskyemodeling : Awesome
shitthappenss : @bloodgiver
marcmick1031 : Rawwwwr
bossladyphotography - valechanel90 - t0ky0r0se - hushanesthetic -
Time to say goodbye to a few of my personal favorites. I'm glad they found great new homes. #sold #oilpainting #colorful #fairytale #aliceinwonderland #girl #artofgunnar #art
aliceinwonderland - art - colorful - sold - artofgunnar - girl - fairytale - oilpainting -
cesarcastro11 : Nice Gunnar. I have the same frame on the left. Hobby lobby special
superchangotattoo : @artofgunnar my friend bought the Alice one πŸ‘
luketoney : I need to get down there to look before everything is bought up!
tmckee13 : That guy was really happy to score the jack and Jill
icantclick - btwbodyarts - preppywillneverdie - 311girly -
Thanks to everyone that has ever trusted me to put needle to skin. As my way of showing appreciation to my collectors over the course of my career, ill be announcing an exclusive special for you very soon. #artofgunnar #godsandmonsters #dontforgetyourroots. #collectorrespect #ilkustrativetattoo #newschool
ilkustrativetattoo - illustrativetattoo - collectorrespect - artofgunnar - newschool - godsandmonsters - dontforgetyourroots -
dale13 : You're an inspiration to countless artists! Keep doing your thing and being awesome. #fangirl
meloratattoos : @justinnordinetattoos @arlotattoos @artbyseth :) we rock
meliis_eye : Love that!! ❀️
zamart : Word
johnvendetti : @artofgunnar holy shit! I can't wait! I need to get back in there and finish this arm up!!!
johnvendetti : @artofgunnar @tslicklider needs to get back in there as well!
2inkd : You are a class act, Gunnar!
ulekstore : @artofgunnar Sweet. Can't wait. :-)
niteowldp - lokveo - intheruins - marky2dix -
Found this little Pan in an old sketchbook. What do you think? Is he worth salvaging for a new piece of art? #faninput #artofgunnar #sketch
faninput - sketch - artofgunnar -
jojobtrfly : I love him!!
soulie66 : Keeper!
brettherman : πŸ‘πŸ‘
coffinqueen : Id get it!
unicornface : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
robtattooguy : @2010fxdb
tslicklider : Reminds me a lot of my devils.
artofgunnar : @tslicklider probably drawn around same time ... How you been?
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Gunnar of Red Tree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio will be attending Hell City Killumbus. @artofgunnar @redtreetattoo @hell_city #hellcity #hellcity2014 #hellcitytattoofest #hellcitytattoofestival #Killumbus #columbus #ohio #tattoo #art #convention #festival #hell #redtree #redtreetattoo #redtreegallery #gunnar #artofgunnar
columbus - art - killumbus - gunnar - hellcity2014 - hell - redtreetattoo - redtree - tattoo - festival - hellcitytattoofestival - hellcitytattoofest - hellcity - redtreegallery - artofgunnar - convention - ohio -
eric_the_don : That fisherman tattoo is so awesome !!!
artofgunnar : Thanks @hell_city
artofgunnar : Haha @eric_the_don your awesome
chelle312 : All of it is rad but completely in love with the owl and the fisherman! @artofgunnar
anchorsandca : \m/
artofjaynoska - neotatmachines - kahnartist112 - warrior1968 -
Tattoo times with @artofgunnar #johnwace #throwbackthursday #tbt #gunnar #artofgunnar #highstreettattoo #tattoo #guyswithtattoos #columbusohio #adio #newfoundglory #09 #2009 #circa2009
tattoo - columbusohio - highstreettattoo - throwbackthursday - circa2009 - 09 - newfoundglory - tbt - gunnar - artofgunnar - johnwace - guyswithtattoos - 2009 - adio -
artofgunnar : Hey @xjxwx how ya been man? I still need to make a trip that way one of these days
xjxwx : @artofgunnar Hey man. Very good cheers. Definitely dude! If you're ever near York there's always a place for you to stay with us. You still at Highstreet? I was thinking about making another visit to Columbus just recently.
itskatykins - teaandtinker - cherry_pips - jordytayy -
#truth #repost #artofgunnar #realtalk2014 #tattoos #tattoo
tattoos - realtalk2014 - artofgunnar - truth - tattoo - repost -
toonstattoo : Real shit right there
natetattoosu : That's right lol
enuf1 - mellehope - livelifelovenative - sandsthegrand -
Just got to do this super fun hermit tattoo on @kehrle . Thanks man, it was a blast. #eternalink #truetubes #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo #fkirons
truetubes - fkirons - redtreetattoo - eternalink - artofgunnar -
kupcake711 : @artofgunnar this is awesome! are you booked full for HC in April?
dominicholmes : Rad
brettherman : πŸ‘πŸ‘
black13tattoo : Super nice!
munkebloodtattoo : I love where your style goes. Always evolving into something more inspiring. Thank you.
gingermamato : Watching you work on this today was rad.
echoesinthefog : Boss, i would really like to get tattooed off you but live in England. Are you doing any conventions over here this year? Thanks. Should i email you instead of asking on here?
artofgunnar : @echoesinthefog thanks:) the closest I'm coming anytime soon would be the @chaudesaigues_stephane convention this summer. Email is always the best way to contact. Thanks again
swagnella15 - shootjoec - luctimcook - brentgoudie -
Today's gallery feature from our #tilldeath art show is this rad oil paiting by @artofgunnar Title is "Don't fear the reaper" it's 8X10 and only $600!!! Sooo good in person!! This baby needs to be in your life!! Call us, now! #lhblk #lhblkgallery #art #artofgunnar #painting #oilpainting #tattoo #artist #evil #reaper #love #cupid #valentine #death #life #cute #skull #skeleton #collectable #oneofakind #buystuff #paypal #etsy #doit #stopsittingthereandjustbuyit
cute - life - art - skeleton - stopsittingthereandjustbuyit - tilldeath - paypal - evil - valentine - doit - love - etsy - tattoo - death - skull - artist - collectable - cupid - oneofakind - reaper - lhblk - artofgunnar - lhblkgallery - painting - buystuff - oilpainting -
joelemire - anthonyelbambo - tokyo_jesus - gabriellaliszkay -
Pretty fuckin sweet. Thanks @psychosmoke! #newfoundglory #catalyst #artofgunnar
newfoundglory - catalyst - artofgunnar -
psychosmoke : Happy it arrived in 1 piece
lindybones : @psychosmoke Same. I love it.
peaceluvapplesauce - joshoa86 - teenburgerband - eddie_kal_el -
β€œIt’s better to fail in originality, than succeed in imitation.” ~Herman Melville Here's a little process pic for those of you that enjoy these:) As a professional artists for over a decade and a half, I have to say everyday is a learning experience. I am continually trying new techniques, new mediums, and new tools. I am always learning, always refining and always growing. I encourage all artists to explore influences, techniques and various mediums. It's the best way to discover who you are as an artist. Life gets boring when everyone pulls from the same source. #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo
redtreetattoo - artofgunnar -
chrisacuellarart_aka_bigc : Loving the inspiration this morning. I never stop admiring so many past and current artists nor ever forget how much I should push myself more to do better, more creative more original.
definingskin : @jonathansteen_tattoos
artofgunnar : @redletter1 thanks sir
artofgunnar : @jamesmonster666 @freedomfeet @levihiltontattoos @chrisacuellarart_aka_bigc thanks guys :)
djtambe : @artofgunnar sick dude stay inspiring
_canuto : @yrlanlins
ptoons : Wise words.
aannnnyyy : @pojo888
garf247 - chrisrhodestattoo - fabiianandresam - bout_it_bowden -
#Slaps at Olde Towne Tattoo Kearney NE. @oldetownescott @mattymattson @jared_olson_the_j_rod I β™₯linework @artofgunnar
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ryan_w_barker : #oldetownetattoo #artofgunnar #tattoos #tattooed #tattoolife #tat2 #tattoos #ink #inked #inkedlife #igpic #iggood #igphoto #instamood #instapic #instagood #instaphoto #picoftheday #photooftheday #flick #nofilter #filter
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artofgunnar -
prilesmuitt : Sick
artofgunnar : So glad ya got it @eddiemurdoch congrats man, I hope ya enjoy
eddiemurdoch : @artofgunnar Thank you! I'm definitely enjoying it! :D
eddiemurdoch : @miles_pruitt heck yeah!
d3adhorseart79 : I'm a little jealous. I want one. I love Gunnar's work. I'm a fan. I bought his sketch book at a tattoo convention in Philly last year. Amazing artist.
eddiemurdoch : @d3adhorseart79 Dope, yeah I got so lucky haha
robbwild : Yes
eddiemurdoch : @robbwild :D
mercedess23 - tifftiff2x - glitzyoner - kingcain89 -
Love the painting by @artofgunnar I won in a repost contest, I never win anything and I'm a poor apprentice so I'm so stoked! Haha #artofgunnar#oilpainting
artofgunnar - oilpainting -
rachelannesanner : I'm still stoked for you!
eddiemurdoch : @rachelannesanner thanks! So happy! Can't wait to find a dope frame!
justinhowellsatthemoon : So sick...
eddiemurdoch : @justinhowellsatthemoon :D
d3adhorseart79 : @eddiemurdoch Dude you have to be so proud to hang that on your wall along with your possessions. It's an awesome painting.
eddiemurdoch : @d3adhorseart79 so happy to add it to the collection, biggest piece I got
d3adhorseart79 : It's a beautiful piece dude. Cherish that. @eddiemurdoch
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Getting inked by one of the best guys around- @artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
jamesgee : With @naygee
jamesgee : #artofgunnar
artofgunnar : Thanks @jamesgee it was great seein you, I can't wait to finish and hang out again
jamesgee : @artofgunnar you too man. Have a safe flight my friend, see you in a few months.
theeadriann : You get that breaking bad piece?
artofgunnar - theeadriann - julianponce - nestitopaz -
Cartoon of my mother&her dog nugget/not a very good pic!Halfway done by Gunnar. #artofgunnar #hiddentattoolosangeles #guestspot
guestspot - hiddentattoolosangeles - artofgunnar -
brettherman : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ghostfacelissah - naygee - insta_death88 - jaydel32 -
Chuck Norris the kicker tattoo :-) @artofgunnar @cbbolling #chuck #chucknorristattoo #kicker #inks #artofgunnar #armtat #color #tattooparlour #tattoomachine #artist
tattooparlour - chucknorristattoo - color - inks - chuck - armtat - kicker - artofgunnar - tattoomachine - artist -
benjaminstarling - artofjaynoska - freeasdeer - cokula -
Honored to have @artofgunnar tattooing with us for the week!! Such an amazing artist! Do your eyes a favor and Give him a follow!!! #artofgunnar #gunnar #hiddenlosangeles
gunnar - hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar -
randy_r : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
odieodieodie : Gunnar is a legend!
hiddenlosangeles : @odieodieodie sure is!
hiddenlosangeles : @randy_r we miss u randy!!
randy_r : @hiddenlosangeles miss you !
bubbleso0 - odieodieodie - codeydoran - mango_217 -
Check out my new @swollen_knuckles_clothing artist series shirt. Now available at #fighter #mma #swollenknuckles #fight #columbus #artist #artofgunnar #614 #ohio #ufc
columbus - fighter - artist - ufc - 614 - fight - swollenknuckles - artofgunnar - ohio - mma -
shawncraig1 : Thats awesome!
whompa1wes : Looks amazing! @artofgunnar
rudeboi209 : Very cool
tshirt_time007 : @artofgunnar Who does your print work?
eric_the_don : So awesome
fvckn_knowartist : Knowllen Swuckles. Great stuff @artofgunnar!
thimsundbergjohansson - ptrckptrsn - lokveo - jeeperstcb -
Rocking my #artofgunnar owl shirt by @steadfastbrand !!! I love it. #owl #tattoo #tattoos #inkedboss #steadfastsweetheart #steadfastbrand #inkisthickerthanblood #thatink #inkedboss #tattooedwomen #famousinkedmodels
owl - steadfastbrand - inkedboss - thatink - tattoos - inkisthickerthanblood - tattoo - tattooedwomen - artofgunnar - famousinkedmodels - steadfastsweetheart -
iloveguacam0le : yea! gunnar kills it.
the_ruca : @iloveguacam0le he's the jam.
nikkirob221 : Love that shirt!! And you of course! 😁😘
modernhepcat - mbrooks281 - kimyp_ - vennom96 -
@artofgunnar #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
Yes please. @artofgunnar #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
carladubis - one_hoppygirl - bkonk10 - sillyjillypilly -
Would be awesome to win a gunnar original!! #artofgunnar @artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
sunflowerchildren - artwino777 -
@artofgunnar #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
#artofgunnar @artofgunnar if I win this painting, I will NOT share with @damntim πŸ˜‚ 😍
artofgunnar -
damntim : 😒
sydd_smithh - jayda_le - cassandra_diane - oceanakate -
#artofgunnar @artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
tattoosbyjohnguzman - travisbroyles13 - bowie_with_boobs -
@artofgunnar is doing a give-a-way of this awesome oil. Hope I win! #artofgunnar #oilpainting
artofgunnar - oilpainting -
adeanette : This is amazing! You are so talented!
the_qster_ : @adeanette ... the painting isn't mine, it's done by @artofgunnar. He was running a contest with that as a prize. Check him out he is an amazing artist.
sarahmillertattoo : Hope you win too!
sarahmillertattoo - buggybonejewelry - casanordine - adeanette -
One of my favorites is raffling this off tonight. This is me entering. Be sure to check him out! @artofgunnar #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
mattmotush - jer_rok - missyfineinc - nose_over_tail -
@artofgunnar #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
eddiemurdoch : @tiesoart nuts! Habahaha
eddiemurdoch : Sooo stoked!
teawulfe : Congrats!
eddiemurdoch : @teawulfe thank you!
mattfork : Awesome dude! Bet you're pretty jazzed.
eddiemurdoch : @mattfork stoked! Can't believe it! Haha
ryannutini : Bastard! Congrats man
eddiemurdoch : @ryannutini haha thank you!
austinevolution - prilesmuitt - paintpimp215 - freestatetattoo -
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