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#antonszandorlavey #satanicbible #bible #pentagram
antonszandorlavey - bible - pentagram - satanicbible -
FINALLY got my books! #thesatanicrituals #thesatanicbible #antonszandorlavey #antonlavey #wiccan #random
wiccan - antonszandorlavey - antonlavey - thesatanicrituals - random - thesatanicbible -
fangsilvermoon : Omfg, If my parents saw me readind that I'd be dead.. how did you get those? 0-0
official_wolfy : I ordered them from a page called ,when my mom got home I was like "hey mom, mooom look at my new books they're really good" and she said "......okay" and looked at me weird haha 😂 @fangsilvermoon
fangsilvermoon : I really want your mom now! 0-0" (gawd that sounds so weird..) but yeah, we got that store in town too but cant find stuff like that.. maybe to awesome to handle?.. -_- hope you like them then.. Cx
official_wolfy : Haha *gives you my mom* 😂 haha yeah! But you can maybe order them as I did? :3 yeah I haven't read so much but yet I can tell that they're really good ^^ @fangsilvermoon
poetiskt : Good stuff good stuff indeed! Vill också ha haha .__.
official_wolfy : Haha det kostade knappt 250 spänn på :3 SÅ VÄRT DET 😱 @poetiskt
poetiskt : Jag vill ha nuuuu! 😱😱😱❤️
official_wolfy : Haha ❤️ @poetiskt
fallenangel1424 - kat_lupus - the_colourful_generation - its_something_grimm -
"Indulgence instead of abstinence" #AntonSzandorLaVey #ChurchOfSatan #satan #satanism #laveyan #lavey #hailsatan
laveyan - churchofsatan - satan - lavey - antonszandorlavey - satanism - hailsatan -
blacksailsuk - metalchick420 - lazbill1 - orgasm_of_nostradamus -
Nú lá verkið hjá Sjúrður Højgaard at enda í postkassanum, og tað hevur fingið sítt serliga pláss á hyllini millum aðrar svakar teinkjarar. So er spurningurin: hvør av teimum er svakastur? :P #AllirTeirStóruFilosoffarnir #SamHarris #RichardDawkins #ChristopherHitchens #SjúrðurHøjgaard #AntonSzandorLavey
antonszandorlavey - sjúrðurhøjgaard - christopherhitchens - samharris - richarddawkins - allirteirstórufilosoffarnir -
nudye - richard_dawkins_foundation - alphaofearth -
#YankeeRose #SatanicBible #AntonLaVey #AntonSzandorLaVey #Satanism
antonszandorlavey - yankeerose - churchofsatan - antonlavey - satanism - satanicbible -
steveave : #ChurchOfSatan
stood666 : Hail
ikeljohn - darth_arth - ernievelas - sirvampire -
#SatanicBible #AntonLaVey #AntonSzandorLaVey #Satanism #ChurchOfSatan
antonszandorlavey - satanism - churchofsatan - satanicbible - antonlavey -
morgueofficial : I like this one
steveave : @morgueofficial Thanks!
ernievelas : HS
steveave : @ernievelas Ave Satanas!
cocainevodka - _kaspr_ - blacksailsuk - stood666 -
#SatanicBible #AntonLaVey #AntonSzandorLaVey #Satanism #ChurchOfSatan
antonszandorlavey - satanism - churchofsatan - satanicbible - antonlavey -
chaylaoohlala - darth_arth - thefinalsolution - ghastlynoir -
#Thedevilsnotebook #Antonszandorlavey #satan #devil #god
antonszandorlavey - devil - satan - thedevilsnotebook - god -
subcidewebzine : It's ok
neverending_parade - omar_fuzzy - paandaamonium - alyssajst -
A little reading before bed. #satanicbible #antonszandorlavey #antonlavey
antonszandorlavey - satanicbible - antonlavey -
avaladezsatx : I want one of those!!
ancira666 : @avaladezsatx Everyone should have one.
dwm224 : Keep mine in the guest bed side table.
dwm224 - morgueofficial - avaladezsatx - blasphemymadeflesh666 -
What good are friends if they can't do you any good? -Anton LaVey #emo #scene #goth #punk #wolf #therian #therianwolf #wolftherian #antonlavey #ironmaiden #antonszandorlavey
wolftherian - goth - antonlavey - therian - emo - punk - scene - antonszandorlavey - wolf - therianwolf - ironmaiden -
the_nerdybirdy : Me too! I am reading the book at the moment.
official_wolfy : Cool! I ordered my book a few days ago and I'm still waiting for it xD (The Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals) :3 @the_nerdybirdy
mehtayem : Wolfy, are you a satanist?:P or do you just find the bible interesting?xD @official_wolfy
official_wolfy : I find it very interesting but atm I am still just getting in to it :3 @mehtayem
mehtayem : Awe, thats awesome! It really is interesting... And if you ask me, it the Best religion there is :3 @official_wolfy
official_wolfy : Yeah it is the best religion I've ever read about tbh xD @mehtayem
mehtayem : Its the best, yeah xD @official_wolfy
juliafrerot : Lovely Wolfy ❤ @official_wolfy
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oop anton lavey satan takes a holiday cd. #antonlavey #antonszandorlavey #churchofsatan #satan #baphomet
baphomet - antonszandorlavey - churchofsatan - satan - antonlavey -
bodyflesh : Lol this ones ridiculous!
handsomecultleader : @bodyflesh haha, agreed. his keyboard playing is enjoyable, but once his singing comes in, you can't help but laugh!
lanalove18 - xanathedead - matthieuxdetoux - thunderpumpkin -
oop satanic mass cd. #antonlavey #antonszandorlavey #satan #churchofsatan #hell #baphomet
antonszandorlavey - churchofsatan - satan - antonlavey - baphomet - hell - satanic - satanicmass -
handsomecultleader : #satanic
handsomecultleader : #satanicmass
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Keeps me away from creepycrawlies on the bus 😹😈💜😇#antonszandorlavey#yabiiish#bookofbelial#bookofleviathan#bookoflucifer#tripsixshiet#seasustan#theygonnastereotypemeandnotfuckwithme#jokerinthepac#witchyrucas#staytrucha#aintnoleva
jokerinthepac - bookoflucifer - theygonnastereotypemeandnotfuckwithme - aintnoleva - witchyrucas - bookofleviathan - staytrucha - seasustan - antonszandorlavey - tripsixshiet - bookofbelial - yabiiish -
thehomegirllinda : You still live in upland boo? I've never seen yo cute self on the bus 😉
acelitamuertita : In downtown ontas pero soon I'm moving lol this was on the silverstreak
acelitamuertita : @thehomegirllinda
thehomegirllinda : Oh shit I was in downtown on Monday lol
acelitamuertita : @soulofanewmachine haha nice! @thehomegirllinda oh in ontas?haha
inkk_tatz_vegas - psychopebbles - discoladypat - vidiiigomez -
antonszandorlavey - nofilter - regiesatana - thesatanicbible -
danielemassetti : Vatte a mazzà
shemhamforashh - red9o -
Although a controversial & mysterious figure, this man has been quite influential within the past couple of decades. #happybirthday #antonlavey #satanism #satanicbible #religion #qotd ...I haven't defined myself as a #satantist, but I honestly find some of the #philosophy interesting... “It has been said, 'the truth will make men free.' The truth alone has never made anyone free. It is only doubt which will bring mental emancipation.” ... "To be loved, feelings must be rationed. To love, the doors of hysteria, fantasy, and madness may be flung open.” ― #AntonSzandorLaVey
happybirthday - qotd - antonlavey - antonszandorlavey - satantist - philosophy - religion - satanism - satanicbible -
ganjaadeen : Probably will get alot of hate for posting this, but probably from people who actually dont understand satanism.
lazbill1 : @ganjaadeen that's the whole problem many people just start bashing before they research. Glad @kxtx did post it and hope more eyes will open!
kxtx : Indeed! I truly appreciate the honest and rational comments you two have made @ganjaadeen & @lazbill1. I was expecting much different (negative) responses when I had seen the notifications recently.
ganjaadeen : I like to keep an open mind to everything. 
lazbill1 - rmi3658 - michael_musgrave - clarance_w_crow -
He was born on this day; April 11th. Anton Szandor Lavey. You were great and I say that although I have never known you. Happy birthday, we love you. ❤️ #antonszandorlavey #happybirthday #satan #satanic #satanism #satanist #hailsatan #haillucifer #lucifer #satanicbible #churchofsatan #grunge #goth #squaready
happybirthday - goth - grunge - satanic - satanist - churchofsatan - satanicbible - antonszandorlavey - satanism - lucifer - satan - squaready - haillucifer - hailsatan -
satanicguy : Fuck I missed it
cocainevodka : @satanicguy Me too almost but thought of it in the evening. 🙊
satanicguy : Yea thank u for te reminder
lapkamarta_ - sophiephillips2001 - blackbirds666 - zeenaxe -
#AntonSzandorLaVey was born on this day in 1930. #ChurchOfSatan #TheSatanicBible #Occultist #Satanist #Satanic #Satanism #LaVeyanSatanism #Author #Musician #HappyBirthday #TheSatanicRituals #TheSatanicWitch #TheDevilsNotebook #SatanSpeaks #RIP #666
satanist - antonlavey - thedevilsnotebook - thesatanicrituals - 666 - satanic - musician - rip - thesatanicbible - churchofsatan - thesatanicwitch - occultist - happybirthday - laveyansatanism - author - satanspeaks - antonszandorlavey - satanism -
davidianvision : #AntonLaVey Satan SATAN SATAN!!!
gnossos : HAIL SATAN!!!!
mrjcoolness : Good times
ghostgrrrl13 : Hail Seitan...don't panic, it's organic.
handsomecultleader - detroitdougie - bastardsyndrome - creepierthebetter -
Happy Birthday to the most intelligent man ever and the man who helped me see how the world really is. #AntonSzandorLaVey ♥ rest in peace you beautiful man. ♥
antonszandorlavey -
thewolverinedacus - true_son_of_satan666 - rahimelshazly - gokillyourself_41510 -
Happy birthday to Anton Szandor LaVey. I only wish that I could've have met you at least once before you passed. R.I.P. #rip #happybirthday #antonszandorlavey #metal #satnism #laveyansatanism #lion #sanfrancisco #devil #666 #badass #pentagram #churchofsatan #pet #organist
happybirthday - laveyansatanism - sanfrancisco - organist - pet - 666 - metal - churchofsatan - rip - antonszandorlavey - lion - devil - satnism - badass - pentagram -
handsomecultleader - lapkamarta_ - xenaus - lizzcarnelos -
Happy Birthday #antonszandorlavey
antonszandorlavey -
beautymarkings : I found out last year he and I share a birthday haha. I'll take that over any celebrity
darling_witch : @beautymarkings Hell yeah! Happy Birthday!🎉🎉🎉
mandie5star - astrayscot - davvethewavve - justintimberwolf -
Happy Birthday to the late Anton LaVey. #Antonszandorlavey #antonlavey #churchofsatan #satanism #happybirthday #satanist #rip #hailsatan
happybirthday - antonlavey - satanist - satanism - rip - antonszandorlavey - churchofsatan - hailsatan -
theeternallight : Look at them ears. Dude was born to be a pioneer in #satanism #AveFuckingSatanas
sashamassacre - ltculp - laurenstimola - theeternallight -
Happy birthday Herr Doktor. The black flame your words ignited in me burns as strong as it ever has and I shall continue to honor your legacy by blazing a path of my own. #AntonSzandorLaVey #MyHeroesAreDead
antonszandorlavey - myheroesaredead -
masstore - keanuswayout - thorn_9 - geoffkresge -
Happy birthday to a great founding father #antonszandorlavey #lavey #hailsatan #hailkingsatan #satanic
antonszandorlavey - satanic - hailsatan - lavey - hailkingsatan -
lapkamarta_ - darth_grievous - macabreclothing -
I dont care what many think hate me if you will and i will give it to you in return, im proud of who i am, hail satan! #satan #antonszandorlavey #lavey #satanic #Laveyan #hailsatan
laveyan - satan - lavey - antonszandorlavey - satanic - hailsatan -
ganjatokes : Lmfao ur a laveyan satanist . I hope u know they don't believe in satan. They believe in themselves being their own god... Lmfao
xxpsycobunnyxx : I do know that
xxpsycobunnyxx : But satan is a symbol of power thus worshiping a symbol i am the true believer
xxpsycobunnyxx : @ganjatokes
tymb065_loskiii : #hailsatan
t3tchydj - tymb065_loskiii - ganjatokes - scarletcontessa -
Satan is waitin' kids. #satan #antonszandorlavey #antonlavey #makessense #loljesus #pantysoupforsatan @jroctizzle look at my bitchin hash tags haha
antonszandorlavey - pantysoupforsatan - satan - loljesus - makessense - antonlavey -
jroctizzle : Nice
morgueofficial : 🔪
graveyardstew : Le stab
lilyfishh - blacksailsuk - rnoj - h8u___ -
Because Satan
becausesatan - antonlavey - thesatanicbible - antonszandorlavey - churchofsatan - book - satan - lavey - whyforthegloryofsatanofcourse -
davedarkeye : #thesatanicbible #satan #churchofsatan #lavey #antonlavey #antonszandorlavey #becausesatan #whyforthegloryofsatanofcourse #book
ramhammer90 : Glorious satan!
monstersofrock - xenaus - blacklighteyes - death_snats_balls -
#AntonSzandorLaVey #loveit #labibbiadiSatana #finalmenteseimio 😍👍
antonszandorlavey - finalmenteseimio - labibbiadisatana - loveit -
valerieitaly - lagiulia97 - samimarchelli - lapkamarta_ -
Glad to be back in bed📚😍 #hospital #operation #reading #satanic #antonszandorlavey
antonszandorlavey - satanic - reading - hospital - operation -
meganratcliff_ : Is that book good
lucifergray : So far yes:D
lucifergray : @meganratcliff_
beckycandrews414 - meganratcliff_ - ehkasiruby - hopeees_ -
First time ever having #StarBucks I'm officially on that white girl status, dark white girl status #SatanicBible #SatanicRituals #AntonSzandorLaVey
antonszandorlavey - blackcraftcult - satanicbible - starbucks - satanicrituals -
gregkrauth : #blackcraftcult
conorswore : Satan
occultlover - satan__worshiper - badmoon_consignment - frownie_face -
<3 #satanicbible #satan #satanism #antonszandorlavey #pentagram #love
antonszandorlavey - satanism - love - satan - pentagram - satanicbible -
xxmemexxartz - drxg0nfly - flynn_burner - onimorter -
Like this snap and win! Win a Genuine Satanic Parts patch as pictured. Winner announced on the 13th.
antonszandorlavey - rickihall - churchofsatan -
missymacabre : Meeeeeeeee
kittycutthroat : #tattooedgirls #tattooedhotties #girlswithtattoos #guyswithtattoos #witches #cult #cultshit #sghopefuls #sexy #sleaze #guyswithbeards #beards #inkeddolls #occult #moonchild #satanism #allblackeverything #gofflife #goth #coven #metal #wrestlemania #selfiesunday #ootd #tattoos
kittycutthroat : 😉
ollytt : #rickihall
ollytt : #churchofsatan #antonszandorlavey
ollytt : @missymacabre You're a winner!! A random number generator picked you! I can't quite believe it myself. You're a winner!! Message me your address asap! Congrats! Commiserations to all you other losers! X
samsoymilk - kittycutthroat - fingercuffjamie - deaney8 -
Finally got my own copy "This book has the potential to change your life- it did mine. It is a diabolical book, written with elegance, earthingness, and might serving quite magically as a mirror. If you look within these pages and see yourself; if you find it's principles to be those you've lived by as long as you can remember; if you feel the evocation of an overwhelming sense of homecoming, then you will have discovered that you are part of a scattered "meta-tribe," and the proper name for what you are is "satanist"."
orderof13 - satanist - antonlavey - 666 - satanic - philosophy - prometheus - hell - antichrist - knightstemplars - freemason - selfbelief - antonszandorlavey - lucifer - satan - baphomet - satanicbible -
nirvanabae : I need some help understanding the concept. I live in a house of Christians and I'm underaged so I can't make my own decisions but I want to think for myself and I've gotten the impression that you have a sense of freedom with satanism and that's how I want to feel. Independent. I wish I was more knowledgable of him so I was wondering if you could.
4n1mexm4ng4 : yeah i was like legit about to ask that ^^^
4n1mexm4ng4 : my house is full of christians but yet they curse and take gods name in vain so
embracethedamnation : @thescarsfade_ @4n1mexm4ng4 ok so first things first we do not refer to satan as a metamorphic being we see him in all forms, mainly beauty.. We do not worship any form of god or deity because all gods are made by man and anything that is made by man is flawed and can be destroyed. If you wish to look further into satanism I suggest you either look online at the rules and regulations (which are more like guidelines, if you do a wrong you do not have to pray to any being for forgiveness, you just have to know that you did a wrong to yourself) or buy the bible. I would suggest that you do this without any of your christian elders knowing because at the end of the day you are a unique individual and you should be able to join any faith you want and be able to believe in what you want.
blacklighteyes : @nirvanabae @4n1mexm4ng4 you can look up the PDF for the satanic bible and read it online for free. If you can't find it. I can send it to you. Also to elaborate on what @embracethedamnation said. Satan is Lucifer.. Lucifer translates into the "bearer or light" because in Greek mythology the god who gave man a gift of fire and light was damned to an eternity for spreading godly knowledge to mere men. The Lucifer of the monotheistic christian bible was a bad guy for showing Adam and eve the fruit of the tree of knowledge.. we identify with Satan or Lucifer because it's a figure throughout history that offers knowledge and truth. Instead of being oppressed and denied knowledge by institutes like the church. Hope that helps.
embracethedamnation : @blacklighteyes awesome elaboration ;)
blacklighteyes : As was yours my friend. Hail.
bryce_yeager_14 : @sabbathbloodysabbath2014
occultlover - mr_death_ - _sweetrevenge_ - 4n1mexm4ng4 -
Anton Szandor LaVey Born April 11 1930 Died October 29 1997 #antonszandorlavey #lavey #laveyansatanism #Satanist #occultist #churchofsatan #evil #devil #devil's #blackhouse #dead #sin #cult #cults #MASTER #hail #hailsatan #satan
dead - churchofsatan - devil - evil - cult - occultist - hail - cults - laveyansatanism - satanist - antonszandorlavey - master - lavey - satan - sin - hailsatan - blackhouse -
satan : Is that mister clean
spooky_puppys_house : Hail @satan
lynncqlla - evilelektra - saeko_julieth - emooo____girl______ -
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