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Got to train with @kenekethegreat official gym partner with @arvnjake @ooophilem @sherrrryannnn chee! #Angrylocals #UFCgym
angrylocals - butdidyoudie - ufcgym -
sherrrryannnn : Hoooo sorry ahπŸ™Œ
thediamondkidd : #toocoolforschool πŸ’ͺ
kenekethegreat : Good workout bruh bruh... I'm dead! 😡
chachunky_ilike2eat : Ho SOrry Ah @j10koria
j10koria : @kenekethegreat haha Yups! #butdidyoudie 😹😹😹
kenekethegreat : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
alohasb : Ahh stopp! Ahh stop ett! Ah bleeding! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
keeelvin - baba_jess - chanleeee - shortjeans_fitted -
Tell me this hat isn't #local @westwinghi @westwinglb this #angrylocals need this #sumbrero #winner here
angrylocals - westwinglb - winner - local - sumbrero -
westwinglb : U forgot to hashtag
lou_sofresh : @mic3angrylocals oooooh! I like one!! Where can I gets?
sol_hussey : Solid!
mic3angrylocals : #westwinglb #westwinglb #westwinglb #westwinglb
taisei_lee - pr0tectaken0damage - reesee_piecey - brg8o8 -
@moxilla #supportlocal #AngryLocals #prolificunknowns
angrylocals - prolificunknowns - supportlocal -
native_good : Like it.
kuyannn - jollibeekid - krazyd808 - jmectoe -
tattoo Saturdays is on the way! got me a new chair and we ready to roll.. #tattoosbykana #bosscutz #hawaiian #tattoos #rotarymachines #stealth #angrylocals #aloharebel
tattoos - hawaiian - rotarymachines - angrylocals - stealth - aloharebel - bosscutz - tattoosbykana -
ekaawa : Nice MY table that's prob. Gonna have a whole lotta ink on it when u pau....I hope u wrapped it up!!
love_lei88 - nuuhiwa - aubrey_s - _jlai808 -
#waybackwednesday #chillin #angrylocals #localboys #hawaii #hawaiinei #808 #cheehee
cheehee - angrylocals - waybackwednesday - hawaii - 808 - localboys - hawaiinei - chillin -
krystilez : #HOYAWPS!!
kainaboi : @krystilez yups that was a good night!! Cheee
mic3angrylocals : Braaaaa I'm laughin right now about his night hahahah cheeee @kainaboi @krystilez #yaga MISS U F*ckaz!!! #onthereal
kainaboi : @mic3angrylocals member the small dude? All this time we didnt know it was a chick all along! Blahahaha
mic3angrylocals : @kainaboi hahhaha braaa that was a trip!!
venturehawaii - pamskeez - _chout - burner96744 -
✈️ How's this guy @Osnizzle πŸ˜‚ #OsnizzleProbs #OnlyHim #AngryLocals
angrylocals - osnizzleprobs - onlyhim -
osnizzle : No worries I come back tomorrow night just in time for DnBs lol
krystilez : @osnizzle skydive land on the rooftop straight to the turntables lol
actuallykrys : 😳39 unread texts?!
samkapoi : @krystilez πŸ˜‚dat would be epic. @osnizzle red dots
osnizzle : @samkapoi get the drones ready cheeee!
realdyms : Omg seriously him ! @osnizzle lol
samkapoi : Let's go!
kimberlycray - _bby_dai_ - joshoritos - iriespoonie -
Nothing as true as this #hawaiianpride #letsstandinsolidarity #hawaiian #bloodandculture #power #angrylocals #rights #solidarity thanks for writing this girl!
power - hawaiian - rights - angrylocals - letsstandinsolidarity - hawaiianpride - bloodandculture - solidarity -
mic3angrylocals : #hopeisgood
carlosnalissa - kramak14 - siicckkprooblem - laurelfelts -
#TBT rockin with my #HawaiiHipHop associates, more importantly, my friends. 😁 #HOYAWPS #SteezyDuzzit #iHadBarsBeforeBarsWasTheBar #AngryLocals #ProlificUnknowns
sonailz - ihadbarsbeforebarswasthebar - angrylocals - prolificunknowns - hoyawps - tbt - steezyduzzit - hawaiihiphop -
dirty_aloha : #cheeeehoooofamily
osnizzle : U forgot to tag #HammerBrothers lol
krystilez : @osnizzle #SoNailz πŸ˜†
mic3angrylocals : Lmfao @osnizzle
__pikake__ - shayzensmommy - kaayyleeee_ - iriespoonie -
Just a few years ago, #hawaiihiphop had one of the Dopest battle scenes in the world, full of local talent that actually battled some of the best emcees in the scene. Time to bring it back... CALLING OUT ALL BATTLE EMCEES OR EMCEES THAT THINK THEY CAN BATTLE. Get at me for future Battle opportunities on future shows. Let's bring it back. Holla. Cheeeeee #battle #emcee #hiphop #battleemcees #grindtimw #kotd #hawaii #angrylocals #rap
grindtimw - angrylocals - battleemcees - hawaii - hiphop - rap - battle - kotd - emcee - hawaiihiphop -
yumi_doll : @_jakestagram @wingsxhi πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ meooow
thoroughfredo : I'm there august
mctrashman : @jus_bone fkn bummed..I'd be down if i was home,most definitely
djyungvibe : Lol! @intelligentpowernapper Cool cool. Alright.
micphenom : Oh hai...
micphenom : I would definitely come back to battle one last time if needed...
micphenom : Hi @yumi_doll
jus_bone : @micphenom haha. Cool bro. Always dope having u come back home
thoroughfredo - _jaydrums_ - mctrashman - _burn711 -
PeaceUp LA! #angrylocals #yaga off to #Korea --anybody in #Seoul?? @osnizzle Mahalos #Localsonly
angrylocals - korea - localsonly - seoul - yaga -
vandiesel_745 : @mic3angrylocals ... Have a safe flight homie!!!
jus_bone : He's up... Haha @osnizzle
jus_bone : ^ like I should talk... Haha
samkapoi : Get it in!
djhapaboy : πŸ‘Œ aloha and yaga
osnizzle : @jus_bone it's a miracle lol
808st8_status - angelialois - sanka1dr0p - tiffany_adel -
#Belasco #elimac #CamilleVelasco #losangeles #lastnight my head is pounding! Shouts to Wayne and @osnizzle for takin care of this #angrylocals #gang --my eyes are closed from here out
belasco - camillevelasco - losangeles - gang - elimac - angrylocals - lastnight -
thoroughfredo : Hoa u take yo hands off my girls lol
mic3angrylocals : @thoroughfredo *F* yeeeee!!!
thoroughfredo : Cheeeeee
crook_d1stroy : #Dubstep
kaileann_ : @britneyedwards_ she was just out here last night
britneyedwards_ - ladyjfab - rocspin808 - 808slek -
first session on @slademonkey #tattoosbykana #freehand #poly #polynesian #angrylocals #hawaii
polynesian - angrylocals - freehand - tattoosbykana - hawaii - poly -
nativefleshbrandon : Nice bro.... Got room in Hilo shop for u if wantπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
mos_deff : Looking gud..
slidebait : Smood
kana_costales : haha open a shop in kona and im game @nay ivefleshbrandon
kana_costales : @nativefleshbrandon
slidebait : Let's open one ourselves @kana_costales
makana_h : Your killing it dawg!
nativefleshbrandon : More than one shop is to much work, been there done that, one is enough for me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
tutucbk - kaimanaanamiak - mama808 - mykobeck -
This guy won't be on my ig much longer, but at least he had the balls to publicize his hatred for me. 😏 #HOYAWPS #HeHates #AngryLocals #GoJoinTheClub #24HourShitList #WorkItOut #HeNotDrinkingHaterade 🍷#MoreLikeSippingOnlineWhine 😫
angrylocals - henotdrinkinghaterade - hoyawps - gojointheclub - hehates - 24hourshitlist - workitout - morelikesippingonlinewhine -
nakc808 : Lol seriously though, this guy above me needs to learn when and where to put all his punctuation marks and capital letters haha.
nakc808 : It's like reading slam poetry. Except on a deeper level that no one else in the world but him can understand. Lol
al_da_mongoloid : I don't get it wtf is he trying to say
bulla8o8 : This faka is stupid. Plain and simple.
smurff_noxcuse : Hey I'm in the MC NoXcuse and I have no clue who this dick head is. This person intelligentdumbass took our logo and is using it to post retarded shit on other ppl page but I'll get to the bottom of it and find out who it is.
kamu_pomaikai : Why is he talking about gangsters?
_mommyyylove : At first it was quite entertaining to read how stupid this so called Filipino clown (@intelligentpowernapper) is. Then as I read more, the more retard he sounds. Guy should just give it up. Cut your losses and get a life. So sad to read how jealous you are on social media. Yet, so funny to see you make a fool of yourself. Best part is you're trying to attack our island's favorite #AngryLocals. We stand by our own. You make your ancestors turn in their grave with this little act your putting on for all to see. I feel for your family. So terrible to see you make your family and culture look so bad. No pride. No respect. Obviously no intelligence either. Go back to school ask to put you in the ESL classes. Its classes for students who don't know how to speak ENGLISH yet. ESL stands for ENGLISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE. I'm not so sure what language you were speaking in but I'm assuming it's supposed to be English. I seen you stated you're Filipino so I'm assuming you're what we consider a FOB. ESL class will be very beneficial for you. Before you try to put people down be sure to be above or at the same level as them. Know their connections and who's got their back. I guarantee you little guy, you have if not HALF then the WHOLE STATE hating on you. I hope this post of mine didn't only EDUCATE you. I hope it humiliated you and made you feel much more naΓ―ve then you already are. But I think you did the bulk of the work on that. Oh by the way, KAHIMOHALA put out an alert of an escapee - that's where all the mentally unstable people are placed. Sounds like you match the description. Those blue lights you stated in your previous comment- they will be there to take you back to "red roof" when you're done making yourself look more like an idiotic ass. I don't know how much more worst you do for yourself. Hahaha.
_mommyyylove : *how much more worst you CAN do for your self.
_maikah - anvar_x13_emperado - ibexjudy_ - kylie_mk -
#TBT #2011 πŸ™Œ The last hip hop event at #PipelineCafe and one of the most epic battles in Hip Hop History #EddieWouldFlow presented by us #AngryLocals 😁 #HOYAWPS #HawaiiHipHop || "I bet Spaz was giving you road head on the way here, using the back of his neck to steer and his vagina to shift the gears." - @yumi_doll πŸ’€ #DEAD check the battle on @Osnizzle's YouTube.
instantlegend - eddiewouldflow - pipelinecafe - angrylocals - hoyawps - tbt - dead - kanikapila - tagsomebody - kΕ«kailimoku - 2011 - hawaiihiphop -
krystilez : #TagSomebody
osnizzle : Oblimey keeps asking me about a battle in Hawaii... @yumi_doll
mossman79 : Yea bro!!
yumi_doll : @osnizzle leggo!
tru_rhyme : Lol I can see me...but barely....being short sucks for pics like these!
intelligentpowernapper : What a bunch of high school boys and girls. GROW UP!! Little Ones, there's a Battle at Correctional Center. To see, who? Can stay the Longest.
intelligentpowernapper : Yes, I'm the Kryptonite. and, I'm being Paid FOR it. Hahaha…… Till you folks Grow Up. It's, kinda like Babysitting little boys and girls. And watch every move. And slap the Shiite if theres Shiite to be CLEANED. Kinda like dodo being FLUSH DOWN THE Toilet. Including @yumi_doll and @kenekewho?Great? And of course NO, #angrylocals. Are, ALLOWED. ummm…… hmmmm…… WOOP!! WHOOP!!! :/?
krystilez : @intelligentpowernapper You make my day better. How's about you find a correctional center for your grammar.
ayeitzverb - shayzensmommy - laaaughoutloooud - kaayyleeee_ -
#angrylocals #hawaiihiphop #HOYAWPS
angrylocals - hoyawps - hawaiihiphop -
funimuni808 : @krystilez
krystilez : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
sly808 : Big mox in the red!
mic3angrylocals : #whosbelongsdis
kamalanilove808 - byehfe_soldier_of_jah - stonah99 - xxnahn_gilzxx -
@krystilez #HIphop #HOYAWPS #tikiboy #AngryLocals
angrylocals - hiphop - hoyawps - tikiboy -
krystilez : #HOYAWPS good seeing you brah
krystilez : You guys killed that
09jojavi : @krystilez thank you brah and it's always good to watch an artist apply his craft
krystilez - rayshizy - _jdlp_ - _jksmx3 -
#local #angrylocals #marijuana #camo #yaga
angrylocals - camo - local - marijuana - yaga -
lenzgacayan - koolkyle78 - iamwilliam_s - brg8o8 -
2nd session done..never shade but that's alright. we putting in some hours on @bula2868 arm which eventually gonna be a full sleeve..mahalo bra #tattoosbykana #poly #freehand #hawaii #howzit #angrylocals #hashtagcrazy
hashtagcrazy - howzit - angrylocals - freehand - tattoosbykana - hawaii - poly -
neluguuurl : Connor u think u can draw me something?
kana_costales : yah shoot me a txt. makana get my number. then we can discuss ideas @neluguuurl
chapa_minoaka : DAT is fricken mean bro !!! I swear u iz one professional hahaha hope all is good and u and Erika doing alright ! Miss you guys !!
bula2868 : #Yeahh Boy!!πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
slademonkey : @kana_costales bro can do a leg piece for me ASAP! Call me I'm down any day!! Hurry
love_lei88 - voodoovnvmc808 - unko_kama808 - jawdennn -
No Even Ask!!! Do not enter! #donotpickcoconuts #coconuts #notrespassing #angrylocals #youwillbeshot #hawaiilife #hawaii
coconuts - notrespassing - angrylocals - hawaiilife - donotpickcoconuts - hawaii - youwillbeshot -
sparkling_pink_diamond : Where r u ?!
rachel4real : Try enter!
rachel4real : Mormanville
rachel4real : By the poly cultural center
krystilez : #bang #bang
brianhancock - alohafoodtours - marshmllow - alinaxanila -
#donotpickcoconuts #coconuts #notrespassing #angrylocals #youwillbeshot #hawaiilife #hawaii
coconuts - notrespassing - angrylocals - hawaiilife - donotpickcoconuts - hawaii - youwillbeshot -
rachel4real - blackcatsalon - kedzie19 - sparkling_pink_diamond -
A random day in mcdonalds. #fail #hawaii #ighawaii #funny #friends #blessed #beachdays #killemwithaloha #keepthakuljah #angrylocals #onlyinhawaii #oahu #islandstyle
funny - keepthakuljah - ighawaii - angrylocals - beachdays - hawaii - blessed - islandstyle - oahu - killemwithaloha - fail - onlyinhawaii - friends -
tonganville_souljah94 : Where my pic from the beach?
yomastahx : @peter_afoa stfu fat boyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol
peter_afoa : @yomastahx ehh lol
tokomonstah : @yomastahx aha that's our word now! Lol
tokomonstah : You eww! @itusitala
tokomonstah : @brownyandpreshy lolmoments sis
tokomonstah : Lol aha fat boy! @peter_afoa
krystilez : πŸ˜‚
lifealoha808 - alohilani_kinamarie - mariela_0914 -
#TBT || β˜€οΈ teaser music video by Braddah @SamKapoi for the #AngryLocals song "Flight Headed" off of our #LocalsOnly album, 🌈 a must listen for Relaxing days in Hawai'i Nei. ☺️ #HOYAWPS #OhanaSunday @Moxilla @Mic3AngryLocals @Osnizzle
angrylocals - hoyawps - ohanasunday - localsonly - tbt -
hi_livin : Need any trucks for the video? Lol
puunui : The best song
osnizzle : @samkapoi lol just like my max holloway shirt ah lol
samkapoi : LMAO!!!! I jus trip
samkapoi : @osnizzle cuz when u get people that clean your house for u, stuff go MIA. Still looking for em
osnizzle : @samkapoi brah that's what you get the kids for do haha
samkapoi : @osnizzle lol only singular cuz. He finally get his own room, so we'll see how well he does with that
mic3angrylocals : Yeeeee Boy! Can't wait to see! #Chee
cordellyo - throwbackleaguehawaii - kialondonhawaii - go_withthe_floo -
πŸ“· #THEULTIMATESELFIE 😱 7,000 plus people at the @KendrickLamar concert πŸ™Œ and you know I had to rock that unreleased @WeAreHIBRED Lava print shirt so I no more one twin πŸ”₯ #HOYAWPS #1027daBOMB #AngryLocals #HIBRED #WeAreHI #kDotHI #TheSteezyExperience πŸ‘Ύ
theultimateselfie - thesteezyexperience - angrylocals - hoyawps - wearehi - kdothi - hibred - 1027dabomb -
misscryz : That's cool! Sucks we missed this.. stood in that maitai line foreverz!!
mzprincess82 : The Biggest Selfie lol
supercw : β™₯️
paeikanalu : Claimed!
ss_imaging : Meannn!
almighty505 : Now dat thats how you do it!!! Sup steezy
udown : Ellen's got nothin on that selfie
intelligentpowernapper : I don't think their there for #angrylocals their probably there for Kendrick Lamar? I call this- " STOLEN FANS " ?
ibethepoetician - codeycabs - throwbackleaguehawaii - tonygaisoa -
Big boys just fall. #idk #random #quicksesh #bombinfantry #angrylocals #suacidebomber #blessed #lateupload #polynesian #cromwells #onlyinhawaii #keepthakuljah
cromwells - onlyinhawaii - lateupload - angrylocals - random - blessed - bombinfantry - idk - polynesian - quicksesh - suacidebomber - keepthakuljah -
tokomonstah : @peter_afoa
rebelwthoutacause : DM Bro
peter_afoa : Cheeeeee!!
rtaaga : Check your kik toko @tokomonstah
peter_afoa : @raaakaa what about my kik? πŸ˜”
yungicey94 - venturehawaii - khadeja_ma -
πŸ™Œ #LatePost from the @KendrickLamar concert, footage courtesy of @body_by_uce 😁 #HOYAWPS #1027daBOMB #kDotHI #TheSteezyExperience πŸ‘Ύ
wearehi - thesteezyexperience - angrylocals - latepost - hoyawps - hibred - kdothi - 1027dabomb - epichawaiivideoselfiecomingtomorrow -
krystilez : Sporting my @WeAreHIBRED shirt chee! #AngryLocals #HIBRED #WeAreHI
body_by_uce : #cheehee
_lex1_ : #maimadeit
shibeaver : #biggestselfiewithinavideo
rollanblaize : #biggestcrowdtolikeselfieinabigselfie
krystilez : @shibeaver @rollanblaize #EpicHawaiiVideoSelfieComingTomorrow
hardknoxharrington - thatcalcray - ikaika_palayer - _cmk143 -
Quick sesh in shallow waters. #hightide #cromwells #croms #hawaii #oahu #808 #team808 #blessed #onlyinhawaui #heavyweight #killemwithaloha #angrylocals #bombinfantry #suacidebomber #meck #lateupload
onlyinhawaui - lateupload - team808 - hightide - blessed - bombinfantry - heavyweight - killemwithaloha - meck - cromwells - angrylocals - hawaii - 808 - croms - oahu - suacidebomber -
k_houma9 : What's the name of the song
ktubania : You get the domino video? Lol
tokomonstah : No hands trap remix. @k_houma9
mpule25 - teamdntgetdropped2 - kamalei94 - liiiuuuuu -
#AngryLocals' #quickie #brushpen #ackshun'
angrylocals - quickie - ackshun - brushpen -
joann_kaikz : Bro try draw my last name in that style if can.
sliedope : @joann_kaikz aight,imma try whip something up
joann_kaikz : Thanx bro.
nsuiaunoa14 : Call me we go kendrick lamar concert
nsuiaunoa14 : I get ur ticket
sliedope : @nsuiaunoa14 call me back at the shop
moxilla - santhiya64 - cabi_8o8 - dnihei808 -
πŸ“– A part of my chapter in the #EmpireOfFunk book, which we have a release party tomorrow at @AboutheGoods (5-8, get there early cause I gotta leave 530.) πŸ™Œ I'd like to send a special thanks to @ProfessorRod for everything he's done not only with me, but this project and Hip Hop here in Hawaii. I also want to send a big #MAHALO to @GrownManBrigade for reaching out to @hehiau_official so I could respectfully use their company name as the chapter title. πŸ“šThis shit means a lot to me, I'm just a #Nanakuli Boy, and because of rap, now I'll live in some people's history forever. This shit, is pretty fucking cool. 😁 #HOYAWPS #HIBRED #TIKIBOYZ #AngryLocals #HuliauMixtape ✏️#WriteOrDieπŸ”«
tikiboyz - writeordie - angrylocals - empireoffunk - mahalo - hoyawps - nanakuli - hibred - huliaumixtape -
mercedesmomo : I read that in your voice it weirded me out lol
krystilez : @freelancebrand all good you'll see it when it comes out. 😁
krystilez : @his_an_hers_96792 he's a marine I think. Or navy, not sure lol.
krystilez : @mercedesmomo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
freelancebrand : Alright , sick! Haha hope it's good ;) @krystilez
professorrod : This is gonna be dope!!
hehiau_official : Hoyawps is right. The beginning of this chapter had me at Regulate than locked us in at the creativity of Bone because that was my fave about those guys. "this is not rap, we are not rappers" is another level of thinking when you selling hip hop albums. But anyways back to EmpireOfFunk WE are totally honored cz fo real. Flying in on the 17th will stop by the goods to pic up a copy #unrealaloha
hehiau_official : #mahalonui #homesteady #homesteadykeiki
808biggboii - jaymiiig - jc96707 - jujusmommie -
Big ups to my boy Mic Tre for Reppin our Mahalo Camo SnapBack. #Philippines #swag #Filipino #flag#footwork#pstgear#jordans#crew#pinoy#socks#custom#sun#elites#nike#adidas#dope#represent#fresh#extraordinary#asian#pacificislander#mahalo#mictre#mic3#hawaii#hawaiian#angrylocals
represent - jordans - footwork - adidas - mahalo - mic3 - socks - pstgear - extraordinary - flag - asian - custom - pinoy - swag - hawaiian - filipino - nike - angrylocals - sun - philippines - hawaii - crew - mictre - pacificislander - fresh - dope - elites -
mic3angrylocals : @smitty2447 standing by for pics! #alojah
smitty2447 : Geeyah!!!!
krystilez : #HOYAWPS Chee!! πŸ™Œ
smitty2447 - jtakas - featurelites_ - char_illest -
My papa <3 he used to hate white people, loved my white ass tho haha. I miss him so much. Even when he called me his haole girl #hawaiiangirl #haolegirl #whitegirl #angrylocals #pride #rip #missmypapa
whitegirl - angrylocals - missmypapa - haolegirl - hawaiiangirl - pride - rip -
_recklesspoet - findthewhitegirl - _lil_mamas_x3 - illuminationz -
Fuck yolo #angrylocals #hawaiianrap. #haolegirl #whitegirl #hawaiiangirl #wonderifmypapawouldvelikedthismusic #ithinkmypapawouldvelovedit #missmypapa #rap #808
hawaiianrap - ithinkmypapawouldvelovedit - haolegirl - hawaiiangirl - whitegirl - angrylocals - 808 - missmypapa - rap - wonderifmypapawouldvelikedthismusic -
shortieblaque : #follow
kramak14 - findthewhitegirl - _lil_mamas_x3 - quiksilverhawaiiofficial -
πŸ‘Ύ #TheSteezyExperience got more @KendrickLamar tickets for dat ass. πŸ‘Œ Keepin it simple today, follow instructions and #2nin2win on #1027daBOMB. 😁 In the meantime, follow ➑️@mnlhnl @tantriqhawaii @digshi⬅️ #HOYAWPS #AngryLocals #PolyLoveHawaii
thesteezyexperience - 2nin2win - polylovehawaii - angrylocals - hoyawps - 1027dabomb -
ashafricaa : Yeah, das me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
grysonnn_ : Lmao! @ashafricaa
grysonnn_ : But of course we won't be haters when you give us tickets to @kendricklamar 😁😁😁 @ashafricaa
ashmkls : Lmfao!! @ashafricaa you hatin ass bish! πŸ˜† @krystilez support the haters & pick her! I mean they do make others famous πŸ’ Lol!
ashafricaa : @ashmkls @grysonnn_ lolololol yes youπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
glittergrenades01 : You want @kama_themermaid!! lol ;)
glittergrenades01 : @krystilez Did anyone win yet ;)
youngxchrizzy : Mean the polybrand hat
aliicias_ - katiebabes_ - _ksbtq - _laanzoee -
Happy Birthday to my Big Braddah @MOXILLA!!! πŸ™Œ My Brother in Arms, we been through much together in our music careers...and to think I hated this Faka cause he used to serve me left and right in rap battles, πŸ˜‚ we came a long ways. #HOYAWPS #AngryLocals #RespectTheArchitect #MoxyBombay #HawaiiHipHop
angrylocals - respectthearchitect - hoyawps - moxybombay - hawaiihiphop -
sliedope : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
patmal82 : First time I seen u guys rhyme u opened for brotha ali at pipeline. I was mesmerized. Local hip hop has come a long way and its because of local innovators like yall. Preciate everyrhing u guys do for local hip hop @krystilez @moxilla
iamgunnaveli : HBD @moxilla
thejwp : HBD @moxillaπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
moxilla : @krystilez I'm blessed to be your friend in life.. Thank you for everything always brother!
highlymaile : I'm so grateful to know you guys @moxilla @krystilez
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