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On my chitown ish. #ridebyshooting #amr005 #cta #theel #el #amr005 #downtownchicago #theloop #trains #trumptower #chitecture #iphone5
el - theel - iphone5 - downtownchicago - chitecture - theloop - trumptower - trains - ridebyshooting - amr005 - cta -
mustafameisa : I'm in chitown too!
amr005 : @mustafameisa how long you in town for brotha?
mustafameisa : I'm here thursday and friday Inshallah. You free at any point? I need some of your food connoisseur tips :)
amr005 : @mustafameisa hit me on fb chat and send me your contact
orboogy - marwansaied - mahmoudabdelfatah - omar__othman -
Ride by shooting #cta #orangeline #chicago #amr005 #iphone5
orangeline - iphone5 - cta - amr005 - chicago -
orboogy - marwansaied - mahmoudabdelfatah - omar__othman -
Doesn't get any fresher. #freshtortillas #rubis #amr005 #maxwellstmarket #iphone5 #tacos #chicago
amr005 - chicago - freshtortillas - iphone5 - maxwellstmarket - rubis - tacos -
thisiskhaledm : Im in the chi recording next two weeks. Lets get up
amr005 : @thisiskhaledm holla at me. I'll be around inshallah.
jiggyhendrix - mrbrucru - mahmoudabdelfatah - fan4ron -
Had the opportunity and blessing to put my hands on a pair of the illest jordan 4 in my opinion, the undefeated 4. What's market on these babies these days at least over 3k. Shoutout to the homies at undftd they had a gang of sizes in the undftd forces released recently and the nice kicks nb's too #undtfd #undftd4 #undefeAted #amr005 #iphone5 #sf #undftdsf #bayareagotsole
undefeated - undftd4 - iphone5 - sf - undftdsf - bayareagotsole - amr005 - undtfd -
wayno119 : I need those undftd hyperdunk 2012's
blamethelabel : @dairy
jae_samurai : @amr005 omg!!!! ๐Ÿ˜
ibrahimsmom : Illest foo sure
cois718 : @58since1977
58since1977 : @cois718 ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
buddhafist69 : ๐Ÿ’ฆ
broadst_bullyal : ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ my holy grail of all shoes
calipharaoh - fwaz_sddq9 - yassr16 - dduct -
Slight work. This corned beef brisket was too easy to make. #homemadecornedbeef #cornedbeef #redmeat #cornedbeefbrisket #amr005 #amrbecookin #iphone5 #beef
cornedbeef - homemadecornedbeef - cornedbeefbrisket - beef - iphone5 - amrbecookin - redmeat - amr005 -
gettani : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘
angie_em : So easy!! Only takes time!
ibby_kelanister - mirhussaini - sheriefm90 - vhhf24 -
Full flight. I ain't mad at that. #extraseat yes I will stretch out on this flight. #southwestairlinesftw #amr005 #iphone5 #blessed
extraseat - amr005 - southwestairlinesftw - iphone5 - blessed -
adamva : I agree those are nice jeans ;)
mohammed_hasanin - ibby_kelanister - aparatore1 - ceceliagrey -
I'm going going back back to... You know. #midway #airportflow #amr005 #iphone5 #pinegreenfoams #foamposite
airportflow - iphone5 - pinegreenfoams - amr005 - midway - foamposite -
zootedliving : Those r one of the hardest foams
godslostson : My Nigga I see you
amr005 : @calligrafist at the end of next month inshallah.
calligrafist : Inshallah
thenarcicyst : LA? @amr005
amr005 : @godslostson thanks brotha.
amr005 : @zootedliving mine too fam. I love em
amr005 : @thenarcicyst the bay son.
supermister2 - mohammed_hasanin - mokelani - ibby_kelanister -
Found some dope basterma pides in the city. it's similar to pastrami but much stronger in flavor #turkishfood #bakedgoods #basterma #pide #amr005 #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie #iphone5
chicagoeats - turkishfood - iphone5 - pide - chicagofoodie - basterma - bakedgoods - amr005 - chicagofoodauthority -
_traiin_ : Woooow BASTERMA! Lolol I haven't heard that in a min
dwanjones : @amr005 looks good its Turkish food?
amr005 : @_traiin_ man you in NYC. It's easy to get basterma.
amr005 : @dwanjones yessir, Turkish food.
ozmanactor : I love this spot. Always bumpin after ta'leef!
amr005 : @ozmanactor I liked the pide a lot but I didn't feel the doner sandwich at all.
chicagofoodauthority - mszainak - ozmanactor - nahoodahmed -
Gonna really miss this place. #iman #imancentral #amr005 #iphone5 #arabcaligraphy #streetart #graffiti #chitown #soufside #marquettepark
iman - streetart - iphone5 - graffiti - marquettepark - arabcaligraphy - chitown - amr005 - soufside - imancentral -
amaarmusic : Back to Cali?
amr005 : @amaarmusic going the other direction brotha. NYC area
amaarmusic : Dang bro why u mad at the left coast lol?? Safe travels brotha pray everything goes great for y'all in the easy
amaarmusic : East*
sanjin64 : Are you moving away to the east coast permanently @amr005 ?
amr005 : @amaarmusic never mad at the west bro. Just goin where life takes us Alhamdulillah. Hope to make it back to the bay eventually inshallah.
amr005 : @sanjin64 that is te plan inshallah.
sanjin64 : @amr005 I hope I can still get you meet you one day inshaAllah. Even though we disagree on some things, you're a good brother. Make dua for me while you're flying please.
som3ahd - yassr16 - mahmedo - mmanzoor -
Some beef dish. I forgot the name. #chicafe #chinatown #amr005 #iphone5 #chicagoeats #chicagofoodie #chinesefood
chicagoeats - amr005 - iphone5 - chinatown - chinesefood - chicafe - chicagofoodie -
sharifaly83 : Man I need to go eat where you eat. MashaAllah always find the good spots
amr005 : @sharifaly83 Ahlan wa sahlan brotha.
sharifaly83 : InshAllah on my next trip to Chicago, I'll send you some notice and we can grab a bite to eat. @amr005
gaitie - som3ahd - yassr16 - sanjin64 -
This dude isn't messing around. #oregonpitcrew #oregonducks #ducks #amr005 #iphone5
oregonducks - iphone5 - oregonpitcrew - amr005 - ducks -
mrleegr8sole : @shiptocle
mrbrucru : ๐Ÿ‘€
belal_a : ๐Ÿ˜ณ
som3ahd - yassr16 - 7amzoozz - bigmasri -
This happened a couple nights ago. #rackoflamb #amr005 #amrbecookin #lambchops #iphone5 #castironlife #lamb
lamb - rackoflamb - amr005 - castironlife - amrbecookin - lambchops - iphone5 -
shawnday74 : WOW
gettani : Sometimes, I hate your Instagram. How am I supposed to be content with my Chipotle now???
amr005 : @gettani I love me some chipotle. Plus you can't be jealous, this was too easy to make
gettani : That's seared perfection, I'm as envious as they come. Lol. #mashallah
mokelani - ibby_kelanister - georginaprentice - raad_nile -
Hong Kong style iced milk tea. Gotta love the presentation. #chicafe #chinatown #amr005 #iphone5
amr005 - chinatown - iphone5 - chicafe -
helamin : Where is this deliciousness?
amr005 : @helamin spot in chinatown called chi cafe. Check the geotag above the pic.
som3ahd - mokelani - ibby_kelanister - muzfkhan -
These chile hush puppies were unreal especially with the housemade Rancho verde sauce. #leghornchicken #hushpuppies #hushpuppie #amr005 #iphone5 #ukrainianvillage #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie
leghornchicken - hushpuppie - iphone5 - chicagoeats - chicagofoodie - hushpuppies - ukrainianvillage - amr005 - chicagofoodauthority -
7odoud : What is that?
amr005 : @7odoud it's a fried corn fritter type of thing.
7odoud : Omg that sounds so delicious!
savorchicago - leghornchicken - hungryinchicago -
I ain't mad at that. #leghornchicken #amr005 #ukrainianvillage #explicitrapmusicandchicken match made in heaven. What chick fil a? #iphone5 #rapmusic #hiphop
leghornchicken - amr005 - ukrainianvillage - iphone5 - explicitrapmusicandchicken - hiphop - rapmusic -
stlublee : I'll stick with chic fil a
amr005 : @stlublee this place makes chick fil a look like child's play
som3ahd - muzfkhan - amrsgram - mrss2s -
Pickle brined on a house made fresh roll. These sandwiches at leghorn are awesome not to mention they were blasting the entire doggystyle album. Good times. #leghornchicken #amr005 #ukrainianvillage #chickensandwich #iphone5 #chicken
leghornchicken - amr005 - chickensandwich - chicagofoodauthority - chicagofoodie - ukrainianvillage - iphone5 - chicken - chicagoeats -
amr005 : #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie
godslostson : Omg show me the way lol
leghornchicken : ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…
according2maria : I need to go there ASAP @leghornchicken !!!
amr005 : @godslostson man you gotta check this spot out. It's dope
godslostson : Ohhhh I'm going to if its anything close to chic fil a I'll be happy
savorchicago - amrsgram - leghornchicken - hungryinchicago -
Nashville hot on a house made biscuit and awesome pickles. #leghornchicken #biscuit #amr005 #chicken #friedchicken #ukrainianvillage @leghornchicken #iphone5
chicagofoodauthority - leghornchicken - friedchicken - chicken - amr005 - chicagofoodie - biscuit - iphone5 - ukrainianvillage - chicagoeats -
amr005 : #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie
leghornchicken : Oh yea babe
finessecage : Damn I'm hungry and that looks so good
amr005 : @finessecage man it was slam in
amr005 : Slammin
finessecage - savorchicago - amrsgram - hungryinchicago -
This is my favorite new spot, leghorn chicken. Great chicken sandwiches and explicit rap music. Awww yeah. Pics of the food coming up. It's a tricked out local sustainable version of chick fil a, fiyah. #leghornchicken @leghornchicken #Ukrainianvillage #amr005 #iphone5
leghornchicken - amr005 - chicagofoodie - ukrainianvillage - iphone5 - chicagoeats - chicagofoodauthority -
amr005 : #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie
som3ahd - leghornchicken - chicagofoodpharaoh - everythingchicago -
One of the street cats my neighbor feeds had a litter. This was a couple weeks back and I haven't seen the babies recently. I hope they are still alive iA. #babykitten #kittens #amr005 #iphone5 #catsofinstagram #cats
kittens - catsofinstagram - babykitten - cats - iphone5 - amr005 -
agatakomborska : Why you not took care of this kitty? Poor baby ๐Ÿ˜ข
amr005 : @agatakomborska cause she was with her mama. I couldn't take the kitten
agatakomborska : Oh ok, I think this baby was alone
akmaleeke - mohammed_hasanin - norikomeister - utterlyindecisive -
This guy has the greatest life. #leonardthecat aka #2chainzthecat #catsofinstagram #amr005 #iphone5 #cats #feline
catsofinstagram - feline - amr005 - cats - iphone5 - 2chainzthecat - leonardthecat -
mariamemneina : *bites fist* I wanna eat him! I Love his coat. So shiny! :) Masha'Allah
amr005 : @mariamemneina yeah he is amazing mA.
italyano : Nice! love your insta :) will love to see you in mine
gimmesom10 - jiggyhendrix - londoneya -
One salad a day for the next 2 weeks. Can I make this happen? Let's see. This is day 2. #citrusblastsalad #sala #amr005 #iphone5
sala - citrusblastsalad - iphone5 - amr005 -
abdullahnln : Why just 2 weeks ?
abeer_najjar - bigmasri - mirhussaini - aamoneyy -
Honey chip sundae. #margiescandies #margies #amr005 #icecream #amr005
margiescandies - amr005 - icecream - margies -
eattheburbs : Omg I love Margie's.
supadope87 : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
idewdis : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
omarlcc : Salad ain't gonna compensate for that haha
amr005 : @omarlcc hahah. That was like a month ago. Old pic
sanjin64 - gimmesom10 - bigmasri - georginaprentice -
This place is a straight time capsule. The decor probably hasn't changed in 50 years. #margies #margiescandies #chicago #amr005 #iphone5
margiescandies - iphone5 - chicago - amr005 - margies -
_kristie626_ : Right by my house! Love it!
abeer_najjar : Love Margie's. The portions are ridiculous
ibrahimis - nfrconsult - ibby_kelanister - roksana868 -
It's straight up fudge, made from cheese. #wisconcincheddarfudge #fudge #amr005 #iphone5 #cheesefudge #cheddarcheese
wisconcincheddarfudge - iphone5 - cheesefudge - cheddarcheese - amr005 - fudge -
emadk00 : How is it
bumarji : That sounds terrible
amr005 : @emadk00 Tastes just like fudge but with a creamy cheese texture
amr005 : @bumarji how can fudge taste nasty. You wouldn't be able to tell
bumarji : Man I love fudge but cheese based? I'll take your word for it though. I wonder if I can find it anywhere out here
faradeebo : Disgusting or delicious?
amr005 : @faradeebo delicious
nasidd - alihamin - bengaliguy - hasstlin -
Some Midwest type ish. Never in my life had I seen this before. Crazy. #cheesefudge #cheddarcheese #cheese #fudge #amr005 #iphone5
cheese - iphone5 - cheesefudge - cheddarcheese - amr005 - fudge -
feemz : How was it?
amr005 : @officialriyad it was really good bro. Hard to tell it was cheese.
amr005 : @offendum I like special goodness from Wisconsin.
amr005 : @feemz it was really good bro. Straight up fudge, with a hint of cheesy texture.
officialriyad : I was imagining a cheese that's taste like chocolate, but is it closer to a chocolate cheese cake flavor? That wouldn't be too bad
amr005 : It's like eating a piece of cheddar cheese that tastes identical to fudge but has a slight creamy cheesy texture
officialriyad : I effs wit it. Lol
nissa786 : This is insane
nissa786 - mohammed_hasanin - khaled74 - bigmasri -
The greatest pastrami in the history of pastrami. Fumare's smoked Montreal style thick cut pastrami is unlike any pastrami I've ever had. Unreal. #fumAre #smokedmeat #pastramiheaven #pastrami #smokedpastrami #amr005 #iphone5
amr005 - pastrami - pastramiheaven - fumare - iphone5 - smokedmeat - smokedpastrami -
chitownzfinest23 : So ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
hassabo : I agree man they have a wicked pastrami...
bornswift : *crosses fingers* please tell me it's halal!!!
amr005 : @chitownzfinest23 man I work in ogilvie so I'm addicted
amr005 : @hassabo bro it's crazy
amr005 : @bornswift no sir. This is worth converting for. Lol
southsidejihaad : Damn!
sammostafa - futoom_abdallah - slowly763 - alfahaad314 -
This is some of the best cornbread I've ever had. #bandera a hill stone restaurant. #cornbread #chicago #chicagoeats #chicagofoodie #amr005 #iphone5
chicagoeats - amr005 - cornbread - chicago - iphone5 - bandera - chicagofoodie -
brotha_d : @lovecarmellaxoxo
m_sehammer : Cornbread. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
birjup : Best food ever. I love their apps and deserts
slowly763 : ๐Ÿ˜ณ
samoussa87 : Get the smoked salmon and - most importantly - the beef ribs with mustard sauce. Oh. My.
akmaleeke - haithem_abdelfattah - mahmoudabdelfatah - nahoodahmed -
Might just have to keep these damn it. #5lab3 #amrskicks #iphone5 #airjordan3 #jordan3 #amr005
amrskicks - jordan3 - iphone5 - amr005 - 5lab3 - airjordan3 -
shawnday74 : ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
solesurvivordet : @amr005 yessir! Fire!!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
calligrafist : What size ???
amr005 : @calligrafist sz14 akh
calligrafist : Sheesh not for me
domesticdiva : @amr005 I thought you weren't "feeling them"? LOOOL I knew this would happen
obeypusitposse - amirano - thisiskhaledm - savebenjamins -
Nayarit style!!!!!! #elveneno don't tell me I didn't tell you. Hidden gem status. #nayarit #seafoodfest #amr005 #chicagoeats #iphone5 #seafood #food
chicagoeats - nayarit - elveneno - food - seafood - iphone5 - amr005 - seafoodfest -
domesticdiva : Yummay
amirano : Yessir
o_yeh_cinco : @amr005 you should try La Palap on. Damen & Archer they have good seafood too
amr005 : @o_yeh_cinco I will add it to the list bro.
amr005 : @amirano @bornswift and you know this maaaaan.
o_yeh_cinco : @amr005 whoops forgot to add another a in the end its La Palapa I've also heard El Barco on the north side is good too its on Ashland don't know the other street just Google it and you will get the info
amr005 : @o_yeh_cinco el barco is across the street from el veneno but I haven't tried it yet
o_yeh_cinco : @amr005 I've heard that its really good I haven't been there a friend frequents going to that place
calipharaoh - samoussa87 - mahmoudabdelfatah - arabchicagofb -
Here's an Uncropped version of the pic from the other day on la salle st. #lasallest #lasalle #oldchicago #downtownchicago #chitecture #amr005 #chicago #iphone5 #architecture
chicago - lasallest - iphone5 - chitecture - architecture - downtownchicago - amr005 - lasalle - oldchicago -
walikohgadai : Dope
abdulhameed5 : Even better this time.
amr005 : @sadaf8 it's feels like a time capsule
amr005 : @osolieman thanks brotha.
amr005 : @abdulhameed5 @walikohgadai @godslostson thx gentlemen. Hope all is well.
amr005 : @osolieman I got another version with a diff edit I might post in a few days.
blamethelabel : ill!
amr005 : @blamethelabel thank you kindly.
benhanisch - muzfkhan - old_school_artist - adesouki -
Melted Bosphorus. #straightfire might order it without the cheese next time. Tastes like something mom would make. Meatballs in an eggplant ratatioue covered in cheese. #turkishfood #ziziscafe #zizi #amr005 #iphone5 #chicagoeats
zizi - chicagoeats - amr005 - turkishfood - ziziscafe - iphone5 - straightfire -
sadaf8 : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
uhatia : This place is so so good
amr005 : @uhatia dude isn't it. I've pretty much had the entire menu
ayeshakazi1 : One of our favorite spots too. Honestly what draws me back more than the food is the super friendly owner.
amr005 : @ayeshakazi1 Zizi is the man. Were like dear old friends.
omar__othman - yilmoose - tetecharcuterie - annieswift -
Took my man @calipharaoh to my favorite restaurant in all of Chicago a couple weeks back. If you don't know now ya know. Zizi's is that joint, best Turkish food in the city, plus Zizi himself is the man straight up. I think I've introduced like 30 people to this place. This dish he calls melted bosphorus plate, it's kofta balls in a eggplant ratatioue with melted cheese on top. This was one of the best dishes I've had in ages. #turkishfoodftw #zizis. Check him out and tell em amr sent ya. #ziziscafe #amr005 #iphone5 #turkey #turkishfood #chicagoeats #chicagofoodauthority #chicagofoodie
turkey - chicagoeats - turkishfood - ziziscafe - iphone5 - turkishfoodftw - chicagofoodie - zizis - amr005 - chicagofoodauthority -
elsaheb : @amr005 agree 100% about zizi's being on point.
amr005 : @elsaheb yeah man. Zizi doesn't mess around.
ibby_kelanister - chicagofoodpharaoh - mahmoudabdelfatah - tetecharcuterie -
This is one of my favorite streets downtown, la salle st. It's really feels like it's from another era. #lasallest #downtownchicago #chitecture #amr005 #architecture #buildings #iphone5
buildings - amr005 - architecture - downtownchicago - lasallest - iphone5 - chitecture -
marwansaied : dope shot
joherkhan : Sick photo
mustafameisa : Lovely photo @amr005
amr005 : @mustafameisa thank you kindly.
amr005 : @joherkhan thanks brotha. Hope all is well homie
nikhil_ec : Gotham city!
sammostafa - adeel - roksana868 - mahmoudabdelfatah -
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