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dbn_zachproductions_dbn name is Zach 2.i grew up in Melbourne beach fl 3.I love to workout just kidding i hang out with my friends 4. When I was through i got drug by a trailer 5. I love fruit 6. AND I LOVE DOGS THANK U ALL FOR READING BYE
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dbn_zachproductions_dbn : #jw #6thingsaboutme
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I was tagged by @coltonjoyner71 to do this #5thingsaboutme sooo yeah I'm doing it! But I'm hipster so I'm doing 6. #1 I was supposed to die as a baby. #2 I'm on a diet which makes me only eat food I like. #3 The things that piss me off most is when people lie to me or tell me I'm weird. #4 I have 30 pet negros in my basement. #5 I have a ton of girlfriends that I don't even know about. #6 If I had one wish it would be to: free the black slaves, stop global warming, and get rid of NCs. (in one wish) ... #1 and #3 are legit. #6 - NC part is true. I don't really care for the slaves or GW. #hipster #selfish #dingyding #6thingsaboutme I tag @brittanygrimm @madelinnelizabeth @bellsss_ @micahzushi @jlamb_14 @hkdriggs
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cedricmodel : Hahaha @spookster33 ... @sabwest haha did @bellsss_ not want to get tagged??
cedricmodel : I also tag @leahdhall !!! #forgot
averyroney : Wait that's my date sooo...#thefuh 😢
cedricmodel : Hahahaha @averyjroney I knowww.. this was after! #sorrynotsorry
brittanygrimm : It's okay @averyjroney I love you most! ☺
averyroney : @brittanygrimm @cedric_moore okay fineeee love you both 😊😘
leahdhall : Cedric ive done this already duhhh!
sabwest : Haha yeah she didn't! But she has been like three times. So she's going to have to. 😏 @bellsss_ @cedric_moore
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