Good luck to @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 and the rest of the #kc #royals in the #worldseries game 1 today. #zingerteam #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @aru1500 #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended
kc - worldseries - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - rockhardwood - beroyal - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
myautographsandsuch : I noticed Salvy using Louisville Slugger and Zinger bats this postseason. Why is this?
seb_laguna10 - jpetkac24 - crusader_catcher_29 - carsen_mayer34 -
@hosmer305 @moosetacos8 showing off the hops celebrating the #ALCS #sweep #kc #royals #WINNING #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc #zingerteam #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @aru1500 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb
kc - beroyal - lscreenrecommended - sweep - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - destroyingeras - rockhardwood - winning - blueoctober - alcs - zingerteam - born2rake -
tradersgalaxy : Amazing... Pretty amazing
joshez23 - stacyporto - jess_french2 - jeremiahshepherd -
@hosmer305 #destroyingeras in the #playoffs and ready for the #worldseries this week. #zingerteam #zingerbats #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500 #takethecrown
worldseries - playoffs - destroyingeras - beroyalkc - zingerbats - beroyal - takethecrown - blueoctober - zingerteam -
nathanmullenix : Can't wait for my zinger to come in 😁😍
parker_elkins : @ryanlbaseball
ryanlbaseball : @parker_elkins He's chopping down so great.. Working down and through the ball... Ahhhhhh yeahhh
tylermurphy25 : @hotcasino4 @flnysurf
hotcasino4 : Beasttttt
_artzer_ - hotcasino4 - captinkrunchberries - randomquote_ganey54 -
@hosmer305 #destroyingERAs #zingerbomb #zingerteam #zingerbats @zingerbats
zingerbomb - destroyingeras - zingerteam - zingerbats -
joseph_mccubbin : Love HOZ
joseph_mccubbin : He's a beast
stevec11 - gemerson7 - 4baseballbrothers - alexisisapenguin -
New #zingerswag , #zingerbats , and @varobaseball weights available all weekend at the Zinger Trailer set up inside Diablo Stadium. Come check us out. @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @zingerbats @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @linillo37 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake
zingerbats - rockhardwood - zingerswag - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
eli_paton : Already have one 👍 it works great
carsen_mayer34 : What's better your zinger bats or wood demarini
jakehanenzingerbats : Zinger bats all day !!! @carsen_mayer34
carsen_mayer34 : Seriously or are you just saying cause you like Zinger? @jakehanenzingerbats
jakehanenzingerbats : Those are composite bats are not real wood @carsen_mayer34
djvenney : Zinger all day and night kid @carsen_mayer24 . Ever since i made the change.
rockymtncolt : @zingerbats how do I get my hands on some #ZingerBats shwag??? There's no merch on the website. Hoodies, hats, tees, etc.... ?
wth_is_a_sox : I have question though it's logic but is there a big difference on the durability of a T71 minor league bat and the pro x series ? Because I want to customize one and also wondering in approximately how long it would take for me to receive it
bas3ba11_40 - dane_robertson11 - bradykb7 - mgzmn79 -
@zingerbats and @jakehanenzingerbats taking in some #zacbrown last night representing the #zingerteam. Go follow Jake if you don't already. He is one of the best bat reps you will ever find as a pro player.
zacbrown - zingerteam -
knowledgeseeker92 : @nirvana_182__ I'm pretty sure this is the man we saw last year while in AZ!
jakehanenzingerbats : Thx buddy !!! @zingerbats
nirvana_182__ : Yep. @knowledgeseeker92
corey_carmody - the_gimp_noah - 3bagger.dukes2 - dskelt11 -
Where it all started! #kc #royals #kansascity #zingerteam #zingerbats #repost @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 #springtraining to #worldseries - been there all the way. @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @aru1500 @linillo37 #beroyal #beroyalkc
kc - worldseries - kansascity - springtraining - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - beroyal - zingerteam - repost -
_tumey : Love the bats
lizzie_leski - grantbodison - wetelectricevent - zach_orn -
@moosetacos8 rocking the #zingerswag after the #ALCS #sweep into the #worldseries #zingerteam #WINNING #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @aru1500 #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #picoftheday #mlb #kc #royals #kansascity
worldseries - kc - sweep - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - destroyingeras - blueoctober - alcs - rockhardwood - mlb - kansascity - lscreenrecommended - zingerswag - winning - beroyal - picoftheday - zingerteam - born2rake -
txserver : @zingerbats will this shirt be available to purchase?
mastin.cheri : Thank you for the fantastic ride moooose! KC loves you!
darmendariz22 - druckert - camcole8 - trevor_rumsey5 -
@hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 #zingerteam #ALCS #sweep to the #worldseries #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500 #takethecrown
worldseries - beroyal - alcs - beroyalkc - sweep - zingerteam - takethecrown -
thelastofadyingbreed_lindsey : Zinger is going to the ship'!
patom15 - druckert - chuy310v - camcole8 -
#repost @moosetacos8 the calm before the storm. @kcroyals #BLUEOCTOBER headed to the #worldseries #zingerteam #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #beroyal #beroyalkc #sweep @linillo37 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500
worldseries - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - beroyalkc - zingerbats - rockhardwood - sweep - repost - beroyal - blueoctober - zingerteam - born2rake -
thelastofadyingbreed_lindsey : Nuff said!
druckert - camcole8 - trevor_rumsey5 - ghbaseball44 -
WOW two years ago we just got back in pro ball and our bats are on the biggest stage of them all 2014 World Series thanks to @moosetacos8 and @hosmer305 and the @kcroyals !!! And BIG s/o all the @zingerbats workers behind the scenes that made this happen for all the hard work they put in you guys know who you are !! @jjarvis31 @chardingzxb @linillo37 @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @stevekent34 for making us one of the fastest rising BAT companies out there and one of the best also !!!
zingerteam -
joseph_mccubbin : I love zinger bats I've always wanted to have one
austinmurphy20 : Best bats you can ever swing! Have not swung another wood bat since I have made the switch! Thanks for all the work you guys put in
jakehanenzingerbats : Thanks my man appreciate it !! @austinmurphy20 #zingerteam
miss_meliss89 : So proud of you guys :)
djroets : Congratulations on all your hard work Zinger Bats!!! Best of luck in the World Series
25babbie - stevekent34 - mlfranklin2 - pucheu_qb2 -
These guys are headed to the #worldseries @moosetacos8 @hosmer305 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 #zingerteam #zingerbats #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc #sweep #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @aru1500 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
worldseries - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - beroyalkc - zingerbats - rockhardwood - sweep - beroyal - blueoctober - zingerteam - born2rake -
aarontrager22 : @rykerbaseball
rykerbaseball : For sale?
jakehanenzingerbats : Can I buy one ????? @zingerbats
apass21 : @b_wincestagram
tvmolen : I too would buy. Any options for this?
zingerbats : @moosetacos8 @hosmer305 I have quite a few people who want these shirts. It's your call - they were made for you guys.
25babbie - mglmndz_ - jen_lynn_23 - ryanbrady1999 -
The moose is ready for Game 4 tonight !!! @moosetacos8 #zingerbats #zingerteam #BlueOctober
zingerbats - blueoctober - zingerteam -
jonko29 : @jakehanenzingerbats, your company is gonna blow up with the Royals success! Let me know if you need a representative out here in San Jose, California 😄
jakehanenzingerbats : Ya man call Scott he handles all that scott@zingerbats.com @jonko29
darmendariz22 - michaelll_eckerttt - phillipcebuhar - cooper__prince -
#zingerteam @moosetacos8
zingerteam -
jack_suave_16 - cj_young - benitovarela - tonihanenkiddos -
@moosetacos8 with a ridiculous catch to help lead the #royals to a 3-0 series lead in the #ALCS #zingerteam #zingerbats #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500 #takethecrown #repost
blueoctober - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - beroyal - takethecrown - alcs - zingerteam - repost -
mastin.cheri : Thats how KC rolls!!!!!
freddy_caloroso : Please follow me back again :) I love zinger
osvaldomunoz_official - knelson_59 - luke_wilson_24 - baseball__gloves -
@moosetacos8 @hosmer305 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 and the rest of the #kc #royals getting it done again! #zingerteam #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #ALCS #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500
kc - blueoctober - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - rockhardwood - beroyal - lscreenrecommended - alcs - zingerteam - born2rake -
tsparr11 - bean.bryant - knelson_59 - baseball__gloves -
@moosetacos8 #destroyingERAs #zingerteam #zingerbombs #zingerbats
zingerbombs - destroyingeras - zingerteam - zingerbats -
j_edwards18 - djchameleonnyc - oglil_prettythug - jcluff_2 -
@zingerbats #WINNING - National Champions again! There isn't another bat company that could play with us. If you think I'm wrong - challenge us! No chance I will hear from anyone. @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @zingerbats @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @linillo37 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake
rockhardwood - born2rake - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - winning -
jjpit38 : @philliesautographs it's not just the bat lol. The player has a lot to do with it
myautographsandsuch : I know. LOL. I was just being silly.
zachb_13 : It's pretty obvious that the bat might help but if the player doesn't use his skill none of that is going to happen. I would give the players a lot more credit than the bats. Kinda disrespectful
zingerbats : @zachb_13 All we try to do is put the best products into these players hands to help them perform at their best. By getting them the right tools, hopefully we can help their confidence which will help them perform like they can.
zachb_13 : Yea but by saying their isn't another bat company that can compete with us is just a little to far and a little more than saying we just try to put the best product in these players hands.. Just saying.
beastmode_edits13 : @zachb_13 definatley agreed.
zingerbats : @zachb_13 oh, that's what you meant, I was really talking about the employees of Zinger bats as baseball players not necessarily anything to do with the bats. I was talking our entire organization on a baseball field head to head against other companies. That is who won that trophy. That was our guys playing.
zingerbats : @zachb_13 @beastmode_edits13 My first answer was about pro players - this post started as a post about our Zinger team winning the NABA tournament - the "can't compete with us" is about all of my guys as players - nothing at all to do with the bats. Sorry if there was confusion.
eridraxton - pmluddy - co_baseball_acad - jack_baker3 -
@moosetacos8 @hosmer305 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 and the rest of the boys getting it done in Baltimore. #zingerteam headed back to #kc #kansascity with a 2-0 #ALCS lead. #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500 #beroyal #beroyalkc
kc - kansascity - destroyingeras - beroyalkc - beroyal - rockhardwood - lscreenrecommended - alcs - zingerteam - born2rake -
ecabral6 : @jj_o_arceo33 ur bats are well represented
jj_o_arceo33 : @ecabral6 for sure theybare winning the ship I think so
jdb12590 - glux24 - hollandfanatic - monsoons_hoz -
#zingerbomb #zingerteam #zingerteam @moosetacos8 @zingerbats
zingerbomb - zingerteam -
evan_rumsey - jake_zarrello8 - jjarvis31 - trevschaef29 -
@moosetacos8 is loose again! 4th #zingerbomb of the playoffs for Moose to give the #royals the lead in game 2 #ALCS #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc #zingerteam #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @aru1500 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb
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tr_30 - pmluddy - brandenfaircloth - thelastofadyingbreed_lindsey -
@moosetacos8 sporting his #dontrunwalkoff #zingerswag in the #ALDS post game interview with @hosmer305 #zingerteam #zingerbats #WINNING #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500
dontrunwalkoff - zingerswag - beroyalkc - alds - winning - zingerbats - beroyal - blueoctober - zingerteam -
myautographsandsuch : Which is the real Mike Moustakas, @mikemoustakas8 or @moosetacos8 ???
jjpit38 : ^^^^^^
dannyrams35 : @philliesautographs moosetacos
schaumby : Man, you guys hit the marketing lottery with these #Royals
aj_ortega5 - ryanbrady1999 - pmluddy - brandenfaircloth -
@hosmer305 with a 2 RBI single in the first inning of game 2 of the #ALCS. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500
kc - kansascity - rockhardwood - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - beroyal - lscreenrecommended - alcs - zingerteam - born2rake -
myautographsandsuch : Whatever you're putting in these bats keep it up. LOL. The moose is loose.
jleone88 : What models do you recommend?
cdeano33 : I took some swings today in the 100 innings of baseball charity game for ALS @zingerbats #x23.... Should name it after me... #Deanox33 lmao
ryanbrady1999 - brady_8_14 - pmluddy - brandenfaircloth -
@hosmer305 and @kcroyals Game 2 today !! #BlueOctober #ALCS #Game2 #zingerteam #zingerbats #zingerbombs #zingernation @zingerbats @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13
zingerbats - zingernation - game2 - zingerbombs - blueoctober - alcs - zingerteam -
miss_meliss89 - cole_stobbe - keatonbanister - e_pena20 -
@moosetacos8 rockin the zinger t shirt "Don't run walk off" @zingerbats #zingerteam
zingerteam -
jkgrapher - davidclawson22 - keenyn_walker - _kadoda_ -
Just another #zingerbomb in the postseason !!! #destroyingERAs @moosetacos8 #zingerteam #zingerbats @zingerbats
zingerbomb - destroyingeras - zingerteam - zingerbats -
alecklemens11 : What a win
hosmer305 - justinsmith__11 - tmitch2487 - kkline97 -
Who's ready for the ALCS tonight ?!?! @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @zingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats #zingerbombs #BlueOctober
zingerbats - blueoctober - zingerteam - zingerbombs -
dalton3c : Zinger is going off!!!!!!!!!!
kwinbigler - edwardnelsonsprague - whywouldigetanig - jabreu6868 -
What is your favorite team for the #ALCS? #kansascity vs #baltimore @zingerbats @maruccisports @aru1500 @mack_knockout @andy_tulile.com_ @mannyjr99 #baseball #zinger #zingerbats #destroyingeras #teamzinger #zingerteam #mlb #postseason #americanleague #championship #baseballislife #baseballswag #peligrosports #baseballfan #maruccibats #marucci #newera #newerahats
baseballfan - zinger - championship - destroyingeras - peligrosports - zingerbats - baseball - zingerteam - baseballislife - alcs - teamzinger - postseason - mlb - kansascity - kc - newerahats - marucci - baseballswag - americanleague - newera - maruccibats - baltimore -
chrisjr_raider_baseball : @peligrosportsnyc 178 Amsterdam? ?
peligrosportsnyc : 169-170 amsterdam ave @chrisjr_raider_baseball
chrisjr_raider_baseball : @peligrosportsnyc tato. Omw
peligrosportsnyc : K bro @chrisjr_raider_baseball
d1victor_ : How much is a 33 inch de marino
d1victor_ : Demarini
peligrosportsnyc : $119.99 @d1victor_
royals.biggest.fan.bruh : Kc
simran_shepard_ - markieturtle - royals.biggest.fan.bruh - jean_cruz11 -
The real Zinger Team !!!! @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb #zingerbombs #zingerteam #zingerbats #bananas #XTP
zingerbombs - xtp - bananas - zingerteam - zingerbats -
chardingzxb : Hey Joe, we didn't go down looking!!!@linillo37
jakehanenzingerbats : Strike 3 Joe !!!!! @linillo37
schelstrate : Is that a fungo in your hands?
tmitch2487 : Do you need help? " no thanks I'm just lookin"@linillo37
linillo37 : You guys are!............. I'll save the comments for respect of the audience.. @chardingzxb @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487
tmitch2487 : yo todavía te quiero amigo@linillo37
baseballcardcollector : @_thepeacek33perz_
djvenney : Hey guys just moved from fl where i was playing all year long. Any adult baseball leagues in the area? Let me know please
teddysharkey14 - whywouldigetanig - jabreu6868 - treveastman -
@hosmer305 #zingerteam
zingerteam -
lamelaza_9 - 4baseballbrothers - littlelep55 - _kadoda_ -
#repost @webgemz thanks for the sick edit. Pick me a winner Bobby!
mlb - destroyingeras - zingerbats - rockhardwood - born2rake - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - repost -
djvenney : Whats that? A 38"? Lol
zingerbats : @djvenney 42"
schniggity : That's Wrong! If your gonna do it, do it right
zingerbats : @schniggity What does that mean?
schniggity : You took an iconic image and edited it with an extremely poor quality edit. I appreciate the concept but if you do it, do it right and pay proper respect.
zingerbats : @schniggity I had nothing to do with the edit. As I tagged it, #repost it was simply something that someone else did.
zingerbats : By the way, it's not like I was disrespecting the game with it anyway...it's a movie.
djvenney : Aaaaaanyways, @zingerbats whats up jason. Finally mived to AZ from FL. Imma swing by your shop soon to get me some sticks. Still have one left from the ones i bought from you. Ill shoot you a text shortly.
tylerdoherty179 - chtc0411 - 4baseballbrothers - rhllct -
@moosetacos8 with some more #freshwood and #custom ##zingerswag for the #ALCS. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500 @stevekent34 @jjarvis31
kc - custom - kansascity - zingerswag - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - rockhardwood - beroyal - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - alcs - zingerteam - born2rake -
joseph_mccubbin : That's a cool short
joseph_mccubbin : Short
joseph_mccubbin : SHIRT*
wyattcrosss - chtc0411 - tylerhettich1 - qprice32 -
Fresh lumber for @moosetacos8 for the #ALCS starting tomorrow night !!! @zingerbats @jjarvis31 @linillo37 @chardingzxb @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @stevekent34 #zingerteam #moose #BlueOctober #zingerbats
zingerbats - moose - blueoctober - alcs - zingerteam -
ejrws : :) @ShelbyAndSandy
jaynaylor10 : Jake you got a number I could text you at?
jakehanenzingerbats : 602 571 8923 @jaynaylor10
jaynaylor10 : Just shot you a text
oso_suave : Do you have a shop in so cal?
firstringts : If you want Zinger in socal, come see us at baseballogy. Sorry, we should be on their dealer locator. We have over 150 pro wood bats in stock! @oso_suave #firstringts #baseballogy
timelaskew : Jake can I please try a zinger bat !!?
kelvincabrera - 4baseballbrothers - lambezzy35 - tristanroberts1 -
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