birthday - zingerteam -
officaljamescarr : #straightfire
rykerbaseball : Happy birthday! #ZingerTeam
jamieo2 : We're gonna kill it this year! #ZingerTeam @rykerbaseball
evdburnett - flying_goat_ - stephieg_97 - jaidam1 -
@tmitch2487 doing some handy work for miggy's racing game. This thing is on another level. #Zingerteam #thisisconsideredwork #iwannaplay
itsnotmygame - zingerteam - butiwantone - thisisconsideredwork - iwannaplay - tatsfordays -
kitkat06074 : I want a turn @kevinputkonen #myturnnext #peepthemtatts #workhardplayharder
tonihanenkiddos : Great work @tmitch2487 @miss_meliss89 quite a handy man πŸ”¨
kevinputkonen : Haha you make it out to AZ and you're more than welcome @kitkat06074 #tatsfordays #itsnotmygame #butiwantone
zingerbats - jakehanenzingerbats - tonihanenkiddos - jakenegrete -
New zingers came in today ... Appreciate the wood @jakehanenzingerbats #zingerteam #offseason #Miami
miami - offseason - zingerteam -
jakehanenzingerbats : No problem buddy anytime !! @ry_cran12
jetlee90 : Sign one and send it to me
ccarpenter94 : Me too^^
imbyrum : Yea what they said^^^
hayden_jones10 : Save me one dude
kyle_cranmer - hoobear08 - ferryboat16 -
There's a pretty cool picture from one of our #zingerteam prospects from the Arizona Fall League @cjmac38 ! #zingernation go give him a follow ! @zingerbats #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #x72
zingerbats - zingernation - x72 - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
aru1500 - fabepal - keatonbanister - langylang23 -
Congratulations to @chadwallach @goodtimeappy and the rest of the Salt River Rafters on the 2014 #afl #championship #arizonafallleague #WINNING @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats #zingerteam
afl - arizonafallleague - championship - zingerteam - winning -
eddieyesenia_morales - mrbensteel - jpetkac24 - docstine -
The 8u #zingerprospects won another game today 8-1. One game left before the playoffs. @zingerbats @linillo37 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #WINNING
zingerprospects - destroyingeras - zingerteam - winning -
direyes21 : good job boys.
bradyhochhalter - sassylovesbling - baseball___player - daniel_moody_ -
#arizonafallleague #afl championship game today. #zingerbats was proud to be the bat sponsor of the league for a second straight year. @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @chadwallach @addison_russell @cjmac38 @goodtimeappy #zingerteam
afl - arizonafallleague - zingerteam - zingerbats -
poweralleysports : Saw at least 4bombs today! #goodwood
t_weezy3535 : How can I play for one of your guys teams
danevanderwerf22 : Zinger sponsored them but most of them swung Chandler
25babbie - benjijohnsoncatching - alexliddi - daniel_moody_ -
Zinger nation turn to MLB Network today and watch the Arizona Fall League championship game today and watch some of the #zingerteam prospects @chadwallach @cjmac38 @goodtimeappy @zingerbats
zingerteam -
astrid_eliz : @cjmac38 #Goodluck!!
cashmoneychav1 - evan_rumsey - frankkiem34 - glenniek25 -
Congratulations to one of the #zingerteam top prospects @jpwilliams13 on getting traded to Tampa Bay Rays today. If you're not following him please go follow him through his new journey with his new organization. #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #TampaBay @zingerbats
zingerbats - destroyingeras - zingerteam - tampabay -
dwillperformance - robfrat2 - aubreewaning - kierstenlewis_ -
Greatest sound in the world! #PuttinInThatWork #ZingerTeam #RealSpeedSwag
realspeedswag - puttininthatwork - zingerteam -
brock_piscoran8 : Thanks for the shirts you gave to Rake Nation! Nice shirts. Keep raking.
californiacarioca : πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”
marzman17 : @keenyn_walker that swing gives me nightmares... Didn't know your swing could get better!
lindaj425 : I miss seeing that AND hearing that sound ! Keep up the great work ;))
tyagi016 : Pretty πŸ‘Œ @keenyn_walker
zgossboss : Keep up homie
sydney.like.australia - zgossboss - bobby_jay_ - nikki1117 -
@hosmer305 #HOS #35 #zingerteam #zingerbats #destroyingERAs @zingerbats
zingerbats - zingerteam - destroyingeras - 35 - hos -
darmendariz22 - miss_meliss89 - diegohuertasantiago - david_draves -
@chadwallach #CW47 #destroyingERAs #Marlins #zingerbats #zingerteam @zingerbats
cw47 - zingerbats - destroyingeras - zingerteam - marlins -
503_made_ : Pull them thangs in πŸ‘πŸ‘ dope picture
bmilam7 : @gsohoppers
taylorbrennan2 - evan_rumsey - jacksonthomas_2 - cooper__prince -
@addison_russell #AR15 #Assault #cubs #zingerteam #zingerbats #destroyingERAs @zingerbats
zingerbats - assault - cubs - ar15 - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
evan_rumsey - t_weezy3535 - jeanc02 - jjarvis31 -
#trulyblessed I love doing this for a living everyday, it's been my dream forever and I give God all the glory and praise for presenting me with the oppurtunity.🚨🚨🚨 If you need lessons or little brother needs lessons comment below.πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨πŸš¨β¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈ
trulyblessed -
_maeday20 : @thehornet94 dang buddy I live in Atlanta
luxury_dee : Where you be working out at ?
x_designermade : Ya I'm serious
_maeday20 : Where ever I can find sometimes and @luxury_dee
_maeday20 : And you need lessons or you just Tryna workout ? @x_designermade
x_designermade : Hitting lessons
_maeday20 : Ok DM @x_designermade
itoldyou_iwould : @_maeday20 dm your number I know I friend that can use you for hitting and working out
beautiful__sin - nunezlife_1 - daverobinsoniii - littlebeck20 -
#zingerbats was the proud sponsor of the #arizonafallleague Military Appreciation game to salute the #woundedwarriors and all of the #US #military #usa #america #veteransday #baseball #prospects #custom #bats #maple @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @kevinputkonen #zingerteam
prospects - usa - military - arizonafallleague - us - custom - woundedwarriors - zingerbats - baseball - zingerteam - veteransday - bats - america - maple -
sarahsmiles_22 : Those are sweet
papinestyy_10 : Is there anybody I can speak to? I want to get a pack of bats ? @zingerbats
zingerbats : @papinestyy_10 You can call or text me at 602-980-3155 Scott
jpinney9 - pman00034 - chtc0411 - alejandromendoza211 -
Got to keep the hard work up, taking some hacks to keep the swing right. #zinger #zingerteam
zinger - zingerteam -
astrid_eliz : Haha @jakehanenzingerbats 😎
jakehanenzingerbats : So I take that as a no then ?!?! @astrid_eliz
astrid_eliz : Oh I'm all for being a part of the #ZingerTeam @jakehanenzingerbats #Swinging34s πŸ’―
_maeday20 : Lol @astrid_eliz you can't handle a 34 lets start you off with a 32 lol
astrid_eliz : Loll @_maeday20 I have swung 34s but don't get as much bat speed
_maeday20 : Your bat speed is slow no matter what lol @astrid_eliz
astrid_eliz : @_maeday20 not with a lighter bat πŸ˜‰
alecklemens11 : Hey man do you have any left over bats from they season I could use. Just broke my last and I'm in need of a new wood bat. Is there anyway you can hook me up.
ab10thephenom - timelaskew - t_23 - ___deerudder24 -
Me and @linillo37 !! He's one of the hardest working man in this business and one of the funniest dudes I've ever met !! #zingerteam #zingerbats @chardingzxb @tmitch2487 @jjarvis31
zingerbats - zingerteam -
miss_meliss89 : Aaww I love this pic!
angel_noriega28 - 4baseballbrothers - c3henderson3 - ma_quintero -
Always a great feeling when you get some new wood😏😍 Shout out to @jakehanenzingerbats for the bats! Thank you! #ZingerTeam
zingerteam -
michael.martinez_ : Let me buy one off of you 😭😭😭😍
jt_stanley_ : NoπŸ˜‚ are you crazy!?πŸ˜‚ @michael.martinez_
michael.martinez_ : I'm jkπŸ˜‚ but where did you get them ?
ramonl13 : My customs might be killing yours though 😏
jt_stanley_ : Zinger warehouse @michael.martinez_
ramonl13 : I swear our whole team jumped on zingers real quick
jt_stanley_ : Most of us have them lolπŸ˜‚ @ramonl13
espi_2017 : Those are fuckin nice bats
mr.athlete_4_19 - bcamarena99 - espi_2017 - kristylee1500 -
Newest national bikini competitor @xo__missana rocking her got wood shirt #zingerteam
zingerteam -
cecilyduh : πŸ˜πŸ†
viggsy18 - mattyice_isnice - sillysoph_11 - cecilyduh -
Congratulations to @moosetacos8 @hosmer305 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 and the rest of the #kc #royals on a great season and postseason. #zingerteam #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500 #zingerbats
kc - zingerbats - beroyal - zingerteam - royals - beroyalkc -
sarahsmiles_22 : So badly wanted to see them win.. Not a Giants Hater... But wanted the Royal Blue to pull it off.. #Zingerteam #2014 #1985lastworldseries #Baseball #swingingzingersintheworldseries
cha.s.e_da_bank - zacharybair8 - jessepwilliams - xochitlramos89 -
A little over an hour away. Good luck @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1@yordanoventurahernandez and the rest of the #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc #BLUEOCTOBER #takethecrown #WINNING @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500 @stevekent34 #zingerteam #zingerbats
kc - kansascity - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - beroyal - takethecrown - winning - blueoctober - zingerteam -
taylor.marshall3 - _hectorriosssss - mezathecreator - 4baseballbrothers -
The #ZINGERTEAM celebrating a huge win in game 6. 4 Hits / 3 Runs / 4 RBIs / 2 Doubles / 1 Home Run for @hosmer305 and @moosetacos8 to push the Series to Game 7! Good luck boys! #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc #BLUEOCTOBER #takethecrown #WINNING @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500
kc - kansascity - royals - beroyalkc - beroyal - takethecrown - winning - blueoctober - zingerteam -
holvack19 : Let's go royals one more time
janaemarieeeee - lil_r00 - ryan__short23 - meza98 -
GAME 7 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #ZINGERTEAM @HOSMER305 @MOOSETACOS8 @SALVADORP13 @ALCIDES02 @MRZOOMBIYA1 Go #takethecrown #BLUEOCTOBER #WINNING #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @aru1500 @stevekent34
kc - kansascity - beroyalkc - royals - winning - beroyal - takethecrown - blueoctober - zingerteam -
kcroyalsedits : 😘
sfg_gbp_5 : They must be good wood, he keeps getting hits off the end and the handle.
djvenney : He hits with a 35? Gees
philhyland25 : ^his number
djvenney : @phil2hyland5 duh, im such an idiot lmao
sean_obeirne5 - 25babbie - naturals_24 - therealjzit -
@hosmer305 is all smiles in Game 6 as he ties the #royals Postseason record with his 20th hit. #zingerteam #swingingzingerssettingrecords #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #kc #royals #kansascity #beroyal #beroyalkc #BLUEOCTOBER #WINNING #takethecrown @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1
kc - kansascity - blueoctober - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbats - beroyal - takethecrown - winning - swingingzingerssettingrecords - zingerteam - born2rake -
kcroyalsedits : 😍😍😍😍
skylar.j.adams - m_tumey - rdbuckley_ - cdeg12 -
@hosmer305 with 20 hits in the postseason !! @zingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #blueOctober
zingerbats - blueoctober - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
x_liiinleyyy - holvack19 - jkent34 - webgemz -
Congratulations to @moosetacos8 for setting the #royals Postseason record with his 5th #zingerbomb tonight. Game 7 here we come! #swingingzingerssettingrecords #zingerteam #destroyingeras #WINNING #BLUEOCTOBER #beroyal #beroyalkc @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @stevekent34 @aru1500 #takethecrown @hosmer305 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 @yordanoventurahernandez
blueoctober - destroyingeras - royals - beroyalkc - zingerbomb - beroyal - takethecrown - winning - swingingzingerssettingrecords - zingerteam -
sjparker17 : @mikemoustakas8
tylermurphy25 : @hotcasino4 @flnysurf
flnysurf : @tylermurphy25 drop the head
sportsfan23316 - jpetkac24 - naturals_24 - therealjzit -
The moose getting it started tonight !!! @moosetacos8 @zingerbats #zingerteam #destroyingERAs
destroyingeras - zingerteam -
beardedballgluva : Moose flashing the leather too
jakehanenzingerbats : Yes sir @beardedballgluva
alberthernandez11 : @moosetacos8 flashing the bat with the homerun! @beardedballgluva @jakehanenzingerbats
jakehanenzingerbats : #destroyingERAs @alberthernandez11
alberthernandez11 : Amen! πŸ™ #DestroyingERAs #withoneswing @jakehanenzingerbats
marshall_whitt5 - cooper__prince - matthew_levi5 - erockerik_2 -
#Misty&Kristy with their #zingerbats and #zingerswag just hanging out at the yard. #truealitytv @truelycandace #zingerteam #niceash #gotwood #rockhardwood @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @linillo37
misty - niceash - zingerswag - gotwood - truealitytv - zingerbats - rockhardwood - zingerteam -
jakehanenzingerbats : I like that pic !! @zingerbats
billycrst : @zingerbats how long does it take for a bat to come in after order I need on by sat for showcase
aarontrager22 : @rykerbaseball
zingerbats : @billycrst Where are you at? We have inventory that could ship tomorrow.
billycrst : @zingerbats in california
gotwoodspb - val_pie22 - stevekent34 - bridgetlburrows5 -
@hosmer305 is ready for Game 5 !!!! @zingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #HOS
zingerbats - destroyingeras - zingerteam - hos -
1jdo : #DiamondSwag #WoodBats
jonhuizingapitchingcoach - evanz_10 - jbellware35 - jjarvis31 -
@hosmer305 with a clutch hit last night !!! #zingerbats #zingerteam @zingerbats
zingerbats - zingerteam -
joey_mistretta24_ - oossccaarr8 - hannahbbanana_ - aguilararely -
Happy birthday to @hosmer305 #zingerteam #HOS @zingerbats
hos - zingerteam -
tylerdoherty179 - codysarabia1 - 4baseballbrothers - capsy42 -
Happy Birthday and good luck tonight to @hosmer305 and the rest of the #kc #royals #kansascity @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 #beroyal #beroyalkc #BLUEOCTOBER #WINNING #takethecrown @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam
kc - kansascity - royals - beroyalkc - beroyal - takethecrown - winning - blueoctober - zingerteam -
pazzoant : Solid sticks
lil_r00 : Happy Birthday Handsome!
stevec11 : @hosmer305 is the man!! My son want a @zingerbats #beastmode this winter in the cage. He is 11 to get ready for the 2015 season. @linedrive #dowork #zingerbats
joeyfonseca : #ORANGEOCTOBER
t_bolt35 : Moose is using ur bat
peter_merrill2 - coltonmills9 - abby_123_a - taylormade_baseball -
Look who jumped on bored of the #zingerteam Doug Flutie !!!! Are you next ? #zingerbats #destroyingERAs @zingerbats
zingerbats - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
j_edwards18 : @jakehanenzingerbats you guys still have your booth up in Diablo?
jakehanenzingerbats : Yes come on by I'll be out here all day !! @j_edwards18
yes_that_guy77 : You should let him know the bears need a QB.
blake_lemus - astrid_eliz - ckh32720 - bobbyison1 -
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