#ajsuave reppin the Red White and Blue always remembering why we play who we play for. This game, and every game, is for them. We remember and #GoSilent for Sgt. David "Doc" Almazan, Spc. Larry K. Brown, Ssg. Matthew Werner, and Ssg. Alex Crackel #MemorialDay #AmericasPasttime #baseball #HonorTheFallen #TeamDocAlmazan #OIF #141 #136 #OldIronsides #ipb #zingerteam
ipb - americaspasttime - 141 - oif - honorthefallen - ajsuave - gosilent - baseball - 136 - teamdocalmazan - oldironsides - zingerteam - memorialday -
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#ZINGERTEAM #merica #Repost @brendtcitta ・・・ Thought I'd support Memorial Day with my American flag and digital camo bats. @zingerbats #baseball
merica - baseball - zingerteam - repost -
zachdh_19 : @_jakegreenbank_ @13_mango_bango @12_mango_bango Lou should get us these
_jakegreenbank_ : U want everything don't you @zachdh_19
calebwest44 - backwardsk2 - goingyardbaseball - fits_like_a_glove34 -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @kcroyals ・・・ Salvador Perez extends hit streak to 9 games, #Royals take second straight from Cardinals. #ForeverRoyal
foreverroyal - royals - zingerteam - repost -
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#ajsuave working the hands #leftyrighty #longbeachpoly #jackrabbits #impactplayerbaseball #phenomnation #zingerteam #hardworkmakeseasywork #studentathlete @snj33 @coachknocc @lbjackrabbitboxing @nytillid13 @zingerbats @polyjackrabbit
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#Repost @stevekent34 #zingerteam ・・・ Check out this team order headed to Texas! I guarantee these kids will have the best bats in every tournament they play in! #TeamZinger
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octo_15 : @erica.munoz1
stevekent34 : Those are nice!
donaldjboyles : Ready for some summer baseball!
c.deano33 - dreynolds__10 - cs_shaw12 - juancampusano12 -
@99mitchwilliams is new to Instagram. #zingerteam go follow him. He is part of the #zingernation now. #phenombaseball
zingernation - phenombaseball - zingerteam -
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@99mitchwilliams stopped in tonight with @phenombaseball @phenomsignature @phenomtndo and the rest of the crew. Phenom Signature Teams are ready to some damage in PG this weekend. #phenombaseball powered by #zingerbats #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487
zingerbats - rockhardwood - lscreenrecommended - phenombaseball - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
_nathanflores19_ : When u having a giveaway/contest
moose_tography : I'll be photographing some PG on Saturday at Camelback Ranch
zingerbats : @moose_tography I will be out there on Saturday for sure.
moose_tography : I should be there about 10 am if not earlier. Would love to meet up. Just hit me with a message and I'll find ya
alecklemens11 : @moose_tography will you be at Goodyear?
moose_tography : @alecklemens11 unfortunately no. Only camelback ranch this time. Meeting up with a scout I know who will be there
zingerbats : @moose_tography 👍
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3-4 2 doubles and 2 RBIs. #Moustakas #lscreenrecommended #destroyingeras #born2rake #zingerteam #hittingmechanics #kcroyals #themooseisloose @zingerbats @moosetacos8 #hittingdisplay
hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - themooseisloose - kcroyals - hittingdisplay - moustakas - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
coachgoober : Natural.......
dlusk24 : 3 more hits tonight. I am happy for him he worked hard and kept grinding.
n.toshihira - jaayyy_jaayy09 - _lanuevaeragloves - bobbiedurazo22 -
Moose and the Royals getting it done again. #themooseisloose #Moustakas #kcroyals #hittingmechanics #zingerteam #born2rake #destroyingeras #lscreenrecommended @zingerbats @moosetacos8
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When you order bats>>> #TeamZinger #zingerteam #zingerbats #wood #bats #baseball #sticks #33in #30oz #baseballbats @zingerbats
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#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @txryan32 ・・・ One more week as a high school student🎓⚾️
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#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @rj_baseball ・・・ 👀
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#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @bjboyd23 ・・・ ZINGERBATS THEY ALWAYS MAKE SURE IM ON POINT .....💯💯💯💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ @zingerbats @stevekent34 @linillo37 @akeaves22 @webgemz #zingerteam #zingerbats #baseballswag #baseball #woodbats #born2rake #teamzinger #picoftheday #StocktonPorts #milb #mlb #blessed #dreamchaser #swagger #speedkills #oaklandathletics #repost #athletics @thebaseballswag_ @baseball_lifestyle101
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ZINGERBATS THEY ALWAYS MAKE SURE IM ON POINT .....💯💯💯💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ @zingerbats @stevekent34 @linillo37 @akeaves22 @webgemz #zingerteam #zingerbats #baseballswag #baseball #woodbats #born2rake #teamzinger #picoftheday #StocktonPorts #milb #mlb #blessed #dreamchaser #swagger #speedkills #oaklandathletics #repost #athletics @thebaseballswag_ @baseball_lifestyle101
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Everyone loves a balanced bat. The C271 is that. Here is what our Z71s look like. Pro maple with the ink dot for only $79.99. Go to to order or email for team pricing. #zingerbats #zingerteam #hardleftturns
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jvetterinspector : @d_luethje17
8maxx8 : @mets16u
stevekent34 : @8maxx8 , our team pricing is really good! @mets16U
austinparent15 : 33-30's?
stevekent34 : @austinparent15 - 32s, 33s and 34s. Order them from the site! : We make gloves, baseballs and baseball bats ... Very low price ... Order must upto 50 me for more info
cordellgarcia32 : How could I get a free bat? Do y'all have giveaway
_isaak17 : Thanks for the bats coach my dad is Johnny Delapaz from velocity lab baseball I appreciate it coach!!!
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Proud to have #zingerteam #member @_logan_white_jr_ representing #zingerbats and #destroyingeras #repost ・・・ Hitting in the rain with my boy @cameronpolich had a bat in my hand but it got cropped out 😂⚾️ #stopatnothingtobegreat #baseball #rainisagoodthing
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gonzob_94 : @_logan_white_jr_ didn't know your some kind of BA! 😏😏
_logan_white_jr_ : Always proud to rep #zingerbats!
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@slacrusjr13 #zingerteam #Repost @slacrusjr13 ・・・ my own custom model.! #Zinger #SLJ 😍👌🏻 thanks @zingerbats , best in the business..
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stevekent34 : We do it right kid!
coreyhinshaw : @keithanderson_21
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@moosetacos8 having a day...5 feet from a cycle. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #Repost @kcroyals ・・・ Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain lead hit parade as #Royals rout Yankees. #ForeverRoyal
zingerteam - foreverroyal - repost - destroyingeras - royals - born2rake -
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Congrats to my boy @moosetacos8 going 4-5 and to the KC Royals on another W. Missed the cycle by a few feet but absolutely put on a hitting display hitting the ball where it was pitched. #keepgrindin #Moustakas #zingerteam #lscreenrecommended #destroyingeras #born2rake @zingerbats #themooseisloose
born2rake - moustakas - themooseisloose - lscreenrecommended - keepgrindin - zingerteam - destroyingeras -
theclassykc : Moose killed it tonight!! 👏💙⚾️ great job @mikemoustakas8 @moosetacos8
michaelm12 : He is tearing it up right now! Good for him
jjjjdavila - coach_chuckalessi - mv_7878 - lhortega14 -
#ajsuave because baseball is played from the waist down and you can't spell legendary without LEG DAY @snj33 @nytillid13 @coachknocc @lbjackrabbitboxing @zingerbats #longbeachpoly #phenomnation #ipb #jackrabbitboxingacademy #hardworkmakeseasywork #zingerteam
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kurniawanrizaleko : Sip
johnnyhernandez562 - fullride101 - coachofthewest1 - jimbev2 -
@moosetacos8 mixing up the color combo again #zingerteam #kc #royals #kansascity #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @stevekent34
kc - kansascity - zingerteam - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - royals - born2rake -
karson_runk_ : Mike is my friend @zingerbats
lorenzoramos24 : How much for a customized ink dot pro maple bat? @zingerbats
zingerbats : @baseballobsessed24 Check out the website. They start @ $99.99.
lorenzoramos24 : Thank you! @zingerbats
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@bnimmo24 with some more #freshwood out the door and headed to a ballpark near you. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @stevekent34
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Kyle Kubitza continues to tear up AAA for the #angels #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #maple #pro #wood #mlb #milb @linillo37 @stevekent34
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#ZINGERTEAM member Jake Fox is headed to Korea with some #custom #freshwood #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @stevekent34
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pookygomez : Good for him he was out here in Mexico last couple of years
nottherealdomingo - trevor_pawley - bcliffbaseball - legendarybaseball_17 -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @branbj26 ・・・ #teamBJ
teambj - zingerteam - repost -
susanaaltuna : Éxitos hijo 😘
rako466 : exito
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New #zingerteam member #Repost @rakenationbaseball ・・・ Juandy Mendoza getting his Rake/Prep on in The Nation Of Rake #Prospect @mlb #Draft #DreamChasin #rakenationstateofmind #DBS #JuanyAint #SinMiedo #keepingit💯 👊✔️ #RakeNationKings #RakeNationSS #Columbia #shhhhhh
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juandyy : Love the bats!
star_struck_bustos : @basedgodsdad the second ball scared me lol
basedgodsdad : He ain't hit shots like us bro! @star_struck_bustos
ryan_._lewis : scared me so much
cal_koga : Seen that ball pretty good @kealaiwasaki @dougmiyasato
mvp_shawntaylor - baseball.life365 - trevor_pawley - amanda.johansen.g -
Yay!!! I won the pink "MOM" bat 😍 Thank you so much Scott! We @dlusk24 & @jdogg24 love Zinger. I'm so grateful. Thank you #ZingerFamily 💞🎀⚾️🎀💞 By @zingerbats via @RepostWhiz app: @sandra13sdsu is the Winner of a custom pink bat (per request) I have decided to add a 4th bat giveaway so keep entering. Next winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. If I get to 6000 followers I will give away 2 more bats!!! @linillo37 @stevekent34 @moosetacos8 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
lscreenrecommended - born2rake - destroyingeras - zingerteam - zingerfamily -
sandra13sdsu : @gahbzz So exciting 😍 😳Don't jinx me lol
jvoris9 : Small of the owners of Zinger bats' wife's used to be my trainer in AZ😉
sandra13sdsu : The guys at zinger have been amazing. They made Jayden his own custom mike moustakas bat. So it's a MM8 model and has Jayden's name on it. Scott is the one we know. He is a great guy.
sandra13sdsu : @jvoris9
jvoris9 : That's awesome! That would make a great birthday or Christmas gift😉, I will have to remember that for Jackson. If he is still a part of the company, my trainers husbands name was Jason.
megsmartinez : Clearly, I'm good luck. :)
sandra13sdsu : @jvoris9 Yes perfect gift. He will love it. @megsmartinez Yesssss u are. Thank you 😘
um_27 : 😎👌
kschepp3 - paccalsignshop - jaayyy_jaayy09 - bobbiedurazo22 -
@sandra13sdsu is the Winner of a custom pink bat (per request) I have decided to add a 4th bat giveaway so keep entering. Next winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. If I get to 6000 followers I will give away 2 more bats!!! @linillo37 @stevekent34 @moosetacos8 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
sandra13sdsu : Yay!!!! Thank you so much Scott. ❤️Zinger
zingerbats : @sandra13sdsu you got it 👍 Email me to let me know what you want 😆
sandra13sdsu : Will do. Thanks again. You guys are great
trevor_pawley : @zingerbats I would suggest you delete the comment with your email so people don't spam it asking for the bats
zingerbats : @trevor_pawley Thanks. It's in my profile pretty easy to find regardless.
trevor_pawley : Ok,
jjj_allboys02 : @zingerbats what happened to the 4 winner
jdogg24 - mvp_shawntaylor - trevor_pawley - phenom_norcal -
I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. Michael Jordan #oaklandathletics #oakland #bayarea #BB23 #zingerbats #zingerteam @zingerbats @stevekent34 #blessed #dreamchaser #athletics @athletics @greencollarbaseball @oakland_athletics_fans #StocktonPorts #californialeague #baseball @evoshield @uabaseball
bb23 - stocktonports - blessed - bayarea - zingerbats - baseball - dreamchaser - oaklandathletics - californialeague - athletics - oakland - zingerteam -
just_a_chick_named_amy : I have some great pictures of you from Today's game. You played great! Thanks for making it a fun game to attend 😊 @bjboyd23
bjboyd23 : @diamondlevelapparel gotta stay focused
bjboyd23 : @amys_healthy_journey thank you for that
joshua_goodale : I'm 13 and I live for baseball, do u have any advice for me? Ps. I'm a shortstop and I can't live without baseball. @bjboyd23
bjboyd23 : @joshua_goodale everything you do in the game go a 100 percent to you cant no more .
diamondlevelapparel : Fosho!
joshua_goodale : Thanks for the awesome advice and I hope u continue playin well @bjboyd23
maxwilliamson209 : Go Ports!
bestbaseball.gear - ntsaboukos26 - brentmaster1243 -
@bvertigan #zingerteam #oakland #Athletics #milb #baseball #bats #custom #maple #mlb #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood #freshwood @linillo37 @stevekent34
mlb - lscreenrecommended - baseball - destroyingeras - custom - rockhardwood - milb - maple - bats - athletics - oakland - freshwood - zingerteam - born2rake -
bvertigan : Need these! Lol
bvertigan : Thank you!
d_train44 : @bvertigan nice bro! Haha
jhathaway29 : When are u going to announce the winners
sandra.henning - bcliffbaseball - nottherealdomingo - sn_hmr_10 -
@danry13 #zingerteam #zingerbats #houston #astros #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood #freshwood @linillo37 @stevekent34
houston - astros - destroyingeras - zingerbats - rockhardwood - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
jmijaresl : Buenas Las Flechas o que @danry13 @linillo37
linillo37 : Que me diga el @danry13 Que es lo que magnate. @jmijaresl
danry13 : Encendidas! Estoy en la espera de ellas @jmijaresl a ver q es lo q traee @linillo37
mvp_shawntaylor - trevor_pawley - nottherealdomingo - sn_hmr_10 -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @branbj26 ・・・ #teamBJ el mas duro jajaja
teambj - zingerteam - repost -
damonnelson12 : First like
gabriela3129 : Belloooo!!!!!
baseball.life365 - dreynolds__10 - cristhianblanco18 - 643baseball_ -
I am very proud of @jdogg24 for working hard at his swing. I don't know many 8 year olds that understand the swing the way he does. Although the results are still up and down the work ethic stays the same. Baseball is a game that you get what you put in and there is no shortcut and no easy way. Our next step is to be comfortable enough in the game to repeat this swing and not let the pitch determine how he swings. I tell him don't try to hit home runs just take home run swings. #hittingmechanics #one2bebaseball #8yearsold #zingerteam #destroyingeras #lscreenrecommended #born2rake #powerupwedge
powerupwedge - 8yearsold - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - born2rake - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - one2bebaseball -
coachgoober : Well said coach
dodgerfansx3 : always working....he's hungry and a very nice swing..keep it up young man
bklynbaseball : Nice bro! My boys 7 and works like this too.
kaden_reuterskiold23 - tomohikokiuchi - warsticbaseball - shockers__10 -
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