@carlos_rivero3 with his first MLB At-Bat last night. Congratulations! #zingerteam #mlb #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #boston @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @zingerbats @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
mlb - rockhardwood - boston - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
sbbarnes : Red Sox and Zinger Bats. Two of the best! #rockhardboston #jarvissupportingRedSox
jmijaresl : @linillo37 @miguelmontero26
max_sensing - faabyromero - bcamarena99 - nickhagen_ -
#TBT #repost from @michaelhickman43 #zingerteam @areacodebaseball @nbbaseball @jakehanenzingerbats #zingerbats #rockhardwood #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
destroyingeras - tbt - zingerbats - rockhardwood - born2rake - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - repost -
ballglovestoday : Check DM
docstine - daniel_moody_ - seth_martin_7 - zackchilton26 -
Looking to add to my collection of Zinger bats before the winter any recommended models? #zingerteam #zingerbats
zingerbats - zingerteam -
dannyward723 : @kylewinkler224 I like the nimbus 2000 or the firebolt. 😊 they're the best and Harrys favorites
kylewinkler224 : Fuck you Danny
norastoneband - cookalooch - brett_ward44 - dannyward723 -
#TBT #zingerteam member @demiorimoloye45 finished second in average at .571 and was the leader in slugging at .929 and RBIs with 5 at @nbbaseball @areacodebaseball earlier this month. Nice work Demi! #zingerbats #rockhardwood #destroyingeras #born2rake @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @linillo37 @aru1500 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb
zingerbats - rockhardwood - born2rake - tbt - zingerteam - destroyingeras -
mataya_25 - grilli1 - buccaneers_15 - krbauer15 -
#TBT Brody Wofford @brodywofford3 showing off his #zingerbats that he used to lead the 2014 @nbbaseball @areacodebaseball showcase in hitting at .625! He had 6 balls in 8 ABs clocked at over 100 MPH exit speed! #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb
zingerbats - rockhardwood - born2rake - lscreenrecommended - tbt - zingerteam - destroyingeras -
cesarsalazar29 - j_sawyer_69 - noah_mylleville - kellykhenderson -
@danry13 #zingerteam #zingerbats @zingerbats @jjarvis31 @linillo37 @aru1500
zingerbats - zingerteam -
sigman99 - jkuz54 - coachkorey - maide93 -
@alcides02 with some #custom #freshwood on the way. #zingerteam @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake #kc #royals
kc - destroyingeras - royals - custom - beroyal - rockhardwood - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
sarahsmiles_22 : Zinger needs to send a bat to miss Mo'ne Davis of the Philadelphia Little league team!!
wavis_dendzel : @collinq_
alcides02 : Excelente mi hermano lista las flechas πŸ‘πŸ‘ @zingerbats
zingerbats : #beroyal
jwesunderscore4 - alexruxlow - jjarvis31 - rolandbrewer -
@danry13 and @brett_phillips8 of the #zingerteam are both tearing it up in Lancaster for the #houston #astros #milb @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37
houston - astros - milb - zingerteam -
bagofdonuts44 : Can you make a 35 inch bat?
zingerbats : @bagofdonuts44 Absolutely
bagofdonuts44 : Okay, I am interested. How much $?
zingerbats : @bagofdonuts44. $70 to $100 depending on what you want.
twright_14 : @anthonycusati Astros minor leaguers swing zingers too!
anthonycusati : Zinger baby @twright_14
lizette_bangerz - angelrivero28 - firstringts - ryankreidler -
Salvador Perez @el_ninokc13 with a pregame photo during BP. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #kc #royals #kansascity #zingerbats #SP26 #custom @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @peligrosportsnyc @aru1500 @zingerbats #mlb #bats #maple
kc - mlb - kansascity - sp26 - destroyingeras - royals - custom - zingerbats - rockhardwood - bats - maple - beroyal - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
rykersalazar11 : @aarontrager22
_wendypeffercorn : My boy
zingerbats : #beroyal
christian_shoshoo21 : I need more bats for high school ball!
christian_shoshoo21 : So you have any black handle natural barrel 33 inch -3 bats in maple or ash
andrewwallen24 - _kaahsoares - kainegib - ryry.34 -
Officially committed to play baseball at the University of Michigan!! Thank you all for your support and prayers through this process. #GOBLUE ⚾️⚾️⚾️
goblue -
matt_merizon : @jonathan_engelmann o ok
jonathan_engelmann : Sorry about that!
matt_merizon : @edits_and_news
edits_and_news : @jonathan_engelmann dude can I please get your auto graph? I LOVE Michigan
jonathan_engelmann : @edits_and_news of course buddy!
edits_and_news : @jonathan_engelmann how could I get it?
jonathan_engelmann : @edits_and_news send me an email j.angelmann@gmail.com
edits_and_news : @jonathan_engelmann I just emailed you, I don't mean to say DM, sorry
aaron__johnson44 - kamryn334 - sarahjweese - joecon95 -
Great night at the @perfectgameusa All-America Game watching some of the #zingerteam play at Petco. Great job guys!
zingerteam -
taravb7 - zach1_oravetz4 - silverstarsports - tynorse88 -
Such an honor playing and getting to know these guys this week! Thank you @areacodebaseball for the great experience! #acgames14 #areacode #zingerteam #BrewCrew
areacode - acgames14 - zingerteam - brewcrew -
alexperron10 - ryan_morace - nbbaseball - blockehh -
@danry13 and @brett_phillips8 showing off her @zingerbats ! #zingerteam #zingerbats @jjarvis31 @linillo37 @aru1500 @chardingzxb
zingerbats - zingerteam -
seege06 - coachkorey - perlita_mv - rs_accesorios -
Fell in love with these two on our first date⚾️ #ZingerTeam
zingerteam -
laurenkiiing : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is so funny haha
mikey_benson : Omg best one yet, this better win!
nickmeyer8 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
emilymcollard : I don't think you ordered enough food.
alexdaniel9 : So gold!!!!
ethanpaul21a - madeline_minney - shane_cotter34 - tannerepp -
#repost #WINNER The first winner of the @areacodebaseball contest is @fenter58 - #congrats - come see me at the trailer tomorrow. @jakehanenzingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats
zingerbats - america - usa - congrats - winner - zingerteam - repost -
zingerbats : #usa #america
footballislife_55 - pmluddy - beastmode_edits13 - bheward25 -
Starting them young on the #zingerteam out here in #longbeach for the @nbbaseball @areacodebaseball games. #born2rake
longbeach - zingerteam - born2rake -
doakdozier : @beau_burrows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
epilepsyforlife : To bad hes a dodger fan @zingerbats
dawson.bell : Do y'all have a store that sells zinger bats here in Montgomery Alabama??
zingerbats : @dawson.bell No. Just in AZ and online
dawson.bell : Oh okay. Thanks @zingerbats
blake_burrows : My little brotherπŸ˜‚
karlagaburel - adamjacques33 - joy2theworld5 - mattbaseball48 -
@ryan_j34 and @baylor_r9 of the #zingerteam hanging out in the @zingerbats trailer at the @areacodebaseball games before their game showing off their #custom #zingerbats #rockhardwood #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #acgames14 @jakehanenzingerbats
lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - custom - zingerbats - rockhardwood - acgames14 - zingerteam - born2rake -
jayturner44 : Do u have a store or factory out in Phoenix or Tempe where I can pick mine up?
linillo37 : The factory is located at 3155 North Nevada Street. Chandler, AZ 85266. If you have an order pending to be pick up! Just call us to make sure the the bats are ready ok.. The Factory is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Need more information just go to Zingerbats.com @jayturner44
athletesprime : There's a lot of talent in this pic, be tough to find a better 3-4 hole on the same HS team. #CSHS #Frogs #Pokes @ryan_j34 @baylor_r9
zingerbats : @athletesprime That's for sure.
khalidballouli : Dang did @baylor_r9 learn to switch hit?!
athletesprime : @zingerbats how do we get some samples for our cages?
zingerbats : @athletesprime call me later in the week and we can figure it out 602-980-3155 Scott
athletesprime : Sounds good! @zingerbats
rae_theballer3 - anthonylaguna_ - hosie30 - thundadan27 -
@areacodebaseball #RANGERS vs #Athletics game today had 13 members of the #zingerteam in force knocking out 17 hits and 9 runs against the best pitching in the country. #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @aru1500 @chardingzxb #acgames14
lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - rangers - rockhardwood - athletics - acgames14 - zingerteam - born2rake -
dawson.bell : Awesome! #zingerteam πŸ‘Œ
abc_baseball : Please check dm
jkarren7 - jpetkac24 - noah_medrano46 - swampy.leishman_22 -
@lukenb9 Luken Baker dropped a massive #zingerbomb with his first swing tonight @areacodebaseball for the #rangers. Great job Luken! #X43 #custom #freshwood #zingerbats #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @linillo37 @stevekent34 @aru1500 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
x43 - zingerbats - destroyingeras - custom - zingerbomb - rockhardwood - rangers - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
ballgloves_daily : Could you Dm back please
bradyhochhalter - luke_bowman_55 - timmartinez24 - dwt_boston8 -
Everybody go and give the guys over @zingerbats a follow #zingerteam #destroyingeras #zingerbats #rockhardmaple
zingerbats - rockhardmaple - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
janaehagen : No thanks
kelblack_ - ritarox123 - jackaroo4354 - t_swizzle98 -
Rear stone wall installed.
zingerteam -
btruck413 : #zingerteam
btruck413 : Zingerbats rock.
zingerbats - ava_truckenbrod - blake_voss - alyssa_taylor_829 -
For all @areacodebaseball participants. Follow these directions to win free bats. 1. Follow @zingerbats 2. Comment on this picture 3. Post a picture of your #zingerbats on your page (be creative!!!) 4. Tag your photo #ZINGERTEAM 5. Give us a shoutout and tell your followers to follow @zingerbats Winners will be reposted on my Instagram for a FREE BAT every 250 followers.
zingerbats - zingerteam -
christian_gil24 : The best tools of the trade
tb3434 : Zinger rocks
jdiggsmaloney : Best bats in the world
azbaseball1 : Done
direyes21 : I am backkkkk text me
nickoar : Really quality wood
zingerbats : @nickoar Thanks!
jayturner44 : I want zinger bats
sirhuffington35 - ciglos67 - pierregarcia4 - hxrnvndxz -
Check out the new backpacks - perfect to carry your #zingerbats in. @cmws @areacodebaseball @aru1500 @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @peligrosportsnyc @chardingzxb #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended #born2rake #picoftheday #photooftheday
destroyingeras - zingerbats - rockhardwood - photooftheday - lscreenrecommended - picoftheday - zingerteam - born2rake -
zingerbats - parkerq8 - pmluddy - ___trings___ -
@doakdozier is all ready with some #custom #freshwood #zingerbats for @areacodebaseball and @perfectgameusa All-America next week! @zingerbats @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @jakehanenzingerbats @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
destroyingeras - custom - zingerbats - rockhardwood - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - born2rake -
doakdozier : ohhh yes😍😍
jaxon2rawwilliams : Best bats ever bro @doakdozier
cjmac38 : Can I try out your zinger bats @zingerbats
sugarchay : Are you guys open today?
donleejr - deecancel_ - tonihanenkiddos - pierregarcia4 -
Kenny Powers getting down in Farmington @cmws #zingerteam @zingerbats @aru1500 @linillo37 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @peligrosportsnyc @jjarvis31 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #rockhardwood
rockhardwood - zingerteam -
zo_palacios1 : La Flama Blanca In The Building! πŸ”₯
parker_cosby27 : Where is Farmington @zingerbats
keatonbanister - mickeymoniak - luke_bowman_55 - bmart34panthers -
Johnny Cueto rocking his zinger shirt in the clubhouse !! @zingerbats @javis_18 @aru1500 @linillo37 #zingerteam
zingerteam -
benpredig13 : Where do yu order them ad are they custom
ballgloves_daily : Check Dm please man!!
jakehanenzingerbats : You can order them through me 602 571 8923 jake @ballgloves_daily
ballgloves_daily : Okay thanks
fbelgrove : #serie023
dayton_dugas5 : Yo I need some bats!!!
jakehanenzingerbats : Shoot me a text to let you know what I can do for you ! 602 571 8923 jake @dayton_dugas5
murph_2 - jkuz54 - tonihanenkiddos - i_make_adorable_babies -
@michaelhickman43 is all ready to rock the #red and #black #custom #X31 and his #cherry and #charcoal #X24 #miguelcabrera model with the new #usa label at @areacodebaseball next week. @zingerbats @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @peligrosportsnyc @jjarvis31 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
charcoal - maple - x31 - usa - miguelcabrera - cherry - pro - destroyingeras - custom - zingerbats - rockhardwood - black - zingerteam - x24 - lscreenrecommended - red - born2rake -
zingerbats : #ZINGERTEAM #zingerbats #rockhardwood #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #maple #pro
doakdozier : I wonder if y'all are gonna post mine in a picture😏
zingerbats : @doakdozier I think @jakehanenzingerbats finished yours...been crazy trying to get all the pictures. I'll see what I can do πŸ˜‰
doakdozier : I'm just excited to see my new pick ups😍
zingerbats : @doakdozier 240 custom pre orders for @areacodebaseball .... All finished as of today and ready to go for Sunday! Been a long week @zingerbats
doakdozier : awesome! can't wait!!
aru1500 : Love area code best of best! Can't wait..
michaelhickman43 : Those are SICK!!!!!
baylor_r9 - torijarvis98 - shaunharrp413 - ryankreidler -
@kam_lane all ready for #destroyingeras at the @areacodebaseball games starting on the 4th with his #custom #maple #freshwood #zingerbats #cherry #charcoal #camo #digital #zingerteam @zingerbats @aru1500 @linillo37 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @peligrosportsnyc @jjarvis31 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
charcoal - cherry - destroyingeras - custom - zingerbats - rockhardwood - camo - zingerteam - digital - freshwood - lscreenrecommended - maple - born2rake -
kam_lane : Can't thank you guys enough! Best in the business.
zingerbats : @kam_lane Thanks bud! You're going to love these babies...they turned out sick!
kam_lane : They are gorgeous.. Can't wait to get some cuts in with em! #zingerteam
dylan_hutch12 : 😍😍😍 sign me up! @kam_lane @zingerbats
brandon_lewis121 - grant_turner5 - artussssssssss - torijarvis98 -
Nothing like a good ole fashioned line drive!! They feel so incredibly crisp coming off my @zingerbats! #ZingerTeam
zingerteam -
hillcrowee : That camo πŸ‘Œ
zingerbats : That is a sick picture πŸš€πŸ‘
grilli1 : I jus tri 2 geht a gud peech en help the team winh
greg_marino : Frozen rope
sticko12 : Are you sure that's not da hamma on it's way to the plate while you whiff?
8maxx8 : I'm sure...Da HAMMA comes in much steeper than that, it would be above that usher's head and aimed straight at the ground @sticko12
jacob.melendez - beautifully.broken.22 - luisfmtz5 - naykidginger_23 -
#ZINGERTEAM member @btruck413 building the coolest bar I have ever seen! Can't wait to see it all done. #zingerbats #zingerbar #niceash #flametempered @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487 @jjarvis31 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb
flametempered - zingerbats - niceash - zingerteam - zingerbar -
kendeeloo : Thats sweet!!!!
sarahsmiles_22 : Impressive! Awesome work #teamzingersince2012
talrowe13 : @dayerowe my bar
mlfranklin2 : Let's see the update I love it!
aurdaneta : @marioriera86
bradyhochhalter - dayerowe - originalgrain - talrowe13 -
Kody Clemens @slim_clem_22 is ready for the @perfectgameusa All American game and the @underarmour All-America Game with his #freshwood #zingerbats #usa #zingerteam @zingerbats @jakehanenzingerbats @jjarvis31 @linillo37 @stevekent34 @aru1500 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
zingerbats - freshwood - zingerteam - usa -
zo_palacios1 - believe0411 - williamwalter - spenserdorsey -
@areacodebaseball is just a week away! We are getting hundreds of #custom #mlb #bats ready for these players to help them do their best for all of the scouts and coaches. For the 3rd year in a row @zingerbats will join @nbbaseball as a sponsor of the event. One of our favorite weeks of the year! Can't wait. @linillo37 @jjarvis31 @jakehanenzingerbats @stevekent34 @aru1500 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #zingerbats
mlb - zingerbats - rockhardwood - bats - destroyingeras - zingerteam - custom -
oregoncal6 : @tylerbabalicious @quin_adler the jerseys and bats! 😍
oregoncal6 : @quinn_adler
grantgilmore26 : Best wood in the game! Thank you for hooking me up!! Unbelievable pop
bradyhochhalter - chanjongmoon - peterrr_03 - ethan__bowdoin -
@slim_clem_22 (kody clemens) is ready for the Under Armour All American game at Wrigley !!! @zingerbats @jjarvis31 @aru1500 @linillo37 #zingerbats #zingerteam
zingerbats - zingerteam -
smittie20 : I want that American flag sticker on my next bat!
hagyd : How much are they?
jakehanenzingerbats : We will be at area codes so come see us !!! @hagyd
hagyd : Oh sweet
canesnation10 - elvinerasmo04 - brent_pronger - murph_2 -
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