#ZINGERTEAM member is a year older. Happy birthday to @addison_russell and here is to all the best in 2015. @jakehanenzingerbats
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codycassity13 : Do you guys have any deflated bats?
harrisonsmith47 : Its Pretty Hard To Deflate Wood .. @codycassity13
noah_sears : Why he do dat @jklip25 @maryyy_423
krishnashulund : A real page. Look at www.smfollowers.com -- to get more likes. Have a blast!!
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With spring training right around the corner zinger bats launching their new look for 2015 with a new glossy look . I'm telling you guys right now we will be one of the bat company that makes the biggest noise this year!! If you haven't made a decision yet to be on the #zingerteam now's the time to jump on one of the best bat companies in the business. And for the ones that have been with #zingerfamily we thank you so much and we appreciate it and loyalty goes a long way in this game !!! @zingerbats #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #2015 #BESTINTHEGAME
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jakehanen : @stevekent34
nyytillid13 : @phenombaseball @coach_k_katfish22 😍
_cws24 : 😍😍
trevorbrown_1 : Those are clean
benjii9 : πŸ‘
taylormade_baseball : Looks like candy!
ivanvela3 : @mattpage15
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#hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #moose #hittingbombs you gotta love that sound! #KCRoyals #themooseisloose #zingerteam #destroyingeras
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_moniqueguzman_ : Sounds like glass !!!🎼
rjlopez818 : #beast !
sandra13sdsu : The Moose is Loose!!!!!!
sandra13sdsu : @coachcross4 Yessss! 😍
sandra13sdsu : Chuck and duck babe! ⚾️😳
coachcross4 : @sandra13sdsu Chuck and duck indeed! That's a bad man! Awesome video!
megsmartinez : @sandra13sdsu πŸ™Œ
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#hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #moose #zeppbaseballsensor #zingerbats when you achieve your goals the real work starts. #zingerteam #destroyingeras
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mchittingclinic : I do go after 3 as well @dlusk24 he would get a kick out of it and I know Marty knows who you are as well, trust me the guy knows every ball player in the valley. Let me know when you guys have time. Easton does have great bats. What size bat is he swinging and let's me see what I can do about getting him a bat.
dlusk24 : He is swinging a 27 s3. But all his wood bats are 28. I am trying not to rush on bat size but he is probably ready for a 28
dlusk24 : @mikedomjen
mchittingclinic : Not a problem @dlusk24 I think every kids should be swinging with a S3 that are great hot bats, I'll see If he has a 28oz
dlusk24 : @mikedomjen the balance of the s3 is better than any bat out there especially for the young kids. Thanks bro I appreciate it. Tell Marty hello for me.
mchittingclinic : I got another S3 28 I pick it up tomorrow @dlusk24
mchittingclinic : Marty says hello and hopes all is well with you and the family
neverstrikeoutlooking : Looking for a new 29/19 s3
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Happy birthday to @addison_russell #zingerteam
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krishnashulund : An outstanding photo. Follow www.smfollowers.com -- to get more likes. Have a blast!
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It's almost about that time #springtraining2015 #teamzinger #zingerteam #iliveforthis
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brecksnyder : Hit me up if you go hitting again in Ogden!
domtaylor21 : Nah I leave that to you! @moysh13
domtaylor21 : For sure bro @brecksnyder
keenyn_walker : Bout time u switched over to zinger!
taylormade_baseball : Let's get after it!
domtaylor21 : Zinger is the way to go @keenyn_walker
jakehanen : @zingerbats
saltlakeyakyuu : Good luck. Knock em dead!
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#springtraining so close it makes you want to scream!!! @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake @linillo37 @stevekent34 @jakehanenzingerbats @tmitch2487
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zingerbats : #unfinishedbusiness
jeffryharnish98 : Thanks for the follow @zingerbats
cashmoneychav : Do you guys make bats with a really flared nob ?
zingerbats : @cashmoneychav1 our big flared "bonds knob" is the Z73/X73
cashmoneychav : Okay those are money πŸ‘Œ how much ?
zingerbats : @cashmoneychav1 $79.99 for the Z73 / $119.99 for the fully custom X73
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New for 2015. MLB Stock Ink-Dot tested Pro-Maple is now available in 27-31" Models - Brand New XY1 featuring a 2.25" Barrel for Little League or Cal Ripken play. I am also offering a Full 1 Year Warranty on all custom XY1 bats. It's like nothing out there in the youth market. Designed specifically for the Zinger Prospects 8u and 9u teams. Team pricing available. Text Scott @ 602-980-3155 to order. Fully customizable. #zingerteam #born2rake #youth #custom #wood #baseball #bats #maple #pro #wood #mlb #destroyingeras @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @kevinputkonen @zo_palacios1
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baseballgear_25 : @baseknockd is having a 3 bat give away #baseknockdgiveaway
jcmed_baseball : @jjjjdavila check thisnout next time.
jjjjdavila : I sure will @jcmed_baseball thanks
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BASEBALL LESSONS ALL AGES ALL OVER THE VALLEY ...Individual Rates Group Rates $50 per one hour Lesson $25 per 1/2 hour lesson $250 for 6 lesson commitment 2 Players: $75 3 Players: $90 4 Players: $100 Please email me call me we can work something out *Ask about our sibling rates *Ask about our team clinics With each lesson, you will learn the finer points of pitching, hitting or fielding. I teach my players how to hit and field through live demos, traditional and contemporary drills and plenty of quality repetitions. It is my goal to help you understand why we utilize certain drills and how they will make you better if executed properly. I played professional baseball with Chicago Cubs and currently play Independent ball. Looking forward to helping you or your child... #jcmedbaseball #baseballlessons #az #scottsdale #chandler #mesa #602 #arizona #usssa #ssll
giants - arizona - baseballlessons - 602 - peoria - kansas - destroyingeras - scottsdale - springtraining - springtrainning - mesa - az - ssll - barrettjackson - usssa - cubs - surprise - dodger - jcmedbaseball - chandler - zingerteam - born2rake -
jcmed_baseball : #peoria #springtrainning #surprise #kansas #cubs #giants #dodger
browness55.spbulldogs : @pwhite151
jcmed_baseball : @zingerbats
jcmed_baseball : #barrettjackson
zingerbats : #ZINGERTEAM #destroyingeras #born2rake
jcmed_baseball : #ZINGERTEAM #destroyingeras #born2rake
jcmed_baseball : #springtraining
baseballsecrets1 : Good shot!
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By @jakehanenzingerbats via @RepostWhiz app: Zinger nation please welcome the newest member of the #zingerteam and the official bat of the @phenombaseball please follow them and watch their journey as they #destroyingERAs this year in there tournaments ! (#RepostWhiz app)
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By @jakehanenzingerbats via @RepostWhiz app: Zinger nation please welcome the newest member of the #zingerteam and the official bat of the @phenombaseball please follow them and watch their journey as they #destroyingERAs this year in there tournaments ! (#RepostWhiz app)
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Zinger nation please welcome the newest member of the #zingerteam and the official bat of the @phenombaseball please follow them and watch their journey as they #destroyingERAs this year in there tournaments !
destroyingeras - zingerteam -
phenombaseball : @coach_k_katfish22 @nytillid13
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Only the best in the lab @zingerbats @jakehanenzingerbats #zingernation #zingerteam #born2rake #destroyingERAs #TheHittingLab
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Congratulations to one of the #zingerteam Kyle Kubitza on his trade today to the Los Angeles Angels.
zingerteam -
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Expensive night at the cage. 3 broken bats. #zingerteam #louisville #bwpbat
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alecklemens11 : Except you don't throw 85. I was hitting off 85 in the cage. @zakbruns21
jack.downing : I throw 85 @alecklemens11
jack.downing : #callthatcowdrey
jaxxdavies : Yeah bro??^^
_stevencochran_07 : Bro really hands inside the ball
jacob.austin : inside pitches jammin u up boy
colenorris : Ahh klemens I'm coming inside next time
ryan_steele56 : Are you going tonight? If so can you ask your dad to bring the little flashlight I brought on northern tier tonight
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Just another day in the garage for my 3 your old !! #zingerteam #zingerprospect @linillo37
zingerprospect - zingerteam -
alecklemens11 : Why isn't he swinging a baby zinger.
jakehanen : Oh he's got one !! @alecklemens11
linillo37 : Jackson is a baller...
djroets : That's awesome
tonihanenkiddos : My little man killin it ⚾
schelstrate : Holding the bat like certain Tigers center fielder from the turn of last century
jakehanen : Hey he just kill things @schelstrate
_maeday20 : Omg he's legit
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Thanks to all of the #zingerteam for a great run in 2014! Here is to a bigger and better 2015! Happy New Year! @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @kevinputkonen @zo_palacios1 @hosmer305 @moosetacos8 @salvadorp13 @alcides02 @mrzoombiya1 @miguelmontero26 @lambezzy35
zingerteam -
zingerbats : @cjmac38 @satchsk_10 @coryaldridge
zingerbats : @brett_phillips8 @bgrebe22 @leanonmecb @baylor_r9 @tay_harrison3 @jakegatewood_2 @jmijaresl @shermsticky32
zingerbats : @_logan_white_jr_ @swingawaysportsproducts
zingerbats : @chadwallach @3k_sports @firstringts @txryan32
zingerbats : And everyone else I missed...Happy New Year!
firstringts : Thanks Scott, HNY to you and the zinger team! Thank you for your support and I have an ash order for you tomorrow...@baseballogy
8maxx8 : That's an awesome picture!! Happy New Year to everyone @zingerbats, can't wait for the REAL new year and some new lumber!
logandpitcher26 : I'm looking for bat with a bigger barrel and a thin handle for a player who hits the gaps what do u prefer
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#vmart #victormartinez with a #zingerbats #vm41 #custom #maple #mlb #bat on one of his new baseball cards. #detroit #tigers @linillo37 @jakehanenzingerbats #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake
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rockymtncolt : @zingerbats how can I get a #ZingerBats hoodie?
ab1si : niiicee @VinesBeLike
zingerbats : @rockymtncolt Text me 602-980-3155 Scott
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Huge s/o to @webgemz for the sic new glove. To all of the #zingerteam - go check them out and give them a follow...these gloves are the real deal. Looking forward to teaming up with Garrett for some big things in 2015.
zingerteam -
webgemz : Best Bats and Gloves in Baseball... Just makes sense!! Thanks for the shout out!!
eldad5455 : @webgemz give me a call when you get chance have some #zingerteam banners up up at my high school field I host 2 tournaments a month would love to promote for you . 208-391-1930
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To all the #zingerfamily out there I want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays !!! #zingerteam #zingerbats
zingerbats - zingerteam - zingerfamily -
o_ibieta9 : Merry Christmas @allstatess3 !!!!
poombaaa95 : Merry Christmas! @allstatess3
domtaylor21 : Merry Christmas to you too jake!
jakehanen : Thx @domtaylor21 @davidmorrison21 @jbohn2 @tracetamsing @
jakehanen : No problem buddy in time ! @akeaves22
bojangles1010 : Merry Christmas to you too!! God Bless!
bruggy4 : @jakehanenzingerbats I hope you had fun with your family! And I bet you are running on less sleep than I am. I only had one kid! Merry christmas!
jakehanen : Thx @bruggy4 I really appreciate it !! Lol what sleep
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The 5th best prospect in all of baseball @addison_russell showing off his new zinger model for is Christmas pictures !! @zingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats #zingerbombs
zingerbats - zingerteam - zingerbombs -
flaherty_28 : Can I have one plz i really want a zinger
jakehanen : I can sell you one @flaherty_28
yolgin21 - jayden_zurita - abbrie227 - trevschaef29 -
@zingerbats would like to announce the newest member of the #zingerfamily the .@nwfutures !! Please show them some love and give them a call follow there are some great people !! #zingerteam #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #nwfutures
zingerbats - nwfutures - destroyingeras - zingerteam - zingerfamily -
nwfutures : Excited to have our young men represent the @Zingerbats brand here in the PNW! #FuturesFam
cashmoneychav - jakebmoore01 - t_heriman34 - herman.k -
#tbt #mlb #wintermeetings The #zingerteam had a great time in San Diego last week. We got tons of great feedback on our product and made invaluable contacts that will help us through the next several years. We look forward to a big 2015 for #zingerbats Happy Holidays! @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487
mlb - zingerbats - wintermeetings - tbt - zingerteam -
aru1500 : @aru1500
bradyhochhalter - chtc0411 - ev_scrappers19 - luke_bowman_55 -
This is what are bats to do year In and year Out !!!! Join the #zingerteam and get your bats today so you can #destroyingERAs To !!! @zingerbats @aru1500 @stevekent34 @linillo37 #zingerbats #zingerbombs #zingernation #1998
zingerbats - zingernation - zingerbombs - 1998 - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
taylormade_baseball : Swing it!
alecklemens11 - m_tumey - baseballingjrod - _ri_15_ -
Custom X Series (MLB) Ash available in select models and sizes (31"-34") End of year closeout to make room for our new stock. 12/$400 (or 6/$250). They will be cut, painted, and engraved for you or your team. Finishing options as shown. Limited offer for wood on hand. This is our top grade ash! Minor league players can take advantage of this offer as well. Text Scott @ 602-980-3155 to order.
destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
azinger2779 : Do you still have the Red/Black Zinger hat? @zingerbats
christian_loeza34 : @gerardoh_97
wdude94 : @s_belvado2 @tahata11 should we get this haha
zingerbats : @azinger2779 Yes. I have a sm/med Flex Fit in red with black
armandogonzalez_1520 : Only zinger models
azinger2779 : Ok how can I order that? @zingerbats
zingerbats : Text me. 602-980-3155 Scott @azinger2779
zingerbats : @armandogonzalez_1520 If you are looking for another company's model - text me - we usually will have the same thing or something close
marshall_whitt5 - jorge.vazquezalvarez.9 - trey_bebee - chaddyboy17 -
zingerteam -
reese24ofarrell : Decent
zingerbats : #ZINGERTEAM #zingerbats Hope all is well bud. Happy Holidays
_jjones66 : πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
jaynaylor10 : @zingerbats everything is great Scott. Hope you and the #ZingerTeam are doing great. Happy holidays to you as well.
jaynaylor10 : @reese24ofarrell 😘😘
jaynaylor10 : @_jjones66 πŸ™ˆ
cardi_d : my dudeβšΎοΈπŸ‘Œ
jaynaylor10 : @cardi_d πŸ˜πŸ‘Š
tperry_jr7 - jcn2323 - jackiemoon.33 - ashtann07 -
The #ZingerTeam cleans up well! #WinterMeetings #TradeShow #ZingerBats
tradeshow - zingerbats - wintermeetings - zingerteam -
marcello_coppola : What up kid @stevekent34
stevekent34 : Cello, que bola, acere! @marcello_coppola
marcello_coppola : Hey man Happy Holidays reach out to me sometime after the Holiday 786 516-6719 @stevekent34 Hope all is well!
zingerbats - jakehanen - webgemz - 14paramo41 -
Zinger nation go follow @stevekent34 he is one of our professional sales reps if you guys need anything you can also contact him to !! @zingerbats #zingerteam #zingerbats
zingerbats - zingerteam -
stevekent34 : Thanks for the shout out @jakehanenzingerbats !
jakehanen : No problem buddy @stevekent34
m_tumey - chadmcflash - baseball_lifestyle101 - pickyour -
Here is the new Z Series by #ZingerBats - Pro maple bats made from Grade A MLB wood! Swing what the pros swing!!! #WhenInDoubtSwingWood #ZSeries
zingerbats - whenindoubtswingwood - zseries - zingerteam -
stephen38yoo : They looked awesome at the trade show!
stevekent34 : Did you go by the booth yeaterday? I had to leave a day early.
cj_smells_nice : ZINGER!!
doublel1919 : Heard u were there with my cuz @aru1500 Bats lookin good!!!! I'm readyyyy!!! @stevekent34
stevekent34 : Yes sir! We were out there representing the #ZingerTeam
zingerbats - scottchavers27 - dschneid7 - austin_ervin2 -
BIG S/O to 3 of the #zingerteam members I'm going to new teams today two of them do two trades and one of them in the rule 5 draft !! @chadwallach to the Cincinnati Reds and @leanonmecb to the Washington Nationals and @linodeshields to the Texas Rangers. Congratulations guys now let's go Destroy ERAs !!!! @zingerbats #zingerbats #destroyingERAs #REDS #Nationals #Rangers
reds - zingerbats - rangers - nationals - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
jnftr : yeah @VinesBeLike
stevekent34 : Big time!
baseball4me2 - lbfmedia - eh08_ - chrisrivera___ -
Had a great time in San Diego at the #mlb Winter Meetings with @mistyandkristy and the rest of the crew @truelycandace @kristyfletcher123 @miller_twin @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #zingerbats
mlb - zingerbats - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
docstine : Bro great seeing you at the meetings. It's official, just signed a contract to take over Merchandising for Texas Rangers High A affiliate #mavericks. We are doing business together brother #ZingerBatsForHDMavs
1jdo : #GoodStuff #DiamondDreams #DiamondSwag
zingerbats : And @marlamckenna
zo_palacios1 : Lookin good
marlamckenna : Thanks again for everything! @zingerbats
delio_pacho55 - white_sox_5 - justin_slattery_14 - kingofdiamondsbb -
Sneak preview of the new Zinger Bats facility being built in North Scottsdale. Target open date late 2015. @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @kevinputkonen @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
rockhardwood - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
webgemz : Absolutely beautiful!!!
alibrug : Looks incredible!
joey_cammarata_22 : @clay_randall_34 by us πŸ‘Œ
firstringts : Just make sure home plate is in the right place!
clay_randall_34 : Nice zingers hit dingers @joey_cammarata_22
docstine : Dude place looks. What do you think about carrying @kingofdiamondsbb at the new facility. Might be part of a new sports agency, see if we can get your bats with our guys
marlamckenna : Very cool!!
thehittinglab : I may have to take some hacks here when I'm back for spring training #cagerat
white_sox_5 - thorny20 - zacknovotnyy - aozar2 -
Introducing our newly redesigned Z Series Pro Maple line of bats. Available in 8 of our most popular models with standardized color schemes for each model. Available in 32", 33", and 34" #Z10 #Z17 #Z24 #Z31 #Z343 #Z71 #Z73 #Z97 #zingerbats #rockhardwood #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #pro #wood #maple #mlb #milb @jakehanenzingerbats @linillo37 @aru1500 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @kevinputkonen @zo_palacios1 #zingerteam
pro - destroyingeras - zingerbats - milb - lscreenrecommended - maple - mlb - wood - z24 - z31 - z17 - z10 - z97 - rockhardwood - z343 - z71 - z73 - zingerteam - born2rake -
zo_palacios1 : I like the look of these a lot. #ZingerTeam
palmerg17 : Sick!
ciglos67 : I want
ciglos67 : Can i order in time for Xmas?
zingerbats : @ciglos67 Absolutely. They are not updated on the website yet - but you can text me to place an order.
frankkiem34 : Do you have any Z73/X73 in stock at the shop? 34"
zingerbats : @frankkiem34 we have one X73 33" in ash
364.baseball : Hey. Do you think it's possible for me to get a free bat to do reviews on? I will do reviews on both of my Instagram accounts including this one and on my YouTube account. Dm me or comment back if interested.
taransarnowski22 - theschwob - deuce_athletics -
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