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nytillid13 : @zingerbats #OneTeam #OneGoal #OneFamily #DestroyingERAs one pitch at a time!!
phenomcolorado : One Team One Family One Goal. Getting Them Better And On 2 The Next Level. @zingerbats @phenombaseball @phenomsignature @nytillid13 @tmitch2487 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @linillo37 #WinningAsOne #DBS #TeamZingerAint
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tyler_24___ : @blythe_gear
nytillid13 : @gallegos0711 @72swank @andres_hernandez5 @andrew_chavez03 @rodriguez_kingz @rodriguez.12 @_dylan_villalobos @gonzales_zay2
joelariel : @tuccker
daltonlozier19 : @eric_hass
eric_hass : @daltonlozier19 are you buying me one?
daltonlozier19 : If you're buying me one @eric_hass
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I usually cut out all the in between stuff in @jdogg24 videos. He gets in the box relaxed and ready to hit. If you get in the box with the right attitude you have more than half the battle won. #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #zingerteam #destroyingeras #thelittlemooseisloose #thegrindneverstops #kcroyals
one2onebaseball - thegrindneverstops - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - kcroyals - zingerteam -
baseball.bros.122627 : He has a great swing #stud
dlusk24 : Thanks! @baseball.bros.122627
coachgoober - 4derrike4 - amens_grind24 - dbatms -
The tee can be a great tool as long as you don't loose your intent. I always tell @jdogg24 to hit off the tee like you want to hit in a game (explosive). Work on getting your body in a good position to attack and stay aggressive through the zone. #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #kcroyals #zingerteam #destroyingeras #thelittlemooseisloose
one2onebaseball - kcroyals - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
lush_7 : Keep the head on tee for a second or two longer. He will see much more back spin and drive on those gap shots!
dlusk24 : Yes sir! @lush_7
dlusk24 : I'm trying to teach him that D Grant swing! Lift and separate! Lol @lush_7
dlusk24 : @allworlddg32
4derrike4 - amens_grind24 - coachgoober - 2k16_chh_thunder_8u -
@jdogg24 wears me out but I love it. There is no better way to spend my Tuesday night. #bptuesday #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #zingerteam #destroyingeras #lscreenrecommended #thelittlemooseisloose @hittingpost
one2onebaseball - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - bptuesday - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam -
dlusk24 : I appreciate that! My son will be excited you commented! He was always asking about you guys when I was reading your book. I showed him your boys swings and he was like " I want to swing like that". Thanks again. @rcatscoach
cmbc252 : 2020 jajaja @bjsalom
jlgz31 : Where are you located at?
dlusk24 : San Fernando Valley. @jlgz31
pastorty : @titus_gardner6 put in work
chouak47 : 屌~(≧∇≦)
adrianjoel2 : Nicee
morenitolin2 : @mello3030
samulja - widows_nation - thebigsbattingcages - jaygun_9_boss_united -
Great work today @jdogg24 #bptuesday #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #zingerteam #destroyingeras #kcroyals #thelittlemooseisloose
one2onebaseball - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - bptuesday - kcroyals - zingerteam -
rivn818 : Looking to grab Nate a Zinger for Christmas . Great job Jay !!!
dlusk24 : Great bats! Jayden's is a T71 model. 29 inch. @rivn818
rivn818 : Thanks for the info . Appreciate it @dlusk24
coachgoober - _kingryan5_ - kennethmedina316622 - sandlotlegends27 -
@hosmer305 with a shot up the middle. @jdogg24 having some fun. #8yearsold #kcroyals #zingerteam #destroyingeras #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball#bptuesday #thelittlemooseisloose
one2onebaseball - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - bptuesday - kcroyals - zingerteam -
mattlein22 - baseball.bros.122627 - socal_3 - hayd.j -
@jdogg24 going through the Royals lineup. @moosetacos8 was up and he said they had the shift on him. Way to have a plan Jay. #8yearsold #bptuesday #kcroyals #thelittlemooseisloose #zingerteam #destroyingeras #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #thelittlemooseisloose
one2onebaseball - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - bptuesday - kcroyals - zingerteam -
james_childers : hit it where they ant
dlusk24 : Yes sir! @james_childers
mattlein22 - socal_3 - lukethecannon21 - baseball_guy_20 -
#breitling #bentley #Repost @phenomcolorado with @repostapp ・・・ On that @zingerbats Time tonight. #DBS #ItsaphenomThing #RakeNationKings #XmasGifts #Bentley @phenom_signature @phenombaseball #zingerteam #zingerbats #born2rake #destroyingeras #rockhardwood #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1
xmasgifts - lscreenrecommended - bentley - rakenationkings - itsaphenomthing - destroyingeras - zingerbats - rockhardwood - repost - dbs - born2rake - zingerteam - breitling -
vanwonderenwatches : Amazing!
stancedoctor : @dylanschwarz @dylan.schwarz
the_cameronessex : I need one of those wristbands
kenobros : Great gallery!
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#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @phenomcolorado ・・・ 7:30 am Sat morning #OnceUponAGrind run lift and swings all in ! It's not even 8:00 am. #winning #PhenomFuture #RakeNationKings just doing us grinding like we know how. Did you get yours today ? #DBS @zingerbats @phenombaseball Team Phenom Team Nike Team Zinger. One Family One Goal One Mission. #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended
onceuponagrind - destroyingeras - winning - phenomfuture - rakenationkings - born2rake - dbs - lscreenrecommended - zingerteam - repost -
2bwax : 💪
stevekent34 : The definition of #RiseAndGrind
ben_martinez5 : @jdmendoza_10 is that you?
jdmendoza_10 : @ben_martinez5 yea
mickeydeez321 : @gelvis57 @kevin_perez_35
ryanv3030 - frankp_13 - cody_pluta_13 - mm.drake -
Friday BP session. I don't throw @jdogg24 pitches right down the middle. The key to becoming a great hitter is to be able to hit the ball hard wherever it is pitched. Great adjustment on the 1st one. Pitch was 2-3 inches inside and he was able to get the barrel on it. I was not to thrilled with the bat flip but after hitting 150 balls and working hard. Why not have some fun? #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #kcroyals #nvtitans #zingerteam #weightroom #thelittlemooseisloose #destroyingeras
one2onebaseball - thelittlemooseisloose - nvtitans - 8yearsold - weightroom - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - kcroyals - zingerteam -
coachgoober : Absolute stud
rivn818 : Being a kid is great , and also getting reps along with it is priceless ! Great job fellas .
thebaseballfundamentals : ⚾️👊🏾💨💨🔥🔥👍🏾👊🏾👊🏾
dlusk24 : They are growing up fast. We all need to enjoy it. Thanks again @rivn818
ty_halas25 : Kids going to do big things one day. I see it
dlusk24 : He loves the game and works hard. Just trying to keep him having fun. Thanks for your comment! Looks like you have a great future ahead of you. Keep grindin. @ty_halas25
no_user7282 : Wow he is really good
mattlein22 - baseball_guy_20 - widows_nation - ranchosports -
Friday BP session. #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #kcroyals #nvtitans #zingerteam #destroyingeras
one2onebaseball - nvtitans - kcroyals - 8yearsold - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
coachgoober : Stud again
baseball_guy_20 - widows_nation - clibaseball - leatherplanner -
Trying to stay through the zone by staying flexible and explosive with the body. #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #nvtitans #kcroyals #zingerteam #destroyingeras
one2onebaseball - nvtitans - kcroyals - 8yearsold - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
beastmodeathletics24 : This kids barrel control is ridiculous
coachgoober : Stud
dlusk24 : He works hard! Thanks. @beastmodeathletics24
lindblad.ac : Wow! @anchorbatco
ranchosports - ray_schiavo_2 - daliogp15 - lonestar_gloves34 -
Love our Friday BP sessions. @jdogg24 working on being aggressive. #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #8yearsold #nvtitans #kcroyals #thelittlemooseisloose #zingerteam #destroyingeras
one2onebaseball - nvtitans - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - kcroyals - zingerteam -
coachgoober : Hope you have the L screen up
dlusk24 : Yes sir! @coachgoober
coachgoober : Stud can't say enough about this kid
baseball.bros.122627 : what a stud he is #stud
baseball.bros.122627 - ray_schiavo_2 - baseball_guy_20 - tyler.nelson_316 -
It's never enough for this guy! Love you @jdogg24 keep grindin. #one2onebaseball #kcroyals #thelittlemooseisloose #thegrindneverstops #zingerteam #destroyingeras #nikebaseball #underarmourbaseball #champs
one2onebaseball - thegrindneverstops - champs - thelittlemooseisloose - destroyingeras - nikebaseball - kcroyals - underarmourbaseball - zingerteam -
sandra13sdsu : Love you lil man J
_coachchuck_ : That's the stuff you can't teach!!!! Awesome! Keep working hard kid
dlusk24 : I am trying to enjoy it! @_coachchuck_
a_team09 : That kid is always putting in work. Keep it J
socal_3 - baseball_guy_20 - alexusverhage - yuneikito -
#kennychesney rocking it out at #zingerbats #zingerteam party. We do it right!!! @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @linillo37 @stevekent34
zingerbats - kennychesney - zingerteam -
mountainnman777 : 😜
direyes21 : I missed it i cant beleieve it i am still upset about this........my country music damn
calebwest44 - alecvc12 - braden11gasser - rowdytellez -
#ZINGERTEAM This is how we do it.
zingerteam -
pmluddy : Happy bday, Scott! Great party and great to see you! May the next 40 years be as bad ass an prosperous as the first 40! #zingerteam #allidoiswin
mountainnman777 : Happy birthday. 40 huh!? Dangggg. Right behind ya
gavin_mortenson1 - me_harvey13 - kevin_desantis - gavin_acosta3 -
New Bats #zingerteam
zingerteam -
quincy_mack : Nice wood
thecadestroud : 😍
donaldjboyles : Almost to purdy to use..
bbcajun3 : is the wood hard?
coleturney : @donaldjboyles hahah I agree!
paulariola35 - jordan_cw21 - puglisi17 - randywatsongang -
#Repost @phenom_signature with @repostapp ・・・ #ZingerTeam
zingerteam - repost -
rowdytellez - jspecs99 - lhulbert11 - coby.johnson -
@jdogg24 working hard! #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #kcroyals #thelittlemooseisloose #zingerteam #destroyingeras #8yearsold
one2onebaseball - kcroyals - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
dlusk24 : Must run in the family somewhere! @danielle_east9
dlusk24 : Thank you sir!⚾️ @thebaseballfundamentals
michaelm12 : That feeing when an 8 year old has a better swing than you lol
edzilla_ : 🙌
rivn818 : Jay is on fire !!! Keep it going fellas !
dlusk24 : I feel the same way. @michaelm12
dlusk24 : Thanks! @rivn818
junioryeliana : Loco mira esa mecánica y como el carga y después le tira el cuerpo a la bola y el movimiento de la cadera @alquimista056 @alquimista1813
socal_3 - baseball_guy_20 - clibaseball - eduvigis_f24 -
Practicing some walk off cage bombs! One day @jdogg24 #hittingmechanics #one2onebaseball #thelittlemooseisloose #kcroyals #champs #zingerteam #destroyingeras #8yearsold
one2onebaseball - champs - 8yearsold - thelittlemooseisloose - hittingmechanics - destroyingeras - kcroyals - zingerteam -
rocksteady37 : All u need now is the gatorade shower!
blacksunday1 : Love it bro..
dlusk24 : It was too cold! @rocksteady37
dlusk24 : Thanks brother @bigbetz626
dlusk24 : Got to let him have some fun! @mike_vargas
dlusk24 : Amazing how fast our kids are growing! @blacksunday1
blacksunday1 : Bro, just keep posting videos.. We love to see him grow through the lens.. He s going to be a pro.. I've said it since he was 5 when I coached him and raved about him...it's a blessing bro
rivn818 : #BEASTMODE !
mattlein22 - ray_schiavo_2 - baseball_guy_20 - r.bic.2 -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @phenomcolorado with @repostapp ・・・ Making the rounds in AZ. Thanks To D Backs Mike Fetters and D Backs Big League Pitching Coach Mike Butcher for the time tonight. Big League Breakdowns is what it's all about. #PitchingOnMYMind #CarveNationKings #DBS #ButchAint #FettersAint #PhenomNation #RakeNationFamily
phenomnation - butchaint - rakenationfamily - pitchingonmymind - dbs - carvenationkings - fettersaint - zingerteam - repost -
twillizz : @zingerbats you know the guy in the red coach buck is a criminal right?
mm.drake - _moon_izzy_ - daltonporterr55 - carson_234_ -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @caraquistasfans with @repostapp ・・・ "Caracas vs Magallanes" 2do Round: La Bala [[ Danry Vásquez @Danry13 ]] & [[ Luis Rodríguez @elluiyi14 ]] Listos para la batalla, Los Melenudos mostrará su fuerza antes los brazos turcos. || Foto Edixon Gámez || #leones #danryvasquez #luisrodriguez #leonesdelcaracas #navegantesdelmagallanes #fanaticocaraquista
leones - leonesdelcaracas - navegantesdelmagallanes - fanaticocaraquista - luisrodriguez - danryvasquez - zingerteam - repost -
linillo37 : Verga la Bala alias Barrabas y el luiyii representando. Son costilla los mio. Saludos y abrazos. @danry13 @elluiyi14
caraquistasfans : Saludos desde Caracas ⚾️😬👊
danry13 : Saludos mi hermano! Cuidateeee se le quiere @linillo37
luiyii14 : Saludos linillo necesito flechas
wuisemk4 - carson_234_ - winkler_23 - j.lawton12 -
#Repost @rileyunroe7 with @repostapp ・・・ After @braxx14 hits a monster bomb and the only thing you can say is 'yikes' #zingerteam #uabaseball
uabaseball - zingerteam - repost -
pent_20 : @deetee_freezy13 looks just like u
deetee_freezy13 : 😂🤔 @pent_20
wuisemk4 - j.lawton12 - the.cs.31 - gmandeer_ -
After @braxx14 hits a monster bomb and the only thing you can say is 'yikes' #zingerteam #uabaseball
uabaseball - zingerteam -
duane0129 : Great pic buddy!!!
stevekent34 : @braxx14 hit a bomb? Tight!
mannysanchezln - travis.moniot - andy.mcguire - ms.zishur_13 -
#ZINGERTEAM #Repost @nrickles with @repostapp ・・・ My perfect Saturday ⚾⚾⚾ #baseball #offseason #work #zinger #teamzinger
zinger - baseball - zingerteam - offseason - work - teamzinger - repost -
wtk_3206 - bnichols3402 - d.gunderson - tepox.john -
Nick Mo representing the #USA and #zingerteam while playing with Team Italia at the Premier 12 in Chinese Taipei. #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended #rockhardwood @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487
rockhardwood - usa - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
mikecal31 : @ccalamia06 why are you playing in this mate?
mikecal31 : Arnt @ccalamia06
j.lawton12 - johnlopez235 - jonesybaseball - jake.skipworth -
My vote for Best Costume ・・・ What will I be for Halloween?! Baseball player? Angel? Devil? Who knows... Bat by @zingerbats #Repost @ccbella24 with @repostapp #zingerteam #destroyingeras #WINNING @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487 @chadjnaylor
winning - destroyingeras - zingerteam - repost -
am___4 : @anthonycarfagna
nytillid13 : @zingerbats I 2nd that @ccbella24 has my vote! 🙌🏼 whatcha think @los_tragedy573
wuisemk4 - j.lawton12 - clibaseball - christian_bottero -
We only hire World Class Carpenters @zingerbats WHO MAKES YOUR BATS? #zingerteam #destroyingeras #wwjd #happyhalloween @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487 @chadjnaylor
happyhalloween - wwjd - destroyingeras - zingerteam -
c.deano33 : #baseballJesus are you saying JC can't hit a curveball?!?!?
adamsanders12 : @stjennofarc
zfreese : @mason_boeh
btruck413 : These guys were awesome, are awesome and do awesome
jspecs99 - gmandeer_ - jake.skipworth - baseballbeast54 -
#happyhalloween #zingerteam @chardingzxb @zo_palacios1 @tmitch2487 @chardingzxb @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chadjnaylor
happyhalloween - zingerteam -
kwill311 : Tony and Chad, I love it haha
jspecs99 - j.lawton12 - rowdytellez - _christianroehn -
All I can say is WOW! #Repost @zo_palacios1 with @repostapp ・・・ What an eventful day with The @zingerbats Shop Squaddd 🎃 Halloween Spirit was in full affect 😂 #ZingerTeam #destroyingeras @linillo37 @stevekent34
destroyingeras - zingerteam - repost -
trulycandacemarie : Love it! #truezingerswag
jspecs99 - coby.johnson - jake.skipworth - pelicansmsbl -
Ryan January reppin' #stud #Repost @rj_baseball with @repostapp ・・・ #ZingerTeam • No wood I'd rather swing!!
zingerteam - stud - repost -
mountainnman777 : I need me one of those shirts!
_dvas15_ : Hey how much is Willie Calhouns model ?
brevin_matthews_ : Have the same hat 😱🎩
wuisemk4 - gmandeer_ - hitafter - jamesfro35 -
@8maxx8 is back in #Australia for another season with Brisbane where he hit .345 and dropped 9 #zingerbombs last year. #zingerteam #destroyingeras #born2rake #lscreenrecommended @linillo37 @stevekent34 @chardingzxb
australia - zingerbombs - lscreenrecommended - destroyingeras - zingerteam - born2rake -
baseballbeast54 - maxlamo_ - viavitalosangeles - chad_haller -
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