Got a late birthday present from the wonderful @betterxoff i fucking love it!! #drugcontrol #drugxcontrol #sandiegostraightedge #babesinbandmerch #zeroprogress #swingchains
drugxcontrol - zeroprogress - sandiegostraightedge - babesinbandmerch - drugcontrol - swingchains -
betterxoff : You make it look so good
sithvegan : ♡♡♡♡♡ awe @betterxoff
betterxoff : 😁😘
nicegirl_traice_no1fan : Dope shirt !!!
sithvegan : Thank you!! @nicegirl_traice_no1fan
xsnowwhitex : 😍
sithvegan : 😙❤❤💕@xsnowwhitex
xchumpx - rebeccabarnett41 - straightandalert - mynameis_esmay -
Got over zealous with the reorganising and now it looks like this, and I've run out of steam #SendHelp #TooMuchStuff #Hoarders #NapTime
zeroprogress - naptime - sendhelp - toomuchstuff - hoarders -
andreapena8 : Oh god I cant handle looking at this lol. I'm in the same boat at the moment.
therestlessempire : @andreapena8 I should've started smaller... Everything has had a knock on effect and I've made #ZeroProgress
adventurebex : So glad I'm not the only one who does this. Write a list!
therestlessempire : @adventurebex I've gone on some mad mission... And now I can't go to bed until it's done.
adventurebex : You can do iiiiiiit!
sweetmamam - - loveciacee - lost_in_the_chaos_ -
나의 #공부 를 책임질 #귀요미들👯 Study mode✏ #notreally #zeroprogress #열공 #빡공 #집중안됨 #일상스타그램 #instadaily
zeroprogress - 귀요미들👯 - 집중안됨 - 열공 - 일상스타그램 - 빡공 - instadaily - 공부 - notreally -
minhaleee : @ruxprncd hahaha oh u know
minhaleee : @hy65 그치ㅜ.ㅜㅋㅋㅋ짱귀여워 스티치공책😵😮
hy65 : 한국에서 사온 거야????🙈
lee_ameliaaa : 진짜 미나리답다💓🙆
donny_sparkle_rhee : 와아 누나 이거 어디서 사신거에요?ㅋㅋ
minhaleee : @hy65 응!!!!히히 딱 하나만 샀는데 더 살껄그랬어ㅜㅋㅋㅋ
minhaleee : @lee_ameliaaa 헤헤🙈🙈💕나근데 이러다가 오타쿠처럼 보이는거아닌가몰라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
minhaleee : @donny_sparkle_rhee 여기저기서 샀더니 이렇게 모였어😮 스티치공책이랑 메모지는한국!! 글고포스트잇들은 대만공항에서 기다리다가 샀당ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
flowingstarr - zzomin1224 - lee_ameliaaa - jackboisen -
Moving across the country is hard #packingisntmything #zeroprogress #emptyboxeseverywhere #aspenhasdonemorewiththem
zeroprogress - emptyboxeseverywhere - packingisntmything - aspenhasdonemorewiththem -
paulsoucytv : The cat has a new toy
emmaleblanc1 : Where?!?
warren_callie : @emmaleblanc1 BACK TO KINGSTON
emmaleblanc1 : What!!! When?! Omg you just made my life!
warren_callie : @emmaleblanc1 2 weeks :)
mandavarga - sarahlambrick - lidiaimbrogno - coehmer -
Too lazy to start. 😔 #zeroprogress #lonering #englishbreakfasttealatte
zeroprogress - lonering - englishbreakfasttealatte -
mitoway : ayala?
kasiechu : Wow
kasiechu : Student
mikeemabao : @mitoway yesyes
mikeemabao : @kasiechu yes na dha haha
bimmer_al : You're not lazy, you're just taking your time? Haha. Go! ❤️🙏 Ay, I tried to message you on Viber. You still on there?
mikeemabao : Haha we can put it that way ate. I checked my viber, wala man koy na receive from u man ate @bimmer_al :(
diannachiu - jemerson7 - kasiechu - pangyoe -
#slowprogress 🚗💤 #zeroprogress #mcoupe
zeroprogress - slowprogress - mcoupe -
minidub21 : #thebeast
brrrrrrrryce - bos_dc2 - mattclements88 - chaycore -
Jams soo far for today 👌#deadholland #withbloodcomescleansing #rex #zeroprogress
withbloodcomescleansing - rex - deadholland - zeroprogress -
annacannings - un_pandita - dontbeupsettihavesumspaghetti - deathxmetalxcore -
We all know that one person ..ive seen my fair share
lowertheego - achievingwhatexactly - zeroprogress - egolift -
maidenhead5589 : #lowertheego #zeroprogress #achievingwhatexactly? #egolift
ezuvata - cloudzucci - maiiwolves -
Started from the bottom, now we still at the bottom. #ZeroProgress #Procasturbation #CheatMeals #علوقيه
zeroprogress - cheatmeals - علوقيه - procasturbation -
mazen.zaki : Ana fa5oor beek yabni
nasr.96 : Afsha5 7aga a5er hashtag
louai_elfar : 3ayz pepperoni
abdullofficial : 😂
itsahmedalaa : محمد رمضان بشحمه و لحمه
hosssam_ : دراعك ملا على فكره عن الأول، عاش ياسطا
zeinstyles : Hahahahahahaha :'D
mimisolaiman : la msh mesada2a33333 :'D
nyctophiliaa0 - mimisolaiman - omarmusician - ehabelnaggar -
Well this made zero progress #fma#fullmetalalchemist#fmab#brotherhood#alphonse#edward#elric#winry#rockbell#edelric#alelric#winryrickbell#zeroprogress#procrasrinating#poster#art#manga#anime#drawing
zeroprogress - art - procrasrinating - poster - alelric - fmab - rockbell - winryrickbell - brotherhood - alphonse - fullmetalalchemist - elric - drawing - edward - anime - winry - edelric - manga - fma -
sketchingcorner : Hey! Beautiful drawings! I have an art instagram and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out and possibly followed! - manotakutv - dragon.sketcher - _marshall_the_lee_ -
this is what @greenteadmc sends me today - this could have happened yesterday. #zeroprogress #neverchange #forwardmomentum #tbt
neverchange - forwardmomentum - zeroprogress - tbt -
crc_thefirst - nickhershey - mama_cos - 99broblems -
It’s sad that so many of us come from a dieting standpoint, expecting things to be so perfectly linear, 📉 that we never see results of all the hard work we put in come to fruition.💁 We put in a few weeks/months of lifting & eating properly, hop on a scale or take pics, & expect infomercial-like results.📷🙎🙍 When we don't see them, we're convinced "nothing is happening." 😾 ----------------------------------------------- Love it or hate it, without consistency, your goals will never come to pass. If we get frustrated because the results aren’t coming fast enough -- and keep changing things up every other week -- we'll be convinced that "nothing is working." When in reality, we weren't *consistent with anything* for long enough. 😁 Repeatedly lowering cals, under-cutting rest periods in a strength phase, adding in extra cardio, or only sticking to a workout for a couple of weeks before switching “back" is a recipe for disaster.👎 ----------------------------------------------- Trust the process. Think of your journey as a college degree,🎓 every time you “change your major” you tack on time to your journey.📆 And if you never pick one (analysis paralysis)...good luck with that diploma. If you plan on seeing some impressive results, you’ve gotta buckle down, make the decision, and 😎 Constantly doubting, and thinking that things aren’t working — creates the exact environment you’re expecting.🙇 #zeroprogress
motivation - zeroprogress - staystrong - gym - consistency - results - diet - myfitnesspal - weightlossjourney - lift - eat - doesnthappenovernight - inspiration - lifestyle - success - fit - getfit2015 - em2wl - fatloss - eatmore2weighless - weightloss - healthy - getfit - progress - fitfluential - dontquit - workout - exercise - transformation -
eatmore2weighless : #em2wl #eatmore2weighless #exercise #eat #lifestyle #lift #workout #weightloss #diet #myfitnesspal #motivation #getfit #results #progress #fatloss #transformation #inspiration #healthy #gym #fit #success #fitfluential #weightlossjourney #getfit2015 #staystrong #doesnthappenovernight #dontquit #consistency
trishadams : OMGoodness!! Yes! If we could just get the consistency down, we'd be so much further ahead 😒👌
eatmore2weighless : @trishadams 👊
antoinettebrown1 : Reading that article on the website rocked my world. That is soooo me! I keep doubting & changing things up! Figures....I changed my major 3x in college. Smh! Thanks for posting. I need to read this often!
eatmore2weighless : Lol at changing your major 3 times! 😁🙈 Then you KNOW what I'm talking bout, girl! Gotta see this one through, trust the process! It's been proven time and again. ;) you got it! 👊💥 @antoinettebrown1
consistencyandpatience - befitlyss - thordirgas17dir_rebac -
Hyrule Hat because hell yeah. I still need to order my zelda Cosplay and style this wig lmaoo #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - cosplay - zeldacosplay - cosplans - zelda - hyrulian - princessofhyrule - lozcosplay - hyrule - loz - legendofzelda - princesszelda - hyrulewarriors -
eviladribunny : #zelda #zeldacosplay #cosplans #cosplay #lozcosplay #loz #legendofzelda #hyrule #hyrulian #hyrulewarriors #princesszelda #princessofhyrule
kiki_nice : Awesome cap+
mario5387 - mokkocchii - aaroine - angelofhyrule -
😂😂😂 #zeroprogress #ignoretheglassdirt
ignoretheglassdirt - zeroprogress -
michelleboyou : Hai Wai Kei! How are you? Finish exam already? :D
joanne_ngyj : @huiqi_0206 我看见我那栋
huiqi_0206 : @michelleboyou 😄😄😄 at airport and ready tonfly far so r u also? All the best to u and blessed😄
huiqi_0206 : @joanne_ngyj 😰😰😰可惜看不到你那间
lovedt_xinyuan - mskong_ - michelleboyou - beeeng0912 -
Me vine a la casa escuchando algo de lo mejor que nos dejo el 2014 #zeroprogress #straightedge #zp #championsofhardcore
straightedge - championsofhardcore - zeroprogress - zp -
xalderaanx : avisame si vienes!
apple.shampoo_ - liztomaniaca - cosmonautica_ - -
Pending schoolwork (welcoming 2015). #sodami #zeroprogress heehue :3
zeroprogress - sodami -
marchingantz - taejoonssi - ysyrbldo - flyyanyan -
Progress pic #zeroprogress #shade #shadow #ghosts #light #enlightened #gym #fitness #windowselfie #instadouche #darkness
zeroprogress - instadouche - darkness - enlightened - light - gym - shade - fitness - shadow - windowselfie - ghosts -
19_karine : Lol 👌😂
justinmaheu : Haha
meganletang - johnnyisles - kalvinkalinowski - kalinowski_7 -
Life of a server #toomuchcardio #losingmygains #zeroprogress 😔
losingmygains - zeroprogress - toomuchcardio -
airrrcaleesee : Just keep eating back there
randythereckoning : We gon fix that don't you worry.
elidearo : Is this an app?
straighto_g : @elidearo Yeah, it came already installed on my iPhone 6
hailsbratton - xxxnolove - airrrcaleesee - heeeyamandaaa -
The procrastination station 🙈📖 #zeroprogress #couldbeworse
zeroprogress - couldbeworse -
nicolebryck : When do you go back?
rodparsa : @nicolebryck Tomorrow or monday but im back in the city the 15th 👌
nicolebryck : Yay!
kayliedeblois - tirajhe - alirezayp - mmfusco -
It's the season...and ain't nobody jolly but HM... #ZEROprogress #holidays
zeroprogress - holidays -
lovelondone - bonifide83 - jrabbbit - bluffyda_body0223 -
Back at this bullshit today. #zeroprogress#builtbackwards hadtohavean #s4#fucktrannies#transmissionsnotshemales
transmissionsnotshemales - zeroprogress - builtbackwards - fucktrannies - s4 -
bigtimbigturbo : He has to do a clutch and flywheel @_pottle
_pottle : I saw the hashtags boooooooooiiiii @bigtimbigturbo Just saying I have to raise mine. Ha ha
juscooolin : Oh yeah no raise ill rough it and snow plow least of my worries. Dual mass flywheel toon a dump on way to h2oi. Just starting to fix it now.
mattttam25 : Been wondering why I've seen it sitting forever now😏 pass it daily on my way to work and home @juscooolin
juscooolin : Yeah i rather not have the flywheel take out the bellhousing. It runs and drive but its like 340hp message chair pretty brutal to drive except on the highway
mattttam25 : Any updates @juscooolin
juscooolin : Waiting on clutch slave to show up getting parts for this thing takes forever. Trannys been back in for a month but cant put anything back together or i wont be able to get to places i need to. Bullshit design makes it a cunt to work on everything blocks everything.
juscooolin : And when its together i may just sell it. Concentrate on the M @mattttam25
fourdoorphill - bigtimbigturbo - wipeoutmx - svntcases -
Day 1 resuming working out #zeroprogress #yet
zeroprogress - yet -
_demidow_ - davidpek - patjamieson - _dylstagram -
Dressing room selfie for life #me #selfie #zeroprogress
me - selfie - zeroprogress -
pljakicccc - angeldrip - - fuckcristy -
Swing chainz. #zeroprogress #championsofhardcore #thepile
championsofhardcore - zeroprogress - thepile -
mattsaincome - shayxdynamite - wilqueuehoulcroft - robertxfitzsimmons -
#3generations Had such a lovely day visiting my nanny for her 86th birthday!💜 and have eaten waaaay too much cake #fatty #layoffthecakeskate #gymprogress #zeroprogress #cake #yum
zeroprogress - yum - fatty - layoffthecakeskate - gymprogress - cake - 3generations -
therealsaffron : Aaaaaazing, just saying XD
vickykew - emdakin - amylouiseclement - rick_hall -
I look like a freakin dork here BUT I had a blast spending Halloween night with friends at RBU! Caught the Champ's jacket and said goodbye to Zero Progress with style. Shoutout to everyone who keeps Davis and Sacto hardcore alive!
rbu - zeroprogress - rockbanduniversity - sactostyle -
demcats_ : #zeroprogress #rockbanduniversity #rbu #sactostyle @mattnotfromzp @weguttoknow
mattsaincome : 👌👌
joeyz97 - dorito_farts - h3llaglutch - tonyabbottssecondterm -
Runnin' with the squad at RBU about to catch #rottingout and #zeroprogress @tielerhembree is cousin IT And I came as one of the #baseballfuries , the #giants edition
giants - baseballfuries - zeroprogress - rottingout -
ricky_cutthroats : I came to the show and seen like 2 other niggas dressed Like him. @vintage_tradition
crafty_zac : Did i leave my jacket and phone in ur whip?
ricky_cutthroats : I'll check my dude
ricky_cutthroats : Found your marketing not your phone dude @scotty_pimpin_138
crafty_zac : My what? Haha
alinasshole : The last show last night right???
ricky_cutthroats : Oh sorry, jacket @scotty_pimpin_138
ricky_cutthroats : Yea dude, bummer.. @alinasshole
ricky_cutthroats - kikes_iink707 - emmerholm - cruelisia -
ZERO PROGRESS MEMORIAL COKES. Only one case of 24 made. First come first serve in Davis tomorrow. #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
mattsaincome : Thanks for the help @janineystringbeany 😘
scentlessapprentice_ : :(
xoian : Oi
emilyritter : :'-(
endlessblockade : Coke Zero colorway
endlessblockade : Oi seconded
emilyritter - scottyrudeskin - dorito_farts - shaneofstrength -
I don't know y'all... I don't think much has changed tbh!! #tbt 🙊😳😰 Freshman year to Senior year!! #fouryears #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - tbt - fouryears -
stx_86_ - dhend_dh - k_krumrey - jump_shot_2017 -
8x10's of the Champion of Hardcore will be available at the last ZP show tomorrow with ROTTING OUT. I only made ten and I'm keeping one so that's 9 left. 4 bux. #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
mattsaincome : @daammnngena 😂😂
never_86 : Wish I could make it out there, this show is going to be sick!
clobberinxtime : Can you mail me one haha I ll frame it and put it on my wall.
bubbafat13 : Damn better have your wwe stats on The back too
mattsaincome : @clobberinxtime @youthxcrew69 I might end up making a few more for the homies far away and mailing them. They only take an hour to print and cost 4 bux so I'll just make as many as needed or someshit. Oi!
clobberinxtime : That'd be very bad ass my dude.
standguard_laxhc : @mattfromzp I'll order one
nathan_rosenberg : @mattnotfromzp Would be sick if I could order one as well! Didn't know about them before the show,, damn thing is wall-worthy.
scottyrudeskin - dorito_farts - shaneofstrength - gali_gonz -
얼른 에세이 써야 되는데 왜이렇게 눈이 감기냐ㅜㅜ #sosleepy #procrastination #zeroprogress #unilife #공부가 #뭐에요 #데일리 #오랜만
zeroprogress - 데일리 - unilife - sosleepy - procrastination - 뭐에요 - 공부가 - 오랜만 -
hyeoneun_amy : 예굥이네!!!!이거 짱귀여움ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱ
yklimm : @che0330 현은아 히히 잘지냉?.? 나 곧 한국가
hyeoneun_amy : 우리또먹스타찍어야지..♡시간되면또보자🙋
pangsumyijoyce - nut_nate - miguelahenry - y_sj1 -
The third time's a charm, right? #threeweeks #threeappointments #zeroprogress #thissucks #mybodyhatesme
zeroprogress - thissucks - threeweeks - mybodyhatesme - threeappointments -
llcoolsai - _cash6996 - cr8madrid -
Friday! #rottingout #zeroprogress #pleadthefifth #homewrecker #pharaoh #sactostyle #branchstcrew
zeroprogress - branchstcrew - rottingout - homewrecker - pharaoh - sactostyle - pleadthefifth -
touchyfili : Yup
thatfishkid : Party time
gmoneyluv69 : Oi
tommystarkiller : so many phun
jessica.bassett : Are you dressing up
youvebeenfingered - bradball37 - missbianca____ - mattizhe -
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