Hope everyone is having a rad Monday and that you all remembered to enter our #zeroprogress #socialdamage t-shirt giveaway. I am reading economics and making judgmental typography on my breaks. Also listening to that new Orthodox record out today on Clear Minded. What are you up to today? #straightedge #drugfree #sxe #edge #Orthodox #Nashville #clearmindedrecords
zeroprogress - sxe - orthodox - straightedge - socialdamage - nashville - drugfree - edge - clearmindedrecords -
spencermeisner : Oh my goodness. I want that 99 problems print haha
lawnaxxx : Oh my gosh this needs to be on a shirt!!!!!
sugartown_workshop : @wearelifehardcore πŸ‘Œxxx❀️
sierraasevenx : Yess @straightedgeworldwide
kimmykatkato : Sxe for life
xrobertoneillx : I've got no problems, because drugs aren't one βœ–
fightxeveryone - xbeardxloverx - team_christinaperri - victoreburgos -
Drove almost 2 hours to see @angeldustmoney last night in Louisville, so that was pretty cool.
zeroprogress - forcedorder - anothermistake - socialdamage - nelliganhall - louisville - kentucky - angeldust - fullzenith -
southernskum : #angeldust #louisville #kentucky #nelliganhall #zeroprogress #forcedorder #anothermistake #fullzenith #socialdamage
trap_lawd850 : Was anyone there?
southernskum : @trap_lawd850 it was a small turnout. But you also can't see anyone from where I was standing :p
foxw0mb : i talked to my boyfriend and he said no one really does anything even in baltimore for them. so we didnt have a shitty crowd like i assumed ha
amenxassholes - foxw0mb - zeeeaquarian - notoriouskatieg -
We're giving away one Zero Progress shirt and on Social Damage shirt on Thursday after my last exam. One winner chosen from Facebook, one from IG. Want it? Well then you better speak up! #zeroprogress #socialdamage #straightedge #sxeworldwide #drugfree #sxe #edge
zeroprogress - sxe - straightedge - socialdamage - sxeworldwide - drugfree - edge -
cheaperthaneric : I'd like to have it! 😊
wesxthehuman : I want that #zeroprogress shirt. They were in Louisville, KY (my home state) and I couldn't go. Sob stories always win.
naurelkc : Good job for our way of life! Thx
hockeyxpunk : I commented on Facebook too. I was at the Long Island show that got shut down. I didn't get a chance to get that bangin' ZP shirt.
burritobat : Let me at that ZP T! #zeroprogress
straightedgeworldwide : Congratulations @dre_edgelife, you've won our men's large Zero Progress shirt! Email us your address!
dre_edgelife : Swwet! What's your email?
dre_edgelife : @straightedgeworldwide
xbrunaox - _xkxdx_ - runswithflyingsloths01 - stablecontrol -
See ya tonight, Louisville. #angeldust #forcedorder #socialdamage #zeroprogress #fullzenith
angeldust - zeroprogress - socialdamage - forcedorder - fullzenith -
zeeeaquarian : UGH
gsdadx - rad_xxiv - hardcorepunkgirl - goatxhorns -
Going to Louisville for this tonight. If you're there, come say hi to me. #AnotherMistake #AngelDust #ForcedOrder #SocialDamage #ZeroProgress #FullZenith #NelliganHall #Louisville #Kentucky
zeroprogress - forcedorder - anothermistake - socialdamage - nelliganhall - louisville - kentucky - angeldust - fullzenith -
wigger_mosh - priestessofmars_ - trap_lawd850 - cxssidy._ -
Show tonight is gonna be badass. #chaingodztour #almostfreedomtour #socialdamage #zeroprogress
chaingodztour - socialdamage - almostfreedomtour - zeroprogress -
fastgoreward : Stacked
bloodxredxviolence : YO TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT @daammnngena
daammnngena : THE night
kravtkvlt : CC SHOW IN KC would've been tighter.
bloodxredxviolence : @kravtkvlt your dick in my ass would've been tighter
kravtkvlt : @bloodxredxviolence Maybe be time, skank.
ratxchild - derekxcrocker - andrewxrodden - philipxervin -
Our supper 😎😎😎 #picoftheday #potd #instapic #instafood #instadaily #instaphoto #doing #crisismanagement #but #zeroprogress #sowhat #eat #is #more #important
zeroprogress - crisismanagement - doing - is - instapic - but - eat - instafood - important - instaphoto - instadaily - potd - picoftheday - sowhat - more -
charlyis_lim : feel like wan eat 杯青 also....
peiyee0225 : @charlyis_lim juz go ahead xD
izabelle205 - charlyis_lim - jessieloo0131 - vincent_lyl -
This is tonight put on yer camo jorts n slam.#chainsawtothehead #socialdamage #zeroprogress #noheinzinthepit
chainsawtothehead - socialdamage - zeroprogress - noheinzinthepit -
ssllug - skatingjammingchilling - williamsikora - pattyxmayo -
Oh, did I mention I got to hang out with Zero Progress and Social Damage over the weekend, and they gave me some shirts to give away? Should I keep them? You guys don't want them, right? I can just chuck 'em? #zeroprogress #socialdamage #sxe #drugfree #straightedge #edge #chainxcrew
zeroprogress - chainxcrew - sxe - straightedge - socialdamage - drugfree - edge -
michaelxmiller : Social damage are some tight ass locals. Send me a ZP shirt
taylorhx7 : i want a shirt! :)
mx5carson : Whippin chainz
mx5carson : The champ rocks
joeyxedge91 : Out to the uk?
mattfromzp : These bands SUCK!!
and.x : Yooooo
straightedgeworldwide : @and.x Yooooooooooooo
hexaneandheels - lopuarte - davsvilla - artemiy_sotnik -
Got a busy week ahead of me for shows but they're all with amazing musicians. If you're not doing anything tonight, come bang your head to eyehategod 😎 #eyehategod #ironreagan #zeroprogress #socialdamage #cage #oathbreaker #cultleader
ironreagan - zeroprogress - eyehategod - socialdamage - cage - cultleader - oathbreaker -
thearcagency : Crowns Of Kings/Unforgiven on Sat too
cvlt_noise : Wild i didnt know you were doing EHG
dead_flag_blues : @cvlt_noise Nahhh that wasn't me, manic did that, I just went!
cvlt_noise : Damn sen i was gonna say if that was arc certified thatd be sick!
danwell_b_bread - vincentvalentine4268 - slamuel_r - i_am_jacks_smirking_revenge -
YO BOSTON, come check out #SocialDamage #ZeroProgress as well as #NegativeImpulse and some others. #chaingodztour #almostfreedomtour #straightedge
chaingodztour - zeroprogress - almostfreedomtour - straightedge - socialdamage - negativeimpulse -
gabgilman - bailijane - makemeanoffer24 - bigmfbenny -
Playing with some cool bands tomorrow. Come hang out on a Monday #vein #social damage #zeroprogress #negativeimpulse #depthsofreality #somenerve
zeroprogress - depthsofreality - somenerve - social - negativeimpulse - vein -
hbs_tylaxsu - nov_chrisp - brownn_town - kylenaum -
$wingin' Chain$ #ZeroProgress
zeroprogress -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘
frick_ta_life - napalmthekids - hardcorepunkgirl - carnivoregrrrl -
A certain chain-swinging straight edge band may be stopping through Toronto tomorrow. Hit up @mattfromzp if you think you can show some American boys a good time. #sxe #straightedge #zeroprogress #drugfree
straightedge - zeroprogress - drugfree - sxe -
mattfromzp : Hell yea, brother!
kiyanaj92 - leonard_capacete - victoreburgos - notmcbless -
This is TONIGHT at @refugesk8shop! #zeroprogress #socialdamage #breakingwheel #truelove
truelove - socialdamage - zeroprogress - breakingwheel -
lexmichalak : SEE YOU THERE
paigemarie666 : Ugh I wish I had a ride :-/
bodydomelight : @paigemarie666 ask @hellybellyx to take u
paigemarie666 : I did!!!! :-(
ashlea_sullivan : I will be there!
bodydomelight : @_ashleasullivan OMG RLY YAY :D
refugesk8shop - crashburndie - 1hunnademons - blastbeatsymphony -
Can't I just sleep this all away? #depressed #dying #sleep #zeroprogress #help #helpme #scars #worried #lost #me #ugly #blueeyes #crying #tears #pain
me - zeroprogress - pain - help - dying - depressed - helpme - scars - lost - worried - ugly - blueeyes - tears - sleep - crying -
zandertheskater : Beautiful πŸ˜™πŸ˜
cierra_brickey : Thank you @zandertheskater
erinscknight : follow me gorgeousπŸ’•?
dakotas_honey : If you wanna text me you can sweetie @cierra_brickey
soheil_bp - ukn_5monster9_182 - trent_beauchamp_art - jesse_munns -
#zeroprogress #oldpicture #actuallyinbed
oldpicture - actuallyinbed - zeroprogress -
drzronnie : Get ripped for Sunday bro
ethan_sela - samcortorreal - drzronnie - diggario -
"We must be united, as one" #zeroprogress #drugcontrol #cudgel #drugcontroltakeover2014 #crucialtimes
drugcontroltakeover2014 - drugcontrol - zeroprogress - cudgel - crucialtimes -
vinyljunkiesunite - nojsbojs - biglarry13 - yourlifeisugly -
Show tomorrow is gona be tight!!! #livingeyes #zeroprogress #stayscared #drugcontroltakeover2014 #drugcontrol
drugcontroltakeover2014 - stayscared - drugcontrol - zeroprogress - livingeyes -
slumlxrd : Hell yeah.
psychoxskin : @slumlxrd hope y'all can make it out mang!!!
slumlxrd : I hope we can play! You guys were solid as fuck.
psychoxskin : @slumlxrd hell yee that be illmatic
bloodxredxviolence - xbrandonx - americanstan - joseph_john_ -
Fucking SICK hardcore show coming to Burnt Ramen last minute! If Stay Scared can make it on to the stage and play a full set, you lazy motherfuckers can fight through your 4th of July hangovers to show up and watch! Put on your big-boy pants and witness a life changing experience. #StayScared #ZeroProgress #thereturnofhate #OaklandsHardest #valleycrew #bouncebackspecial
valleycrew - oaklandshardest - zeroprogress - stayscared - thereturnofhate - bouncebackspecial -
mattfromzp - steve_k510 - guillorytj - droopy4343 -
zeroprogress -
pr25tito : That's every day!
giocolon23 : Every single one
idaceima : jaaaaaa
idaceima : love the hashtag @giocolon23
mariangieg : Yes I believe
idaceima - mariangieg - yessy0307 -
Come out to both of these shows in July. If you come out to the July 20th show you will receive a wrist band upon entry. Keep the wrist band on and you'll get $2 off admission to the July 23rd show! Support #louisvillehardcore2014 #angeldu$t #forcedorder #socialdamage #zeroprogress #expire #harmsway #suburbanscum #willtodie #damagedgoods #knockedloose #anothermistake #midwestblood #wastedyouthbooking @wastedyouthlouisville @expirehardcore @keeplouisvilleloud @louisvillemusiculture @alexandrarhema @ryanxxxstorey
suburbanscum - zeroprogress - louisvillehardcore2014 - forcedorder - anothermistake - socialdamage - knockedloose - damagedgoods - willtodie - expire - angeldu - jskpresents - harmsway - wastedyouthbooking - midwestblood -
josephxscott : If @brianxcole will write me back we can get @willtodiehc added to that flyer!πŸ’€
deadinspace87 : #JSK
brianxcole : I'll see what I can do. Whoops. Sorry.
josephxscott : #jskpresents ... Considering it haha @deadinspace87
positivexoutlook - expirehardcore - cam_harden - thislifeismydiamond -
These Nikes could be worth some serious money some day. #goodwill #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - goodwill -
ovo_mars : Noooo @fake_files
wemmies : Seriously. 😢
ashellery - adamfrench24 - c_json_ - emily_brea_fitz -
Tonight in San Jose!!! #acxdc #antichristdemoncore #sexprisoner #zeroprogress #monte #xmalcolmx
monte - zeroprogress - antichristdemoncore - acxdc - xmalcolmx - sexprisoner -
jeremey_vse : Haters gonna hate
spendingeveryseasoninhell : See you there homie
mattfromzp : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
imwithbev : @rxchavira is this you guys?
doomxrida : Lol monte? Is that band from monte??
excxfxu - analora_corona - frankiemejiatattoo - badteethrecordings -
#freedom #intent #demolition #zeroprogress #protester #misledyouth #unifiedright #fury #zoom #barge #championshipmaterialpromotions
misledyouth - zeroprogress - fury - freedom - unifiedright - zoom - intent - protester - barge - championshipmaterialpromotions - demolition -
mattfromzp : @themcqueen317 do it
mattfromzp : @adamxgarcia πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
whiteloser : god fuckin damnit
chillcollinz : A slobberknocker
ish_losing : I get home from tour this day, but I'm trying to make it to this.
law_dad : Fuck
matthewvlach : Damn
zacxmcclune : What a fucking show
jeffcannonball - swingchainz - mufattd - ggsucks -
My best friend/future brother in law's band xMalcolmx is opening up for this tonight at The Rock Shop, make sure to come on by! #SanJose #ACxDC #SexPrisoner #ZeroProgress #Monce
sanjose - acxdc - zeroprogress - monce - sexprisoner -
judgement__day - mattmoua - deathchurch - thatguyfromthatonetime87 -
Done 3/26 grad letters lol #ZeroProgress #ILoveColours #CongratsToMyBabies #xoxxoxoxoxoxo
ilovecolours - zeroprogress - congratstomybabies - xoxxoxoxoxoxo -
char_loves_music : Aww your writing us grad letters
deanna_vezina : @char_loves_music of course I am! :)
genaibrahim - marcus_tranquilli15 - sammaclean - lamjylam -
NUCLEAR AGE (DC) and ENOUGH SAID (placentia players club) are coming to town! Look up these bands on bandcamp, they rule! #championshipmaterialpromotions
zeroprogress - placentiaplayersclub - dchc - enoughsaid - championshipmaterialpromotions - nuclearage -
mattfromzp : #nuclearage #enoughsaid #dchc #placentiaplayersclub #zeroprogress
treatxswagger86 : #placentiastraightedge
liampest - matthewvlach - brother_lurch - pattyxmayo -
Saturday June 21st #acxdc #sexprisoner #zeroprogress #montegring #xmalcolmx San Jose, CA at #sanjoserockshop All ages 7pm $7
acxdc - zeroprogress - xmalcolmx - sanjoserockshop - montegring - sexprisoner -
n_viii : Damn I wish I could come up
es79_ - bonesnico - deadcru5tpunk - krsr1r -
New jams #kingtubby #zero progress from @nicepricebooks
kingtubby - zero - zeroprogress -
pigroast : That king tubby was one of the first records I ever bought #respect
fastcore : #zeroprogress even
freakbrat : Yeeees
sorrystate : Those ZP EPs are highly underrated. King Tubby is great too.
hailfastcore : I see you are hammin' on the champions of hardcore. #zeroprogress
fastcore : @hailfastcore @sorrystate super stoked to find both of these eps. I thought they were hard to find so made sure to snatch them. Could be wrong
vocalxtest - hailfastcore - tomarley - bleedingedges -
THE EPIC CONCLUSION OF #zeroprogressvsalteredboys #alteredboys #zeroprogress #feudofthedecade
feudofthedecade - zeroprogressvsalteredboys - zeroprogress - alteredboys -
jeffcannonball : Worth liking my own post. Catch up on the whole feud though #zeroprogressvsalteredboys
earthad : A+ feud
sloppysuperstupid : LOL. Even better than a hell in a cell
antneb : Thanks guys, dad's gunna love this. #fathersday
tygsr40 : Uhhh 😯 ok, koo koo hahaha!!!!
weedlord_bonerhitler : @mattfromzp got more likes... just sayin
jeffcannonball : @weedlord_bonerhitler and that's why he's the champ... plus I posted this at a time when most people from home weren't awake
partycops - jason.alexander - rtfrecords - kevin_krush -
@mattfromzp @brickeater see you fellas tonight at the final showdown. #zeroprogressvsalteredboys #alteredboys #zeroprogress #prisonscare #mainevent #war #chickswithink #nature #triplethreat
alteredboys - zeroprogress - mainevent - nature - zeroprogressvsalteredboys - triplethreat - prisonscare - war - chickswithink -
andyconwaaay : That's a money promo right there
jakedimeo : This is perfect. You should win an award of some sort.
jeffcannonball : Instagram feud of the year. Follow the hashtag #zeroprogressvsalteredboys. Last chapter tonight
ifaidsdontgetyoushitheadswill : that hashtag made my night excellent work
thisismedicine : Amazing! Just watched all of them too. Seriously brilliant.
bastard_cult : Good game.
michaelsvehla : the greatest thing i have ever watched.
abeillesilv : I can't stop laughing
chuckiedivine - georgeblinn - nothingtonothing - carnevore -
#shooting #richmondrodandgun #shotty #antiracist #skinhead #zeroprogress
shotty - zeroprogress - skinhead - antiracist - shooting - richmondrodandgun -
mattfromzp : πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
__duhhnigga - jmg510 - vanessa_rae_925 - sgv300 -
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