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The procrastination station πŸ™ˆπŸ“– #zeroprogress #couldbeworse
zeroprogress - couldbeworse -
nicolebryck : When do you go back?
rodparsa : @nicolebryck Tomorrow or monday but im back in the city the 15th πŸ‘Œ
nicolebryck : Yay!
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It's the season...and ain't nobody jolly but HM... #ZEROprogress #holidays
zeroprogress - holidays -
lovelondone - bonifide83 - jrabbbit - bluffyda_body0223 -
Back at this bullshit today. #zeroprogress#builtbackwards hadtohavean #s4#fucktrannies#transmissionsnotshemales
transmissionsnotshemales - zeroprogress - builtbackwards - fucktrannies - s4 -
_pottle : I Have to raise mine for winter which I don't want to do. Ha ha
bigtimbigturbo : He has to do a clutch and flywheel @_pottle
_pottle : I saw the hashtags boooooooooiiiii @bigtimbigturbo Just saying I have to raise mine. Ha ha
juscooolin : Oh yeah no raise ill rough it and snow plow least of my worries. Dual mass flywheel toon a dump on way to h2oi. Just starting to fix it now.
mattttam25 : Been wondering why I've seen it sitting forever now😏 pass it daily on my way to work and home @juscooolin
juscooolin : Yeah i rather not have the flywheel take out the bellhousing. It runs and drive but its like 340hp message chair pretty brutal to drive except on the highway
fourdoorphill - bigtimbigturbo - wipeoutmx - svntcases -
Day 1 resuming working out #zeroprogress #yet
zeroprogress - yet -
_demidow_ - davidpek - patjamieson - _dylstagram -
Dressing room selfie for life #me #selfie #zeroprogress
me - selfie - zeroprogress -
pljakicccc - virtualpeach - haunt.me - fuckcristy -
Swing chainz. #zeroprogress #championsofhardcore #thepile
championsofhardcore - zeroprogress - thepile -
richardpatrickwilliam - jadestafford - robertxfitzsimmons - le_marc_official -
#3generations Had such a lovely day visiting my nanny for her 86th birthday!πŸ’œ and have eaten waaaay too much cake #fatty #layoffthecakeskate #gymprogress #zeroprogress #cake #yum
zeroprogress - yum - fatty - layoffthecakeskate - gymprogress - cake - 3generations -
therealsaffron : Aaaaaazing, just saying XD
vickykew - emdakin - amylouiseclement - rick_hall -
I look like a freakin dork here BUT I had a blast spending Halloween night with friends at RBU! Caught the Champ's jacket and said goodbye to Zero Progress with style. Shoutout to everyone who keeps Davis and Sacto hardcore alive!
rbu - zeroprogress - rockbanduniversity - sactostyle -
demcats_ : #zeroprogress #rockbanduniversity #rbu #sactostyle @mattnotfromzp @weguttoknow
mattsaincome : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
joeyz97 - dorito_farts - h3llaglutch - akadjent -
Spending halloween here tonight! Can't wait. #zeroprogress #rottingout #pleadthefifth
pleadthefifth - zeroprogress - rottingout -
miggyxsavior : Rotting Out <3
kobekrippledkhaos : @gingerbeardthefoot :( @miggyxsavior you going?
lady_malevolence : Rotting out are kick ass !!
kobekrippledkhaos : @lady_malevolence I haven't heard much of them, I'm mostly going for zero progress
lady_malevolence : @kobepunx you should listen to them they're pretty good.
toodrunktopunk : Dude rotting out and homewrecker kill it, im so jealous
miggyxsavior : nah i dont have a ride or money haha
kobekrippledkhaos : @lady_malevolence @toodrunktopunk listening to their newest album now. Digging it haha
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ZERO PROGRESS MEMORIAL COKES. Only one case of 24 made. First come first serve in Davis tomorrow. #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
mattsaincome : Thanks for the help @janineystringbeany 😘
scentlessapprentice_ : :(
xoian : Oi
emilyritter : :'-(
endlessblockade : Coke Zero colorway
endlessblockade : Oi seconded
emilyritter - scottyrudeskin - dorito_farts - shaneofstrength -
I don't know y'all... I don't think much has changed tbh!! #tbt πŸ™ŠπŸ˜³πŸ˜° Freshman year to Senior year!! #fouryears #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - tbt - fouryears -
goldielocks131 - dhend_dh - k_krumrey - stx_86_ -
8x10's of the Champion of Hardcore will be available at the last ZP show tomorrow with ROTTING OUT. I only made ten and I'm keeping one so that's 9 left. 4 bux. #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
sleepinonit415 : Wish I could make it out there, this show is going to be sick!
clobberinxtime : Can you mail me one haha I ll frame it and put it on my wall.
bubbafat13 : Damn better have your wwe stats on The back too
mattsaincome : @clobberinxtime @youthxcrew69 I might end up making a few more for the homies far away and mailing them. They only take an hour to print and cost 4 bux so I'll just make as many as needed or someshit. Oi!
clobberinxtime : That'd be very bad ass my dude.
standguard_laxhc : @mattfromzp I'll order one
screamingforchange : Need one of these.
nathan_rosenberg : @mattnotfromzp Would be sick if I could order one as well! Didn't know about them before the show,, damn thing is wall-worthy.
scottyrudeskin - dorito_farts - shaneofstrength - gali_gonz -
μ–Όλ₯Έ 에세이 써야 λ˜λŠ”λ° μ™œμ΄λ ‡κ²Œ 눈이 κ°κΈ°λƒγ…œγ…œ #sosleepy #procrastination #zeroprogress #unilife #곡뢀가 #λ­μ—μš” #데일리 #였랜만
zeroprogress - 데일리 - unilife - sosleepy - procrastination - λ­μ—μš” - 곡뢀가 - 였랜만 -
che0330 : 예κ΅₯이넀!!!!이거 짱귀여움ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱ
yklimm : @che0330 ν˜„μ€μ•„ 히히 μž˜μ§€λƒ‰?.? λ‚˜ 곧 ν•œκ΅­κ°€
che0330 : μš°λ¦¬λ˜λ¨ΉμŠ€νƒ€μ°μ–΄μ•Όμ§€..β™‘μ‹œκ°„λ˜λ©΄λ˜λ³΄μžπŸ™‹
pangsumyijoyce - nut_nate - themiguelhenry - y_sj1 -
The third time's a charm, right? #threeweeks #threeappointments #zeroprogress #thissucks #mybodyhatesme
zeroprogress - thissucks - threeweeks - mybodyhatesme - threeappointments -
llcoolsai - _cash6996 - beautifulmomma2013 - cr8quijano -
Friday! #rottingout #zeroprogress #pleadthefifth #homewrecker #pharaoh #sactostyle #branchstcrew
zeroprogress - branchstcrew - rottingout - homewrecker - pharaoh - sactostyle - pleadthefifth -
touchyfili : Yup
thatfishkid : Party time
gmoneyluv69 : Oi
zachisabitch : @touchyfili good shit on the win dude
tommystarkiller : so many phun
jessica.bassett : Are you dressing up
revfinger72.4262 - bradball37 - missbianca____ - mattizhe -
Northern California. These are your Halloween plans. Go party. #rottingout #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - rottingout -
joe_molloy : Shit that looks sick
sethstopgrowing : Wait what? Davis? Woahhhh
big_boyer - crimsonisweird - flannelfalcon - defendxhatebreed -
πŸ“–πŸŒ»β˜•οΈπŸ’ #zeroprogress πŸ™†
zeroprogress -
scarlettmil : I suggest buying the Kikki K wedding organizer! It has a big timeline checklist in it that was so helpful. I had no idea what I had to do or when haha :)
jessica_whitton : Oh how exciting! ☺️
bellecopeman : Oh I want to get that! Every time I go in there though it's sold out haha @scarlettmil
shereeormerod : So much fun hey πŸ˜ƒ I got both thoses ones aswell @bellecopeman
hayleylcowling : Maybe watch one of the wedding movies for some inspiration? Haha
ashleighbaldacchino - ssheather8 - shereeormerod - lyss______ -
I redid my unknown stage diver drawing cuz I hate the old one #zeroprogress #stagediver #drawing
zeroprogress - stagediver - drawing -
blahaface : i love this
jonmclovinx : Oh thanks c: @blahaface
irie707 - devolamarih - portraitsbyleila - studiovangeem -
Stuff from tour, Thankyou to all that hooked it up. Yall know who you are, real knows real. #activatefanzine #zeroprogress #theconcretejungle #violentreaction #bigtakeover #drugcontrol #coolside #hardcorepunk #swingchainz
zeroprogress - hardcorepunk - theconcretejungle - violentreaction - activatefanzine - swingchainz - coolside - drugcontrol - bigtakeover -
xmaarkx : wow man, nice kit hah
cycoxchingon - dorito_farts - notlikeyoufanzine - scottyrudeskin -
ALL NIGHTER. OHH YEAHHHHH xp #2am #architecture #architorture #tracingpaper #zeroprogress
tracingpaper - 2am - zeroprogress - architecture - architorture -
ad_cheng : Uve done so much dude
alex_beltran_ - richieleee_ - cytlou - arxiusarquitectura -
3 mos ago, it looks like this; sad part of the story it's still the same until now. #ZEROPROGRESS #LOL #COC
coc - zeroprogress - lol -
princesstafalla : 69. Haha
aronalcantara : @princesstafalla eh sayo??? Ahahaha
annabarana - andrrr3_gaming - kevin_clashofclans - free_gems_gold_elixir_online -
Me and the homie #me #starwars #zeroprogress
me - starwars - zeroprogress -
_trilljill_ - jonnyxterror - fuckcristy - locomotivator -
Spinning that vinyl #zeroprogress #vinyl #straightedge
straightedge - zeroprogress - vinyl -
mattsaincome - supersadpimp - xcrushravenx - captainaustin69 -
Dip into the archives over at www.edgelandpodcast.com and check out episode 15, one of my favorite episodes with Greg of @lockinout. This episode also features the Champ @mattfromzp holding down the #straightedge. #mental #lockinout #zeroprogress
straightedge - zeroprogress - mental - lockinout -
atiskywalker - xkillshotx - kaoxedge - chumplydungman -
Sketch for the next shirt! #art #tombstone #zeroprogress
tombstone - zeroprogress - art -
_hoagieroll - laureninreverse - thezakhill - blahaface -
If everything goes according to plan i can have my zine out this week and i'll post a link to it once i've gotten them printed. I'd like to thank everyone involved in helping this shit get started especially if you contributed in any way or took time to talk to me about it or even just let me know they support the idea of my zine. I'm so thankful for all the help and support I've gotten for it and I'm so excited to finally have it released and for everyone to get a chance to read it!
bitterthoughts - zeroprogress - regulate - weekendnachos - knockedloose -
erasexmyself : @burnblackzine hell yeah i can't wait to finally release it!
burnblackzine : If you ever need advice email me
erasexmyself : @burnblackzine will do thanks so much!
heathen_gang : yo this is cool. ima need a copy.
erasexmyself : @heathen_gang i'll definitely let you know when it's all printed out and everything
heathen_gang : what's in it about knocked if you don't mind me asking?
erasexmyself : @heathen_gang im planning on doing features on up and coming bands that im really into in each issue and talking about their music. my friend michael (@brandnumetal) actually wrote the piece about you guys!
heathen_gang : okay cool, I can't wait to see it.
gustorana - frodechode - overxseasons - dogs.is.awesome -
😁 #rommel
rommel - zeroprogress -
haylepaige : #zeroprogress
suureal - can_dull - miss_short_shit - ratatattat_ -
Decided that I will only eat you when I finished reading the required cases and topics for later's class. Therefore, I conclude you will still be stored in the fridge for at least a week. #rewardpoΜ£licy #zeroprogress #ineedsleep #koreanicecream
koreanicecream - rewardpo - zeroprogress - ineedsleep -
ohlegendaryl - czrnflrs -
Coolass mail day #zeroprogress #integrity #generacionsuicida #disclose #tozcoz #unitedraces #hardcorepunk #punk
disclose - zeroprogress - unitedraces - punk - tozcoz - hardcorepunk - generacionsuicida - integrity -
horchata.princess - flowerfiend - xrikkfeedsatnightx - matt_ants -
Gimme all the likes #zeroprogress #RIP
zeroprogress - rip -
mattsaincome : πŸ‘
xmaarkx : where you buy?
maynotjune : @xmaarkx theyre all sold out now i dont think there's a link anymore
xmaarkx : ahhh, ok, thankx
akhawj - e_vet90 - emmanuel_basulto - peachfuzz_lice -
Zero Progress ran out of XXL's of the shirt I ordered, so The Champ sent me a different shirt and a letter. Stoked. #zeroprogress #zp #unitedslam #swingchains #$wingchainz #straightedge
unitedslam - zeroprogress - zp - swingchains - straightedge -
ichigekixedge : @amyxvxcarla
amyxvxcarla : I got mine too!
ichigekixedge : @amyxvxcarla shirt buds!
amyxvxcarla : Well mine is different but we still have zero progress shirts!
mattsaincome : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
scottyrudeskin : My boys! Great band, great guys.
xfelipemartinsx - hideakinatori - lice_krispies - ayakiedoi -
Finally got my #zeroprogress shirts today. Thank you @mattfromzp aka the champ and @screemgreen zero prggress will never die only the bands that imitate them #chaingodz #united$l@m
chaingodz - zeroprogress - united -
mattsaincome : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ichigekixedge - sommurplz - mattixsoelvberg - chillxhouse24 -
So edge! #straightedge #zeroprogress
straightedge - zeroprogress -
mattsaincome : πŸ‘Œ
ichigekixedge - mattsaincome - captainaustin69 - selenadiane -
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