Sketch for the next shirt! #art #tombstone #zeroprogress
tombstone - zeroprogress - art -
eddyjeremy - raind00wn - thezakhill - moniquelyns -
If everything goes according to plan i can have my zine out this week and i'll post a link to it once i've gotten them printed. I'd like to thank everyone involved in helping this shit get started especially if you contributed in any way or took time to talk to me about it or even just let me know they support the idea of my zine. I'm so thankful for all the help and support I've gotten for it and I'm so excited to finally have it released and for everyone to get a chance to read it!
bitterthoughts - zeroprogress - regulate - weekendnachos - knockedloose -
erasexmyself : @burnblackzine hell yeah i can't wait to finally release it!
burnblackzine : If you ever need advice email me
erasexmyself : @burnblackzine will do thanks so much!
heathen_gang : yo this is cool. ima need a copy.
erasexmyself : @heathen_gang i'll definitely let you know when it's all printed out and everything
heathen_gang : what's in it about knocked if you don't mind me asking?
erasexmyself : @heathen_gang im planning on doing features on up and coming bands that im really into in each issue and talking about their music. my friend michael (@brandnumetal) actually wrote the piece about you guys!
heathen_gang : okay cool, I can't wait to see it.
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😁 #rommel
rommel - zeroprogress -
haylepaige : #zeroprogress
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Decided that I will only eat you when I finished reading the required cases and topics for later's class. Therefore, I conclude you will still be stored in the fridge for at least a week. #rewardpoΜ£licy #zeroprogress #ineedsleep #koreanicecream
koreanicecream - rewardpo - zeroprogress - ineedsleep -
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cool stuff in the mail 2day.
merch - zeroprogress - zp - vscocam - vsco -
erasexmyself : {#vscocam #vsco #zeroprogress #zp #merch}
frodechode : Such a sick band.
erasexmyself : @frodechode i love them im so bummed they broke up
frodechode : So am I. I got to play a show with them in New Orleans. Super cool dudes and hilarious.
erasexmyself : @frodechode that honestly sounds so sick. im actually interviewing a couple of them for this zine im starting and im calling it united slam.
frodechode : Dang! That's cool! I'll get one when you print copies!
erasexmyself : @frodechode hell yeah! i'll post a link and announce it when it's all printed and finished up for sure
frodechode : Tight! Looking forward to it!
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Coolass mail day #zeroprogress #integrity #generacionsuicida #disclose #tozcoz #unitedraces #hardcorepunk #punk
disclose - zeroprogress - unitedraces - punk - tozcoz - hardcorepunk - generacionsuicida - integrity -
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Gimme all the likes #zeroprogress #RIP
zeroprogress - rip -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘
_thesupervillain_ - xmookyx - ayitszach - jeskapooyen -
Zero Progress ran out of XXL's of the shirt I ordered, so The Champ sent me a different shirt and a letter. Stoked. #zeroprogress #zp #unitedslam #swingchains #$wingchainz #straightedge
unitedslam - zeroprogress - zp - swingchains - straightedge -
ichigekixedge : @amyxvxcarla
amyxvxcarla : I got mine too!
ichigekixedge : @amyxvxcarla shirt buds!
amyxvxcarla : Well mine is different but we still have zero progress shirts!
mattfromzp : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
xdaichixhxc - hideakinatori - satans_clit - chklich -
Finally got my #zeroprogress shirts today. Thank you @mattfromzp aka the champ and @screemgreen zero prggress will never die only the bands that imitate them #chaingodz #united$l@m
chaingodz - zeroprogress - united -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
screemgreen - mattfromzp - sommurplz - chillxhouse24 -
So edge! #straightedge #zeroprogress
straightedge - zeroprogress -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘Œ
_hoagieroll - raind00wn - captainaustin69 - selenadiane -
B-Side #vinyl #zeroprogress #straightedge
straightedge - zeroprogress - vinyl -
ashleydekort - horrorshowliz - meoowolivia - heightfiveseven -
A-Side #vinyl #zeroprogress #straightedge
straightedge - zeroprogress - vinyl -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘
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I'm a piece of #art down in SoCal right now. Thx @mattxgill #zeroprogress
zeroprogress - art -
mattfromzp : And thx for heads up @alvincarrillo
gali_gonz : Dude, it's a sick pic!
__wackojacko__ - furthestfromthemiddle - daammnngena - xmanoftheyear -
Put your money on this guy @demonwizardofjudah @mattfromzp you are still king of chains and #zeroprogress IS the king of hardcore #chaingods #dogbreathnyc
chaingods - dogbreathnyc - zeroprogress -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘
m00ts666 - _cesarey_ - brittneves - fuzzypinkhandcuffs -
Fucked it up. Damn. #lettering #letterhead #letters #font #apprenticelife #apprentice #tattooapprentice #draw #drawing #art #artwork #artist #swingchainz #zeroprogress
lettering - draw - zeroprogress - letters - artist - apprenticelife - straightedge - swingchainz - artwork - art - font - letterhead - drawing - tattooapprentice - apprentice -
sithvegan : #straightedge
my.cilart : see my art please. I sure you like it
mattfromzp : πŸ†’
gallinavegan - konkas - pitdaddyc - zach0falltrades -
RIP #zeroprogress Much love to all of you
zeroprogress -
mattfromzp : Lol this was such a sick day
bloodxredxviolence : @mattfromzp one of the best days of my life
screemgreen - mattfromzp - gabgilman - pleasexdie -
The last Bay Area Zero Progress show as captured by my friend @mattxgill . Ideas never die. #outlawhardcore #zeroprogress #bannedinthebay #straightedge
outlawhardcore - bannedinthebay - zeroprogress - straightedge -
terrorboys : Killing it
ggisalright : :(
bloodxredxviolence - yungxlaw - __________derson97____________ - nasonspaceuniverse -
One more of #zpπŸ†. #zeroprogress #championsofhardcore
championsofhardcore - zeroprogress - zp -
ninetyv_ : Oh wow this is much hardcore I like
a_a_ronburgundy - simplysenny - sweetxsauce - maiahpardo -
#zeroprogress is easily one of the raddest Bay Area bands I've ever had the privilege of shooting. This was my last time seeing #ZP play, and I couldn't have been more stoked. #restinpower ZP βŒπŸ†βŒ
zeroprogress - zp - restinpower -
mattfromzp : So glad you were there brother!
screemgreen : Thank you for always being a supporter dude.
modernxmike - youthcruz - murraybowles - simplysenny -
0 down. 5 to go. Huhuhu :3 #ZeroProgress
zeroprogress -
oneofthosecrzy - tinntanium - ceejayyy_hb - ianrabusa -
Just got a print of Zero Progress from my friend Amy X Carla. She takes really cool photos of Hardcore shows in California and she's an awesome person. Look her up. #zeroprogress #thestraightedge #straightedge #friends
straightedge - zeroprogress - friends - thestraightedge -
xx_kusunoki_xx - takumagg - kyonon - chika_hirai -
Zero Progress last show. #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘ thx for coming!
laguerasuena - cjfloramahoney - pil_finder - dontouchme -
Last Bay Area ZP show is tonight. Don't miss it!!! #mindset #zeroprogress #champsofhardcore
zeroprogress - champsofhardcore - mindset -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mattfromzp - stayxtoasty - chrisbavaria - bankeuros -
#zeroprogress last Bay Area show tomorrow night. Swing em while you can!
zeroprogress -
bananarchist : Good venue
burritobat : I've never been but I've gotten mixed reviews lol
burritobat : @mattfromzp I need a coke brotherrrrrrrr!
mattfromzp : You got one!
mattfromzp - shookjuans - bananarchist - walksanevilpath -
Come to the #StraightEdge turnup on Friday. #Mindset #ZeroProgress #ViolentSituation #PleadTheFifth #LeaveNoDoubt #ZPsLastBayAreaShow #NailedToThaX
zeroprogress - straightedge - violentsituation - pleadthefifth - leavenodoubt - nailedtothax - zpslastbayareashow - mindset -
mattfromzp : πŸ‘
pavexment : Gonna be tight.
xmasterjedix : Will definitely be there.
gabasaurusrexx : πŸ‘Š
tristanwor : @pavexment gonna be snug
evset - kalendraws - kevinmakesvideos - zacharyjsimpson -
MINDSET COKE BOTTLES. Instagram the flyer for Friday and ill hand you one at the show. LEAVE NO DOUBT. #mindset #zeroprogress #violentsituation #pleadthefifth #straightedge #championshipmaterialpromotions
zeroprogress - straightedge - violentsituation - championshipmaterialpromotions - mindset - pleadthefifth -
mattfromzp : @runexjustanotherday text me 9254874763
runexjustanotherday : @mattfromzp I live overseas. Texting might not be the ideal form of communication. I can also email you if you give me your email.
ohhmeow : My boyfriend is going but I have work, if I post it can he get one? Haha
mattfromzp : @ohhmeow yes
ohhmeow : How can he get it?
ohhmeow : Should he just come up to you and tell you he's my boyfriend, or what would you like to do?
mattfromzp : @ohhmeow yea he can just come up and tell me that and I'll give him one
ohhmeow : Rad thanks Champ
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Evidently, I left all my #knitting mojo at home this morning. #Zeroprogress #yarnramen
zeroprogress - knitting - yarnramen -
msle1 : Oh no! :~0
alsoanno : Oh well. Maybe the night will be more productive.
skeincocaine : Turds.
xmiss_sophiex - msle1 - throughmylensispy - knittytothegritty -
"joke band" #zeroprogress
zeroprogress -
scotty_fired_up_rsm : Zero Progress was not in vain. Remember the good times and take pride in being a part of one of the best HC bands to come out of the Bay. Hope you're well brotha!
screemgreen : @scotty_fired_up_rsm thanks Scotty. Means a lot brother.
scotty_fired_up_rsm : @screemgreen No problem man, stay up!
erasexmyself - davidrommal - windovpain - ianmanifesto -
Tuesday Class Jams #zeroprogress #diarrheaplanet #theflatliners #empireempire
empireempire - theflatliners - zeroprogress - diarrheaplanet -
mattfromzp - racquelmarieee - thelogansullivan - cacarpe_diem -
My record haul from over the past month or so. #AngelDust #Barge #CarryNation #ColdWorld #Column #HaveHeart #HoundsOfHate #Mizery #Protester #ZeroProgress #VinylIGClub
zeroprogress - column - houndsofhate - haveheart - angeldust - vinyligclub - carrynation - protester - barge - mizery - coldworld -
casedgod : Column rules
jetxboy : I'm really diggin mizery need to get some physical copies of there stuff soon
mattfromzp - yakee - kellinoinsta - ginatakeabow -
Zero Progress #zeroprogress #championsofhardcore
championsofhardcore - zeroprogress -
skramztape : @luisxfisheye r.i.p. :/
astralxocean : #unitedslam
la_ibt : Ash ya ven
luisxfisheye : Los extraño! @la_ibt
gordotron666 - lalolandamg - rafa2384 - kutbhertho_auditore -
Who says cats don't like pools. Oh that's right - they don't like WATER. But we still don't have any!!!!! #zeroprogress #wanttoswim #dangmarylandpools #terriblecustomerservice #nothappy
wanttoswim - dangmarylandpools - zeroprogress - terriblecustomerservice - nothappy -
tinagpugh : 😞 that sucks! I hope you get some soon!
lissjoy - uclakerim - slrgrey - walkinginwellness -
IT'S A CUTTHROAT WORLD, THEY'LL TAKE YOUR LIFE. IT'S A CUTTHROAT WORLD, SO BUY A KNIFE. #zeroprogress #championsofhardcore #nowplaying
nowplaying - championsofhardcore - zeroprogress -
skramztape : @quit_everything Heard this yet?
dorito_farts : SO GOOD
quit_everything : Not yet
kevindisarm : What's the recipie for this. For example two cups black flag, 32oz of mad ball and 5 tablespoons of champion
mattfromzp - pandaclawrecords - desysnap - maddiejayy -
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