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[Long chapter coming Tru!! Well I had to add another chap since this is too freaking long!] "By the way, for how long have you been waiting outside?" You asked him You saw yourself with long red hair as you smiled at him "Half an hour to be honest..... I was just waiting for you to come back " He replied with a pout "Aww, you poor thing! " You said as you pulled him into a hug "Now go to sleep!" You let pulled away as you walked towards your back door but Zelo stopped you as he grabbed your wrist "But first, you must give me a good night kiss!" "Seriously?" "Yes or I won't let go !" "Aish fine! You know, you're so childish" Your past self said as she cupped his face standing on her toes pecking his soft lips making you stare at the scene in shock "I know, but you still love me! " He said as he stuck his tongue out And walked away "I do..." Is the last thing you heard yourself say as you smiled again .......... You were woken up by the sunlight creeping in from the window
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absolute_matoki_ : "But what? Are you going to let the past get the worst of you? Where is the (Y/N) who stood up and became stronger no matter how many times she was knocked down?? Yes I understand I was one of those jerks...... But I have changed..... Mainly because of you...... I want to be that person who you can lean on when it's though...... Not in a romantic way of course...... I've already lost in that battle but no one thinks badly of you..... We miss you so much, not only Dark Angel but BAP, Secret and even the Untouchable Hyungs ....... We always wonder where you are so don't think we have forgotten about you..... You know why Aram even bothered to bring her co workers and bring you and Jun Hong? Because we care..... We care about you both. You're the maknaes! We worry for our dongsaengs I know you're still mad at Eunji or Aram And Jun Hong....... But for now..... Put that aside and just do this for your seniors, your group and you What do you say?" Jong Up stood up and held his hand to (Y/N) "Are with us?" Hesitant for a moment (Y/N) stared at his hand them smiling and taking it Grabbing a tissue, he helped (Y/N) wipe her tears later in surprising her with a kiss on her forehead" "I've missed you" "I missed you too Oppa" "Now let's go, we have to go back to the others"
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I woke up in a cold sweat groaning from the pain on the lower part of my body It was still a little bit dark Searching for a clock I finally find my phone beside me It's 7:00AM I look around to see the same room I've staying for a couple of days All I remember is being in a car accident but someone saved me from getting hit After that day I was drugged in anesthetics and painkillers that I can barely remember what has really happened It scares me..... How am I supposed to go home when I don't know where am I..... "Good morning miss, here is your daily medicine and yes you have to take them" A random nurse popped out of nowhere She handed me a small tray containing two huge pills and a glass of water I slowly picked one of them and swallowed with difficultly I noticed that the nurse was standing there staring waiting for me to finish my pills As I did she picked up the glass and tray giving me an awkward smile and retreating from there Great..... Now I can't fall asleep.... Something is missing..... ----------------------------------------------- "I-I don't know what to even believe This is so sudden....." After a couple of hours getting ready and driving BAP, DA and Aram (Eunji) had arrived to Secret's dorm They had to be quick since Jieun and Hana are scheduled to MC on M countdown this afternoon Eunji has taken the time to explain the situation little by little and the consequences and dangers TS is dragging to their artists and trainees "I'm sorry ok? I know I haven't been honest with all you but it is important that you take all this information seriously since its basically putting both your career and lives at risk" "But how are we going to approach boss and discuss about this topic You will probably get arrested thinking you're out of your mind" Eunji chuckled earning a confused look from everyone "I have a back up plan For your information I know your boss personally as well"
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absolute_matoki_ : I hugged myself tighter burying my head on my knees I bring my head back up when I hear him laugh "Relax (Y/N) the effects are slowly wearing off so I'm not like that anymore" Trying to wipe my tears I scoff at him angrily "You really think this is a joke?! You scared me to death It was not funny!" At this point I just start crying and I don't understand why The overwhelming feeling of hurt is unbearable He stops laughing and tries to reach to me but I slapped his hand away "Don't touch me!" "(Y/N) I'm so sorry I was messing with you Although piña coladas do have aphrodisiacs in it sometimes they aren't as powerful as manny people think they are Please don't be mad Here" He handed me a tissue and I took it wiping my tears and cleaning my nose "I just remembered something...... Did you just said I am your boyfriend?" "What? When?" Crap he actually heard me...... "Oh nothing I happened to hear the whole confrontation" He grinned giving me giving me a playful wink "Listen...... I know this is too sudden for you but You and I used to date We were both idols but you got fired and I got suspended All because of a mistake I made We've tried our best to go out different paths, but no matter what we do we always run into each other...... Now I'm doing my best to reverse that mistake, but it seems as if I'm hurting you instead of helping you All I want is for you to be happy again I'm sorry I just-----" Hearing those words it brought warm to myself Looking at his guilty expression did I tell you it's been a crazy day? Well this night is about to get crazier.... Before he could finish his sentence my arms have wrapped around his torso He didn't react instead he stiffened Realizing what was I doing I pulled away immediately "I-I'm so sorry! I don't know what I'm doing!! I-"
absolute_matoki_ : "Actually...... You just just read my mind" He gave me smile before pulling me into another hug For some reason this felt like Deja vú Did we really dated? ---------------------------------------------- A: "Did you find them?" HY: "Yes they are currently in Hongdae Both of them are staying in one apartment" A: "Hani, have you discovered anything while (Y/N) was at the hospital?" HN: "the antibiotics that they gave (Y/N) are sleeping aids containing (Nonbenzodiazepine sedative-hypnotics) These meds may help you sleep, but just like antianxiety drugs, their method of action can restrict the interaction between short-term and long-term memory Therefore causing (Y/N) short term memory.... Luckily I managed to take the pills out of her back while we were giving her a makeover" A: "Why a makeover?" HY: "Well we have to do something to get information or else she would think we're trying to rob her...... But it worked! We got what we needed for the moment" A: "Yeah I guess you can say that Just keep an eye on them arasso? HY/HN: "Yes captain!" Logging out of Kakao Talk, Eunji smiled in satisfaction of her teammates and best friends Ha Yun and Hani She hasn't seen them in two years yet they have come to her aid to terminate this mission that had been going on for four years already "Time to get the boss" Reuniting the artists into her small apartment Eunji explained the situation to them "Both (Y/N) and Jun Hong are both staying in an apartment in Hongdae No one else knows their location so they are safe at the moment Our next target is your boss And relax I'm not going to kill him but I need you guys to help me accessthe TS building ok?" They all nodded in agreement and went over Eunji's plan before going in action
absolute_matoki_ : ---------------Next morning--------------- A light knock was heard from outside the CEO's door "Come in" "Good morning" "Huh? Oh Miss Yoon how are you? Come in How you been?" "I've been well thank you, I brought you some coffee if you like" "Oh thank you! You're an angel So how's the company doing? Is your father doing well" "Not sure at the moment, I just returned to Korea while my dad is still in Spain" "Hmm" "Huh?" "Oh it's nothing it was just a---" "Ommo! I didn't know it will work so suddenly hehe Well then" --------------- Eunji's POV--------------- Ugh! This man is heavy But it's all worth it Cmon Aram..... You're almost there You're almost there...... I just need to speak to this man to make him understand the situation fully Oh! He's waking up! Hide "Huh? What the?! What's going on in here?! " I put on my mask and beanie before walking up to him Hehe I love doing this "Who are you?! Let me out this instant!!!! I will call the police!!!" He shouted struggling to get free I rolled my eyes and took my gun As I talked in a deeper voice "You better shut up this instant before I make you But.... There is something you need to know Guys you can come out now" The rest came dressed the same way as me I signaled them to take off their masks "Seriously..... What's going on in here...?"
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absolute_matoki_ : I think they will either be three or four parts *sigh* There are a lot of deleted scenes from this part I will include later The last part between (Y/N) and Zelo was supposed to be a kissing scene but I thoughts that was too soon so I changed it You will hear more about the other members later on ok? Don't worry ^ ^
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"Danger........ What's your story this time?" Jade gave her a glare Hesitating on how to break the truth to them Eunji stood in silence for a while "Well? If you're just going to stand there after waking us up and wasting our time We're going to ask you to leave" Young Jae walked towards her with and irritated look "I'm not a real photographer!!" Eunji suddenly shouted at Young Jae making him jump with wide eyes "What do mean?" He asked after recovering from her sudden outburst "You see I-I'm actually an undercover spy She paused "My mission was to pass as a photographer in training and the daughter of the CEO from Fantasy Land Inc modeling business The CEO of the company had a major conflict with TS entertainment's boss And since then he had wished not only his death but the decline of his artists as well My mission was to stop his acts but first I have to get closer to one of you In order to continue the mission without being too obvious Therefore I had to pretend to help this man as his newly adopted daughter" Judging by their reactions she couldn't tell if they are taking it well or lost "Yes, I'm not actually like you think I am Also....... Yoon Eunji is not my real name I was adopted by Mr. Yoon at age 12 So that's why I got that name My name is actually Kwon Aram I've been training as a spy since age 10 I new this sudden information will either help you understand more the situation or hate me more than you already are I recently left Mr. Yoon's side after he captured Jun Hong-sshi and chained him Gasps were heard after her statement "It's ok, I managed to set him free and send both him and (Y/N) back here"
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absolute_matoki_ : Ya Choi Jun Hong....... Y-you're bleeding!" "I know that, do you have a tissue or something?" JunHong asked as he held his forehead to stop the bleeding "Hold on, Ahh!" Trying to get up she collapsed again to the floor "You're hurt....." Coming closer to her he examined her noticing that the right side of her hip has been stabbed by a sharp tree branch "You need to go to the hospital" "What?! What happened" "You're bleeding" Looking down at herself she noticed a small trail of blood coming from her pants to her coat "Umm are you sure that's...." "Hello? Eh? ya! Ugh...... Yes sorry I would like to call an ambulance from xxx street down highway xxxxxxx Yes thank you" Hanging up JunHong managed to pick up some of the groceries that fell from (Y/N)'s bag and her black backpack that was next to her Even if it was -7 degrees, he stayed with her until the ambulance came Luckily the tree branch did not touch any of her internal organs or that would have been fatal Stirring from her sleep, (Y/N) tried to sit up again Until Jun Hong stopped her "Stop trying to sit up again or you'll faint?" "Huh? Oh ok........ You brought me to the hospital?" "Of course, if you don't remember A tree branch almost went through you I can't just leave you there in the freezing cold!"
absolute_matoki_ : "T-thank you...... I see they also treated you as well" She pointed to his now bandaged head He nodded "(Y/N)" "Hm?" "You got me worried sick you know I saw you passing through the Hongdae Streets and....." "You followed me around?" "I umm well" "It's ok, I'm glad Thank you" She smiled "It's been a while since I've seen you smile....." "I see" Out of the blue, (Y/N) felt his warm hand touch hers "(Y/N)...... Can at least be friends? I know we never were friends But I want to start over Can we do that?" Both stared at each other in silence Until (Y/N) smiled and nodded making JunHong smile as well "Come here" "What?" "Just come" Getting closer to her, Jun Hong approached her Managing to sit up (Y/N) took him by surprise by wrapping her arms around his neck But hugged her back making sure he's not touching her wounded area "Not the encounter I was expecting but I'm glad you're no longer mad at me.... Are you" Pulling away, Jun Hong asked her as he pouted "Of course not pabo or else I wouldn't hug you..... Now can you call the nurse?" "Oh what do you need?" "I need to use the restroom......"
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"We need to talk" Inviting himself in Jong Up took (Y/N)'s hand leading her to the couch "Jong Up...." "I know you probably didn't want to see me but I need to explain to you something really important so you have to listen to me ok?" "Right..... Umm go ahead?" Astonished by his sudden intro (Y/N) sat there quietly as Jongup began to explain their current situation --------------10 mins later--------------- " So Yong Guk, Young Jae, Ai and Yoon Sun came to look for me in Spain..... Yoon Sun lied to me by telling me that she came there alone...... Which is why TS entertainment started searching for all of you" With realization, (Y/N) let out a scoff "Don't tell me you also set me up to win that stupid contest and model along with Jun Hong!" "No no no! Umm well I don't think that was actually planed" "Think? So you were not involved in this?" "No this was actually Dark Angel's plan..... Why? Well ..... They miss you! After all you spent almost 4 years of both training and debut with them! We never believed you tried to sabotage Jun Hong on his modeling debut The company took matter without even looking further into the situation They just replaced you .." "Yeah you don't need to remind me that..." (Y/N) interrupted
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absolute_matoki_ : "I just can't." "Excuse me?!" "I just can't do this anymore I mean yes, I did like him, but he never liked me, it was easy to persuade him but we have practically destroyed his life. What else do you want from him? Kill him?" Eunji points as the rusty chains where Jun Hong has been chained two weeks ago "Only if necessary" At her dad's sudden statement Eunji throws him a look of disbelief "Seriously?! OMG dad You know what! I can't keep doing this! I can't keep lying to people for your own benefit.... You're on your own" With that said Eunji runs off leaving her dad screaming behind her "You're disowned from the family you hear me?! Don't ever come back her because you're getting nothing!! Nothing!!! You're no longer my daughter!!" Packing her things Eunji decided to go back to Korea "I don't care if I'm disowned from the family My dad never loved me anyway" ----------------[Seoul, South Korea 6:00AM] -------------------------- Arriving to Korea and heading to BAP's dorm, Eunji noticed to men sitting on the stairs towards their dorm "Umm hello" She greeted them Noticing her they stood up straight and bowed "Oh, You're Yoon Eunji right?" One of them asked as she nodded in response "Oh are you looking for Zelo? He's not here" "Where is he?" "We don't know He hasn't returned yet I guess" "I see but I came to see the members"
absolute_matoki_ : "For what reason?" " I just need to discuss something with them that's all" "Ok wait here" Opening the door one them entered "Ya you got a visitor! Treat her well!" They went back to her giving her a smile "You can come in" As she entered she saw the guys and even the D.A members waking to the living room in their pajamas since it was only 8 AM "Eunji? What are you doing here?" "I came here to clarify your doubts" "Doubts? That you're a manipulative liar?" Ai spoke "Not only that But to warn you..... You're all in danger"
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absolute_matoki_ : I'm sorry but does this story even make sense? I feel like I'm loosing my special touch...... *sighs* this Saturday O have to travel 2 1/2 hours upstate NY for the SAT..... And I just finished two projects plus a research paper I'm scared that's how I feel most of the time bc I don't know what I'm doing with my life...... I'm so lost nowadays And some idiots make it worse but I'm not gonna rant Just enjoy your reading! (I guess...)
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kpop_naekkoya : I believe in you ;* i know you are a strong person and you can do it FIGHTING!♥ talk to your friends about the SAT they also have to do it and believe in you! I am sure you will manage it and have sucesses!
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Sedih nya bila admin tgok blk. Dlu admin busy dgn exam xdpt nk update apa2 gambar #ZEloveStory. Bila dpt tahu diorg dah break up. Ya allah sedih nya. Zizan nk kawin plk. Tp tak apa la tak ada jodoh la tu. Ni gambar Throwback emma suprise birthday zizan.
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