The magical day when the mail comes!!! #comics #comicbooks #thewalkingdead #batman #chew #sincity #ythelastman #eastofwest #talon #nerd #uspsdelivered
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Always been a big fan of Y: The Last Man and now I'm absolutely loving Brian K Vaughn's new series, Saga. It feels like the comic book equivalent of Star Wars, enormous in scope and so much fun. #saga #briankvaughn #fionastaples #ythelastman #image
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rosstargaryen : I like the look of this man. May have to have a flick through one day!
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Good or bad, it's always been women who have shaped boys into whatever the hell they're gonna become. What a kickass story between Yorick and Agent 355. She has always been the kind of person who in elementary would sit with the boy that no one else would sit next to. She traveled around the world protecting the man she loved so he could find the woman he loved. She didn't make him feel better but made him want to be better. In his life every woman chose to be the queen on hearts. She was the six of clubs. This love story was just one part of this amazing comic book series. Let me know if you want to borrow Y: The Last Man. I'll mail it to you! #ythelastman #agent355 #greatcomicbooks thanks for the reco @phosphorousrex
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What a beautiful ending to an extraordinary #comic! #YTLM #ythelastman
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Latest purchases #comics #edinburgh #ythelastman #fables #wolfamongus
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tinybecs : Both are great!
ajwhitehead : @tinybecs enjoyed the first book of Y, reading Fables due to my love of the game they made from the comics! Sure both will be awesome!
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Ran around con most of the day to get these beauties signed by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples! No thanks to images extremely limited booth signings. #saga #ythelastman #sdcc
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Got my favorite comic of all time signed by #briankvaughan & #piaguerra
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alexhchung : #sdcc #comiccon #ythelastman #bkv
hardwickshow : Duuuuuude! This is awesome!
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I met Brian K Vaughn today. No big deal. #ythelastman #LOST #saga #briankvaughn
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lukethornton : Aw that is so fucking cool. Y is probably my favorite comic series ever.
jvalent : @lukethornton πŸ‘
jvalent : #sdcc
jvalent : @lukethornton I was doing everything but begging him to make it into a mini series. We both agreed Yorick should be a no name average dude.
lukethornton : @jvalent well I believe he has the rights to it now. Did you get anything signed?
jvalent : @lukethornton he said not 100%. And yep--vol 1 of Y!
stephanie_rizzo : You motherfucker
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Part 5. Ms. Marvel #6 was my favorite issue so far. Picked up Storm #1 this week. Didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. And of course I had to get Y: The Last Man vol. 2. Finally read vol. 1, and I'm already hooked! #msmarvel #kamalakhan #storm #ororomunroe #xmen #ythelastman #marvel #comics
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Yolculuk başlar #redbull #ythelastman
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Thanks to my friend Brodie for buying me the 2nd trade of Y the last the man.
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lily.jedi.sky : #blessedwithnicefriends #ythelastman #vertigocomics #comicbooks #reading #briankvaughan #piaguerra
lily.jedi.sky : #comics #books my friend is such a #geek #nerd
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Just me with Brian K Vaughn, the guy who wrote the books I wrote my thesis about. We actually had a full conversation. He wanted to know my name. #geekinout #ythelastman
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Just met Brian K Vaughan! Aaah!! Totally geeking out right now! I absolutely LOVE #Saga! #SagaComic is the comic that started my love for #comics. This totally made my whole #ComicCon experience! Thanks @kidreobot #briankvaughn #imagecomics #SDCC
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raedeezee : #ythelastman
pri17cess : I hope he goes to lbcc!!! Aaahhh I wanna meet!
bobbyswhirl : Excited face? Lol
raedeezee : @bobbyswhirl fat face! Hahah I was nervous n geeking out at the same time so the angles n me looking fat in the pic wasn't my main concern hahahaha
brianredefined : Awww dope! My friend wants me to get his autograph on a copy of saga.
kimbertron5000 : ❀️❀️❀️
bobbyswhirl : not even fat! that's awesome though. phasers set to love me lol
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Rise & shine with #ythelastman #Vertigo #DCComics #grafficnovel #Comicbook #PalosVerdes
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This was so good 😊 #ythelastman
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Y The Last Man - one of the best non-superheroes graphic novels I have ever read! HIGHLY recommend it. #ythelastman #thelastman #yorick #briankvaughan #piaguerra #vertigo #graphicnovel #comics #books #reading #read #geek #igers #ighub #igaddict #tflers #tfl
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tailoredmnagery : Awesome feed!
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Picked up a copy of #ythelastman 10 today for $2. #vertigo #comics
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The best ever y:the last man #vertigo #ythelastman
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This is what @damnielle_ is reading right now. #YtheLastMan #DeadlyClass #Fables #Chew #ImageComics #Vertigo #Comics
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I just finished Motherland and I'm down to the last volume of Y. I'm about to say goodbye to Yorick, Ampersand, Agent 355 and Dr. Mann. It's been a great ride. See you on the other side. πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€ In other news, I'm having difficulty connecting to the internet. I think a lot of facilities are still down because of the typhoon. I hope things normalize soon. 😞 #books #booksph #booklover #bookworm #bibliophile #booknerdigans #brianvaughan #piaguerra #ythelastman #vertigo #comics #graphicnovels #readingissexy #currentlyreading
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lovestardust : Ugh. Talk about slow reception. E-ve-ry-thing is taking forever!
psy_kaoru : @lovestardust I have no connection at home at all. 😰
agirlnamedfelix : Ugh, it sucks that the power is still out for you! A typhoon is a hurricane right? Or is it something else?
psy_kaoru : @agirlnamedfelix We have power now, but there's no telling how long it's gonna last. 😞 They're implementing rotational blackouts because of the limited power supply. I think there are areas that had no electricity since Wednesday. And another typhoon is coming this weekend. 😱😱😱 And yes, a typhoon is a hurricane.
lovestardust : @psy_kaoru We could share mine and together wait for forever when pages load haha.
psy_kaoru : @lovestardust Yeah, come over here so I can use your hotspot. I'm currently using Sun Broadband plug-in and it takes forever to load pages. 
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Comics & β˜•οΈ #CoffeenClothes #YTheLastMan @coffeenclothes @jcrew @dccomics @kithnyc
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nuttynickk : @kevkashhh that coffee tho
asicscollector8 : Damn they finally got the hats in
vin621 : Gawd!
georgknight_official : Nice life
35mmmora : πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
complex_rae : @kevkashhh did thy put the hats in Yet?
kevkashhh : @ryyyguy @coffeenclothes homie shoot me a text
raydeeoh : #OrNah
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JΓ‘ estΓ‘ garantida a leitura do final de semana! #ythelastman #xmen #nerdproud
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manuh_st : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ disso que eu tΓ΄ falando! Haha πŸ’š
diogoasus : #nerdproud hahahaha
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Y: The Last Man #3 by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra. #BrandonLovesComics. I'm rereading YTLM for a book club type thing and so far enjoying it even more the second time around. Yorick Brown is one of my favorite comic book heroes. This book is a definite must read IMO and is a great bridge between traditional super hero comics and more grounded indie books.
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podaboutnothing : #ythelastman #yorick #yorickbrown #355 #agent355 #vertigo #briankvaughan #piaguerra #book #comics #comicbooks #geek #read #reading #readcomics #nerd #feminist #feminism #podcast #podcasts #joeyisuranus #meme #memes
thelegoheroshow : I like the story, but I don't agree with the use of the word "Hero" to describe Yorick. Lol
podaboutnothing : @thelegoheroshow He's a hero in some sense. Even if accidental. But he rescues others at given times. Plus he's my hero strictly for being an awesome escape artist lol
thelegoheroshow : IMO, He kinda just does what he has too to survive.. I feel like real hero's are more than that.
podaboutnothing : The third definition of hero is "the principal male character in a story, play, film, etc." @thelegoheroshow
thelegoheroshow : Ugh.. notice it said male..I dismiss it on basis of sexism! Hahaha
podaboutnothing : Because heroine is the technical term s female hero (not that I agree there should be two words) @thelegoheroshow
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Starting this. #ythelastman #comic
ythelastman - comic -
ageekandheroven : It's so good omg. It's supposed to have been a movie ages ago
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It's #ComicBookWednesday! My favorite day of the week! #NCBW #ratqueens #wicdiv #thewickedandthedivine #prettydeadly #lumberjanes #spread #southernbastards #Saga #sagacomic #ythelastman #chewcomic #alexada #deadlyclass #imagecomics #vertigocomics #boomstudios #ghostvariant #variant #ComicSweets
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raedeezee : @pri17cess I Kno! I told Jase the story. Saiyang!
orangedrink888 : Nice pull! Spread is awesome!
raedeezee : @orangedrink888 Thanks! I've heard great things bout it and am anxious to check it out!
japanagal : You remind me of BBT. lol
cristinemarie : I'm jealousssss
raedeezee : @japanagal yeah I'm always at the comic book store hahaha @cristinemarie read Saga! You'll love it.
beardlyunderstanding : So wanna check out that Lumberjanes. Heard it was pretty funny.
raedeezee : @beardlyunderstanding I heard that too! Totally psyched to read it.
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Yup! What I'll be doing for the next week... Welcome to My World πŸ’¬ #ObsessedMuch #ComicBookWednesday #ComicHaul #ComicSweets #ImageComics #WicDiv #Outcast #DeadlyClass #AlexAda #DeathVigil #Spread #LockeAndKey #Revival #YTheLastMan #Chew #RatQueens #Saga #PrettyDeadly #GhostVariants
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lyzzzzzz : Lol..thanks for reminding me to read my first "book-every-month" that I haven't finished yet...lmaoo.
pri17cess : @lyzzzzzz where on earth is Elyzza Eve Seson? hahah oh yeah I forgot we had a deal about that! Geez.. Lol I'm telling you reading is therapeutic. Miss you!! 😘😘😘
pri17cess : #idwcomics #vertigocomics
kimbertron5000 : That Saga cover
pri17cess : @kimbertron5000 I was lucky enough to find it at a local comic store in Vegas. Heh.
kimbertron5000 : Jealous! Congrats!
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Graphic novel about misandry?! Yes please! #ythelastman
ythelastman -
maleesh : Best graphic novel ever!
ema7x - janboogiee - enigma805 - fr3nchtosz -
No new comics till this weekend so Hank & I are going to read the 4th volume of Y The Last Man.
hank - ythelastman - catsofinstagram - briankvaughan - cat - vertico - comics -
punkypow : #ythelastman #briankvaughan #vertico #comics
punkypow : #cat #catsofinstagram #hank
jody_the_ritz - crazyforblackcats - wearecareful - kittencarcass -
ythelastman -
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Dad sometimes picks things up in Forbidden Planet on his Dublin trips, somehow I managed to convince him to get me these! #yay #comics #comicbook #saga #ythelastman #coverart #happiness #plansfortheevening
yay - ythelastman - comics - comicbook - plansfortheevening - coverart - saga - happiness -
harriet_12_3 : The one on the left reminds me of Silence in the Library.
ashwingigb : @Harriet_12_3 Oh yeahh! At the back of my head I knew the image was reminding me of something
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When you are 3 hours early for work there's only one thing to do. Buy comics #YTheLastMan and #SexCriminals.
ythelastman - sexcriminals -
podaboutnothing - minus_the_bibo - emaleehudson - kimbertron5000 -
Went to the comic book store, and they were out of what I wanted. Picked up two $1 comics (Saga and Y-the last man), and mars attacks. #whatimreading #ythelastman #saga #marsattacks #coliseumofcomics
saga - ythelastman - coliseumofcomics - whatimreading - marsattacks -
caseybcrawford : Yeah, reading that first issue of Saga is gonna be like a shot of H, man. ADDICTIVE!
blaireatsbabies : @caseybcrawford pretty much what the guy at the register said haha. I'm excited. I wish I would have gotten into some of these sooner. Didn't see any of the first couple in the back issue stock.
caseybcrawford : Just buy a trade. The single issue life is brutal.
clarkgriswold__ : Saga is one of my bfs favorites. @blaireatsbabies
blaireatsbabies : @caseybcrawford yeah, I plan on it with most of the series I've started. Gotta wait until I start getting better shifts at work. Definitely cheaper overall, and although having the singles are awesome, I hate not having multiple issues in one due to finishing so fast.
dan_situ : Y:TLM = so good
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So good. #Ythelastman #killinitPiaGuerra @acmecomics
ythelastman - killinitpiaguerra -
kateicrash : Yiiiiiis!!!!
nebrassking : I loved that series.
cazadora_delaluz : So far amazing! @nebrassking
psy_kaoru : This is such a great series!
cazadora_delaluz : I love it so much! @psy_kaoru
jpbrochill17 - nealcart - denadalton - infinitezest -
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