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30/05/2012 03:53:54
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theguiltyone : Now that's what I'm sayin'. I'll run those in the office, in court with clients and up in da club. Should consider a matte black, maybe a powder coat?
saintside : @theguiltyone haha you can if you like, but they are hand made in brass, full silver or gold plate, precious metals, and it would be a shame to ruin the finish, but email if you're serious my man, each item is hand made in Melbourne..
theguiltyone : Silver is dope of course and is what I would buy first, just trying to think of something else to make them next level! Carbon fibre? Haha. When I get a chance I'll pop into the shop.
saintside : @theguiltyone let me know before you pop in, they are made to order and take a month, the sample set is in gold and kept around my neck!
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