Happy Easter from @catalinagirl and myself πŸ’›πŸ’• #oldie #yourcoffeecups #bikinibaristas #happyeaster #goodolddays #lifewithlyssandlex
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iknowmyabgs : @everybodyloveslexee happy Easter πŸ˜‹
everybodyloveslexee : @louiedelallata I do have big Asian calves 😭
myfitbeauty : Happy Easter, Beautiful! 😘
everybodyloveslexee : @myfitbeauty πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’•
louiedelallata : 😍😍😍 don't start lol
irenemannmart : OMG one of my favorite photos of my adopted daughters. I love you both and wish you a Happy Easter. You guys need to come visit. nothing like South Florida in the month of April.
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#coffeecups#bbygirl#lizzie#dirtychai#freakmont#lovethisgirl#bikinibar πŸ‘Œβ˜•οΈπŸ‘™πŸŒˆ
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aye_alxdelgado : #yourcoffeecups #oldroomies πŸ‘―
jmorrison83 : I've never seen her at work lol. I've stopped by to get coffee there but she's never working when I go so I drive on
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Bikini baristas!!!!!! Come get your morning brewskis!!! #fremont #yourcoffeecups #ycc #bestofthebay #bayarea #cupokyle #cupojoe #morningbrewskis #coffee #bikini #baristas #yeaimreallydoingthis
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mishelly_21 : Thats awesome i want to work there!
dreday1122 : Say what???
mrs_elissestone : πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ‘Œ
isildursheir_b : Yea!!! Lol it's fun it's like the lil caffino drive thru shops but pink and I get to wear my bikini! Surprisingly Really good tips too! Lol @mrs_elissestone @dreday1122 @mishelly_21
mishelly_21 : That's awesome!
combatsushi : There's a bikini barista place on every other block up here in Washington, strategically placed next to the base, I'm sure.
isildursheir_b : @combatsushi lmao!!! Sounds about right
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Thanks to everyone that voted!!!! We won 2nd place best coffee shop in the Bay Area!!!! Stop by I'll be there Thursday am till 11am! #ycc #yourcoffeecups #bayarea #bestofthebay #coffee #cupajoe #cupakyle #dfwc #morningbrewskie #barista #babes #bikini #hustle
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Smart 'n Sassy
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yourcoffeecups_fremont : #yourcoffeecups #ycc
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Im wearing lots of makeup for my job as a bikini barista. I will come serve you if you stop by Your Coffee Cups located in Fremont, California 94539 ;) #coffee#tea#bakery #pastries#hot#sexy#girls #biknis#barista#blonde #YourCoffeeCups#Fremont#California
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joranmcnabb : Marry me 😘😍❀ @payton_xoxo_marie
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getting #coffee before class at #yourcoffeecups β˜•β˜• check out this dudes fake stretch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #bikinibaristas πŸ‘™
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tox_doggy_ : Hahahaha I been there with Jacob the Asian bitch the baddest
____.elia : she wasn't working @tox_meanz_it
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I may not actually be one, but I'm pretty sure I'd make a damn good cowgirl! #yourcoffeecups #werkit #cowgirl #gettinpaid
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Guys in line to see the chick in the bikini...shes actually pretty hot! LOL
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aimshatch : #coffeecups #fremont #bikini #chick #funny
aimshatch : #yourcoffeecups
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therealtuan : #AsianLove
spreadthelove28 : Haha @therealtuan oh yea me love suki long time @tiffsyharath
markmegamind : so hot :-D
muradmoriasy : Are they hiring lol @spreadthelove28
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Thanks for the support #doll #yourcoffeecups
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the_real_josh_miller : @everybodyloveslexee
the_real_josh_miller : @pinkdivah thank you. Would you like a few?
everybodyloveslexee : Haha how'd you find me? Thanks for the sticker πŸ‘πŸ‘
the_real_josh_miller : @everybodyloveslexee I hash tagged #yourcoffeecups and saw one of your pictures and thought to myself "holy shit. That's the pretty girl I JUST got my coffee from"
kimberparas : Damn she's fine. Hahahaah
the_real_josh_miller : @kimberparas you're up pretty early for a Saturday
kimberparas : @jadedfadedxrated I never sleep :(
the_real_josh_miller : @kimberparas awe don't feel bad. I don't either ;)
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Nothing like a beautiful asian in a bikini and a smoothie #yourcoffeecups #food
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glenallie : Wait are you in Fremont??
glenallie : That's like right by my house... Kinda
angelo_pisa : Yeah I am @glenallie
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