Soooo this is what's happening right now 😁 day 1 of my herbal cleansing detox tea.. And my organic super food salad. #healthy #organiceverything πŸ’š
healthy - organiceverything - yourcloset1 -
biancaaa4 : #yourcloset1
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Rest day! So I'm wearing my regular waist trainer and not my sports! 88days until my 25th still have lots of weight to kick! -hopefully vacation Las Vegas- Cali April -birthday May 30th -going to a wedding June -hopefully Vegas again in June . . . . #yourcloset1 #waisttraining #health #fitness #TagsForLikes #TFLers #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitspo - waisttraining - workout - instahealth - cleaneating - active - healthychoices - determination - diet - bodybuilding - lifestyle - strong - cardio - yourcloset1 - training - tflers - healthy - fitnessaddict - instagood - tagsforlikes - train - health - eatclean - fitness - gym - exercise - photooftheday -
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Its an every day thing #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
iamchinchilla7 : Nice! Umm were can i get one? N how much?! Id love to give it a try 😊 @jessramirez04
jessramirez04 : Go to their page @yourcloset1 and you can see the prices there for everything when you go to their link. This one was 65
jessramirez04 : @@iamchinchilla7
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Aver como me va con #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
saraaytorres0325 : Jaja ai me cuantas suerte morra
ycecblz : Jaja si mujer
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Everyone keeps asking where I got the waist trainer from follow the page @yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 I wore mine to the gym tonight not even close to perfect but I'll get there, never give up #yourcloset1 #gym #waisttraining #longtimecoming #loveyall #motivation #cruisebody #weddings #quinces #hello πŸ’¦πŸ‘ŸπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Έ
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ashthecreditgirl : Cute
envelope_registry : Nice pic!
shalissachellebellelove : Thanks 😊😊
cocorushofficial : Nice!
shalissachellebellelove : @cocorushofficial thanks 😘😘😘😘
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Herbal Detox Tea #doubledose #letsgetfit #perfectforthisweather #yourcloset1
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So i finally dicided to order a waist trainer, now time to wait for it to come in and see how it goes. #waisttrainer#yourcloset1
waisttrainer - yourcloset1 -
cierra__21 : I ordered from them ( lipo gel ) a month ago they took my money before the even shipped it and I never received it, I filed a complaint against them.
mayritaa145 : Damn really did you get your money back? @cierra__21
cierra__21 : Not one cent, And I really wanted to try it @mayritaa145
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My morning tea. Helps my sore throat and definately to loose weight. Cant wait to weigh myself but wont do it till i finish everything #herbaldetoxtea #yourcloset1
herbaldetoxtea - yourcloset1 -
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Who doesn't like giveaways!!! I know i do #Repost @1chela2010 ・・・ 🚨Giveaway⌚Detox Tea🚨 #1chela2010giveaway #detoxtea#yourcloset1#yourcloset1backup@yourcloset1backup@yourcloset1@yourcloset1
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#Repost @1chela2010 ・・・ 🚨Giveaway⌚Detox Tea🚨 πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ό πŸ”Ό#1chela2010giveawayπŸ”Ό #detoxtea#yourcloset1#yourcloset1backup@yourcloset1backup@yourcloset1@yourcloset1
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Who wants tea πŸ™‹πŸ΅πŸ‘ #teatime #detoxtea #yourcloset1
teatime - detoxtea - yourcloset1 -
yourcloset1 : 😻😻😻😻😻😻
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Waist train #waistclincher#yourcloset1
waistclincher - yourcloset1 -
veronika_1213 : Does It Really Work.??
veronika_1213 : And the lipo gel?
jessramirez04 : @ohhgeeflorr girl i know how you feel mine took like 2 weeks. @veronika_1213 it does, i see other girls results are faster but thats prob because they might be using their tea products or just other things plus the clincher it does work you just have to have it on for atleast 8-12 hours a day and eat right and exercise which ive been lacking actually but my skin my floppy skin is tightening with the help of me applying the lipo gel first then using the clincher
veronika_1213 : Okay. So how do I Order. I seen that some girls had problems with yourcloset1 just dont want the same thing to happen to me lol
jessramirez04 : Because its a small business you just gonna have to wait till whenever you get it. I was one of those,girls...constantly msging them to see when it was gonna get here but it,did eventually just go to @yourcloset1 and click on their link and just order 😊
jessramirez04 : @veronika_1213
veronika_1213 : What does the lipo gel do exactly.?? Okay thank you. 😊
jessramirez04 : It rightems and if you have stretch marks it helps reduce the appearance of them. Also helps your skin get really really smooth
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@yourcloset1 customers dem a di boss! She winningπŸ‘ˆ Customer using @yourcloset1 Herbal Shrink Tea, Vest and Instant Lipo Gel. #determined #willpower #achiever #bodyunderconstruction #proudsupporter #yourcloset1
achiever - determined - yourcloset1 - proudsupporter - bodyunderconstruction - willpower -
artistri_unveiled_by_shari : Hey babe it's regarding our products? If so are u located in Jamaica or USA, Canada etc? Knowing ur location will help me to provide you with the correct number @lieshabooo
lieshabooo : Muskogee Oklahoma @artistri_unveiled_by_shari I want to know more about the jump start package
artistri_unveiled_by_shari : Ok Hun amo put u on to @yourcloset1 directly they deal with all intl orders @lieshabooo the info is in the bio. I will also inform them of ur interest now. When you purchase n receive your package please keep us updated! 😁
lieshabooo : Okay I'll go too the bio thanks
artistri_unveiled_by_shari : @lieshabooo I sent in the enquiry... You may also text them on β€ͺ+1 (786) 624‑7405‬ ... Your welcome Hun
lieshabooo : Thanks so much
artistri_unveiled_by_shari : Np @lieshabooo 😊
stephoo819 : @victor8910 look bby
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Yeah baby! After 1 week i got it on #waisttraining #day1 #yourcloset1 #excited
day1 - excited - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
yourcloset1 : So determined boo I love it lets get those results
lisa_adrian_steph : Yes! Thank you @yourcloset1
juliapierce1 : How long did it take to come in?
lisa_adrian_steph : 11 days not including weekends
lisa_adrian_steph : @juliapierce1
juliapierce1 : Thank you.
lisa_adrian_steph : Welcome
1chela2010 - negrita_562 - _alisonsmommy25 - liinduhh23 -
Ahhhhh finally got it, can't wait for some results!!! Super excited #yourcloset1 @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
ashli_mama : I ordered the same! How long did it take for you to get yours?
sara_sweetzz : I ordered on the 5th and got it today.
yourcloset1 : How is it going love
sara_sweetzz : Great so far:) can't wait to see the results.
cierra__21 : I ordered lipo gel from them a month ago, they even took the money before it was even shipped, and i never got it . Filing a complaint soon.
sara_sweetzz : Have you tried txtin the number given out for questions?
yourcloset1 - 1chela2010 - isabelcortez_ -
This is one week only using the waist clincher. @yourcloset1 I would like to win the instant lipo gel to help my stubborn belly fat.
yourcloset1 -
lovee_drea1 : #yourcloset1
1chela2010 - yourcloset1 - ohhitsalicia - sara_lopez_123 -
Im back at it.. Like every single day #yourcloset1#waistclincher#waisttrain
waistclincher - waisttrain - yourcloset1 -
yamilaa_anto : Lol oh okay! How long did it take to get yours?
jessramirez04 : About 3 weeks ago
glicettd_0218 : How much is it
jessramirez04 : @glicettd_0218 $65
_edwardsmommy : @jessramirez04 Where do you order one?
waistwrapping : @jessramirez04 how are your results
jessramirez04 : @_edwardsmommy go to their page @yourcloset1
jessramirez04 : @missjanetxo i do see my waist smaller and the lipo gel is helping with my stretch marks:)
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#teatime #yourcloset1 #detox #tea #strawberry #batman #batmannails #tigerseye #relax
tigerseye - batmannails - relax - tea - strawberry - yourcloset1 - batman - teatime - detox -
madisongordondietplan : Beautiful!
lacrzyb34utiful : Thank you β™‘! @madisongordondietplan
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this is what I have been using for my weight loss I am very happy with the results go check them out @yourcloset1 I've been working out eating healthy drinking plenty of water and using my #LIPOGEL with you I am very happy #yourcloset1
lipogel - yourcloset1 -
yourcloset1 : Yayyyyyyyyy
yvettesegura14 - adry_y_ivan - ang_irene - _.juanyss_v_g_ -
#Day1 #yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 #waisttrainer #herbalshrinktea #lipogel & btw, the tea tastes surprisingly good even without honey.! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #gettingwaisted
lipogel - gettingwaisted - herbalshrinktea - waisttrainer - yourcloset1 - day1 -
arianamariexx : @mrz_arias2814 I ordered on 1/28.. It shipped on 2/11 and I got it 2/17
mrz_arias2814 : Oh ok thank u the reason why I ask is cuz I order mine on the 2/15 so just trying to see how long is gonna take to get mine.
arianamariexx : @mrz_arias2814 oh ok no Hun.. I'm sure it'll take a couple weeks.!
mrz_arias2814 : Oh ok thank u very much for answering my questions ur so nice.
arianamariexx : @mrz_arias2814 awh you're sweet no problem! Anytime 😘
arianamariexx : @arriane___
barbiesbitebk : Is it working
lovlee_fay : @arianamariexx hi how is it working want to order not sure.
jayred24_chosen - chelsea.himes - mrz_arias2814 - hruby_yoyo -
#gettingwaisted thanks @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1
gettingwaisted - yourcloset1 -
tinosmami : :)
_amazingangie : She'll add uu she's really nice @tinosmami
queen_mara26 : Join the club sister the summer is right around the coner lol 😁
_amazingangie : Yaaas girl you be knowing lol @queen_mara26
_jns30x3 : You have an amazing body why change it ? Man I wish I was a lil thicker lol but never happens , but your body is absolutely gorgeous , just saying my opinion ☺️😘
_amazingangie : Thank you love @_jns30x3 I do love my body don't get me wrong but I just use the waist trainer to tighten up my mid section and redefine my figure that I lost when I had a baby that's all 😊
_jns30x3 : Oh ok I see , well your body is gorgeous even after a baby 😊❀️
claribella_ : Get it!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘β˜οΈβœŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
queen_mara26 - nyasiarene - _jns30x3 -
Sooo excited.! My package finally got here! My journey starts now.! @yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1 #weightloss #summerscoming gotta lose the #babyweight #herbalshrinktea #lipogel #waisttrainer
lipogel - summerscoming - yourcloset1 - babyweight - herbalshrinktea - waisttrainer - weightloss -
cooper959 : I see that! I want to get some feedback before I order because the gel stuff and tea is what I was looking at next! @mamanpapa707
arianamariexx : @cooper959 do you have the waist trainer?
cooper959 : Yes I love it!
mama_bear707 : We all in hea waist training up in this. Got too much coming this year to be flabby but this baby weight is making it hard for me this time. After Cali I got tiny! Not so much the case this time lmao
arianamariexx : Lol yes ma'am !! @mamanpapa707 I'm gonna eat better too.. I went grocery shopping today and it's fruits, veggies & salads lol
arianamariexx : @yourcloset1 hey Hun, can I wear the latex vest to bed or is it best to use during the day?
yourcloset1 : @arianamariexx hey yes
cierra__21 : I'm filing a complaint against thoese people soon I ordered lipo gel a month ago. They took my money and I never received it. I even contacted them several times but I got no response.
xcusemypretti - funandfitmom - tyson.mabel - nancy_lbc -
NEW ITEM ALERT! @yourcloset1 Skin Repair In A Jar. What are you waiting for?! Order now and scrub away all that darn stubborn fat and dead skin! Combine with The Instant Lipo Gel and VWALA!!! #scrub #skinrepair #yourcloset1 #weightloss
skinrepair - scrub - yourcloset1 - weightloss -
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Cause i just did me a 40 min workout πŸ’ͺ #alittleprogressisbetterthannoprogress#yourcloset1
yourcloset1 - alittleprogressisbetterthannoprogress -
jerandin : Hey girl where do you get those
jerandin : @jessramirez04
jessramirez04 : @jerandin at @yourcloset1
azaliajezabel - _tylerleslie - rlopez_riseup11 - chinamelly -
Seriously wish I was better at doing make up but I will get there. Today this look will doπŸ’βœŒ Also please watch my new video up on my YouTube channel with my @yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 little update and show some love the link is in my bio, I need some ideas about more videos to post also so DM me ideas #weightloss #weightlossjourney #followmyjourney #beatfaced #beatthatface #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #mixedgirls #thickbrows #youtube #yourcloset1
followmyjourney - beatthatface - youtube - thickbrows - mixedgirls - weightloss - weightlossjourney - yourcloset1 - beatfaced - girlswhosquat - girlswholift -
gymratfitness187 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ’―
martinezz512 : Ya such a beauty!
__allaboutlex : Thank you from one beauty to another 😍😘 @luna5122
sayyquiin : KIM KARDASHIAN LookingπŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Asssss!!πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
__allaboutlex : Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchh not even βœ‹ but thanks lovah can't wait to see you 😘 @sayyquiin
lyssamonique11392 : I love your eyebrows here:-)
yourcloset1 - _______wavy - isipslow - lyssamonique11392 -
A late transformation Tuesday for you guys. The left is the first week I started going to the gym while using @yourcloset1 products (waist clinchers, detox tea & lipo gel) and the right is 5 weeks later without my waist clincher on because I now need a smaller size πŸ™Œ you can totally tell my waist is slimmer, and my butt is lifted and more round (thanks to squats and glute workouts) I'm so excited to see further results when I'm 10 weeks in and order more products. πŸ’ͺ I wish wish wish I can win the v day giveaway @yourcloset1 is holding because I have worked my ass off to be 21lbs down in 6 weeks (from 189 to 168) and down a pants size, plus I really need more products. Forget the cash just give me $500 worth of your magic 😍 anyways either way hard work pays off, I will remind you all I did just have my twins almost 3 months ago. #weightlossjourney #weightloss #followmyjourney #fitness #fitnesstransformation #transformationtuesday #transformation #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #fitmoms #waisttransformation #waisttraining #yourcloset1
followmyjourney - transformationtuesday - fitmoms - waisttraining - weightloss - weightlossjourney - yourcloset1 - fitnesstransformation - fitness - girlswhosquat - girlswholift - transformation - waisttransformation -
fightingfatmakingmuscle : Wow!
perseveranttony : Work.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
sayyquiin : AYYYYE WHOAAA NAHHHH... Im trying to catch up boo boo 😣😍
love_jayden14 : Hey how do you order closet 1 u look great by the way (:
__allaboutlex : Thank you so much and go to @yourcloset1 the link is in her bio to order, it take a 2 days to process the order then additional 7-10 business days. Also I highly recommend getting her detox tea it's the bestπŸ™Œ
1chela2010 - _maritzapardo - celesteesposito - sylvie_j02 -
The moment your body goes into shock πŸ˜±πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ”«πŸš”πŸ’€ can't wait for my other bottle of @yourcloset1 #instantlipogel to arrive. Waiting like πŸ‘Ή #myaddiction #lipogel #yourcloset1
instantlipogel - myaddiction - yourcloset1 - lipogel -
yourcloset1 : Lol
yourcloset1 : I have to repost this lata
bitemi2 : I can't wait to get mi stuff on Tuesday.....mi n it ah turn best friend!! I already work 2 hrs a day +dis, sweeeeet
bitemi2 : Gel, soap, tea, vest
bitemi2 : U look like ur doing an amazing job, keep it up. I believe dat anytime ur using help u also have 2 work hard for best results..
artistri_unveiled_by_shari : Thanx @bitemi2 Mek sure u send @yourcloset1 n I pics 😁
bootsy_ja - lolz_and_haha - toofiee_52313 - _fnicole_ -
Night night ready 😌 #waisttrainallday#yourcloset1
waisttrainallday - yourcloset1 -
yourcloset1 - codyswanger - ochoaaalupe_ - _badbish_erday -
It's been over a year since I stumbled across @yourcloset1. And I can honestly say idk were I would be with out her! Her products have helped tone and repair my stomach beyond what I thought was possible! I have so many ppl tell me not to waist train or us the lipo gel, but the prof is in the pudding! Looking back at were my tummy use to be from then and now is night and day! I still struggle with keeping my self in check but I have come so far! @yourcloset1 has pushed me to be better! With eating as clean as I can, working out, lip gel and waist training Iv been able to move mountains! I'm still 35 lbs from my goal weight but I will get their in time! When I fall I will get up and push 10 times harder! I am my own motivation! Thank you @yourcloset1 for helping me make changes in my life❀️ #yourcloset1 #waisttraining
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitspo - waisttraining - workout - getfit - instahealth - cleaneating - healthychoices - determination - diet - bodybuilding - lifestyle - strong - cardio - training - tflers - fit - healthy - fitnessaddict - instagood - tagsforlikes - train - health - yourcloset1 - fitness - photooftheday - exercise - eatclean -
calibornbree : #health #fitness #fit #TagsForLikes #TFLers #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
officially_mrsreed : I need this! Now that I see the results!! That's awesome
inkdupmamaa : @calibornbree I messaged you on Fb about your waist trainer
calibornbree : @inkdupmamaa hey girl I'll message you back today
calibornbree : @officially_mrsreed girl you put in time and dedication it's way worth it!
shawtiebangbang : oh wow I never seen anyone post their stomach mine looks exactly like that from lose skin from my baby now I'm really getting it! thanks girl you look good!
schreder_egypt - runatattoos - allocco591 -
waisttrain - yourcloset1 -
chinamelly - kxoxxo_ - ellakausar - vannesa_1127 -
This is before ,meaning my first day of,wearing the waist,clincher only and then got my lipo gel 4 days later and the after picture in day 7 :) slowly but surely, any progress is better than no progress πŸ˜€#yourcloset1#waisttrain#beforeandafterresults
beforeandafterresults - waisttrain - yourcloset1 -
_lesliexoxo_ : One more question lol did you get the 65 dollar long waist clincher
jessramirez04 : @_lesliexoxo_ yess that one
la_gueraaa94 : Hey I have question about the lipo gel ? :)
jessramirez04 : @la_gueraaa94 yea
la_gueraaa94 : When you apply it does it have like a burning feeling ? and does your skin turn all red ?
jessramirez04 : At first for me it was kinda burning me but on my stomach it didnt get red but on my legs it did and thats normal
la_gueraaa94 : Okay because I kinda got scared when I saw all the redness lol thank you ! 😊
jessramirez04 : @la_gueraaa94 lol dont be
939.miles - kxoxxo_ - chinamelly - vanilla923 -
Day 8! I will never look the same before I had my sweet baby Angel, I will look better! #waisttrain#yourcloset1#lipogel#miracleworker
lipogel - waisttrain - yourcloset1 - miracleworker -
azaliajezabel : I want one 😍
jessramirez04 : @azaliajezabel get it hun i see you have a really nice body already,but if you have a little extra skin you don't want to have this will definitely help!
azaliajezabel : Thanks😊I'm going to get it for my birthday hopefully.. It looks sooo good on you it gives you a very nice shape⏳
jessramirez04 : @azaliajezabel yay !and thank you, but i cant wait to look as good with it on when i have it off :)
pati_98925 - emvr_ - jerandin - michelles_hell -
Day 7 of waist training:) happy camper at the moment, gonna go walk with my little bit and doggie 😊 #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
jessramirez04 : You should get your bra size,thats what i did @zhiens_world : So get a 34 not a medium
jessramirez04 : @zhiens_world yeah i think so, or just measure yourself up to your belly and that would be the perfect size : Okay!! Thank you
jessramirez04 : @zhiens_world of course πŸ˜€
veronika_1213 : @yourcloset1 can you please accept my request @yourcloset1
veronika_1213 : Does The Lipo Gel Really Work.?? Because I'm About To Order And Don't Want To Get It If It Don't Work.? @jessramirez04
jessramirez04 : Yes it does!
yourcloset1 - azaliajezabel - kitaromero - kxoxxo_ -
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