All day every day! One thing that pisses me off is people that tell me that I am getting paid to advertise for these products. I would not be waisting my money on things that don't work nor would I lie to my followers or people who ask me about it, this shit really works! Now go to @yourcloset1 and get your own!! #waisttraining #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
not_the_art_account - itsqueenlaay - austin_wu_tw - this.june -
Back to it! #waisttrainer #waisttraining Hubby back in Cycle! Got three months to look ten times better!! #yourcloset1 #igotthis #mommyof4
yourcloset1 - waisttrainer - mommyof4 - igotthis - waisttraining -
gloriaramirez86 - angelajockett - coolshed - diliaaa_ -
so excited that I got these in the mail today 😍 #jumpstartcombo #latexvest #detoxtea #lipogel #yourcloset1
detoxtea - latexvest - jumpstartcombo - yourcloset1 - lipogel -
falisity_nicole - showgirlslimteatox - showgirlslimtea - showgirlslim -
Not a night without my #yourcloset1 instant lipo gel this gel is like magic 😍 if you know me , then you know I love this gel Got it from @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
barbieneydamien : @leyva_c25
_lupita_31 : @nini.smalls how long did you have to use the waist clincher and the lip gel to achieve a flat tummy?
14.11.03 : @silvanareyes21 it's worldwide. They'll ship it to you
kquienz : @jinjimoniquee look at her page
jessica8108 : @allieweeezar
pri_salas2013 : Did you get your butt done? @nini.smalls
allipally42 : How look did it take @nini.smalls
_yessi_gonzaless : @nini.smalls eny promo codes ??
jose.gaeta87 - 86scar - jesus_g597 - living_my_dream13 -
Bak at it again...😊 off for a couple of weeks but im bak and smaller size soo excited #waisttraining #yourcloset1 @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
cph202006 : How far apart are those pics of your tummy? Did you do something else with the wait training? @santoyo90 i need gelp with my lower tummy so bad!! : @santoyo90 i take gel when i got red and i get me itching that reaction is normal
l0vethyprincess : do you use the lipo gel on your neck? does it work?
santoyo90 : @lovethyprincess yes it's normal and yes it does work on neck
wonder_x_woman - isaiahs_jaydensmommy - heidy__90 - falisity_nicole -
Manten tu cuerpo en forma usando #yourcloset1 Instant Lipo Gel ➑ @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
andrechu1917 : Hermosa!!!! Saludame en el video
enana_om_ : Booniita
wanderlei_oficial : Guapaaaaa mira tu diret plis @sheilaortiiz
lucia_om_jdom_ : Guapaa
desyreecordova_12 : Binjcaaa
thaynara_gentile : Guapa
desyreecordova_12 : Siguemee
briiiiiiiiiiiisaaa - alexandra_mb_ - quieroseryoutuber - -
#love #tagsforlikes #beautiful #TFLers #photooftheday #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag
beautiful - love - picoftheday - colorful - food - instalike - swag - instago - follow4follow - follow - instadaily - girl - style - webstagram - tflers - look - instafollow - iphoneonly - all_shots - instagood - tagsforlikes - amazing - instacool - bestoftheday - yourcloset1 - smile - like4like - followme - photooftheday -
jamie_2013bs : #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 : Looking great
jamie_2013bs : Thanks
mandarinredbubble - jamie_2013bs - yourcloset1 -
Definitely not the ideal body type media has poisoned our minds to think of, but I'm still so close to my goal!! I still have a "mommy pouch" and always will have a little flab until I get a tummy tuck from my csection but I'm feeling more and more confident about it. I fell off the past 2 months but getting back into my fitness lifestyle and I can say I def missed it! Summer bodies are created during the winter so let's get it!! I just need to lose 25 more pounds and I'll be happy 😊 @yourcloset1 herbal shrink tea is def getting me there!!! #yourcloset1 #fitfam #fitness #weightlossjourney #fitmoms #mommypouch #csectionmom
weightlossjourney - fitfam - csectionmom - fitness - fitmoms - mommypouch - yourcloset1 -
ohhheymelo : Keep pushin babe πŸ’˜
lilmrzsassypants : You look great!!!
embryjak_ : Hi ! We are searching some people who would like to try our wear, supplements, apps and help us to expand our brand ripebeast and get unique discount after deal, pls message me back in DM.
honzaabraham : Fantastic pics @__allaboutlex, if you are interested send me message, Ill give you a unique discount for ripebeast, if not Im sorry about comment. Many thanks
caroli_jureckova : Profile is awesome. We can give you a big % benefit for Ripebeast, if you are interested!. Please send me DM!
llyssamonique : Whooo girlll. I ate healthy because of you today lol. Go me! You look great lex πŸ‘
mrassadnikova - bellcheyanne - baingerardo - floodkara -
I wanna give a huge thanks to @yourcloset1 products for helping me along the way in my journey. Used to be so depressed about the way my body looked and was really self-conscious. After 4 months I couldn't be more happier with my results!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ #waisttraining #lipogel #detoxtea #yourcloset1 #lovingit
lipogel - lovingit - detoxtea - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
yourcloset1 : You look so good thank you sooooooo much for trusting us with helping you on your fitness journey you look great 😍
falisity_nicole : Was this from one bottle? Or more?
lovelyavixoxo : @falisity_nicole I only used one bottle
lovelyavixoxo : @falisity_nicole I also used the detox tea along with the lipo gel and the waist trainer
falisity_nicole : Thank you you look amazinggf!!!😍😍
falisity_nicole - jylnga - adore.yasmeen - ox_leelee -
#waisttraining #iseeresults #yourcloset1 #almost1month #ilovemysresults #bigdifference #stillgoingatit #waisttraininglife
bigdifference - waisttraininglife - iseeresults - waisttraining - yourcloset1 - ilovemysresults - stillgoingatit - almost1month -
siam_fitness : Great stuff!
alyssa_mv_ - its_brandon_bruuhhh - kingk_510 - elijah_aguilar -
Waist training at work πŸŽ€πŸ’–πŸ’πŸΌ #yourcloset1 #waisttraining
yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
showgirlslimtea - hulk_smash22 - _stephany.__ - nicolee_xo -
#yourcloset1 this is unsatisfactory business to have a product that is great with terrible customer service. I was happy to buy and use your product as well as tell others about it. I even got people to purchase your product. Only your company sent them the wrong item and she and I both have tried to contact you all via email, phone and Instagram to resolve this matter! You all have charged her the funds and inconvenienced her weight loss productivity due to wrong delivery and failure to address this issue in a timely matter. I would like to know that I have purchased from a great company if you are about your customers satisfaction and ultimate success then please take action and resolve this issue immediately. Her name is Maricela Gonzalez on facebook and the order #1NX67376HJ341881K in pics the start date of the products issue. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
1nx67376hj341881k - yourcloset1 -
1nx67376hj341881k - yourcloset1 -
ladyfair : #yourcloset1 this is unsatisfactory business to have a product that is great with terrible customer service. I was happy to buy and use your product as well as tell others about it. I even got people to purchase your product. Only your company sent them the wrong item and she and I both have tried to contact you all via email, phone and Instagram to resolve this matter! You all have charged her the funds and inconvenienced her weight loss productivity due to wrong delivery and failure to address this issue in a timely matter. I would like to know that I have purchased from a great company if you are about your customers satisfaction and ultimate success then please take action and resolve this issue immediately. Her name is Maricela Gonzalez on facebook and the order #1NX67376HJ341881K is seen in pics as well as the start date of the products issue. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
busybodymom -
#Waisttrainer #yourcloset1 #lipogel
lipogel - waisttrainer - yourcloset1 -
lilducetripp2 : Wats yo number I need to talk to u
5dat_boy_mike3 - stephen_esquivel97 - pearrllll0417 - queen.naynay15 -
Day 2 of using my lipo gel & waist trainer from @yourcloset1 πŸ™πŸΌ I'm excited to see results in 30 days. I've heard so many great things about this & so many friends have told me their success stories. πŸ’• #yourcloset1 #waisttrainer
waisttrainer - yourcloset1 -
_aliciamichelle_ : Those shoes tho😍
solangeenicolee : @_aliciamichelle_ they are from @amiclubwear
yourcloset1 : Sexxxxyyyy 😍😍😍😍😍
solangeenicolee : Thank you @yourcloset1 ❀️❀️❀️
jordonchu : I've wanted to do this!
solangeenicolee : @jordonchu YAS DO IT
elita_hair : Yaaas weeerk
steph_babex3 - celebrities.wardrobe - aleena.m1 -
Waist training 😈 #yourcloset1 #trainingmywaistlol
yourcloset1 - trainingmywaistlol -
carmelitaaxo : @madlioooon__ yes girl you should ! Free hair services lol 😍
pavyrivera : What do u think of the waist training
carmelitaaxo : @pavyrivera i love it !! I really like the fat burning cream that they sell too i definitely saw a difference with in days !!
pavyrivera : Omg give me 411
carmelitaaxo : @pavyrivera i got my waist trainer and the cream on @yourcloset1 😊 add them or look em up on YouTube. There's a lot of crazy transformation with their products !
pavyrivera : Are they expensive?
carmelitaaxo : @pavyrivera the trainers are $55-$65 & the cream is $55
pushers.mindset : 😍
heavybones - foreverjennabelle - existenciacelestial - photomagicology -
Guess who's hoping on the waist training & lipo gel train? So excited to start slimming my waist with @yourcloset1 ❀️ I already used their booty overnight cream and I'm obsessed. I will be updating my progress and doing some YouTube updates, before & after pictures and more. Leave any requests for me below! πŸ™ƒ P.S. more πŸ‘ cream videos/posts coming with updates as well. #yourcloset1 #waisttraining #bootybuilding
bootybuilding - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
tall_white_guy : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
e_steeephaaanie : When will you post the booty cream video ?
solangeenicolee : @e_steeephaaanie it's been up :)
falisity_nicole : What waist trainer from them is this?😊
eschwavey93 - alejandro.j._12 - dfhhg.frh -
It's arrived i'm so excited to try booty over night cream which expands your butt bigger with natural ingredients your put it on two times per day and so excited to try it out! #bootyovernight #bootybuilding #brazilbuttlift #yourcloset1
bootybuilding - bootyovernight - brazilbuttlift - yourcloset1 -
shriya.thapa : Lol
chantellefashion : @shriya.thapa gonna look like Kim k next time you see me
shriya.thapa : @chantellefashion ha ha looking forward to that
yourwrstnitmre : @iwokeuplikdis1458 get it girl
kellyflorentina : Hi! this really work? it must be applied on the buttocks with something or nothing ? and how many times a day?
kellyflorentina - sarahilaughing1 - shriya.thapa - matchabowl -
#mymonday #work #yourcloset1 let's try to pull 8hrs of this :)
work - yourcloset1 - mymonday -
j.nat_lopez : Amiga I need one were u get it at ?
sylviaavalos_03 : @j.nat_lopez it's yourcloset1
andy_a_king - pinaystyle69 - rigo_g1503 - valeriiaa_26 -
Love my Lipo Gel!! #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
sakshi9984 - busybodymom -
One happy customer @yourcloset1 ! #cleaneating #cleansing #cleansingtea #detoxtea #detoxyobody #yourcloset1 #happyuser #fitness #aboutthatlife #fitness #fitlifestyle #healthychoices #healthy #smartchoice #smallwaist #loveit #greatproducts #greatbody
cleansingtea - loveit - cleaneating - greatproducts - healthychoices - smallwaist - aboutthatlife - fitlifestyle - detoxtea - healthy - smartchoice - cleansing - happyuser - yourcloset1 - fitness - detoxyobody - greatbody -
yourcloset1 : Awesome 😍😍😍😍😍
yourcloset1 : Please keep me posted
cutea_life - teathos - fit_n_happy_coachktb - nicholashenstridge -
Work out the right way with @yourcloset1 products and school those bitches who ever called you fat! #workhard #yourcloset1 #waisttraining #workout #health #lipogel #nike
lipogel - workhard - yourcloset1 - nike - health - workout - waisttraining -
fitness.4.her - x_an_r - running_life_inspiration - jojodarling2 -
Inloooove with my @yourcloset1 results. Cant wait to start off on the booty!!!! Can my package get here already! #yourcloset1 #lipogel #waisttraining
lipogel - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
mamaloca1028 : @1904.k.o.619 what are u using the gel ....?
inked.queen.b : @mamaloca1028 yes. If u go on their page or website u can see which gel.
mamaloca1028 : @1904.k.o.619 does it work tho .? How do u use ? I've heard about that product before that's why I'm so curious
inked.queen.b : @mamaloca1028 hell yea it works. Been using it for a year now. I
mamaloca1028 : @1904.k.o.619 how do u use tho how many times do I put on u have eat only does that mean you have to be on a diet and it only certain things
rosesmodels : Those wings are so fresh.
mamaloca1028 - jorg383 - sillie_moose_ - alpha_omega321 -
Waist training πŸ’πŸΌ @yourcloset1 thank you so much #waisttraining #yourcloset1 #thankyou #backatit #youngmommy #mommylife #proudmommy #gettingmybodyback #gettingsexy #lol #lipogel #live #laugh #love #like #ig #happy #feelgood #lookgood #taken #takenby2
lipogel - love - waisttraining - backatit - gettingmybodyback - thankyou - laugh - youngmommy - ig - happy - mommylife - like - takenby2 - lol - live - yourcloset1 - gettingsexy - taken - feelgood - lookgood - proudmommy -
aam_lopez : Does it work good?
myangelbaby_o821 : @aam_lopez yes ! I love it I had it before and I would wear it all day work out in it and I was losing widget and inches I just bought a smaller size it's just hard to wear in the start Bc it's tight you sit up hella straight but I love it I got the lips gel with it . I put that on first then my waist trainer .
aam_lopez : I've been wanting to try it but I'm like I'm not sure if it really works. But now I know someone reality uses it & it works lol thanks cousin I'm gonna try it now
myangelbaby_o821 : @aam_lopez you have to wear it everyday for atleast 8 hours a day it's uncomfortable at first but you get used to it drink water and I smuse the lipo gel it burns but they say that's what make it work more I bought it from @yourcloset1
aam_lopez : Omggg! Ugh I have to do it tho I'm not gaining its just my stomachs getting more bloaded I'm so gonna try it & with the lipo gel right?
myangelbaby_o821 : @aam_lopez yeah; that's like today is my second day with the new size and I'm like faqkkkk hahah I wana take it off but I want my stomach back
wonder_x_woman - yourcloset1 - chelsie.ensor - teresa_elenaa -
#morning #detoxshrinktea #yourcloset1
detoxshrinktea - yourcloset1 - morning -
ivanna330 : Does it work?!
sylviaavalos_03 : Yes girl it work magic lol @ivanna330
rigo_g1503 : @sylviaavalos_03 te va agarar una cajason!! lol πŸ’©πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
sylviaavalos_03 : Lmaoo @rigo_g1503
gomezchristy : Where you get I t
sylviaavalos_03 : It's at @yourcloset1 @gomezchristy
andy_a_king - thealfybeltran - avalos_alex - dahlia_gatibella -
Don't forget your squats today πŸ‘ #fitfam #fitmoms #fitness #squats #bootybuilding #waisttraining #yourcloset1
bootybuilding - fitness - fitfam - fitmoms - squats - waisttraining - yourcloset1 -
ohhheymelo : Get it bitchhhhhhhhh 😎πŸ’ͺ
thegirlonfire444 : This doesn't look good for your knee
__allaboutlex : How? It's a squat kick @thegirlonfire444
mgmvss : After your work out is there anything specific you take? Dammmn girl I can totally see the progress on your legs πŸ‘πŸΌ@__allaboutlex
__allaboutlex : I used to drink a protein shake afterwards I need to get back into that routine and eating healthier again. Working out consistently means nothing with a bad diet πŸ˜“ @mgmvss
joshua_vdvm : Put in work πŸ’―
ohhheymelo - zziyadinova - chernigovd - alexandriablevins -
#waisttraining #waisttrainer #smallwaist #smallsize #lipogel #yourcloset1 #detoxtea #6 months @yourcloset1
lipogel - detoxtea - waisttraining - waisttrainer - smallsize - yourcloset1 - 6 - smallwaist -
teatoxshowgirlslim - str80rganic187 - angel_babyy18 - sandratapia21 -
Slay πŸ”ͺ LASHES: @lillylashes in the style "Monaco" by @lillyghalichi #lillylashes #lillyghalichi #ghalichiglam HIGHLIGHT: @gerardcosmetics in "Marilyn" #gerardcosmetics #whiteninglightening #leaveyourmark #strobe LIPS: @gerardcosmetics in "Cherry Cordial" (Use code crown25 for 25% off) BOOBIES: @yourcloset1 booty overnight cream applied on the boobs 😏 #iloveboobies #yourcloset1
leaveyourmark - whiteninglightening - ghalichiglam - iloveboobies - strobe - gerardcosmetics - lillyghalichi - lillylashes - yourcloset1 -
paicar : I absolutely love the concealer and touch foundation. It's honestly the lightest feeling foundation I have ever had. I'm so sorry about the mascara! I thought it was hypo-allergenic! Sometimes the fibers do aggravate mine as well tho! @solangeenicolee
solangeenicolee : @paicar haha hopefully in the near future I'll be able to get some new products! Xo
paicar : Totally. Are you a presenter? Cause even if you can't personally use the mascara you have a great network that I'm sure could make you some πŸ’²πŸ’² @solangeenicolee
solangeenicolee : @paicar I'm not interested in being one at this time. I've done many reviews for presenters but if I ever sell makeup it will be something I create myself.
paicar : Well, alright! I can totally understand that! @solangeenicolee
hyimjen : πŸ˜€πŸ’œπŸ’œ
solangeenicolee : @hyimjen have fun in NY!!! ❀️snap a lot!
neseanmusic : I'm in love
mathewsteve222 - siregar1122 - kaylemartinez217 - mangoliandil -
So excited! !! @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
obnoxious_421 - levres.rouges - roxy_pereira03 - ____yazmin____ -
Operation "Get it right, Get it tight" is in full effect! This thing does wonders for my posture when I work out in it! #fitness #getmysexyback #armydiva #yourcloset1 #waisttrainer #workout #clichepic #fitmoms
workout - waisttrainer - clichepic - yourcloset1 - fitmoms - fitness - armydiva - getmysexyback -
__xtraordinary : Getting thick! 😍
taya1225 : YES! Somebody noticed!! πŸ˜πŸ˜† LOL @__xtraordinary Been tryna be thick all my life, shawty πŸ˜‚
kiwhee : Yasss. What you been eating ?
classyk26 - _b0ssy_pantz - zx_vitalfittea - truprgyrl -
Losing weight after Csection is possible!! My stomach was cut twice due to my twins, I probably will never have a "toned" or "abs" however BUT I would much rather be 150lbs VS 190lbs any day!! I'm just shy of 11months Post partum and still have a long way to go. And of course @yourcloset1 Products helped me get here when I started using them 9 months ago, and a lot of hard work on my end. Ultimate goal weight is 125lbs but I'm slowly learning to love myself where I'm at. Push yourselves ladies and never settle!!! #yourcloset1 #waisttraining #weightlossjourney #transformationtuesday #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #goals #fitfam #fitmoms
transformationtuesday - fitfam - weightlosstransformation - waisttraining - weightlossmotivation - weightlossjourney - yourcloset1 - fitmoms - goals -
muamercedese : You look so good girl !!
ohhheymelo : No you will lose it, you CAN lose it just keep working dolly
_melodymarron_ : Yassss honey!!! #slay #inspiration #goals
yunguocao : I kind of suffer the same since I was so tiny pre pregnancy! But keep your pride! It's the inner beauty that counts! :D
nailsbybyanka : Omgggggg pense que era la unika en tener mi tummy asi despues de mi C-sectionπŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ’” yo tengo mi hija de 5 años y Asta el dia De hoy mi pansa no se me kita bajos de peso pero mi pansa sigue igual y me siento tan fatal de que mi pansa se me vea asi yo asi insanity work out y via a bajado pero mi pansa seguia igual! Pero aver tu historia y que tienes el Valor de enseñar tu transformacion meda motivos para seguir
ruizaliza - lawsonmerritt - abrandnewzoe -
12 hrs with my waist trainer.. Once I take it off, it feels weird with out it.!! #sizesmall #waisttrainer #lipogel #yourcloset1 #doitfortheholyshityougothot
yourcloset1 - lipogel - doitfortheholyshityougothot - waisttrainer - sizesmall -
brie1024 : I'm thinking of buying it sometime after the 17. What do you recommend?
_cherrycorona : Check IG @yourcloset1
_cherrycorona : That's where I get all my stuff
brie1024 : I'm still waiting on them to accept my request. But what do you recommend? Cause there different ones?
_cherrycorona : Long corset waist trainer n the lipo gel, also take their detox tea
brie1024 : Ok, Thanks love.
yourcloset1 : That waist 😍😍😍😍😍😍
lucia_hunns : Hey what waist trainer did u get I'm sorry I'm just curious?? I only see the long latex clincher
str80rganic187 - sdlightsout - wynnaganda - blainethestylist -
#morning #tea #yourcloset1
tea - yourcloset1 - morning -
valeriiaa_26 - rigo_g1503 - deejaybee_ - mdcm_2991 -
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