Okay okay. 3 week difference. I've honestly not been "sweating at the gym" but what I've been doing is eating healthier & doing little jogs w. My son. I'm not where I want to be but I will get there ✌️#yourcloset1 #fitness #3weeks #sisepuede #health #imbringingsexyback @yourcloset1
watup - health - yourcloset1 - sisepuede - fitness - imbringingsexyback - fitmommy - 3weeks - 14lbsdown -
solelacedup_ : #14lbsdown #watup #fitmommy
jennileerae : Good job!
katmac_22 : Keep it up mama!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
murderousmae : Yes neek you're almost there
modernmariah : Only 3 weeks!! That's amazing progress girl!
morphine_cupcake : The gel did it burn or anything. I want to get it but scared
solelacedup_ : @morphine_cupcake no need to be scared. When it comes to losing weight, you have to take risk. It's been the best help for me!!! It doesn't burn, it does a hot sensation but it's normal... You should ask @yourcloset1 for more info, she won't lie to you !
morphine_cupcake : I will thank you:) @solelacedup_
theeegoldenchild - tiinalovee13 - s_txx - via_vangela -
My weekend just started off great!!! Woke up as a winner for a new cincher!!! So freaking excited !!! Thank you @yourcloset1 for the recognition & always motivating me to keep going! FOLLOW FOLLOW @yourcloset1 ! #yourcloset1 #winnerwinnerchickendinner #yaaaaas
winnerwinnerchickendinner - yourcloset1 - yaaaaas -
__jiegeee - yanet_ym - eileen_jdb - theeegoldenchild -
Day 3 of @brennaalex OCTOBER plan and my legs are jello and I can't left my arms lol!! Today is back and abs day! πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ waste training threw @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1 #TeamBrennaAlex #definingMYbeautiful
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitspo - getfit - workout - fitness - instahealth - cleaneating - active - healthychoices - determination - diet - bodybuilding - strong - definingmybeautiful - training - lifestyle - fit - healthy - cardio - fitnessaddict - tagsforlikes - train - health - yourcloset1 - teambrennaalex - gym - exercise - eatclean -
inkedfitcaligirl : #health #fitness #fit #TagsForLikes #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
yourcloset1 : Oh yesssssss
ivan_scannell : Nice!
agymthing : Awesome picture! Stay fit my friend πŸ’ͺ Hey think you could throw a follow my way? I do supplement giveaways too!
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Day 2 @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
shareecenicole : #yourcloset1
mz_succezzful -
It is finally here!! My @yourcloset1 review! Please everyone go and check it out, like and subscribe to keep up to date with my progress!! #yourcloset1 #waisttraining #waist #training #waisted
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yourcloset1 : OMG OMG OMG I love 😘 it
torresdelilah : Hey criss can you call me cause im intersected in the your closet vest @ 254-598-8125. By the way im on my daughter website and the picture you see that's me and hopefully to hear from you
crissscortezzofficial : @torresdelilah hey, I recommend getting into contact with @yourcloset1 directly for info
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Want to lose inches instantly!! Follow @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
cirisr : I've been eyeing one recently. What's it going for?
nani31804 : @cirisr $65 for latex shaper.
cirisr : Thanks
nani31804 : Shes having a contest.. check it out @cirisr
cirisr : K
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Waist training in style lol gotta get sexy n lose this panza b4 next summer... starting early :p @yourcloset1 #leopardpink #gettingwaisted #slim #workitworkit #yourcloset1
leopardpink - slim - workitworkit - gettingwaisted - yourcloset1 -
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Today was my 7th day of using my @yourcloset1 clinchers and their lipo gel and these are my results! And just after 1 week, my stomach has flattened and my side fat has almost completely gone! These products are not "just a scam" the shit works! And it works hard! I'll post a 30 day results pic but come on, don't be lazy and hurry up and get waisted!! #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
_izzygulli_ : Woooooo !!! Good job πŸ‘πŸ‘
jacqueline_alexis : #yaassss πŸ™†πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
yourcloset1 : OMG you look great my love I always said those who go hard see results quicker and you go hard baby
crissscortezzofficial : @yourcloset1 thank you boo :)
alexiagl : really going themπŸ‘
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All the redness you see is the effect of the instant lipo gel by @yourcloset1 working! If you have used this product or are thinking of using the product, this is normal! All the redness you see is the gel stimulating micro circulation and lipolysis so don't be alarmed when this happens. The redness reduces within 15 to 20 minutes. #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
yourcloset1 : Well said boo let's get those results ;))
bikinipap : *Fingers crossed* xx
jacqueline_alexis - marthabrgr - rashonnamoore - zaire907 -
Pre-workout selfie! Wondering why my arms look red? It's the lipo gel from @yourcloset1 working. Check the page out if interested ♥ #selfie#day6#workitout100 #fitwarriors #lipogel##yourcloset1 #workout#exercise#PiYo#photooftheday #beachbody#fitness#tone#lift#fitjourney#burnit#justdoit#fitspo#fitlife#fitmom#fitnessgeek#dontgiveup#determination#fitfam #fatloss#transform #vssportsbra
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daisy__bella : #sweat#hotmess#natural
yourcloset1 : Soooo pretty ;-) let's get that workout on boo
daisy__bella : Thanks @yourcloset1 it was a great workout : PiYo, 30 min dancing, 4 rounds of Tabata oblique twists, and 100 jumping jacks. Love feeling the lipo gel working :-)
yourcloset1 : @daisy__bella I'm so happy to hear that boo
swagg_tism : ✨❀️❀️✨
daw6052 : @daisy__bella Great job on getting fit. I'm On a fitness journey too. My goal is to do a 5k in Nov and under 200 lb by Christmas Eve (my birthday)
daisy__bella : Thanks @daw6052 its hard work but worth it
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by @jaclynelizabeth33 "You know me! I share all of my fitness/weightloss thangs... I don't keep them a secret like some of you do! Lol ~ can't we all feel and look our best together?! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ~ so follow @hourglass_diva @hourglass_yoli for your workout & day wear corsets! Trust me they work - from a size 32 to a 24 and I'm almost ready for my second hook πŸ™Œ - the plus is they take walk ins, have several on deck and you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong size and dealing with that headache! ~ also Follow @yourcloset1 and order this lipo gel! I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I love it, it is similar (def not the same) to the wraps but it can be applied daily, 3 times a day. You feel the heat, I personally get red blotches in my arms and legs (where I have fat) my stomach doesn't get blotchy but that's because I don't have fat there lol ~ all the info is right here! Do I think these products work?! Yes! Get yours! #whatawaist #waisttraining #getwaisted #lipogel #hourglassdiva #yourcloset1 #themtightsthough #ilovetights #butineednottobuyanymore #tightsaddict #cantweallbefittogether #beforetheworkout" via @PhotoRepost_app
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x.kimj : Sent you a dm Hun!
mayor_mc : Omg will contact u soon about this product
hourglass_diva : Great @mayor_mc
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My #fitness essentials: #weights #PiYo#lipogel#waistcincher #water That keychain is totally unrelated lol A friend brought it for me from #LasVegas #fitgirl#fitmom#inittowinit#yourcloset1 #ineedadrink#waisttrainer#fitspo#fitnessgear##day3#workitout100#fipbeauty#flexitpink#FIPStrong#lift#tone#weightloss#fatloss#fitspo#exercise#workout#justdoit#zerolazziness#journey#transformation
fipbeauty - lipogel - tone - fitspo - ineedadrink - fitgirl - waistcincher - zerolazziness - inittowinit - fitmom - lift - workitout100 - fitnessgear - fipstrong - water - piyo - flexitpink - justdoit - waisttrainer - day3 - weightloss - journey - weights - yourcloset1 - fitness - lasvegas - fatloss - workout - exercise - transformation -
flexitpink : Way to go beautiful.
daisy__bella : ♥♥ @flexitpink
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I got it!! Time to add this to my trainer and workout!! Thanks @yourcloset1 can't wait to see the results from adding this to my routine! #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
officially_mrsreed : Yoga bible?
calibornbree : @officially_mrsreed hahah it's goes threw yoga poses and explains them great book
officially_mrsreed : Ooo lol it was the first thing i saw! Looks interesting
yourcloset1 : OMG I can't wait too results girl I'm soooo excited ;-)
ms_nay22 : Hey girl is this really working ????? I wanna get it ?
calibornbree : @ms_nay22 hey girl!! Yes it's really working! Added with my waist trainer I can see a big difference! Only thing it you have got to be consistent!! If your not results are temporary! You can feel the gel activate witch I love and @yourcloset1 had the best price and supper fast shipping
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Ready for my #workout #PiYo#Day2 #beachbody#30daystogreatness #workitout100 #fipbeauty #flexitpink#lipogel#yourcloset1 #exercise#beastmode#tone#weigtloss#define#lowerbody#herbalife#fitness#fitspo#fitmom#fitprincess#fitnessgeek#healthy#burnit#justdoit
fipbeauty - lipogel - tone - fitspo - 30daystogreatness - fitjourney - workout - weigtloss - fitnessgeek - fitmom - workoutselfie - lowerbody - beachbody - workitout100 - piyo - photooftheday - fitfam - beastmode - exercise - flexitpink - justdoit - day2 - herbalife - yourcloset1 - fitness - fitprincess - healthy - burnit - define -
daisy__bella : @mrskmuhammad
daisy__bella : @mrskmuhammad it's really good. You'll love it!
mrskmuhammad : @daisy__bella how is it??
daisy__bella : @mrskmuhammad it makes you sweat more
mrskmuhammad : OK cool!!!! Thanks.
daisy__bella : Make sure to take before and after pics @mrskmuhammad I love it. You can feel the burn.
mrskmuhammad : OK!!!! I use abolene and preperation h and makes you sweat like crazy!!!! @daisy__bella
swagg_tism : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
yourcloset1 - jany_vm - mrskmuhammad - tito1542 -
Clipped in and ready to workout... Day 7 and it's getting easier to get hooked. #lipogel #waisttraining #yourcloset1
lipogel - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
jazzminseverydaylife : Omg I LOOOVE waist training!! The only thing is the results take so long :/ have you ever tried these things called CRAZY WRAPS? they're great to use with the trainer and you see results as soon as you wrap!
oneambitiousgirl : I've thought about it
yourcloset1 - jazzminseverydaylife - prettyisplus -
yourcloset1 -
mrsjesenia81 : Trabaja ?????
altawalpha : Me Deja's saber cuando te funcione lol
yudenich : si trabaja yo estoy usando con la faja
altawalpha : Sis segura k funciona!?
yackie79 - katrachita504919 - memobetances -
@yourcloset1 #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
yourcloset1 : I see you boo I'm looking ;-)
yourcloset1 - gisellebarron - kaaaarreeenn - powpow_94 -
#lipogel - nobody likes stretch marks & cellulite . This is definitely a life changer . @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1 #pickme #supporterallday
lipogel - yourcloset1 - supporterallday - pickme -
yourcloset1 : I see you going hard boo good luck ;-) I'm looking
solelacedup_ : @yourcloset1 thanks love. What's a waaaaist? Lol
__dgt : Hey doll! How's things going with your training? :-)
suggarkiss - forrestgum_p - kalohi11 -
Hey guys I received my lipogels today from @yourcloset1 go check the page out for all your weightloss products! #yourcloset1 #lipogel#fatloss#weightloss#waist#waisttraining #waistcincher #burnfat#products#natural#gel#tone
lipogel - natural - waist - waisttraining - waistcincher - weightloss - burnfat - products - yourcloset1 - tone - gel - fatloss -
fit24team : Cool!
yourcloset1 : Nice I can't wait too see results
daisy__bella : Yes @yourcloset1
jenn23691 - adellaxotempie - natalie_empirefitness -
Im on day 6 and im on the first row (out of 3 rows) now!!!!! So happy aaaannnd i got these babies in the mail from @yourcloset1 thanks!!😁 i took a shower and put it on then put my vest back on amd noooow im gonna attempt to wear my vest at night after i put this gel on again! Gym tomorrow cant wait now that i have the gel 😁😊 gonna go even harder now. #waisted #waisttraining #waisttrainingpro #yourcloset1
waisttrainingpro - waisted - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
bri_nichele : @missamericatpa no its not temporary, a cpl years ago i was looking at getting a tummy tuck and the plastic surgeon suggested i use these. They have you wear it everyday for a year after a tummy tuck and or lipo and tell you to continue wearing it 2-3 times a week after surgery. Well i was scared of surgery and the price lol so i tried it and it has helped alot. The thing is he explained it to me like this: eating healthy and exercise plus wearing it will help your body conform to this hour glass shape. Now say you go back to eating junk of course you gain weight as usual and then you lost that hourglass figure. Have you ever seen a landscape company cut a tree limb off and to prevent that limb from growing back they pit this green or black wrap around it (where the limb was just cut) they do it to prevent it from growing and this is like the same concept. Its easier to explain than writing it πŸ˜‚ hopefully it makes sense and if not then ill just blame my blinde hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bri_nichele : *blonde lol not blinde... And if u keep up with a diet and exercise like i said its not temporary but if u go back to junk then its temporary until u go on a junk binge lol
missamericatpa : That made total sense. I understood you, you explained it very well. I'll have to look into it. Thank you, doll.
grace_loera05 : Hello @bri_nichele I order mind but is diferent bottle do they change the style or I got a different one????
bri_nichele : @grace_loera05 yes they switched to a different style of bottle but the lipo gel is the same 😊 good luck girl!!! Keep with it, it really does work
grace_loera05 : Oh ok thsnks girl I though I order a wrong one.....
mrz.kvalentine : @bri_nichele I saw u on prettygirlcurves page... Do u use the adjustable strap vest? Is it long in the front? Cant take anything pushing into my pelvis... Thanks for your help
bri_nichele : @kdvgotfaith yes i use the adjustable strap 3 row vest. Its long but it isnt long enough to even touch your pelvic bone. If you have a short torso then it might but im 5'7 with a kinda long torso and it fits fine. I know the 2 row adjustable strap vest is shorter in the front
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Typically I wouldnt post something like this, but my oh my how hardwork has paid off... I was wasit training while on the boat with my favs this weekend and my Boo, @_shanna_babyyy snapped a pic of my #Glutes and the progress speaks for itself! #LiftedButt #SquatsAndLunges #WeighTrainingDoesMyBodyGood #CandidShot #FitReeFitness #FitRee #BootyWork #LegDayIsMyFavorite #SheLifts #BodyUnderConstruction #Hardwork #BuildingMuscle - Email me for meal and strength training plans!
hardwork - squatsandlunges - bootywork - liftedbutt - bodyunderconstruction - buildingmuscle - fitreefitness - shelifts - fitree - glutes - legdayismyfavorite - weightrainingdoesmybodygood - candidshot -
terrell_jonsin : I was gonna say this is my favorite photo...
msebonylashawn : Fat ass! Go girl❀️
bruhfromanuh : πŸ‘Œ
realtordre : Well damn lol @lilmiss_fit_ree
james_tha_lion : Good work.....close to perfect and seems ideal. #Dedication #NoGamesKnowGains
mssherryblossom : Gains! Gains! Gains!
lord_forgive_my_sins : Smfh
mikey2500 : @gymbooty
mroninzo12 - lord_forgive_my_sins - love_making_gainz - zell_bang_bang -
Do you have that unwanted fat? Well I know I do lol head over to @yourcloset1 and order your waist trainer and lipo gel REAL RESULTS!!! what are you waiting for!!!? I just order my lipo gel yesterday and I cant wait to start using it. Been waist training for 2 weeks now and im starting to see results, Stop playing around and get WAISTED! #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
coco_y_angelica72612 : @andrecbarron this is not for you lol
gisellebarron - andrecbarron - carley_sawatsky -
Do your self a favor and check out @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1 πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ πŸ˜‰what are you waiting for the prof is in her clientsπŸ˜‰
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitspo - workout - getfit - instahealth - cleaneating - active - healthychoices - determination - diet - bodybuilding - lifestyle - strong - cardio - training - tflers - fit - healthy - fitnessaddict - instagood - tagsforlikes - train - health - yourcloset1 - fitness - photooftheday - gym - exercise - eatclean -
yourcloset1 : I see you boo
calibornbree : πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ˜‰ @yourcloset1
calibornbree : #health #fitness #fit #TagsForLikes #TFLers #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
4mnd : Tudo uma merda
prettykeli : Love it!
iamchase_ace : Can I get some love back ma @calibornbree
alextymez - mishell818 - dabauslife - cuttlas_music_103 -
#yourcloset1 everyone please of you would like this post so I can win one of these and get my belly together. Lol @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
sassysilva.vs - _redwine_ - vsprincessangel - cesar_o5 -
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