For those that think I photoshop my pictures! Well u wrong. I work hard for my body n it has taken a hella of fuckn ride to commit to it. I work out N waist train 8-12hrs a day. @yourcloset1 #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #waisttraining #yourcloset1 #lipogel #excercise #eatinghealthy #idome
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mrs_mederos : @_cherrycorona still cute.
vida_mia_5 : How many hrs do you excercise a day?
_cherrycorona : just 45 min @vida_mia_5
vida_mia_5 : The whole 7dy? You look good! Work it 💪
_cherrycorona : 5-6 days working out ... @vida_mia_5
mrs_mederos : Ok i need these pants! Lol
luscious_lips8808 : Wow babe!!!! You look awesome!!! See I knew you could do the damn thang!!!👌🏽👍🏽👊🏽
_cherrycorona : Hahahahaha shit I want to get where u at booboo. . Thank u love @luscious_lips8808
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Tea Time ☕️✔️ @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
meganamber9 : Ever had that sleepy time tea ? @krazykariis
krazykariis : No, im not a big fan of tea ever since i tried green tea, that shit so nasty but others think its good lol thats why i never ordered it, but that lipo gel is lifeeeeeee ! Lol
meganamber9 : I love tea ! Green tea is my fav lol this tea has a slight minty taste really subtle tho it's actually really good . Girl I just stocked up on the lipo gel it is EVERYTHING ! lol I use the waist trainers too @krazykariis
krazykariis : Is this ur first time around with the tea ? Does it work? ... lol i buy my waist trainers from the Wish app and just ordered the lipo gel, im poor lol but it still works! Haha, i wanna try the booty overnight sooo bad !!!
meganamber9 : Yeah this is my first time with the tea . Lol I understand tho that shits expensive ! The booty overnight ...... Girl , get that ! I use it too lol you will love it !
meganamber9 : @krazykariis
krazykariis : Keep me updated with the tea ! Anddd omgggg, does it work? Do u use the Brazilian lifter too?
meganamber9 : I don't use the lifter , I want too but my husband keeps saying he's gonna make fun of me lol . I deff will let u know how I like the tea ! @krazykariis
brutestheanimal - rrockyzworld - bwritt1118 - krazykariis -
Always drinking my Tea 🍵 2x a day. BEST TEA EVER!!! @yourcloset1 #yourcloset1 #tea #waisttraining
tea - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
yourcloset1 : I can't wait too see results
seedlings_brand : I loved the booty pants and fat cream lol amazing @cecii_luv22 @yourcloset1
cecii_luv22 : Yes! @seedlings_brand I have the lips gel too and it's the best.
viiv_ : i love this tea!
booty__buddy : Looks great, 👍 love to see more😊
yourcloset1 - ayy_kassayy - de_niz.k - s0phieeaa -
Improvement already im so happy #diet #workout #excited #excercise #squats #running #healthy #motivated #yourcloset1 #garciniacambogia #selfie #mexicana #latina #sexy #ass
mexicana - ass - motivated - workout - squats - healthy - selfie - diet - running - excercise - yourcloset1 - garciniacambogia - sexy - excited - latina -
nav_unchained : I like your profile, keep it up :D
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Excuse my face but that bump though excited with my new product #bootyfordays #yourcloset1 #bootyovernightcream #brizillianbuttlifter #diet #excercise #squats #butt #day5 #week1 #results #nice
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I tell u @yourcloset1 products solve ALL body image probs SAFELY and PERMANENTLY. 🙌 check their Booty Overnight Cream for a bigger fuller rounder butt 😍 #naturalproducts #productsthatwork #yourcloset1 link in their bio!
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akiko_tech : This post is good
tatyana_angelique : @steviegutowski
steviegutowski : @tatyana_angelique that's the trick huh
tatyana_angelique : that I wish I had lol @steviegutowski
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I almost forgot to take my hair vitamin from @yourcloset1 this have been helping me with major hair growth and fullness #yourcloset1 #hairgrowth #fullhair #noweave #protectivehair #nowigs follow @yourcloset1
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dab_daddy_02 : beautiful
goldloxks : i see that Nike
breanna.kalyn : Why are you so gorgeous!!!! It's insane how pretty you are!! 😍😘😘😘😘
amandabby_22 : @zarisue do you take 2 once a day
bethilinajai : I thought you pick the winners on the 25th❤️
zarisue : Closing the 25th we are going through entries will be announced late today or tomorrow
zarisue : @bethilinajai
bethilinajai : Ohh sorry☺️❤️
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Round 2 here we go!! #lipogel #fitness #yourcloset1
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READ WITH NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ( this is for my followers who ask for this post) Before and after of ME I been asked many times what did I use to help make my Butt bigger. And I have been using a product called booty overnight cream by @yourcloset1 this product is design to help get a bigger butt naturally , First, the anatomy of the booty overnight cream . The buttocks is basically made up of two zones – the fatty layer right below the skin. Booty overnight cream will enhance the cells in the fatty layer of the buttocks which results in bigger butt .BOOTY OVERNIGHT CREAM , clinically proven to naturally increase the size and count of fat cells ! I did many research before I used this product and all that I seen was good results from other clients .I personally use this cream every single day twice a day. Along with their Brazilian lifter underwear 6 hrs out the day to help me with shaping . This is the route I choose not surgery or injections. And so far I am super happy with my results !!! I am more than happy to share my experiences with you guys. Because #yourcloset1 booty overnight cream really works for me as well as some of my closest friends. ( I hope this answer a lot of questions for you guys 😘)
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pharell.aiyanna : @ant_thaa_knee u gonna have to order me one 😂😂
_jasmynsita_ : @roosee_liaa
roosee_liaa : @_jasmynsita_ yea I saw it the other time.. Aver si asi te pasa haha
_jasmynsita_ : @roosee_liaa lmao tampoco I just want a nice bubble butt lol
roosee_liaa : @_jasmynsita_ hahah oh I thought you wanted it that big lol
_jasmynsita_ : Well maybe haha no seria nada mal lmoa @roosee_liaa
grrissloveeee : @vs_______
brod9054 : @nini.smalls I'll try it !
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RULES|| ●Follow my youtube channel (LINK IN BIO) ● follow my instagram ●follow my twitter (_lexicakess) ●when 1-3 are complete comment done on my giveaway video (link in bio) & which prize package you want Prize package 1|| ●Size 36 full vest waist trainer (must weigh between 150-165lbs) ●NEW bottle of "it works" ultimate thermofit ●2 cans Celsius pre workout drink ●fitness bottle Prize package 2|| ●NEW Size 28 waist trainer (must weigh between 120-135lbs) ●NEW booty lifter (small/medium but more on small side) Check my giveaway video on my channel for more details!! (LINK IN BIO ) #waisttraining #waisted #fitness #fitmoms #fitfam #preworkout #itworks #bootylifter #giveaway #yourcloset1 #weightloss
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vickyvroom : This is cool!
_beautifuldayze_714 : Hope I win ! 😄 lol
maliyahnmekhiskeeper : I completed everything just won't let me comment under the video 😔😕😕
__allaboutlex : Which package were u interested in? @maliyahnmekhiskeeper
maliyahnmekhiskeeper : Package number 1
sade_alnell : 😭😭😭 did you already pick a winner?
__allaboutlex : Not until Saturday @sade_alnell
skmei.ir - video_neudachi - iconicfashionindia - dont__block__me -
Hace tiempo atras 😌👌🏼comercial para las extensiones de #LaKremm con @osuna_dulce de conductora y yo de modelo 😉 si ocupan modelos para comercial de emarazadas me avisan jeje 😁 I was also on my waist trainer by that time.. Follow @yourcloset1 for more of their products.. #Yourcloset1
lakremm - yourcloset1 -
jess.097 - fashion.moda.style - ben_mixon - v.unknown_ -
Waist training ⏳ #yourcloset1#waisttraining#day1
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officialtmoe : Hijole 😍 ah 👌
helene_arts - __sabrinaamarie - juan_listo_805 - liizeth_v -
IN exactly oNe Week iv BeeN able to go down on the smallest links on this waist cincher im mind blown right now #dedication #results #waistcincher#lipogel#detoxshrinktea #yourcloset1
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blessed_nana_and_pampo - castillo_face_505 - furn0645 - nicole__74 -
Jst keep pushing! At time I look at my pictures I always say "if I only get rid of this and this" But eventually I'll get where I want to be. One day I'll hv my four pack lol #iwillbeatthis #iwillpushharder #bigbotty #staymotivated #doitfortheholyshityougothot #mommyof4 #momof4 #detoxtea #yourcloset1
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maristara11 : Dammm that ass thoo 🍑 👈🏽💪🏽 get it gurllll 👊🏽!
ajv.88 : Lookin good
saranicole_xoxo : 👌
_cherrycorona : Thank you ladies!
eyekeepsecrets : Keep it up!! Looking good Lady!!!
_cherrycorona : Thank u Mami!
chiquita1073 : Ur looking great my love
wynnaganda - rethinklifestyle - cuban.lover - kaylegetsfit -
My best friend after all this holiday eating ‼️‼️‼️ my #yourcloset1 @yourcloset1 🙌🏽 for those wanting this gel order from www.yourcloset1.com
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__mcr7.3ltattedmiga : Does is really work
___est.97 : @_lyttle__
jaylo_okonma133 : I want this ! @yaagirrllveronica__
lilafromthepack : Who did your BBL?!
yuriii89 : @nini.smalls donde puedo conseguir ese gel??
ma5833 : Donde puedo comprar el gel
lowrider_559 : I qot dat same one .. It workz it jzt makez da spot hot n pink
dskinner18 : @glam_by_gabby
anakarenpinedaa - _jasmine1 - barnestawnie - antonio_madafacker -
Just in time for this NEW YEAR!! A New journey begins Today @yourcloset1 cant wait to see what these products have in store for mee!! #toneupjourney #saybuytothebabypouch #yourcloset1 #detoxshrinktea #lipogel #waistcincher 👟🏃💪👙💦🔥☕️⏳💯❗️
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blessed_nana_and_pampo : Is that the thing saph told you about ?
89.dashing : Yes mam :) @blessed_nana_and_pampo
babees_sxo : Yay! Hope you like it and see results! I can't wait until I have my little one so I can start it! 😊
blessed_nana_and_pampo : Good luck! ❤
89.dashing : Thankyou beb @blessed_nana_and_pampo
89.dashing : @f_luna4 look up @yourcloset1
f_luna4 : You're gunna love it and not be as hungry. Try seran wrap under the trainer ... Getttt itttt
leebabyyyy_ : How do you like it?
89.dashing - stinalevins - elisa_gorgeous - isaac_moya1 -
Detoxification Mode to all the impurities of 2015 and getting a nice Wash Out!! We can always start fresh and clean for the new year. #yourcloset1 #washout #detoxmode #cleansing #impurities #tea #detox #sennaleaves #herbs @yourcloset1
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So i been on my healthy hair journey and these pills from @yourcloset1 have been helping me a lot !! I love these vitamins i get way more new growth fast if anyone is looking for a good hair vitamin try these!! #yourcloset1 # hairgrowth -#hairsupport
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ayojuiiceey : It really works
beautifulbabydoll12 : @ayojuiiceey. Yes love go to www.yourcloset1.com
fvmouss.g : Check dm q
dawdrahman : hi
diva_2kworld : That shirt 👌
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#tea #detoxtea #yourcloset1 #addicted @yourcloset1
addicted - tea - detoxtea - yourcloset1 -
justmetea : Detox away! Check our detox too
justmetea - cuban.lover - saitama_tea_ouji - cutea_life -
Just made my order can't wait!!!!! 👌💁 #yourcloset1 #instantlipogel
instantlipogel - yourcloset1 -
nessa_1316 - selena_xgxg - isabella_aryda - kimberly484 -
Loving my progress #fitmoms #garciniacambogia #yourcloset1 #Lipogel #waisttraining #portioncontrol
lipogel - yourcloset1 - fitmoms - waisttraining - garciniacambogia - portioncontrol -
ipaywithcoupons_com : Good morning, how long did it take for you to receive your products from yourcloset1?
ladyfair : Very quick I don't recall it taking too long however my friend had a messed up order and it did take them quite a time to get it corrected however they seem to be pretty reasonable on shipping orders why are you having difficulties
ipaywithcoupons_com : Thanks for your response. I ended up canceling my order, I emailed them and everything. I really wanted to try the products.
ladyfair : Follow me on FB Ebone fair I posted my review ;) sorry to hear that smh
hilleriemachelle - que3nvee - praisefeet - jimsfitness -
Working wonders @yourcloset1 #WaistTraining #LipoGel #Yourcloset1
lipogel - yourcloset1 - waisttraining -
gigi_guerra : Can you wear this one during the day as well? or is it just to sleep?
yourcloset1 : @gigi_guerra this is a sleep vest and the other is a daily vest
gigi_guerra : OK thanks was looking at products and didn't know what to start with
gigi_guerra : @yourcloset1
cin_vicious : So it's really working ?!!!
ohhn9ne_ : @yr408
yr408 : @ohhn9ne_ I hekka want a waist trainer
jazzydonttrip : Has it worked for u?
valeria_2208 - johnson.stetson - mee.kuhmaap -
I've used a waist trainer since Day 1 of starting my weight loss journey. Everyone has different opinions about it. But I love it and continue to use it, 2 years in 💪🏼. #Herbalife #waisttraining #progress #fitlife #yourcloset1 😍😍 I buy mine from @yourcloset1
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diamondboyuk : 👍
weightgainpills - pretyboy2 - jm2crossfit - caramelbrincess -
Day 1 of #herbalcleansingdetoxshrinktea #yourcloset1
herbalcleansingdetoxshrinktea - yourcloset1 -
marlenelimonn : Does this give the shits lol
marlenelimonn : I want it and the waist trainer
GUESS WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY MY SHRINK TEA FROM @yourcloset1 I ALWAYS SUPPORT @lili23miller I'M CONTINUING WITH MY WEIGHT LOSE PROGRAM!! I'm STARTING MY TEA NEXT WEEK #yourcloset1 #shrinktea #weightlossjourney #thankforsupport #supportblackbusiness
supportblackbusiness - thankforsupport - weightlossjourney - yourcloset1 - shrinktea -
yourcloset1 : Omg yayyyyyy hey babes
sexybebe305 : You can send me anything to me if u want me try things out now. Thank girl @yourcloset1
solo577 - _theluckyonee - hisfirstlady2009 - l0v3_j0n3s -
A work in progress I am, 😆💪 I posted a #weightloss video and #weightlosschallenge link in bio. I challenge you all to lose weight for the month of December. Are you with me? I was just staring in the mirror grabbing my belly lol looking at pictures when I'm hard on myself makes me realize that I've came a long way. Every time I think about it I find myself getting emotional. I wasn't as happy as I led on and no one could change the happiness but me regardless how many excuses i made. I got tired of the excuses and decided to do something, i encourage you all to just start small it will be difficult but well worth it. I am starting more #waisttraining and using #lipogel from #yourcloset1 #beautyblogger #weightloss #beforeandduring #weightlossjourney #thickfit #teamiskinny #mscreativediva #virginhair #mua #dallasmua #healthy #healthylife #plussize
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yesjustchrissy : Yes bay-bee! Come through @mscreativediva
mascara_berries : Get it girl
veganqueenwarrior : Woooooooooow🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
fernormfaces : Where do you work out love, I'm in Dallas as well and looking for a workout partner @mscreativediva. Would love to workout with you
madi_marie_w : @michaelnmelissa
zilliondolababy : nice transition
mscreativediva : @zilliondolababy thanx 😊
mscreativediva : @fernormfaces I work out on camp wisdom. Do u go to planet fitness?
jenyfer_felix_ - bsquaredmakeup - beautymaddi - jaelanett -
All day every day! One thing that pisses me off is people that tell me that I am getting paid to advertise for these products. I would not be waisting my money on things that don't work nor would I lie to my followers or people who ask me about it, this shit really works! Now go to @yourcloset1 and get your own!! #waisttraining #yourcloset1
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Back to it! #waisttrainer #waisttraining Hubby back in Cycle! Got three months to look ten times better!! #yourcloset1 #igotthis #mommyof4
yourcloset1 - waisttrainer - mommyof4 - igotthis - waisttraining -
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Not a night without my #yourcloset1 instant lipo gel this gel is like magic 😍 if you know me , then you know I love this gel Got it from @yourcloset1
yourcloset1 -
excuseesaayps : Fat pussy I'll eat it up bitch
ksa_28_3 : @n_ncy13
alieebomb_69 : #FUPA
kc1r1sk1e : Fake asssssss
ruby_love23 : @kiki_lovee11
_luis.ovo_ : @jf.vargas ❤️
n3ni0428 : @nini.smalls do u have to wear the waist trainer for the lipo to work?
steff_mo : How long have you been taking this product? @nini.smalls
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#love #tagsforlikes #beautiful #TFLers #photooftheday #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag
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jamie_2013bs : #yourcloset1
yourcloset1 : Looking great
jamie_2013bs : Thanks
mandarinredbubble - jamie_2013bs - yourcloset1 -
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