Get your favorite before its gone. #mimsy #etsy #scarf #youneedone
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CHAMPS! Which ones did y'all get? I have black/white, white/royal blue, black/salmon 😁and ALL of the solid ones πŸ™ˆ
champs - boutique - orthree - klraddict - youneedone - klr - shopsmall - kikilarue - igotlucky -
kikilaruerep_aljohn : @c_pittman @irisheart01 this is why I love @shopkikilarue women helping and empowering other women :)
c_pittman : @kikilaruerep_aljohn amen sister! I have had nothing but nice good experiences with girls who shop kiki! And I am LOVING the reps! Y'all are so sweet and I love that you're all different sizes and have different tastes and styles!
kikilaruerep_aljohn : @c_pittman awww I absolutely love that!!! Thank you 😊 and I can absolutely say the same. Everyone is so incredibly nice and helpful! It's refreshing to see women building each other up instead of tearing each other down
irisheart01 : Love this company I just need to find something that works.. I'm sure with all of the new beautiful fall stuff I will find something completely made for me!
kikilaruerep_aljohn : @irisheart01 I have seen some of the fall and I can assure you there's something for everyone!!
kayce_lyn : I have the black and salmon, white and tell I and plain red one. The black and salmon is my favorite. Haven't worn the white and yellow because it's too sheer. My white bra shows and haven't been able to find a nude color in my size. I love the smooth wear , but the strapless one tends to 'pinch' at the top making it very visible that I have something on. The ones with the straps are very comfortable.
kikilaruerep_aljohn : @kayce_lyn you need to find a good nude strapless bra 😁 they are essential! I never wear my white strapless one, always nude because it's basically invisible. I know a bunch of klr girls use the sweet nothing strapless bra from walmart. I'm 34 D and they don't carry a D in a 34 but I do know most of the klr models and becka love them!
kayce_lyn : That's the one I have @kikilaruerep_aljohn in white just couldn't find a nude one. I have hard time finding supportive ones to hold up my girls.
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Black white and grey in our etsy shop this weekend. #etsy #mimsy #scarf #youneedone
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Southern Marsh jersey shirts are here!! We have a LIMITED stock! Get yours before they are gone. Sizes small, medium & large $49 Order yours by calling the store at 901-475-0502 or comment below with size, color, state & e-mail. #southernmarsh #authenticsouthernclass #youneedone
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carvcann : How do they fit? @opheliaonthesquare
a_macccc : Oh snap! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜ I need one! @sting_ray40
opheliaonthesquare : These are roomy! @carvcann
agailmoore : Ooh I want a small in the orange @opheliaonthesquare !!! Agailmoore@gmail.com shipped
agailmoore : TN @opheliaonthesquare
carvcann : What size do you think I'll need? @opheliaonthesquare
opheliaonthesquare : These are sold out!! @agailmoore @carvcann
agailmoore : 😒 @opheliaonthesquare
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by @waffluvaz "Come see us!! We have a batch of gluten free on the truck for these stops! ❀️Wednesday 5-8pm at the Agritopia Farmstand and Food Trick night 3000 E Ray Rd., Gilbert @agritopiafarm ❀️Thursday 9-1pm at Rustic Hutch 1902 E Baseline Rd., Mesa @therustichutch ❀️Thursday 5-9pm at Webster Farm 1470 W Houston Ave., Gilbert @websterfarm #waffluvaz #loveatfirstbite #strawberries #glutenfree #azfoodtruck #gourmetfoodtruck #arizona #youneedone" via @PhotoRepost_app
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waffluvaz : Thanks so much!
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Come see us!! We have a batch of gluten free on the truck for these stops! ❀️Wednesday 5-8pm at the Agritopia Farmstand and Food Trick night 3000 E Ray Rd., Gilbert @agritopiafarm ❀️Thursday 9-1pm at Rustic Hutch 1902 E Baseline Rd., Mesa @therustichutch ❀️Thursday 5-9pm at Webster Farm 1470 W Houston Ave., Gilbert @websterfarm #waffluvaz #loveatfirstbite #strawberries #glutenfree #azfoodtruck #gourmetfoodtruck #arizona #youneedone
arizona - gourmetfoodtruck - loveatfirstbite - glutenfree - waffluvaz - strawberries - youneedone - azfoodtruck -
briannamarie493 : @brookeml 😁
amandarydell : Yes I do!!! And I'm counting the days!!☺️
waffluvaz : @amandarydell we are counting the days down too!! Can't wait to meet you!!πŸ’—
waffluvaz : Tonight come check out @noblebread @theroastedshallot @grilledcheesetruck @phoenixphreeze @uprootedkitchen!!
emragu : @kelsie_joyce can't wait for you to come back. Not going until then!!
alexiwysteria : Yep. #ineedonerightnow
kennadydavis : do you have gluten free tonight?
waffluvaz : @kennadydavis yes!!
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Beards are not a seasonal thing... They just help more in the fall and winter #beards #beardfacts #hotallyear #beardgang #beardthefup #growabeard #youwontregretit #realmenhavebeards #shewantstheb #beardedbrethren #beardbrothers #beardjunkie #beardporn #beardspecial #aboutthatbeardlife #Jesushasabeard #youneedone #somethingaboutabeard #drivesemwild #somethingtothinkabout
growabeard - hotallyear - somethingaboutabeard - jesushasabeard - beardgang - beardedbrethren - drivesemwild - beardspecial - youneedone - shewantstheb - aboutthatbeardlife - beards - beardfacts - beardporn - beardjunkie - realmenhavebeards - beardthefup - beardbrothers - youwontregretit - somethingtothinkabout -
derbartmann : cool pic!
_whysoratchet_ : Thanks man @derbartmann
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How I feel right now.... #work #humpday #kimkardashian #atleastihaveajob #youneedone
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jesikasmiles : Hahahahaha
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Cheers! #nicelydone #not #goodforyou #haveadrink #youneedone #lmao #memes #haha #damn #lol #smdh
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hyphy2009 : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
wptma97862 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
alynndxo : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ericahall62707 : πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
xxmisscmariexx : Bahahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€
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Just saw this guy!!! 😳
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kingcuts : #walkindowntheStreet #picoftheday #kingcuts #getacut #youneedone #barbeshopflow #barberlife #barbergang #whosnext #igotu #getfresh #lookgood
itsgg_2u : He looks like michael jackson
kingcuts : Just like him!!!
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Check out this fabulous trey only at Pure!!! #fab #serveme #finedining #decor #youneedone
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travis_vs_food : YES!!!
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What's in your bag? #kurbellas#glam#golden#clutch#youneedone#original#unique#fashion#edgy#classy#showstopper
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"I don't want to go home", she said. "We will be back on wednesday" , I responded. #disneywasted #disneypass #youneedone #letsgoonwednesday #mondayface
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emmieboolizz : Too cute happy early bday #adayearly
dreastarshyne : @emmieboolizz thanks sister πŸ’•πŸ’•
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How I be like when I skip 3 days of the #Clarisonic πŸ‘€ #Must #Cleanse #Skin #JustImagine #AllThatDeadSkin #BuildingUp #LikeSandPaper #omfg #ImPressedSoWhat #YouNeedOne #YoullThankMeLater
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bee_taye_full : What is it exactly?
bee_taye_full : Nevermind lol is it good?
flyontovictory : Lol
persianbarbie : @bee_taye_full Aw if you have any questions u can ask me!!😊 it's amazing, I've been using it religiously since 10th grade to this day. It takes off all the dead skin so it makes my skin super soft and ready to absorb any Skincare! I have really breakout-prone skin so it helps to keep that at bay, cleans 6x better than if you were to use your hands, and it makes my serums work better and faster because it helps it go deeper into the skin. I really don't know what I would do without it! It's so beneficial for all skin types and concerns! It prevents skin from aging if you use anti-aging products with it because it lets them work so much better.
bee_taye_full : Omg I need this in my life. Can I get a discount through you? Lol
persianbarbie : @bee_taye_full I wish I could help you out but our management doesn't allow it πŸ˜” they have a strict no tolerance policy. BUT if ur a free sephora member, they give u guys our 20% employee discount In November/December πŸ˜‰ it's good for like 1-2 weeks!
bee_taye_full : OK great. Will try to get it around that time. Thanks alot for the info girl
persianbarbie : @bee_taye_full anytime!
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In different area codes!! #oneonefullbasket #platefull #youneedone #needanewstarting5 #waitdasmy #dntbother #sipsrum #noneofmybizness
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magic_days : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they playin hide and seek or nah!?
ill.na.na : Yup.. look at um.. hiding behind dem doors lmfaoooo
monilovve : Oh boy!
__frank12 : Where dey at thou? *t.i. Voice* lmaoooo 😩
sokimeshable : Lmaoo
carib_beauty : Chhhhhhuuuuuuuppppppppzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Smh
mj_lifted : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
unpredictable_predictability : πŸ˜•
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He cried until I gave him a Cheerio. #ninangknows #Godson #firstbday #lovehim #redondo #beachparty @ldelmendob @afterbeta
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ahkneekah : When is it your turn so I can become a tita? #Justsayin #YourNext #MishYou πŸ˜‚ @chrisvsanan
chrisvsanan : @ahkneekah lol #youneedone #imissyoutoo 😘😘😘😘
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Looking for homes for 6 of these babies in the next couple weeks #cuties #youneedone β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ˜½πŸ˜Ί
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shannonigans15 : Dm me if you want one you know you do!
lauren_2012 : Hi convince my roommate to have one
shannonigans15 : I think you need one! @lauren_2012
lauren_2012 : ugh I know I do 😭
shannonigans15 : Rachel needs one too! Scarlet needs a buddy @lauren_2012 @rachfox13
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We're expanding almost all of our respective departments - service, management and events (this includes pong ninjas). Get at us! #Toronto #pingpong #job #opportunity #kingwest #youneedone #wegotone
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princessteckno : @otterbaaaybe
weiss70proof : @staceylinton lol
younghappyandrich : I'm almost positive you'd be interested in checking out my page...
danichen87 : @julissamoran
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For those of you who already have one and use it, know! This particular muzzle design is called the DNA collector! ( don't ask why it's called that if you have a weak stomach ) The #awamuzzle is not a joke #noreset #norecoil #alphafriendly #iwillhaveitonallmyAR's #cerakote #miamigunsmith #mastergunsmith #awaguns #loudasfuk #miami #gunsmith #muzzleporn #223 #AR15 #gunporn #weaponsdaily #gunfanatics #unit9 #carbonfiber #YouneedOne They are up for sale!!!! CONTACT US for one!!!
cerakote - gunfanatics - iwillhaveitonallmyar - alphafriendly - pewpewpew - ar15 - norecoil - muzzleporn - youneedone - gunsmith - 223 - getit - miamigunsmith - molonlabe - mastergunsmith - carbonfiber - dtom - cerakoteporn - noreset - loudasfuk - miami - unit9 - westcoastlove - 2a - weaponsdaily - awaguns - gunporn - awamuzzle - stormtroopersolutions -
nrmdefense : Thanks for the feedback brother @jessec826
burusan : πŸ’‰
nrmdefense : We can also cerakote the muzzle to any color you want!!!! #cerakoteporn #muzzleporn #getit
nrmdefense : Lol @burusan
poweredbymario : I have an @awaguns muzzle brake on my SIG716. It rocks πŸ‘
nrmdefense : πŸ™Œ @poweredbymario #westcoastLove
ciacciojon : Very cool!
sludacris_xx : Nice!
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#letty #youneedone πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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misfitangelwings : SO TRUE!!
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Love the display @vivianwise set up for our trunk show with @velvetslipperdivine #jonathanblake #fashion #designer #youneedone#luxury#leather#handmade#USA#picoftheyday
designer - usa - leather - handmade - jonathanblake - youneedone - picoftheyday - fashion - luxury -
codybess - ninaface - caleatherco - linanick -
#jonathanblake @velvetslipperdivine @jbtinkle #havepursewilltravel #youneedone #blakeandbabettedoaspen #babettedreams
havepursewilltravel - babettedreams - jonathanblake - youneedone - blakeandbabettedoaspen -
emulsiondown : excellent
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#foodlovers #gastronomia #youneedone #chefslife #chefschoice #amazing #discount
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travis_vs_food : RIGHT ON!
biancacursy - jphachiya - cheffedny - travis_vs_food -
New favorite hat! Thank you @pushysix I love it #pushysix #heavyequipmentoperator #pushysixclothing #youneedone
pushysixclothing - heavyequipmentoperator - youneedone - pushysix -
pushysix : Glad you like it
jimbloggins : Love the hat(I want one) and the smile!
snuseguri : :D @jimbloggins super nice hats, definitely worth ordering
jimbloggins : Bam. Ordered!
snuseguri : awesome! @jimbloggins
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Coming soon to #proposalsboutique!!! Red and charcoal! Pre-order now!! Will be here ASAP! ❀️ #jacket #musthave #hurryin #love #razorback #wearallthetime #youneedone
hurryin - love - jacket - musthave - proposalsboutique - razorback - wearallthetime - youneedone -
melispris : Will you let me know when they come in? I think I'd need a small! πŸ˜„@proposalsboutique
ksmarconi : How Much will they be?
proposalsboutique : @ksmarconi @melispris we will let you know when they are in!! $140, great price!!!
betsybkemp : @cbransford19 you need this!
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Breaking in the new #elementiumlighter #nomoreflame #youneedone #stonersofmaine #fueledbythc next stop doobie town
fueledbythc - stonersofmaine - nomoreflame - elementiumlighter - youneedone -
brainsley_ : @dojath jealoussssss.. did you order that on their site?
dojath : @brainsley_ yes ma'am I did, ordered Friday got it today!
cannabislosangeles : @brainsley_ use ✨hookup4201✨ for a 15% discount. Great video πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž
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14 American bully's for sale in 4-5 weeks, if interested text me at 724-996-5287. Cutest puppies in the world! I love them allπŸ’‹ #americanbulldog #pitbull #americanbully #puppies #forsale #love #youneedone #protective #perfect #fillyourhearts #baby #8boys #6girls #cantwait #sobig #sofun #socute #sweethearts #personalities
sofun - sweethearts - protective - love - cantwait - 8boys - youneedone - baby - sobig - fillyourhearts - perfect - socute - personalities - americanbully - 6girls - americanbulldog - pitbull - puppies - forsale -
abxgale : Can we fly one to us!!!!? @bobbielynn_x3
bobbielynn_x3 : Haha hell yeah @abxgale
amber_phelps62 - kaylamickey1 - amarieex24 - shannonrenee95 -
Found myself some Rockstar Super Sour. I think we need to add the vodka to that one. #rockstar #supersour #vodka #alcohol #drinkdrankdrunk #energydrink #liquor #booze #getmydrinkon #getmydrankon #youneedone & #ineedanother #drink #drinks #drinking #followme
vodka - getmydrankon - liquor - drink - booze - youneedone - energydrink - drinkdrankdrunk - drinking - supersour - getmydrinkon - alcohol - rockstar - ineedanother - drinks - followme -
charvey86 : The rock star sour apple vodka is pretty delicious
guzybaby : Nice page
burdgeermelinda - charvey86 - manuelalu - annahrondon -
I spy with my little eye a #bracha #sneakpeak keychain πŸ˜ŽπŸ”‘πŸ”‘ #newcreations #youaregoingtolovethem #youneedone #problemsolved #wheremykeysat? #dontlooseyourkeys @wearbracha
sneakpeak - newcreations - problemsolved - youaregoingtolovethem - dontlooseyourkeys - youneedone - wheremykeysat - bracha -
too_tall_jones - wearbracha - laureinadeldrama -
πŸ™ŒπŸ’— my pinkies!!!! 😍 the smaller is listed for sale #youneedone #tagafriendwhoneedsone #authentic #authenticatefirst #chanel #255 #classicflap #lambskin #ghw #neverpayfullpriceforfabulous
authenticatefirst - tagafriendwhoneedsone - lambskin - classicflap - neverpayfullpriceforfabulous - ghw - youneedone - authentic - chanel - 255 -
jcalexandria : @hauteyogisouledglamazon
world_____ : @bag_exchange
cindafreknrella : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
thechanelworld : @cindafreknrella it's sold now πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ
cindafreknrella : As the tears roll down my face!
thechanelworld : 😒 I'm already on the hunt for another
prettynpink521 : Are these available anymore?! **crosses fingers***
thechanelworld : @prettynpink521 the one that was for sale sold πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ if I come across another I'll let you know :)
changeclothesandgo - bellajmarie - jennilewis - vivalajuicy0705 -
And lots of new colors too... #beadsformyboy #r4r #charityshopping #youneedone
beadsformyboy - charityshopping - youneedone - r4r -
lauryneswhite : Ohhh la la la!!
dfaulkner33 : I want one!!! @doodlebugdesignsga
dfaulkner33 : Plum colors maybe with charms - a set would be even better :) @doodlebugdesignsga
doodlebugdesignsga : @dfaulkner33 so a set of plum with charms. I will send you a pic of some choices on FB.
leswill79 : Stop tempting me! I'm gonna need some of these, too, but I'll get back to you on specific colors.
dfaulkner33 : Ok perfect! @doodlebugdesignsga
ashleyesimpson - erinw151 - lauryneswhite - trogers0725 -
Summer weather isn't over yet. Get pretty in this pink set. $35 or $20 each. #beadsformyboy #r4r #charityshopping #youneedone
beadsformyboy - charityshopping - youneedone - r4r -
thebigrobtheory - trogers0725 - lauryneswhite - mellypt -
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