#americangangster chapter 2 9:27 @discobryso
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knockout420 : #Kuma
geeee_offffff : Thats the one thing that bugged me about this movie its all old except they over looked the graff..its a bad ass movie but that just bugs me @theevolgenius
theevolgenius : #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears hahaha <---- (peter griffen laugh) @geeee_offffff
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#YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears #DumbAssKids
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junior_coria : Yess!!!! Perfectly said! πŸ™Œ
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You only live once right? Why not look like an absolute idiot #YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
sarabraun13 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
carolynmilz -
You know what really grinds my gears? Lazy fucks. When it comes to work ethics down to even turning off a light. Lazy. Just don't understand that shit. ESP when it comes to simple stuff and when I'm working my ass off. Rant done? #NOPE #noonesbitch #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #iunderstandifudonthavehands #GOODNIGHT
iunderstandifudonthavehands - illstillworkharder - tiredandticked - foolingnobody - noonesbitch - goodnight - brownnose - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - nope -
youbradbro : #brownnose #foolingnobody #illstillworkharder #tiredandticked
fckn_xero : When one coil lights up faster then the other but when you try fix it it just flip flops lol.
youbradbro : @fckn_xero good analogy haha
fckn_xero : You know what really grinds my gears? When a company says spit back protection but when you go to hit it. You swallow a puddle of juice lol
youbradbro : @fckn_xero ffffffuuuck I agree
tbj_blessedmom : @youbradbro oh damn I can rant bout this subject for awhile lol
fckn_xero : You know what really grinds me gears? Last one attys that have "heat sink rings" so you use all metal drip tip and still gets hot as fuck!
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I saw this and had to take a picture of my screen and share... Lol #screenshot #screenception #petergriffin #familyguy #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
familyguy - screenception - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - screenshot - petergriffin -
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Another jackass getting off to use the drive thru ATM... #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
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At all? #GTFO. #tool #apc #aperfectcircle #mjk #maynardjameskeenan #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
maynardjameskeenan - gtfo - aperfectcircle - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - apc - tool - mjk -
death.bell : Lol!!!!
karjikianshogheir : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
neko_fukuro : 😁😁
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Oh, you're not a poet? I guess that's why you write poetry and have over 120,000 fans. I dgaf how good your writing is, my observation is that you're a haughty schmuck and I want nothing to do with you. #gooddaysir #excusemewhileivent #rant #attentionwhore #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #okayimdonenow
gooddaysir - okayimdonenow - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - excusemewhileivent - rant - attentionwhore -
death.bell : You tell em Jacob!
jacobrusselldring : Lol :D @death.bell
dilemmacarter : Ugh I know. Their profile is like "I have never called myself a poet." Does that make you a big deal? A poet is just one who writes poems. Sooo..... You're a poet. And an asshole.
jacobrusselldring : Lmao exactly @dilemmacarter
dilemmacarter : I'm glad we can angst over the same things.
a_poetic_warrior : @dilemmacarter you're a poet and an asshole LOL love it
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Worst. Day. Ever. #longday #humpday #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #irritated #getoffmynuts @minnie_mouse_27
longday - irritated - getoffmynuts - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - humpday -
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Got a new page for this stuff #myonlypsa #dontdrivewithyourhazardson #mirrorgram #downtownmiami #prettyevenwhenshesugly #inception_mia #miami #clouds #cloudporn #reconstructingnature #miamiweather #weather
igersmiami - reconstructingnature - clouds - cloudporn - mirrorgram - miami - itsforsafetyreasons - downtownmiami - prettyevenwhenshesugly - weather - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - miamiweather - dontdrivewithyourhazardson - inception_mia - myonlypsa -
lovethecoco : @_jules_mcfly_ hey it's you! Thank you :)
huskerpowers : for all my weird shit. new fave bio
lovethecoco : @huskerpowers lol πŸ‘
_jules_mcfly_ : Love this image
_jules_mcfly_ : @lovethecoco
daniaemily_fitcoaches : Great!
deerazo : This is great
lovethecoco : @deerazo thank you
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Just having a moment. #familyguy #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
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It's called a blinker, bitch!! (Jesse Pinkman's voice) #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #baddrivers #houstontraffic #dumbasses
baddrivers - houstontraffic - dumbasses - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
nina11488 : Lol that's me
too_much_awesomeness_for_you : @nina11488 ugh people get on my nerves when they don't use them! 😠
normajeane.htx - nina11488 -
I hate when I go to store for milk and the produce section is all out. It really grinds my gears. Lmao. Oh, gotta love customer comments.
produce - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - customerlogic - ignoranceisbliss - customercomments - milk -
whoa_its_raquel : #customerlogic #customercomments #ignoranceisbliss #produce #milk #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
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There was a time when this wouldn't have bothered me but it really annoys the shit outta me now. The word is SUPPOSEDLY. There's no B! #theschoolsystemhasfailedyou #imheretohelp #supposedly #getyourlife #school #education #lol #vocabulary #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #youmispronouncingwords #flipstable
supposedly - youmispronouncingwords - getyourlife - vocabulary - school - lol - flipstable - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - theschoolsystemhasfailedyou - imheretohelp - education -
z03ysm0m : The B is silent! @xlbeauty
xlbeauty : Lmfaooooooo
raza2nice : Your welcome
_hunnyybee - cinnsebs - whos.that_girl_ - wordinaire -
#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears you guessed it, #cilantro unless you own a mexican restaurant #NOONE uses this much...and I made two different kinds of #salsa. #yumyum #ittasteslikesoap #leftovers #jeffgoldblum looks #glorious #randomrant 😎
cilantro - yumyum - leftovers - noone - randomrant - ittasteslikesoap - jeffgoldblum - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - salsa - glorious -
holly_golightly1 : Cilantro stinks. Maybe you should douse it in balsamic and call it holly repellent. Gross.
giooove : ...i don't want to repel you @holly_golightly1 that would be messed up.
onlytheverybest : Wasnt jeff goldblum in the toilet in your last post? I hope he got a bath!
giooove : hahah, @onlytheverybest the cilantro is bad!!...and he did get a bath.😁
onlytheverybest : πŸ›€πŸ‘Œ
erniesepicfood - soleiljofficial - mrochfort83 - lisaschober82 -
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missyt118 : Lol that's cus u like them crazies smh πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
lizzie_vegas : This was me 8 years ago. But nowadays I don't hold anything back. My boyfriend wishes I would just say I'm fine. Nope, it usually goes like this: "No, I'm not okay! Let me tell you what is wrong!!!.." Lmfao
gymfreak72 : Lmao @caitlinelise34
superscriv : LMFAO!!!
di3g022 : @jessiedubs
jessiedubs : πŸ˜’ @di3g022
bradyss : @sofakingjdm the struggle is real
sofakingjdm : @bradyss tell me about it πŸ˜”
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Picture unintentionally related. Slight rant. Qotw: Why wont you accept my art request? Because. No really. The reason why I wont is because if you ask me to. I will expect something in return. I wont do your request because you WANT FREE STUFF. The same people who ask me to draw them because it would be an amazing thing WOULD NOT PAY ME to do the same. So no. Im not going to take your request because if I ask you to pay for my time and effort you wouldnt do it. Art is fun. I love drawing but I need to get paid too. But I see you draw things all the time for people. Are you playing favorites? Hell yes I am. The people I draw things for have never asked me to draw them. And if they have they were friends. If I said no I cant they didnt lose their mind about it. Some people have faces that I like and want to draw. Legit. I love their facial structure so I do it randomly. You can ask any of them. One day theyre tagged in a photo and It turns out I just doodled them out of the blue. Thats how it works. So please if you are a random person ask yourself this question before you ever ask anyone to draw for you: Would you ever pay them for their work? If the answer is no then please.dont bother. I have also done work in exchange for shoutouts btw just because the drawings were simple but they get the drawing and guess who randomly gets blocked or doesnt get the shout out at all. Like really? I dont say anything because its not even worth it but no. Unless I offer it I will not draw you something in exchange for a shout out. So dont ask. My bio says no art requestd. So if you ask me again after this I am straight up just deleting your comment. Thats all. Rant done. Have a nice day #tldr #rant #art #artistproblems #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #shitihate #redpanda #red #panda #firefox
art - tldr - shitihate - artistproblems - rant - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - firefox - panda - red - redpanda -
cheonnsaa : @mimigoyangi doctor bag* MY MISTAKE.
mimchikimchi : Yo imma throw fwakin shriveled evil yams at dem 8{
sen.chan : If your profile says no art requests, then don't ask. Ugh. I write stuff on my profile but ppl never read it.
mi.tokki : Spiciest kimchi evaaa B) wanna taste of this spiciness on yo tongue? Hmmm? B)
misturjaykay : Sorry I can't art like you ;-;
sen.chan : @misturjaykay it's okay.. You aren't the only one that can't art. I have no skills ;A;
misturjaykay : Go artless people. Unite! ;-;@sen.chan
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Efforts soon run out0⃣ πŸ™‡ #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #youtellempeter #memes #speakit
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mattthatdude : Prrreeeaaaaacchh!
evstcompton : Forreal tho
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YASπŸ˜‚ #baseball #probs #baseballprobs #you #know #what #really #grinds #my #gears #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #peter #family #guy #familyguy #runs #not #points #runsnotpoints
family - baseballprobs - grinds - runs - you - baseball - know - not - peter - probs - really - what - familyguy - points - gears - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - runsnotpoints - guy - my -
ree.sie : @aye_its_laurent
aye_its_laurent : Shut up @reese.dutts
ree.sie : Haha😍
aye_its_laurent : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Can't ever use the bench... Dumbbells are never available... Squat racks be lonely as shit... We need to change America... Show them buns & thighs some love too. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
siimplyashh - renegade86 - iesha_27 - kika_perika -
#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #masks #expensive #gtav #gtavonline #gta #gtaonline
gta - expensive - gtav - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - gtaonline - gtavonline - masks -
0h_patrick : LikeπŸ’˜πŸ—
0h_patrick : B-
0h_patrick : β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€
neg_blood_brothers_4life : @0h_patrick thanks
0h_patrick : Single?πŸ’•
neg_blood_brothers_4life : @0h_patrick what?
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#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #ecw #blood #violence
ecw - violence - blood - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
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B*tch don't kill my vibe 🎢🎢 Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But seriously.... This be a problem. I should teach πŸ“•πŸ“˜βœοΈ GYM Etiquette 101 - When a #gymrat clearly has earbuds in, while holding a heavy BB and you're someone that works/trains at the gym, you don't open up friendly dialogue in the middle of a set and all that. 😑😳 Lol. I love this stuff though Fly❀️ #gym #beastmode #etiquette #hustle #muscles #groove #grind #bitchdontkillmyvibe #advocare #fitfam #fierce #fitspo #beats #heart #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #workout #exercise #earned #training #traindirty #respect #loveyourbody πŸ‘Š#aintnostoppingme
etiquette - muscles - fitfam - heart - groove - gym - aintnostoppingme - loveyourbody - beats - fierce - respect - fitspo - beastmode - training - traindirty - earned - bitchdontkillmyvibe - grind - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - advocare - gymrat - workout - exercise - hustle -
jeromebasilio : Cool!
spartancarter - strength_and_performance - jdeeg359 - luxeboi -
This is a Truck Wash ya jack wagon. Your in a damn minivan #fuckoutahere
fuckoutahere - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
drewboyce : #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
lovejennarator : Aw he just wants to play with the big boys, be nice @drewboyce
rjwhopper : Looks like a euro wagon too
gear_jammin_gal : Jack wagon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
joshuajburke : Lol
siraliz - aka9812 - alexcolvin19 - chloerain802 -
#Trunks just found out that those weren't the droids he was looking for... #dragonballZ #dbz #android19 #android20 #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #nerdlife #newobsession
android19 - newobsession - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - dbz - trunks - android20 - nerdlife - dragonballz -
jimmylemke : The droids he's looking for? They made a Star Wars joke? Sweet.
slemke24 : Lol no, I made that joke... XD
dbz_elite_ - leeharebbeccah - majinbuu_ultimate - benny_punk_idiot -
1969 Boss 429 for life. #mustang #fordmustang #boss402 #boss429 #shelbymustang #americanmuscle #musclecars #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #meme
meme - americanmuscle - musclecars - fordmustang - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - shelbymustang - boss402 - boss429 - mustang -
grlnxtdr11 : Oh yessss! The Challengers!!! Swooooonnnnnnnn!!! My brother has a newer Charger. Lol! It's the green one.
jacobrusselldring : Lol very nice! Yeah Dodge did well on that one. Can't imagine their thoughts when they built the new Chargers @grlnxtdr11
grlnxtdr11 : My bro is a Charger freak. I think he is afraid to face the fact that it's not up to par and is just happy they are making it again. His first car was a '68 Charger and he also had a '69 RT. Mopar or no car for him!
jacobrusselldring : Damn those are nice. I'm surprised he's so forgiving. It doesn't look the same whatsoever. It looks like a sedan version of the Magnum. It's just too square for me. And a four-door! Ahhh! :P @grlnxtdr11
grlnxtdr11 : Agreed! Ewww!
art_vandelay_1978m : Lol so true but I have a 2004 mustangs but I rather have a classics one from the 60s or 70s @jacobrusselldring
jacobrusselldring : Well yeah owning is different, but at least you have great taste! @art_vandelay_1978m
art_vandelay_1978m : Thanks I have the 40th anniversary edition with the body kit and hood scoop @jacobrusselldring
sawpoetry - amalia_72826 - aniiii_13 - her_eyes_tell_all -
What's the point in getting large fries McDonald's. Did not touch one fry on the way home. F*cking Amatuers...
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
houston_lantrip : #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
wolfwatcher2000 : Call and complain. Until we all do, they get away with it.
houston_lantrip : Oh I did. I'll be getting a free large fry next time I go in.
j_megap : Lol, I hate that shit too!
houston_lantrip : They stay doing it too
j_megap - k_ray_22 - blakezeman - shireyyy_a -
Or when you're saying something and they say, "Teehee but I'm different 😊" or "but I'm special ☺️". Like... βœ‹no bitch. If you were special or different you wouldn't hafta announce it.. like it's some secret I didn't already know that you are indeed, 'special' to me. In fact, you just made the annoying list πŸ˜ƒ Congratulations. #HowBoutThemApples #BecauseItsMonday #GTFOH #YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears
rawr - forealdoe - howboutthemapples - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - becauseitsmonday - gtfoh -
murdawazdacase : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #madmonday
mobotapp : @ryangrigoreas Yea. Totally. If she's that annoying she doesn't deserve her eyes. Maybe one. But def getting the other poked out with a penis. @murdawazdacase Ohhh gooodness!!! YES! #Rawr 🐱 hahah
domi_gabrielle : Lmao
mobotapp : @domi_gabrielle πŸ˜‹πŸ˜† It's so true tho hahaha
domi_gabrielle : @mobotapp lmao it is true this meme is even more better because I call every one I hate a dumb bitch this was made for meeee
mobotapp : @domi_gabrielle Hahahahaha!!!! This meme is all yours πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
briikasa : waaaaaiiiiit hahahha
mobotapp : @briikasa You should know who this is... (Side eyed smiling emoji face) lolol!!!
_infamousfred_ - domi_gabrielle - maribans - miss_gallo -
#familyguy #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
familyguy - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
jackdobrozsi - b3a5ts168 - adrian_santma - stewievideos -
Ugh this bugs me so much! #rant #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #positivity #wecandothis #nonegativity #weightloss #fitness #transformation #inittogether #instafamily #rantover
wecandothis - transformation - positivity - nonegativity - weightloss - rant - inittogether - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - fitness - instafamily - rantover -
laugh_love_fit - price2getmomfit - gray_allday - fitnessluvers -
#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #kofikingston #supercrazy #jamienoble #snitsky
jamienoble - snitsky - supercrazy - kofikingston - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
jk09anarchy : #rvd #dolphziggler
neg_blood_brothers_4life : @jk09anarchy true true
st0cking - jk09anarchy - comedic_views - ambrose_reigns -
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