😩😩😩😭😭😭 #ItBeLikeThat #YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears #EspeciallyWhileWeSmokingB #IDontTolerateThatNonsense
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lipsticknomaryjane : πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
elijah_steph822 - mikey_pooks - michii_marie - deemoola -
Credit goes to me JDM_EVIL All of the #rampaiger out there will understand why #wwe @all_things_paige #wwepaige #rampaige #sarayajadebevis #britishgirl #pto #scorpioncrosslock #paige #uk #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #familyguy #britaniknight
pto - familyguy - paige - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - britishgirl - rampaiger - petergriffin - sarayajadebevis - rampaige - wwe - uk - scorpioncrosslock - wwepaige - britaniknight -
kidfantom : @jdm_evil Yeah. The feud was great when it started, but WWE ruined it, like they always do.
jdm_evil : @kidfantom Paige was scared on her debut, and all of a sudden she inmates, AJ.
kidfantom : @jdm_evil Yeah, but at least it set up a rematch. Plus AJ is really boring as a face. It was the unnecessary double turn that killed the feud and made everything make no sense.
jdm_evil : @kidfantom AJ is always babyface, no matter what WWE tells you.
kidfantom : @jdm_evil You know what I mean. But that is true.
jdm_evil : @kidfantom WWE doesn't like face vs face or heel vs heel
kidfantom : @jdm_evil I think it should be done. Storylines in WWE are a bit too black and white.
jdm_evil : @kidfantom yea
likeashley12 - the_anti_diva_paige - jbrandon28 - sharknado_victim -
#familyguy #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
familyguy - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
carakaietez_47 - _mike_onthe_mic - mikequinn__ - adolfoa27 -
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
judahbenadam : I thought you was on God status T how you allow nothin to grind ur gears? Its obvious what's important to you is not important to him Live and live to the Creator belong the Esteem
broke_college_kid - xxnovacane___ - miss_qualls - lil_kimberly -
#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears ...Are they finally going to put sidewalks on Forest Hills Road? Are they going to put sidewalks in on 173? What about proper signage and traffic alerts for drivers? These people utterly confuse me! #machesneypark #lovespark #rockfordil #westlaneroad #ministatestreet #immoving
immoving - lovespark - rockfordil - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - ministatestreet - machesneypark - westlaneroad -
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What the fuck did I just see #evamarie beat #ajlee again really #wwe that is complete bullshit #EvaMarieCantWrestle why would you send her the beat AJ #EvaMarieSucks #fuckyou WWE for that #bitch move damn man #wwepaige #sarayajadebevis #allredeverything #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #petergriffin #familyguy #whatreallygrindsmygears
ajlee - evamariecantwrestle - allredeverything - fuckyou - petergriffin - sarayajadebevis - familyguy - evamariesucks - bitch - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - whatreallygrindsmygears - evamarie - wwe - wwepaige -
jdm_evil : @b.baku no she doesn't
b.baku : Well that's what Eva fans are saying.
jdm_evil : @b.baku someone just stole my meme
_shady_27 - m.oxley - amatulla_lokhandwala - mlg_viper12 -
Tell them like it is these accont names are the ines that took shots At me #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #evamarie #EvaMarieCantWrestle #EvaMarieSucks #botch #bitch #allredeverything @primitivecardinal @everything_divas
evamariecantwrestle - botch - allredeverything - evamariesucks - bitch - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin - evamarie -
megan_ziggler : Ikr I love aj and I like Paige and then they say they suck but umm Eva hasn't got divas champion but Paige and aj have
otaku__15 - ot_corona - ___isaiah____ - superpixelchris -
Create your own #meme muthafucka and don't steal mine and credit it as your own #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #familyguy
meme - familyguy - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
vazkezitoz_angel - nickkagro - been_dreaded - doctor_zapp -
@b.baku #wwe #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #petergriffin #evamarie #evamariesucks #botch #bitch #familyguy
familyguy - botch - wwe - evamariesucks - bitch - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin - evamarie -
eddie_v09 : More like how Rosa Mendes has a job 😑
jdm_evil : @eddie_v09 I will never understand wwe's bookings
b.baku : Haha yes
jdm_evil : @b.baku exactly what I'm trying to figure out
b.baku : So Eva wakes up one day and is like "Hunter, I will send you some nudes for a job" and thus Eva Marie was created, sadly.
jdm_evil : @b.baku sounds about right she's attractive but a bitch why is Eva Marie a bitch
shesohoney : Two years later and all she learned was an arm lock πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jdm_evil : @shesohoney damn shame
shesohoney - nickkagro - thewwepunk - explicit.moxley -
For the guys #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
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You see @all_things_paige she understands #johncena #fuckboybuckethead #johncenasucks #johncenaceiling #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #cenasucks #wwe #Cena
wwe - johncenaceiling - fuckboybuckethead - cenasucks - johncenasucks - johncena - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin - cena -
jdm_evil : @leomiller300 get the fuck off my Instagram page and go fuck yourself bitch ass motherfucker
leomiller300 : @jdm_evil You mad as hell for what ? because you a undercover cena fan
jdm_evil : @leomiller300 that is total bullshit
b.baku : *has cena sucks shirt on* yes I admit, I secretly love cena -_-
jdm_evil : @b.baku I will never understand people I'm not a Cena fan obviously
klaudia_zaremba : @a_x_l_e_
kid_racer_500 - miranda____13 - dean_ambrose_fringe - version1petrusek -
We all have that one friend that cock blocks #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #petergriffin
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
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Tell em #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears credit: JDM_EVIL
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
kid_racer_500 - mprinciwwe - jonjonfire7 - respect_figure_collector_shawn -
I'm being nit picky BUT where am I supposed to sit with all these pillows..... #pillows #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #furniture
pillows - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - furniture -
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Hey I have an idea, why don't we fuck the show, fuck the plot, and replace it with our own wants and desires, by messing with the main characters and their relationships with one another. I'm sure putting these two characters that obviously don't go together won't ruin my overall view of these characters in the process of my trying to enjoy the show, that you decided to desecrate with your bastard ways. And better yet how about we combine characters in which the viewer is really close to the voice actors, and knows said actors very well, and have the viewer not just imaging those two characters together, but also imagines the two voice actors, doing whatever is portrayed in the picture. Because I mean come on guys, if our two favorite characters aren't in love with each other, then we OBVIOUSLY have to fix that! Cause that make total sense right! #shipping #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #familyguy
familyguy - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - shipping -
joshuaskotch : Exactly
joshuaskotch : Yeah that Eren x Mikasa stuff is weird cuz they have more of a brother sister relationship
virtual.grell.designs : @joshuaskotch finally someone that understands my struggle
goddammit_yagami : Amen. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
_ummmmmmmmmmmmm : Basically the whole fucking Eren x levi thing
virtual.grell.designs : @_ummmmmmmmmmmmm one of the many
_ummmmmmmmmmmmm : @virtual.grell.designs yea most of the girls think every single male character in aot is gay
virtual.grell.designs : @_ummmmmmmmmmmmm that is a common girl otaku trait. For them, ANY male anime character is gay.
__anime__for__life__ - frvgmented - professor_ozpin_rwby - peasantjustinlaw -
Straight from his FB: ".... My prayers go out to all of Hawaii.. BTW.. I LOVE all the memes, I'm printing them out and putting them up around the station when I get back. Thanks for the love, STAY SAFE." #huffpost #liehagi #leaveguyhagialone #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
huffpost - liehagi - leaveguyhagialone - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
nickydeeez_ : #youfakaz #nuffready. surprised he's taking it so well. haha
katsu_kunn : I saw this from another post and was like lol he actually gonna keep all the memes. @nickydeeez_ and it's not a meme it's more that I was surprised he made Huffington Post xD
tyler_fg1 : "Faka made you buy water ah"? Best meme ever
boy_bastos : He's not even on the islands, he's on vacation
katsu_kunn : Europe right @boy_bastos
boy_bastos : @katsu_kunn well his post says he's gonna see the queen, so I suppose
dakoloheone : I think people are trying to be funny... But I still think it's small kine mean. Like uhmm hello nuff already.
mattykua - heatherbabeeee - lkm_mazda3 - jddddddemoss -
Like seriously.. Bitch you ain't that cute.. Cut the shit.. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž#bitchstahhp #cuttheshit #youaintslick #youaintlow #notimeforthesehoes #fuckpartyoumissed #butthatsnoneofmybusinessthough #imakeepscrollingthough #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #thesebitches #niggaswillneverbeready #bitchesbelike #iaintshit #imdone #morningrant #goodmorning
butthatsnoneofmybusinessthough - cuttheshit - morningrant - imdone - imakeepscrollingthough - notimeforthesehoes - bitchesbelike - thesebitches - fuckpartyoumissed - iaintshit - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - youaintslick - bitchstahhp - niggaswillneverbeready - goodmorning - youaintlow -
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#youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #thinkfreely
thinkfreely - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
mxndx_ : Yes πŸ‘
samistutz98 - jennadoll24 - christina_3312 - jackerrificc -
#petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #phone #phonedry #dryaf #whocares #noonecares #needtomeetnewpeople lol
noonecares - phone - whocares - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin - needtomeetnewpeople - dryaf - phonedry -
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@meghill24112 #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #pussyrub #meghilly #gotlaid #thenbargedintomyroomanddisturbedme #totellmewhatgrindshergears #longbattygyal
meghilly - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - totellmewhatgrindshergears - gotlaid - longbattygyal - thenbargedintomyroomanddisturbedme - pussyrub -
maddy_swaine : So you did have sex with Zak Efron then
kourtneysmart : Your twos # are fucked up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lololois_bollywoodstar : No @maddy_swaine meg hilly got laid read it properly & we try our hardest @kourtneysmart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
elliejaynereid : '#pussyrub' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Quotes, pictures, reiterations, gag me with a spoon. Bring it. #overrated #overexposure #blahblahblah #bringiton #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
blahblahblah - overrated - overexposure - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - bringiton -
willum_da_foe : Aww ur just bein a mad hatter mannn lol..
willum_da_foe : Hater* Ohh puns lol
jacobrusselldring : I do hate it, soooo I guess that's an accurate statement @willum_da_foe
willum_da_foe : Haha damn I reference it quite a bit in my writing too :( lol
dilemmacarter : #comeupwithsomenewideas
dilemmacarter : #itwaswrittenin1865
jacobrusselldring : Lol that too @dilemmacarter
mimilauber - gjdkvkgmdkvkymrkvmf - the_prince_jay - willum_da_foe -
#americangangster chapter 2 9:27 @discobryso
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - americangangster -
knockout420 : #Kuma
king_vem : Thats the one thing that bugged me about this movie its all old except they over looked the graff..its a bad ass movie but that just bugs me @theevolgenius
theevolgenius : #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears hahaha <---- (peter griffen laugh) @geeee_offffff
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#YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears #DumbAssKids
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junior_coria : Yess!!!! Perfectly said! πŸ™Œ
duarte_at_da_partayy - jr_ramos98 - _realjose21 - geeee.xo -
You only live once right? Why not look like an absolute idiot #YouKnowWhatReallyGrindsMyGears
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
sarabraun13 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
carolynmilz -
You know what really grinds my gears? Lazy fucks. When it comes to work ethics down to even turning off a light. Lazy. Just don't understand that shit. ESP when it comes to simple stuff and when I'm working my ass off. Rant done? #NOPE #noonesbitch #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #iunderstandifudonthavehands #GOODNIGHT
iunderstandifudonthavehands - illstillworkharder - tiredandticked - foolingnobody - noonesbitch - goodnight - brownnose - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - nope -
youbradbro : #brownnose #foolingnobody #illstillworkharder #tiredandticked
fckn_xero : When one coil lights up faster then the other but when you try fix it it just flip flops lol.
youbradbro : @fckn_xero good analogy haha
fckn_xero : You know what really grinds my gears? When a company says spit back protection but when you go to hit it. You swallow a puddle of juice lol
youbradbro : @fckn_xero ffffffuuuck I agree
tbj_blessedmom : @youbradbro oh damn I can rant bout this subject for awhile lol
fckn_xero : You know what really grinds me gears? Last one attys that have "heat sink rings" so you use all metal drip tip and still gets hot as fuck!
nastyboymarc - cezar_tvs_asov - kagehito54 - lyannacharise_ -
I saw this and had to take a picture of my screen and share... Lol #screenshot #screenception #petergriffin #familyguy #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
familyguy - screenception - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - screenshot - petergriffin -
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Another jackass getting off to use the drive thru ATM... #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
gangogaraldilio - graciebiel - youngbruhh__3hunna - gee_dopester -
At all? #GTFO. #tool #apc #aperfectcircle #mjk #maynardjameskeenan #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
maynardjameskeenan - gtfo - aperfectcircle - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - apc - tool - mjk -
death.bell : Lol!!!!
karjikianshogheir : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
neko_fukuro : 😁😁
fullyaliveintheflesh - centipode - angelahmeow - clintwells -
Oh, you're not a poet? I guess that's why you write poetry and have over 120,000 fans. I dgaf how good your writing is, my observation is that you're a haughty schmuck and I want nothing to do with you. #gooddaysir #excusemewhileivent #rant #attentionwhore #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #okayimdonenow
gooddaysir - okayimdonenow - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - excusemewhileivent - rant - attentionwhore -
death.bell : You tell em Jacob!
jacobrusselldring : Lol :D @death.bell
dilemmacarter : Ugh I know. Their profile is like "I have never called myself a poet." Does that make you a big deal? A poet is just one who writes poems. Sooo..... You're a poet. And an asshole.
jacobrusselldring : Lmao exactly @dilemmacarter
dilemmacarter : I'm glad we can angst over the same things.
a_poetic_warrior : @dilemmacarter you're a poet and an asshole LOL love it
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Got a new page for this stuff @coco.love #myonlypsa #dontdrivewithyourhazardson #mirrorgram #downtownmiami #prettyevenwhenshesugly #inception_mia #miami #clouds #cloudporn #reconstructingnature #miamiweather #weather
igersmiami - reconstructingnature - clouds - cloudporn - mirrorgram - miami - itsforsafetyreasons - downtownmiami - prettyevenwhenshesugly - weather - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - miamiweather - dontdrivewithyourhazardson - inception_mia - myonlypsa -
lovethecoco : @_jules_mcfly_ hey it's you! Thank you :)
huskerpowers : for all my weird shit. new fave bio
lovethecoco : @huskerpowers lol πŸ‘
_julesmcfly_ : Love this image
_julesmcfly_ : @lovethecoco
daniaemily_fitcoaches : Great!
deerazo : This is great
lovethecoco : @deerazo thank you
beasbread - wallstylee - shogoe_dmk - reachone -
Just having a moment. #familyguy #petergriffin #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
familyguy - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - petergriffin -
caitj123 - 93brittanyrenee - kazcon1979 - missmanovich04 -
It's called a blinker, bitch!! (Jesse Pinkman's voice) #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears #baddrivers #houstontraffic #dumbasses
baddrivers - houstontraffic - dumbasses - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears -
nina11488 : Lol that's me
too_much_awesomeness_for_you : @nina11488 ugh people get on my nerves when they don't use them! 😠
normajeane.htx - nina11488 -
I hate when I go to store for milk and the produce section is all out. It really grinds my gears. Lmao. Oh, gotta love customer comments.
produce - youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears - customerlogic - ignoranceisbliss - customercomments - milk -
whoa_its_raquel : #customerlogic #customercomments #ignoranceisbliss #produce #milk #youknowwhatreallygrindsmygears
mrs_hufflepuff - maria_mteee -
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