My face whenever people try to start a debate on what the appropriate tipping percentage is. #HomieDontDoIt #illgiveyouahint #itaint10percent #tiprightorgohome #youcanhaveacoke #togo #separatechecksmyass #thatsthatishidontlike #serverlife #serverproblems @server_life @serverlyfe @lcsuttle @cinda25 @boopgettinmoney @kdixon9 @h_hollanddd
thatsthatishidontlike - youcanhaveacoke - serverlife - serverproblems - illgiveyouahint - togo - separatechecksmyass - homiedontdoit - tiprightorgohome - itaint10percent -
wicked_smaaht : @ms._lioness
h_hollanddd : 50% please
wicked_smaaht : @h_hollanddd hahaha yass pleaz!!
kallman44 : Ooo weee, I say wuts up wit dat?!!! Lol
wings_n_things5148 - hd_lail - smauldin220 - katherinejeannefitness -
Stay out of trouble so you don't have to wear an ankle bracelet to the DMV. #goals #housearrest #igersjax #jaxbeach #classy #welcometokingburger #no #youcanhaveacoke #onlyinduval
jaxbeach - no - welcometokingburger - onlyinduval - youcanhaveacoke - goals - classy - housearrest - igersjax -
jfrielphotos : #onlyinduval @onlyinduval
jfrielphotos - johnvanessafitness - bailee9oh4 - amitcha33 -
Well, look who I found at PLT tonight! So fabulous seeing the lovely @jola317! #PCCReunionYall #YouCanHaveACoke ;)
youcanhaveacoke - pccreunionyall - gameongirl -
nattylinn : My friend! Mine!
jola317 : @nattylinn you're so possesive :) I told her all about our nyc trip we are planning.
nattylinn : #mine
nattylinn : @jola317
brookeafleming : @nattylinn #GameOnGirl! Haha ;)
rebekahpyle - hrrcnsmc8 - krewe_of_pucks - myboringcloset -
Good morning too this beautiful gem πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ž #WCW #boothang #youcanhaveacoke #crush #queen @aj_alishajonae
boothang - youcanhaveacoke - queen - crush - wcw -
aj_alishajonae : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’• thanks babe! And I'll take a 6 pack! πŸ˜‚ @kekoasingz
katiedangelo : Her outfit πŸ™Œ
mandachristiine : She's gorgeous
cody_headlightprosllc - chamorrita4lyfe - swaggy_1771 - forklift.certified808 -
Going to see @anjelahjohnson with @elliev03! Can't wait! #BonQuiQui #Iwillcuuutyou #youcanhaveacoke
youcanhaveacoke - iwillcuuutyou - bonquiqui -
quavail : But don't get crazy! #SACURRITY
elliev03 : I can't wait! Woot woot!
hlundstrom - quavail - captxander - jessiecalinog -
3 years ago when you forget your license when your out for your birthday #nodrinksformethatnight #youcanhaveacoke #shetriedtofightmesir #bonquiqui #madtv @cjflickingaaa
youcanhaveacoke - shetriedtofightmesir - nodrinksformethatnight - bonquiqui - madtv -
carlathegoblin - diinamariie - cjflickingaaa -
Every. Day. #baristalife #crazyorders #youcanhaveacoke
youcanhaveacoke - crazyorders - baristalife -
misshollydawn : Those are the people you give decaf to
stefanieanne_b : HAHAHAHA that part is on point!
reenie_weenee : Yaassss!!! Hahaha
zoefay3 - meg_pitch - michalynn_brown - margolux90 -
#siblings #hercakeday #youcanhaveacoke!!!
siblings - youcanhaveacoke - hercakeday -
beccagomez614 - thisissoultosoul - _yadielizabeth - hk03612 -
Oh, you need ranch? Hold on I have to take a selfie πŸ’ #chiliheads #letmetakeaselfie #byefelicia #youcanhaveacoke #valentinesday #secondfamily
secondfamily - byefelicia - chiliheads - youcanhaveacoke - valentinesday - letmetakeaselfie -
jasmineleemarie - courtneyslifeincolor - debmac633 - mortonwifey13 -
#throwback to Christmas - when it actually felt like summer and I wasn't stuck in school #takemeback #summer #christmas #family #backtoschool
summer - takemeback - family - youcanhaveacoke - throwback - backtoschool - christmas -
tee_stowers_ : Aww haha your dad, miss his teching πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™
rhegantuakoi : already sick of school haha?
itselleo : @tearohastowers and he misses sacred heart ! @rhegantuakoi it's been 2 days and I'm already begging for another holiday
nzcrystal : throwback to stealing your aunty's camera fat pig
itselleo : Throwback to when my Aunty was dumb enough to leave her camera with me @nzcrystal #youcanhaveacoke
jessicametekingi - 1800schoolies - mckennaw77 - k1tak1ta -
#serverlife #youcanhaveacoke #bonquiqui #dontgetcrazy
serverlife - dontgetcrazy - bonquiqui - youcanhaveacoke -
denisej212 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ I die!!!
e_asiempre : 😁true story
morethanblonde : @mikebidak @melbyhaley @steenmelby @brownstallion13 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
runsarah - denisej212 - 12sigma -
I know this has become one of the more difficult days for.you but none the less.... I want you to enjoy your day so a very Happy birthday to this gorgeous mommy to be.... Shavelle kuuipo kaanohiolani Jones, Thank you for being so good to me and my boys we love you so much!! Turn dooown for you this time but we will make it up.... #holdThecrown #youcanHaveaCoke #TD #babyKJ #ily Happy birthday uncle Jay i know your watching over her and so proud! We miss & love u!
babykj - td - youcanhaveacoke - holdthecrown - ily -
u_can_beyou2full : We are sending you & KJ our Lβ™‘V3 vibes from Redlands on this special, but difficult day. I pray the good memories of you & J filled your day with laughter & more tears of joy than sorrow. His spirit is all around you hugging your soul & anticipating the birth of baby KJ. XOXOX β™‘ Joey? Noe & Elijah - Oh Samaria & Anaya too said Happy Birthday
u_can_beyou2full : BTW....You galz are gorgeous, like always
sjon3s_ : Thank you mama Tae!! Love you!
lizifunasty - _itzshaelynn - milanxo92 - dtg92 -
End of a chapter but not the end of the story 😘 #Bondedforlife #goodbye #nope #throughthickandthin #bffs #spicegirls #dontgo #endofanera #youcanhaveacoke #security @amandamaeeg @bossybritchezz
bondedforlife - bffs - danganythingelse - endofanera - youcanhaveacoke - goodbye - throughthickandthin - spicegirls - security - nope - dontgo -
missindiechick : @xleaguenation @bahnmibabe this is cuter 😜
bahnmibabe : Beyond @missindiechick @bossybritchezz @amandamaeeg
missindiechick : DANG!! ANYTHING ELSE? @adornea @betscrr @bossybritchezz #danganythingelse
shannonamabile - ya.middleton - missvivianlee - xloves_ed_sheeranx -
Current mood. Not a morning person.. #youcanhaveacoke
youcanhaveacoke -
jessiereda : Yup. #complicatedorder
caitlindaviss - danaaa_99 - flyry212 - tayumalger -
Messy hair, don't care. #datbuntho #peacehomies #summer #lovingit @paul_ardern @nzcrystal don't judge me #youcanhaveacoke
youcanhaveacoke - lovingit - datbuntho - peacehomies - summer -
cicilee_alanerobin : Okay. You're freaking perfect.
itselleo : @cicilee_alanerobin aww ! You're a total babe x
zoeebriffault : Stunning 😍 miss you
itselleo : Miss you too @zoeebriffault 😘 x
resya_barnez : Love this shot πŸ’•
jaejaebeckham - resya_barnez - tee_stowers_ - tumeke10 -
The fu** is this 'posed to mean? #no #assholes #youcanhaveacoke #thatsnotafortune
youcanhaveacoke - thatsnotafortune - assholes - no -
whatwouldjentaydo : means you will have the shits Cuz of what your ordered
carolefowler6 : #Ditto
terrysteelman - aaronlawrence79 - cgriffiths19 - briannatwitty24 -
Happy Birthday to my crazy, beautiful, intelligent, goofy sister! I love you!! #youcanhaveacoke
youcanhaveacoke -
nikkindc : Happy Bday To one of my FAV peeps! Love you!
chrissykrause93 : Ditto
rayybayybay - briezus420 - chrissykrause93 - grace.moe -
Sometimes I feel.. It sucks the life out of me to ask someone "what they want to drink", cause so many people don't know what they want. People want u to tell them what they want! #youcanhaveacoke #killinthesehoesinmyworkclothes
beautiful - cute - fashion - love - summer - food - instalike - tbt - youcanhaveacoke - follow - instadaily - instamood - friends - girl - me - swag - like4like - tflers - followme - killinthesehoesinmyworkclothes - instagood - tagsforlikes - amazing - bestoftheday - fun - smile - photooftheday - picoftheday - happy -
caddylykewhoa : #love #TagsForLikes @TagsForLikes #instagood #me #smile #follow #cute #photooftheday #tbt #followme #tagsforlikes #girl #beautiful #happy #picoftheday #instadaily #food #swag #amazing #TFLers #fashion #fun #summer #instalike #bestoftheday #smile #like4like #friends #instamood
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"Sir, she was tryna fight me!" #dontinterruptrude #youcanhaveacoke #ruderudeimmacut #securrrrity #kingburger #babyquiqui
dontinterruptrude - ruderudeimmacut - kingburger - youcanhaveacoke - babyquiqui - securrrrity -
gretchenerika : You should put that on the back of your business cards βœ‹πŸ”ͺ
hurlbutt20 : Oh is that what you done said???
boushra_elevee : @uscjend hahahhaha! I want one of those
boushra_elevee : Put on my cards lol
nattie130 - boushra_elevee - lscribb - realbonquiqui -
You want me to get out of bed? And go into the cold? Um. No. #youcanhaveacoke #iiztoocute #itscold #snuggleme #huskypuppy #siberianhusky #8months #features4huskies
features4huskies - siberianhusky - itscold - iiztoocute - 8months - huskypuppy - youcanhaveacoke - snuggleme -
absint3 : He's georgeous! And gives a funny dude vibe :)
kai.the.husky : 😊😁🐾❀️ thank you @absint3
mark_yondaime - simply_dexter - wolfgang_theshepsky - patriciacc95 -
I am so thankful for the opportunity to have met and spent time with this awesome group of people. So glad we all hit it off five months ago, and even though we didn't get to spend that much time together, I'll always remember the times we had! One last time in the party van 🚘
disneycollegeprogram - dickslastresort - chicago - memories - disneysidecast - waltdisneyworld - youcanhaveacoke - naro - partyvan - traininggroup - wdw - dcp -
claydixon : #dcp #disneycollegeprogram #disneysidecast #waltdisneyworld #wdw #traininggroup #memories #youcanhaveacoke #naro #chicago #partyvan #dickslastresort
jessabelle03 : PARTY VAN FOREVER β™‘
jessabelle03 : P.s. did you really have to hashtag naroo? @claydixon
mydisneyglitch - sullyfrench - crockett_twins - cldixon9 -
My current life motto, cuz good guys are so hard to find :') #friesbeforeguys #lifemotto #socks #sockswithwords #ilovefries #myfeet #youcanhaveacoke
sockswithwords - lifemotto - youcanhaveacoke - ilovefries - friesbeforeguys - myfeet - socks - primark -
katnadia : Primark! @nastjaxs I'll try and get you some next time I go to a primark, yes?
nastjaxs : Yes, please! 😘
esthericaza : @eyeluvmusic I need these!!!
eyeluvmusic : Ha @esthericaza
katnadia : @esthericaza @eyeluvmusic #primark :) they're lovely, aren't they? :)
eyeluvmusic : They are @katnadia
evokesocks : This is awesome!
katnadia : Merci, @evokesocks I like to think so too :)
all_about_matt - nastjaxs - pikachuu_010 - softkittyclothing -
Missing my little bit soo much right noww!! #zister #YouCanHaveACoke @achampionnn_
zister - youcanhaveacoke -
achampionnn_ : 😭😭😭😭 OMG I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY! #byefelicia
kmarieschram : 😘😘😘
secaroline - carlachou4 - mckinseyshea - colinschram -
Omgaaaawd she's coming to Dallas!!! I want to go see her show!!! #bonquiqui #youpuuuutynails #youcanhaveacoke #secruity #ahhhhhrude #iwillcutyou
youcanhaveacoke - youpuuuutynails - bonquiqui - iwillcutyou - secruity - ahhhhhrude -
reaching4thestars - jo_domin - vanessagarcia25 - dromtz -
I don't work with humans but if I did πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #bonquiqui #youcanhaveacoke #canihelpyou #monday #complicatedorder #sekurity
youcanhaveacoke - sekurity - complicatedorder - monday - canihelpyou - bonquiqui -
kauesatke : Eu na recep @neumann_paulo hahahahhaha
neumann_paulo : HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHA AMOOOO @kauesatke
loselancer : @lifesoprecious
unclepeee : @fknreyna yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaasssssss
fknreyna : I swearrr!!! πŸ˜… bisssh boooop! πŸ˜‚ @unclepeee
fknreyna : @acacia_marieeee @grace_naomi yaa feel 😩
psycho_jay24 : @bmedoll reminded me of us! Lol
bmedoll : Haha @psycho_jay24
kye11kye - albysky - larrayhay - yo_taye -
Days and nights mixed up. #ru #youcanhaveacoke
ru - youcanhaveacoke -
wally1198 : Ugh!!!
amanda_leigh29 : I know how it is @victoria.mosley91 both of mine had days and nights mixed up with Nathan my last one he had his mixed up for about 3 months lol talk about rough
heaths5884 : I am so right there with you! If you need someone to talk to, to help/distract you thru the rough moments text/message me.
mulhallt : LOL!!!! That look!
swhittenburg95 - carina_nemowa - mkjkmom - tiffanygailbyars -
If you love chai like I love chai , this is the business right here ! I made it with some steamed almond milk and added agave to sweeten it ! Amazing #christmastime #chai #blessed
youcanhaveacoke - christmastime - chai - blessed - likea -
jemsfish : oouuu i want to try... chai !
sasha_son : I am seriously obsessed with this stuff , it's a powder and you don't need to let it steep , just stir ! And no added sugar or milk to the powder just the chai ! Gosh they should pay me to advertise this lol @jemsfish so yummy
jemsfish : Hahahha I can totally hear and see you explains (selling lol) this stuff to me ! #loveyou #missyou πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘…
sasha_son : I love and miss you like crazy #youcanhaveacoke #likea πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘…
sasha_son : @jemsfish
josequigua - dkxdicen - miss_roxyj - loveloke -
Yeah can I get a hot chocolate in a small cup with three packs of cocoa half hot water half hot milk, one pack of sugar one ekal....yes EKAL. Whipped cream, with 4 cherries and dont put the lid on. OH OH and some Baileys! Wait what?? I gotta pay for dat??? Just give me dat free stuff then. 😳 Uhhh you better take this damn vodka and cran and have a nice night. #thestruggle #notip #youcanhaveacoke #bonquiqui @wu___tang @hopexa @illbrill82 @jnpolen @tifajordan @eclecticdre @sweetnessxlight @pittmanl @ysm_love @lorisreynolds @lillylaylaxoxo @kellylamaya @angely87 @bmx_mmy @nolookingback1062013 @nekeyke @danipuller @jackillac25 @rozayrose23
youcanhaveacoke - nehmine - thestruggle - notip - bonquiqui -
kymba62 : #cheapbastards
wisteriallb1 : Omg! I am gut laughing! One of my favorite moments was when I had a guest ask "how much to add skrimp sker" ...."how many skrimps on that sker?" ....."nehmine..." all I wanted to say was " the 80's called. They want their mullet back" #80sladieswithnoteethtryntoeatawelldonesteak
jalenzurismom : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wisteriallb1 #nehmine
bpittsnogle : Man i get asked for the dumbest shit anymore its like they make it up and i just look at them like "never heard of it sooo nope we dont have it. We also dont have jaeger, ciroc, guiness, american honey, fireball, or cider beer. Soo what can i get ya?" Ha
jalenzurismom : We got nuthin! πŸ˜‚ @bpittsnogle
angely87 : Yesss extra cherries !! I bring out like 8 and it's not enough, next time im bringing the whole Damn jar.with me , here bitchhh get your cherries! !@jalenzurismom
the_missp : This is HILARIOUS!
incognitoburrito_ : @stephyheartsyou
jalenzurismom - illbrill82 - cspencer31273 - lorisreynolds -
Chilling with Santa at work. #shegottogo #security #youcanhaveacoke #nofilter #santawheresmychanclas #tacosforever #tamaleseason
youcanhaveacoke - shegottogo - tacosforever - santawheresmychanclas - tamaleseason - security - nofilter -
diamondairvip - estephensjr - houston_to_go - junmercm -
#tbt #killingitatmickyDs #rudedontinturpt #kingburger #youcanhaveacoke #popcollar #overalls #90skid #ohhayymichaelsnametag
popcollar - rudedontinturpt - 90skid - tbt - ohhayymichaelsnametag - youcanhaveacoke - killingitatmickyds - kingburger - overalls -
king_joffy_dough : Awwww 😭😭😭😭
kaitlynnbilleraa : may I take your orderrr?! πŸ˜‚ @e_money33
e_money33 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kaitlynnbilleraa
jimbobway26 : πŸ˜‚
lilkmags : πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚β€
jimbobway26 - megiisaurous - _ev0ke - d_rose_56 -
AHAHAHAHAH #bonquiqui #butdontgetcrazy #youcanhaveacoke @insta_jamesy @fell_downthe_rabbithole
youcanhaveacoke - butdontgetcrazy - bonquiqui -
carlieox : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
drea0727 : @curiousgeorge87 lol @andypandy6970
meli_rezy - iamla_24 - fell_downthe_rabbithole - carldwright -
I have to say I Love this Amazing woman!!! @mkf711 we have the best laughs and you make my day everyday I see you! "you can have a coke!" #Thanksgiving #Swagdaddy #Bonquiqui #Youcanhaveacoke #lmfao
lmfao - swagdaddy - thanksgiving - bonquiqui - youcanhaveacoke -
bigbird9393 : Yo
mfasolo : Wish I got a shout out one day πŸ˜”
queencoral_k - _sarasimpson_ - jonathan_a_chester - mk_glam_fairy -
10 year old me just got so excited that Uncle Jesse is coming to town πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜
youcanhaveacoke - whowantsnachos -
janessa1020 : Absolutely @danadw 🍷
carolinesmithwick : I'm in @danadw what time does it start @janessa1020
janessa1020 : Starts at 6pm @carolinesmithwick Santa will also arrive in his Elvis inspired red jumpsuit πŸŽ…
meredith_t : @danadw @christininmemphis @mereyrae @carolinesmithwick @janessa1020 count me in especially if there's cocktails. 🍷🍷🍷
meredith_t : @janessa1020 @danadw @christininmemphis @mereyrae @carolinesmithwick anyone still going?
janessa1020 : Sorry :( mini has a basketball game and I have concession stand duty during the boys game #whowantsnachos #youcanhaveacoke
janessa1020 : πŸ‘† @meredith_t @christininmemphis @carolinesmithwick @mereyrae @danadw
carolinesmithwick : Celebrating my grandpas 84th birthday tonight since he was sick Wednesday @meredith_t
audreyparimore - babydoll_brea - magicstorm3 - cmmunson -
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