Looking thru some old pics and found this... It was Matt's winning entry into @ablebrewing #xtremekone contest. #GoodTimes
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joshualindstrom : Was there ever a video made of his brew method?
nomadmobilecoffee : Nice!
entimoscoffee : @joshualindstrom It was filmed but I don't think it's been released.
thelonelyplaces : This is the best!
entimoscoffee : @thelonelyplaces Thanks! It was a fun day and great coffee!
joebeancoffeebar : @jarodsickler
kauaicoffeeco : Awesome image and glad the coffee was great! Aloha
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#Entimos boyz doing what they do best #xtremekone
entimos - xtremekone -
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I was playing some banjo when an Xtreme Gift from @ablebrewing showed up in the mail this morning! Thanks! #xtremekone
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joe_althaus : Oh yeah, shirt from @wireandtwine, via @thecityflea
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All That Glitters is Gold #xtremekone @ablebrewing
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bestieverchad : #coffee #kone #magichour #pourover #igersaustin
bk017 : Dude that is awesome. Well done sir!
j_pa : Dang ballin
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Damn that's hot. #XtremeKone Thanks @ablebrewing!
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ladroroasting : Awesome
mattdittemore - muglife - keatonviolet - ladroroasting -
@ablebrewing you guys are amazing! Thanks so much we had such a great time with the #xtremekone competition!
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ablebrewing : :)
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Well, it was fun #XtremeKone -ing with everyone. On to #NWRBC
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The thing about #XtremeKone brewing is that it's a special process. @AbleBrewing, @Sprudge, this is how it's done. Because if one is not enough... XtremeKone Recipe: You will need 20g of coffee, 300g of 200F water, burr grinder, timer, kettle, scale and spoon. 1: Place filter in preheated brewer and then both on the scale. 2: Prepare 20g of fresh, xtremely good coffee at a medium course grind. (Adjust to taste) 3: Add the coffee to the filter and gently shake brewer to settle coffee bed. 4: Zero scale and start timer. 5: Pour 50g of water in the centre for 10 seconds. 6: Vigorously stir coffee bed from the edge in to the centre for 10 seconds. 7: Wait 45 seconds. 8: Xtremely slowly, pour 200g of water in small, centered circles, no larger than an inch for 0:55-1:05 minutes. 9: Once 250g is achieved, wait until water recedes to the coffee bed, around 8 seconds, then pour final 100g of water as before in 0:25-0:30 seconds. 10: Let coffee bed reappear and dripping finish between 2:50 - 3:10 minutes. 11: Enjoy your xtremely good coffee!
xtremekone -
entimoscoffee : Well done!
stefanfyvr : For those wondering, the onsite recipe was as follows. At home, boil some water and fill thermos. Grind a handfull of beans into a jar. Walk, clothed, to Stanley Park for an hour. Find suitable photo location. Unpack. Realize you left your kettle at home. Prepare for the cold fogginess of Vancouver on a Monday morning. Remove clothing and go to my "special place". Throw an amount of grind coffee in kone. Pose. Start pouring hot water. Pose. Realizes it's actually F$*@ing cold out. Finish pouring water in about 30 seconds. Or so. Pour brew back in to thermos. Repeat 3x times for "that shot". Pose. Start regretting doing this in January. Pause shoot and grab jacket to warm up. Check photos. Allow photographer (a.k.a. brother) to suggest pose. Remove jacket. Strike it. Pour coffee into mug. Drink the most delicious cup of coffee EVER! Dress, laugh at insanity, pack up, head home, edit, publish...
yungcoffeemane : Just keeps getting better.
amanda_erin : You are awesome.
stefanfyvr : @amanda_erin @cloudimass @lepoff I see you guys went WAY back through my history last night 😜
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Thought of the perfect #xtremekone entry. A little too late.
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chantalireland : @ablebrewing @sprudge
yunghangover : That's what I was thinking when picking out the music to the video of mine!
chantalireland : @hwreck Haha so good.
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just another morning in the lab... step 1. preheat mug with hot water, step 2. grind 26 grams of delicious freshly roasted beans, step 3. add ground beans to the kone and level the coffee bed with light tapping upon the side, step 4. bring water to a boil and pour transfer 380 grams to your desired kettle (cooling the water to approx. 200 degrees F), step 5. delicately cover grounds with water (~45 grams) and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds, step 6. pour a consistent stream of water in small concentric circles in the middle of the coffee bed until the kone is approx. half full, step 7. add the remaining water while keeping the water level constant, step 8. enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. #XtremeKone #betterlivingthroughchemistry
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The Entimos boys where just minding their own business, getting ready to make some coffee and take our last picture for the #xtremekone Challenge for @ablebrewing & @sprudge when this officer showed up and broke up our fun... 1. We started with 46g of coffee and heated 650g of water to 200F just enough to make two perfect 8 oz cups of coffee 2. We pre-infused 50g of water to wet the grounds and waited 30 secs 3. That's when this officer showed up and took our coffee, slammed Matt on the hood of the car and threw Tim in the back 4. It's apparent he knew about @Entimoscoffee & @kumacoffee because he recognized good roasters when he sees them 5. We told him to pulse pour slowly to ensure thorough extraction 6. It's obvious he wasn't in any hurry to screw this recipe up, which takes about 4 min. 7. After he had finished the last pour and allowed the remaining coffee to emerge from the grounds, he removed the Gold Kone, made a quick swirl of the Chemex, poured it in his travel mug and proceeded to drink our coffee 8. The judges says we can go home in the morning
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kumacoffee : :)
thejennchen : This is too funny!
cjspeelman : He caught you guys ridin dirty!
entimoscoffee : @cjspeelman hahaha that's great...yes he did!
jason_cohen : Awesome
phonenomenon : This is xtreme! Definitely a winner! Hope he let the @entimoscoffee boys off after having a good cup of coffee! @ablebrewing @sprudge @stripedshirt @ayullonsdale
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#xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge Some additional photos of the coffee I made for my first submission. They just seemed to good not to share. The recipe is on the first submission. This was actually a fantastic cup of coffee. It was Entimos of course. ;-)
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ddavidn : Very like.
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3D movies, 4K tvs... They've got NOTHING on my 2K KoneVisionTM. #XtremeKone Warning: KoneVisionTM may cause extraction superiority complex and/or feelings of euphoria.
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#xtremekone 20g fresh coffee medium fine grind. 300g of water at 200°. pour 50g to fully saturate and let coffee bloom. wait 45 sec. slowly pour remaining 250g of water directly in middle as coffee bed rises. pour into your favorite mug. enjoy. ride like the wind
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jason_cohen : @timphamdotcom everyday I'm hustlin ;) in NOLA this weekend btw
jason_cohen : @jeromyreaux may take a while ;)
jeromyreaux : @jason_cohen I can wait. :)
beznet : Genius
joryleecordy : #xtremekone R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
c.wolfthebarber : It was cool. Lots of beards beer and I'll chubs food truck was amazing.
c.wolfthebarber : But this seems better. You look like a very attractive bored man and I like that
shampoolife : That is the best coffee station ever!!!!
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#The Double Long Drop Start with water at an aggressive boil. The xtreme heat will help protect brewing temp against heat loss associated with open air elevation drop. 28g of medium ground coffee. The shifting from the stairs may help or harm the level brewing bed. As @rroobbpp is demonstrating accuracy is important. 420g water with a 75g/30s bloom. Aggressive agitation from elevation change will need to be monitored. 3 min total brew time. After the roaster questions your technique, dump remaining water into already brewed #ablekone. Thusly, covering him (@augiescoffee) in finished coffeeness. Allow @rybak ample time to serve customers. Repeat #xtremekone #fruitbomb #chemex #coffeeservice
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roaster_jeff : LMFAO, @augiescoffee is awesome!
northbounder : hahahaha! But, how did it taste?
augiescoffee : @northbounder mine poured all over me, but the other one was alright. Lost quite a bit of grounds on the long drop lol definitely not a new option of service at Augies.
bzacl : See, what you need is a funnel on the bottom end. Like, a comically SMALL funnel. Make it happen.
jellybelly_ : This is great!!! 😂
travwil : #weuserybaksunderwearascoffeefilters #trufrutrobert #thedonoffruitbombs
jessieroos : Yessss
mercysupply : Let me know if you ever need aprons or coffee sleeves! Great shop you have there
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"Inverted Kone" #xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge Our Recipe: 500mL filtered water (203F) 32g fresh roasted coffee Grind: Med (Ditting 7) Instructions: Pre-heat Chemex Add ground coffee to Kone; gently shake to level the coffee bed and add Kone to Chemex; Place Chemex on Scale-Tare-Start timer; 0m0s: begin pre-wet with 100g Water -- for this stage, pour slowly, directly into the center, until all coffee grounds are wet... Be patient and pour slow - there is no need for a circular pour...yet! 0m45s: Begin next stage of brewing by pouring slowly into the center and circling out to a size of a silver dollar. Pour until slurry is within a thumbs width of top of Kone filter. 1m45s : continue pouring water slowly into the center, keeping the slurry at a consistent depth, until you're poured 500mL 3m30s: You should reach 500mL around this time 4m20s: Brewing Finished! Remove Kone from Chemex; Decant into another server or let rest 3-5 minutes before serving. Makes enough for one, but perfect for two... Enjoy!
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cornexo : W T F
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I don't expect Invisibl Skratch Piklz to be calling, but I defy you to top me on these wheels of steel. #XtremeKone
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smoovebcoffee : If you have a record player (that you want to spill coffee all over) you too can brew like @RyanSoeder and @hermitudinous with circulating ease. http://hermitudinous.com/2010/07/15/turn-and-pour/ I'd recommend brewing one cup at a time to minimize mopping later. Start with 15g of ground coffee in your v3 Kone. Bloom with 30g of water for 45 seconds. Pour the remaining 220g of water over the next 2 minutes in concentric circles, aided by your phonograph.  Kone v1 and Kone v2 headphones are optional. #BringThatBeatBack #ImNotTheDJ #XtremeKone
keatonviolet : If this doesn't win I quit life @ablebrewing @sprudge
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Why's my iced coffee so buttery smooth? What's cooler than being cool? Same Answer: ICED KONE! #XtremeKone
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smoovebcoffee : This recipe comes with special thanks to @christosandrews and @colecoffee who tipped me off to this last summer. Take a recipe you like and reduce the pouring water by 1/3, substituting ice for that pouring water. Unlike brewing double strength over ice, this way will melt your ice in the time it takes for you to brew. No waiting for the ice to melt and fix the coffee concentration means more time for drinking your coffee! I try to keep my coffee math simple, so here's my round-number recipe. 27g of ground coffee in the Kone v3, 150g of ice in the bottom of your chemex. Bloom with 50g of water for about 45 seconds, then pour the remaining 250g of water over the next 2 minutes. Swirl and enjoy your ICED KONE coffee now!
tehdan : Iced kone 3000
smoovebcoffee : You're damn right.
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The text, brief. The danger, real. "Baby koalas, drowning below the cliff. Koalas dude." But 1st I needed an #XtremeKone @ablebrewing
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nickshuley : Is the amazing button next to the like button?
bk017 : Damn son. You have my vote. Win that shit!
patowells : Best pic ever
ladroroasting : this must be a winner @ablebrewing.
elizwayman : 70% of koalas have chlamydia 🐨
bestieverchad : @waspyredhead that would the first #koalas STD comment haha... Also, #coffee #igersaustin
shellyh1234 : I'd vote for you!
aspatelvt : bad ass picture dude. might join your with my aeropress next time.
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#xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge You should definitely check out my awesome making of video to see how xtreme this was http://youtu.be/ovnLMpv5VFM
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yunghangover : Set Up 1. Ensure Able Kone Filter & Chemex or comparable brewing device is clean. 2. On a medium-fine setting, fresh grind desired amount of coffee using a 1 part coffee to 16-17 parts water ratio, adjust to taste (for example 27 grams of coffee to 445 grams of water). 3. Turn on scale. 4. Place Kone filter into Chemex or comparable brewing device, add coffee, place on scale. 5. Tare scale to zero it's weight. 6. Reset stopwatch timer. 7. Heat water to approximately 200-205º F (93-96º C). This can be achieved by allowing water to boil, remove from heat, and wait 40 seconds. Use a pouring kettle with a spout that allows for a more controlled pour if possible. Brewing 8. Gently pour twice the water weight as dry beans (i.e. 54 grams water over 27 grams coffee) in a spiral motion starting in the center moving outward, and back inward again, from as close to the bed as possible.(do not pour directly against sidewall of filter, it will make the coffee watered down!). 9. Allow wet grounds to degas, or bloom for approximately 30 seconds. 10. Initiate full brew cycle by gently yet quickly pouring water with the same spiral motion, try not to pour for too long over one area at a time. 11. Continue this motion generally adding water every 15 to 20 seconds, depending on amount of coffee used until target water weight is achieved (in this example 445 grams total water). 12. Remove Kone and set aside when stream turns into a drip, total brew time should be around 3 minutes. 13. Use free time during pour to engage with your friends, family, customers, or dog about how awesome hand crafted coffee is, and the added boost of body they are about to enjoy because of the Kone's design. Afterglow 14. Allow the coffee to cool for around 3 to 5 minutes before drinking to ensure full enjoyment of flavor. Be sure to quickly toss, or even better compost the old grounds, and clean your Kone thoroughly for future brewing. 15. Enjoy your hard work! Take note of taste and make adjustments for brewing strength and time for the next pot.
sproanddro : Tthis is so fucking XTREME! Nice job and thanks for the recipe!
yunghangover : Thanks @sproanddro , when @ablebrewing said get xtreme, I really just felt like it had to embody what that word meant in like '97, check out my twitter @hgradient for the awesomely ridiculous making of video
gypsybeecharmer : my big brother is cooler than yours.
braille_teeth : nicefontz bra.
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#xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge 1. Pre-heat Diedrich roaster to 250F 2. Weigh out 23g of coffee, I enjoy @EntimosCoffee personally 3. Weight out 300g of cold filtered water 4. Once roaster is at proper temperature, specifically place Able Brewing Gold Kone and any receptacle you choose to receive the coffee on top of your scale. Pay careful attention to the location of the Kone and were your water comes out. 5. Slowly pour cold water into bean hopper and allow water to heat to 200F within the drum, you can note the temperature of your water by the sophisticated thermocouple within the roaster drum. 6. At the perfect time slowly open the drop handle and pre-infuse 50g of coffee and wait 30 secs. 7. After 30 secs, pulse pour remaining amount of water into the Kone. 8. It's ok to wait 10-15 secs between pours to admire the roaster, see how gorgeous it is, how perfect the size and the quality of roasted coffee it produces. 9. Ok, back to making coffee... 10. Once you have finished your extraction of coffee, set aside the Kone, swirl your receptacle and relish the fact you just created the most Xtreme cup of coffee. Disclaimer: NO DIEDRICH ROASTER WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PHOTO
xtremekone -
kelshill : Nice shirt!
morewhole : @kelshill thanks!!
mattdittemore - thejennchen - ddavidn - ramenbox -
This is our go to recipe when looking for some balance to start out the day. - Boil ~1L water, remove from heat, let stand for 1 min prior to pour. - 50 g whole bean coffee - Medium grind - Preheat KONE/Carafe with 100-200 mL water - Discard preheat water - Place ground coffee in KONE, gently spin to level - Saturate grounds with 150 mL water - Allow the coffee to bloom for 30-40 sec - Begin pour, first saturating grounds and allowing the water level to rise to the top of the grounds. From here, maintain a steady pour in the center of the grounds matching the inlet and outlet flows. Allow intermediate rests every ~250 mL. 600 mL total of water used for this final pour. - Allow the bed to completely drain - Serve & enjoy ( serves 2 - 12 oz mugs) #erichbrennkone #sabredance #xtremeplatespinning #xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge @joealthaus
sabredance - xtremekone - erichbrennkone - kone - xtremeplatespinning - konefilter -
liphaus : #kone #konefilter
hong_sta : oh my god....!
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MULTITASKING! Sometimes I like to make coffee while getting my truck washed. #XtremeKone @AbleBrewing @Sprudge Okay, here is the recipe. 23 grams of freshly ground coffee and 300 grams of water. Allow the grounds to be saturated on the first pass. Ideally you want about 45 seconds before you begin adding water. You will also want the water to be at about 200 degrees.  The car wash water is only about 40 degrees and it comes much faster than you will want. Additional problems were realized when I was finally able to open my eyes and see that the water was splashing the coffee grounds as well as the walls of the Kone.  Ideally, you want to control your pour better and keep it closer to the center rather than splashing all over everything. It was difficult to get anywhere near 300 grams of water in the Kone even with several passes of the high pressure jets. Perhaps if I had waited through several car washes, 300 grams would have been possible. But at $7 per wash, there are more economical ways to get water for your coffee. One of the most commonly overlooked mistakes that people make with regard to brewing coffee is the use of quality water. Time did not permit me to retrieve my TDS meter to test this water however it seemed to have a fruity smell and was very acidic and soapy. I don't imagine that it would have made good coffee.  I couldn't bring myself to drink it. Ultimately, I do not recommend this particular method.
xtremekone -
ddavidn : That is pretty great.
mattdittemore : I used Entimos Coffee on this one as well but with all the soap, it just wasn't drinkable. Haha
iamjordanwhite : Hahahahaha YESSS!!!!
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Lazy coffee days with Cletus... #xtremekone @ablebrewing
xtremekone -
cjspeelman : Cletus' sure fire, simple recipe: 25/400 at 200 fahrenheit and a medium grind (18 on virtuoso). Pour bloom to 75 grams. Wait til 0:45 has passed and pour remaining 325 grams of water in a smooth, consistent half-dollar circular motion. Brew should be done in approx 3 minutes. Enjoy with another Bigfoot.
graceundaunted : Oh my goodness!! That might be the best artwork ever!!
johnquisssssssy : One of my favourite #xtremekone 's! Well done
cjspeelman : Thanks @johnquisssssssy!
hellotishakitty : Hoping this one wins!!
graceundaunted - hellotishakitty - sfdoggerwalker - easelainteasy -
The best coffee recepie can't be changed, so here you go again, This is how we make new Kone v3 in Poland. Lets start with 28 grams of coffee (light roasted)(Koppi Guatemala Hunapu was great!) and grind it a bit finer than to dripper ( so 4.5/7 on :Mahlkonig Guatemala). Boil water and let it cool off for about 45 sek. Water now should have about 92 Celsius. Pour about 50 grams of water to wet the grounds. When water soak down and grounds become boggy stir (with bamboo stick) four circles in the center of Kone. Imidiatly start to slowly and steadly pour rest of the water (340 g) in the center, of course. It should take you less than 3 min to make 2 cups of excelent coffee. Enjoy! #XtremeKone
xtremekone -
thesleepyvegan -
#XtremeKone @ablebrewing @sprudge 1. Pre-heat water to 200F and pre-weight 23g of your favorite coffee 2. Using Zassenhaus Hand grinder, grind your beans and wait for the water to come to temperature 3. Water is done ready to go and beans are ground, pour water into your Hario Kettle. ....OH CRAP....not now...I don't have time for this, I have to make coffee... 4. Quickly gather the necessary equipment, Chemex, Chefmate Scale/timer combo, Hario kettle, Able Brewing mug, and Able Brewing Gold Kone and sprint to the throne. 5. Drop trou..and pre-infuse 50g of water ensuring all grounds are saturated. 6. While waiting for pre-infusion to finish feel free to pick up your reading material of choice 7. Slowly pour from center and make small circles outward allowing all the grounds to receive the perfect amount of water. One should notice the water swelling up from the bottom of the Kone saturating the grounds, allow level of water to slowly fall and repeat step 7. 8. Once your scale reads 360g of water, wait for remaining water to flow through the grounds till that last drop has been pushed through. 9. Remove Kone and set aside. Swirl Chemex and pour slowly into your Able Brewing mug. 10. At this point there is no rush, this is your own time, a moment to ponder many of life's questions, to enjoy the...probably should crack a window.
xtremekone -
linzybg : This makes me really proud.
robertdryer : I'm dying!
shanditty : Oh goodness...
thedannybshow : MY nephew? WTF. Hate to see how you make homemade beer
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I so enjoy my @ablebrewing Kone that I like to think the @tonxcoffee I brew in it does too. #XtremeKone #NoFilter ...except the Kone v3 that is.
xtremekone - nofilter -
tonxcoffee : it most certainly does ;)
tonxcoffee - ablebrewing -
This is how we do it... #XtremeKone @AbleBrewing @Sprudge 1. Ensure that your rope is securely anchored at the top of the face and and you have all your prescribed brewing equipment attached to your harness... Don't forget your Able Brewing Kone. 2. Once safely on belay, back up carefully toward the cliff edge allowing the rope to take your weight. 3. Keep your feet flat against the rock as you let the rope to slide through your figure-8, lowering yourself down the face. 4. Look for a small ledge or crack along the way that you can wedge your compact mini-stove into to heat the water in your kettle. 5. While your water is heating, anchor a pourover stand to the rock using a stomper wedge or cam. It is a good idea to use a quick draw to attach your drinking vessel to the stand. (Had I not done this, it would have fell to it's demise) 6. Using  a Porlex hand grinder, grind 23 grams of freshly roasted coffee in the Kone, which should be in your pourover stand at this point. 7. Give the Kone a shake and a tap to flatten the grounds and then wet the them with water just off boil. Let the grounds bloom for about 45 seconds. 8. Continue pouring in small concentric circles around the perimeter being careful not to pour directly onto the Kone. (You  may need to be mindful of wind conditions here) Be sure  seize the moment to take in the view so high above the terra firma . 9. Allow the coffee to drain into your mug and continue pulse pouring in concentric circles to ensure you don't leave grounds high and dry pausing after every 75 grams or so. 10. You should be nearing 300 grams of water at this point which is your goal. A secondary goal at this stage can be "Rao Spin". I've been told that you get +20 barista points for style and technique. I awarded myself a triple cliffhanger bonus for a total of +60 for obvious reasons. Coffee should finish in just over 3 minutes from wetting the grounds... provided you don't fall. In that case, all bets are off. Finally sit back in your harness, sip that wonderful nectar of the god's and enjoy the view. PLEASE NOTE: This recipe can be modified to be employed while on flatter terrain.
xtremekone -
luannbailey : Phew- glad that can be modified for flatter terrain. :)
shanditty : You're hot.
cembozkus - revsmoke - woz13 - jmclaughlinjr -
Coffee For Two: 1. Add 26 grams of medium-fine ground high quality coffee to Kone 3. Set Chemex and Kone 3 with coffee on a scale and tare. Boil 500 grams of filtered water. 2. Prior to initial pour, remove water from heat. Wait 20 seconds for water to reduce temperature to about 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour 50 grams of water over 15 seconds into center of grounds. Return water to heat and stir grounds and water with metal utensil four or five times to ensure even wetting. A small amount of coffee will adhere to utensil, this is accounted for in the 26 grams. 3. Remove water from heat, and if it was boiling, wait another 20 seconds to reduce temp to 195-200 degrees. Pour an additional 420 grams of water (for a total of 470g) in a circular motion but avoiding the edges over the course of the next 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 4.Let drain for 30 seconds. Remove Kone 3 (there will be some liquid left, do not wait for it to drain). 5.Gently pour into two six ounce mugs, leaving the dregs and silt in the Chemex. Enjoy with your favorite companion. **Shower in photo is fed by filtered water at 197.5 degrees. Do not attempt unless you have skin of teflon and balls of steel. #XtremeKone @ablebrewing @sprudge
xtremekone -
aidenfranklin : Hahaha!
timnewmanphoto : That's great Tim!
emsterhayes : Wow!
jstraugh : Awesome !!😀
dustystaccato : Bahahahaha!!!!
freelancebusypants : This is classic.
jstraugh - emsterhayes - illustrationandcoffee - rolecandall -
40 grams of coffee / 700 grams of water at 200 degrees 0:00 - 100 grams poured over 15 seconds. 0:45 - 400 grams poured over 45 seconds. After pouring 250 grams in the center shift the stream halfway between the center and the edge with forward momentum creating a slight whirlpool effect in the brew to submerge the grounds. 2:00 - 100 grams poured over 15 seconds in the center of Kone. 2:30 - 100 grams poured over 15 seconds in the center of Kone. Final drips should take place at approximately 5:00. Always pour as close to the surface as possible Ground bed should be even with a slight concave. Adjust grind to taste. #xtremekone @ablebrewing @sprudge @derekb1988 @kathhilby
xtremekone -
highbalj72 : That pic is awesome!!! Lol
collin_schneider : Ahahahha! Brewers cup won't know what hit 'em!
tonyqtostador : @sterling_collin the rule is only one vessel, it doesn't mean no vessel.
collin_schneider : @tony_querio Clearly, good sir, you have thought this through!
rioaforest : Sexy!
hitdabox : Awesome
majellbeach : Dooooooooooorks!
majellbeach : But I'm actually extremely proud & know you'll do so well.
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Just another day at the beach, surfing Superior in January. Kone Recipe: 45gr. coffee+680gr. H2O= two 10oz brews. Start with clean and pre-heated kone, kettle & vessel. -Grind coffee med. (14 on Preciso) or to meet brew time. -pre infuse with 90 grams. -bloom for 30 seconds. -ride that bloom until 1min and 200 grams. -do a few quick circle pours then back to slow center pour. -arrive at 400 grams at 2min. -few quick circle pours then slow center pour. -arrive at 600 grams at 3min. -few quick circle pours then finish with slow center pour. -arrive at 680 grams at 3:30. -total brew time 4:30 +\- couple seconds. -there you have two generous 10oz cups of brew, share and enjoy. @ablebrewing @sprudge #xtremekone makes for an #xtremelife
xtremekone - xtremelife -
hovlandsparrow : Hey!!!! Call andy next time and he will join you!!!! He would be thrilled!
joshualindstrom - lacoffeeclub - agreatlakesgirl - brandonthrasher -
Sure, I get in a hurry sometimes, but there's always time for some @ablebrewing Kone'd coffee. #XtremeKone
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smoovebcoffee : When I'm brewing for one on the run I like to use 20g of coffee and 300g of water. Keep those numbers round and at least one eye on the road. Bloom with 40g of water for 45 seconds or about 3 blocks. Pour for about 12 more blocks or until some motorist doors you for your coffee and escapes to the freeway. #XtremeKone
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#xtremekone and@sprudge, I'm riding a bucking bronco in fort worth and brewing with the kone! Recipe 22g of coffee and 10 oz of water. 1oz to bloom for 45 seconds, then a slow circular pour for 5 oz and then a slow steady pour down the middle for 5 oz , total pour time 1 1/2 min, total brew time is 2 1/2 min. Thanks!
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leah.graves : I want this as a poster for my kitchen
christinalikesbirds : Love this!
laurendoss : I agree with @lcgraves1 Let us know when you have prints available.
cupoftexas : Haha! I'm trying to win a trip to Portland, if it comes through I'll make commemorative prints for y'all!:)
cupoftexas : @laurendoss &@lcgraves1
laurendoss : @cupoftexas I can win you a trip to Indiana...
christynicole_ : Precious!! Love this! So glad I got to see you.
cupoftexas : Yeah? @laurendoss I do want to come to Indiana!
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