pretty exciting to be a part of this tonight. #xoxofest squad going out on limbs to bring together as dynamic a rag-tag community of world-shakers as i've seen, in a building full of soul and the residue of lots of brilliant people who've worked hard to create something special. good vibes; good things gonna happen. no doubt. #thisistotally
thisistotally - xoxofest -
goodonpaper : Ha! There's me :)
reddonsalmon : That's my man bun. - @sbeebe
topherpolack : Oh, this is a wonderful batch of organized compassion and creativity!
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Outpost #xoxofest
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XOXO Field Notes @fieldnotesbrand made special editions for their friends at Portland, Oregon’s XOXO Festival for the past few years, and, like last year, XOXO had some extras and they’ve graciously allowed Field Notes to make them available to the public. Each 3-Pack features three different black-and-white illustrations by artist Brendan Monroe (@brendantheblob) with light gray graph paper inside. The Shenandoah Edition The Fall limited-edition seasonal release, “The Shenandoah Edition” features three green French cover stocks that match the leaf color of three trees found at Shenandoah National Park: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple. field Notes new friends at Platinum Converting in Itasca, Ill. fused each of the green papers to a contrasting French text-weight paper that matches the tree’s fall foliage. These extra-sturdy duplexed covers have a classic, beefy feel to them, reminiscent of early COLORS releases like “Mackinaw Autumn” and “Just Below Zero.” Each features an illustration of a leaf on the back with some facts about the tree. The belly band is real birch veneer.
fieldnotesbrand - wildernessculture - edc - livefolk - madeinusa - companion - autumn - fieldnotes - notebook - illustration - xoxofest - fall - portland - shenandoahnationalpark - wanderlust - brendanmonroe - xoxofestival - log - leaves - xoxo - bookdesign - papercraft - autumncolors - notes -
outdoor_aesthetics : #fieldnotes #fieldnotesbrand ##xoxofest #xoxofestival #xoxo #portland #brendanmonroe #fall #leaves #notes #notebook #papercraft #shenandoahnationalpark #autumn #autumncolors #bookdesign #illustration #madeinusa #edc #companion #wanderlust #log #wildernessculture #livefolk
yoshirtinc : Rad.
yoshirtinc - reedwool - wicklowwear - venforth -
If you like these little notebooks, there is a very limited quantity available. We made them for the #XOXOfest this year. Here's the secret link: @fieldnotesbrand
xoxofest -
megcatanese : @austinnovy_ did you snag a set?
ctark : @ramendell 😍
apesapesapes : No way. This is awesome
aj_ormiston : Bought. Thanks, bro!!!
eringgg : @derekmacario can we check out this guys stuff sometime soon?
derekmacario : @eringgg 👍🏽
mikepolakowskiart : @sheilanicolin
fedbythreadsusa : Hey Brendan we are inviting 100 artists to have an image featured on our new platform coming in a couple months for limited edition artisanal American-made organic premium t-shirts featuring Artists in America, and that feed 12 Americans in need per shirt." Your Morphology is dynamite and if you'd be open to getting involved, let's chat! -Alok email
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#repost from @jennijelsing because last month I didn't get a photo of our #xoxofest bathroom signs. 😘✌️❤️
xoxofest - repost -
jennijelsing : 💖
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It turns out people love to f**k in tepee's. This was a secret gathering of people during the xoxo fest in Portland. #fuckthegame #tepee #xoxofest #braintraining
braintraining - tepee - xoxofest - fuckthegame -
velocity_of_curiosity - inksterrr - liliumme - victor12garzon -
Late night card demo in Portland OR after xoxo fest. Good food and cool people. #fuckthegame #fkthegame #xoxofest #braintraining
braintraining - fkthegame - xoxofest - fuckthegame -
velocity_of_curiosity - localguruapp - victor12garzon - pugachleatherprovisions -
Stacks on stacks on stacks - just one of our 2 🎹 keyboard corners- @honestjohnsays has the lock down on about 11 #instruments #vocoder #arp #castanets #sneaky #saxaphone #backintheday #xoxofest
arp - castanets - instruments - sneaky - saxaphone - vocoder - xoxofest - backintheday -
merlinmoonsandiego : :) x2 @merlinmoonmusic
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When did this #youngrepublican join our #disco band?!? Oh yeah that's right - some peoples #yachtwear makes them look like a young #kennedy thanks #chris #conga #guitar #roland #stagewear #xoxofest #portland #flashback
youngrepublican - kennedy - yachtwear - guitar - flashback - portland - roland - xoxofest - chris - stagewear - disco - conga -
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Has anyone played this game? Pretty new, we got at XOXO Festival. It's fun! #xoxofest #carsonsucksatthisgame
carsonsucksatthisgame - xoxofest -
lynchmob1 : @pdx_momma Sorry for the randomness, I am looking for a pack of those cool xoxofest Field Notes books from this year. Would you have a pack to sell or trade? Thank You
pdx_momma : @lynchmob1 Sorry I cannot help you out, but perhaps @heartshapedsky is able to point you in the right direction?
lynchmob1 : Thanks for the response.
heartshapedsky : Nope, sorry they're not available. @lynchmob1
koolkatkimberli - ndcmuna - fk._the_game - pdx671 -
Happy weekend Melodiacs! Stay awesome #Repost @kakigram Thank you PDX. #xoxofest #melodiamusik
melodiamusik - xoxofest - repost -
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Carouselambra. One of the songs they didn't steal. #everythingisaremix
everythingisaremix - xoxofest -
topherpolack : Check out Kirby Ferguson's video essay "Everything Is A Remix" He spoke at #xoxofest
b_flood -
#tbt to grassy rooftop times in Portland 🌾
exploreportland - art - astroturf - makemoments - nothingisordinary - mycity - xoxo2015 - tbt - igersportland - xoxofest - visualgang - rooftop - portland - vsco - portland_insta - vscogrid - installation - pdx - vscogood - liveauthetic - vscocam - finditliveit -
hlryhys : #AstroTurf #art #installation #xoxofest #xoxo2015 #rooftop #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscogrid #liveauthetic #nothingisordinary #finditliveit #makemoments #Portland #PDX #portland_insta #igersportland #mycity #exploreportland #visualgang
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Very awesome to collaborate with @rob_off Ben Grimm and #xoxofest #design #industrialdesign #event #architecture #architecturelovers #architectureporn #pdx #idsketching #exhibit #exhibitdesign
exhibit - minimalist - architectureporn - pdx - idsketching - modern - designwithinreach - industrialdesign - design - architecture - xoxofest - exhibitdesign - event - architecturelovers -
dimitrikastrappis : Nice!
sirgabe_01 : @dimitrikastrappis Thanks!
sirgabe_01 : #designwithinreach #modern #minimalist
mary.lyadetskaya : Lovely photos!
sirgabe_01 : @mary_lyadetskaya Thank you!
fabiozacariassocorro - panfilaboo - jschatzstudio - hans___wang -
I led a massive Tim Tam Slam (Jam) at this month's #xoxofest. They made me demonstrate twice in a row so I hope I don't catch the 'beetus. Special thanks to @fiona for leading the charge on this idea! You can read all about it #ontheblog (link in profile) #foodporn #foodgawker #foodtography #arnottsbiscuits
arnottsbiscuits - ontheblog - xoxofest - foodporn - foodtography - foodgawker -
loveallthis : Nice photo 😘
mremersoncooks : Thanks to YOU
imnonchan - sehlinaob - thejessicas - marcboines -
#GOODMORNING ! Back in the kitchen with a vengeance after a trip to #xoxofest and some problems with our gas service. #timelapse of my #breakfast #sandwich this morning: fried egg 🍳, crispy cubed pork, gochujang mayo and herby sour cream #foodstagram 😁
foodstagram - sandwich - xoxofest - breakfast - timelapse - goodmorning -
randwiches : Almost want to delete this because the video is compressed to hell!
thearielviera : @randwiches noo! Don't delete. I watched this at least 10 times already. Your food-videoing skills are on point
randwiches : @thearielviera Hahah, ok, I won't delete it for your sake.
thearielviera : u da best, Jenn 😁
p_kat13_official - catbee643 - becasaurus_rex - doodlechubby -
Especially glad to have caught the 5th anniversary and screening of Everything Is A Remix with Kirby Ferguson at XOXO fest this year; my favorite web series. Check it out if you haven't--it's all the things. #xoxofest
xoxofest -
lynchmob1 : @momibo Sorry for the randomness but I am looking for the xoxofest 2015 Field Notes books. Would you have a pack that you would be willing to sell or trade? Thank You
momibo : @lynchmob1 Hi there, shoot me an email at
lynchmob1 : @momibo Thanks for the response, email sent.
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shorter days // longer nights got me like ▪️
exploreportland - art - makemoments - nothingisordinary - mycity - xoxo2015 - igersportland - xoxofest - visualgang - portland - foundart - portland_insta - vscogrid - cityofroses - pdx - vscogood - vsco - liveauthetic - concrete - vscocam - sculpture - finditliveit -
hlryhys : #art #foundart #concrete #sculpture #xoxofest #xoxo2015 #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscogrid #liveauthetic #nothingisordinary #finditliveit #makemoments #Portland #cityofroses #PDX #portland_insta #igersportland #mycity #exploreportland #visualgang
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Enjoying (?) some fernet @tomgerhardt @mijustin @chase_reeves #xoxofest #latergram
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hlryhys : #digitalart #installation #chillvibes #computers #xoxofest #xoxo2015 #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscogrid #liveauthetic #nothingisordinary #finditliveit #makemoments #Portland #PDX #portland_insta #igersportland #mycity #exploreportland #visualgang
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I wrote a blog post for @aacciiddrraaiinn ・・・ Moth Generator featured at #xoxofest in Portland. Generated by an algorithm which transforms data it pulls from Twitter in digital moth specimens. By @katierosepipkin and #lorenschmidt / Read more in the post by @meganmckissack !!!!
lorenschmidt - xoxofest -
heathersabrina : I thought it was a TBA thing?
meganmckissack : @heathersabrina I wrote about both! Did you get to see the Electronic Objects Salon at Holocene? It was put together a by Darius and Courtney from Feeltrain and open to xoxo'ers
megmulhearn : @meganmckissack this is really cool!!
heathersabrina : Ah. Yes! I was thinking it was part of TBA not xoxo, though it was open to xoxo'ers. It was neat. I loved the little tent space.
meganmckissack : @megmulhearn Yeah! The moth generator is one of my favorites.
aacciiddrraaiinn : @meganmckissack 🙏🏼
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Parlor Parlor, as featured during the live You Look Nice Today at #xoxofest (by @homeascone)
xoxofest -
robotreichle - wgeorgecookphoto - karafagan - homeascone -
Two years ago, #xoxofest visits the herd. #belmontgoats
belmontgoats - xoxofest -
le_goat_pomp - rocknrollmonster_77 - ying_sheep - boergoatlover03 -
Moth Generator featured at #xoxofest in Portland. Generated by an algorithm which transforms data it pulls from Twitter in digital moth specimens. By @katierosepipkin and #lorenschmidt / Read more in the post by @meganmckissack !!!!
lorenschmidt - xoxofest -
miseryporn : Oh shit!
benkvoss - aprilisdead - slammtronn - ortchotchke -
conference attendees unrelated to the theme of the decorations #xoxofest
xoxofest -
chrkckr - maxwell_flames - kilamaharo -
the former high school turned event space / office space #xoxofest
xoxofest -
maxwell_flames - douglaswth -
xoxofest -
theoutlawjonnyjames - myuill - peteforde - danielweinand -
🍺🍻🍺🍻 @ #xoxofest
xoxofest -
craigwinslow - okgoods - ladipa - jdkuzma -
de regreso a texas #xoxofest #giganticbrewing
giganticbrewing - xoxofest -
thenickdenman : Niiiiiiiiice
ashleybraithwaite : Next animated vid?
neenerbot : Awesome label
ashleybraithwaite - jorgerh2o - brandondeloach - luis_rochin -
Vin. Captain of the ship. #instrumentoutpost Photo by @gilleslambert at #xoxofest
xoxofest - instrumentoutpost -
nick_lavecchia : big brother
hawkinsjustin : Look'n good!
marilouverchou : Well done love @gilleslambert
monamie : All heart.
pookylovefromupabove : Vin is the man!!
_shanemcelroy - studio.tendencies - ukbshop - betty.bates1 -
Had some of the best pasta OF MY LIFE w/ @ilovecharts in Portland.😍🍝 #xoxofest
xoxofest -
mmmmilk : Okay but where
stopdrinkinghaterade : Tell us and you're cool
rachelbrundige : Where! @selmore75
heartshapedsky : Nostrana?
akilahh : @mmmmilk @rachelbrundige @stopdrinkinghaterade def nostrana.
callielion : Omg. I need more pasta in my life
victorsquella - lemonpockets - fionnnuala - freetheafro -
Sone killer #xoxofest nails for my babe @hlryhys! Rockin the natural look for now, but if I know this girl she's gonna have some lethal claws soon! We did a thin layer of resin for strength and regular polish on top! #xoxo #fest #blackandwhite #graphic #nails #nail #nailartwow #nailartaddicts #nailartheaven #nailartist #nailartofinstagram #nailartdesign #nailarts #nailartcult #portland #torontonails #toronto #torontonailsalon #torontolife #torontophoto #torontofashion #nailremoval #naturalnails #whitenails #ring #rings #summernails #summer #summer2015
nailartaddicts - nailartheaven - summer2015 - blackandwhite - summer - xoxo - nails - torontophoto - torontonailsalon - summernails - nail - fest - whitenails - xoxofest - nailremoval - portland - ring - toronto - graphic - naturalnails - torontonails - rings - torontolife - nailartist - nailartcult - nailartofinstagram - nailartdesign - torontofashion - nailartwow - nailarts -
workfrom : awesome!
engagemyinsta - houseofdrake - nordmagazine - nails_by_alessia -
Truth. Last weekend rocked. #xoxofest
xoxofest -
lynchmob1 : @melindathemartian I'm sorry for the randomness, I am looking for a pack of those cool xoxofest field notes. Would you have a pack to sell or trade?
melindathemartian : @lynchmob1 possibly. Message me at
lynchmob1 : @melindathemartian Thanks for the response and message sent.
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