New drink up #ontheblog! Valentine's Day is around the corner so I've got the hookup with this sweet and crisp cocktail for you and bae. 😏[Direct link in bio] ________________________________________________ #EssieDoesSummer #blogger #cocktail #thefeedfeed #food52 #f52grams #rose #bartender #bae #valentinesday #drinkrecipe #edibleflowers #pursuepretty #thehappynow #thatsdarling #xofood #abmhappyhour #acolorstory #pink #ihavethisthingwithpink #abmlifeissweet #myunicornlife #blackgirlmagic #sobestfriendsforfrosting #flashesofdelight #buzzfeedfood #chic #dscolor
flashesofdelight - f52grams - cocktail - food52 - blogger - dscolor - myunicornlife - ihavethisthingwithpink - ontheblog - buzzfeedfood - drinkrecipe - chic - thatsdarling - abmhappyhour - sobestfriendsforfrosting - xofood - pink - bartender - acolorstory - valentinesday - rose - thefeedfeed - edibleflowers - bae - pursuepretty - essiedoessummer - thehappynow - abmlifeissweet - blackgirlmagic -
rgflair : 😍
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#Repost @xonecole with @repostapp. γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜πŸΌοΈπŸ˜‹πŸˆ Making drinks tonight for the #superbowl? Turn your limes into little footballs.🏈 #xoFood
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future_dnp -
Making drinks tonight for the #superbowl? Turn your limes into little footballs.🏈 #xoFood
superbowl - xofood -
exquisite_mixx : @johlihairess it is πŸ€”πŸ’­
shannyg763 : So cute! @shadorstudioofesthetics
tinyeezy : @tewajo
bennettknows : @snapqueenlaureen
blksiren : @lilliesf @ajv_86 @kweenlatice
aplusj82 : Cute!
dayumdaisy : @friduchaysam
lord.wise : @adore784
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Now this a kebab I can get down with it! πŸ‰πŸŠπŸ“πŸ‹ #xoFood πŸ“·: @vickiee_yo
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myshell_my : @lizadery @lianna62 not as healthy as the pizza we ALMOST had yesterday loll
miss_alynette : @mamatesscreations
mamatesscreations : @miss_alynette cuttteeeeeee
bgdubb : Such a cute idea @iamtori_o
cancerpickedthewrongdiva : @thecookielady 😍😍
cancerpickedthewrongdiva : @leilossweetshop
jo.ani.e : @sol_uniquecreations @rayluvsol813
monica_tejeda : @katq510 @sweetbby10 OMG how cute would these cookies be for the meeting?! But, since we're having it in Cerritos... NA!
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Dragonfruits are the ultimate super fruit. If you're not into makeup you can make a paste out of it and use it on your skin to give you that highlight glow. Just scoop out the insides, make a smooth paste, apply it, let it sit then rinse it off. #xoFood #xoBeauty πŸ“·: @blytheivory
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sarahlenhardt : @_e_lucas Lembra q a gente comeu ?
charly_rozay : @m.rivera.3
4x4_ever : Have you ever had it? It's good for anti wrinkles, heart, your nerves and so much more. Def grab 1 as often as you can @charly_rozay
lora_by_lora : LOL@claireashmeadow
charly_rozay : No @m.rivera.3 I must try it.
mvalvacheva : Delicious
kellyvente : @meneerdeblois
meneerdeblois : Niet alleen lekker dus @kellyvente πŸ˜€
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These marbled red velvet waffles would be perfect for a Valentine's Day breakfast (or any day to be honest). Sidebar: We're starting to grow an obsession with waffles thanks to Instagram. πŸ˜©πŸ˜‹ #xoFood πŸ“·: @cafedelites
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lovely_loi07 : @deliah_907 smh, i know how much you love your food porn.
deliah_907 : Yes yes...I would kill this right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @patrice_207
a_duuf : @10ecioustan πŸ˜›
adey2_2 : @lollie_o get thee behind me woman
therealheidt : Oh my, I gained weight just looking at this😒😒
crissy.j : πŸ€”πŸ“ @inardiair
nynittai : @amma418 drool πŸ˜‹
a_nicole_the_stylist : πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ @tra3c
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The pomegranate sauce MADE these waffles! What did you have for breakfast? ________________________________________ #essiedoessummer #monday #mondaymotivation #breakfast #recipe #diy #diyblogger #pomegranate #foodie #food52 #f52grams #homemade #xofood #thatsdarling #feedfeed #waffles #blogger #blackgirlmagic #postitfortheaesthetic #flatlay
foodie - xofood - monday - food52 - blogger - pomegranate - recipe - diyblogger - mondaymotivation - breakfast - thatsdarling - f52grams - foodgawds - flatlay - postitfortheaesthetic - waffles - feedfeed - thosewerethedays - diy - homemade - essiedoessummer - blackgirlmagic -
godfatherfred : Yummm
kesskravings : Yummy @essiedoessummer
ohlighton : I had weetabix and oatmeal :) #champion
essiedoessummer : Thanks #foodgawds! @godfatherfred @kesskravings
essiedoessummer : @ohlighton upgrade from toast with butter! #thosewerethedays
annyjules : Beautiful photos!
shopboxfox : ❀
bonniesjams : Very sweet :)
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Morning smoothie inspiration. #xoFood πŸ“·: regram via @abeautifulmess
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gwhowellii : Happy Bearthday to me 2day, Ms
gwhowellii : September Second!
laposh_glow : for that perfect flawless skin with no side effects choose LBA skin care products, No1 family skin care products for kids n adult,fair n dark complexion. u can also visit us at shop B19 Queens shopping centre opposite safeway hospital sangotedo ajah for ur skin test,body detox,body waxing...we also do delivery,place ur order n get it delivered to ur door step within 24 hrs, pay on delivery within 08164246728 or ping-2AF63DDD
mvthorne : @j_mctate @davinair40 πŸ€” we should make these too with a shot of liquor πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
chombablanca : @j4li4s mira papi 😍 haz uno ahora
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We'll take a few dozen strawberries over a few dozen roses any day. πŸ“ #xoFood
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blucirclerecords : Yes!!
preciousmariach : @rainhalizzie and you say strawberries aren't sweet? taste them
nikkiinicholenikkii : πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ™‹πŸ½
tleighc_ : @mrleerwilliams yum
thatsvyki : Don't ever make me mad πŸ˜‡ @dotti516
i_justsmile : πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…@__exzss
__exzss : @i_justsmile HAHAHA DER VERGLEICH
sa_lito : @fadiamirhazim_mom
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Hrós dagsins fær XO veitingastaður! Svona á þetta að vera! :) #xofood
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thorolfur76 : Girnilegt!
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These waffles by @hellomissmay look yummy! #xoFood
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chapoteau : @jenniferfisherjewelry
jenniferfisherjewelry : @chapoteau 🀘🏼YES❀️
prettylittlestockphotos : @xonecole So pretty!
manlyhandz : @xonecole Happy New Year's
_adri0211_ : @laurajay1
camellia_blossom_ : @izzawizza look at these waffles 😭⭐️
c0ll333n : @thekris10way
wh00tys : @januweezy cute
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These champagne cookies are to cute #xofood #yummy
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Who's ready for New Years Eve? Loving these champagne cookies by @hol_fox 🍾πŸͺ #xoFood #xoHolidays
xoholidays - xofood -
thecubanbarbie : @justmyluxe
babzi3 : Yum yum @giseliassweetcreations
midgied : @kimberjeanhampton
_jaxxinthebox : @sasha_oblines
sasha_oblines : @_jaxxinthebox cute!! Especially for welcome bags or Bach weekend
yns8214 : @tenaciousj
snnah : @lauren.hopkin cute cookie idea!😏
sa_lito : @fadiamirhazim_mom
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Would you try an avocado cheesecake? Yes that's what this is. #xoFood
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crazy_coquelicot : AÏE AÏE il va pas fait long feu πŸ˜‹ @pouciere_dor
christinecuwaoma : @iglim121 jggdg
shellidawn : @shanichol...YES, I WOULD!!!
queen_eyes : Idk it looks pretty good
shar3fa : @tenten09
admittedaddiction : @create_opulence yum
crexm.x : #ZN @starroy22
aubri_nicole : @beautybetweenthelines
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Wish we were eating these gingerbread waffles this morning! Just by looking at the icing we gained a few pounds though 😩 #xoFood
xofood -
triceydoesit : I'm sorry maybe my mind is dirty, but that looks like.....
rrbbjki : @triceydoesit I see it too!!! 😱
xcivxix__ : @pierreror_
claudleo_ : @jessiacriley that icing .. Delish
amia_renee : @kknox44
rachaelcabaa : @katieet_
m_o_n_i_love : @justannishaa @yan_nuh
chrisamohme : @voshizzzle
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Love dining at XO Cafe? Then share your best moments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! It's time to show all your fun times and favorite meals with us. Use #xocafe and we just may pick your picture to share with all of our followers! #xoxo #repost #xofood #farmtotable #favorites #providence
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Lunch anyone? #xoFood
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tiny.tiff : YaaaasπŸ‘… @imstrong_gurr
gore.candy : Looks good
kerribeezy : Nom nom nom @the_kase
msnatii89 : Grl @vjasmine93
la_brisk : @carol_calvillo @vanessachula
mspeters_ : @oyindamolaa_xx
oyindamolaa_xx : @mspeters_ ohh boo ❀❀
souljess : @warmteaandcookies
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Soo many beautiful colors, now we want a fruit salad for lunch. #xoFood πŸ’πŸŒπŸπŸ‰πŸ‘πŸ“πŸπŸ“πŸ‹πŸŠπŸˆ
xofood -
lora_by_lora : @claireashmeadow LOL.. you know me too well. Now I'm hungry :-)
co1e_brown : @mecherryb nom nom
veronicamarie201 : Oh yum I need some of this
j_adorekendra : This looks amazing!
mzjelly_bee : @lovelylacole89 that looks amazing
segunolude : Oh, yes! @ghettit_edutainment
celia_tatenda : @irene_zingoni I want this
itsmemdcc : @rebel314 yes. So pretty!!
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If you don't have time to make smoothies in the morning, make your smoothies days before then freeze them in a jar. When you're ready take it out and let it thaw. #xoFood
xofood -
sammira : @dawn_321
dawn_321 : Cool! @sammira
jewelzmcintosh : super! much thanks!!
atibarogers : @candybaby1987
scbnaturals : @xonecole my mason jars break in the freezer. Any tips??
chalobrand : @miad1010
xonecole : @scbnaturals What type of jar are you using. You should only use straight jars and not those with rounded shoulders. Meaning the ones where the glass goes straight down from the lid, use those. Not the ones where its rounded like how you start from the sides of your stomach and go down and your hips go out. The ones shaped like that aren't for freezing. Hope that makes sense.
scbnaturals : @xonecole the ones shown in the picture here
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It really is tha shiet. Yummy! #dontforgetthehotsaucecholo #xo #XOfood
xo - dontforgetthehotsaucecholo - xofood -
bzreyewear : Sweet photo!
mzleanne : Love this sauce. Been looking for a mini version to take with me everywhere ahhahha
yolondi : @mzleanne I used to have a mini for my handbag! Stupidly put it Into the dishwasher and it melted 😩 so also on the look out for another. A friend bought it in Sydney but no idea where!
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We know it's been a while. Time to post some of our delicious food. It's Mac&Cheese season. We do ours at XO with 3 cheeses, peas, prosciutto and white truffle oil. It's a classic πŸ˜‹. How do you take yours to the next level ? #xoprimesteaks #xofood #best Mac&Cheese
xoprimesteaks - xofood - best -
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Foodlicious! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #caesarsalad #food #health #salad #parmesano #mums #haps #tbt #familytime #xofood
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@clairelizlower likes her #alcohol delivered to her home, free, and (sometimes) pink. #xoFood
alcohol - xofood -
joannehlam : Definitely could use one of those right now... I'd settle for some 🍷 even πŸ˜‹
uv_vodka : We like our cocktails pink, fruity and made with #UVVodka! Thanks for sharing!
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You ready for this? Tomorrow 5-8! Drinks, food aaand DJ @esoalmighty. Let's kick off a great weekend!! @paulsadler#hennessycocktails#xoprimesteaks#xofood
xoprimesteaks - xofood - hennessycocktails -
mapohl13 - sankofa_son - chunky_bunz - audrey_wilson14 -
This is where you want to be today! Where good people with good taste and Style come together!@xoprimesteaks@paulsadler#homeofthehennessysidecar#xofood
xofood - homeofthehennessysidecar -
martin_zettpunkt - paulsadler - just_vonnie -
Starting Today!! With DJ Corey Grand. #besthappyhour#bestincleveland#bestcocktails#xofood #xoprimesteaks
bestincleveland - xoprimesteaks - xofood - bestcocktails - besthappyhour -
tancred1969 - joe__caddy - dcalvinwade - srampersad -
Before we tasted the Henessy Sidecar. And after! @paulsadler CAVS AFTERPARTY TONIGHT at XO. With DJ Vince Sole. #teamXO #xofood #goCavs#timetoparty#henessy
gocavs - teamxo - xofood - henessy - timetoparty -
glamcoats : I loved this place when I used to live in Cleveland!
paulsadler - nikenpope - olaszczerbowska - iambrittymo -
PLAY OFF TIMES! Join us for Afterparty tonight. Live DJ! After every home game. GO CAVS!! #teamXO #teamHennessy#xofood #inthecle
inthecle - teamxo - teamhennessy - xofood -
abrowns - sankofa_son - joe__caddy - aylinazvkc -
Starting next Friday 5/8!! I know Cleveland was looking for a place to host the stylish and the powerful. Here it is. Hennessy & XO. You do the rest. #happyhour#teamXO#teamhennessy#goodtimes#goodpeople#style#bestincleveland#xoprimesteaks#xofood
goodpeople - style - xoprimesteaks - xofood - bestincleveland - teamxo - goodtimes - happyhour - teamhennessy -
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Tonight official after party at XO. After every home game! Live DJ #teamhennessy#teamxo#party#goodtimes#hennessyvsop#hennessycocktails#xofood#xoprimesteaks
xoprimesteaks - xofood - hennessyvsop - teamhennessy - goodtimes - hennessycocktails - party - teamxo -
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Happy Birthday Joe. Our favorite couple!#bestcorner#Browns#brownsuniformreveal #goodpeople#goodtimes#xofood#xoprimesteaks
goodpeople - browns - xoprimesteaks - xofood - bestcorner - brownsuniformreveal - goodtimes -
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Ready for summer? Breaded veal scallopini, warm spinach and crab salad, pomodoro sauce. #summer#patio#lightfood#xofood#bestfood
summer - bestfood - xofood - patio - lightfood -
_amiracle - ethankawecki - dj_lepowsky - jessicahelene_h -
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