Stunning 💜🌟 #AshHollywood on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #nophotoshopever #straightupmakeup
ashhollywood - makeup - hair - photos - straightupmakeup - nophotoshopever - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
michaelclevelandbwa : @hollywoodcensored
akiomana : Ewwww 😕
quantumpel : http://jewelofbosphorus.blogspot.co.uk
pro100kbaiiia - luis_calao - blaze_killazz - aarhio -
Beautiful #DakotaSky on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #nophotoshopever #straightupmakeup
dakotasky - makeup - hair - photos - straightupmakeup - nophotoshopever - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
quantumpel : http://jewelofbosphorus.blogspot.co.uk
shaievdaev : 💝her
rovbert01 : She is a beautiful women.
plasticpalaceperson : Dakota Skye.
yamazaki18 - kidmanmakino - richardlee68 - shanyurui -
I had the pleasure of meeting this awesome group of talented young singers. 🎶#THEJANESLIFE 🎶 Being serenaded while doing their makeup was an experience I will never forget 😊💗 They captured my heart & they will yours too. @thejaneslife Meet @jaime_swartz @taylacornelia @kellycrapa @bella_barbaro @llyralexandra #hair by @ninaroxanne #photo by @mattodom #Photoassistant @adambedi #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx
hair - photoassistant - xmelissamakeupx - photo - makeup - thejaneslife -
xmelissamakeupx : @llyralexandra ☺️❤️ Can't wait xoxo
kellycrapa : @xmelissamakeupx such a beautiful and talented woman! Thank you again for everything!
bella_barbaro : you were amazingg😍 thank you so much for everything! ❤️💋😘
ninaroxanne : 😻💋👯
taylacornelia : Hope to see you soon!!!!! Yu are as geunine as they get... Cant wait to see yur beautiful babbies 😍
tiffym : You're so amazing!!! I'm such a huge huge fan! I wish you could do my make up for my wedding! I would probably cry!!!😭😭😭😭
xmelissamakeupx : @kellycrapa @bella_barbaro @taylacornelia ❤️u guys ☺️ and haha Tayla I'm working on it! Keep you posted😜😘😘😘
xmelissamakeupx : @tiffym That is so sweet☺️ email me xmelissamakeupx@gmail I would love to do your makeup!xoxox
mr_light13 - a.g.i.91 - arzaycev - deadparrot11 -
My other love ❤️ @harleydavidson #883Iron #xmelissamakeupx
883iron - xmelissamakeupx -
anothernewyorker : Pic of the bike...?
benfrenchla : Need to be custom .) I can help
beautybyjonii : I sold mine.
i.korob : Верни мне мою матовую альфу
lirgatiran : I've the same one! 😍
barsyara : @i.korob это харлей)
pureottomanmetal : @brscntml neler var hacı
godboutryan : Always good to be behind bars.... Handlebars that is... #twowheeltherapy. You never see a motorcycle parked outside a shrinks office...
eesahin - danishm_19 - ania_bliznec - valdemirmolder -
Stunning🌟🙌❤️ @meganrain_ on set for @hollyrandall @adultempirefilms #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #nophotoshopever #straightupmakeup #pinup #vintage #lovemyjob
pinup - vintage - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - straightupmakeup - lovemyjob - nophotoshopever - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
antique.kisses : she looks like Snow White 🙌
quantumpel : http://jewelofbosphorus.blogspot.co.uk
tatibalboa : @xmelissamakeupx can u make a miracle in my face?? :'(
leon_158 : I like them both 😄 Nice job with the hair.
lumaklin : И без косметики симпатичная)
shaievdaev : You the best 👌
yelixapp : @mspou lovely and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
lurboop : @ magnífica!
ashraf_chy94 - itsritzzz - foreverbrittanyx - top4ek -
Gorgeous🌟🙌❤️ @missyxmartinez on set for @hollyrandall @adultempirefilms #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #nophotoshopever #straightupmakeup
makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - straightupmakeup - nophotoshopever - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
itssuetyi : @alexmackenzie92
alexmackenzie92 : Wowz @itssuetyi
garcialuixs : You are The best @xmelissamakeupx I'm soon getting married can make up my bride?😊
xmelissamakeupx : I would be honored @garcialuixs ☺️
missyxmartinez : You're a magician!
peejayesbee : @xmelissamakeupx what do u use to cover dark spots like that? Youre a magician!😊👏
stoney_jackson562 : Whoa scary
linda_diazm : @rene_gl
laisaun - elisabethodkin - valdemirmolder - jesspomone -
Stunning 😍❤️🙌 #AmberLeighWest @amberleighwest on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight 🐰 What a beauty and so fun to make up! This is all her own hair! I was so jealous playing with it! Lol She is a total sweetheart💗 Show Her some love!
nofilter - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - amberleighwest - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
red_satellite : Super talented! You've got quite an eye, girl!
islam_khut : ну так-то и без макияжа она неплоха_
sotnix : на первую фотку лайк) взаимно
breeolson : @amberleighwest Okay, good enough. When can I take you to dinner?
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @red_satellite 😊✌️
xmelissamakeupx : Lol @breeolson stop cheating on me! 😜
gabymurotv : @fairydust_xo
shaievdaev : 🌟🌟🌟
lindan_x - nayeelii1 - demaerelaurence - leah_giselle -
Stunning🌟❤️ #KennaJames on set for @tammysands @penthouse #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight I used @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation & HD concealer. Also their contour palette & Super Matte powder to set. Eyeshadows are from the @Lorac pro palette. @ardell_lashes individuals in medium & short lengths. Hair piece is the Easy Volume Elite -(It's great because it just one thick piece. Easy to apply) purchased @naimies #bestmakeupstoreever
makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - kennajames - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx - bestmakeupstoreever -
zagahia : @jb97211 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jb97211 : @zagahia ...ok ok...
koborzoja : So pretty :)
thegeek4life : She's pretty before and after :)
yahyahma : Stunning!
europe4real - milltify - cheyennepajazitaj - iiiaypma -
This girl is sooooo Beautiful & an awesome model! 😍 #KennaJames on set for @tammysands @penthouse #hair #makeup #flipgram #beforeandafter #theprocess #myview #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight *I always start with shaping the eyes first. This leaves the skin fresh from heavy powders & keeps the foundation light. Next I apply foundation, contour, highlight- then set with powder. I then add color back to the skin with bronzer & blush, finish the eye makeup & add lips. I added hair extensions to Kenna's hair & curled it with a 1" curling wand. Then I used a flat iron to lengthen the curl. I always get excited when I'm doing makeup watching the changes happen. What do you guys think? 😊
theprocess - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - kennajames - myview - nofilter - flipgram - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
racheldodd : Ugh what I would do for you to do my makeup.
xmelissamakeupx : Ha! @jennycphoto she is 19:) but yes! It's crazy how makeup sophisticates a woman.
xmelissamakeupx : ☺️ @racheldodd
jane__ueno : What music? @xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : @jane_ueno it's called Dubstep Illusion
jane__ueno : Thank you!😘 @xmelissamakeupx
736sgj : Beautiful! I'm not a model but if I were I would like to be a model you makeup. :)
xmelissamakeupx : I would love to do your makeup @736sgj ☺️💋
mehrdad656565 - mylenaoriah - lera_maslanova - jorge_df -
Stunning 🌟😍 @mistystone420 #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @hollyrandall @penthouse #Dec2014 #PenthousePet #bts Here is the makeup that I have been saving on my computer! So happy it's finally out & I can share it with all of you:) #MistyStone #hollyrandall #Penthouse
penthouse - bts - makeup - hair - photos - dec2014 - penthousepet - hollyrandall - mistystone - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
missaudreyallen : Gorgeous!
xmelissamakeupx : Thanks babe☺️ @missaudreyallen
jess_e_jess_ : @xmelissamakeupx what color is on her eyes? I have to have it!!!
nikid0pe : stunning melissa‼
xmelissamakeupx : Aww @jess_e_jess_ I'm not sure anymore:-/ I know I used @maccosmetics naked pigment- the purple I believe is by @Inglot cosmetics
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @nikid0pe ☺️💗
jess_e_jess_ : @xmelissamakeupx thanks :) if you're ever in the Detroit area you should do a class I love your work and I would love to al
sophiemamounette - mylenaoriah - lera_maslanova - antoshka_aga -
The first time my makeup has graced the cover of @penthouse magazine☺️ @hollyrandall is the photographer that shot the Gorgeous 😍 @mistystone420 cover & layout. #hollyrandall #xmelissamakeupx #Penthouse 2014 Holiday cover & Pet #MistyStone on stands now.
penthouse - mistystone - xmelissamakeupx - hollyrandall -
clark_kent187 : Good job on scoring the cover
kngtrdr : 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
anyerdoll : Congrats 💕💕
breeolson : Beautiful! Absolutely perfect!!!
pauleerock : Congrats!
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @ninaroxanne @clark_kent187 @kngtrdr @anyerdoll @breeolson @pauleerock ☺️❤️ ! xoxoxoxo
xmelissamakeupx : Glad to have you back @breeolson ☺️💋💋💋
sesmithwrites : Congratulations! Beautiful work.
mylenaoriah - antoshka_aga - chrisnova30 - fabiomatchdeejay -
This Beautiful woman Nicole 💗contacted me through email last month to do her makeup for her wedding. I flew to Vegas to meet her & her now husband Bruce:) I found out when I arrived that I was also part of the surprise! They had friends & family in town and surprised them with a wedding!!Nic got some of her family to follow my Instagram & on top of surprising them with a wedding- she didn't tell anyone I was doing her makeup! It was such a cool experience & I feel so honored to have been part of their special day. Nicole you are a sweetheart and you made ME feel so special☺️ You are truly gorgeous inside & out❤️ Your sense of humor & kind heart radiate outward. So happy to have met you guys! Congratulations to you both!!! #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight ❤️❤️❤️
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - beforeandafter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
aprilnicole : Yes! @desertbugg .. @xmelissamakeupx does amazing work!
mrshallieross : Ah!!! I'm Nicole's (now!) sister-in-law that follows you! You did an amazing job! Love everything about this. @xmelissamakeupx
be4and_after_qtr : @abdullah_jr_ حلو بس في احلاا 😍
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you ☺️💗 @huskyal02 @1234ipad @shellyaquarius @be4and_after_qtr
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @desertbuggg @aprilnicole I appreciate you ☺️💗
xmelissamakeupx : Hi @mrshallieross ! Nice to meet you:) look at those eyebrows! 😜 lol Nic told me haha You guys are awesome! Thank you so much 💋XOXO
elmahdib : @fatauxplatines
itsritzzz : @beauty_a_la_ritz
marapadierna - kandiiiiiiiiiii - cousquita - tabata979 -
Awesome shot from @thetalk_cbs today! ☺️(Thank you Jenny!) I had the pleasure of doing the beautiful @justjennyhutt #makeup #hair by 🙌👨@claytonhawkins #lovemyjob #luckygirl #xmelissamakeupx #JustJenny #CBSTheTalk www.Justjenny.com
hair - justjenny - lovemyjob - cbsthetalk - makeup - xmelissamakeupx - luckygirl -
cheekybiatch22 : Is that Deb ... Hugh Jackmans wife ? @xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : Yep @cheekybiatch22 😊
bambook228 : РУССКИЕ ВПЕРДЕ
bo_7mood__17 - hajebimorteza - ronaldobelarmino - fletcher_il -
Today on @thetalk_cbs ! Beautiful, smart, and just awesome 🙌 💗@justjennyhutt #hair by the amazing @claytonhawkins 💇💆👨 💜 #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx 💋 #CBSTheTalk www.justjenny.com
hair - makeup - xmelissamakeupx - cbsthetalk -
frostysnaps : You still riding your bike!
harshal_shah : Wow. I follow you both. what a cool coincidence to see you in the same pic! Stay sexy! Big love from Australia!
xmelissamakeupx : That's awesome @harshal_shah thanks for following😊👍
xmelissamakeupx : Yes! All the time @frostysnaps just been on the DL lately:) I'll post another pic of the Reginator soon
isisanye : Hi
kerry_small - isisanye - mootaz_ahmed - yuichi_sh -
My future momma threw a Day of the dead party 2 nights ago. I had a lot of fun creating our looks. We had an alter set up to remember our loved ones who have passed on. It was a really fun night. Here are a few of the looks I created. I didn't focus on taking pics so please excuse the quality. Thank you to my girl @beauidealhob for making the drive. I love you❤️ #AdamBedi #xmelissamakeupx #JenWoehle #familyshit #dayofthedead #diadelosmuertos
familyshit - adambedi - dayofthedead - diadelosmuertos - jenwoehle - xmelissamakeupx -
mango_sentinel : cool stuff melissa
xmelissamakeupx : @brejhonbeautyful ☺️💗
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @mango_sentinel 😊
leabernethy : @raqueljimenez next year
natalia_querida : Is she Mexican?
jonathanroberge : @lea_lala
maxirelaxy : @sasha33belov а говоришь, работал в хэллоуин
jsmalmeida : @growlahan
cdwoehle - haute_dish - lera_maslanova - yuichi_sh -
Stayed in our hood last night. Decided to be zombies because we only had a half hour to get both of our costumes together. Went to a movie, then there was a haunted house put on by a local theatre group at the end of our street. We were inspired so Adam & I walked around our neighborhood & tried to scare people. Lol I felt like I was 15 again👻 🎃 #goodtimes #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #zombie #halloween #melissamurphy
zombie - beforeandafter - makeup - halloween - goodtimes - hair - photos - melissamurphy - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : Lol thanks @frostysnaps :)
marcusengelmark : #herpes
kachurinsv : Сука. Вые.у
kachurinsv : Выебу тебя ... Ркши ел
kachurinsv : Решителт
kachurinsv : Ь
kachurinsv : Боя... Т9... Решительно выебу
ed_kharlampiev : нахуй иди ёба
augusto_horizon - mary__guns - tatilarisa - badlak -
This Stunning 😍 #K.collection www.onelovek.com Model is @Janelleallisa #JanelleAllisa #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight I used the @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation & concealer as well as their contour kit & super matte powder. I use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter to highlight. Always applied with @beautyblender for a flawless application. On Janelle I used @ardell_lashes individuals in short & medium lengths. Eyeshadow is @urbandecay #nakedpallette #1 I used a beach spray in her hair to give it a more piecy texture. #vintage #oneofakind #upcycled #innovative www.shopkcollection.com
1 - upcycled - vintage - k - makeup - beforeandafter - janelleallisa - hair - photos - nakedpallette - innovative - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx - oneofakind -
mlwadester : @watermanj44
phoenixaskani : Wow! Ps I miss you a lot
rgehringer : Please do a tutorial on how to do brows! Gorgeous!
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @derptits 😊
xmelissamakeupx : Miss you too @phoenixaskani xoxo
jessilin__ : She's got amazing cheekbones
xmelissamakeupx : I promise I will @rgehringer xoxo
erikthebold : So much prettier on the left.
faptime100 - cousquita - bradymwalsh - shaleahwilson -
Now for the #K.Collection ladies! This beautiful model is #Taylor @taylorconzelman #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for www.onelovek.com #vintage #oneofakind #upcycled #innovative www.shopkcollection.com I used @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation & concealer as well as their contour kit & super matte powder. I use the concealer 1-2 shades lighter than foundation to highlight. Always applied with @beautyblender - gives it a more natural finish! Since returning from India my lashes of choice have been @ardell_lashes either Demi wispys their natural set or individuals. They are well made & look so natural on.
oneofakind - taylor - upcycled - vintage - k - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - innovative - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : On #Taylor in this photo she is wearing @ardell_lashes in ex short individuals.
carameloo91 : Beautiful 😊😊😊@xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @carameloo91 ☺️💋
vanness77 : She could channel jennifer lawrence
simplymayabeauty - rinaaaaa29 - dynastylabs - lera_maslanova -
Next up! On set for #K.Collection www.onelovek.com Model: #RoryWilliams @Rorywilliams55 #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #mensstyling #photoshoot #vintage #oneofakind #dope www.shopkcollection.com
hair - photoshoot - vintage - k - makeup - beforeandafter - rorywilliams - oneofakind - photos - dope - mensstyling - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : Be nice @bighongry 😠
hailstormbaby : ^ that guys rude. He looks good before and even better after!
kamakazikorean13 : It's amazing what you can do for guys too! And it looks super natural as well.
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @hailstormbaby @kamakazikorean13 ☺️💗 xoxo
mary__guns - renataolajos9 - leo.mitrea - simplymayabeauty -
Yesterday on set for #K.Collection www.onelovek.com Model: Corbin McCarthy #CorbinMcCarthy @CorbinMcCarthy #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #mensstyling #photoshoot #vintage #oneofakind #dope www.shopkcollection.com
oneofakind - photoshoot - beforeandafter - k - makeup - mensstyling - hair - photos - dope - vintage - corbinmccarthy - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
huunnaay : So subtle, I can barely figure out what make up you put on him. Love it though, so ah natural lol
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @huunnaay 😘 xoxo
tjurkalven : Great to see some guys here aswell :)
xmelissamakeupx : 😊👍 @tjurkalven xoxo
marina008 : Incredible to see the before and after!!! You're a miracle worker!
mary__guns - renataolajos9 - tatilarisa - simplymayabeauty -
@xmelissamakeupx making sure @janelleallisa looks perfect for the K Collection shoot
videoshoot - setlife - fashion - vanitymirror - filmset - mirror - losangeles - studio - filmstudio - makeup - filmmaking - moviemaking - lifeonset - vanitygirl - xmelissamakeupx - studiorental - videography - fashionshoot - moviemaker - photographer - insta_losangeles - burbank - onset - photofilmstage - mua - vanitygirlhollywood - glendale - backstage - hollywood - photoshoot -
photofilmstage : #photofilmstage #hollywood #losangeles #burbank #glendale #studio #studiorental #videography #onset #setlife #lifeonset #backstage #videoshoot #filmstudio #photoshoot #photographer #insta_losangeles #filmmaking #moviemaking #moviemaker #filmset #fashion #fashionshoot #vanitygirl #vanitygirlhollywood #mirror #vanitymirror #makeup #mua
zsazsaceo : nice
meteorsocial : Love it!
photofilmstage : #xmelissamakeupx
curbsidecollection : Nice profile
kylegoldie : Nice!
proinstaphoto - behindthescenes10 - pwittychika - dreeyuhhh -
Beautiful 💗 #MayaGrand @mayagrand showing off my makeup skillz! 🙆🙅💁on set for @hollyrandall #hollyrandall #video #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx Thank you Maya!💋💋 #ireallylovewhatido #makupyourheartout
ireallylovewhatido - makeup - hair - video - hollyrandall - mayagrand - makupyourheartout - xmelissamakeupx -
heyitsharrrshayy : Omg that's perfect! Can u do make up tutorials pleaase???
karmacake : Love the eye makeup. What did you use?
babyblue1534 : Love what you do amazing
xmelissamakeupx : I used the gold color in the Lorac pro palette & an Inglot purple color. Yes, when I start doing tutorials I will def do one on this. Thank you guys so much. It's taken awhile for me to get back on my feet after India. I can't begin to explain how difficult my transition has been. I really do plan to do tutorials. Thank you all for your patience with me xoxoxo💗💗💗
ilia.grushevsky - mylenaoriah - katewood_ - eodelt81 -
What a beauty! #MayaGrand @mayagrand #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter on set for @hollyrandall @twistys
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - mayagrand - xmelissamakeupx -
tara_g_ : @zagahia 🐷🐗👹🙊 I feel bad for jealous people.
pink_flamingo_handcarft : Amazing
your_wax_lady_kelsey : I think her eyelashes make the eyes look different @nabeebeee
mc_allin : Ее же щас ебать будут?
vimaljohney : @footyjoy
nymency : @mc_allin Всё должно быть прекрасно
rossca18 : @xmelissamakeupx is there any chance you might share what colours were used on her eyes?
vanness77 : Gorgeous
h_instag - ronaldobelarmino - rinaaaaa29 - yuichi_sh -
I think you are so damn cute #JennaSativa @jennasativa !!! Fun day on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #video by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #justmakeup 💋
jennasativa - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - justmakeup - video - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
jguedez : Miren como lo joden a uno @samuelv1 @gabriel_altuve @luromga
robertrsell : sexy
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @iron_skywarp2 ☺️ xoxo
luromga : Csm puro dizfras @jguedez
are_a_why_man : That seductive look at the end though...
hollyrandall : Man that accent... If I was into girls I'd have such a crush! ;)
cyclerose : 😻😻😻
jennasativa : Haha thank you girls 😘😘
leungholdon - mohammedem2014 - danitolozap - mjsellsseashells -
Beautiful model @jennasativa #JennaSativa #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter On set for @hollyrandall @twistys
hair - jennasativa - nofilter - photos - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
angelikadzhadzhieva : @dayanadzhadzhieva
kidmanmakino : The smile makes the difference
toanthaii : @no.conscious
life_is_what_u_m8k_of_it : @xmelissamakeupx Just as beautiful without makeup👍 #naturally #beautiful 👏👏👏
_mysterious_6 : Очень красиво!
juliejohansen93 : Hello Melissa.. :-) Can You help me? My Face is so .. I dont know What to Call it.. BTW, i need some tips and some help, because i dont know What to Do.. 😔 i can't visit You, because i live in Denmark.. Do You Think is possible to Do something? @xmelissamakeupx ☺️☺️ and i have to say it's beautiful What You Can Do with some make-up.. Woow 😱❤️
xmelissamakeupx : Hi @juliejohansen93 :) email me at xmelissamakeupx@gmail.com I would love to help you xoxo
juliejohansen93 : Hi @xmelissamakeupx :-) thank You so Much. I have send You an e-mail :-)
megan_nison - yuichi_sh - nesatarah - flawless_mess_ -
Gorgeous babe 😍 @anita_serena #AnitaSerina #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hollyrandall #playboy 🐰
playboy - photo - makeup - hair - hollyrandall - anitaserina - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
beautybyjonii : Beautiful!
awesome_vivi : Pretty 이뻐요♥
jasonromero25 : That body tho B-)
jajahusain : Cute ;)
earl.foreman : DAYUUM!!!
surkovalexei : Да ну, стремная
marniemakeup : Love your work @xmelissamakeupx inspirational xx
xmelissamakeupx : ❤️ @marniemakeup thank you so much
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I LOVE this. Halloween costume ideas are flowing.... #Repost from @xmelissamakeupx with @repostapp --- The full look❤️ I used stage dirt to create the messy body makeup. You can find stage dirt & soooo much more at @naimies #thebestmakeupstoreever #ChristyMack #xmelissamakeupx #namies
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Great view of the hair in this one:) #bighairdontcare A lot of back combing & hairspray in that hair. We used clip in pieces for thickness & length. One of my favorite hairsprays is the Got to be glued. That shiz has a very strong hold! #ChristyMack #mackattack #xmelissamakeupx
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mariadzadzamia212 : Интересно почему людям нравится всякое ДЕРЬМО
xmelissamakeupx : This is a #TBT guys. Original photos were taken awhile ago
k_fadler : Too bad he didn't succeed today.. Great work though. You're both SO talented.
dmitryfi : синяки на жопе
beautybyjonii : @xmelissamakeupx I know you're super busy. If you have a minute will you explain the difference between foundation and concealer? Why two seperate products are needed. Thank you.
xmelissamakeupx : Hi @beautybyjonii 😊 basically foundation is used to even out the overall tone of the skin, it can be used to cover blemishes but the lighter the application of foundation the more natural your skin will look in this HD age & the old cake makeup is just not "in" anymore- Concealers are more heavily pigmented. They can be used on their own to spot treat problem areas if you don't like to wear foundation- or can be used over foundation to add more coverage only where it's needed. I use concealers to highlight the face as well. I hope this helps! 😘 xoxo
beautybyjonii : @xmelissamakeupx thank you so much! That is a huge help :)
christitylynn : Aussie instant freeze works well too
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The full look❤️ I used stage dirt to create the messy body makeup. You can find stage dirt & soooo much more at @naimies #thebestmakeupstoreever #ChristyMack #xmelissamakeupx #namies
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frankiearrocha : @christymack ❤❤❤❤
malashko : A stoker? 😁
swisshoopz : 🎶 Lets get diiirty 🎶
klaudiohfg : @christymack, I'm happy to see you're okay again. :D
xmelissamakeupx : This is a #TBT guys. Not a new photo
ahmadlui : حلوه :$
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My #TBT is of this gorgeous woman #ChristyMack I did this look awhile ago now, but still a fav. #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight
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frankiearrocha : @christymack
beautybyjonii : Wow even with the dirt makeup you still made her look beautiful. You are so talented.
cloudycloud29 : @vvafiya
prometh3uss : Damn, she's so hot :X
nurssofficial : Somos adictas a la tarta de zanahoria de lolina!!!
arad_aj : @amir.srj huhuhu
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Stunning 🌟❤️😍 & just pure awesomeness! @gjones420 #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @tammysands Viparea.com
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pr0st0drug : It so cute on the left. Like girl on the left, really
c4itwin : Looks better without makeup!!
kachurinsv : Кого только не ебут))))
bluegodiva : Makeup may as well be a foreign language for me. How do I look like this!?!
pupirkasofa : She is more beautiful without the makeup
netonline : she does look better without makeup
poison8774 : #GeorgiaJones @gjones420 💚💞💚💞💚💞💚
rayonnante1000 : I prefer @gjones420 without makeup ❤️👍😊😍
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Her skin! Her eyes!! 😍😍 This girl is so Beautiful 💗 #UmaJolie #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @tammysands Viparea.com
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mb_oneday : самые стремные и закомплексованные всегда чем-то недовольны
elizabethalbino : Nice
tanerph : soooo successful ;)
gokcegosterisli : @tugcearsan
vanness77 : Gorgeous eyes
bblovlyforever51 : :0
vaanessaareyes : omg 😍
hyper_ali : @corjet_alawadhi @therealjassim open this account
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#regram from beautiful 💗 @myaspenrae on set for @tammysands Viparea.com #xmelissamakeupx #lovemyjob
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purmurmiu : @shamora2 да, именно так) ну не только им, тут и обычные девочки попадаются
cheekybiatch22 : Your work is amazing @xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @cheekybiatch22 ☺️❤️
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @bellezee been through so much crap in the last year and a half... Still trying to recover from all of it. It's nice to know I'm missed💗
bellezee : I can only imagine. You were busy in India. That had to of been fun. I'm glad you're back and busy working posting stuff for our enjoyment ☺️ I live my makeup dream vicariously through here.
xmelissamakeupx : 😘 @bellezee
ale_precoma : Omg u are my twin!! @xmelissamakeupx xoxo
xmelissamakeupx : Sweet! @ale_precoma ☺️ 👭 xoxoxo
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