Beautiful 💗 #MayaGrand @mayagrand showing off my makeup skillz! 🙆🙅💁on set for @hollyrandall #hollyrandall #video #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx Thank you Maya!💋💋 #ireallylovewhatido #makupyourheartout
ireallylovewhatido - makeup - hair - video - hollyrandall - mayagrand - makupyourheartout - xmelissamakeupx -
heyitsharrrshayy : Omg that's perfect! Can u do make up tutorials pleaase???
karmacake : Love the eye makeup. What did you use?
maxoys - olegaaa_16 - harielalana - alextumanoov -
What a beauty! #MayaGrand @mayagrand #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter on set for @hollyrandall @twistys
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - mayagrand - xmelissamakeupx -
kellzsavvy : Hahahaha #pornonewbie that Bio
autumnhi908 : @nabeebeee nothing at all. they're absolutely gorgeous x
tara_g_ : @nabeebeee uh what's wrong with your eyes? Her eyes are beautiful 💗
zagahia : @nabeebeee 😜
tara_g_ : @zagahia 🐷🐗👹🙊 I feel bad for jealous people.
pink_flamingo_handcarft : Amazing
your_wax_lady_kelsey : I think her eyelashes make the eyes look different @nabeebeee
mc_allin : Ее же щас ебать будут?
namazhapvova - misszareena89 - moomin__troll - alextumanoov -
I think you are so damn cute #JennaSativa @jennasativa !!! Fun day on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #video by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #justmakeup 💋
jennasativa - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - justmakeup - video - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
iron_skywarp2 : Melissa you art is so amazing I love seeing it and your such a down to earth humble beautiful woman yourself
jguedez : Miren como lo joden a uno @samuelv1 @gabriel_altuve @luromga
robertrsell : sexy
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @iron_skywarp2 ☺️ xoxo
luromga : Csm puro dizfras @jguedez
are_a_why_man : That seductive look at the end though...
hollyrandall : Man that accent... If I was into girls I'd have such a crush! ;)
cyclerose : 😻😻😻
viloren88 - cyclerose - enemyofthedream - grotaxe -
Beautiful model @jennasativa #JennaSativa #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter On set for @hollyrandall @twistys
hair - jennasativa - nofilter - photos - makeup - beforeandafter - xmelissamakeupx -
bini2026 : Sorcery!
_onlyamy : @xmelissamakeupx What concealer did you use on her to completely brighten up her under eye area? Fabulous work--so pretty!!
m3g4nj : Stunning
carlaknoplech : Genteeeee @natsfigueiredo
mandydolldoll : @bini2026 I know right! Always prefect! 💄
angelikadzhadzhieva : @dayanadzhadzhieva
kidmanmakino : The smile makes the difference
toanthaii : @no.conscious
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Gorgeous babe 😍 @anita_serena #AnitaSerina #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hollyrandall #playboy 🐰
playboy - photo - makeup - hair - hollyrandall - anitaserina - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
beautybyjonii : Beautiful!
awesome_vivi : Pretty 이뻐요♥
jasonromero25 : That body tho B-)
jajahusain : Cute ;)
earl.foreman : DAYUUM!!!
surkovalexei : Да ну, стремная
marniemakeup : Love your work @xmelissamakeupx inspirational xx
xmelissamakeupx : ❤️ @marniemakeup thank you so much
humster_oops - samaritianin - lekagelan - doriangambirasio -
I LOVE this. Halloween costume ideas are flowing.... #Repost from @xmelissamakeupx with @repostapp --- The full look❤️ I used stage dirt to create the messy body makeup. You can find stage dirt & soooo much more at @naimies #thebestmakeupstoreever #ChristyMack #xmelissamakeupx #namies
thebestmakeupstoreever - namies - christymack - xmelissamakeupx - repost -
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Great view of the hair in this one:) #bighairdontcare A lot of back combing & hairspray in that hair. We used clip in pieces for thickness & length. One of my favorite hairsprays is the Got to be glued. That shiz has a very strong hold! #ChristyMack #mackattack #xmelissamakeupx
tbt - christymack - xmelissamakeupx - mackattack - bighairdontcare -
mariadzadzamia212 : Интересно почему людям нравится всякое ДЕРЬМО
xmelissamakeupx : This is a #TBT guys. Original photos were taken awhile ago
k_fadler : Too bad he didn't succeed today.. Great work though. You're both SO talented.
dmitryfi : синяки на жопе
beautybyjonii : @xmelissamakeupx I know you're super busy. If you have a minute will you explain the difference between foundation and concealer? Why two seperate products are needed. Thank you.
xmelissamakeupx : Hi @beautybyjonii 😊 basically foundation is used to even out the overall tone of the skin, it can be used to cover blemishes but the lighter the application of foundation the more natural your skin will look in this HD age & the old cake makeup is just not "in" anymore- Concealers are more heavily pigmented. They can be used on their own to spot treat problem areas if you don't like to wear foundation- or can be used over foundation to add more coverage only where it's needed. I use concealers to highlight the face as well. I hope this helps! 😘 xoxo
beautybyjonii : @xmelissamakeupx thank you so much! That is a huge help :)
christitylynn : Aussie instant freeze works well too
sasacruz - alliapplebum - paulardiles - elya_epta -
The full look❤️ I used stage dirt to create the messy body makeup. You can find stage dirt & soooo much more at @naimies #thebestmakeupstoreever #ChristyMack #xmelissamakeupx #namies
namies - christymack - tbt - xmelissamakeupx - thebestmakeupstoreever -
frankiearrocha : @christymack ❤❤❤❤
malashko : A stoker? 😁
swisshoopz : 🎶 Lets get diiirty 🎶
klaudiohfg : @christymack, I'm happy to see you're okay again. :D
xmelissamakeupx : This is a #TBT guys. Not a new photo
ahmadlui : حلوه :$
sasacruz - christitylynn - elya_epta - carolineramos2 -
My #TBT is of this gorgeous woman #ChristyMack I did this look awhile ago now, but still a fav. #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight
christymack - photo - makeup - tbt - hair - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
frankiearrocha : @christymack
beautybyjonii : Wow even with the dirt makeup you still made her look beautiful. You are so talented.
cloudycloud29 : @vvafiya
prometh3uss : Damn, she's so hot :X
nurssofficial : Somos adictas a la tarta de zanahoria de lolina!!!
danpinney - paulardiles - elya_epta - bblovlyforever51 -
Stunning 🌟❤️😍 & just pure awesomeness! @gjones420 #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @tammysands Viparea.com
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - beforeandafter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
anastasiya_shamakhova_ : @trofimova__t на левой лучше ,да ?
mcberzerker : Luckyyyyy
pr0st0drug : It so cute on the left. Like girl on the left, really
c4itwin : Looks better without makeup!!
kachurinsv : Кого только не ебут))))
bluegodiva : Makeup may as well be a foreign language for me. How do I look like this!?!
pupirkasofa : She is more beautiful without the makeup
netonline : she does look better without makeup
irina_gorbova - carolineramos2 - dachengy - mickihallphotography -
Her skin! Her eyes!! 😍😍 This girl is so Beautiful 💗 #UmaJolie #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @tammysands Viparea.com
umajolie - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
mc_allin : х
kateguenevere : Omgosh her eyes! And her skin! And her hair! #inlove 😍😍😍
agnija94 : Даже грудь нарисовали
mb_oneday : самые стремные и закомплексованные всегда чем-то недовольны
elizabethalbino : Nice
tanerph : soooo successful ;)
gokcegosterisli : @tugcearsan
vanness77 : Gorgeous eyes
carolineramos2 - ferro121992 - pesoviclaura - keri_else -
#regram from beautiful 💗 @myaspenrae on set for @tammysands Viparea.com #xmelissamakeupx #lovemyjob
regram - lovemyjob - xmelissamakeupx -
shamora2 : Погодите, она реально делает мейкап порнозвездам? Я думала это обычные девочки, просто все хотят такой макияж
azzodares : Who that girl with tattoo? Shes beautiful
purmurmiu : @shamora2 да, именно так) ну не только им, тут и обычные девочки попадаются
cheekybiatch22 : Your work is amazing @xmelissamakeupx
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @cheekybiatch22 ☺️❤️
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @bellezee been through so much crap in the last year and a half... Still trying to recover from all of it. It's nice to know I'm missed💗
bellezee : I can only imagine. You were busy in India. That had to of been fun. I'm glad you're back and busy working posting stuff for our enjoyment ☺️ I live my makeup dream vicariously through here.
xmelissamakeupx : 😘 @bellezee
wd1355 - brejhonbeautyful - elya_epta - meaganzworld -
Sweetheart & soooo pretty😍💗💗 #AspenRae. @myaspenrae #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight on set for @tammysands Viparea.com
nofilter - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - aspenrae - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
amurdpua : @korniev точняк, реально круче без макияжа!)
viciousconcentrates : Thats fucked
lanashay.model : Omg amazing!!! I would love to work with you!
xmelissamakeupx : Hit me up anytime @lanashay.model 😘 email is in my bio👆
lanashay.model : Thanks lovely! I'll reach out next time I'm in LA 😘
makeupbyclopez : AMAZING!!!
cshinobi : @fit_bottom_girl
fit_bottom_girl : @cshinobi yup! Saw this.. Amazing work!
a_boltus - keri_else - gabistancato - bulgakovafelia -
Happy black & white Frisky #Friday pic of the sexy @miko_lee original photo taken by @bsphoto22 & makeup & body makeup done by @xmelissamakeupx #instagramhub #webstagram #iconosquare #asianmodel #asianpersuation #mikolee #pretty #cute #lovely #beautiful #10likes #freethenipple #barrysphoto #xmelissamakeupx
beautiful - cute - lovely - freethenipple - asianmodel - xmelissamakeupx - friday - mikolee - pretty - iconosquare - barrysphoto - webstagram - instagramhub - 10likes - asianpersuation -
hiren.pandya : Soooooo an ergonomic
charlyatom : I'll be damn .
phantom1984 - pedroalvesmonteiro - caunangleonard12 - laser_j -
❤️ #AmandaMcBroom #testimonial #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #lovemyjob #blessed
testimonial - amandamcbroom - makeup - blessed - lovemyjob - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
ilyasidorok : @rainbow_serpent спасибо, успокоил)
ashep33 : Always enjoy looking at your before & afters. You do such amazing work! !
sillinis : The makeup makes her look like Céline Dion :)
shaievdaev : That's so nice 👏
vwoehle : Her makeup is awesome!
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @vwoehle :) Is this Jen's mom??
vwoehle : Yes it is. Your before and afters are amazing.
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you momma:) and thank you for giving birth to my best friend. I love her! ☺️💗 @vwoehle One day we will meet! xoxox
ali.bin.5680 - autumnlyric99 - missanabelle - makeupbyangie -
Actress, singer, song writer- The Amazing🌟❤️ #AmandaMcBroom #hair #makeup #beforeandafter #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight
amandamcbroom - makeup - beforeandafter - hair - photos - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
dims_baland : Waouuuu
blutsaugerin : Особенно кожа на груди воу просто
romanershov : @mase4ka007
psyramooel : @aliiiiiiiiiis maman feri
foxtrot_13 : I would tag that
daniellogs : @blutsaugerin прикинь,если она порно звезда
manoloxtendo : @dessideb
ferro121992 : @johannahidalgoo
elena.shalimo - paulardiles - lillea1970 - hjessica92 -
Fun night out with the handsomest man in the world☺️❤️ #espn #fightnight #boxing #xmelissamakeupx #AdamBedi 👊👊 #lovethisman #goodtimes
boxing - xmelissamakeupx - espn - adambedi - fightnight - lovethisman - goodtimes -
linjamwee : What is app?
melissabeckmua : I was there too! @xmelissamakeupx
milahaa - vatpyxa - islam_khut - illshynobicat -
#regram from and of the beautiful @justjennyhutt ❤️ #hair by @marktownsend1 #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx So great meeting you Mark! & Jenny always great seeing you☺️ #lovemyjob #blessed
regram - hair - lovemyjob - makeup - blessed - xmelissamakeupx -
justjennyhutt : You're so awesome @xmelissamakeupx glad I found you!!!
tanerph : very artistically for photography
ehsig - mangust27 - malinxoz - maximcernous -
Last look on @realnicoleaniston didn't get any closeups unfortunately😦 but you can go to @twistys to see all @hollyrandall pics of this stunner💥 #xmelissamakeupx #bts #hollyrandall #myview #setlife
setlife - hollyrandall - bts - xmelissamakeupx - myview -
xmelissamakeupx : @twistystreats 😬 (sorry wrong tag!) 💗
shketoz : Продам гараж
utyputycallofduty : Куплю гараж. Респ. Башкортостан
metallica1187 - demaerelaurence - doris_alicia - danneastorri -
One of @realnicoleaniston looks for @hollyrandall @twistys yesterday. What do you guys think?? Makeup on point?? 😜 #hair #makeup #photo by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight
hair - nofilter - photo - makeup - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
liuann2008 : Amazing @xmelissamakeupx !
dicksson22 : Need a kisd
tr0u8ad0ur_520 : Hahaha
lamdaja : This is something I would do..lol
omair_001 : Sweet girl ♥ ♥
mrs_jeensen : Hmmm finger in the nose 😅
irakuzne4ik - ilovenyc41 - makeupbyangie - 78israel -
LoVe ❤️#NicoleAniston @realnicoleaniston on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight Nicole is one of the sweetest girls in the biz with a great sense of humor! #funday #lovemyjob
funday - makeup - nicoleaniston - hair - photos - lovemyjob - nofilter - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
jennavalentine : Beauty! Love your worki
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @jennavalentine ☺️💗
mhdffndznddn : @realnicoleaniston so beautiful
dicksson22 : Sexy
elena.shalimo - vanyasimeonova - davidlincoln - neerajbeck7 -
Gorgeous🌟❤️ #SamanthaSaint @samantha_saint on set for @hollyrandall @twistys #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight
hair - photos - nofilter - samanthasaint - makeup - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
jess_e_jess_ : @xmelissamakeupx love your shading on her eyes beautiful☆☆☆
orikairy : ✊
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you @jess_e_jess_ ☺️❤️
xmelissamakeupx : Shalom ✊ @orikairy
nxop : She looks like #NikkiHilton
liuann2008 : @nxop No, she looks like #ScarlettJohansson
aizhanakhmetova : I do love your what you do) perfect! Every single simple looking girl can look like a star! Just perfect!) Wish I could do something like it) I mean I do make up, to cover my acne scars. But I cant cover them. Wish I know all you secrets and technique) love you! Please continue post more pictures)
xmelissamakeupx : ❤️ @aizhanakhmetova thank you so much xoxo
elena.shalimo - malinxoz - vue12 - c3s4r77 -
My view from the set😯 @hollyrandall her thang! @playboyonline photo by #xmelissamakeupx #bts of @anyerdoll first #playboy shoot 💗🐰
playboy - bts - xmelissamakeupx -
pasha_kiku : Кто с Пикабу?
bambook228 : @pasha_kiku я
kristi_dol : @pasha_kiku тут походу все русскоязычные с Пикабу:-)
eightrich : PIKABU Rulezzz!!!))) Пикабу рулит!)))
integral_boy : Я с #pikabu
vasslase : Пикабуууу))
libensraum : @kristi_dol Нее, я случайно набрел)))
kristi_dol : @libensraum значит скоро присоединишься:-)
nosvina - willwork4sushi - maizhidao - danneastorri -
Another look on Beautiful 💗 @anyerdoll on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hair #makeup #photos by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight Which Look is your favorite?? This or the one in my last post? Let me know in the comments💋👍
hair - photos - nofilter - makeup - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
garriebe : They both look great, but I like this one better. Looks more natural and subtle. Pretty lady.
meme509 : @filipinoirishman who's this look like
angielumbeauty : Gorgeous work!
beautybyjonii : I like the makeup in the previous look, but the costume in this look best.
tactlessgrace : @jelefko this is an account I follow
morenoalma : Gorgeous very natural love it
danneastorri : Beatiful ! Can't choose though , they are all nice
paulbae : @phat_peach
verzakovs - actualgorilla - locutor_pro - adrianocomandofire -
Stunning 🌟 #ReynaArriaga @anyerdoll on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hair #makeup #photos by#xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight 🐰💗
hair - photos - nofilter - reynaarriaga - makeup - naturallight - xmelissamakeupx -
anyerdoll : Love love love 😘😘 thank you so much for all the motivation 💗💗
jordanmaya : @mayasmakeup
xmelissamakeupx : My pleasure love bug 🐛💗 @anyerdoll 💋
melissdav12 : Gorgeous!
morenoalma : Beautiful @anyerdoll you go girl 😘
scarveras - verzakovs - melissa_meep - taranr1 -
www.adultmerch.com Superstar's 🌟🌟❤️❤️ @breeolson @kagneylinncarter #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - makeup - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
emilymerchand : @fueledbypez I'm a photographer too. I still stand by my opinion that a bounce flash would have been much better. Or natural light, as the makeup artist normally uses. That arm shadow across her chest would not be fun. I was just struck by how odd it was that this picture was taken so badly, when most she posts are not.
fueledbypez : Well I'm not gonna argue with you on the internet over your level of Photoshop skills. I think the makeup was well done, and though the lighting isn't the best, there are positive things you could have said about the photo instead of just going around the internet pooping negative things out to strangers, but whatever.
alexb2smith : @kagneylinnkarter
bambook228 : @fueledbypez stalin in the thread! Vodka ushanka medvedi
purmurmiu : @bambook228 velosiped еще
prairie_loon : Chill. I think @xmelissamakeupx is taking photos for her own purposes /records. This is not a production shot.
ilyasidorok : Хули все англоговорящие?! Крым- русский. Новороссии быть
jaynamariemakeup : Lol @ #nofilfer hashtag but loads of photoshop!
your_hotties - elena.shalimo - bush_is_dynasty - hdwowgirls -
Hottie🔥❤️ #AmyBrooke @amybrookemf for www.adultmerch.com #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter @breeolson
amybrooke - hair - nofilter - makeup - xmelissamakeupx -
twostuff20 : вчера моя матрёшка меня бросила, купил ящик водки на двоих с медведем
surkovalexei : Продаю порно, где медведь ебет русского ивана!
kokosykh : Сколько пикабушников
zybinov : @oshibkin продаю гараж
kpacotku : Супер
dmitreestr : Привет пикабушникам))))норм пост зашел))))
kovarnii.poni : ПРОДАМ ГАРАЖ
diana070 : Pikabuuuuuu!)
thepunkincident - aldo17fer - pfred666 - peter.ost -
Stunning🌟 @kagneylinnkarter for www.adultmerch.com #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter
hair - makeup - nofilter - xmelissamakeupx -
xmelissamakeupx : Thank you Ryan☺️💜 Miss you guys! xo
xmelissamakeupx : @ryan_offthewall88
mrkayus : @shaneanigans10
mrkayus : @caiovsetubal
brebre191 : @halkias_ek
a1d1l_adam_always : @rusdi_udii
its_nathan_2001 : Sexy as fuck
amir.srj : @arad_aj @dana_fsd
kourosh222 - megvnmvrie - samhanmma - cheef_kleef_ -
Happy frisky #Friday photo of the sexy @miko_lee phot taken by @bsphoto22 & body makeup ( gold flakes on boobs ) done by @xmelissamakeupx #instagramhub #webstagram #iconosquare #asianmodel #asianpersuation #mikolee #pretty #cute #lovely #beautiful #10likes #barrysphoto #xmelissamakeupx
beautiful - cute - lovely - freethenipple - asianmodel - xmelissamakeupx - friday - mikolee - pretty - iconosquare - barrysphoto - webstagram - instagramhub - 10likes - asianpersuation -
leopop__ : Lovely
afanofmikolee2 : #freethenipple
igorelo - habibsafi40 - kfc4456 - korumellis -
❤️ @sophiedee #closedeyes #anotherview #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx on set for & photo by: @bikikiriot 👙#sophiedee #bikiniriot
hair - sophiedee - closedeyes - anotherview - makeup - bikiniriot - xmelissamakeupx -
eightrich : Pikaboo!)))
alexandra_tzar : Пикабу ✌
moonzy53 : Ну давай, напиши слово "Пикабу", покажи свой интеллект! Стыдно за вас...
sotnix : пекобууууууууууу
ilyasidorok : Пикабу ☺
row_mary : Пикабуууу
dida_11 : @sultan0019
turalsalmanov : Ya kak bila bi tam staboy
rockyzain92 - mzjsweet83 - rao.yashdhar - comedian_marvin_howard -
Stunning 🌟💗 @sophiedee on set for & photo by: @bikiniriot #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #sophiedee #bikiniriot
hair - makeup - sophiedee - bikiniriot - xmelissamakeupx -
gatogonzalez : ¡Madre mía @sophiedee!
x0steph88 : @kmotycka711 thought this was you for a second lol
kmotycka711 : @x0steph88 haha oh man first glance it does! She's prettier though 😛
diesel31337 : Бля пиздец страшная
_pubez28_ : @bones_tec8
olvetro : @diesel31337 коммент от мужчины-мечты... Оцени себя реально
diesel31337 : @olvetro Я не претендую на такие звания это раз, во вторых, я высказал свое мнение, сама себя оценивай, если так надо
eye_on_tehran : @kamrananimation
rockyzain92 - pumphog74 - nima_909 - polymadness -
Gorgeous 💗💋 @sophiedee for @bikiniriot #hair #makeup #photobomb by #xmelissamakeupx
hair - makeup - photobomb - xmelissamakeupx -
ezio9866 : 👍👍👍
kiwi_glitter : I have that same towel lol
_moito_ : Wow!!! She looks even more lovely
diesel31337 : Фу пиздец страшная
harshal_shah : Nice photo bomb, Mel. Is this the the 'after' shot of Sophie? (love her!)
khalfan01 : @sophiedee lost weight
aziz2back : @sophiedee 😘😘🌹
nurssofficial : 😊
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Gorgeous 😍 pic of @missaudreyallen #AudreyAllen on set for @hollyrandall @playboyonline #hair #makeup by #xmelissamakeupx #nofilter #naturallight #modelselfie 💋❤️
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tigger76111 : Great job
missaudreyallen : Thank you baby doll 😘😘😘
daverd677 : Ur beautiful
never_say_never_97 : Beautiful
xmelissamakeupx : ❤️ @missaudreyallen
jensentsui : Pretty girl!
_desirose_ : Sfs
timur86_102 : С пивом пойдёт.
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